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EAT in 6-hour Window

 FAST to next day [18 hrs]

Eat natural foods a six hour window: fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, starch, fat or both.


To stay energetically on top, eat your fill then resume your daily fast. Eat enough and the right kinds of food for satiety: After your fruit and yogurt smoothie for example, have your noodles or fat like avocado or cheese tacos. Eat to fullness (dont skimp) now fast for pure ecstatic enjoyment.

The fat brings satiety due to the miracles of the "fastarian hormones" glucagons and leptins which turn off hunger and craving.  At other times the fruit is a wonderful cleansing vacation, a camouflaged fast.  But the FAT is our staff for perfect motility and satisfaction that lasts.


When you feel fat or in need of a cleanse, FRUIT fast When you occasionally crave something more, switch into FAT: fauna, nut-butters, avocado, coconut, cocao. 


Those with SIBO are told to constrain to the latter: no fruit, all fauna [animal fat and protein].  There's only one way to recover:  add FAT and intestinal movement happens again.


Are you humming or grating? It's all a matter of cleaned intestines so keep things moving with F & F and now fast:  life should be a continuous fast punctuated by satisfying fatty meals.  


Dogma is like being bitten. Being smart is knowing when to switch:   for long term fruitarians fail to thrive and despite an initial high become fatigued and creatively flat.  But eating all  fat can turn on you too:  feeling toxic or blue with a big abdomen too. Time to switch to rice noodles or potatoes. Its the switch that brings balance!



By eating FAT you can happily take no-hunger fruit vacations.  Fruit or FAT: you'll love life like that.  The dual life of diet reversals escapes the problems of both diets while  getting the best of both worlds.


Due to dogma communities   they want one diet, or the other--in such foolish consistencies you  will smother.  For fruitarian bliss is  Gods kiss and something you wont want to miss. Without this recurrent  cleanse lifes amiss  but let starch and grains be at the top of your list.



Fasting Revelations of a Fat-Fasterian  about  the Superior Man and Woman


Life is strange.  The faster has a psychic knowing about whats coming as the seasons change.  He just knows  and in this way  stays on top of things--and fasting is the tool.


Dj vu?  Clairvoyance?  Precognition?  He  knows it all  but  he matures when he finally learns to trust these instincts without recourse to reason or habits to avoid anxiety.  Fast to rule over fools.


When you fast--on food, people or habitslet your mind go and trust your guts while avoiding all ruts.  Ill tell you the whats:  youve been dealing with nuts for when it comes to sick systems people are mutts.


Just like in a dog pack  the black sheep gets cold cutshe gets the out-shuts: he is shunned, labeled, devalued, invalidated and kicked in the butts (treated like a  klutz). 


This life is awfully strange when stuck in sick systems but for the same poor soul it becomes fascinating as a fasterthats the kind of strange we want. 


Its the difference between culture and crudity, elegance and abject poverty; popularity,  prosperity and fame  vs.  humiliation,  rejection and shame.  Fastingon people, habit and foodis the answer for all problems even psychosis.


Whereas she was a mute now shes the hostess with the mostess.  It changes all prognosis,  it frees from sick symbiosis and into all business and social relations it spreads like hypnosis.  


Yes life is  fantastically and beautifully strange as a faster because here were the master with God as our Pastor.  Steeped in synchronicityhow everything fits together in a jigsaw puzzlethe happy faster lives in a fairyland. 


High in the head its one miracle after another.  Clear, hes psychic as he sits in the collapsed moment where past and future unite. Amazing magic coincidences make each day exhilarating as we open to the cosmos, high as a kite.


Enjoy this day with me as you journey through your mind:  you will see, you will find that all else on the outer is a bind.  People can be blind and so unkind:  a sick system is a grind (you should watch what you sign).


But go into a fast and in a click it's all left behind [youll  become refined].  Those others with whom your sins intertwined maligned  you as they debased your state of mind.   This is a story of mankind so become resigned. 


Will you remain confined  or be more inclined to take the position youre destiny has assigned?  This one is aligned with a superior forcethrough you its always shined. 


So let me remind:  through obstructive sins you declined that Great Reward, and  as you wined and dined you mis-combined and your destiny was declined.  Through fasting become new and be redefined.  



                                         Split from Mundaneity Holding You Down


Flowering: Split from the old system [of liars, idolaters, people--worshippers, thieves and passive-aggressive vacillators] to a new culture  as the brain explodes into new dimensions. 


Youre too mind-set.  Make your mundane world absurd to your great relief--then  you the faster are the world.  What joy for  those rejected and scorned by family, friends and society. 


Dumbed down society hurts until you learn to concentrate on the highest so all things below can go strangely dim.  Damn them?  Noforgive all.  Lifes too short: you want to make a mark instead. 


Forget sheepish society and focus on the full moon, absorb the sun, fast, pray, love those who love you and forget the rest.  Thats the test.  Resentment kills: it makes one ugly and mean.  Dont you want the sheen?  That means flourishing in your gene, staying keen. 


Youll be King or Queen if seeing through this scene as the system dissolvesthen perfectslike a machine.  Look like a teen--so lean and clean:  just give up the starches/beans (and other food inventions encouraged by fiends).   




In this new era purity is protection. For once hooked to sin the groundwork is laid for  the sudden emergence of  group  grudges (the group mind or collective unconscious) against the sinner.  Then a seemingly trivial event occurs and he is pegged, even locked up. 


Then the agency has all the witnesses they need: the trivial crime is blown up  followed by punishment for cumulative sin.   In families  the same occurs as the trivial is magnified  by  the group mind:  they fill their cup with one insignificant event  as they pull one down. 


Now the good or bad effects of these incendiary group grudges  are completely determined  by whether one is eating wrong or fasting.  Any scapegoat must learn what he needs  so the scapegoating will cease:  to fast at the scary group routine which all dissolves like a vapor.


You're always on display so be beautiful, love and forgive all.  Be nice though you see them as lice.  Dont insult, just rejectthats the elect:  maintain your dignity in the face of the "correctness" sect.


Its the nature of these times as most come from dysfunctional families, but through these rhymes well dissect the essence of these crimes.  The tendency is to fight back, bear the brunt of anothers hatred or become sick over it.


If we can transmute that energytransform the fight into a fruitwell have won our greatest battle and make gold.  Now we're ready for destiny to unfold.


When a whole system hates one member (a sign of the Great) hes been given the golden opportunity of assured success soon through the fine art of energy transformation from the worst to the best. Do this and youll be blessed. 


Open your chestto this divine gift as your non-reaction explodes the energy to new dimensions--thats the crest.  This is no jest: just be a knight tonight and  return to your spiritual nest. Now, no matter what youve done in the past youre the divine guest. Here I  suggest how to deal with the pest and all the rest: 


Youve been severely stressed (it was a giant test) but if you can see it as a contest and finally win  youll have real  zest.  I  can attest:  I was depressed as my soul  abscessed. It made me people-obsessed: just by  how they dressed I was  impressed. 




"NO" leads you to an exciting new creative journey to a happy land backed by the power to charge you up every single day.  Think of why you say YES when you should be saying NO:  going along to get along (a weak fake).


Realize that it was just these timid tendencies that  brought failure in your life.  For this generation has been trained to be social as if hanging out is our whole reason for living so when alone were filled with misgiving.


Desolate darkness: No matter what they do we keep forgiving as the social drama keeps reliving.  If you can get past this phony faade and just do your work youll have great thanksgiving. 


To find this higher personal reality which is cosmic consciousness one must fast.  That is because there are SOME sins which only go out through fasting--then we can lead, not be weak-kneed.


Two-speed life: If you get too hungry just switch from a complete fast to a mini-fast: allow yourself this mid-way compromise lest you binge on cultural comfort foods.  Piece cheese or fruit, resume fast.


Mini Fat-Fasting Meal Plan:



To do your best work, find the best daily time to eat. Mine is brunch for if I eat dinner its hell to pay all night. I want to fuel the tank early then forget about food altogether. Now there is no way you can fast after one fruit or veggie meal. You must use fat or starch. Get your milk products from a humane dairy with grass fed cows. Love those cows! There is no killing here, we dont eat meat. If you want eggs or fish, fine too. Lacto, ovo, rasta-fruitarianism/vegetarianism. I stick to my yogurt/fruit/faw milk smoothies then noodles/potatoes for my six hour window. lemonade then main meal of fish, chicken, steak or cheese omelet.  Now fast!




To create you must say NO to the past too. Just one day of fasting can break this humiliating block of bad memories. Don't give anyone space in your head unless they're paying rent: Humble yourself then starve out the sheepish ego that wants approval/fears disapproval. 


Looking back, YES created chaos which a NO could have avoided, right? Well so what, now just say NO to the painful memories and learn your lesson.  Like the world, painful memories try to drag you back into them but saying NO allows you to live in the total freedom of the present moment.


 In the battlefield of the mind between good and evil the answer is to place it on God's perfection and the goodness He's prepared for you while you say "no" to the devil's imperfections and thoughts causing failure. 


Keep comparing the two states for the creative benefits are  great once "NO" becomes easier.  The guilt rising up soon disappears as  you get your life  back. 


Guilt from the world or the past is a trick of the devil to keep you down.  But why feel guilty about leaving a sleazy shack for a protected castle?  Keep comparing.  For achieving a fortified center in  privacy  is like going from rags to riches: Oh sluggards, sluts and witches, youve dragged me down until my soul itches. 


It's Gods spirit  that wants  NO to reign for it sees what is right  in every circumstance, then insulatesshuts things out like your friend's no-brain drain.  God wants you to gain (from living on a new plane) not feign or be in pain.  For users-confusers-misusers are a constant rain.


             FEARING   THEIR   ANGER


The most common cow-towing fear is of anothers anger. Knowing the nutty nasty nature of humans will lead you higher where you will say NO to your fears.  The prince will no longer tremble before the stubble calling themselves seers. 


Only the weak wear wrath, yet you weep?  You must now say: Cruelian, I know you and will no longer shake under the tyranny of your rage.  Stick to your own reality, this is becoming the sage.


When you declare your independence--and then keep yourself safe--these human storms will be of non-effect.  If you can understand, you command.  Separate now before it all hits the fan.


By forcing you to give up on people your own inner journey will explode into ecstasy as you move into miracles.  Detach from the outer, implode to the inner.  You must split from the sinner (he's not a winner) or youll revert to being a beginner. 


Though he labels himself a fruit the Cruelian is a vandal who loves the thrill of hurting.  He's always playing games  to confirm self-greatness.   Just when you think things are good he falls into his bag:  keeping you waiting, denying a logical request, forcing you into hardship and irritation.  He digs driving you to desperation and that's his elation.


Learn his type and youve won.   Spiral out of this trap when by daring to disappoint demanders: never give what you dont want to give.  Beware of expectations or being made to feel selfish  and  never be  exploited:  Discern the valuable from the worthless--that is your greatest service. 


No more your eyes glazed over with denial:  now youre alert, a rich squirt free of hurts and neurotic quirks from being eclipsed by a shadownot coming first.  It's just you and God and nothing in between [that is the curse].



Creating Ideological Fantasies


There's always a desolate feeling as the Cruelian thinks for you---for a price.  He paints ideological fantasies.  The most ineffectual are the most eager to help you  so refuse the charlatans two cents and then you can think, act and avoid as you should.


Your destiny depends on it, for involvement with wrong can distract or delete decades from Gods plan for you as your work becomes lifeless as wood. Do you not remember that after being with that hood there was nothing  happening for days (nothing good)?


Avoid, then take  control with perfect protectionstand where saints and discoverers stood!  And never forget the weak are false--always ask:  what are you really like behind the mask?  Since he knows hes a fake hell either attack or flee (like any flake). 


See that nice little lady?  Shes really a scorpion.  Fakery is the cause of cruelty--so to escape hurt, see through masks.  This is your task:  always ask then in Gods light just bask. 




Fasting on People


It's all about ego: The Cruelian is compelled to win the debate, score the ego point, be a hero and demolish his fellows to feel goodfor hes a conquistador.  Realize the danger here and instead of feeling deflated, think how this could have been handled in a much higher way.  Since a higher way exists, why settle for the lower? 


The conquering fool is just that: the low lured by like-lowness.  He can never see the brighter higher world for a cruel man does not even believe in himself.  He tries to see his wrong as right but its impossible so he loses the fight.  He will fall, so just sit tight.


He wants his wicked ways to work but knows they wont.  In conflict he cant believe in himself so why should you?  If you do hell hate you for your foolish flattery or fawning over a fake like him.  There is no winning in this situation, only frustration--for he's aberrant, a miscreation.  


The fool tries to please the Cruelian thinking hell be loved but in so doing he becomes spiritually weak while declaring cruelty as worthy of worship.  Why reward the ruinous, the recalcitrant, the rank?  Remove yourself, find your own destiny:  fill your tank.


Some even fear rejecting these  dark misery-makers:  the solution is to  realize youre not losing them but only your delusion that you need them.  Detach, alight, see things right.  Never fight,  just use spiritual mighttranscend like a kite.


  Its  your rising awareness alone that subdues those rising up against you, and its your blind  nave denial which is the glue of gossiping groups.  Covering things over and thinking people are nice is whats throwing you for loops. 


You must nurture spiritually-based divine connections, these are your angelic troops and everything else ends in oopsas you jump over hoops.  This is your "in group"--they give the correct scoops.



Weeding your Friendship Garden


They are either IN or they are OUT.   Those who are IN you love, adore, cherish and reward.  Those OUT you avoid, ignore, disconnect.  Out of your circle they have no way in to hurt you again.  You  decide--and when all is well with you there will be nothing wrong with your world.  Your problem was:  it was you sending out  invitations for disaster! 


Practice IN and OUT for one month.  Youll  feel the relief of removing your hand from a hot stove.  Once someone is designated OUT your inner man realizes hes a foe or a faker and so attaches no significance or expectation to the contrary [think of this before you marry].


As the true self bursts forth one is no longer hurt by unexpected slights or slighted expectations.  There is no sting nor salutation,  the King salutes not the foe.  Just stand upright and keep your head above the cruel crowd through aristocratic reserve.  Be terse, laconic and sober. 


Give no account nor take thought for the OUTS and love to their death the INS.  In becoming King or Queen the OUTS will never slight you again--they hate you anyway for placating, pandering to and pleading with their sick, silly and sadistic souls.  


Some men only love those who can see right through them so if you want his love designate him OUT--only this brings the respect precursory to love.  Therell be no hand in glove so stay above.  For only by being detached can you stay a dove (so  hell be in awe of). 




Make people win your favor by growing up then just do your work while never trying to win their favor again.  Your new matrix of IN-OUT  will form a new future of popularity as flamboyant as fame and fortune. 


 For in so getting your world organized the relief from tension will open the floodgates of newfound energy like an ocean going through your veins.  Its an easy way of asserting self in sweet silence which says it all--they all know what they did anyway so there is nothing to say and no more reason to feign.


Your silence is a siren suggesting they spurt up speedily or so long, so-low--Im going solo.   Since all misjudgment is oppression (indicating wrong people)  the IN-OUT matrix gets you out of a mess thus removing your block to success.


Explode out from sick systems: Its by staying clear  that God will bless, not by stooping to confess (to better look up to them) or letting demons caress.    Stay separatethat is true progress for to obsess is  mere regress.  To rely on idiots creates  nothing but distress. 



Labels and Fables 


Cruelians are always scoring ego points through bringing up your (bad) past.  Think ABM:  attack bad memories.  When he hurts you this way just remember that  (1)  he seeks to weaken and confuse you to inflate self and  (2)  you arent that same person years or seconds ago for the True Self is new every minute. 


Take a rattlesnake and call it a kitten--its still a rattlesnake.  Ignore peoples insults and  self-flattering labels and just see realities. They call themselves loving to veil a viciously vindictive mind--its the humanitarian groups which often hog and horde power and wealth so look for the signs.


Stop believing in labels especially those put on popular people and petty past-times.  See their inner realm, for you cannot afford not to.  The time is late so give up on the Cruelian who always excuses his negligence and brutality--his right to attack,  to rub your nose in your past, to betray a promise.   Yet you obsess?


When he justifies, he lies!  Worse, his cruel crony counterparts support his hypocrisy while his very victims see him as a charming though  rough liberator.   Reject all sins no matter how little--is he a fibber?


The mature person sees reality, not labels.  Yet because of this loving new age generation the whole culture is steeped in hypocrisy as everything is homogenized into goodness and harmony while the misfit is rejected in agony. 




To detach, live in your own secret world. Just do your work toward the goal in quiet devotion.  We cant change unpleasant people but we can unchain from them through a secret world of safety.  Do it now and I don't mean maybe.


At a a certain point youll have the glamorous success you deserve, so keep up your nerve as  purity provides you verve. In the meantime detach and never let them know how childish and ignorant they are--just raise your own bar and be a star.


 Keep your wisdom to yourself and your secret world is happy.  Its so nice to live in the desert as I can turn from man, mass or mess to face the beautiful mountain vistas: eternity represented in pure sun and air. Suddenly I get caught up in the miraculous moment and everything else goes strangely dim as I get flare. 


Everyones on probation here for in the wilderness no one can compete with eternity.  This is the mistress we should always turn to when people problems persist.  Go tell it on the mountain then the OUTS dissolve or die and the INS co-enjoy the eternal ease and evanescent ecstasy of living without obstruction (oppression). 


Your phony friends or flimsy family have contaminated your aura---and you can now de-contaminate by rising out of their reach to real regality.  Turn to eternity, when all such paltry petty politics is past and you come into your own, at last! 




Relax while it sinks in, because theres more to say about the Cruelian whos a pouncer.  Hes always looking for an excuse to scream, attack  and injure as his cold eyes resemble a wild animal waiting for his moment to snipe.  Separate sick systems: the time is ripe.


He loves making you nervous about every word you say.  The pain of  persecution from Cruelians dissolves when you understand it at this higher level:  By seeing the incredible pressure between their true and false identity we can end the pain caused by troublemakers.  Being split, they all pay.


Though seeming like zombies they suddenly explode with cruelty:  it's a bio-device to release the misused energy.  They are helpless--seeing this will switch your state from fear to insight, as perception prevents pain. 


Not knowing what is going on allows the Cruelian to confuse, cajole and cause you to cringe.  Its like putting a blanket over your head--the blanket being his anxious face,  resentful words and empty life which strikes fear and causes a binge.


Putting you in fear is his invisible crime as the immature man's defeats become your worries.  Let these recurrent outbursts become a blessing--for vision comes from crisis.  These terrible traumas and tantrums  reveal solutions with the will to act on themfor out of desolation comes glory.  Tell  your war story no matter how gory. 


This happened for me every time:  just when everything turned against  there was that one solution that fit to a tee and opened up destiny.  As a child of dysfunction it was no small fee:  it sent me into  sprees until hopelessly broken  at my makers knee. 


Only He gave me back my glee and I can promise this to thee.  See?  Out of desolation and debris comes a new decree:  Beauty from ashes as the damaged child of misfortune becomes a famous M-C.   


God doesnt want you to be mentally accosted and destroyed  by evil.  Only seeing through  empty (tho glittering) social rewards brings joy, so ask yourself:  do I want to be here with him (them)?  Success comes with seeing through the worlds false front and funits foolish philosophies, phonies and all their cronies. 


The answer for the child of alcoholics is not religious cults or relying on pro-consults with neurotic adults for only God and their personal relationship to Him brings true, lasting results.  



People are the biggest obstruction to genius.  As the bible says they hated me before they hated you.  They loveth only their own, the others they despise. 


The gifted will be passed over in any generation rife with sin, mediocrity and vulgarity.  For in this situation genius is not seen as rarity. This appreciation he must have to become societys salve, for expert artistry and depth is mankinds safety valve. 


What a wonderful thing to be a vessel for the creative act, despite obstructions in fact that make it hard to get ahead (we feel it like lead) that make us a sad sack.  Repent of sin making you lose tact then swirl out of this mess with genius intact.


But there is a way:  fast with me today then show society the way.   Establish a new pattern of fasting every day of your life  by eating one meal in morning or mid-day.   Now create, ole.


Fast longer if you like but keep this regimen in place to become societys ace.  Competition can be brutal but with your gifts and daily fasting you can run this race and win (despite the discouragements of your kin).


We could all be champions in our field  were it not for obstructions in our lives.  Delete daily distractions for to be  genius you must stay put and go deep inside.  Give up the outer journeyits flashy but in today's world,  trashy. 


As you realize  the real adventure lies inside you can easily  detach  then take the world in your stride.  Just in God confide for Hes your only true friend, bonafide.  Wear the world like a loose sleeve--remember how you cried?


Theres a genius in all  but its only  a dormant potential:  it must be developed for world success  and removing obstruction is the key.  Its simple to know them:  people, habits and food.  Just remove your obstruction  then rise up in your field.  This theory has one very simple formula:



 all success is attraction.

all disease is obstruction.

all recovery is elimination.





 Release your obstruction  and youll  snap to

your goals,  waiting in the wings.


It is natural for genius to unfold  but in the world it meets resistances.  Blocked genius is blue and sore.  Before he comes to his own hes stuck as an as-yet-unrecognized, would-be or wanna-be  and thats just not  good enough:  having not explored his core, hes still a bore. 


To be a world success you must hit the bulls eye and the way you get to the  promised land is to release these obstructions in your life (just do this and youll need no more): 




Be very careful with whom you associate  lest they corrupt your style  and pull you down.  Many symptoms are just  appropriate reactions to sick systems which maintain that problem.  True success entails a period of separation and then reconnection.




You must turn from all bad habits as inwardly they create fear.  Due to the laws of energy  these habits  degrade you from your best as  you recycle energy in outworn channels.  Through habit were stuck in ruts that blind us from the light showing the way  to success, felt in our guts.




We want slender vivacity. With the daily fast you will have so much mercurial energy. Obesity and disease come from wrong diet and gluttony. Genius succeeds through natural foods and the daily fast.


Starches have sustained whole continents for centuries. Without them tribes could not win wars because you need satiety/strength to sustain for long periods. It is simply not practical to not include starches or dairy in your daily one-meal-a-day diet.


Dont listen to the crazy nuts telling you to avoid foods that man has enjoyed for thousands of years like raw milk products like yogurt. Enjoy your cheeses too. Avoiding these foods will make it nearly impossible to daily fast and makes life boring. I eat very littlethese foods allow you to be frugal.


Part A:

Purified Genius Comes Out, Having Dissolved All Sick Systems and Sin Cycles


Purity reveals our unique talent--the seed of a Creative Act inside.  But its a mere potential: it must be developed for  world success.  It is blocked by obstruction (people, habits and food)--these create a mess that God won't bless.


Once clear, genius evolves through creative  cycles:  As part of nature,  it  sprouts, moves into place and completes himself naturally.  When complete, the  link appears. The  test  of discovery is:  does it work?


Part B:

Rare Genius Becomes a Handsome Blueprint Through  Fruit-Fat-Fastarianism


Paleo-fasting is  the answer to obesity, disease,  depression, flexibility and failure to thrive. Returning to our paleo beginnings gives man thin muscularity and in todays fat world that's a rarity.


Dense malformed blobs:  Mankind is getting fatter every day due to modern starchy foods and low fat dieting leading to compulsive eating.  Let daily paleo-fastingfruit, nuts  and fauna--dissolve addictions and  illuminate your talents, goals and unique  paths of achieving.


Paleo is also vegetables but these are sadly secondary to the vitamineralizing, cleansing power and pure punch of the most potent foods on earth:   fruits, nuts and animal fat (fauna).


I have found the best for someone with gut issues is non-sweet fruit, nuts and cheese.  The low-fat dogma taking over the west has set off a pandemic of bulimia and obesity as people keep eating and craving but are never satisfied. 


Eating right with fat deletes craving and this satiety keeps the  mind focused on goals--not food--and youll be a real success not a food-excess mess.  Focus on work not food, you'll be more not less.


The biggest obstruction to achievement are these distractions and lack of focus, so one small daily meal of  fat  is our locus.   Low-fat dogma sounds good to the herd but in truth its hocus-pocus, a cultural invasion more destructive than locusts.


Must Fast on All Obstruction: People, Habit and Food.


            To Win Like a Greyhound,  Repent for Success and Bliss.

Forget GET: 




                    Avoid These Anti-Genius Forces! 


True genius can't conform to time,  place, fad or fashion.  For genius  is  fundamental:  a rare  timeless achievement.  If he tries to get  social approval his fame becomes shame for he makes no sense to himself as  the true self is eclipsed.


Would-be  genius is blocked  by conformity:  Because of his differences  he is stigmatized by groups and then by his own addictions: vices/devices he uses to avoid anxiety from persecution. 


But once clear of his own anxiety-avoiding devices, persecution  lessens and  his success is inevitable: it was through his own mal-adaptation to hate that he became third-rate but when he flies above the herd hes no longer called weird and pure success is his fate. 


This is a very simple theory:  just know the three thorny obstructions and remove them for the glory which lies ahead.  Youll then snap to your goals,  waiting in the wings.


For when obstructed there is a heaviness to the personality cluttered with useless distractions bringing red-hot meanness.  Obstruction [sin] cannot be hidden but it blocks our joy and freeness.


To succeed, eliminate all non-essentials in body, mind and group, history and diet. Youre going to become thin, light and bright as success is yours tonight.  Are you ready to end this old fight? 


Leave all this heaviness behind--press on to what lies ahead:  Rid of people problems, you become a sage or monk  finally able to accomplish something:


Rid of bad habits you become a prosperous saint, and rid of inner debris--the superfluous flesh from wrong eating--youre a savant with a miraculous body well into old age.  Living this way--truly free--will make you ecstatically happy and productive the rest of your long life. 


As you leave the outer behind and implode into the inner  you'll  become far more productive and useful the older you get.  


Youth worry over aging.  But in your eighties you'll  just begin to maximize your mental powers for as the physical wanes the mystical increases to the same degree--so look forward with glee. 


All the hot morbid cultural fears about age are the opposite to the truth.  Never forget this expression:  OP-TRUTH, for all popular notions are false! 




The realized genius has no hankering for his younger days for the pain in overcoming conformist obstacles was just hell raised.  For were all taught to conform to the same mold:  the standard one in society--the opposite to the sage.


As society changes were expected to go along with the mob and for sensitive souls this ends in sobs.  Now its politically correct thinking were expected to mimic: having no depth its the soul it robs.  


To the hypersensitive its a terrible drain as he feels the pain without refrain.   Conformity is enormitywill you mimic, or invent your gimmick? 


Procrusteas was a giant who stretched or amputated his captives to fit his iron bed:  procrustean conformity.  This is the social worldit splits us from our true selves where the joy lies. 


Hot darkness. Losing the self is a homesick existence that paradoxically makes us seek out others more, thus losing self more.   The bulls-eye to success is going solo  with God not seeking friends like a mob.


To be  separate is sanctified and holy, while towing the line to conform to other people is a life of missed opportunity and lost miracles.  The schools say friends are all that matters so all we hear is chatter.


Miracles are happening every second  but you can never know them, lost in loony logorrhea:  word salad or silly conversations where the trivial is mixed with the important.  Thats society.  


In the world not of it:  Just listen awhile and you will hear the wordy chaos.  It is where the rich, wise and famous become fools, the devils tools.   Well through this treatise youll establish your own rules and stop being societys mules.   


Do you really love people or just needy for approval?  Love is helping them transcend the obstacles to creativity in dense herds to find their true selves instead.  Of all those useless conversations you should be in dread.


People should be shining lights and exemplars to the race, for to conform (while making sure  others do likewise) maintains the mundane social world--the banal, boring and bland.   Separate--do you even think you can?


Having transcended the resistances which I will describe one becomes cosmic:  influenced by Gods creative spirit, not by other people.  People will only hold you down, for:


This culture is social, social, socialso little of any inner value gets done.  If youre a recluse feeling odd this insight should remove a ton.  Have fun:  do your own thing, hon'.


Man is an adaptive animal--he adapts to his environment.  When it is sick, he mal-adapts by becoming sick.  These mal-adaptations are his obstructions to health and wealth  in a life of frenetic, stressful laboring. 


In contrast, cosmic man does nothing--he  attracts what he is:  Because he has peace, he has total power.  Having emptied himself of all obstructions he  becomes an irresistible magnet to all good attractions while  repelling all-bad. 


The dark was a lark until she went berserk. But spiritually right, her work became effortless as it flowed through with holy spirit ease.  Rid of obstructions, man rules by attraction:

Before conversion life is chaotic and dark, made dense from one or all of these obstructions: 




Like a jealous dog pack  people can hold you down as maintaining their system (the status quo) becomes the  glue of groups.  Systems maintain themselves through mental conformity and the result is enormity.


Parts in a system:  As people  gain identity in relation to others  they must keep them in their place to keep identity intact.  Since identity is relational the system  kills the parts to maintain the wholekeeping the patient down or the genius from renown.  




Bad habits and relationships maintain bad memories which in turn become the cue triggering the craving to sin:  Giving in to the same old rut magnifies bad memories  until its cut. 


To mature to genius and  success  one must transcend the past and clean the slate each day lest  memory  repeat the same old play.   Any temptation denied will cease to exist--but will persist when we dont resist.   Repentance is the basis of all religions--it's first on the list.




It's about maximum efficiency so you can just do your work in peace from cravings, deficiencies and inconvenience of giant obstructions to which you've gone blind.  Is this the reason people have become so unkind?


Man is like a cathe needs fat for the brain, heart, glands, skin and also energy, fat-burning and appetite-suppression so he can pursue his destiny without constant thoughts of food.  But in modern times animal fat is replaced with starch and the result is fat, fatigue and failure to thrive. 


What angry unsightly flesh we  humans display  when, in favor or rice or beans, we avoid the nut or cheese-tray.  Man becomes clay when he strays from his correct diet of fatty prey--for then it's high-weigh, bad days and turning gray. 


To flamboyantly succeed just fast.  You dont need pills and potionsthe fast is free, making one perfect like hes supposed to be.   Due to the vegan era (substituting fat and protein with starches and sugar)  immunity has been suppressed and food allergies persist.


Settle the chaos inside by eliminating starches and sugar then fast straight as an arrow.  Quiet the inner storm, just sail on to the world ahead:  today not tomorrow.  Eat fat then fast until you're bright and witty--no more a fake in defeat--as it ends all sorrow.  



Genius Goes Way Up  or Way Down


The three obstructions reinforce each other.  The bad tone from wrong diet  creates uncomfortable heaviness and a  loss of energy, fascination and stability resulting in  people problems and bad habits to self-medicate the constant dull drag.  In destiny: a lag.


Starch and sugar morphs to jello and angerthe fat fellow is rarely  mellow.  With fat and fruit (and no more starch) we go from flabby to firmthis means good habits and associates (new term).  If you wanna live on rice and beans  the skin gets dry, puffy, infirm.


With clear nerves and synapses we gain our ecstatic birthright.  Then with skill and co-ordination from fat-moistened brain, heart, glands and tissues become the true genius we were created to be: sitting at our makers knee.  Are you ready for a spending spree?  Then start this new life of daily fasting with me. 


The genius is in conflict with the dark, petty, negative forces trying to pull him down to something they can understand.  This is the arrogant human raceit hates the ace and spits in his face.  Were not born strong, we must develop inwardly while facing the angry throng and it's slow pace. 


I know it seems everything is going wrong, but persevere for the end is near.  I know youre gifted but your real  job is to develop the moral strength to overcome these resistances, rise up in spite of them and make an amazing new dent in your field--so get in gear, become a seer.


Its fame and the strength of purity youll wield and your fastarian link to God will be your shield.  This tremendous feat is accomplished only through moral purity for debauchery weakens:  a sudden rise  followed by overnight fall  as sin creates arrogance and inevitable ruin (no more a shoe-in). 


Remember most genius dies early and broke: having never  removed the yoke the overnight comet can't deal with the angry bloke as on  persecution and sins he is choked.  In purity the realized genius is a rarity--and well-remunerated (bringing such gaiety). 


Imagine a horror movie where you are good and everyone around is evil.  How would you adapt?  The only way would be through silencethe saints science, a secret guide on how to adapt and think about the rats. For people-problems and the silly social leads to depression and your  regression--those are the facts.


For the Bible is clear on the evil of these latter days as man regresses to the reptilian brain: men would be lovers of self, lovers of money, arrogant, malicious gossipers, without self-control, brutal and vicious, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, steeped in forms of religion but still unholy, captivators of weak women and always learning but never coming to the truth. 


In this sour state of mind  people scapegoat those different from themso in all cultures  primitive genius  has much to overcome.  In this generation high-tech progress camouflages the severe degeneration in other areas in which  genius meets  a hard wall--as the human herd maintains itself by destroying differences (like a   brawl). 



Must Say Good-Bye


True genius is a champion standing out in a sea of sharks.  He must be a brilliant, radiant life reflecting the Creators blueprint--his True Self--not be led by puny, finite, darkened minds of men telling him what to do, think and eat but inspired by God transcending all culture and silly human fashions--of thoughts, morality,  customs. 


Genius must be gentle with himself and deal with these times by becoming sensitive to the works of God--nature, seasons, love and  beautywhile seeing the futility of ungodliness cloaked as purity: failure, vanity, carnality  and misery.  Einstein Energy Theories provides exciting help: 


 1.  Its all  just energy.

2.  All gravity is attraction.

 3.  There is no time or space.


Say good-bye to old systems and cycles and youll shoot to the top, rid of the evil prop (the wet mop). This is being in your own destiny, mind and creative action without stop. 


Einstein showed everything in the universe is just creative energy at different rates of speed.  Just sit there, for if man is open to this energy source  he sings, he dances and he soars as his creative genius--a dormant seed in all men--attracts all while making an amazing new dent in the world.


No need to go anywhere or see anyone.  For in clarity you  attract all and succeed against overwhelming odds.  The mature genius learns to insulate--having seen  how people hold him down, how bad habits block  the creative and how wrong food dulls the ecstasy needed for  perfect work. 




Genius or trendy? This site is to the herd, about the herd and for the herd.  We are all being held down by it--we are it.  The herd is not a person but a mentality:  Fear every voice which calls you to partake of the world, for you are in the world not of it". 


Stop seeking approval from the bovine world you'll become part of it.  Neurosis and addiction are ways of coping with the mixed signals of sick systems and society.  Hostile environments are characterized by contradictions--so the only way of  fitting  is by slipping. 


Karen Kellock: "Peoples misjudgments become a program for bad behavior--one becomes what they say he is.  This is nothing new: its been around since time began and all societies/families are involved". 


To those denying this sad social fact  the notion may bring fear.  Good--for its the shock of recognition of cultural/family patterns keeping you down, depressed or drunk which will bring your psychic opening into clarity and the greatness of your artistic scientific True Self. 


Clear of obstruction you will multi-adapt to an ever-changing universe, not mal-adapt through disease and being hooked. For those you thought were nice were just plain crooked, or kooks.


The True Self is energy (spirit) which cannot be held down  without painful results.  But releasing this expression enables your success (i.e. destiny) as God exults.   


Genius is held down ["framed"] by prideful, puffed-up powers exalting themselves above God:  Thinking they are God (new age slogan), they are jealous of the talents (Gods energy) coming through you.   Its  a spiritual war between  clear and dense, good and evil--to name a few.


Most genius dies. The involvement of human networks in mental illness has occurred since time began and is the human condition:  When the wicked rule, the people mourn. This means depression, low self-esteem and the compulsion to fail:  falling into scorn.


For every addict there are four people sick.  With early trauma a template is made of the toxic situation which repeats  throughout the life of neurosis--in which one has been made  sad, bad or mad. It also determines mate-selection:  being attracted to the cad.


We were so empty we naturally absorbed the cultural immorality and materialism by osmosis.  Via the schools it's the default setting:  the empty chaos and misery we'll call social hypnosis.


Sins lowered public perceptions  which degraded our image further compelling more devices to handle anxiety:  sins of all kinds.  It's a downward path but William James gave another map:  repent of sin,  symptoms leave as you save your minds.



Innocent Adaptation


All animals adapt to their environments.  So too man must adapt to his biological niche (his social world) and this  becomes his whole personality as he forgets who he is.  That's collectivism as it is.


Disease and sin is no mystery if explained socio-biologically:  simply view  symptoms as  adaptations to the outer and youll  open to a whole new world of the fascinating complexity of human nature.  Down with psychology, up with socio-biology.


The conformist blocks the growth of his true self  to win acceptance from the amorphous, mundane, distant world--putting him in self-contradiction.   And thus  confusion marks society  as blank faces act out herd dogma by rote. 


The herd is  just fashion of thought,  ways of relating and art changing with  the times--without logic.  It transcends  the follies of generations for those who speak babble (confusion) come from Babylon (society) while  those speaking truth come from above--so fly above like a silent dove. 


The cosmic man is the same no matter when or where he lived.  He is clear, for God is not the author of confusion,  but of peace.  No matter what keep this connection so your joy's on the increase.


When the outcast  clears up  he realizes how cluttered he was with a cobweb of loose ends and the non-essential:  things he was told to want and need.  Simplify, purify, clarify:  now your heart won't bleed.


Now whole,  it is austere simplicity which marks true genius: The right-brain predominance marking the discoverer is characterized by Zen simplicity combined with right-brained ultra-complexity and this cannot be faked. 


He loses--misses his proper groove--if  with society he's caked,  but free  of  distractions he hears the  inner voice:  his success is staked.  For people can be very inconsiderate and can shock you with betrayal:  you should watch the fakes.  Release with love for goodness sakes.


As opposed to  neurotic adulthood jammed with superfluity (half-baked) he has clarity: a simple formula recognizable to all, yet a rarity. The release of obstruction brings an automatic reversal on every level:  group, mind and  body as everything converts to the opposite: a rare gift to the laity.


In the twinkling of an eye the sinner becomes a saint,  the bottom becomes the top and the top becomes the bottom.  Having dissolved  old bonds keeping him down  the now-realized genius attains the spiritual skieshe is renowned.


All success is attraction [affinity] once the obstruction is removed. Clear energy is brilliance, will power and  constancy.  Einstein proved affinity is just gravity--but we can't attract success when dense (fogged, distracted, hypnotized by people) while, automatically, the absence of obstruction attracts it all to us--like sympathy.


Since there is no time or space (Einstein) our re-adaptation becomes an irresistible magnet to all our goals.  The minute the past collapses the future has arrived: we're high in the polls.


Whether you are up or down is purely a matter of blocked vs. clear energy.  You choose the obstructions pulling you back--PEOPLE-HABIT-FOOD:  when dissolved, you snap to your goal, a brand new role in a higher fold as this other thing really got old [it wasn't the gold].






This new matrix for the life sciences is presented thusly: Vitality is the mark of health and it comes from the absence of obstruction. This could be someone close or a habit:  releasing it is your election determining your next destination.


One day I went into a fast to overcome a humiliating situation.  It caused me so much consternation and lack of dignity: a soul-abrasion.  But fasting made it all right, a constant elation a I saw through the rats--changing the entire equation.    


You'll get to the point that you MUST fast, or fall back into pure confusion.  You get to a point of total silence with no TV or music:  it's the internal infusion.  You can't deny it any longer, your dysfunctional dyad created an illusion: that you need him/her, and what a regression.


The flaky old self filled with hellish memories will dissolve as problems resolve so the work can  evolve. The subsequent release of creative energy will overwhelm you with joy as all social relations switch with you on top, no more the wet mop with no hope.


This is what makes man human:  he has the capacity to elevate himself not by who he knows but by self-purification--and it shows.   In animal packs the misfit is killed or left to die  and anorexia is one human reaction to such misfit status--take it from me, that's no lie.


The odd-one-out is a sad sack  as his reality turns black.  But with released obstruction and psychic opening (Gods gift to the unwise) the rogue is no longer out of whack  and leaves his shack for a higher track.  At this point he leads the tribe back to help society, glittering talents intact. 


All of your plans which would never come true will now blossom naturally, having been un-jammed from obstructions holding you down.  You get to a point in your work where itll all take care of itself and even you cant stop your success: you're renowned.


Youll  now de-age as the release of destructive tension transforms into creative power instead.  Your dullness of habit  (misapplied energy)  preventing all progress is now replaced by new patterns of  total order and achievement--so get out the  lead!


Independence is freedom.  We now have beautiful patterns not  destructive repetition (ruts). This means no more cold cuts, feeling a klutz, called nuts or people hating our guts.  That era is over of dealing with mutts who didn't really care about us, or the "whats".


Just watch the change in your world as old  systems and cycles are replaced by  the  blueprint of a gorgeous destiny.   Instead of losing,  we now win.  No longer degraded we hit the bulls eye every time and stay on top, a shoe-in.  It's so obvious to all, now that you've overcome ruin.


No more ups and downs--the saint is constant in his energy.  Energy means spirit and spiritual excitement is jubilance--this continuous ecstasy is normal.  And better yet, this polished  upstart now becomes the field design, the kernel.



What Obstruction Brought Me Down?


Energy is the link between body, mind, spirit and social system and as you release obstruction youll see these levels come together in an amazing new pattern.  Now everything is obvious to you, as their lantern.


The more obstructions you release  the more energy youll  have as you watch each minute miraculously assemble  like a jigsaw puzzle--that's true reality!   It's called synchronicity, in your own synchroni-City, rid of the little man or woman of infidelity.


All of the lessons, people and attractions blocked by obstruction (the devil in life and diet) will now flow in naturally.  We now have the magnetism of the most talented people in the race. Even the weakest among us can have this perfect  pulling power:  being the ACE.


We are all surrounded by bothersome, irritating people and  burdensome habits hard to  release.  When you feel down just ask yourself  who was I around, what habit was involved or what did I eat?  and youll see the trigger causing you pain without cease and no peace.


Was it a gold digger causing your lack of vigor or your nerves like a hair-trigger?  This revealing exercise will teach you more than a library of books as with God you become thicker as you drop the despicable.  For God and decency: have passion and a fever!


Just go back one day and youll  find the problem obstruction taking the wind out of your sails while raining on your parade. With any problem ask: what sin, person or food made me fade?  You must put man on probation for most are like Neanderthal from a cave.


If it cant be found  it was just a test bringing out your best (in spades).   Looking at life this way  it can be fun to grow up:  to use daily problems to grow up at them--how wonderful as you upgrade!  Now don't give him/her/it another thought as you catapult up as the ace.


If you feel attacked: rather than directing angry energy back, use self-control and look at the whole system. See how you relapsed--like gloom  or associating with doom--attracting "nice" toxicity.  These are wolves in sheep's clothing, the opposite to real concern or veracity.


If you eat wrong the ensuing pugnacity makes you take offense where none was intended while a pure bloodstream would bring ecstasy.  Always remember when down:  write a recipe.  No more having two-sides and calling it "diversity".


This new world-view makes  you humble as you realize your own part in things  and this humility precedes success.    You will realize its not you but the release from obstruction creating this new power:  release, snap, Godthe man or woman of the hour.


You had the guts to release the bad to get to God cradling you to success instead.  Humility  (character) will keep you there but self-congratulatory arrogance brings ruin (a bad affair).  Be pure and sweet, then  watch them stare.



Genius is Mild, Saintly and Sober


After repentance you avoid storms by being  gentle as a deer.  From now on when meeting frustration refuse to react as you usually do but  with total self-control  let this inner fire transmute to a faith-filled fruit, not a fight in fear.  Now just trust God for each moment as the seer.


Its  the alchemy of passion:  refusing to give in (to a tantrum or habit) will create the necessary fire to make gold, the golden personality: patience and power for  success.  Patience--the royal temperament--is the only way to muster the power to rule and overcome the fool.


 Self-control fires frustration into the fine fruit of  freedom,  but giving in to old reactions takes genius down to the gutter to die thereno flare, no one cares, not a prayer.  Stay high and live on simple fine fare:  fruit or  fat and then the fast while avoiding the snare.


All through time  great genius died due to desire--no fire, he remained a liar who never went higher.   Instead,  see every pugnacious person as an actor brought in by God to develop this royal quality in you, then take the throne and rise up in your field.  After such wasted decades now you're high-yield.


 Only when  you get to this point of maturity, humility and spiritual perfection can you know with certainty that success is sure.  And thus you can accept success, knowing you deserve it (youve taken and taken it, still reacting with poise and calm) and yet you are humble, knowing how suddenly  you can lose it (as suddenly as a bomb).




Einstein physics and the eternal laws of energy give  guidelines for  perfect protection and the skillful navigation of life, and its just as Jesus taught regarding the erasure of sin and it's release from the curse and strife.   Now go forward as fast as you can, for dangerous obstructions are rife.


Karen Kellock: Since its repentance that removes the block, anyone can be a success.  Instead of betrayals and losses we now have loyalty and wins as  energy  (the will of God) flows  through us:  despite overwhelming odds we have perfect attainment.  All through history the saints demonstrated that less is more:  one man  can be a majority.


Karen Kellock: Our obstructions--sin cycles and silly sick systems--kept our intelligence locked in ego (a very low level of consciousness) but  self-denial took  our puny minds out of the equation to allow access to the mind of God: infinite intelligence and the creative act. 


Karen Kellock: Now life becomes easy.  You've rejected the sordid and sleazy and snapped to a higher life which you enjoy freely.  You can't believe you burdened yourself with all that clutter and chaos when just a lazy spiritual baby.