The body is so miraculous it can adapt in many ways. Get fat-adapted!  See how much fun it is to fast with this satiety power.  Have your juices but when hungry try a little almond butter or guacamole.  Enjoy a little salad then enjoy thy daily fast of 18-20 hours. Instead of 80-10-10 try this:  10-30-60 [60% fat, only 10% carb].  When all that glycogen leaves the system you'll SHRINK.  Avocados are FAR:  they are a FRUIT, they are ALKALINE and they are RAW. 


Gabbing and gorging go together.  Gabbers talk to much, habitually and idly.   This describes the human race who lives to eat, sleep and socialize.  The three go together.  


Not the faster:he loves silence so he can communicate with God, the One who matters.  He prefers fasting to stay high in the head with continuous revelation and he needs only recharging catnaps, not  so much sleep. 


The eater eats to bring energy down out of the head to avoid facing himself.  Its a  temporary way of dealing with low self-esteem: to deaden the brain by lowering it to the stomach.  Indians laugh at Americans who are always in the gut rut.


Eating is the best distraction which works instantly.  To eradicate this tendency well look at the stuff of everyday man vs. the Fruits of the Fasting Stars.


Can you sit in silence? Everyday man doesnt just talk--he gabbles:  this is  talking fast and foolishly, jabbering like a gabby--a simpleton.  He likes to gab-gatte: be on the go to little purpose but to serve his fruitless desires. 


Hes a gadabout: a person who flits about in social activity with other gaderenes--demon-possessed swine that rush into the sea.  Theyre all gadflies: flies that bite and annoy, stirring up  other people just to soothe their restless spirits.


 When everyday man is  finally alone he quickly focuses on TV for the beautiful moment isnt enough.  He must intensely focus his whole being, eyes and ears on another reality other than his own.  The most irritating thing is his constant dependence on the phone.


What does a person do if left alone on an island?  At first he may panic but then with time begins to unravel the outer layers and come to himself (alone in nature, man clears).  Then he prefers perfect privacy, as the seer.


In retreating inward he comes to  feel part of nature: the true inner meets the  outer  as the phony fades away.  At that juncture he begins to feel intense happiness for the first time in his life.  Simultaneously he sees the end of social strife.


When eating wrong one becomes an entirely  different person: in looks, speech, thoughts and character.  The lower state attracts gaff:  a hoax,  fraud,  gimmicks, tricks, rough treatment, abuse and social blunders.   This lower life is the opposite to the fruitarian's  higher wonders.


 To avoid faux pas he is gagged:  his mouth is stopped up  with something inserted (the foot or food).  But the bad food creates  autonomisms  (out-of-control slips of the tongue).  These faux pas are a mark of the young.


Gag  is also the censure of other people with whom one eats, for the social eating society prevents free speech.   This is the gag rule restricting freedom of expression as one must not talk too deep--dinner conversation must be light and non-threatening!   About this pseudo-harmony the herd is unrelenting.


 Eating soothes the feelings of rejection from this censure.  You cant talk but you can eat:  its a trade-off.  Eating and sex is ok but state your opinions and they scoff:  "no way".   We eat to deny, ok?  But all this carnality is low-pay, not for kings and queens I say.


Gaga means crazy, foolish and infatuated:  another side of the eating fool.  Like all addicts he falls in love suddenly but it doesnt last long.  The couple  eats together as they fall in love--eating becomes the system--but it dies as love is dulled with blood-irritants (but if shes a good cook it lasts longer). 


 "Gageg" is  a token of defiance and a pledge of combat as pugnacity prevails from insulin-elevating foods and other irritants leading to insane moodiness.   Gaiety refers to merrymaking gay spirits  as the epicureans chat and eat  (for tomorrow they die).   It never works, this age-old lie.


Then there are the FRUITARANS living on highest quality (HQ) food along with air and sun.  They eat, stop-eating, then fly.  They show gain:  to win in competition and conflict  by a natural development or process:  to all useless pains, bye-bye.


They achieve: traverse, cover, attract attention, profit and increase while improving in health. This is becoming a heavy--to run fast and get gain!  These are the fat-fasters eating the correct food for man and then living with the Highest while high in the head:  it means fame.


They are gainfulI will increase as you decrease.  Yes austerity has great rewards.  Gainly is the graceful, shapely and perfect shape constellated from paleo-fed iron red  blood.  Instantly, miracles flow in like a flood.  For you're finally open [no more lurching for nutrition, a stick in the mud].


Now if one slips back to cooked food he encounters gainsay:  to be spoken against and contradicted.  This is the constant plight from wrong eating: all one says or does meets great resistance.  Eat right and from these obstructions you'll gain distance.  Trial and error gains persistance.


When he returns to the right way he is gaited--having a fancy gait and  a new spring in his step.  He is now galactic---of the galaxy, a Galahad--like a knight finding the fountain of youth. One resembles a galatea: an ivory statue of a beautiful maiden.   Now the past will be fadin'.


Ones beauty will now be created by God after being on this potters wheel of fasting and the correct food [RAW, ORGANIC FRUIT].  Let it happen--no pain after the rain.  Youre now created  by nature, a galax: an evergreen herb with decorative leaves.   More than ever it determines what you perceive.


Clean, youll now catapult up to the galax: an assemblage of brilliant and notable persons through time.  No more gale: emotional outbursts from protein/fat deprivation and the incorrect food.  No more possessed by emptiness and being a cultural sponge, making you crude.


Youre under complete self-control due to and reflected in your austere eating habits.  And no more galimatias: confused and meaningless talk like gibberish or gall:  bitterness of spirit, irritation or harassment.  Oh, the food-debasement!  The prisons are filled with such destiny-displacement.


The mistake of thinking that energy comes from food is so engrained that fatigue often leads fruitlessly to fake food which leads to more fatigue and craving.  Is it any wonder the kings start misbehaving?


We get hungry because we don't eat enough of the fruit or are addicted to crap.  The idea of the fasting cure is so simple:  reduce the burden on the body and it snaps back into perfect shape.  Knowledge levels the playing field and provides perfect escape.


Fast and energy is saved to perfect the body instead, working  much like a computer:  when you turn it off it returns to factory settings. Maturity is learning four important things:  what to eat, when to eat, when not to eat and when to fast.  Now you'll be unsurpassed:  happy endings.




Much of the reason to fast is social.  At the basis of wrath is bowel-toxicity projected onto others who have bowel toxicity.  When clear of culture foods and fatty blood sludge we become a rare sparkling person.  Stay junk-addicted and your situation will worsen.


You must have the shine to be fineto have  luster divine.  That sparkle of divinity comes from fruitarian perfect and the between meal fast:  so simple and divine.   A little detox and you've found the gold mine!


The would-be saint is always victimized for being different: on the fringe, the outcast.  But fruitfast and all that changes.  Youll feel so good with each succulent fruit meal as you start to soar creatively and energetically.  The superior man rules as the fruit dissolves the dreary past.




What a joy to live intensely in the times of day and the seasons in line with nature.  First you rise in joy.  Then eat, enjoy and digest as Gods fruit in season exhilarates the tissues.  Now the fun begins in pure synchronicity without thoughts of food as you banish the crude and other "hot" issues.


 Yoga by laying out in the sunstretch, elongate, realign to supreme relief and the big shift from worldly resentments and pastimes to the spirit of God:  the anointing.   Be properly nourished then God will fight all battles just by your fruit and junk-abstaining.


Sun  and air soothes and deeply penetrates  the fruitarian body--this fresh air metabolizes as it energizes.  Fasting and prayer creates a blissful afternoon in solitude with divinity, breathing in the invigoration from the country.  No matter what your circumstances, this is pure bounty.


The day is perfectly orchestrated: Now you have deep sleep as synaptic and arterial clarity opens everything up: deep, happy, comfy with no cravings.  As swift, neat and nifty motility increases, about perfect elimination you'll be raving.


Avoid diet gurus, for a traumatized person from wrong diet becomes ugly.  Learn the basic rules,  eat the local fruit and then fast as all lines sooth to moist smoothness again.  To eat anything but paleo won't put you in good stead, "seen" on the face as sin. HEAL YOUR FACE.


Just live each day in this Godly manner and youll be most interested in the spiritual world, free of all stress no matter what is happening in the physical.  Unplug from the lusty crowd who cant get enough food and attain the spiritual skies instead [get out the lead].



On People, Habits and Food


By stopping or withdrawing youre doing so much.  Deprived of the energy burden the body snaps back into perfect shape.  Youve now won the right of natures protection: no harm comes to the fruitarian who also fasts on people and habits.


 This is the perfection of well-oiled regina beauty.  Its a serious decision which one cant lie about: there are no true fruitarians with wrinkles.  He or she is protected by mother nature herself through the proper fuel: fruit.  


This natural relationship is your new mothermagna materand its a perfect old-fashioned dyad.  Take good care of your fruit trees and they will keep you soothed and calm with provision. That's man's history.




You must resemble a shiny pot.  Once there,  dont slip back into cultural concoctions [CC] or youll fail worse than ever.  Once perfected, putting refined carb sand on the new  baby tissue brings the  greatest debasement  ever-- after falling this way you'll learn to be more clever. 


Once you fast and get into the higher eliminative forces of air, sun, prayer and are fueled by the wonderful aspects of fruit and much needed rest (which often means isolation) you wont believe you waited so long to give up all that food and the eating life, filled with strife.


 Fast and tell no one--for people will bring you down.  How did the devil tempt Jesus?  By luring him into eating bread.  Without fasting there is only degeneration and dishonor.  Fast to let there be light.  Fast for the fruits of a True Star which can be yours tonight.




The muscular (mesomorph) man puts his faith in the muscular system (striking power and defense).  The fat man (endomorph) puts his faith in food and the digestive system as the only means of survival.  This is neurosis:  not truly primal and more like a lower animal.


  The thin man (ectomorph) puts his faith in the sensory system.  He knows that food only degrades his perceptions, the high spirituality he feels when free of food.  All my life I felt very strange in this land of big people who thought so very differently from myself.  Learn to love solitude as the magic elf.


There are two separate nervous systems and two brains.  When free of digestion the brain automatically shifts to the right:  the cornucopia where miracles fit together in the here-and-now.  Here the past collapses as the future arrives.  I love this state--its exactly why fasting precedes the conversion process evinced in saints and genius [higher lives].


The Italian school of Clinical Anthropology calls the ectomorph an "hyper-evolute": hyper meaning above and over, further along in evolution.  The body is efficient, svelte.  For me fauna-fasting was the perfect solution as all obdurate people obstructions finally did melt.


It is much more evolved to live off what you sense and perceive rather than gross food or fighting.  The skinny ectomorph is so evolved he looks futuristic as his elevation in consciousness is furthered by the body which continues tightening as it's metabolizing.


 I call this concept (of the integration of mind and body) body mysticism.  The faster finds  the divine body by luminizing his tissues.  No more snacking and desiring:  food will never again be an issue.  Fast: now  watch your higher life ensue.


He now has total self-control without  thinking about it:  he prefers the higher spiritual life and has learned that eating drugs it out of sight. Any new obstruction triggers the left-brain: a pale, gray roadmap of reality which he instantly escapes--up not down, joy no frown.


Properly nourished on fruit then fasting is a proprioceptive sensory journey from which the ectomorph never wants to return.   Despite collision with culture (or the big, dominant and mean) the rewards are a regular routine in the reality of the thin with sheen.


I was a sickly shallow anorexic then a scrawny fake purger.  Now Im a sturdy sanguine fruitarian, happily skinny.  No more sapped, this way is safe.  About the high-carb club I continuously rave.




Fruit-fasting combines the glories of fasting with high-tech science about what to eat.  The massive fruit needs  are the most important--all other foods take a backseat.  No more confusion as your kitchen stays nifty and neat.


The   frugivore  lives his life creatively as a spiritual scientist, conforming to no one: he is related to the universal energy source and connects upward in continuous creative revelation.  It's not necessarily the fast but  eating right first that means a higher station.


*This is facilitated by a SUGAR-loving brain and bloodstream.  Simultaneously he starves out the toxin-loving cancers and bacteria:  this simple science is so keen!  Because of this the alkaline fruitarian-fastarian is clean.


He does not act against in competition nor does he act with in conformity but remains fixed in the Inner Journey.  If he ever does return to dense stimulation and lower pleasures he suffers greatly (more than the others) and returns to the right path quickly.  Being thin his energy is higher and he recovers [clears] faster.




As he matures he learns about his body differences and never looks back.  Due to the higher paleo  diet his face takes on the carved chiseled strength of a wise old man who looks ten (like Ghandi). 


His skin is lustrous and he is agelessly free of superfluity in his delicate, wiry, hyper-sensitive and high-powered engine so perfectly adapted to his new champion life of spiritual light, wisdom and power. 


The other two types (the muscular mesomorph and fat endomorph) are anachronistic mal-adaptations to the early era of materialism:  controlling and socializing.  


The era of materialism is also of addiction:  gabbing, gorging, accumulating, storing, hording, fighting, debating, conquering, invading, self-aggrandizing, recovering and dying slowly from  the sad effects.


Become now a gentle ectomorphic saint and everything will reverse for you like dominoes.  Fasting and a happy congenial body overcomes all network prejudices and herd obstacles as theyll all say she was a saint all along.


  To be a success just plant all the seeds, be silent and fruit-fast as all obstacles are overcome.  Those who profess nobility must fight for that image and then  the unseen presence and the angels are now revealed and firm in mind: you've become refined.


Dont worry over decades of unremunerated work: you will now end that preparatory journey by fasting in pure delicious delight:  Via the fruit-fast the sun, moon, stars and due recognition (and remuneration) will soon be yours.




Whenever you feel these things, fruit-fast or age into uselessness:  lack of energy, tiredness, irritability, restlessness, intolerance, quarrelsomeness, fatigue, lack of endurance, body odor, constipation, despair, bad skin, self-doubt, any illness or failure. 


Are you nostalgically brooding over things that are gone and can never return?  Are you steeped in the past: does it occupy your mind like an obsession?  Thats a lost life indicating you must transcend the physical world through fruit-fasting. 


 Your fears of aging or loosing people will dissolve.  You need a higher world to live where all these problems and past-times go strangely dim, or absolve


A higher world exists and awaits your membershipenter it today to escape the usual human horrors. 


Fill your cave with storable items [like dates and bananas in the freezer] and then fast without fears of lack or spoilage. Now you're at an advantage. 

Both the fast and the feast-potential (abundance that wont wither or waste) will start you on your new fruit-fastarian life of miraculous surprises and happy coincidences planned by destiny's blueprint for genius and the saints.




The more deformed, homely and ugly the more elastic you are and the more beautiful youll be soon.  Take this on faith first, then make a before-and-after photo to prove you were saved from the worst.


Fasting will be your friend from that point on, so move on.  Youre removing a ton and it means mon.  Get out in the sun and walk brisklymove those parts for champion power off the charts.  These are the paleo-fasting arts.


 When feeling down or depressed I start a three-day fast.  Its a sure-cure for the uglies and the munches, and maximally creative: youre sure to get hunches. 


When reversal dieting to fruit, how about a fig-fast:  Fast on lemonade all morning, and then have 5-10 figs for lunch, then fast to the next lunch.  I love the fig-fast, for fresh figs are the fastest fruit cleanser, five times faster than a grape. 


Or use raisins (the grapecure) which are twice the quick-clean as a grape.  Use these short fruit-fastarian vacations.  If you detox with fruit then  long fasting periods are not necessary.


My life and destiny flowered after giving up all superfood powders, cacao, snake oil supplements and seed spices [cumin and coriander].  With just banana-date-with-spinach smoothies for break-fast my entire day became a great and marvelous work and wonder.




To help sick humanity you must look like eternity.  Wrong eating brings self-doubt and then Gods help and promises are null as one begins to lose faith. 


The problem is always lost faith from befuddled mind and blood.  God wants to save your associates by producing a masterpiece in you: Daily fasting and prayer defines the prosperous saint.


 Nothing will give you peace but the right diet for man combined with Gods quick device of fasting for the few, His champions--that means you.   That's after eliminating all superfluity and non-essentiality, too.

And peace will mean prosperity.  Are you in  the problem or the only solution:  to stop/postpone everything until you fast?  New face, new role, new goal after decades of being shunned and miscast.



Beauty is your Duty


Be ageless.  You must, for the saints choose Gods beautythats always the final reason to repent of uglifying sins.  The reason you ate wrong was due to cultural hypnosis in your chats:  glorifying carbs and damning fats.


Age is only one thing:  morbid accumulation.  Who could have known you clean your veins through fat, unless schooled in metabolic (hormonal) sciences while being  strong enough to discount cultural fat-phobia? 


 When combined with the fast the result is streamline and divine luster. Follow this plan, age signs will disappear and youll die looking like  a young child. 


Wrong foods will chemically reverse you to the other system as  they are age-dependent:  the older you are the more youll look your age after eating them.  You now look ordinary, whereas you were a gem.

if you arent eating these false foods  age will have little bearing on how you look and feel.  All around we see premature aging because all around theyre eating wrong.  That's the TV addicted throng.


With high-carb food everything ages:  skeletal structure, skin system, facial structure, proportions, grace, alertness, posture, attitude (from yes it can be done to no it cantIm over the hill), hair, eyes, teeth, nails, and the way the feet and hands look (the ends show all). 


Since the same bloodstream furnishes every cell,   iron red  blood makes its mark as every  pore takes on the same translucency.  Once you see  this and change your ways youll take on the symbol of youth, innocence, the future and superior mind powers. 


You will no longer be held back by your own mood swings or compulsion to spend your life eating.  Age will be irrelevant as in your  elder years youll still be the skinny shiny  child, ever so mild. 


As a fat-fastarian youll be a reflection of God made in his image, for fat is another word for holy spirit or the anointing.  Oils and fats: they conduct spirit and here they are the very things weve been told to stay away from. 


Now that you know what bad food does, just forgive yourself for eating it and start a brand new life.  By the mere decision to change you start to de-age even before you've escaped the food cage.




Fat and fasting go together, simply because of the extreme appetite suppression a little fat creates.  I would say fat defines this fast:  At last we can see the fast as a EASY blast.


The  champion is a  higher scientific spiritual artist who wishes to maximize the benefits of eating right.  No matter what ones field he is sure of a high-yield even while he is getting light. 


Mini-fasting  will take you to your highest calling and every day will be a new adventure.  If youre a writer, painter, musician or scientist it will catapult your talents up to the world while to the past you have closure.


With each day digestion, assimilation and elimination moves while your fine talent improves.  Youll find things are swinging in brand new grooves. 


Youll go insane without fat on the brain.  For in any field the social pressures remain.  The fat-fast allows you to get along in the main. Poised and gentle without refrain, now you gain.


Miracles abound:  as the fat smoothes your bearing youre  fun to be around.  Fat-happy and well-oiled, neither the past nor  petty people can clip, cut or   choke the creative coming into completion while miracles abound.


 The only way to overcome the brick wall and  strut your stuff  fast forward to the future is to collapse the past--which is just empty repetition of sin cycles and sick systems--and create a brand new reality without going anywhere. 


World travel can be tedious or terrible  but creative mind travel is free and comfy in your own niche through the fast.  What seems like nothing is actually everything, yet this free gift from God will always last.



 Cranial Index of Monarchs


Fatarian-fastarians are pencil-sharp and chisel-wedged because the face is an exact reflection, a diagnostic picture of the whole:  When filled with carbs all interstices bloat up to resemble a white polar bear.  With all races, it's a scare.


When clean the puffy water-logged obstruction from insulin dissolves and ones features come out again.  There is a vast difference between glucagons and insulin so the starchy vegan diet cannot carve or sculpt the interstices between bones and tendons revealing the sharp features of the True Self.


 It is now fashionable to say I am fruitarian but when bulbous in feature because of the water-retention of insulin someone may ask so what?  A bloated body is a sign of poisoning which constant insulin spike surely is as bacteria and cancer feed on glucose.

Look around: bloat is accepted as the way the human should  look!  Go to streamline: by denying hunger pains you are carving out another chunk from the gopher-like  food face. 


So let the tummy burn and take great delight in it.    Get thin, for the skinny horse wins the race and the face.


With a little understanding fatarianism is in the back of everyones mind: it is primordial, the carved look of shiny but soft jade.  This recognition of divine luster will save lives as the artist thrives.


It is so primal:  something they have never seen in this generation  but will surely recognize.  If you look too wide, irregular, lopsided or any other contrast from the heighth-width index of the fat-fasting hunter (the encephalized elongated head of a monarch) youre no evidence of  the land of milk and honey attracting money.


One cannot lie about the highest! The correct curvature of the skull--the cranial index--should resemble an African child (with the energy on the top-back of the head)--a sign you've  gotten out the lead.


When eating badly this flips to the ordinay adult look of the white west created by carbs and the constant fat creation.  But fat-fasting makes the switch, and fast.  Before day's end you'll see your new cast.




Hunger is not dulled by eating for food only triggers more hunger.  Before I learned this I was in a self-made jungle of fruit trees I couldnt escape.  I'd never return to that all-day eating mistake.


 I finally saw I had to endure a little stomach pain, allow the encumbrance to dislodge and clean out then wait for the hungry-free fasting perceptual bliss to return, which it always did. 


The non-fasting fruitarian eats because he thinks hes hungry and hes hungry because he eats.  When  fasting on high even one grape can invite food demons in while just eating a little fat or continuing to fast would make them disappear, so persevere. 


Craving is just cleansing: endure the fires of frustration so that your conversion is true.  Every yogi finds he must finally fast to complete his journey: its a must opposing lust.  Clean out the old through this timeless rite of passage or continue to rust.




Become a daily faster and you wont have to worry about anything anymore: it will all come in mass attractions to your unique self.


You wont have to worry about the day, your agenda, who to call, how things will work out, how you look or whether you will succeed.  Experienced fasters know that just by fasting everything works out on its own [all they need].


Its an anointing that comes on a person--the "spirit of fasting"--that takes care of everything effortlessly with holy spirit ease.   You can be struggling for months with a problem only to see it resolved instantly while fasting. 


It may be invisible now but  its all happening underground in a fertile anarchy as all atoms re-assemble into a new matrix--the new you.   Remember the slogan:  Indians dont work--they fast.




Become a faster and magic coincidences will follow you everywhere.  As Jung said to his students a scientist should never drink as he would miss this fascinating synchronicity occurring only in the right-brain--which  instantly turns off with compulsion, drink or insulin-elevation (constriction, bloat, hunger, hypertension, moods).


 Just eat fat and youll look divine as you experience the world as God does:  blissfully, for youre an oil slick.  Eat the white mans concoctions and  youll look illogical since mans inventions make no sense to Gods enzymes.


Looking and feeling crazy youll compensate due to lack of confidence through slips of the tongue and a dense muddy aura.


All bad habits cause anosignasia:  loss of the right-brains pattern recognition.  Having lost the ability to recognize patterns in our lives we do stupid things in extreme tunnel-vision [bad decisions].

In this state we are killing ourselves but cant see it.  To get straight with food we must face the demons and stay conscious or theyll again drop unconscious while mindless eating ensues again. Your refusal  to give into carb-cravings  burns the split out [no pout].


 We go from timid conformity and covering tracks to one-pointed mind power.  Whether rich or poor, male or female, young or old we now have the power of Caesar in the body politic. 


For this is a psychological diet par excellence: fauna reconstellates you back into your original condition or form.  You now feel and think the way you were designed as a unique being with no more mistakes or bad acts: you are free to lead with the food monkey off your backs.




People are debased through lawless and boundless body cravings.  We must transform these instincts: make gold.  The greatest people perform this alchemy to unify the conscious with the unconscious through the fastest way--fasting. 


Using the method of fat-fasting this daily mini-fasting life is simple.  Why?  Because the longer you adhere to this biochemically correct lifestyle the less appealing dietary indiscretion becomes.  Now free to focus, it means mon.


When youre in the correct balance--not the culturally false idea of balance--you feel so good:  mentally sharp, physically strong and  emotionally stable.   But when you vary from this the biochemical shift blocks the divine gift.



Man has two sides:  persona (image) and shadow (dark instincts).  Polite society may hide it but this split remains: though it falls unconscious, burns a hole and recycles life into a mundane blur it's still a package deal, sir.


 To get to the miracles we must unify consciousness through facing and refusing the fires of desire.  The frustration of desire then wipes out the compulsion and the bad memories feeding it.  Fast to clear it.


Denying this split rather than facing and resolving it keeps us split into two people:  one intending to do right, the other obstinately doing wrong.  Then the desire becomes a blind compulsion as he becomes its  servant.  Of daily fasting, become an adherent.

At lower vibrations there is no synchronicity, only split.  When unified, energy is released and perception is opened.  This released archetypal energy is the deepest and most profound.


Repent sin and watch major changes occur in miracle after miracle.  The blood--what is in our blood--determines our miracle-level.  When in a system where the only way to fit is to slip or split (as stereotypes are projected and one is pegged), fasting overcomes all. 


The alchemic fast will bring on the highest synchrony and an inversion of all systems:  the top will become the bottom and the bottom the top, no more a wet mop.  Stay silent while they pop.




Hold fast with frustrations and soon youll shoot to eternity.  After refusing to give in to the fires of desire opposites unite, the split is gone and  the experience is POP (instantaneous conversion) and LOCK (locked into a new dimension--there is no going back). 


When we fast on habit, frustration creates fire and then the psychic opening called aperture syndrome. This is an energetic theory: when energy is released it frees the mind of clutter--superfluity and excess--and our true instincts (genius) breaks free from cultural hypnosis.

In freeing the gold from the dross--the spirit imprisoned in matter--the result is refinement.  We go from gross, unrefined and raw (the primitive addicted lower self) to refined, pure, dignified (the evolved True Self).


 Until then one is helplessly hooked to the distorted implants of other peoplemostly about foodso endure for the sake of your brand new life:  this will be worth it as  the sun shines in the morning.


Its all just energy.  The energy is invested in instincts.  Caught in this stronghold we become lopsided, split and compulsive as this shadow drops unconscious and faux pas automatic.


When we face the shadow (admitting we were sinners) and refuse to give in, we pop--and unite.  The pop is the psychic opening that frees the spirit imprisoned in matter as we become true body mystics. 


If a big ego over-reaches itself it falls into hell for as weak kings conform to herds they degrade with them.  But strong Kings with great longevity and lasting value transform their instincts:  thus passing the test that brings their weaknesses and impurities to the surface.  Are we really made of what we think (and boast) of?




Anyone can eat but are you strong enough to not eat?  Humility precedes success so have the humility to say I was powerlessly gripped by my  shadow--my untransmuted instincts--which I must now transform through self-denial. 


Sin sets in: someone can be a vibrant fastarian but then after nibbling on culture-food all the cravings and justifications come back as our reality turns black.


Suddenly hes surrounded  by good guys who want the bad  and hes  back in hell in drastic contrast to where he was.  But because the frontal context never wants to blame the food the blame is shifted to outer events and other people.


It isnt easy to get back at this point: the now-bruised ego cant swallow pride that easily.  One has relapsed into the same old cravings and the networks supporting them.


 In most cases one never gets back unless vain enough to desire Gods beauty more than anything else, and this isnt vanity but the perennial desire of all the saints through time.  


When this poor relapsed soul is told about  fat-fasting he is shocked:  that will never work and it will kill me.  And so he is just eating breakfast with friends.  All is forgotten about the promises of the new life--he is now ordinary though popular. 


He cant wake up to free the spirit imprisoned in matter since the matter is delicious food acclaimed as healthy by culture, family, history, his cronies  and the  medical profession.


Freud said we must not abandon discoveries simply to make them palatable or culturally-acceptable.  Where are the strong men and women who can keep to discovery despite the catastrophic collision with culture and the drastic daily discipline it takes to sustain it, or  despite the rejection from  family and friends when following it? 


Only a person who would rather have the character and looks of God:  the ageless allure, the safety and protection, the quick wit and edification of mind and talents--rather than social approval and dulled-down deceitful and mundane family love of gorging and gathering as they gab.  In short, the champions.


Free the spirit from matter.  Making gold is not mere fasting but not doing a dead habit any more.  Go beyond worrying and all that working for addictive foods to thinking about life and the quality of that life, especially freedom from strife.


See how little you can live on:  the mini-fast with fat makes it simple as pie.  Fast and join the ranks of the timeless miraculous shining saints.  Sacrifice and take the reward.  The less you use the more God presents with present:.  I will increase as you decrease.




If you continue to play food-games with yourself before long youre stuck in the swill with no exit.  You never know when the bomb shall fall: when that terrible craving will hit like a demon sent from hell, an outside force over which you have no control. 


 That is the effect of the wrong diet and  of insulin.  In its grasp untransmuted dead habits become possessive and the autonomisms begin:  uncontrollable utterances and acts that can shame you for life. 


What do you care at this point?  The insulin-run mood swings and irritability makes these things seem right at the time.  Youve lost the smooth fat consciousness, the even and poised bearing.  Instead your food sins are glaring.


A dead habit is psychosis--a complete loss of reality called addictive perception.  Fat wont addict and youll be eating less of it each day.  But sugar and starch is fixed--ending in depression, fatigue, despair and eating more with time. 


Fast, or its just another lost day compared to where you could be.  Waste no more time in food-crime for on your  consciousness it forms a grime.




You had a feast and now youre full.  So what: just start now by looking forward and enjoying the fast.  Just the mere decision to fast releases PHF--positive healing forces--that change perception and the body. 


No matter what you did, go from here and fast to forget the past.    All food tragedies can be the final lesson which will now stick.  The greatest lesson is food-simplicity to reduce craving and increase found time  for other things. 


 A complex food life of great variety is never satisfied and causes constant craving.  We must see the energy waste of buying, procuring, fixing, eating, convalescing after and eliminating food. 


To eliminate the biggest addiction is the hurdle of ones life.  Itll make you a king who  can optimally enjoy lifes lucid experiences when free of the eating game.  For some this elimination means fame.


 Keep this slogan:  eating never makes me happy but fasting always does.  Eating never solves problems but makes them worse, fasting always finds solutions and clarifies all.  It will put you on top for once and if you continue to live this way youll stay on top.




Its the biological instincts which become compulsive and must therefore be transformed, otherwise consciousness narrows and compulsivity throw one out of grace--while all his energy is recycled in outworn channels (patterns of addiction and losing face).


This means trouble.  The last tragedy brings so much stress that one finally renunciates and transforms his instincts into higher creative and expanded vision.  This is the happiest day of his life, having released the chains of misery and habit.   


Until this transformation the high-life is blocked and life dulls into routine.  The compulsive eater beseeches and blames God: When will my  breakthrough come? or why have you forsaken me?  Only repentance changes life as he steps into a miraculous inner journey.


  The narrower the vision by compulsive actions the more autonomisms (disruptive uprushes from the unconscious)  ruin his life.  The devil made him do it?  No, due to the complex processes and  consequences of addiction he couldn't intuit.


The robot circuitry is mixed up: the higher self being dead, the demon runs wild instead.  He must transmute his lower instincts or the result is disaster.  The red Indian is not lopsided: perfect on one side, bloated on the other showing disunity, duality, dichotomy.  Bad food = lobotomy.


This is the look of the West and indicates flagged fascination with life:  From one-pointed mental power the rod is cut in half and both sides dull to dim.  Instead  the beautiful shiny red faster is unified with self God and nature--through a clean (glucagons-elevated, vessel-dilated cholesterol-burning) bloodstream.




Clean the body through fat and fasting and you become a redskin with iron-built blood.  Eat culturally, you become the boxy "white" [mucus-filled, whitewashed identity] man.  They eat fat then fast as everything comes to them. 


 Fasting attracts prosperity: miraculously creative lucrative ideas and witty inventions.   The redskin has cosmic understanding (the brain is being properly fueled with ketones), mystical knowledge, youth, beauty, creativity and an unfolding future. 


The pasty man  in contrast shows only mental decay, material contamination (fat-storage), spiritual degeneration (too blocked up), age (dry skin and wrinkles), ugliness (its the food not the genes) and all doors closed to further opportunity (no attraction).




Fast:  the lymph cleans out and now youre red from iron and cleansed veins.  Brush your skin and the white  (glygogen) flakes off and youre no longer a flake. 


You still may have scaly hands but the cleansing process will in the end reach the ends.   With the ends clean its your end: completion gained and now success. 


Youre now a lean, racy, long-legged and ornamental shiny greyhound:  a silent mystery, a gentle world beauty, an avatar, a bright shining light to look up to, to model after. 


Now you the would-be hero becomes the magic shaman, the example of Gods magic through his fat food which God specifically gave us to eat from the beginning of time. 


 Fatarians like the beautiful Masai have no heart attacks or other diseases of modern civilization, all the while eating fat [cholesterol] constantly and exclusively.




The cleansing process reaches a head like a dissolving sweat and fever.  One day youre very sick as fat pockets dissolve and eliminate but the next day shows beauty and rapture from Gods ingredients. 


Show neatness and aristocracy, without hypocrisy.  With lymph cleansing everything puffs up around the mouth area with ugly lines.  That is glycogen from carbs coming out of the nasolabial folds seen in most low-fat dieters. 


Gravity pulls dense elements down--turgidity--and the ankles and calves swell.  The arms resemble leprosy  as the lymph cleans out.  You thought that was just aging but the next days elimination takes it all out forever: it will never be seen again unless you eat those starchy refined carbs again. 


 We go from the worst to the best and thats our test: to  not eat at temporary discouragement but instead proceed to the crest. 


Once youve hurt enough and still refused to eat God removes the test and gives the best.  Again, fasting is mentioned in the bible and all spiritual documents as often as prayer.



Endure the Cure Then View the Mirror


It was the most painful day of my life preceding the best day of my life.  On this particular hellish day I had the occasion to describe the process in my journal:


As the arms explode we see potential lymph cancer coming out--the cell-proliferation in the arteries from insulin.  When the blood finally runs clean new protein/fat nutrients can now enter the cells of the arms becoming fresh new moisturized skin again". 


And the fat on the back of the arms--seen on all carb-addicts--will now go away with carb-cessation.  The lymph fluid is very sticky as every pore is oozing with storage.  With fasting  it coagulates and comes to the surface in temporary itching lasting a day.


As the blood runs clear its like a trillion lilies blooming, opening and awakening suddenly.  One can feel the starchy substance coming out of the bloodstream and then running clear once more. 


 The lymph running  along the bloodstream  functions to absorb up all toxicity from the blood, going up each arm, leg and the trunk.  Even in the skinny it is clogged as seen in wrinkled arms and legs.  


New nourishment can never get to the cells to rebuild new tissue because of this.  As the lymph drains one may become constipated as the sticky blood gum coagulates in the colon.  While the sludge goes through the bloodstream you may feel  very fatigued.  Just sleep.


 On cleansing days you may feel and look your worst as the lymph drains out but the next day its all eliminated and you go from worst youve ever been to the best.




Though it's counter-intuitive it's fat which cleans the veins.  Fat elevates glucagons which is a pathway to the good eicosanoids which dilates airways and blood vessels, increases oxygen, enhances the immune system,  prevents platelet aggregation and decreases cell proliferation (cancer). 


Insulin from starch and sugar constricts airways and vessels, decreases oxygen flow, suppresses the immune system,  causes platelet aggregation and increases cell proliferation.  Fat opens everything up, sugar closes it all down. 


The poor asthmatic can hardly breathe when eating sugar and starch but if he takes some fat  the airways open up to his great relief.  What a shame the medical profession professes just the opposite, insisting people avoid the only cure!


Yes its an amazing thing how the public has gotten rotten by seeing  everything in reverse.  There were no heart attacks in the nineteenth century though they ate many courses of fatty meats, butter, lard and cheese.


They thought produce was an inferior food or just a table decoration--and that's exactly my view now. Just check out the thin cowboys in old photographs: they all resembled Paul Newman as they existed on eggs for breakfast and steak at night. 


Glucagons opens the vessels to keep the body streamlined.  And thus fat-fasting is ageless cornucopia:  Constriction shuts everything  down and we feel miserable, but dilation delights in a glorious opening to a new life.