There's so many scandals & crimes we've become jaded. We've given up: all our plans have faded.


They say "I'm an intellectual, you're a racist [sexist]". Get smart--they're dumb as rats & accuse w/out basis.


We're old, we're tired, we've worked all our lives and exhausted. Time for you Lord--turn on the faucet.


What are we supposed to do when old and blue, nothing to chew or without our crew? Look up to You.


The contentious woman is like a dripping faucet. Where are the ladies? They're steeped in gossip.


The female community's a massive impediment to genius for the needed solitude is seen as weakness.


Under constant stress, men are falling into their bag. When this makes things worse they start to brag.


In condoning evil men they show poor CHARACTER. Leave it at that, it's not about their COLOR.


Isolationism will bring millions of brutal deaths and then it will come here. For isolationism, you cheer?


President Netanyahu of Israel we ALL support you but for some strange reason they refuse to.


Cloward and Piven: get em ALL on the dole then pull the plug to sink the whole ship.


The liberal fascists seem sweet, humble and helpful. They look good too but oh how they meddle.


It's trendy to be always angry even though all psychological studies showing rages are pure inferiority.


You can't reason with the unenlightened. Block em and new life starts while you're still on top, fightin.


Immature men get grudges and these youth are the fighting force--can you imagine anything worse?


You gotta LET GO with love. Not hate--but if you gotta hate to let go, do it THEN be a dove.


Music creates a new reality: your OWN. Stay stuck [in the social or TV] and your life becomes a groan.


Men show arrested development--what a predicament. When most lose their minds, it's so decadent!


SHAME results from being shunned. The outcast-misfit feels shamed, forsaken--and it weighs a ton.


Don't forget: if they have no morals then they're also cruel. They don't care about you, they see you as a fool.


Scary stuff occurring across the land! The deeper you dig it's terrifying and more than I can stand.


Tyranny is as old as time & they always have hearts of wood while persecuting the true and good.


With foreign invasion comes many false religions but preach only Jesus--being strong is your mission.


Though the outcome seems grim it'll ALL EVENTUALLY turn out right if you stay in prayer, fasting/hymns.


Never forget the POWER in prayer. Pray to turn the hearts of our leaders and even the global banksters.


If our conquerors are dishonorable trash but we are good and decent, God WILL crush these demons.


It's not about obeying laws but rather loving Him who kept it perfectly FOR us--that is grace [no lost face].


Who's the greatest enemy: is it truly the white, married, heterosexual Christian men-- REALLY?


What turned me from liberalism? Hitting bottom on SIN. It takes what it takes to make you right again.


It's a coding system to classify "hostile" & "friendlies"--not looking for crimes but permissive vs. enemies.


They scan the environment looking for anomalies [NOT bad guys]. THEN they focus and decide.


So much unnecessary hurt and pain: this is the outcome of feminism which you unwisely saw as gain.


The loving are the most terrible when it comes to tyranny so learn to see through labels of your enemies.


Appeasement brings only destruction but the liberal love song dominates as we go into election.


Put all horrors in the same bag and label it THE LATTER DAYS. This saves your nerves--it pays.


Latinos should realize their conservative values. Family, work, morality, God, freedom [virtues].


We're being bombarded--with chemicals, sick thoughts & evil trends all making us mentally retarded.


Plan: That's it! He's supposed to control our language, borders and culture. He does the opposite, ruining our future.


They have massive money, means and motive. This isn't going away--it's a barreling locomotive.


Friends & family must be confronted: did they enable this criminal takeover by how they voted?


The bigger the GIANT is trying to kill us, the more it conforms to Bible Stories where God SHOWS UP.


Have we reached the point of no return? Yet for God it's not impossible so for HIM we all should yearn.


The dumbed down are in a trance. Thus, they could care less and will vote for anything, alas.


The police state is our scary fate because we weren't watchmen of our liberties or the forth estate.


We have BOTH a constitutional AND a divine right to feel SECURE with the freedom from FEAR.


He's anathema to everything America stand's for. He's being unmasked though, as evil to the core.


Every minute we're less legitimate: our demise is imminent as we endure hypocrites in increments.


You get to a point where you can't tell yourself stories anymore. Denial hurts--close that old door.


California is avocado country. It messed me up giving it up to go lowfat--body did NOT like that.


God's higher than current events. Scan the headlines but don't get hung up: look ABOVE [the God scent].


The ideas of the bible scare tyrants to death. It's the notion of God ABOVE man [the STATE] that they hateth.


A nation can survive fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within: the officious.


World tyrants are lewd. Immorality goes across the board & they're always in a feud--these are bad dudes.


Globalism doesn't raise the lot of the cow, it only lowers the dog who deserves special status, like God.


To keep the peace, keep a piece. Guns are equalizers for women & elderly: when guns go UP crimes decrease.


Political correctness opposes TRUE liberalism which is liberty: It’s plain TYRANNY--can't you see?


ISIS recruitment videos show smiling happy groupings. Success, money and spunky uniforms, alas.


Some of the boys going to ISIS just want girlfriends for the first time and for that they cross the line.


Evil is taking over the whole world. It is horrifying, I know--but even SO your dreams can still unfurl.


I'm so scared of these people. They have no morals, ethics, boundaries or empathy--they are evil.


Mexicans are into HOME and that means protection and FREEDOM FROM REGULATION.


Free market & the constitution are the principals that made us RICH. When they're gone we're in a ditch!


It's the deception, spinning & manipulating of LIBERALS or it's solid coherence to PRINCIPALS.


Our world is run by imperious gangsters. To them we're like useless eaters or laboratory hamsters.


Democracy is two wolves & a sheep voting for "what's for dinner". A republic is LAWS [that's the winner].


Liberty creates a cornucopia, tyranny creates a living hell--as they go into a shell bad acts are compelled.


History doesn't repeat, it rhymes. In ALL times PEOPLE FAKE an IMAGE to hide their crimes.


Since tyranny is the default setting in governments, unless we guard those rights out goes our light.


Most have no idea what globalism means. It's the bleakest common denominator as it's ALL run by fiends.


With moral chaos, tyranny takes over. That's why elites condone sin & loafers: they want the changeover.



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