"No Fruit Just Fauna. Many have so ruined their metabolisms from incorrect diet they become pure fatarians with little or no carbohydrate."

"We don't have the FIRE to digest fiber.  Just fat then FLY"


Man is a fat-frugivore.  He is first a fat-eater with the ability to eat fruit.  But the faunivore human is one whose ability to eat fruit or vegetables was damaged.  If through a history of false diet fads and overindulgence in fruit, starch and sugar  he developed hyperinsulinism or "gut issues" like mal-absorption phenomena where the body digests the plant fibers through FERMENTATION, the case may be he ends up a pure faunivore, an exclusive eater of animal foods, a few carefully selected carbs and herbs.   So although all men are fat-frugivores the ratios of fat to fruit may change.  My selected carbs are tomato, zuchini, orange juice, lemon and berries.  My macronutrient ratio is something like 10% carbs, 60% fat and 30% protein.  Then some people are more like the apes:  frugi-faunivores i.e. mainly fruit-eaters with biological adaptations to eat fat.  The faunivore human has found that animal protein and fat are essential to his health but carbs arent.  the following is Peters self-discovery after embarking on paleo-fasting with omelet or steak every 60 hours:


 I love Paleo-Fasting.  It has changed my life and made me so happy every day.   It gives me so much energy and enthusiasm.  I was a dull log but now Im so excited  I cant sit quiet.   I  don't want to go back to my former diet and Ive ceased discussing this with anyone for they would only deny it.   I just feel too good now like I'm going places.  Now Im able to fast 60 hours after an omelet and it s wonderful.   I wake up in the morning with so much  energy ready to  take down the world feeling between paradise and eternity.   Thanks to you for showing me how to fast, Pietro.


The fasting combined with fat results in tiny tummy and brainy brilliance.  After one year of fat-fasting into complete metabolic recovery  I can enjoy the fat-frugivorous diet: the reversals between detox (fruit) and rebuilding  (fat) is a wonderful lift and a divine gift.  But first I had to counterbalance the sugar-inundated system with exclusive fauna fasting for one year.  This is called compensatory action.






Hyper-sensitives can especially feel how carb stimulates fat storage and other profound metabolic hormonal changes.   Hyperinsulinism which crams fat into cells and water logs  the legs into tree trunks is so hereditary that one must go  the other way to achieve balance:  Delete the carb-component and ones life and looks change dramatically for the better.  As it is genetic he suddenly doesnt resemble anyone in his whole familyamongst white pasty polar bears there is one shiny sorrel steeple.  Change the hormones, change the person.


Seem strange?  Remember that all great truths began as blasphemies.    Protein and fat is fully and nutritionally complete for the human omnivore but over the last 30 years weve been severely brainwashed to eat predominantly produce with grains  resulting in obesity and the other degenerative diseases of civilization (see forbidden seed).  Were on the wrong page and its getting worse as the government and medical consensus panels chime in under pressure from raw-foodists campaigns over the internet.      The hunter vs. farmer  skeletons tell all.




Dont Get Drawn In!



Dont get drawn into the raw food movement.  Every time I got involved with rawfoodists I witnessed anger, rage and rudeness.  Its really quite unbelievable since one would think they would be the gentlest on earth if what they say about meat-eating is correct and true--namely that it creates violence and just eating raw food makes one gentle.  Not true.   The fat-deprived brain becomes uncontrollably violent especially when combined with sugar-inundation and bloat from eating so much high-water sweet fruit and high-fiber vegetable matter.   The work load on the body chokes creativity. Also they are depriving themselves of  categories of food they want or need.  Diet dogma is destructive.  Eat raw when you can but don't make a religion out of it. Of primary importance is your fat and protein  needs.  Paul Bragg taught us thishe weekly ate a piece of fish though he ate raw produce  most of the time.    Fat connects you to spirit and properly fuels thy brain [made up of fat], heart, glands and certainly skin.  Youll see a sheen and become quite lean.  Youll feel keenbut all-raw and no-fat means mean.   The hostile encounters Ive had with rawfoods vegan groups have been meanspirited.  What they have I do not want, for false diet dogma will put you out of grace more than anything else, even bad associations.


I myself  found that produce confused things as I was recovering from such drastic fat and protein deprivation.  Dry skin became smooth and moist during the fat-fast but became dry again when going the other way. Damaged metabolisms evince malabsorption, fermentation and then leaky gut as crud goes through the blood--reflected on the complexion and mood.  That means raw vegetables become excruciatingly uncomfortable to digest, a rotting garbage situationIll never forget waiting all day to feel good again, praying it would just move down.  But fat was so smooth it nourished and revived the system.  What a paradox! When I regained metabolic balance only frugal fruit worked with fatnot thorny vegetables--and I became a very happy fat-frugivore, the way man was designed to eat.   For the true faunivore  human    plants are much harder to digest than meat   as the whole process bogs down.  That is why the transformation into perfect health from fat-only is so powerful they never want to change categories  again in fear of being  "kicked out of ketosis".






In the one type of  paleo-fasting youre actually fasting all the time punctuated with bites of fruit or fat.   While recovering, plant food will be impossible to digest and  meat is so much easier  [in prehistory it was always eaten separately] (Billings).  So much for natural hygienic instructions to always eat them together. Atkins found that the least likely allergic food is meat.  I once knew a hypersensitive who after years of promiscuous eating and bulimia zapped the immune system so much that she became  a universal reactor to all food--she learned her ugliness was just reaction.  When she started to eat fat followed by fasting    her reactions lessened daily.  She learned how the effect of todays food is solely determined by her total load on the immune system yesterday.  All the fat and protein she was eating  enhanced immunity.  Fat-satisfied at last, on the fast she ceased thinking of food and her reactions and started attending to angels, animals and ancestral logic.  Her health improved overnight and she became fascinated with the infinite world beyond eating.  This incredible release from addiction is the auto-reaction to eating the correct diet  from the beginning for man.






When you dont get your allergic comfort food (carbs) youll get fatigued (withdrawal) and think you need it or have to have it:  At first you  may feel  sleepy and fatigued as the system isnt used to low carb/high fat, but in under a week youll be swinging, having gone through the fire  as the new enzymes are established and the old comes out allowing room for the new.  A whole new bloodstream and normal balance will create real pep:  the heightened energy of the Neolithic hunter.  Sleep on and look forward, for the fat-fast is completely pain-free.  You may even ask are things really happening?  Yes, but you dont realize it because there is no hunger.






Fat can be frightening due to the generational fears surrounding us.  I gave up telling people what I was doing as I experienced weird cleansing reactions from predictably in this order:  the intestine, the lungs then the skin.  When fat-fasting (one small morning meal) these amazing events occurred:  (1)  intestines:  I took colon cleansing herbs--psyllium husk, ginger and alfalfa leaf powders and eliminated 50 feet of mucoid plaque--ropes--in one week.  The abdomen suddenly became very flat.  (2)  lungs.  Then I had asthma  and productive coughing for a week after which that area cleared as glucagons dilated all airways.   My breathing became deep and clear.  (3)  skin.  A week of welts  all over the  body followed as the skin system elimination took over from the completed intestinal-lung cleansing.  Every  cell dumped years of carb build-up and I resembled someone with measles--the way a high-energy engine (like a child) eliminates quickly.


I felt and looked so different after this magnificent and magical reconfiguration, and knew it was the beginning of a new life as old layers unpeeled back to the root.  My entire scalp itched intensely and the hair became suddenly fuller and the shape of the head longer and narrower (encephalization).  After this three-week rite of passage I realized I had rebuilt and  cleansed the body while eating only fauna-animal foods and fasting.  As soon as this started happening I decided to facilitate the process by reducing the one meal to a tiny bit of fat.  The process quickened and all cells unscrambled, dumped and reconfigured.  The reward was a whole new body built with HQthe highest quality food.  Bloating may occur as the cells dump and the body holds water to dilute the poisonjust endure as youre almost there, as you go from mesomorph (a bit rounded) to ectomorph (sharply defined thin and flat).  You have reached that point in the cleansing and rebuilding process where the morphology--size and shape--has completely changed.






Its so inefficient to be hungry all the time  or have to eat againso eat fat to not be hungry while you burn fat.  I want only to fast each day to be close to God and see all the miracles happening: theyre always there but with all our energy down in the gut who can apprehend them all?  But staying high its one magic coincidence after another.  When I began introducing this concept in groups everyone wanted to argue against itthey want to eat two or three meals a day out of pure fear of what feels like nothingness to them.  The truth is theyre using food as entertainment--a device to avoid anxiety.  But this fear will soon be  replaced with miraculous insights and excellent work habits.  You will learn to love the fast more than the feast which only brings energy down from the higher world.




Once were into the fast we shouldnt eat one thing for there are three systems:  digestive, assimilative and eliminative.  85% of our energy is in one or the other and it cant be in more than one.  If you let the sequence go through youll have amazing elimination the next day as the energy stays high in the head.  If one is fasting the 85% of available energy for digestion automatically now shifts to assimilation (clear beautiful skin) and elimination (each morning a quick package).  This was so anti-dogma it was a veritable science discovery.  Even while eating binding cheese for the one meal the evacuation was made perfect from the daily fast.   The truth is the colon needs fat and with energy vested in elimination the results are a miraculous cleansing.  If were into the eliminative phase--only to eat again--the system must go back to digestion,  but  if we allow the sequence to go through we are eliminating all the debris that makes one uglyordinary.     With the breakfast-only (Ramadan) plan or morning fasts [Buddha]  I became skinny--not scrawny, but more like a gazelle: quick and taut, shiny and fawnlike because it was all-elimination all day long.


The fruitarian became a fawn only after electing this temporary life of fat-fasting. Until then evacuation was unstable and the body showed protuberances.    Forget all the constant food issues and arguments, just stay with one fatty meal and go right into ketosis and fasting.  Youll see its fun to fast in a much higher state of perception and  problem-free existence.  All is overcome and all is made clear as the total load (on the immune system) is daily reduced and each day you are bloating less.  Youre entering a whole new life separate from the mass.  Youll see the astounding implications of the heavy-carb diet--of that other world where  just about everyone is fat.  Youll begin to notice all the hodgepodge people place in their shopping  carts, how fat has   become the norm and how you are advancing towards  a sleek futuristic appearanceno more forlorned.






I love the seasons of the day.  In predawn mornings I love the juice followed by energetic but calm creative work.   After a fauna lunch Im off and listen to music or some other means of relaxation and inspiration in the aft-fast.    Only in leisure--when off--can I really appreciate these things.  There is a total difference depending on the mode we are in how the senses effect us.  It is the times of day and your peak periods vs. leisure that will determine when you eat your one meal and when you do your most creative work--when its effortless.  Paradoxically it is always when Im off that instantly the creative is unleashed.  Yes only in leisure does it blossom.   Leisure makes the creative artist  busy all day so optimize each moment to the spirit of fasting after your one meal.  I dont want frequent nibbling as Atkins advised for then Im missing the highest thoughts from the skies!  The aft-fast is a blast.     Fat means spirit and this tremendous power and glory is infused as heaven aligns with earth through fasting--your emptiness attracts higher vibration.  Then energy stays in the head  while the world is stuck in the gut and need to suck up.  That fat becomes an electrical conduit to the source.






Staying slim is a worldwide goal and its a constant problem keeping fat off the frame.  The anorexic has already felt so battered  by the world of big people she must stay slim for whatever self-image she has left.   This is a perfect plan to  stay slim and fun-fast without dire results.  Some people have not been successful getting slim on  three meals a day   as the legs become tree trunks indicating too much toxicity.  In this diet I am advancing mini-fasting is criticalafter an initial cleansing crisis youll be slim for life with no toxic reactions.   Its the localization of all eating into one meal that does the trick.  I was a skinny (scrawny) fruitarian but when turning to the Atkins diet was dismayed at the rolls of fat on chest, backside, thighs.  Only the fast worked and adding fruit after recovery sealed the deal in a tremendous way to feel.  






The formula is:  all disease is obstruction, all recovery elimination bringing all success by attraction.  Youre coming up to the finish line.  For perfect success on Monday Im prescribing a two-day 60-hour fast from Friday to Monday mornings predawn meal.  You can be so blue, jealous, angry, bloated, constipated or wrecked (recovering from a binge) on Friday.  But then you embark on your two-day fat fast and youve now stepped into a new world.  Its this realization alone which releases positive healing forces [PHF] so as early as Saturday your reality changes to joy by intention alone.  Then just look forward to champion status Monday a.m.    Be happyyou must fast first and now youre doing it.  Right from the outset you experience the black and white difference between your inferior (lower fleshly) and fasting (higher spiritual) selfnot on Monday but as soon as Saturday  by your intention alone.    What a joyous life:  daily fruit-fat-fastarianism.


If youve been carb-binging (carbs being the normal binging food) then you likely need a sledge-hammer to get through the cemented intestine.  Sugar and starch hits the gut like lead for when one binges like that just the combo of bread and jam will create cement.  Youll find that eating normally wont break through--only fasting with herbs (like psyllium and bentonite) breaks the block--its that serious.  At this transition time the sludge contents of sugar and starch actually does you a favor acting as an appetite-suppressant like having a pillow in the stomach!  But thank God that with each moment the bulldozer is moving the mountain.  Congratulations.  Youve now embarked on the real  vacation of your life, one with guaranteed rewards.






I have met  modern Egyptians who were fat, having inherited the thrifty gene from the days of the Pharaohs when they were plagued with famines.  I too inherited a thrifty gene and yet have little fat, having made the gene inoperative through the elimination of starchy carbs and too much food.  If hyperinsulinism and the thrifty gene is hereditary your whole family may be very fat while one member is brown and ultra-thin with low-carb high-fat and fastingthus pulling the plug on the thrifty gene.  Deleting carb makes it  null, void and of none effect!  The no-hunger fat-fast  is much more fun than the feast for fasting is letting go of earth and soaring to the heights where all things are now possible.  Fat-fasting is no-hunger, energy and bliss.   If you want a piece of fruit half way through the days fast try it and note the symptoms.  If its ok enjoy your fat-frugivorous  life of bliss.  But as I was healing and regaining lost balance  the hunger it evoked was not worth it.  I wanted to stay even in a state of non-craving having nothing to do with will-power.  After a year of this kind of ketotic sailing I finally achieved the True Diet of Man,   the Biblical diet of the Holy Land:  dairy, olives, some nightshades,  figs, nuts, cheese ["finger food"] along with fish and meat. 


A Ramadan fast would be just skipping lunch each day--fasting 7 meals a week.  Have a breakfast of fat and fruit if you want and if still hungry nuts or cheese.   You wont be hungry until night.  This makes fasting so easy you wont even consider yourself fasting but will just enjoy your day maximally productive until dinnertime.  Fasting is so beneficial: youll witness miraculous debt-cancellations, finding things lost, solving all problems and attracting what you wantmiracles.  Thats fasting and you get there through fat  and the Neolithic diet to which we are perfectly adapted. 




Since fat is easier than plants to digest, cultures eating mostly meat with only 5% carb show no heart problems,  diabetes or obesity.  Undigested food pockets and a body filled with debris is so immuno-suppressed, disease takes over.  The fauna-faster is fasting on fauna, cheese or eggs as one would fast on grapes.   What looks like counter-cleansing when viewed through the detox matrix is actually a way of staying in ketosis  where the fun is, since youre living on your own fat which is the highest energy (ketones).  The brain and heart loves this fat and youll see the skin and glands like it too as all rashes, dryness and wrinkles from incomplete assimilation and elimination are replaced by soft moist youthful skin, vigor and superior immunity. 


The more fat (in relation to carb) you eat in the one meal the higher the ketotic ratio and  the more appetite-suppressive, fat-burning, energetic and easy the fast will be.   You are now living on the fastest diet known to man as the fat-fast works 80%  faster than a water fast.  The body tends to collect fat especially with the thrifty gene  but a no-carb fat deletes that problem:  Since  fat-with-carb is the biggest elevator of insulin,    delimiting  plant food works very well for as the ketotic ratio of fat to carb lowers, the magic is lost. Keeping the ketotic ratio high (without produce) means the fat melts right into the body and the tight  satisfaction takes over for the day--the hunger trap is sealed and replaced with energetic satisfaction.






What a paradox that after twenty years seeking purity through fruit I would end up recovering by eating animal fat.  It was a contradiction being so restricted as a fruitarian (the superior diet)  yet remaining scrawny and wasted--but now I had remarkable health as the body achieved structure and glow.  Yet it meant constant collision with culture since most  of the public and physicians agree with either the high-carb low fat diet including grains or the lowcarb dietbut not a life of constant reversals between both.     Temporarily only the fauna of one cheese omelet a day took the collapsed shack to a sturdy castle and once deficiency burnout ended I again craved fruit.  This is neat,  predictable and logical.  Some days instead of an omelet you'll elect a bowl of berries with kefir.






The wandering Israelites wanted meat so God rained down quail:  they didnt want the insubstantial manna of plant food.  This reminds me of America early in this century.  People were ashamed not bringing meat to a pot-luck as plant food was regarded as inferior.   So much  today are just cheap concoctions of plant food and grains.  It doesnt seem insubstantial because it fills and makes fat but it falls so short of mans needs  he  keeps eating  junk to feel satisfied.  This increased craving is instigated by constantly elevated insulin and then hypertension-seeking-a-fix.   The paleo potluck would be:  someone brings a roast, another the leaves and dressing, another a bowl of grapes, another guacamole, another some steamed vegetables, another a desert of nuts and raisins.  How much neater and efficient it is to eat whole foodsnot concoctions created in kitchens--and then fast without thought or pang.  Have your daily feast and then fast--an even bigger feast of inspiration and joy is coming your way today. 






The new life of fasting after fat and fruit will avoid all  protein/calcium deprivation as we become radically healthy creatures.  The difference is felt supremely on the mental level as the brain is rightly nourished with protein and fat.  True genius is a youthful mind:  this is a mature mind meaning perpetually openThe immature mind is fixed, rigid, closed--it shuts down at a certain point and tenaciously clings to limited ideas.  The old mind which  is closed, stagnant and lifeless can  happen in the teenage years while the young mind remains young by continuous nourishment from new ideas--its not afraid of new concepts or surrendering old ones. 


This new and youthful mind must be complete in its unique self-expression but this enormous freedom can only be gained by fueling the engine aright.  If not, the mind gets old acting in line with deception and lifeless ideas that seem so living and loving coming from live foods while avoiding dead or cooked ones.  The opposite is the truth for the dead immature malnourished mind sticks to deception hypnotized by the majority view.  He will go through the motions but not be truly alive--acting without imagination, originality or creativity in service to his need to be trendy.  The dense fogged mind always falls in with the majority view or what they see as truth.  This will no longer  be true of youthe majority of the few.


Yoga means integration and this comes from contacting and uniting with the source through the properly nourished brain.  Then  uniqueness shines through with true self-expression, forever becoming and eternally new.  With spontaneous creativity as a vessel of God (the only source) one is  always ahead because hes always himselfpure, which is truly secure.  Dont hold on to counterfeit dogmalet outmoded concepts like fruitarianism go.  Fast for revelation after rightly fueling the new receptive brain.  Now you are truly spiritual, being led by spirit not flesh.  Being led is prompted as the right words arise in your consciousness, not towing some party line from ideologues.






Do you feel like life is passing you by?  Do you fantasize about being in the flashy lights of Las Vegas or other sparkling places on earth?  Are you dissatisfied with your present situation?  I can promise you that if eating the wrong food you feel lousy no matter where you are.  But with proper nourishment and fasting every minute becomes a flashing scintillating miracle as you ascend to heavenly perceptions.  This is better than Vegas.


The bad eater is always on the go rushing about and traveling, searching for happier greener pastures.  Dissatisfied, he never stops.  The faster on the other hand needs only to stay wherever he is and just enjoy.  Its called mind traveling through space where past and future unite.  This mental transport far exceeds elusive gains from physical relocation or jet-setting, and what a trip!  Soar to the heights after fat or fruit and then just fast while staying home like Rome:  Expand the moment which becomes fat with new insights.  Vegas is an empty though loud distraction compared to your life, your  environment, your  experience of the times of day and seasons.  Only in your own situation is there real life as your little cabin becomes a castle.


The trick is not to be young but to look young when  old.  Anyone can look young when young so wheres the achievement there?  Instead, eat fat then fast to separate from crazy corn-fed cronies (be rare). Then in culture infuse your bold truth:  let them stare.