Brother Graham

Common Sense and Science

Scientific problem solving assumes valid and logical explanations for everything: just gather the facts and solutions appear. The unusual view of climate change below is not guided by dogma or philosophy but facts readily available on the internet. Test me and look them up yourself.


Global warming is a fact apparent on earth and other planets. Melting polar ice caps are observed from Mars to Pluto, yet the some claim its due to man-made pollution on earth! To demonstrate how global warming is NOT man-made lets consider the facts concerning the whole solar system which leads to an explanation of the planetary symptoms of the last few decades, namely that:


1. The magnetosphere of planet Pluto has been quenched. Early space probes detected magnetic lines of force around this planet, and later probes none.

2. Jupiters moon recently acquired 47 volcanoes unseen by the Galileo flyby in 2001 which showed a quiet little moon circling Jupiter, not the radical new development observed by the New Horizons probe in 2007.


3. Jupiters been developing more red spots in addition to the well known giant red spot, which are attributed to global warming near the equator


4. The sun is close to the peak of its sun spot cycle yet there are few (if any) sun spots. Sun spots are caused by intense magnetic forces.


5. The number and magnitude of earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis have dramatically increased on earth.



7.  The movement of the magnetic North Pole has accelerated since 1970: from 6.2 to 24.8 mph a year (685 miles in 100 years).


TThere are many other phenomenon not attributed to global warming nor especially mankind--so what is the common cause? If not the suns heat nor mankinds pollution, what force is capable of causing these amazing things in such a short time? No true scientist could see it as coincidental, for THERE IS ONLY ONE EXPLANATION:




1. Our solar system is now crossing the galactic equatorial region projected from a black hole spinning at unimaginable speeds in the center of the galaxy, creating a strong gravitational equatorial plane which separates the north and south regions of the galaxy. This extends past the edges of the galaxy and affects any solar system passing through it. Its filled with captured debris--from tiny particles to huge asteroids.    This is a region of great danger to all planets (and their moons)


2. The nearest approach of planet X or Nibiru (AKA Xena or Eris) wont occur until late 2012. Its gravitic effects are happening now. But as it passes through the orbits of the outermost planets in a retrograde direction, well see huge effects on all planets as both the gravitational forces and magnetic shields of each planet are affected.


Conclusions: Whether from Nibirus  gravity or the crossing of the galactic equatorial plane, the results are: the suppression of Plutos magnetosphere, the new volcanoes on Jupiters moon, the increased numbers of Jupiters storms, the anomalies of suppressed sun spots, the increase and magnitude of the earths volcanoes and earthquakes resulting in tsunamis, the cessation of the earths wobble, and the sped up movement of the magnetic North Pole. All of this plus global warming on our planet.    Its totally obvious something huge is happening to our solar system.

Crossing the galactic equatorial plane happens once every 64,000 years and Nibiru passes every 3600 years. It just happens that these two events will occur in the next three years--and are the only possible explanation for the above planetary affects.   These MAJOR EVENTS (as well as global warming) will be over with around 2014-16, mankind must prepare to get through the worsening weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. Asteroid hits are likely as well as a possible major polar axis shift which will result in world-wide devastation. The latter has occurred three times in 10,000 years and were due for another one.




In the past, the government has financed billion dollar projects (like stealth aircraft) without public knowledge. Preparing for the coming catastrophes above is the largest of these secret projects. In fact, all major countries have been preparing for decades! During the last year our government has enacted many puzzling programs that most agree are not sustainable in the long run. Thats because only the government knows what that long run is likely to be. Runaway government spending is alarming to everyone. 


                  From the governments point of view, there will be no accountability or debt when our political and financial systems crash.


When viewed from this perspective the current government spending spree makes sense!


 When most of the world is struggling to survive, previous financial obligations will fall by the wayside and the best armed and best prepared will rule whats left of the world.


 The  Climate Change Conference dignitaries will go through the motions of saving our planet assuming the world will continue as it is. There will be no long-term results from this conference, only an excuse to raise short-term cash for further survival preparations for the elite.  


P.S. The government is playing for time.   It is doing everything possible to delay any "official" announcement of the coming inevitable events.   The science fiction movies showing asteroids causing massive devastation on the earth with giant tsunamis, and the recent History Channel documentary of "Life after People" and other similar themes are designed to do two things:  Desensitize the public to the truth when it hits, and dilute the warnings of the watchmen.    This is such a warning!