Karen Kellock

All through history the sages and saints used fasting as a method to overcome enemies and achieve success. It's always been the way to get to Gods power.

Fat-Fasting: For the insulin-resistant and carb-allergic it's biologic utopia. The fat-famished brain will make you insane.


This is INTERMITTENT FASTING: Daily Fastarianism. Eat leaves and FAT then fast to the next day, using a 6-hour food window that would be 18 hours daily. You'll be amazed at the exhilaration and the revelation that comes with just one day of IF.You're now using the oldest and most efficient method used by man to perform miracles and complete old cycles while beginning new ones.

Its pure bliss living off your own fat. Thats exactly what is happening when in ketosis--the state of fat-burning rather than carb-induced fat-storage. To get there just delete the fruit and expand the fats in your ONE MEAL.

Now youre set-up to fly into fat-burning mode. It has been shown that the brain and heart prefer to live on ketones for energy--not glucoseand the result is one is happier, brighter more energetic.

One is always in ketosis when fasting but heres a way to make fasting a blissful no-hunger program: fat fasting. As Atkins says in regards to the treatment of extreme metabolic resistance (those who cant lose weight):


The fasting state once induced is full of self-protective deviceslike FMS [fat mobilization substance] and other lipid mobilizers leading to ketosis, loss of hunger and a variety of other benefits making the average fasting person comfortable and often exhilarated. The beautiful thing about fat is its creating a maximal outpouring of FMS and then switching into fasting without going through the hunger/discomfort that usually characterizes the first two days. (Atkins l992*)



The fantasiacal reality I wanted--like a Maxfield Parish painting of dreamy castles and beautiful landscapes--was not fruitarian as I thought, but fat-fastarian. I still enjoy fruits but they're not predominant. I like salty not sweet.

To fly creatively high we need fat so the brain is energized-enlarged-encephalized. When combined with fasting the outcome (in consciousness) was exactly what I was seeking unsuccessfully through the fruit.

Never before was I able to live on so little and finally I became the person I was supposed to be--the blueprint-design by God, eating like my ancient ancestors--save the starch.



Did this mean all previous writings on fruitarianism need be trashed? Not at all. It seems that fruit and meat are opposites but not so if seen in the higher matrix of paleo--they go together.

Especially since it has been found that man is a fat-frugivore, fruit and fat are the perfect diet or just fat with non-sweet fruit for those with IR or SIBO. The greatest marinades for meat have always been fruit-based.

Reversal dieting or the marriage of Atkins and Ehret is a perfect life designed by God for man. But for those damaged by false diet dogmas they're likely to find they must delete fruit for awhile or go unsweet fruit [e.g. tomatoes] and add fat.

Not eating right [i.e. eating according to dogma not scientific reality] created bacteria overgrowth and that bacteria lives on sugar: carbohydrate. So to prevent bloat and acid reflex, decrease carbs and add fat then FAST FOR THE DAY!

BLOAT, ACID REFLUX AND CONSTIPATION: remove the problem and presto! Happy health like childhood. IF YOU HAVE SIBO OR IBS so much veggie-fiber must be deleted along with all starch.

If we have to eat later, a few raisins, olives, cacao or nut-butter [spoon theory]: know how to snack.



As a fruitarian I was continuously experiencing the tyrannical constraints of interpersonal relationships--even if just intrusion on privacy--and this drove me into isolation in the desert wilderness.

Though still there my whole world has opened up through fat-fasting. I can promise the same for you: the fruitarian lowfat trip is incredibly isolating and your whole vision will now explode into new exciting vistas. Not so much focused on food!

Fruitarianism or veganism is a powerful delusion that takes over the mind in a veritable hypnotic trance regarding purity which turns out to be disappointingly fallacious.For the result of wrong diet and macro-nutrient ration is anger, dogmatism and every other negative emotion. BLOAT

A failure to thrive sets in with time after the initial honeymoon. The paleo-fatty diet will make you great so you evangelize for something new. Trying to convert the world to lowfat fruitarian-gluttarianism isnt a feather in your cap for you arent doing right by inducing a failure to thrive.

Go fatarian-fastarian and peoples reactions will show you youre right. Now just concentrate on listening to what God and your own instincts say--not what philosophy and ideology says.

Its a very clubby atmosphere the raw foods movement: everyone smiling and looking so happy is part of the plan to convert. It isnt so great down the road--just read the bios of ex-rawists and ex-vegans in beyondveg.com.

Only the twenty-year vets can tell you the truth, not the smiling sinewy seekers you see in raw-magazines or the raw diet gurus raking in cash and winning admiration from their foolishly adoring and fawning fans.

Listen to your instincts. Worry blocks this: worry induced by the raw foods movement about mucus and cholesterol from protein-digestion which (they fail to say) the body easily deals with and eliminates while in ketosis.

Try fat-fasting. Once confirmed ignore all disconfirmers of your new direction based on physiological-metabolic truth.

You may have to bid your fruitarian friends farewell for theyll only gainsay, vituperate and call you mad.


But you can stay vegan: just use fruit-fats but delete so much sweet.


You must be sure of your new position to maintain it. So many get a hold on truth only to lose it when the world crowds in with its falsely foolish philosophies.

Fat is the natural diet of the human omnivore. People are well-fitted to eat fauna, berries, leaves, vegetables and fruits. This was our diet from the beginning long before the bizarre diet habits of the 20th century plagued us.

It is insulin which creates atherosclerosis as the artery wall is insulin-sensitive and promotes proliferation of arterial cells. And the lowcarb diet is completely heart-healthy--like the French who love cream, cheese and butter in just about every dish.

The American view takes the opposite fat-phobic position and you must be strong to withstand the sugar-addicted mob-mentality.



In 1961 Benoit* studied a diet that actually outdid--in eliminating body fat--the total fast by 88%. That remarkable diet provided results so spectacular that the dogmatic medicals couldnt believe their data as the diet contained 1000 calories but 90% of them as fat.

The other 100 calories consisted approximately 15 grams of protein and only 10 grams of carb.

In Atkins view nibbling works better than gorging during a fat-fast--i.e. frequent small feedings are preferable for weight loss so he divides the food allowance into four nibblings of 250 calories each.

This is a fast modified for example by mouse-meals of nuts, a little cheese or guacamoleits a method of fasting punctuated by the intake of fatty foods.

I have found personally that one meal works best: I want all food behind me to maximize the blissful fasting consciousness.

Fasting is the most effective fat-loss diet ever described and fat is less fattening than protein or carb for it doesnt convert to insulin-elevating glucose and overcomes all metabolic resistance to losing weight.

One is sure to go into ketosis with fat-fasting but eating carbs will suppress the production of FMS (fat mobilization substance).

Let the hunter-gatherer in you come out and let starchy-sugar consumption go. Youll be so glad you found the fat-fast using mouse-meals: tiny potent bites to shrink the gut and enlarge the brain. Doesnt this seem better then eating crates of grapes and still feeling hungry?



Give Your Dogs Fat Too!

While the fabulous fat fast is 90% fat watch out for medical consensus panels warning us to reduce fat to 30% without exceptions!

And be careful of dogmatists saying the body lives on glucose--it does not, it prefers to live on KETONES from fat-burning.

Preferably our own, after ingesting fat which elevates glucagons the fat-burning hormone. It's all a matter of hormones: change the hormones, change the person.

The scientists seeing the benefit of fat are banned from consensus panels who see fat--any fat (even essential fatty acids and olive oil) must never go beyond 20% of total intake.

Its a sad day in medical history as many doctors are actually caving into the pressure from raw food circles and their corny magazines.

We were far more advanced at the turn of the century when people ate multiple courses of fatty (delicious) meat without thought.

Yet there were no heart problems until sugar, coca-cola and refined flour were unleashed on the public in the twenties.

Fat-phobia overrides these facts and continues to hypnotize the public into a frenzy as it eliminates fat--yet gets fatter.

Most people even eliminate fat from the diet of their poor dogs--yet another class of victims of the fat fallacy--who get fat and have a lackluster coat.

My five grown dogs are as peppy as slim puppies with fur-coats as shiny as glass. Give your dog cheese and watch him beam with gratitude and love for you have finally done the right thing by this gentle loving omnivore.



What a shame for those controlled by medical society, for low-fat diets are hardly satisfying. If someone eats like a king (this means delicious fat) he doesnt have the dry skin and austere look of many vegetarians.

Protein and fat gives structure to the cells and the face as it soothes, moisturizes and brings water to the surface to give that beau-glow.

Fat is predominant in world cuisine because of its luxurious satisfying taste, its richness and its capacity to satiate appetite.

Fat is the food of feasts as butter, cheese and cream is the backbone of delicious fine cuisine. Like the French diet its the yummy fat which makes everything taste so great and appetite suppression and satisfaction is its greatest virtue.

My natural craving for fats are completely fulfilled through TOMAVO or salad with avo and olive oil dressing. You can stay vegan but become trim and satisfied!

Paleo is distinguished from fruitarianism by its view of the essentiality of FATS but also FAUNA: animal protein and fat. That differentiates it from the rawfood movement which is only plant fat [coconut, avocado, cacao].



The features of low-fat dieters show dry skin, pasty complexion and deep furrowsthese are the nasolabial folds from the side of the nose to the side of the mouth and below.

This aged look is characteristic of low-fat intake and is hardly the look of Gods image in which we are created.

Tiny bites of HQ are enough to recreate daily your structure or the blueprint of what youre supposed to look like: the constellation of the energy at birth, your seed symbol.

Man evolutionarily a hunter requires animal protein and this gives him his good Godly looks. Look at the movie stars decades back--their visage and hair had real luster. This is the look of the fat and protein-satisfied man.

The difference between small and huge HQ fatty meals is evidenced in the drastic transfiguration of your looks for the closer you can get to emptiness (lack of obstruction) the closer you are to the Creators design.



Fruit-fat fasting is for those who wish to maintain the fruitarian way but still keep insulin low without using any animal foods.

Here the benefits of this fat-fasting plan is customized to fit the fruitarian: For a fat-fasting reversal with HIGH ANTIOXIDANTS [essential carbs: this is a moderate-carb diet not lowcarb], Red Salad with avocado is key: By eating this dynamite breakfast then resuming the fast gives the highest health and creativity all day long!

Youll be eating one big, luxurious, slow meal which you can enjoy for two hours. The fresh food is most delicious and each day youll enjoy it more as your digestive-assimilative apparatus works better. When I arise I have a big smoothie first then my meal of TOMAVO or RED SALAD. Huge: you're eating for the day.

Dice two tomatoes, three red bells and avocados dressed with the juice of one lemon and olive oil with garlic powder. Though avocado is only 2.1 percent protein (as opposed to 25% for cheese) it will elicit glucagons which turns you into a fat-burning machine.

It was only sugar that elevated insulin and your storage of fat. After eating this delicious non-sweet salad youll be in highest heaven as you digest it all day. But eating fauna-fat satiated far better in my estimation.

Fruitarians over-indulging in sweet fruit may find some of the same symptoms I did over twenty years. I found out they were all from hyper-insulinism: obsession with food, habit of night eating, tendency to binge, craving for sweets and starch, compulsive eating, no food fulfillment, irritability, drops in strength, fatigue, mood swings, lack of concentration, anxiety mixed with sadness and depression, dizziness, brain fog, gastritis and bloating.

After twenty years of this, these symptoms hit me every time I ate as little as an apple. It was as discouraging as it was progressive. For someone who overindulged in sweets and starch early in life the insulin receptors were so worn out that just one touch of glucose sent insulin pouring forth, dropping blood-sugar levels low (fatigue) while storing fat and water. Sludgy, stodgy, sullen and swollen I became tired, irritable, angry and hungry.



As a vasoconstrictor, insulin constricts all the airways and vessels. As it holds water this means hypertension as everything closes down and in. Many fruitarians have described to me this feeling of constriction as if they were having a heart attack as the chest closed in. Look at the difference between the two states: insulin suppresses the immune system, increases inflammation and pain, decreases oxygen flow, decreases endurance and causes platelet aggregation (constricting blood vessels). The result is breathlessness, headache, cramps, swelling and rashes. It is not fat which brings on heart attacks but carbs--in the absence of carb, fat is totally harmless. Glucagons on the other hand brings a vaso-dilation (opening-up) while enhancing immunity, decreasing pain and inflammation, increasing oxygen flow and endurance, preventing platelet aggregation, dilating airways and decreasing cell-proliferation (cancer). Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and artherosclerosis is sugar/starch based with no relation to dietary fat.



I was still fruitarian when I decided to take this information and adapt the diet to my own metabolic needs. I deleted all sweet fruit like dates, grapes and oranges and stuck to cucumber lemon/lime tomatoes bell pepper and avocado.I deleted most vegetables which were creating acid reflux, bloat and constipation.

I went high-fat and moderate carb. When you eat fat like doughless pizza (in the absence of sugar) the body goes into ketosis marked my loss of appetite for the day, along with the release of lipid mobilizers.

Youre not hungry, you have an abundance of energy and burn fat which the body loves to live on. So why not take one high fat meal then go right into a miraculous day--once it's digested the body automatically readapts to grasping all needed nutrition from the air and sun.

Fat is so wonderful as it oils the tissue system and organs, brings warmth and comfort to the body and structure to the way it fits together. It makes things right as it soothes, protects, comforts and brings radiant energy with a sheen (divine luster) to the appearance.



The prevalent panic over dietary fat is a cultural hypnotic. It makes no sense scientifically once one knows the metabolic processes that follow the eating of fat vs. carb. We should be a lot more afraid of being fat but not at all afraid of dietary fat when eating zero carbs.

Someone may start on this high-fat/low-carb fruit diet and be enormously happy with it only to be talked out of it by friends. The fat-phobia against even avocado and olive oil is the biggest example of social hypnotism I can think of.

If one eliminates all fat from the diet the only things left are vegetables, starch and sugarshow sad! Many vegetarians are fat, for the consequences of eliminating fat and then gorging on starch and sweet fruit along with salads are devastating. Never have we had such an obese nation of adults and children.

Fortunately non-sweet fruit is very delicioustomatoes, squash, peppers, cucumbers, avocado and olive are so freshly tantalizing. I see this marriage of Atkins and Ehret (fat and fruit) as a most fitting and wonderful solution for a happy long lustrous life. And since the colon demands fats to work properly the daily evacuation makes life a continuous vacation.



The fruitarian movement has bought into the same old fallacy of fat phobia (putting down avocados and olive oil) and complete naivet about sugar. Since most fruit is sweet they fear to investigate the bad effects of insulin from fructose and gainsay anyone who brings up the point.

So they say to avoid fats--its not fruitarian to eat fats or all fats are acid-forming and will make you fat or "you'll wear the fat you eat"--thus conforming to the current politico-medically incorrect line of thought that fat is the culprit to all things.

But the fruit fat olive doesnt create acid--its the fastest eliminator of it--so what exactly is their basis other than how things seem devoid of true science reasoning?

They, like the culture at large have a knee-jerk reaction to the mere word fat without any understanding of the metabolic processes which follow the ingestion of fat vs. sugar and starch and evoke the opposite hormones insulin and glucagons.

The lowfat movement would do well to understand glucagons for to not do so induces a failure to thrive in millions of people across the world.


IF: Intermittent Fasting combined with High-Fat Diet.


ONE HIGH-FAT MEAL A DAY [using ROTATION of foods to prevent allergy] as stated in her five books published in 2001 [see Champion Guidesand Daily Fastarian]. She fasts 20 + hours daily. Snacks are raisins and olives [most alkaline foods] and "spoon theory": nut-butters. KK is extremely fit and slim and works from early morning to late at night each day. KK says:

"The reasons you gals stay plump is too much fruit--after messing up your metabolism from 811 you need to go compensate the opposite direction entirely and nearly delete carbs. The reason is this stupid diet wrecked your digestion: you now have "digestive issues" and must go nearly zero-carb to prevent leaky gut or bacteria overgrowth which leads to BLOAT which I know you hate, mistaking it for fat"--KK

"After gaining so much weight on 30BAD you must try FAT-FASTING--but this view is prevented by FAT PHOBIA from the 80-10-10 diet hysteria and the bad science influencing so many into eating disorders