FINALLY, an event-thought-change and you snap into BREAKTHRU and to the past, pooh-pooh.


Suddenly you hit on the right key and everything comes into instant perfection, like winning an election.


Just ONE event and it flips your switch, man. With that life change you will see the whole span.


One little insight, one tiny hunch, one slight change is enough to flip you into total success, outa this mess.


You're either on target or NOT. If you ARE then suddenly everything changes so do it, with all you've got.


You've been at a standstill. Nothing ever happens, bitter pill. How to break the block: fast UNTIL.


When it comes to your thing it's like God pulls a string and it all comes together--beautiful weather.


Make gold on resentments, envying and strife: As DESTINY blasts open you get back your life.


REJECT, then put them in the "anals" of history. Forget foes, with God you have your OWN story.


TEST: Praise God for this big disappointment and then the REAL REWARD fills you with amazement.


Thank God for all disappointment. For it means He has something EVEN BETTER for His anointed.


When male and female unite it's like 2 + 2 = 20,000. Anything else is empty and relatively lousy.


You wouldn't do that in AA: dredge up stuff and rub their nose in it. So don't do it to me--quit it.


See things through a child's eyes. The pet is their first love thing and dad treats him like an underling.


A great evil is taking over the land. Just as I've had more than I can stand it gets worse, murders or scams.


I was part of this evil too. I knew no boundaries, restraints nor rules and I learned it in the schools.


This is the implosion of society, a nation coming under judgment. It's a horrible thing--you won't like it.


Just because he's doing their dirty work doesn't make him less evil as he causes MASSIVE upheaval.


Fraud is the new cynical, taking everything that has value by Hill or Bill and what a bitter pill: hell.


In WWII we were warmly united but now we're divided so now's the time to be divinely guided.


In Dumb-land the smart are targeted. They seek solace so they get addicted, their work unmarketed.


When the wicked rule the people morn and it's constant torture seeing their country scorned.


People are even losing their family for saying the wrong thing. That's how much this fascism stings.


Hill and Bill work magic--they can get away with anything. NOT US--we get it for merely talking.


Evil loves evil and that explains these unholy alliances between strange groups of misguided people.


Fake philosophers are hard-hearted. The progressives kill to rebuild so from the stiff-necked be departed.


There is no debating that he LIED. The fact we even discuss it shows morality has all but DIED.


We're going under total tyranny. We must face how we did it to ourselves, and see the strange irony.


They put politics before family/friends, & dissidents are banned/censured: these are the trends.


Those who love liberty are often alone--because conformists don't WANT our unique star shone.


As society implodes people GANG UP. Everyone talking like ganstas--just shut up and board up!


O-Care makes no sense unless to ruin us with terror & suspense. It's getting crazy, not just tense.


Individual = FREEDOM. Group = TYRANNY. Christianity is the individual not the false church of many.


An old woman always for abortion now faces death panels by the same eugenics without option.


The state of the union is dismal. That's all denied by evil but known by the people [who stay cheerful].


We're programmed by the artificial culture, a FAKE. It's dirty, it's nasty and I've had all I can take.


God's wrath comes in many forms but when coming to nations, scary unpredictability is the norm.


Drones and robots are what they've got. The message: you're automatically caught and it'll hurt a lot.


Government's a dangerous master as they jail the pastors and anyone else trying to divert disaster.


They can't think. Blocked by tyranny & trance, from debate they shrink. Driven to the brink, they drink.


Prepare for shocks! 2015 shows extremes you've never seen as your world rocks. HIDE: sly as a fox.


Have we reached the point of no return? Yet for God it's not impossible so for HIM we all should yearn.


Old hippies like Hillary don't think they SHOULD be honest. That virtue's been erased the longest.


Have no illusions over liberals, they're gonna go their way. It's ideology not truth--what a tragic day.


FOX NEWS: Just by debating it [what should be obvious] they're minimizing it so I'm REJECTING it.


The whole world is going into tyranny. Even the most neutral countries are coming under scrutiny.


They seek to deconstruct the family--destroy every barrier, you know. Confusion, everything goes.


DOUBLETHINK says ALL things are true, even tho' contradictory. In this view NO one has victory.


The radical left is communist, period. Very short-sighted but they'll be the victims of this bad spirit.


Contradictions, lies and a dumbed down public: Islamaphobic self-censure spreads ISIS like wildfire.


Liberals are just pawns in a global scheme of tyranny by destroying us and our freedoms completely


His army is armed and everywhere. Bombs and bullets--there are more of them than us, for sure


In times of tyranny they hire low IQ [dummies] to do the dirty work. We get nothing, they get perks.


Another way they destroy is thru confusion. On our most basic instincts they're creating revolution.


Obama's trying to get a race war going and they're already breaking into mansions. Baiting factions.


We all know he's a traitor now. But what of your friends and family still stuck in his delusions--wow!


Religious vs. atheists always had a difference of opinion but at least they were civil--we've sunk to a new low.


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