Afternoons with God


 Some diseases like obesity go out just by fasting 'til noon.


Youve had your food quota by noon or maybe you feasted for breakfast. You can still fast the Buddha way which is not eating past noon.

Just this method alone can heal so many diseases, for fasting from noon to the next morning is  20 hours.  Done daily the healing benefits are cumulative. 

 The afternoon becomes a blissful digestive experience in sun or siesta,  completely available for contemplation, study and prayer.  This mental availability is what sets off the creative process both in the afternoon and especially the next morning.  God rewards these partial fasts!

My husband stayed slim just by fasting in the morning and then just skipping dinner:  ONE mid-day meal of  a huge salad with avocado, nuts or fish. He loved the spiritually-charged morning fasts and found eating eating at noon he was not that hungry the next morning. 

The Buddha fast splits the day in two:  morning for business, work, errands and the afternoon for quieter facets of lifecontemplation, study, siesta, walking or correspondence.

The morning fast [or juice] is not unbearable as the mid-day meal approaches, then after we delight in a slow luxurious meal it is  easy to make it through the afternoon and evening since the fatty lunch is so appetite-suppressing and satisfying. 

Then at night  were already in a cleansing state and the afternoon fast puts us in solid ketosis in preparation for  comfy sleep and cleansing.  Eating at night before bed is not smart as its when nature   cleans, so help it along by just skipping dinner to elevate this cleansing/perfecting/youthifying HGHHuman Growth Hormone.  It only perfects while fasting.

Before noon I've had my fruit, fat and leaves meal.  One can add starch too--all food combining rules aside. After fasting all morning the fat always dilates and opens everything up while streamlining the body.  

 The inclusion of dairy in the diet is still vegetarianism--only here we delete vegetables too so this is called LACTO-FRUITARIANISM.  After all we may start the day with fruit + spinach smoothie and on my salad I may shave some romano and I always have avocado.

Curiously, I found fat was better for energy fat-burning appetite-suppression and that wonderful cozy consciousness that comes from neolithic eating rather than dogma.   The best specimens of paleo eat balance with a heavy fruit and fat allowance.




The Buddha plan is the most popular fast and probably the easiest.   Its called the Buddha fast because its the routine adopted in most Buddhist monasteries:  arise very early in the morning (between 3-4a.m.) for prayer and meditation while in the highest [fasting] state.

Finish the main meal by noon followed by the afternoons fast of more prayer and contemplation.   As Ben Franklin said lunch with little, sup with less, better yet go to be supper-less. 

The first time I did it as a teen-ager I could not believe how exuberant I felt the next morning--it was a drastic change just by skipping dinner.  I  did it  because I felt stuffed and fat but after just  one fast I lost all that and more  before the fat cycle began.




Weve done our work, weve been rewarded with lunch now were being inspired by fasting--i.e. keeping energy in the head  rather than the gut. 

The afternoons will become your favorite time: in silence.  This silent time brings found time for a multiplicity of other far more rewarding things. 

Fasting is always  rewarded and it will bring you joy, extreme self-esteem, confidence and a real sense of superiority as a glorified child of God.

Its great to divide the day this way for anything bringing structure and routine increases productivity. I write in the mornings but the afternoons are the most productive relaxing into inspiration.

Leaving it open this way readies the mind to receive Gods words of instruction each and every  peaceful afternoon.  One should take this very seriously as a fast--20 hours daily from noon to 8 a.m. [juice] is a lot of fasting and healing. 

Yet its so simple--a hunger-free afternoon: at night feeling so achieved and the tail-end when hunger may arise youre sleeping soundly.

The fatty paleo lunch will so change your consciousness.  Whatever your emotional-mental problems were in the all-fruit lowfat vegan diet they will all disappear now, setting your metabolism up in the opposite way: that which is most beneficial for man, as he was designed to eat.

Like a cat, man needs fat.  Youll be surprised as ailments disappear, as  so many came from your carb-addiction creating hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease and simultaneous obesity. 

What a life--even now I notice that with too much fructose the skin gets dry and itchy [BLOAT] but when again eating fat it soothes and revives into moistness again.  Its a very altogether feeling with the fat which     is the most delicious food but has  the additional pleasure of how one feels afterwards.  

  Soon youll see old habits dissolve and youll be in a much happier state of mind:  since the head and heart loves fatty protein (living off ketones) we joyfully see old habits to avoid anxiety lose priority and then drop off completely.




Man needs fat and protein--that does not change.  You say protein creates mucus?  Listen up:  the devastation that comes from (1)  too much carb and constant insulin elevation together with  (2)  too little fat and protein is far greater than the problem of mucus and other by-products of protein digestion.

The immune system is enhanced with fat and protein and suppressed by starch and sugar.  Although nuts do well for fat and protein most people find they need fauna and any resulting mucus   is eliminated through  daily fasting and fruit.  

There are times when fat completely repairs and fixes thingsan immediate streamlining, dilation and release of water retention takes place.

There is so much confusion in diet science right now.  Due to the influence of Ehretism if you feel "bad"   they say you must have eaten something  "good"  which brought on a cleansing crisis. 

If you feel good  they say you must have eaten something bad   to stop cleansing.  If any of this is truewhy not use daily fasting as a way to offset problems and make things right? 

The gut-dense foods like cheese and nuts require so  little to suffice its amazingly efficient.



Raw is Not Law!


And what of the huge salads people are eating--the predominance of  plant fiber and leaves?  Man is not a folivore (plant or leaf-eater) as this requires a big gut for bacterial putrefaction. I like them but I always add fat.

Beyond that some of us have so ruined our metabolisms via overindulgence in fruit (sweets) that these plant foods are really nearly impossible to digest--except when cooked--and the energy expenditure is far too burdensome until metabolic balance is restored.  

The result of fermentation is BLOAT, often taken as fat, which leads to more diet dogma leading to bloat and failure.  Eat fat, then fast.  SIBO is an epidemic requiring low or no-carb since it putrefies and fat = no problem!

For many of us, years of fruitless fruitarianism brought us mal-absorption syndrome where wed lost our assimilative capacitythe food just sits there and goes through unchanged. 

People with SIBO cannot eat raw, all vegetables must be cooked.  So is raw really law?    What a relief it is to leave the mass raw ideology behind, use what works in the interim then end mostly raw in the fat-frugivorous scheme while eating cooked at times. 

I've found the selected carbs I can take:  spinach smoothies, salsa with avocado, salads.  This is my childhood diet which works best while breaking all food rules.  Relax and realize that diet dogma kills! 

Theres no more blissful state than being on the evolutionary diet for man through ketosis--and many low-fat high-carb diets kick us right out of it. 

But reversal dieting is also an issue:  go on fruit fasts when needed then reverse back.  Relax and enjoy!




If fat triggers thirst you drink because you want to and because you love it.  A quart of spring water with a few squirts of lemon in it is something I just crave and the body receives, every cell feels it. 

The high-water vegan diet in contrast does not trigger thirst but you are ordered to force-drink lest dehydration set in.  This theory is not your friend. 

The starchy diet brings thirst  but then the cells fills out in toxic cakey sludge not moistness (more waterlogging).   That explains puffy days so you can choose the food that pays.

Dogs and cats need meat. Eating animal products you drink much water  which--along with the saturated animal fat--moistens the skin and then the elevated glucagons removes all standing water from the system. 

You have moist skin until late in life--whereas the vegans ends up grey and wrinkled (post-hippie syndrome, or "wilted lettuce" syndrome).




What man has adapted to is the point.  As a fruitarian I thought I was cleansing but I was filled with fat and water pockets from constant insulin elevation and also fermentation.

The water was rapidly relieved with glucagons and I couldnt believe the relief with fats in the diet.  You must try the main fatty meal followed by fasting.  Eat fruit but then reversal diet.

With each day youll be stronger and your fat intake greater without a reaction.  The total load on the immune system will be low (from fasting all day) so each day you will tolerate more. 

Paleo science shows we need animal protein and the B-12 deficiencies of long-term fruitarians are usually the case not the exception ( along with suffocating isolation.

 I  felt much better relaxing with the fruit-based diet: smoothies, delicious salads and guacamole, some Romano my favorite fat. My first adaptation on this earth [brought up on Mexican food] worked best despite breaking all food rules even paleo.

For some of you the only fauna you can tolerate  may be caviar!    Once you find the one thing that works--though all else may fail--just stick to that for your fatty-protein lift. 

Since it was protein malnourishment which suppressed your immune system youll soon gain more latitude with food. 

To vegan saints: Remember fat and protein strengthen immunity  so in a short time you can eat more variety after being so sick with deprivation-based food intolerances.

Via fat and protein the system is oiled until it glows so smooth--the look, the feel, the experience of living off the fat of the land--make it glow to show for dough!  Then fast:  return to perfection in total satisfaction.

If you're a happy fruitarian thats great.  You havent reached the point of deficiency-burnout.  But for those of you who are tired of the constant cravings (for what you instinctively want but deny) and the  fatigue this section is for you.

Until stable,  elevated insulin made me restless with insomnia, emotional turmoil and flip-flops, water retention, depression, constriction, hypertension and dry skin problems.  Fat-adapted, I could then take the fruit-based paleo diet.

High-fat and protein eradicated the aged hanging skin (scrawniness) by giving it glow and structure while it  brought even-ness to  emotions and energy.  It erased all cravings, the biggest distraction contributing to  failure to thrive.

 By keeping insulin low I became a different person for one year and through fasting I achieved.    I wanted  glucagons to rule my castle not this temporary  neurosis coming from elevated insulin and fermenting elements inside. 

But then just as suddenly the system wanted fruit, almost exclusively.  You must go with sudden reversals, not block yourself through dogma and fear of ostracism from your "diet community"




Its amazing how the world tries to cajole you to eat sugar (and starch) just when you decide to give them up, or tells you not to eat fatfor most of the hypnotized world is against fat. 

It takes a very strong mind to go against an upside down backwards world which calls right wrong and wrong right. Cant anyone think deep (i.e. metabolically) anymore?  Must we stay so silly and superficial to blame the usual suspect fat for everything? 

 Non-fructose sugar is the culprit and problem (along with starch which turns to it) and a deliciously fatty diet without refined sugar and starch is the answer.  The low-fatists say fat causes candida, no--sugar does.

And much of what people think is candida is actually fermentation from too much plant fiber! Most people  fall in with the majority view which is fat-phobic and few understand metabolism, even the "gurus".

The first step in maintaining your joy and slimness is to ignore the world of gainsayers.  Theyre all out there so just be ready and remember that "cortisol stress" from being around dogmatists makes one fat too. 

People will learn and accept hard facts and even understand the complex mechanisms of  metabolism regarding insulin vs. glucagons but when they crave starch or sugar ignore it all.

Or they will agree the ketogenic diet is lost balance.  rather than compensatory for  the off-balanced diet of the past.  The present checks the past and this is balance.  Once healed you'll fall into  the truly balanced diet of fruit and fat.



God is the Only SourceLet Him be  your Course.


We must find the fine line between shine and swell.  The HQ (i.e. calorie-dense)  fat foods like avocados, olives, cheese  and nuts do not spur overindulgence  so find and respect the line and keep to that, theres the shine.  

Avoid the madness.  Never overeat the Higher Quality for the whole point is its potency in small bites but toxicity when overdone.  Respect the greatest  then never overdo it.  Then having oiled the engine, fast  all afternoon. 

Get into the fast-: notice how the inspirations flow and keep a journal of all the many miracles.  The more you do it the more youll love it. 

The bonus is how youll start the day tomorrow morningwow! On the Buddha post-noon fast everything you do today is for how youre going to  feel tomorrow.

Do you ever feel discouraged about work or money?  With writing the remuneration is dubious and unstable at best.  Always recite when down:  God is the only source!

Knowing that, all you must do is please God who will justify and bring out your work.  No more self-promotion, racing around or feeling powerless in this competitive computer world.

Just please God, not some clod, and all will come out right with you on top.  What a relief stopping the biggest energy thief making us a wet mop.  Eat right then fast and don't stop!  Now you're an achieved artist not a flop.

 He has a plan [and you are part of that destiny and purpose which awaits] so just fast and continue to anticipate that big future span.  We fasters are a world clan much bigger than our problems which the divine fast is higher than.

Soon youll be winning for the way you please God is through sacrificefasting, giving and no more sinning.  Now release your anxieties into joy [ever-grinning] as your work comes out to a waiting world.




How I love the balmy-breezy afternoons which are so spiritual when fasting.  I like walking all afternoon in nature with the dogs and desert angels or watching a pithy movie with great depth. 

Then I come into study, contemplate or just ponder while looking out the window to the mountain vistas.  What a happy reverie!

So much underground mental work is being done in the afternoon because youre in the relaxed right-brain mode.  Insights wont arise with stress but only in leisure. 

True Genius is simply someone who knows the value of leisure for without it he stays frustrated, dry and third-rate.  But fasting ensures that the fertile anarchy of the underground work brings maximum creative action the next morning: with success you have a date.

 Whatever your worry or work just fast and cast your care on God for tomorrow, for the fast He designed for man will work: for health, wealth and svelte. 




I predict most will choose the Buddha fast for its the easiest and it fits well into society.  For the daily fastarian results are best waiting for lunch or early dinner. 

Perhaps many of you are already doing it but knowing the value of the matrix will keep you firmly in place--for its the daily doing  of it that brings eventual perfection and disease-free (fat-free, age-free) bliss.

Think:  This whole afternoon and evening is mine, not the food-demons.  This is always the highest destiny--the non-flesh, non-obsessed times with God and just knowing this  opens you  to infinite directions with a feeling of achievement, pleasure and hope. 

You now have so much reason to hope, for the exclusion of food for a good part of the day is so uplifting, enlightening, elevating and edifying.

It will exhilarate you releasing so much energy and time normally tied up in food.  This will change the whole consciousness of the afternoon and open up new avenues normally closed. 




Cutting it off at noon saves so much money.  Its one meal rather than two so food is half the cost as you learn self-discipline. You become healthier each day you order your food preferences rightly, eliminating binge food or other useless items. 

Now food-confusion is dissolved and all falls naturally into a new matrix.  You know exactly what to buy for just the MMM: main mid-day meal.  I tried MacDougal [lowfat high-carb using rice] but it left me wanting. 

Only the proper combo of fat and non-sweet fruit bought satiety without the bloat from a meat diet.  Recognize your own personal patterns especially in childhood.

Missing the moment. An afternoon eater is a promiscuous eater eating whatever his afternoon hypoglycemic carb-addicted taste buds dictate to him he should eat.  But you with total self-mastery have deleted this phenomenal food waste  so your bill may even be one-third of what it was. 

 Fill your pantry and frig with berries, nut-butters [not peanut], tomatoes, lettuce, hard cheese and the selected carbs you can tolerate without puffing up. 

A note on superfoods:  I do get a lift from them, even tho' they are constantly belittled by fruitarians.  I have a superfood smoothie each morning then certified organic fruit and fat then my daily fast.




You say your strong?  Lets see how strong you are--fast.  Are you mentally strong  enough to go against the fat-phobic carb-loving masses? 

Can you withstand the fruit, fat and fast-fears of the increasing mass of Atkins dieters or the medical dogma?  And against those doctors--still in the majority--who in the face of overwhelming new evidence on the side of fat still maintain you should live on high-carb low-fat diet? Reversals solve it.

 Do you realize what a dangerous concept fat-phobia is?  Can you stand confident against arrogance in power?  Yes, it can be done:  just one day fasting after fat and you've [OVER ALL OF EM] won, you'll know it in sum. 

The result of low-fat hypnotism is millions of unhappy people depriving themselves of what they need and urgently desire  but deny, just to go along or get along with the majority or  the neighbors. 

 How many men are being killed by their wives' foolish choices, based on herd TV?    Atkins comments on how many people say they loved the first two weeks of the fatty low-carb diet, that they were happier and more satisfied than theyve every been:

When asked why they went off the diet they said my neighbors didnt agree with it.  When will people give up on the HERD-like social negotiation of reality and see just the truth? 

To the mentally flimsy:  you must question all that youve been told and once having learned all the facts stick firm against the ever-changing tides of public opinion which is usually nonsense.




Are you strong enough to not eat when you want  to eat?  That shows strength.  The wishy-washy make resolutions--they intend--but at the first craving the ego bristles up and banish theories to just do what they want.  

People these days defy all rules even those they've decided to follow.   The fast will dissolve that ego, mans biggest obstruction.   With ego in your way youre   missing all the benefits you said you wanted for yourself:  championship, a perfect body, a keen mind, world success and great prosperity. 

Why will he win? Because the higher-nourished non-bloated human stands out in a sea of puffy, angry sharks!

You must build character in pursuit of these things and fasting is the fastest to afflict  self: This is the way to humble the ego to automatically get to Gods infinite power.



Eat, Stop Eating.


Many Atkins or paleo-dieters love to eat meat but hate to fast. They talk constantly of all their freezer meats but react to "fasting" with great hostility.   In relying on meat they also may hate to exercise. 

 People can eat meat but they cant fast.  The hunter eats meat to survive but then he fasts until the next (unpredictable) kill.  This diet--the true diet of man--is so appetite-suppressing one can go joyfully a day or days without any thoughts of food, restaurants or take-out.

Fasting is a lost art and a way to great joy and  quick progress.  To fast is not to deprive, but to gain.  The fast is the true feast but you can have both in the same day.

No one is happy eating all day long.  The wealthy indulging in food or restaurant-addiction are miserable and lost.  The lack of such behavioral boundaries destroys happiness--laxness is laziness.  The mind can never stay focused--the  key to success. 

The formula for success  is:  (1)  eliminate all distraction, then  (2)  focus.     If youre ever going to mind travel  or talk to God its going to be when youre 100% there in the spirit not the flesh with all of its appetites and cravings.  The saints choose beauty: their duty.

By fasting, inspirationwisdom, knowledge and good information--flows in.  By emptying the space you create an empty vacuum for something far greater to fill.  This is the principle of pneumaticity:  creating the air space which then fills in with all new and novel patterns!

Have a beautiful fasting day:  The Fast Formula is:  fast to be full-filled.



 God planned your whole destiny before the foundations of the world.  Its all there: the blueprint that goes way beyond what you could ever believe or conceive.  This plan is so exciting using all your talents. 

"This purpose and destiny for your life  will bring you the greatest joy you could ever know, so dont get stuck in detours because of food obsessions.  Besides the time, money and energy food makes decades go by in a blur.  Get your energy up out of the gut into the brain, the enlarged brain.  Fast and find this beautiful life--to be thrilled and of enormous help to humanity.  Get ready to make an amazing new dent in this world.  And are you ready to live the good life--the class of your highest calling?  Make plans for your castle for you shall have it."



It's been found that food combining rules are fallacious--you CAN combine fats with starches.  So have a good meal then fly off to a no-hunger fast for 22 hours.  You'll find, as I did==that the FAST is more important than the food eaten!