The body is an achievement--it can be done.

But unfortunately in the fat west we've really sunk.




Old Lady Diet: Lacto-fruitarian smoothies

and soups or noodles if you want it.




../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-1638.jpegFat-fasting gave me the fantasiacal reality I wantedlike a Maxfield Parish painting of dreamy castles and beautiful landscapes. Fruits and fats are a perfect balance but the greatest is the days cornucopia fast and the synchronicity is elicits.


The two biggest ../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-1025.jpegsellers are laxatives/antacids. It's cuz you got too many meals in your gut, bud. Fingernails harder than ever by not eating? Hmmm...fasting is greater than vitaminerals in the feeding.


../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-710.jpegGod said when you fast, not if. Doing it daily is heavenly, try it yourself and you'll see it's all legit. If Grace Jones has that kinda body at 69 let her dance/show it. It's an achievement/example: go for it.


Longest lifespan ate ../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-1095.jpegcarb diet of rice, corn, nuts and fruit. Lowfat but a little butter sometimes too. Carb-eaters are the Mindspan Elite: the highest longevity levels and lowest rates of dementia/being effete.


../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-4.jpegThe reason beauty is your duty is now you cant get hurt and your words are accepted (if terse). What, you'd rather have a bean burrito filled with cheese than your husband's love because you please?


Free of evil toxins ../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-857.jpegone takes on the highest beauty with eyes upward to heaven--unseen before, surely. When the dirty lymphoids comes out of the lower areas you show the ugly square jaw to be leery of. I prefer Extreme Ectomorphy. Einstein proved that most creative energy comes in least mass, really!


../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-852.jpegPut a mirror on your desk and test out how you look with various foods. This is quite an awakening: rude. Cut your salad in the morning so you're ready when you're hungry or eat crap and look dumpy. Don't eat meals, fasting works. Many times you'll go 20 hours, that's how we evolved after eating first.


Happy: If one's bowels ../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-588.jpegmove he is happy and if they don't he is unhappy, that's all there is to it. (Lin Yutang.) Unhappy: Alcohol is a conduit to the devil for those allergic. I'd abstain or switch to herb and make it urgent! The miscombo of SRIs (serentonum-reuptake inhibitors) and alcohol is disastrous--society's mess.


../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-91.jpegIt wasn't BDD after all--it was the wrong diet. If right you'll love how you look and it'll be the finest. Kicked out of ketosis: energy drops, extreme hunger, lazy moody mind, water retention and depression. Smart, cool, sharp, good-looking: Anyone can do this just start regimenting and really get it working.


It isn't BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder). ../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/Kreuzweg-Print-I10378286%5B2%5D.jpgYou just don't like how you look, for good reason: causes horror. Do you eat to nourish or eat to avoid? Cuz one is for health and the other makes friends/family annoyed.


../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-950.jpegYou checked my diet and made me feel foolish for tryin' it but now I'm mute on (what I eat or) if I'm fryin it. If it offends don't tell em what you eat--none of their business anyway and many say one thing then cheat.


I ate a cantaloupe and ../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/NIGHT.jpgmy whole mouth went numb like novacaine. What GMO does is a dying shame. The gorgeous world model was asked what she eats. She said "I go right for the pies and the cakes."


../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-664.jpegSay no to macronutrient ratios (high-carb or low-carb) and yes to nutritional density/calorie = it's easy to know. In all sciences, less is more, because "most creative energy comes in least mass". Albert Einstein


The youthist food gurus ../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-691.jpegare getting desperate for hits. They use sex titles for their "science" (I'd split). Grapes can be your permanent diet. If experiencing acid burn with all you eat, it'd be good to try it. In the Old Lady Diet, self-gentleness is key. That's the same as saying: I'm finally free to be me.


../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/WE-4020-1550.jpgIt's nature's dividing line: day vs. night. Let your food life occur in dark then fast in the light. I began to fear the nights. Acid, acid: Can't roll over or lay on my side but with fasting it's alright. Having taken antacids all my life it's a major discovery: just eat in the morning and it's alright.


Bulimia is an ugly ../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-1556.jpeggreen demon from hell. it's affecting millions of love-starved women in a shell. Bulimia is an emotional illness as deep as the sea. Where love is missing food fills the vacuum to a "T". 2 alcoholic parents = bulimia in the girls. Arguments happen at meal time and the result is ED/frazzled nerves.


../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-18.jpegKicked out of ketosis: energy drops, extreme hunger, lazy moody mind, water retention and depression. Oh wellwe love our warm/sweet high-carb/fat breakfast but they say we should have green juice instead. Guess that's why some say all food is poison. But I think I got around it all by the daily fasting lesson.


Fast 18 hours daily ../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/Copy%20of%20images-777.jpegfor autophagy: purging all inferior cells and replacing with youth as the eagle, whee! Pizza at night: Burp, burn, bubbles, pain, sitting up and wanting to die. As a result of the fast/gut issues my stomach has shrunk to the size of a walnut and I'm a cute dish.


../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-224.jpegYou reach a point of health where coffee gives you heartburn. Have a smoothie and your health returns. Ladies grow garlic, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, oregano, leeks and others making food delicious. It may be your year to die unless you pull the plug on 62% of your calories coming the processed food lie.


Nutrient density is necessary../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-537.jpeg and compensatory for early abuse on the body. Recovered anorexic said "I love my big huge nutritious delicious breakfastone meal and Im fed". The holy heavenly dessert is raisins and nuts. One melts, the other scrapes and daily cleans our guts.


../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-1444.jpegIt's not enough to eat the nutrient dense, you must eliminate the un-dense: the empty calories you dunce. Can't get health in bottles, companies and pills. Only through God's plants (fruit/veg/nut/seed): eat your fill. I'm not afraid of dying but of declining. Yet studies show as the body recedes the mind expands, shining.


Sorry for my fits from../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/lt%20green%20kk%2009%202.JPG the wrong diet. Eat like them, die like them. If digestion sux fast for high-flying reality a magic carpet deluxe! The cure for sleep apnea is to not eat past breakfast. Now is there any other way I can assist? The curative powers of daily fasting may supercede the supposed benefits/deficiency fears over antioxidants.


../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-225.jpegIf you're photophobic, lose weight. Success out the gate, your aesthetic recognitions arent mean fate. The most beautiful women in the world are men. That's because beauty is an act: so act, amen. Many men are fat and scruffy now. Dirty tattoos too--where has handsome gone, do you know?


Multiple chemical ../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-78.jpegsensitivities: must retrain limbic system then all-ok. MCS a scary thing: suddenly you can't breathe, body's in a vice, infinite symptoms weirder with time. These people have had their instincts fluorided and soyed out of them. They are heartless, blind and dumb. To the extent that your area isn't perfectly clear you've got toxic chemical buildup. Get rid of stuff!


../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/ELMER%20FUDD.jpgI was allergic to pesticides so was sick all my life. Went organic and wow = for the first time no strife. I woke up tasting chemicals. That's from detox as the cell debris goes out through blood/it's a miracle. If you get pasty don't panic. It's just old stuff coming out that was inorganic (the cleansing is gigantic).


Plan exactly what ../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-60.jpegto have in a day. No promiscuous eating (ego bleeding, mentally self-defeating). We're the no club: we reject Non-Optimals. That's going all the way with it, for we see it as logical. As you fast you'll leave the realm of eating. It's another world above the fray/you won't be cheating. Eat, then fast. It's like a lift-off or rocket launcher and you won't be hungry just having a blast.




../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-137.jpegDon't speak about the glories of dietary fat unless you have flat abs. Not enough oxygen to heart muscle: attacks don't happen with fruit cuz it opens it up/becomes supple.


Arteries to the heart, ../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-249.jpegears, eyes, brain--all opens up with fruit in the main. Diseases from arteries clogged: macular degeneration, vertigo, kidney failure, impotence, hearing loss.


../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-176.jpegAll disease is obstruction through clogged arteries: no oxygen or nutrition gets through, must see this. On fat I waited for ketosis that never happened (radical health decline) but on fruit it is pure bliss.


It's the FOOD. ../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-2051.jpegSmoking and exercise are side issues, scapegoats, platitudes. The health swamp called Big Pharma is killing millions while enriching those who play the game.


../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/Unknown-56.jpegI ate so much butter I felt all the cells were smothered and that made me reverse into fruit forever. Don't let anyone tell you how to do it--that was my problem the first time around but now I intuit.


It was such an awesome ../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-925.jpegthing (spiritualizing the tissues) but I failed when getting involved with others. When the fruitarian loses his tie to nature he wants noodles, rice and spice but its ok, not a vice.


../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-718.jpegIt's about fruit and fasting with a starch safety net and its all ok if salsa and tacos for the day. Fell off the fruit wagon and took me twenty years to get back. Once you see it, hold onto it as fact.


Gluttarians: ../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-953.jpegEhret was about frugal fruit--one at a time--and fasting in between, not "all you can eat". Chinese buffet a sticky spoon joint? That means every spoon, handle and soy sauce jar is sticky, yuk.


../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-1970.jpegThe ex-vegan "Nikacado Avocado" says he wants to eat dog. A glutton that has fallen that low? Some fruitarians got fat because it was a bingefest not frugality and fasting which is how it is blessed.


Ehret said fats cause../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-407.jpeg acid and starches make paste but after detox ok. Nikakado loves Muslim restaurants and wants to eat dog. Liberals are globalists against God.


../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-107.jpegThe community advancing fruitarian gluttony was tyrannical. Must maintain the thought or lose it: Cherries: cosmic feelings. Bread, pasta, rice: ok but not sublime.


Daily Fasting suggested (Old Lady Diet): ../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-309.jpegHuge smoothie in morning with raw milk, plain yogurt, almond butter, berries or pineapple. Nurse it all morning, this is how you get your calories in when youve lost your appetite, hon. Optional: End with cheese tacos, rice noodles or potatoes. Now fast.


../../../../../../Desktop/22769816_10159568202365370_6693498046956714798_o.jpgStay clear on whats really happening. Educate your peers.