GOV acts in it's OWN interests by attacking ours: immigrants who don't value limited gov & powers.


You say I'm corrupt yet you're ALL FOR the biggest criminals in history who are SO out to lunch.


You're WAY ABOVE Fox News: filled with liberals, omitting immigration and they seem obtuse.


If you want SHARIA LAW watch Saturday Night Live cheering our destruction as they minimize.


Islam converts thru sword or WOMB: overpopulating host countries and to many it means money.


WHAT IS HISRAH: moving to a new land to bring Islam there--a holy/revered action and a scare.


Government control of HEALTHCARE is just a way to force social programs on us & it's ruinous.


Gun Control Levels: 1. Increase background checks. 2. National registry. 3. Limit # of guns. 4. Confiscate guns/ammo.


After speaking truth REJECTION by family & friends shows you're smarter than them, it's PROOF.


Thru "tolerance" we've become fruitless & dangerous as we let genocidal hordes in, in silence.


FOX IS A SCAM showing just enough to be truth then diverting to the trivia--be done with them.


"All cultures are equal"--what a bunch of bull but readily accepted by those on drugs medical.


Stop preaching women's rights & focus ONLY on culture, language & borders--all that matters.


FOX doesn't care nor talk about illegal immigration--ever notice this? In NEWS it's a LIE to omit.


We've been invaded and we must fight back. Read GOVERNMENT ZERO, today on the rack.


Liberals say "to hell with language/culture--let em all in": changing who we are forever, amen.


Obama and Merkel are invading their OWN nations to crush out everything good from tradition.


They're not escaping war they're running to money. These are ECONOMIC immigrants, honey.


They believe in things false as though they were truths and their only religion is liberal, uncouth.


WHO GAINS from all this mass immigration? BIG government, BIG business and BIG religion.


Pollution is worse where gov controls the land. The cure for pollution: get GOV OUT, man.


America is not about memorization but entrepreneurship and Common Core kills that.


NAZI GUILT: They see Syrians running to money as if they're Jews running from gas chambers.


America: brainwashed/drugged youth vote and foreign illegals who are NOT OUR FRIENDS.


WHO PROFITS from illegal immigrant surge: Look it up yourself--they're making a mint from our death.


Why are liberals resistant to borders & why are conservatives for it? Nazi guilt & we hate disorder.


Diversity destroys democracy as immigrants swamp melting pot, now a chamber pot never healed.


Youth vote & immigrants wanting it all for free is the dissolution of democracy under guise "diversity".


Nazi guilt has led to FLOODING the poor west with illegals benefited by the charities of churches.


California is run by ONE man and it's totally liberal--lowest of the low and it's a line you MUST tow.


All these burdensome rules and regulations are just a way to usurp power as the rest of us cower.


LET EM ALL IN: Brainwashed youth vote and Nazi guilt leads to NO borders and countries fallin'


Anyone wanting to erase the borders of my beautiful country is my foe--the disgusting enemy.


The worst and dumbest rise to the highest places in the land. That happens in evil eras, man.


Those who scream "racism" are the biggest racists & that's basic about these divisive fascists.


The liberal psycho gun-haters are wrong. If armed they won't be killed like the doomed throng.


The elite invent grievances before they exist. Then it's created and that's the crooked gov twist.


BLACKS are hurt MOST with this mass immigration but aren't protesting in fear of execution.


COMMON CORE is a shift from teaching FACTS to attitudes, belief & behavior--it's a failure.


Americans are SO soft and fragile I worry with awe what's gonna happen to them when it all falls.


Please Lord help us to put this ONE and only right man in the highest office, rid of the asses.


Trump is our only hope as we're on a tightrope between total disaster and prosperity faster.


Don't let FAILURE you see all around [as we go down] determine your own cuz you've got God, hon'


We're split between socialism & corruption but the MOST is in between: liberal logic since teens.


They say Trump's speech is at a fourth grade level--simplicity is hard: the function of the bard.


By now everyone knows he's trying to wreck the country and his cohort/third term is Hillary: victory.


I've reached a point where I don't need the details of how the whole Western world is derailed.


Even if Christian we were ALL messed up from secular humanism & THAT'S why we let em in.


Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization & leader divides us more--that's called transformation.


It's BABBLE in the BIBLE: get us so confused with other languages, cultures and evil fables.


2 parents provide structure = good kids. Government rewards parentless families = prison camps.


The Middle East was so different before this--classy, artistic, refined, Western dressed.


We allowed the culture to destroy our families thru secular humanism and atheism, amen


They either subjugate thru the SWORD or the womb as they populate us until we're no more.


ELITES want the whole world borderless. Through an open border society they can takeover.


The prayer of ONE GOOD MAN changes a nation--that's what the bible says, so get prayin.


Our speech will be banned in six months. We can't even say "he" or "she" as we sink to the depths.


SOLUTION: Install TRUE family values in the people & train them in the bible to discern evil.


Liberal family members--what can be done? NOTHING, son--it's no fun but they're just plain dumb.


I MUST escape liberalism any way I can. Whether it's the girls on The View or all else you're into.


I used to be a liberal--can you believe that? I taught it in schools but then woke up about rats.


Historic events taking place. Our will is broken, finances destroyed, cajoled into total control.


100 million killed last century by socialists and you dumb liberals want Bernie Sanders--idiots.


Liberalism used to mean free thought and debate. Not anymore--you hold to the party line, a bore.


Historic events taking place. Our will is broken, finances destroyed, cajoled into total control.


Political correctness is mind control meant to create division, hamstring debate & kill renaissance.


They think they're smart due to "elite" schools but due to liberalism they're dumb/not truly cool.


They're not truly dumb just brainwashed not to want FREEDOM--they label that as slavery, in sum.


How silly can this get? But silliness doesn't make it any less dangerous as they close in the net.


FREE SOCIETIES do not have "state ideologies". But gov punishes thought without apologies.


Democrat Debates: NOT A WORD about ISIS, Euro-migrant crises or nuke deal--inconceivable.


"Offensive speech" on campus is having a non-liberal view--called haters, racists & bigots too.


They know they're wrong: To cover that up they act MORE that way, confirmed by the throng.


Officials mystified as to WHY locals have a problem with MASS migration into their little towns [IQ is down].


Germany is creating cultural suicide. Letting 2000 migrants into towns of only 300, stupefied.


The UN seeks to criminalize "climate change denial". We have to accept this stuff that's in style.


Even if low-info voters DID know about what's happening, they'd still be napping [DON'T CARE].


As the top becomes the bottom & the bottom the top the strange are given highest respect.


We've become so dumb there's no way we'll ever turn it around as we vote for fools unsound.


When freedom fails the best rot in filthy jails & those who appeased were hung by those they tried to please.


When you have no say on how your lives are run, life sux--no fun. The more local the less devil.


With violence cops will be so busy in the cities maybe they'll leave us alone, the rural preppies.


"We don't let our people have ideas so why would we let them have guns?" A quote from Stalin.


Beautiful music and mosques is about RELIGION which diverts you from the Savior, a PERSON


State's Rights is the way to save our nation OVERNIGHT. Not the feds or UN--they're a blight.


Because of the evil things they believe in of COURSE liberals are evil that's a no-brainer, people!


They're trying to make us snap. Drive us so crazy & sick they can take over--that's their map.


YES WE COULD be killed any moment by an [ALL-depts] SWAT team busting in like hoods.


100 million killed for socialism and YOU want socialist Sanders, how can I respect this?


It used to be armies conquered countries now it's banking combines and giant immigrant floods.


Obama's daughters have a dozen armed guards while we're unprotected, sitting ducks & retards.


Slaves are regarded as the parasite class. That's why no one cares--we're beaten and sassed.


It all started in the sixties and the insane dumbness is seen in the progeny of these old hippies.


Her comportment is "Madame Mao". Cold, cruel, entitled and arrogant--worse than Obama, WOW.


Weaklings are into POWER and thus they love seeing the enemies of their heroine/tyrant cower.


The loving lawless sixties produced a bunch of old hippies who became UNLOVING tyrannies


if voters don't get a handle on what's happening we're going into hell and we won't be laughing.


Idiotic liberal women--feminists--use their power to punish people and it's very lawless and evil.


Main Media: presstitutes, decepticons, collaborators, propagandists, fraudsters, arrogant scum.


They have an inverted sense of self-worth compelling destruction of anything countering that [TRUTH].


Although a psychologist I have a master's in political science, it's fascinating to me: Political Psychology.


Most women don't study--they get their views from "The View" & crap like that: brainwash & silly chats.


Climate Change is an anti-human shutdown program for austerity--a weapon to cut off our energy!


GE's economic warfare 101: Shut down all competition so they can jack up prices w/out carbon taxes.


Trump speaks the TRUTH and NO ONE ELSE has that kinda juice--we NEED him: tell the youth!


We're stupid, were afraid, we have no vision. The whole culture's degraded so Jesus, start fishin'.


The ANIMATING CONTEST is when you become your BEST fighting for liberty--it's your TEST.


Before fighting for liberty, I was a worm--needed approval from evil people & rebuff made me squirm.


TRUMP WILL FIX IT, understand that. Those others are NO-WHERE compared to the King Brat.


To me the biggest result of liberty is PRIVACY. To not be invaded by messers causing anxiety.


VA heads responsible for incompetency & abuse. I know the crap that went on there--OBTUSE.


Donald, we just love you. You give us hope, man--we're so tired of the lascivious liberal crew.


I used to be a liberal: no boundaries, lines nor morals too. That's the liberal mindset: PEE-YOO.


Why can't they go back to Syria after Putin clears out vermin? If they stay, we die esp. our women.


False Christians are idiotic, saying "peace" to enemies when true victory comes when foe-phobic.


Obama pays Iran 150 billion dollars to build nukes but vetoes spending for the troops. Oops.


Liberal feminists think if you don't agree with them, you don't count. It's "The View" you must discount.


It's the animating contest for your liberty once you see the social chicanery of the peanut gallery.


Unless they believe it in heart, Christianity seems absurd--thus persecution across the world.


No borders, just one world corporate socialism. That's their game & it's the end to joy, amen.


Demands of social justice warriors have become SO absurd they're a joke-remove this yoke!


Went to FOX, how boring. They omit or plain out LIE so I have 10 hrs found time, spirit soaring.


It's a mind-control cult so watch out. It's insane--makes no sense--but keep to truth/have no doubt.


Constantly lowering the standards & dehumanizing the middle class: conquering thru sin, fast.


DICTATORS HATE the poets. They always target them cuz they cut to the chase, so you know it.


The Koran SAYS it's about the SWORD but political correctness denies this--please help us Lord.


Females tend to get their opinions from The View, neighbors and friends--these are dangerous trends.


Buzzwords: "Disturbing", hater, homophobe, racist, sexist--these are the words of the anarchists.


FOX is flooded with leftism under the guise "fair and balanced" but I'm sick of this with no letup.


"Global Warming" is a scam and power grab to take over the energy industry and it means MONEY.


I love the way you speak but talk is cheap, you need results--and those frankly are up a creek.


In Liberalism there is no crime or punishment so him letting violent felons go is our predicament.


Gov won't focus on jobs for returning veterans just illegal aliens so it's gonna be bad until heaven.


Often liberals hate conservatives: banned, censored, dis-invited, ostracized & ruined w/out apologies.


By failing to prepare you're preparing to fail. Ben Franklin


They think they're smart but no liberal is. This isn't the party of JFK--it's lewd, lying and communist.


These liberals in control are extremely affluent from treacherous deals & thus have great appeal.


The coddled LEFT warns against "micro-aggressions" & "trigger warnings" so be clever, be DEFT.


The silly students whine and scream as their "safe space" of not being offended is lamented.


VINDICTIVE PROTECTIVENESS describes the end of free speech on campuses by asses.


They don't even know how to think but these angry spoiled rotten children seek to make a stink.


Liberals vs. conservative HATRED is growing: "affective partisan polarization", unknowing.


Horrible: As each side increasingly demonizes the other, compromise becomes impossible.


This is a sick old hippy witch. They're all around and in total control as they lie [give you a pitch].


This crap like "bullying" is CREATED to divide us & it's magnified in youth--SEE how they've lied to us.


MENTAL ILLNESS is rising with the youth. Is it any wonder, being taught lies/how to be uncouth?


It's the IN-THING to be lewd. It has no class, they're an ass, but it's social acceptance, alas.


Of course they're mentally ill, having bought that line. It's INTENDED to do us in/make us unrefined.


If they can ban anything they can ban everything. STOP giving into brainless kids you're enabling.


They pay 200 grand to learn how to throw fits about phantom racism that doesn't even exist.


It gives me so much pleasure to see liberal professors face to face with the monsters they created.


Even if no one's shaming them they still feel shamed so push things further [get Christians framed].


Any firing will only encourage the mobs of our university's mentally ill, from false theories instilled.


These sick brats are the magnified reflection of the old hippies who raised them with NO sense of sin.


These are sick brats & babies: emotionally brittle & mentally ill as the result of Marxism instilled.


Caitlin Jenner is "stunning and brave" they say while vets who died are forgotten in the grave.


Huma is Hillary's lover married to Weiner. The lascivious left thinks nothing of these things inferior.


VETERANS: Thank you for your service tho' the country's gone left and they're banning our weapons.


Whoever's for socialism [Bernie Sanders] or Lewdism [Hillary Clinton] kindly leave [UNFRIEND].


Lady what you said sounds like something from "The View". You're smarter than that, aren't you?


The established authorities are liberal feminists who are all for Hillary and other such chicanery.


We hate each other: the left vs. the RIGHT. We see them as dumb, cold & vile so we MUST fight.


These sick brats & old hippies are sexual anarchists & communists. If they're in control we're finished.


Muslims hate dogs--that's reason ENOUGH to keep them out since they kill pets not just take jobs.


Race-pimping is a trillion dollar business of liberalism, ok? PC zombies have become Maoists today.


Multi-Culturalism: She brought a heathen into family & we had to worship him, tho' Christians.


So you're Italian--so what? They used to have class & style but now everything's thugs & sluts.


Called the most beautiful city in the world, San Francisco's filled with feces because liberals rule.


Conservative Christians are targeted in schools, families & trust funds: persecution is NO FUN.


They wanna break us down & make us obey: accepting their insanity in dismay--a world so grey.


Their only goal is to murder those who do not submit to their vicious, totalitarian ideology--Ted Cruz


EGOTISTICAL BRATS WANTING ATTENTION. One day in the spotlight and now no mention?


Moderate Muslims believe in Shariah Law & that's all that matters: blood, terrible pain and haters.


ALL liberal ILLOGIC comes from finding moral equivalence between unequal forces--they justify asses.


Open borders to people diametrically opposed to your basic principals = RECIPE FOR DISASTER.


WHAT ABOUT moderate Muslims wanting Shariah Law? That's the whole point, that's ALL.


Stay away from FOX news cuz they're not telling you the truth. Stick to the internet, be a sleuth.


When Muslims attack the left attacks victims: "Stop blaming Muslims & take a look at yourselves"


PC word battles instead of seeing clear & present danger. Could the students get any stranger?


GLOBAL WARMING MOST IMPORTANT--NOT ISIS--said the creepy socialist despite this crisis.


The left's a pathological hex. The enemy is killing us & their chief concern is destroying/blocking critics.


When you meet a "peaceful Muslim" ask him if he believes in Shariah [gives reason for paranoia].


Evil brattish children are being used to take us into extreme Pol Pot tyranny. You talk & they get leery.


They say we shouldn't stereotype Muslims. Does he believe in Sharia? If "yes" i'd feel paranoia.


Rude, condescending, doesn't reply AND HE LIED. That's the worst--not a trustee bonafide.


Obama targets those keeping America safe. That's less important than favoring the Muslim faith.


SUCH a breath of fresh air leaving liberal bastion California, despite it's beauty and warmth, amen.


If it's the LEFT call them out and pin them down. It's the LEFT--say that always about the clowns.


Never get between a sow grizzly bear and her cubs and NEVER import religious voodoo nuts.


There are MANY heteros who want to adopt but the sick liberals would rather abort.


Conservative principals are BEST for lifting women up--for women need FREEDOM: fill thy cup.


We're told not to stereotype but we CAN and we MUST stereotype to carry on this lethal fight.


PATHOLOGICAL ALTRUISM: It's liberals and the churches who facilitate invasion by leeches.


How DARE you say we're like them! This shows your cold ignorance and lack of empathy, amen.


Colorado College just banned the words "Jesus, God and Lord": You just can't say these words.


If you don't want your tiny village to be flooded with opposite cultures you're "nazis" and "vultures".


Alex Jones is a brilliant genius of this generation. Haters just don't like the vital information.


One disaster after another, what to do: It helps to see it as PROPHETIC in order to NOT PANIC.


To maintain sanity see things prophetically. The Lord said this would happen, like breaking away.


Liberals put ideology above biology [species-specific diets], forcing VEGAN on their pets.


TRUMP divided families on Thanksgiving Day. Many had to leave the table they felt so betrayed.


Some cultures kill dogs. Americans love them & that's a big difference with the enemies of God.


The entire generation lost how to think & the results of such mind-control will be a permanent stink.


That's just how they think: it's natural to kill you or chop off your feet. Hillary's for this, whata creep.


Not only will he not fight ISIS, he's bringing them in. These are not children but fighting men.


We have the first amendment in this country no matter WHAT the crazy college kids say.


Ignore the movie stars, for liberals are being shown for all the filth and deception they are.


Some cultures have no lines nor empathy--things are brutal & you must see that first off: SHARIA.


They say not to fear cuz they don't now what's going on. Don't listen to these loud lemmings, hon'


You KNOW what it's like to be a pariah--when you speak your mind [tho' refined] they show paranoia.


If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have them and that's how liberal logic is flawed, amen.


You wanna take our guns while letting those in who want to kill us? In you there is no justice.


Conservatives say "kill" those wanting to kill us. With liberals "don't hurt feelings" is their focus.


The bible is about people standing up against tyrants. Not laying down but fighting/killing giants.


Muslims hate dogs--look it up. There are no dogs allowed so a reason to ban: for the pups.


"We don't come to integrate but to co-exist until Sharia is the law of the land" --when it hits the fan.


Liberals find moral equivalence between disparate things: Christians & Muslims--are you KIDDING?


Just as many Christians haven't read the bible, many Muslims haven't read the Koran & it's fatal.


Whenever you feel lost, hopeless or sad, just think of Donald. Become one with his mission, look up.


Those who think clearly see Donald is the Only Way Out. He is so wise like an energy spout.


"He" means "mankind"--a nonpersonal pronoun. Not "he and she"--that's just plain dumb.


Students threw paper airplanes at me when they saw I wouldn't always say "he and she" but "he".


They celebrated immorality & persecuted righteousness. Blessings stopped & judgment was a mess.


There's nothing sadder than the death of a culture and it's happening overnight w/no borders.


PRAISE GOD! Trump is divinely equipped and in perfect health to be our next president.


By telling us not to criticize they crippled our thought and that's why all the lies we bought.


"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last" Winston Churchill


Felt like a stranger in a strange land around 'em. Couldn't take who they believed in, like Hillary Clinton.


Please help us Father, to make America great again! There's only ONE who can do it, amen.


Maybe your sin is something the culture approves of--even promotes. You'll still get old/ugly, folks.


If you want to help America, pray for a moral revolution--for sin brings God's wrath in foreign invasions.


Liberals find moral equivalence between all things and that's how they cause trouble/let in thieves.


"Trump babes" are wearing "Hillary for Prison" T-Shirts. Also, minorities are recent converts.


The kids and their dumbed parents are Christophobic and to kindly Christian folk they are acerbic.


Our wonderful vets are treated like shit and the illegals and invaders are paid & loved as legit.


When the youth chasten free speech tell em to SHUT UP. These commies wanna blow it all up.


There was little racism before our chief created radical divisions and it's all precursory to fascism.


2016: USA's BEST or WORST year depending on elections: either prosperity or no more protections.


How CAN they find moral equivalence between kindly Christians and cutting off feet and hands?


TRUMP IS THE ONLY ONE. Minorities, women and even some reformed Democrats love him.


Some have Hillary or Sanders-lovers in their own family. What a horrible thing to endure, truly.


Trump hires women and puts them in prominent positions. Shut up detractors, stop fishin'.


So some ex-wife reports him as "frightening" and they come and get his guns--it's getting even.


The growing tyranny is terrible. California confiscating guns without calling AND banning ammo.


The Green Movement is phony meant to RUIN BUSINESSES while the elites get all the money.


We're all gonna die so raise hell THEN die! We've been conquered by evil but God can still defy.


God help they're spreading like wildfire! They hate our guts & seek our death but the left can't adjust.


Though things look bleak we are told NOT to fear so look UP for your salvation/joy is near.


WE THE PEOPLE have not bought their garbage. 2015 is dead--now we will rise up, refurbished.


The average person isn't dumb just an expert on stupid stuff--the artificial reality of TV/fluff.


It's our responsibility to fight this tyranny. What they call "tolerance" is really waging war on stability.


The Animating Contest: is becoming your BEST through fighting for liberty [your own & for me].


The Founding Fathers were ALL ABOUT defending freedom against tyranny--with guns MOSTLY.


The only thing standing between us and total tyranny is an armed citizenry--that means you and me.


San Diego is SO BEAUTIFUL. But, the grid's gonna go down with gang activity all around.


Liberals don't care about people, only their VISION of how things should be & that's why we're unfree.


JUST WHEN we need our weapons the most, he's taking them away? Americans feel betrayed.


Tyranny always masks itself--trying to "comfort": Those false words & propaganda from Obummer.


There should be no more envy/competition between us. FREEDOM is all we want, so let's discuss.


Just when invaders wanna kill us he wants to take our guns? With leftists we should be DONE!


The irony is it's the LEFT which is violent. Like liberals in families who shun patriots w/silence.


Liberal psychologists call you mentally ill and then NO GUNS. This is TROUBLE: TONS.


It's about CONTROL--FORCING them to see therapists if they dare disagree: This is TYRANNY.


Watch as liberal feminists rat out their ex-es. They love to label & diagnose men as the sexists.


The Bill of Rights doesn't apply if you're white, male and Christian. Imagine that: take it in.


For those w/ Sanders- or Hillary-lovers in your family: SEE the gravity & how embarrassing, chilling.


Tyrants target CLASSES of people and that's why it is so serious as we're overcome with evil.


IMPLODING SOCIETIES demonstrate an explosion of homosexuality--not judging, it's reality.


Liberals refuse to recognize CYCLES in history--to them everything is always the same. Lame.


They've wanted to take the guns from the sixties and now they're in control: the OLD HIPPIES.


Liberals are evil people. They're committed to sin and run in packs to kill, destroy and steal.


To liberals this is Obama's stealth: Let violent immigrants in then destroy our right to defend ourselves.


The worst police tyranny is killing your dog just cuz they felt like it--it's how SWAT TEAMS do it.


The ONE thing to know is WE ARE IN THE RIGHT. Right always wins, doesn't it? Now good night.


This isn't what we want--these elites furnished by globalists, creating wars and lying to all of us.


Evil liberals have been dismantling this country for decades. It's the world of the dead: Hades.


Here's another one for those who don't know what's going on: We're goin' DOWN DOWN DOWN.


You mean to tell me all my parent's friends happily married 50 years were actually "gay"? Yah, ok.


People are attracted to it because they're in the majority. That's liberalism--it's just polls, really.


If foe has an AR15 you need an AR15, obviously. Jesus said it about the Roman sword--get a BETTER one.


The LEFT WINS whether republicans are in there or not. All thru gov it's theft, backroom deals & rot.


NO FLY LISTS: If you're on the LIST [Nazis] they say you can't travel--you're goin' to the ghetto.


Bringing in radicals to attack us then taking our rights when we DO get attacked--tyranny facts.


The only solution to gangster government is OPEN CARRY nation-wide. Pass laws or moral slide.


You collaborators who went along with this: You destroyed your future too by thinking he was cool.


Taking our guns, saying our kids belong to them, teaching us how to talk: the LEVEL makes me balk.


You don't even get the power but now you're supposed to GO ALONG with this and LOVE IT!


Soros, Obama, Hillary, Moore and all you other trash. We will NOT SUBMIT, expect backlash.


We need to end this nightmare era starting in the sixties. These dinosaurs need to die out, truly.


Slaves don't have free speech and slaves can't own guns. They're totally vulnerable--no fun.


Obama's attempt to overthrow the country, aided & abetted by congress: These are FACTS, not guess.


Lord, please protect us from the barbarians. They're flowing in undetected aiming to kill Americans.


STOP complaining about government & realize we've been taken over by criminals and no border.


You have no idea the PRESSURE I was under having to adapt to liberals. It STINKS what they think.


1. Trump surges. 2. Obama is threatened. 3. False flag. 4. Martial Law declared. 5. Guns taken.


The Right to Bear Arms came intertwined with INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. Anything else is Tyranny.


TYRANNY is terrible as they decide to cast whole groups in a net. Suddenly it's worse to be a VET.


It's scary living in a dumbed down generation without vision and who only vote by name recognition.


Let me get this straight. He won't fight ISIS, brings them here while taking our guns: of course we fear.


America wasn't perfect but at least we had IDEALS. That made us unique: FREEDOM is the appeal.


FOX is bashing Trump! Reason enough to drop them cold, they're boring & will end in a slump.


The globalists raise taxes & exempt themselves. Then they take the guns cuz tyranny never stops.   


OBAMAGRATION: Flooding our cities with criminals and Jihadists and these people are sadists!


The evil democrats are going to lose & never get in AGAIN! TRUMP is surging & he's gonna WIN!


Every department has SWAT teams. They break in at midnight, kill dogs & wreck your dreams.


Because they're cowards DEMS target the innocent--not militant jihadis or illegal immigrants.


By NOT IMPEACHING OBAMA our nationalist apathy will legally AID & ABET our cultural death.


DEMOCRATS: Do you protect babies--the most innocent and vulnerable of all? Get ready to fall.


People LINED UP to adopt these babies--not abort--but this DEMS in blood lust will always thwart.


In putting down REPS you're talking about people not PRINCIPALS: It's all about the INDIVIDUAL.


At the END OF ROME, perverts ruled. That's always how it is when nations die: in comes fools.


They make fun of women--look what they do to Hillary Clinton. Of course she deserves it: vermin.


Deny climate change and lose gun rights! Are you kidding--while shutting down our lights?


Thousands of men beating/gang-raping women, breaking their noses--covered up, like it's roses.


In a nation who doesn't protect babies, why would they care that Bill Clinton raped so many ladies?


How do they treat dogs? That's a barometer of a culture's heart--how they treat the least of us, in part.


He's just a front man--like shark teeth. He's the globalist's smooth hand-picked operative I believe.


What's he gonna do to us next? For seven years we've been under daily torture w/the Obama hex.


Obama is taking over thru the expansion of bureaucracies then making congress fall in w/out mercy.


The impeachment committee found 44 criminal charges against Obama. These were our daily trauma!


He's compelled to target us because we're WEAK by putting up with him and obeying such freaks.


Those who know about the crime of TREASON and do nothing are AS GUILTY as the one.


The problem w/ American Individualism is we don't community-organize like liberals, progressives & pres.


The TRAITOR has already targeted you as his enemy. Now MAN UP and fight back against tyranny!


It's a takeover using SOCIALISM and ISLAM as their operating system and it could mean our ruin.


There are 200 countries in the world & only 6 can defend themselves. GUNS make us individuals.


America is an anti-rape culture. Women slapped faces w/the slightest disrespect, for sure.


Thank you God for raising up Donald Trump so he can save the country after so much treason/treachery.


CITIZENS make up America, not immigrants! In ALL decisions consider the citizens & THEIR traditions.


I'm DONE. As the Titanic goes down [tho' Trump could turn it all around] I choose being renowned.


The global socialists use Islam for their operating system, to make us obey all their wheelin' and dealin'.


San Diego's beautiful but not when the grid goes down--toilets unflushed, trash not picked up: AWFUL!


Conservatives are INDIVIDUALS so the problem is: we don't community-organize like dems or ISIS.


We're so scared we don't know what to do. Our leader tells us ALL IS GREAT but that's not true.


Multi-nationals move government power to unelected groups then link it all together w/treaties forever.


The UN are the white shoe boys ABOVE THE LAW--usurping all America's sovereignty, yah.


FASCISM: merger of government and corporate. It means TYRANNY which is destructive and morbid.


Patriots are persecuted and if we don't stop it it'll spread like cancer but TRUMP is the answer.


Taxes, fines and fees: that's the mark of TYRANNIES and it all starts by giving stuff away for free.


Fighting for liberty is the animating contest bringing you to your best: Handsome/pretty w/zest.


You gotta tell your SEXUAL HISTORY to enter colleges now. Like a cult of perversity of Satan or Mao.


We already know he's the worst guy there ever was, no need to know the rest. We're scared/depressed.


The good leader unites everyone while the bad leader divides them--he's always triggering em, amen?


FOX HAS FAILED. They're increasingly anti-Trump and anything good and decent they've derailed.


Muslims attacking people walking their dogs! Islam HATES dogs--look it up & pray to the TRUE God.


HINDUS kill Christians too. There are many heathen religions that are false through and through.


The career criminal Hillary Clinton has fallen like a rock. Praise God we're rid of hideous double-talk.


To the global caliphate, America is the biggest OBSTRUCTION--thus killing us ALL is their fixation.


At first they all shun PATRIOTS but later when it's accepted & costs nothing they'll all join the matrix.


Weakness, groveling and appeasement: that's our leaders bowing down to foes and it's abhorrent!


TOLERANCE is the oldest American principal, but not for THAT--unless you're a pervert or imbecile.


Muslims are a problem in all countries not just their own. I'm not blaming them individually, it's the Koran.


He has RIDS: Radical Islam Denial Syndrome. Debunk this & revolution has occurred, we're going home.


They're SO WRONG & we're SO RIGHT this revolution of ideas will be quick like a thief in the night.


In case you haven't noticed, FOX has gone left suddenly. This change of guard is liberal and ugly.


Islam is not a religion but a political system of oppression. It's like a Hitler [who also used religion].


They know it's about getting VOTES from the MOST {the common man} but then later, we're toast.


The politically correct act out the script with voluminous words and come off as a bunch of turds.


The politically correct can't say it SIMPLY since that's a sign of truth--many words justifying the uncouth.


Trump is truth and that's why the sudden REVITALIZATION MOVEMENT into another poli-psychology.


We must ATTACK the politically correct as the setup for Hitler. SPEAK: not quiet, dry or bitter.


The maximum tyranny is the level you'll accept, for once they get power you won't be able to object.


Like Nineveh, we could be reprieved! God was to judge, but changed His mind when they believed.


We worship the scum who are our oppressors? The ones who say we're bad as the aggressors?


How we feel with the Trump guy: "Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY" 2 Cor. 3:17


Pull-out from Iraq: Trump said TAKE THE OIL but they didn't do it--what idiots we have had ruling it!


What is "Americana"? PRIVACY: We hate snitches, but that's how sinners get as scum or witches.


The filthy democrats have no morals. Evil things they condone [common core] they take as gospel.


RICH FILTH: The evil have become affluent. The bible says not to fear, soon they will be ABSENT.


These people are sickening! Yet they've been in power over us? Lord, please give us a quickening!


Never argue with stupid people, they'll bring you down to their level & for us geniuses that is the devil.


Trump can TURN IT ALL AROUND or vote Dem and we're taken DOWN looking like clowns.


We get a dirty rotten traitor and they get back five MAJOR KILLERS and our rulers are our pillars?


They get back major killers traded for innocent people. That's how we do business, ruled by evil.


As the undigested tsunami of a foreign religion penetrates the nations we lose all our FOUNDATIONS.


OUR RUIN came from white communists with tenure. We must control these college professors.


Most liberals are nice people--they just wanna get along--but voting in EVIL is where they go wrong.


EXPOSE Hillary for the leftist harridan she is. Bernie was put in to make her look centrist, tho' a trash bin.


Used to see GREATNESS in rulers but now just DRAMA: Selfies & fame while creating ruin & trauma.


It is frightening to see how far Democrats has fallen. And your friends went along with it [like Stalin].


They took away Washington/Lincoln & replaced with MLK JR. It's commies replacing us/ruining our future.


Have they built anything--products & services we need? No, they're politicians keeping us unfree.


"Increase impoverished disease-ridden foreigners": Edicts for socialist liberal pigs, by Saul Alinsky.


Privacy is an inalienable right & God hates snitches. This is Americana: nonconformity is the riches.


God could change His mind in punishing us. We've gone so wrong but things could change for us.


WOW! Whatever he says comes true. First they hate him then SEES HE'S RIGHT--Donald's so cool.


This is the Man of the Hour, the only one giving us hope. He rings true, every word, & they are dopes.


Trump is our only hope, otherwise we look back at this evil empire where good is bad & bad has power.


Liberals imagine "Christian terrorists" everywhere. Don't give into this--they're gentle/deep in prayer.


The ELITE wanna keep borders open for cheap foreign labor--tyranny follows and they don't care.


Criminals love to brag. That's how the tables turn--eventually--but in the meantime it's a drag.


Please help us Father cuz we're going down. If little ol' me is in Your plans, help me to do it then!


Black jobs are being taken by illegals--so minorities love Trump who is EXPLODING in appeal!


America's about the INDIVIDUAL. A group's not to blame for one & for ourselves we are responsible.


Forced Diversity is Actually Anti-White Racism Because they May Not Deserve It, Amen.


How could Merkel be so wrong and stupid? Because she was brought up as a SOCIALIST: deluded.


Racist liberals say we're "too white"--and many are dumb enough to give into this leftist commie blight.


Trump is the shining light on the hill after all this hell. We've been put thru the mill but now we'll do swell.


The more they put him down the more he has grown. That's our Donald fighting idiots all around.


Bad reactions to Trump demonstrate what we've been through for decades--social hypnotism & tirades


You don't judge--that means you go along with this barbarity then? That makes you bad as them.


Gotta start judging those who won't judge barbarism! Don't let it pass--they're the WORST humans.


Say what you want, Trump focuses on the RIGHT things: (1) Immigration (2) National Security (3) Jobs.


Finally a real strong leader comes around and they hate him, but WE THE PEOPLE WANT HIM.


COMMON CORE makes kids hate everything worth living for. It's dirty, leftist & makes learning a bore.


Isn't it ironic how the Trump-haters have joined Jane Fonda [that commie from the sixties] & Madonna?


You can't be conservative & a "social liberal" too, since that's murder & perversion, to name a few.


They hate Trump cuz he's a strong leader in the REAL world. Liberals are utopians only: WEIRD.


Liberals have "compassion" for barbarians but NOT for the poor souls suffering this invasion.


The same liberals who condone Islam would have appeased Hitler in the forties: ACCESSORIES.


SAY to your liberal friends: "SO, you condone barbarism?" STRESS this point FIRST, AMEN?


Attacking Trump is attacking COMMON SENSE. Remember, this generation is public schooled [dense].


Illegal immigration: the main cause of black unemployment. Blacks: Trump's biggest supporters, amen.


Why is socialism always combined with race hatred? Because divide and conquer is their method.


Donald is a breath of fresh air. He wants to revive us--defend us--but not for money, he really cares.


Don't succumb to arguing with their tendency to justify barbarity. It's YOU with the heart, a rarity.


They only care about the invaders not those living there before. That's the liberals, cold to the core.


Trump can't be bought. He's the answer to D.C., filled w/ROT. Gotta love him--how can you NOT?


The anti-Trumps get nit-picky. They can't stand anything breaking w/the old matrix or the hippies.


Anyone REAL with common sense is viciously attacked. It was a relief for me to realize this, in fact.


They attacked Sarah Palin for the same reason: She was real, emphatic, family loving, pleasing.


The worst thing about liberals is how "GOOD" they are. But look what they condone--perversion not just war.


De Caprio's on the wrong track but wi/his money he can FORCE his will though it's falsehood, not fact.


You realize how stupid most are in relation to you. You've studied and to PRINCIPALS you are true.


Trump's latest surge is the greatest thing. The more they put him down the more he rises up: the king.


We love the Donald cuz he RINGS A BELL. He's obviously the ONLY ONE who will end this hell.


Upstarts who arrogantly come against Donald, making fools of themselves; MENTAL DWARFS.


When there's so much happening, just listen to Trump. He is TRUE REALITY not a bunch of bunk.


They DON'T LOVE IT--just terrified into accepting it. That's how it works w/sadists in control--the pits.


It takes too much time to be politically correct. We're in too much trouble and are without defense.


REMEMBER the Trump-haters cuz LATER we can question these collaborators and traitors.


Cultural sickness affects people like hypnosis. Without a strong foundation in the Lord it's like osmosis.


Disarming Americans while arming our enemies is treason. See how serious this really is, please hon'.


Our sick mal-adaptation to mass immigration is to let 'em pee in the streets as our end is hastened.


GET RID OF HER! What a relief to not watch FOX anymore: got my life back from the media whores.


The LAWLESS SYSTEM does whatever it wants and it's NOT TO PROTECT YOU--just to taunt.


People are becoming bloodthirsty [from the evil influence of ISIS] while the repentant think of eternity.


The mere FACT they're all after Trump makes me know he's REAL, so now you know you to feel.


The barbarians are more like animals. And you wanna be nice to them? That is just not natural.


You let corruption and evil take over and you'll be brought low--DESTROYED--so keep em out: AVOID.


BOYCOTT FOX: They are boring, opinionated and anti-Trumpish--let alone the drag by leftists.


The Donald always wins no matter what & he ALWAYS comes out as Truth while they are flubs.


Donald's not only going to lead our country, he teaches us how to BE. How to act: the gist is LIBERTY.


The world hates Christ. Out of ALL religions, why IS THIS? He's the ONE & this proof should suffice.


Our Story: The CRUSADES is defense against Islamic invasion, then and always--all through history.


The new age has brought us down while the old fashioned America aspired to be on top, renowned.


It gives me enormous relief to turn off FOX. Busty voluptuous women, come on--it's boring and sux.


Let me tell you WHY FOX SUX: In being "fair and balanced" they give leftists the air--EVIL INFLUX.


The wimped/feminized men of Germany can't protect their women, children or culture [liberalism is a vulture].


The most dangerous word in our language today: "INCLUSIVE"--for some cultures are abusive.


Watch Trump on CNN. As a brilliant genius he uses all outlets--why not? Use them tho' they're rot.


I'm not like Hillary Clinton: if I ever saw him lookin' at other women I couldn't take it--the unfaithful are vermin.


FOX is the anti-Trump network, so get offa that thing: this will prevent depression from happening.


Feminism has wimped men who won't protect women cuz the latter said they didn't need it, amen.


We're a Christian nation. We stand apart from the heathen who wanna bring us down thru immigration.


FOX NEWS is as bad as the rest--stealing the narrative & throwing it in your face--but it's collapsing, alas.


The globalists bought both parties, and TRUMP is calling it up! Collaborators are SCARED as they rot.


FOX is just Collaborators Stealing the Narrative, so ban it while seeing the FALSEHOOD of it.


Does FOX say it's the GLOBALISTS behind this crap? NEVER--they get distracted into false maps.


Does FOX ever point to evil globalism and George Soros behind immigrant floods? NEVER: clever.


DON'T PANIC. Though we face catastrophe and it's the most perilous of times, we're still the vine.


Even tho' the world's falling apart it's the globalists doing it NOT US, though we're being divided by it.


We're being sucked into a globalist vortex: ROBBED. Suffocated by weird customs in huge mobs.


The overwhelming TERROR of being suddenly flooded with huge mobs with opposing customs.


Real men LOVE & identify w/Trump. They are scared of the inundation of immigrant FLOODS.


Jesus is the son of God and it's mercy, love & forgiveness. But we still gotta go to war, for goodness.


EVIL ELITES actually flood our countries with barbarism and cruelty and it's all about power and money.


This is how the news lies: not just by omission but FRAMING things in certain ways--days in a daze.


We are TAUGHT TO TOLERATE cruel things by "multiculturalism" or feared labels like "racism".


History is being made. The media establishment is collapsing before our eyes & it's clear they lied.


This isn't immigration, it's INVASION. Leftist leaders are invading their own countries and it's treason.


Americans aren't use to the raw side of reality--spoiled by two centuries of freedom and decency.


IGNORE 99% OF WHAT YOU HEAR. This gives you much FOUND TIME--it's exhilarating, dear.


How to become fluent in any language: see it's the GLOBALISTS. After a while this is so obvious.


Don't be weak in front of other men, they may drug you. That's help-seeking in the wrong avenues.


Keep your mind focused on GLOBAL ELITES & don't get distracted because it's all connected.


Just the PROPORTION of trivial vs. important news is a way of LYING: It's how you frame it darlin'


NOW IS THE TIME for all good men to come forward to the center: We're calling out all inventors!


Putin and Trump have joined forces to DEFEAT THE NEW WORLD ORDER , the major offender.


REALIZE how different you are having standards, ethics & morals--and be ALERT/ready for scoundrels.


CONFIRMED: Rubio's in bed with Murdoch at FOX. I tell you this backdoor manipulation just SUX.


BANNED MEANS BANNED. When someone shows their obvious bias you must REJECT & nothing less.


In joking against Trump, Cruz made a complete fool of himself and fell like a rock. Genius: TRUMP!


After seven years of extreme anguish we deserve a vacation. Work for Trump w/ community organizin'.


SEVEN YEARS we've endured extreme anguish as we saw our country dismantled and bashed.


Trust very few and decide who they are. Stop getting hurt by TOLERANCE now proven wrong by far.


He's gonna kill us in the time he has left. Here are the consequences to elections: poverty & death.


Globalist "Music" is "non-offensive"--but it's boring, nonsensical, contrived and tasteless nonetheless.


Your job is to show the world God--how He's WAY HIGHER than the mob of liberals and other slobs.


For decades leftism has meant destruction under the veil of "loving tolerance" but it is the devil.


Trump's an EXEMPLAR for the rest of us--of not taking anymore crap after losing all our trust.


Many candidates are "limp handshakes" compared to our man Trump. SENSE this, then dump.


Though a puppet he's still to blame--selling our soul to the devil and millions see their lives leveled.


Socialism is leveling everyone so we're all equally poor. Then there's fascism at the top creating war.


I don't know if we're in the clear, he can do so much damage in under a year and we've plenty to fear.


The LORD has spoke! We'll get behind Trump & pray it's not a yoke but he'll make us rich not broke.


The very people Bernie bashes are for socialism! The reason is: they're exempt from this system.


Every so often a Great Leader is risen up by God, His answer to devastating circumstances & fraud.


GOD RAISES a genius to meet the need! That's due to His magnificent mercy: answering with speed.


Hillary and all the RINOS have tanked. It'd be good if they'd now go TRUMP for the highest rank.


All FOX talks about is her emails all day, NEVER pointing out her huge crimes which they hide away.


If Hillary gets in she's gonna move AGAINST the people and we'll be in SO much trouble: EVIL.


We can't stand to see his evil face. His name is Destruction and we HATE this liar, fraud & disgrace.


Why does socialism ALWAYS lead to communism? It craves MORE in the ROT of redistribution.


Mentally ill women into power-tripping with cult leader mommy Hillary: I have them in my own family.


It's NOT our government--just a bunch of CRONIES screwing us over and they're ALL phonies.


Hillary/RINOS tanked until FRAUD stepped in [that's always how they do it] but Trump's a shoe in.


Dam dems please leave cuz [you're for evil things and] you ALWAYS have fraud up your sleeve.


They act like it's the children's fault they're being raped by Muslims--told "don't provoke them".


Trump wants to be Geo Washington so let him! He's the Only One not-bought & history will love 'im.


The New Age, medicine and feminism make a mockery of SEX with prying questions--it's a HEX.


SEX IS SACRED but the glib and casual way they talk about it is so embarrassing--shut up!


It's NOT a religion but a conquering political system & it's NOT compatible with values of Christians.


YES, Bush was terrible but NOTHING compared to Obama. America's in ruins, we all feel trauma.


Doctors: "Bleeding, difficulty breathing, trouble seeing--and BTW, How's your sex life?" --I'm unbelieving.


They don't come and TAKE the guns, they infringe it on the edges--gradually we see the changes.


The founders said the feds are NOT superior to the states & the individual is sovereign--SAME weights.


The officious lascivious questions of doctors do embarrass, are needless and come from feminists.


We must UNITE AGAINST the excessive use of FORCE--whether we agree w/victims or not, of course.


TRUMP IS SCOTCH: BRAVE HEART is about freedom & shrewd business deals in God's kingdom.


FOX repeats constantly "Marco Rubio's on a Surge..." NOT TRUE, it's Trump they seek to submerge.


They make out like bandits & the worst part is we've allowed it by our nonchalance, so stop it!


They're crude, lewd with big fake boobs. That's new age taught in the schools by feminist fools.


The problem isn't RADICAL Islam, it is ISLAM and the KORAN that looks down on women.


Don't tell me Christ never got angry--he tipped over tables! We're told to hate evil & all else is fables.


The Nazis used mosquitos as bio-weapons to poison the foe. Bill Gates does this NOW you know.


FOX SUX: "Cruz is surging and Trump is failing". It's just the opposite from what they're saying.


The democrats have moved SO FAR to the left, away from basic American values and vital issues.


The democrats are well-versed in dirty tricks: cutting corners, killing foes & calling patriots hicks.


Mad how I've wasted years on FOX--a total waste of time but it takes what it takes to see what sux.


The democrats protect devils. They are anathema both here and Europe--a stench in God's nostrils.


Inviting a SWORN ENEMY into one's house is BEYOND STUPIDITY, only of the devil--CAREFUL!


Liberals work to protect criminals who've robbed & murdered, yet kill babies--doesn't that make you ill?


Through the schools and youth we're being sucked into a vortex of socialism, going into communism.


Constrain TV choices to Classic Movies and the History Channel. All else is waste--leftist and modern.


The great thing about being black is no one can call you a racist for putting down this present fascist.


Highly motivated people who love liberty--these are the Christians who desperately want stability.


The media is jumping on TRUMP. Don't you see they're globalist lackeys--don't listen to this crud!


Corrupt government does NOT want things changed so they hate Trump, want Hillary [deranged].


CORRUPT GOVERNMENT HATES TRUMP cuz he's the only one coming against them--don't forget him!


Everybody but US--WE THE PEOPLE--hates Trump cuz he can't be controlled by their evil.


Socialist-communist-Islamist. That's what we're becoming--are your family/friends enthusiasts?


Progressive education teaches kids to love socialism. They have no idea what it really means, amen.


People are waking up in huge numbers! Thank you God for opening minds previously encumbered.


We're winning the information war: People waking up to this crap so fast and it's opening all doors!


Sick socialists in Hollywood: What traitors they are--tho' freedom made them a star--w/hearts of wood.


If Hillary/Bernie gets in they'll shut us all down. Tyranny ALWAYS eliminates the profound/renowned.


Trump is the ONLY ONE who can beat the system cuz he doesn't need what the system uses, amen.


Even as the media TRASHES TRUMP he surges & prevails but they'll pump the others up meanwhile.


All candidates EVEN Obama said they were Christians. Look at what they DO not what they say, amen?


Hillary "stands up for women" but not the constitution? This is divide and conquer going into communism.


Since when does the sanctity of life mean a war against women's health? Since libs said it: filth.


The liberal "climate change style" of broad, indistinct & meaningless generalizations is boring.


Pro-Americans expose the Marxist agenda of the UN global oligarchs and Hussein Obama: YUK.


If it's a democrat it's either a criminal or a commie. The former is justified and the latter is trendy.


They say to media heads: "Either do what we say on Trump or we yank your advertisers", yes sir.


They're giving millions of dollars to STOP TRUMP. The media MUST do this or risk being dumped.


The power Trump has is at the top, the liberal misperceptions at the bottom [which never stops].


Rubio's the establishment of our day. Don't trust him nor Cruz who does things in unChristian ways.


This is our COUNTRY we're losing. NOT a football game but the real deal--forever, if they win.


Communism [socialism] is the scariest life on earth. You never know if they'll come for you first.


I turned on FOX to see what's happening. It was SO boring, SO nothing, SUCH silly laughing...


When they say they're Christians DON'T LISTEN because we don't need anymore terrible lessons.


Mohammed told men to marry young girls for sex pleasure. Compare that to decency, our treasure.


You think it's ok to chop off heads, stone women & throw gays off buildings? You have no feelings.


It's not about outright lying but obfuscation & no transparency. For bad tactics have NO leniency.


They plant audiences, then by their reactions try to shift opinions--by booing Trump's words & visions.


They're lulled into complacency by milquetoast media and all their friends think the same: SEEDY.


If their reactions to what you say are liberal, don't give em a thought cuz they're really horrible.


You know that patriot who was SHOT DEAD by the feds? He was my neighbor in Cane Beds.


Police targeting of black people is a blatant LIE disproven many times but Beyonce uses it as lines.


Since it's not happening here, we're ok with it--but foes who wanna kill us can get here in a minute!


We see many works AGAINST a Christian to excite doubt and generate contempt and derision.


Voting for socialism is a form of immorality. That you think they should steal my stuff is insanity.


Turned FOX on, just to "see". It was boring & chillingly empty--withdrawal from addiction makes us free!


Rainbow, Black Panther: Halftime celebration of democrat social platform as if LBGT is the norm!


Democrat social issues: Teaching FILTH to our kids. How did this perversion ever happen [BE RID]!


FILTH TAUGHT to our kids is called "values clarification"--but we NEVER agreed to this degradation!


Imagine teaching pornography to five year olds! That's how Common Core ruins our households.


WHAT MADE AMERICA GREAT was our MORAL foundation. We need to revert back: Revolution!


I've unliked your pages, deleted your songs & will never buy a thing from either of you."--ex-Biance fan.


HOW DID we allow this filth to take over? We've reached our breaking point--it's about our future!


Breaking point: Separate from bad associations going along with this filth for they ruined our spirit.


The Super Bowl: when Americans UNITE to watch our game 'til Beyonce divided us [BAD dame].


FOX was my addiction--I needed it MORE but enjoyed it less, since I'm a scholar but it was fiction.


Beyonce is as MUCH a traitor as Jane Fonda was in the sixties. Dividing us is causing violence swiftly!


We now have HOPE. What a relief after seven years of pure hell, every day feeling unequally yoked.


The college students are sickeningly stupid, having been deliberately dumbed & brainwashed [TWISTED].


The MOST TWISTED are called "intellectuals". They make stuff up & we're forced to accept it all.


Trump wants to GIVE BACK to a country that has given him so much. He will FIX things w/a magic touch!


Gloria Steinem says feminists stand against ISLAM sexism? What a joke, they do NOT, Ms. Steinem!


The MORE they come in the MORE they go with their religious convictions to RAPE us into Islam.


It's a PLANNED INVASION to DESTROY CHRISTIANDOM. These are the young men of Islam.


Where we don't defend our faith--go on OFFENSE--we automatically lose it [lose ALL our defense].


The left's lawlessness has awoken the sleeping giant of Christians demanding prosperity & freedom.


RUBIO FAST-TRACKED THE TPP! What a terrible turncoat, and FOX wants this candidate, see?


RUBIO is the front man for the Open Borders Syndicate. He'll be a third term for Obama, let's face it.


GUN background checks WILL lead to confiscation which WILL lead to tyrannical government.


DON'T LET EM invade your PRIVACY for that's the most important thing to freedom lovers, see?


Trump is the only light in the darkness of theft, murder and debauchery. He is the ONLY one, surely.


Arrogance is blindness and deviants are devious. That's why we hate these things: they're insidious.


The progressive left stands down with Islamists. Incredibly, this alliance also includes the feminists.


The SOFT LIBERALS love tyranny & re-education camps cuz they haven't experienced the dumps.


YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. You've left death/destruction from Libya to Russia--death to your soul.


Conservatives give more to charity than wealthy liberals. The "loving" leftists are often criminals.


Liberals are six times more likely to steal while claiming they give to charity [but not = BAD DEALS].


Gloria Steinem is an enemy of women and humanity. She won't expose FGM and Sharia law tragedies.


Hillary hired people to intimidate her husband's rape victims. And this you call feminist wisdom?


The WEST IS THE BEST place for women yet the feminists put it down constantly: I DETEST!


SICK WITCH FEMINISTS don't care one bit about the fate of women let alone men across the world.


Feminists in Cologne handing out roses to migrants just weeks after the rape-fest--what? HELLO!


Migrants to military bases while taxpayers fund mosques & Korans. Tho' we're Christians, that's the plan.


We KNOW who they are. We wasted so much time with these liberal RINOS who think they're stars.


The more Islam, the less freedom--yet crazy liberals love them! BAN THEM I SAY, or TOTAL BEDLAM.


The EXTREME LEFT bonds with Islamists because they too HATE THE WEST though it is the best.


Hate to say it but Syrians & Russians look better than us. Let this goad us into health: get fit, be buff.


Unaware that he was a rapist or that he tortured people of the day, just "it's different from Christianity".


It's NOT a tiny minority & it's NOT a religion of peace. They don't even object to terrorism, PLEASE!


Islam bonded with NAZIS in WWII--why? Because the Nazis were tyrants and they hated Jews too.


Muslims standing against HATE are targeted by the left, calling them "anti-Muslim bigots"--no jest.


Feminists and Islamists are aligned because they both hate free speech. Get that straight, I beseech!


Since the sixties this crap was forced on our country: law abiding, decent folk loving freedom & liberty.


Trump picks up the delegates from candidates only getting 10%. When we win: what a thrilling EVENT!


TRUMP'S the only one not on the TAKE. The rest are bought and sold--their rhetoric is fake.


Let Donald Trump be your absolute EXEMPLAR. It's all about business, contracts and life as a WAR.


LIBERAL CONTRACTS: it's all situational ethics--what THEY WANT. It changes too, as they taunt.


I've had it with FOX & won't give em another chance. It's more boring each time I give em a glance.


POPULATION JIHAD is overtaking & flooding each & every one of us with masses until we're DEAD.


They act so silly & selfish, these so-called liberals. They're actually fascists tho' they seem so amiable.


No one wants to be told their religion is wrong but WAKE-UP: these are the lowest things in ANY throng.


Having been brought up in government schools they think it's all theirs, so be armed and have spares.


When I finally saw how FOX SUX I got my OWN life back and it totally rocks as I speak to the flock.


Capitaism relieves misery & brings people out of poverty. It's the single greatest thing for liberty.


MORE regulations helps big corps strangle smaller competitors--so they want them: THAT'S SOCIALISM.


Corporatism: artificial monopolies drive up prices. Capitalism: free market keeps things nice, see?


Socialism: The government's in bed with big corps while middle class dries up. Against this, stand up!


Capitalism is NOT the problem--corporatism is. Socialism is toxic to society as it punishes success.


7 YEARS of the most horrific daily trauma from living under the evil socialist-corporatist was CHILLING.


GLOBALISTS make most money by leveling us all off, eliminating differences and chopping off heads.


GLOBALISTS wanna make us "ALL ONE". This makes it easy for them to RULE and it won't be fun!


Where we're going, the hordes can't get to us. That's the way you gotta PLAN, so think about this.


Ignore it all and just listen to TRUMP. That's how to spend your day--with MUSIC, nature & the sun.


The Krazy Kollege Kids actually want SOCIALISM. There is a dying need for CIVICS & true education.


The Krazy Kollege Kids just make me sick. After millions died for our freedom they put us up a creek.


Around bad leaders there is perversion. There is no decency w/tyrants but w/TRUMP it's revolution.


The kids are evil upstarts ruining our lives. We had it so good and fortunately TRUMP can now revive.


OF COURSE they're evil--look at the things they accept! That's how you tell--from debates don't defect.


The Krazy Kollege Kid Kulture is a bunch of lascivious liberals. They'll accept anything if it's social.


The whole feminist movement was absolutely horrible. It meant abortion and families were disabled.


Take a vacation as we let Trump take care of it all. This is a giant release as FINALLY we can walk tall.


7 YEARS of the most horrific daily TRAUMA from living under the evil socialist-corporatist OBAMA.


It's IMMORAL to have no borders & push the flood of MASS immigration into small towns of America.


REAL feminists stand up against Islam. Not these--they cry over trigger words, not rape and bedlam.


There's a plan to END ALL CULTURES worldwide and bring in this phony plastic system, amen.


The NEW OFFENSE is "hurting someone's feelings". This is just a front for tyranny--the beginnings.


The LEFT is the most killing organization in history. Break down the family, create hell and ruin society.


GOAL: Total dictatorship with ELITES at the top exempt from all laws. It's college kids this draws!


They don't call it "communism" but "globalism"--all bought by the same interests: corporate fascism.


GLOBALISM is NOT about ethnic food and world music. It's about TYRANNY that is utterly tragic.


GIRL POWER: "We don't care if she kills, cheats, lies or steals--she's a woman": what a tragic omen.


There's no such thing as "socialism". It's social engineers & elites controlling the money: RIGGED-ism.


It's SO SICK how they play on the public's ignorance. Socialism should only bring ABHORRENCE!


We must educate our children LOCALLY--WITH LOVE. Not federally with cold bureaucrats above.


GUN FREE ZONES are like candy for a baby. The SICKOS love em as WE LOSE OUR LIBERTY.


We're ANGRY because we're run by INCOMPETENT PEOPLE who are also immoral, filled with evil.


They use communist terms like "better world for all" or "create the future" which is BULL by nature.


Unbelievable crime coming across the border. The liberals want this, totally apathetic to the HORROR.


Our guy's getting so good I listen to him several times a day. All else pales cuz Trump's the Only Way.


THE MAN: The One who can bring it all together, from coal mining to feminist wives under the weather.


God RAISES UP LEADERS at the perfect time. They're perfect for the job and defy the party line.


MEN have been given such a bad rap. It's disgusting how they're put down in this feminist/globalist FAD.


All thru history are REVITALIZATION MOVEMENTS. Always led by a charismatic One--THIS IS IT.


Hippies acted like PRIMITIVE was superior. So the white man's Renaissance was now the inferior.


Revitalization Movements led by one with CHARISMA bring sudden reversals--prosperity in America!


Cuba's warm and beautiful but we gotta look past the climate: It's all about LEADERSHIP, believe it.


BAD GUYS are the only ones who can have guns in France. Aren't liberal socialists dumb-asses?


Think of this, in the greatest country on earth: a COMMUNIST is the contender--how absurd!


It's NEVER been so urgent for men to find their Male Side [the "animus"] by rising UP [despite feminists].


Countries are taken over ALWAYS thru women first. Feminists are pawns of communists--the worst.


Hillary wears silk communist outfits using politburo slogans & gestures! Folks, we're losing our treasures.


When there's landslides they CAN'T go against popular will. Stealing only works when close, as a rule.


Globalists use education to dumb us down then put themselves exempt from laws in which we drown.


Why does Hillary wear Mme. Mao communist outfits? Is this getting us ready for these future socialists?


God help us, the country's been BETRAYED! But we can still come back if enough of us prayed.


Under socialism, SWARMS of officers run around eating our substance and democrats love that, alas.


They get upset ALL DAY about things that don't matter. That's the left and feminists lost in chatter.


Hillary's wearing communist MAO outfits from the era when he was killing millions of party misfits.


When liberals hear "Nazi" they think "right wing". But Hitler was a liberal socialist vegan who didn't drink.


Relativism is killing us. Being told all religions are the same & if we don't like the flood, we're racists.


SOCIALISM IS: Waiting 8 hours for anything you want and that's on a fast day. No liberties, but hey...


A FREE MARKET [when you let up regulations] brings a BOOM: Elation and prosperity coming soon.


Academia has gone FAR LEFT & it's frightening. The LEFT has taken over all education & it's disturbing.


Socialism is: endless permits, fees & obstructions to anything you want to do. Say NO to Hillary & Sanders too.


AMERICA: This leader has beat us up daily & many feel chagrin. You must feel big & PROUD again.


Hopefully this exposure of recent surging socialism will bring enantiodromia to PRO-TRUMP SUPPORT.


Using the issue of RACE to advance their careers! That is horrible since it's creating race WARS.


The more they control social institutions the easier it is to cause chaos which allows DIVIDE AND RULE.


When a leader's heart is right, you KNOW he speaks the truth--it's Donald vs. the vile & uncouth!


Donald is the SYMBOL OF PROSPERITY AND OVERNIGHT SUCCESS once rid of this mess.


We've WON! Donald's a successful businessman, a giant success who knows how to get things done.


They escape judgment by denying Trump--though they may vote for him in private, cowardly chumps!


LET the government get massive--that's more for us when we takeover. Spying too if we're clever.


LIBERAL AGENDA: Safe space Orwellian social justice warrior new world order HELL IN AMERICA.


He's fomenting RACE WARS, can't you see that? A true leader is a UNIFIER not a dirty divisive rat.


"Trumpism": Expression of legitimate anger over American events & the belief only Trump can solve it.


From London to New York people's heads are down, terrified. That's what happens with lost pride.


Clinton. It's all about name recognition and identity politics: vote for Hillary because she's a WOMAN.


Poets and cartoonists make their point FASTEST. That's why they're killed by dictators and fascists.


TRUMP'S so much BETTER than the plutocrats who want to dissolve our border for cheap labor.


Liberals have NOTHING to say, they're empty. It's all talking points, party lines & whatever's trendy.


The 5-4 SCOTUS majority was the ONLY check on the left's gov expansion to take all of our property.


In history ISLAM spreads through the promise of sexual pleasures and fear of the sword, NOT our Lord.


Islam draws people thru sex and sword, inciting primal lusts in those with limited virtues & wisdom.


AMERICA was the greatest--the MOST exceptional. But now we can't say that, supposed to be small.


Anyone buying the leftist line--even one little slogan--will be LESS than he is and not well-spoken.


The liberal publisher said "If we took out all the offensive parts there wouldn't be a book left"--complement.


The world's been waiting for a LEADER who speaks from the heart not phony teleprompters, for a start.


He does it on PURPOSE to show us who's who & flush out foes as those who KNOW come to blows.


If they're not chopping off heads they believe in those who do or Shariah law and it's the OPPOSITE to us.


The message was: "DON'T MESS WITH US". This is very serious as we enter into tyranny in the U.S.


The more you know about Islam it increases FEAR. This is NOT our values of human rights, dear.


Shariah-adherence is NOT compatible with Rule of Law. It is a religion of pure domination, that's ALL.


The pope along w/Obama wants to destroy our way of life. This is NOT about love/goodness, only strife.


The public schools are "progressive" [communist]: Everything that is YOURS is MINE TOO, honest.


A terrible war begins and everything hangs in the balance. If leftist judge gets in: no liberty/NO GUNS.


I will surely miss the supposed peace about this place. But I've looked at the wider issue: it's a police state.


In the sixties HIPPIES were called "loving" but now they're in power and it's TYRANNY [crushing].


Cuba is warm and beautiful too but obviously we must look at the wider issue like political TYRANNY.


Each state is different in CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY--since it's the leadership which determines policy.


Where we're going the conservative's kids are SO NICE compared to these who couldn't care less.


So when choosing a new state, look at the politics--guns, regulations, human rights, taxes--good luck.


The tiny California town I live in seems PEACEFUL. But that's almost an omen of the future UPHEAVAL.


If your state's led by a tax-and-spend "progressive" then you'll have police state problems--just sayin'.


The future of our country is BRIGHT! It's ALL because so MANY are waking up to reality, overnight!


Obviously we can't let people into our country UNVETTED but the liberals want all borders INVADED.


Those of us who study things closely see a PATTERN that makes us CERTAIN its curtains.


We see patterns, we get gut feelings then we see proof indicators. That's not a talent in your deniers.


It is hard to leave California as I'm addicted to the beauty & dry heat BUT it's filled w/liberal deceit.


We have the RIGHT and DUTY to demand the removal of any tyrannical government, amen.


He's AIDING & ABETTING the enemy, a most serious charge against the people now seeking remedy.


It takes divine intervention OR catastrophe to wake Americans up. Pray the divine comes thru Trump.


POPE embraces Castro but calls Donald Trump "not-Christian"! What kinda day are we livin in?


Building a WALL is the most Christian thing to do. Protecting your own and thinking of little children.


If they came here illegally they're gonna have to leave--how lawbreakers should be handled, I believe.


The meanest thing you can do to a culture is to flood it with foreigners while cutting off their peers.


Think of it: Foreigners flooding into your yards/home and killing your dogs, hating those w/another God.


PC multiculturalism has ruined the west as they let in in envious invaders taking down the best.


God didn't say we should all be together. That's a new age concept but our Lord is far more clever.


They don't like us either--we're ALL adapted to our own groups & just want birds of the same feather.


MAXIMIZE our differences not homogenize into a meaningless blob, the undifferentiated MOB.


The Age of Cowardice is coming to an end just as the Age of Men is beginning to return, amen.


The "Great Game": Bring em in, cause cultural welfare than government referees divided groups.


The POPE is a classic fake liberal. He's the adversary, accuser, destroyer--while speaking so trivial.


Socialist dirt bag surrounded by mile high walls saying WE need to let em ALL IN & take a HUGE FALL.


Bring in populations, fill em w/hatred & socialist vitriol--they become angry political bodies, that's all.


Kanye and JZ types are constantly stirring stuff up--to SELL TICKETS: It's a sickness with the wicked.


Patriots fought to death defending the great experiment: America. Now it's happening again w/Obama.


The POPE is the spokesman for the decimation of world cultures. He's the biggest globalist--MAJOR.


CULTURES are wonderful flavors but with globalism it's just the LOWEST COMMON denominator.


HE WANTS TO HELP US darn it, so get on the Trump bandwagon & don't listen to silly pundits!


Whenever in a muddle, ask "What would Trump do?" and that'll end the struggle w/your troubles.


ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT IS HELL but advanced by a pope who is really beginning to SMELL.


One world government is FUNDAMENTALLY against FREE WILL and the HUMAN SPIRIT, period!


False prophets & the pope are the false light but we want the TRUE light ending this awful blight.


They build slums, ignorance, hate and POVERTY. These are the globalist snobs in their entirety.


SOCIALISTS are twit cowards who hate you & your family, thinking you're stupid and deserve poverty.


With NEW architecture the WALL'S the most important thing--a fence against the dense & you stay king.


Trump is a nationalist [believes in American SOVEREIGNTY] cuz folks, you'd hate the loss of liberty.


Dumb females love to rely on government. It's like their daddy since they've degraded real men.


We're really mad after feeling bad but fortunately God raised a solution King and he's like our dad.


The well-organized money movers think BEYOND nation-states and empower their un-elected classmates.


Do you think this pope is a man of God just cuz a bunch of men said he was? Look past images/applause.


Being a "socialist" means you hate people and their family and wanna put them in poverty= ENEMY!


A LOSER POPE takes on Trump. A socialist globalist dope wants us FLOODED with chumps.


Pope is really in a hole he can't crawl out of now. This no-borders accuser isn't God, you know.


They fight for the slaughter of unborn children, they fight for perversion. We're at the cliff of destruction.


The youth have gone crazy--this is PROOF. They're also voting for Sanders, a socialist and goof.


Incredibly, I'm starting to appreciate CNN more than the fakes at FOX which sux [but used to rock].


Isn't America boobed out with this? We're a laughing stock of the whole world w/ boob jobs gone amiss.


Instead of modest sweet little ladies, women have become monsters listening to feminists so SHADY.


Like Donald says: "there's so little common sense!" Inverted from reality, we LEARNED to be dense.


Islam appeals to ignorant, brutish, carnal men & spreads not by gospel or grace but the power of the sword. Aquinas


"Mohammad seduced people by promises of carnal pleasure and gave free rein to it, appealing to people of limited wisdom." Aquinas


Their evil house of cards is falling so fast! That's how it always happens once people awake/are aghast.


They make themselves exempt from the tyrannical rules they put on us. That's how evil kings focus.


Daily disappointment for 7 years now gets worse as we're invaded by opposite values triggering fear.


Boys & girls aren't taught traditional gender roles anymore so balanced households become disorder.


It's not over till it's over--we could RETURN FROM THE BRINK. With Trump we triumph/end this stink.


We have a RIGHT to not feel fear but still he's gonna let them in against our will and in sheer terror.


The kids want socialist Sanders cuz they never had CIVICS--to be specific--about things that matter.


They just want free stuff so they love his guff but it will be SO dangerous if he gets in--gonna be rough.


Idiot college kids take it out on the middle class who employ people not the globalists who are evil.


DROP TV/Fox and all arrogant scum. You've got a GREAT job to do, untainted by the dumb.


Americans are spoiled w/DECENCY relative to the third world where it doesn't exist [like the socialists].


More LOCAL, more SANE--more like YOU. Here you get your own life back and what a relief: whew.


With distant socialist government over us, it's hell. They don't care what you want--kids gettin us killed.


The globalists want us all queer. It's part of the eugenics depopulation plan, so they say "it's superior".


Globalists know if we're demoralized we're easy to control. Turning kids into pervs/sluts is their goal.


Enough of us prayed so God sent Donald Trump! God intervened in our affairs to survive this slump!


The right to invade my home/take it over: communism. The right to anything else I've got: socialism.


Rubio is the billionaire toy-boy. Don't give in to this OPEN BORDERS politically correct ploy!


They've become horrible from the things they believe in. Not born that way, it's just psychology of sin.


Why would liberals--who claim they're for human rights--bring in stone age lunatics ready for a fight?


Increasingly we're judged by what GROUP we're in not what we produce--that means thuggery, of course.

Top of Form


When a doctor says "how's your sex life?" that isn't medicine, it's creepy feminism sneaking in.


Slick lies on FOX against Trump while force-feeding us Rubio--YUK! They're goin down: FOX SUX.


RUBIO FLIP-FLOPS so much I think the democrats would rather have him than even Hillary.


We're in the hands of such scum! But our military's in REVOLT at the highest levels so we'll be ok, hon.


America is being taken over by multi-nationalists. This is the new colonialism making life impossible.


The liberal gov is unelected and tyrannical, influencing POLICE TRAINING MANUALS too ya know.


Tyrants say anyone trying to promote LIBERTY is a "TERRORIST" and to this us patriots MUST resist.


THROUGH DONALD we can return from the brink. If you can't see the state we're in you need a shrink.


BIG BUCKS are being spent to bring Trump down--threatened by the anti-globalist who isn't a con.


HOW do we know Trump's the real deal? Cuz he's going after globalists--he knows how they steal!


All the rest are poll-iticians easily bought by offshore banksters exempt from these laws, as we rot.


Their brainwashing is so complete they can't listen to reason. Just prepare, for this is your season.


The ART OF THE DEAL MAN is the only one to UNTIE THE KNOT with these other deals we bought.


If you're against guns [the great equalizer] you're not a feminist & want women to be defenseless.


Just for speaking TRUTH they'll call you "mean"--having adapted to the smiling phony FIENDS.


Adapting to liberal culture brings grossness. A grossification of America has occurred, replacing greatness.


The purist adaptation to the raunchy disorder of liberalism is puritanism, the opposite to barbarism.


Trump won the debate hands down. The others as usual were humiliated & shown to be clowns.


All liberals care about is SURFACE tho' it opposes reality. It's about an IDEA: making them "feely".


Donald will "run the table"--that means to win every single time--vs. what we have now: ONLY LIES.


We can't trust Rubio nor Cruz--they're in bed with elites trying to bring Trump down: that's the news.


Populist message: Cut taxes, restore republic, make us great again--only through Trump, amen.


Populist: Cut our taxes so we can be rich: Only Trump can do this cuz he's nationalist not globalist!


The RISE OF TRUMP is a repudiation of forty years of treason--for Americans an evil season.


We either take our country back or step into a thousand years of darkness. Let Trump end this mess!


NOT bought, NOT controlled--he's the return of "The Man". The others are weak/they cheat, amen.


MSNBC: Twisted liberal freaks who are Clinton apologists, owned and controlled by globalists.


I'm sick of "fair and balanced" cuz we can't give equal time to the devil, the trivial or the unimportant.


"Crude", "uncultured", "mean": how liberals see Trump. This means he tells the truth/cuts the crap.


Trump runs his own tight ship so of course he'll cut the pork & that brings panic/hatred in New York.


SUNSHINE stops the golden goose. Expose these people and it's OUR VICTORY, their noose.


Who understands banksters better than Donald Trump? AUDIT THE FED he said: "IT'S ALL A FRAUD".


Donald Trump's tax reform & CUTTING THE PORK will bring an incredible BOOM in America, yes sir!


We're so lucky to get this World Class businessman to fix our problems--a heavenly godsend, amen!


Trump is the symbol of nationalism. A return to decency and secure borders, NOT this globalism.


TRUMPIST MEANS: revitalize economy, rebuild military, seal our borders & logical foreign policy.


As sudden POPULISM arises, also bizarre cult behavior of the left: If you don't tow line, ur dead.


Trumpism asks: "Is it in the interest of the United States?" Not special interests--why they're irate.


As the truth comes out they resort to Soviet style censorship but they can't contain it anymore, yep!


Gonna be the "TRUMP BOOM": the biggest expansion in American history under a divine tycoon.


They wanna make us poor to control us. Divide & conquer, CLoward & Piven--Trump knows this.


Donor class agenda w/Hillary: Mass immigration, open borders, amnesty, TPP & NO U.S. sovereignty.


A nation without borders is like a house without walls--it collapses. Democrats wants this--what asses.


FOX's pro-Rubio/anti-Trump bias is as intolerable as the main media's left-wing bias: dishonest.


With the RISE OF TRUMP Fox either refused to acknowledge it or pretended it wasn't real: ugghh


FOX'S talking points are "wishful thinking propaganda" coming from the OWNERS & DONORS.


I'd drop FOX cuz they're just like all the rest. Even CNN is better--I never thought I'd be saying that.


Colleges are building an army of political correctness BULLIES--having lost the ability to think, truly.


Ugly degenerate filth wants the power over beauty and brains as us truth-seekers go into chains.


It's time to break the spell of "social justice" warriors who don't work, just yell. It's all around--can't you tell?


Globalist attack: break up our families, take our guns, open borders, rip us off thru Obamacare.


Military Attack: Shutting down power plants, dumb kids down in school, poisoning water/food.


The MEGA RICH want us dead. Why else vaccines, open borders/taking guns & poisons we're fed?


Selective enforcement of LAW is the sign of tyranny. Some are exempt while others ruined w/felonies.


Free market capitalism [NOT this crony garbage we have] has gotten a bad rap--it's the safety valve.


Trump's gonna re-examine 911, origins of Iraq War, the FED & AUDIT and GLOBALISTS HATE IT.


CNN is the "Clinton News Network". More deception--when will we be rid this criminal era for sure?


They hate language, borders, prosperity and men. This cult is bringing us down to their hellish den.


How else can you describe this PACK OF SCUM by what they're doin to our kids? Solution: BE RID!


The Trump phenomenon is occurring all over the world! Nationalism is arising along with God's word.


Why we love Trump: He's in the arena doing things no one's EVER done AND we can keep our guns.


They FEAR what we know & have to say--thus the soviet style censorship growing each & every day.


The system KNOWS cutting taxes produces money but they still wanna control us thru poverty.


Cruz told Rubio he will drop out for SCOTUS appointment: BREAKING: Tell everyone & don't stop!


FOX lost half of viewers from bashing Trump but don't care cuz they can't CONTROL him enough.


What PC is all about: [1] Break our will, to [2] accept foreign domination and that means globalism.


Political Correctness makes us accept ABSURD things but that's the point: abandon our OWN thinking.


America is being dominated by global interests who've conquered the whole world and we're the last.


A blogger's just as important as the NY Times so get busy & spread the word about these bad guys!


We urgently need a leader & see he MUST be an outsider & that MAN is Donald Trump, yes sir.


The TRUMP Phenomenon is a true DIVINE MIRACLE making all these current calamities bearable.


Social Justice garbage is everywhere. It's all built on guilt and manipulation while saying WE "scare".


Taking our guns AS they flood us with foes. This is WORSE than history's tyrants--as low as it goes!


They keep asking him for a plan but the MAIN one is: GET ER DONE. We know it, cuz he's Trump.


We're exhausted from what we've been thru for 7 years. It's been hell seeing our country disappear.


Elites are pushing disease, crime & terror being allowed into our country--and it's happening abruptly.


Why are billionaires coming against Trump? Cuz he can't be controlled & will come against them--hah.


Can't wait to see Trump collude with Putin cuz they're both REAL & Christian: to globalists, frightenin'


It's a global takeover involving everyone from Reid to DeCaprio & global warming's the first show.


Illegals voting: more LAWLESSNESS in this global takeover by calling us racist if we don't go for it.


A billion spent on bringing Donald down! These desperate cons will say and do anything--CLOWNS!


The democrats have totally let us down but DONALD will turn this devastating crime wave all around!


The Trumpsurge will reach such a peak it will increase geometrically then ALL will want this prosperity.


REVITALIZATION MOVEMENTS occurred all thru history and were always led by a charismatic leader.


Don't even turn on the news if they're gonna act like that! How dumb can they be--or just dumb rats?


Enduring this crap for seven years has been death by a 1000 cuts. This was a criminal not just a klutz.


Revitalization movements in history changed society and governments after a long period of decline.


Thought HORRIBLE: Suddenly he will alert 1000 sleeper cells who will SURGE while we're disabled.


Trump says what we've always THOUGHT. We've been chipped away at by all the lies we bought.


We love Mexico but they're killing us at trade and KILLING us at the border so we want NO MORE.


Treason came against us daily as he gave away our home and peace to our enemies, without remedy.


Corporate Inversion: Trump's gonna bring em all back. If they don't they'll have to pay a high tax.


Trumps cabinet will be military generals and business leaders. NO POLITICIANS, ever!


Resistance to tyranny brings RENAISSANCE, and renaissance brings LIBERTY: strong & free!


Why both blacks and whites want Trump: "A rising tide lifts ALL boats"--it's about jobs the most.


We're all worried about Donald but EVEN IF something happens this movement will prevail.


If Hillary gets in we go into 1000 years of darkness. We're fed up w/ democrats--evil brats.


We're in big trouble & only a first class businessman [who can't be bought] can get us out of it


Assaulted daily by our government [sank in sorrow, carried on for tomorrow but] we couldn't get over it.


We can defeat globalism by nationalism! We are ALLOWED to be proud of our Americana again.


TRUMP is breaking the hoax of things like TPP: signing ourselves away to scams and global slavery.


FRUSTRATION comes from impatience, so God tests our patience by the wait, tho' He said YES.


I don't care what you do just don't control language. It's called "homosexual" [not "gay"] in English.


How stupid to be anti-Trump since he's the SYMBOL rising against the Bush-Clinton Crime Family.


I don't judge what you do as long as you leave the kids alone, but you don't--you want them prone.


BECAUSE he's so great they're trying to bring him down. The more great the more foes all around.


Marco's an expert on men's members--knows how to "sculpt em out" cuz he's like our pres. no doubt.


Rubio can't contain himself, he's obsessed with Donald's package. That is the real point here, bondage.


SAY WHAT YOU WANT about Donald Trump--he's right about sovereignty, borders and TPP bunk.


Because they want a free lunch the people give into social engineering--like a technocratic sponge.


It's making us poor, sick and dumb--the technocratic revolution is worse than the tyranny of Marxism.


Yay--Bernie's supporters going to TRUMP. He's anti-establishment, anti-banksters & other stuff.


NO ARMY can stop an idea whose time has come! They can't stop this LANDSLIDE for Trump.


Trump's excited about what he can do for America. He KNOWS what he can do, we don't--EUREKA!


Trump understands how everything works--he's the DEALMAKER. Not the guys we got--FAKERS.


Trump hates INCOMPETENCE the most. That's why we love him: we're sick of it too--we were LOST.


Trump SEES the potential America has. And he wants to help--he knows how he can, to give us pizazz.


They hate him cuz he's SO REAL! He has real power--UNREFINED--so they call him a con & a heel.


My generation stayed in solitude to accomplish things. Your generation just hangs out & it's boring.


The under-thirties think socialism's ok, showing how dumb they are--the uneducated will be prey.


Do NOT clutter your life with anti-Trump garbage. We need simplicity now to focus on our harvest!


What would you choose--political hacks/liberal slobs or the BEST PEOPLE available for the jobs?


MIT LET US DOWN. He should have won over Obama but he disappeared--what an evil clown.


Trump LOVES legal immigrants. They're superior in so many ways but not an illegal flood of miscreants.


They're cutting off heads! These people are HEATHEN and also perversion is allowed--see this, friends.


Society has coarsened suddenly. A grossification has taken place and it's mean, cold and nasty.


Don't you want freedom? Socialism is the worse tyranny--100 million people killed in the last century.


Our INSANITY comes from adapting to liberals who think they are superior, though they are horrible.


Fox news if you ever put down DONALD J. TRUMP again we're never going back--that's a FACT!


TYRANTS will eventually fall! Though they seem invincible now they'll seem small, ending in a crawl.


MOST WHO BACK TRUMP are highly educated but those in power call us a bunch of dumb chumps.


The GOP is panicking cuz soon they'll be on the outside looking in! Globalist gophers = TRASH BIN.


WE THE PEOPLE want Donald Trump but the party bosses wanna choose who wins and who loses.


ALL FEAR is based on focusing on the ENEMY rather than the assured VICTORY, incredibly.


Until they realize Islam is a political system masquerading as religion they are never able to see 'em.


We're dragged down thinking about FOES rather than the assured victory by our Father: He who knows!


Though called "defensive & vulgar, evasive & condescending, rude & imperious"--Trump is for US.


For forty years we've been shut-up by family & friends: liberals feeling superior but now all that ENDS.


He'll trash "executive orders" then change all dept heads--the whole machine unravels, they're dead.


What's with MEGA CHURCH leaders endorsing Cruz? They also bus illegals in, even the crude.


There's something called "moral insanity" but you no more hear it cuz we don't understand the enemy.


Islam is a political system that conquers through rape, murder & taking slaves--and thus the Crusades.


Liberals make you feel alone, sequestering you--once they C UR conservative your star's unshone.


You are the God Who does wonders: You have demonstrated Your power among all the peoples.


Rather than working hard the "social justice warriors" blame others for their failure & staying retards.


It's as clear as the existence of gravity but STILL we're told "don't believe your lying eyes"--rise up, bold!


The aping of the same position esp. among academics is astonishing and it's GENIUS they're crushing.


The politically correct are not intelligent and I can't respect them at all. That's how to think: walk tall!


Diversity Culture refers to skin color NOT diversity of ideas--no, that's not allowed by these fiends.


There is NO diversity of thought on campuses. Can you imagine that? These people are dumbasses.


Humans are sexually DIMORPHIC: by definition, we show innate differences between the sexes.


A SCIENTIST just wants to get to the truth. That's why in this climate they're crazy--can't be a sleuth.


"Every culture's equal and you can't criticize them even if they're pedophiles"--we are led by fools!


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is an auto-immune response--in most cases--coming from vaccines.


The ELITES GET CLEAN VACCINES. We're not given the good stuff--our health's in their handcuffs.


Don't trust Ted Cruz cuza his relationship to Glenn Beck. Bad associations mark these lying wrecks.


They don't want our populism vented--they want full control & label everything else as "DEMENTED".


They enjoy hurting people/putting them down but Donald doesn't--tho' loves fighting the bullies around.


Christians and conservatives are persecuted/targeted through the IRS and the campuses I guess.


CPS takes children like eggs from a hen. Taking the kids is the first stages in the growing communism.


It is historical what's happening and super-creepy: A criminal takeover by the freaky and cheesy.


If you like the constitution you're a "bitter clinger" [to God & guns] and you WILL be targeted, son.


There is no earthly cure for pathological disbelief, so GIVE UP cuz repeated trying is the energy thief.


Hillary Clinton would be the most pro-abortion president in history--what darkness and misery!


INNOCENT people are rotting in prison from miscarried justice of bureaucrats we can't get RID OF.


IGNORE Trump-haters, their dumb rhetoric will bring your perfect mind down--wear a SMILE not a frown.


Whitewashed headlines making it seem like it's NO BIG DEAL then behind the scenes, they steal.


The globalists are TRANSHUMANIST EXTERMINISTS. Globalism is extremely ugly & desolate.


In a free society it's all about NOT FOLLOWING illegal orders. But that's not us as tyranny takes over.


Open the borders, bring in illegals and persecute the patriots. That's their MO tho' it's hard to believe it.


Safe spaces are for intellectual cowards who can't handle their stupid ideas being challenged.


The anti-Trump rhetoric has got me off the TV completely--that's ok cuz I can spend time w/family.


THAT the democrats were for slavery & formed the Ku Klux Klan was flipped--republicans be damned.


Slaveowner democrats saying they're "all for the people". Give me a break--just another evil fable.


Romney's disrespect of the frontrunner is also disrespect of what We The People want: bummer!


Cruz calls Trump's followers "low information voters" [STUPID] when it's HIS that are blindly deluded.


CRUZ IS PAID by the Bushes & Big Pharma. He's an INSIDER and that means criminal karma.


Fems, libs and Muslims have a common enemy--CHRISTIANITY--and THAT'S why they're allies.


U say you don't go along with ISIS but you believe in the religion based on the Koran and IT SAYS THIS.


ISLAM has fed off the discontent of young black males in prisons--taking over America is their mission!


Youth think SOCIALISM is being "concerned with others". NO--it's tyranny as government smothers.


SOCIALISM: an elite in control, a crumbling middle class & totally dependent and controlled mass.


Trump's the first to say we're NOT going to be slaves to the radical left who've left us sad and bereft!


Trump's gonna get rid of ISIS, QUICK! He knows USA has the overwhelming POWER TO LICK.


Donald J. Trump knows the ONLY WAY to deal with ISIS is to unlock our military and KICK ASS.


Don't mention Romney. We shoulda WON the last election but he disappeared--then 4 years of infamy.


The Bush-Cruz Connection is clear so stay clear of this scammer--unless you want OPEN BORDERS.


Donald J. Trump's gonna be our NEW PRESIDENT after seven years of daily trauma from Obama.


What a relief not watching FOX! So much "found time" to enjoy life now, without these corny/boring blocks.


They become fools aping the absurd position they learned by rote but this doesn't float my boat.


The TRUTH of Donald Trump OF COURSE draws protestors more than those phony and boring others.


It's my destiny to champion and trumpet Trump. It's not him but a MATRIX & integrated theory: ah-hah!


A contagion of enlightenment has increased geometrically over the whole world. Thank you God!


One man CAN be a majority & suddenly clarify the whole world, as the old view is seen as failure.


We have reason to HOPE again--after losing all our audacity--but now we see freedom and prosperity.


God has appeared at the last minute to save a culture [on the brink of destruction] thru a Leader.


The left hates without reason. Remember how aghast & terrified they were as they ripped Sarah Palin?


The LEFT hates anyone who is real--who states things as they see them not the old party line zeal.


RUBIO BLAMES TRUMP. He's the sort who'd blame a Jihadist massacre on the cartoonist--chump!


Violence characterizes the anti-Trump extremists who caused last night's mayhem in Chicago.


LIBERALISM is now perversion and communism. It is not "liberalism" as we know it, but destruction.


They aren't true liberals as in era of JFK but cultural Marxists who have usurped the term for today.


It is possible to be a pervert and not even know it. Gotta be by the book or it's WAY too easy to blow it.


Anti-Trump crowd flew communist flag during protest. Could it be any more clear re: these pests?


Fox & Cruz are traitors w/liberal establishment. Silent majority now faces fire from unified oligarchy.


We followed you and you led us into defeat but now there's a guy who will put us in the victory seat.


Some "republicans" would rather vote for Hillary to block Trump. These are RINOS, fakes, sellout crud.


Once Trump becomes the nominee ALL will say "I supported him". Baloney--they sold out: ban em.


The KIDS are so dumb they hate prosperity! Trump seeks to make us rich but they want filth & tragedy.


FASCISM: The tyranny of opinion that is POPULAR. Thankfully thru Trump we've turned that corner.


The NUMBER ONE ISSUE is IMMIGRATION and if we can't see it/vote Trump we're gone as a nation.


We're in this together--globalism's taken ALL our freedoms. Trump hates one-sided trade deals, amen?


The Nazis would bully free speech also, by violently shutting down rallies. But Cruz blames Trump--LIES.


Cruz is a globalist operative so he blames TRUMP for the planned violence Hillary and Soros funded.


The TOTALITARIAN LEFT program: If you say something they "DON'T LIKE" they'll shut you down.


Saying "we should be sovereign" or "we should check IDs" will make the left VIOLENTLY displeased.


It's like blaming the battered wife for triggering it with her words--victim-shaming is LEFT & backwards.


Imagine if Obama's rallies were invaded w/violent white groups? But Trump's white so it's ok? Pooh.


They don't stand for freedom but are hateful dumb tribal-think gangs. If this is liberalism, no thanks.


The democrats have reversed all the good done w/civil rights. They've created such division & racial fights.


Saying "you upset people" then justifying violent attacks. THAT'S the totalitarian left, in fact.


We see the armies of dumbed down domesticated fools as giant corporations fund them as their tools.


Hypocrites hate Trump. They can't STAND his realness--stick to the party line or you're not in the club.


THE CLINTONS: Sneaky dirty stuff for years. Always underhanded and bloody yet no one cares.


All candidates EXCEPT TRUMP are beholden to their anti-gun, pro-amnesty & open borders DONORS.


Rubio and Cruz aren't about keeping US safe but ensuring the cheap labor pool of their donors, ok?


The globalist-funded "elites" HATE OUTSIDERS: They despise independents with common sense.


TO FIGHT Islamic extremism we need an EXTREMIST [so vote Trump or we're dead, HONEST].


WHY WOULD our president embrace the Muslim brotherhood when they've promised to kill us?


Words can NOT justify violence. That's the LAW so Trump's not to blame and we won't be silenced.


Leftist social warrior regimen: [1] Stage violence at rallies, then [2] claim that you are the victim.


FOX: Violence is justified cuza what Donald Trump said. Facts don't matter & they want him dead.


FOX: "Trump's rhetoric is responsible for the violence"--when he's the TARGET of the violence?


ANTI-TRUMP ADS are saturating the airways--time to dump the TV & stick to online study anyways.


$145 Million to crush Trump! Never seen anything like it but fortunately he just surges more--HAH!


Lion Guard: to protect safety & security of innocent, peaceful Trumpists from violent far-left agitators.


FOX seems dark now that it's ANTI-TRUMP. It seems deceptive & contrived as they fill our cup.


Communists cause the violence then blame the other side for it. For Stalinists and Alinskyites it's classic.


They call Trump RACIST cuz that's what communists do. I can't stand it & refuse to watch it too.


Dumbest pseudo-intellectual uninformed scared desperate sad people: Hillary supporters of evil.


TRUMP was a lightning rod for a MENTAL REVOLUTION ready to happen. He was the trigger, amen.


Smart kids don't wanna go to college for social justice training and learning how bad we whites are.


They're arrogant and distant, "empowered" while you're bad--that's the modern college grad.


They think acting arrogant gets you ahead--being "cool". NO, it's showing up and working hard you fool.


Taught to be politically correct, we have no immune system against cultural invasion and destruction.


Just because it's your narrative doesn't mean I have to accept it. It is CONTRIVED & I reject it!


People just wanna eat, sleep, enjoy families & home. Not this false narrative we gotta learn by rote!


Third World hardcore are always killing each other and since our men cower they just take us over.


Whereas they feared us before, now [that we're obviously weak] they're on POWER TRIPS galore.


Obama's shutting down coal plants is what's helping China. Trump: Turn em back on or end is FINAL.


SEE OBAMA as a Krazy Kollege Kid. Understand: it's the same thing with a false Marxian narrative.


Wimps and punks are into the trashy, seedy & evil. This always happens in downward cycles of people.


Trump's a CONDUIT for resistance to intimidation for free speech. It's over: the system's impeached.


FOX took us 3/4 of the way there but then got WEIRD so we continued on in our OWN stream of fear.


They think we are inferior like animals, and also that we should be killed cuz we don't know Allah.


They're incompetent but then there's Donald Trump: not a globalist but what WE THE PEOPLE want.


Trump's against globalism and UNFAIR TRADE DEALS that sell us out, let alone bankster bail-outs.


They believe it's their right to trample our free speech: Totalitarians of the Black Lives Matter siege.


Tabbing Trump as a "racist bigot" is a HOAX. It's about big money trying to bring him down, folks.


Don't fall into social hypnotism out of fear of being killed--now's the time to gird up so we can rebuild.


The vampires who are sucking this country dry HATE TRUMP even more as he becomes renowned.


Trump's against foreign bureaucrats running our lives. He hates this globalist takeover and he will fight.


Strong Cities Initiative of the U.N. PLAN: Create chaos compelling foreign mercenaries to come in.


GOP insiders would rather have HILLARY than Trump because at least she's globalist like them: SCUM.


The globalist system's like a swiss watch and Trump would be sand in the gears like a giant botch.


GOP are so globalist-bought they'd rather blow up the republicans for Hillary so abortion won't stop.


ANTI-HATE LEFTISTS are the most hateful people imaginable. But what WE say is "unacceptable".


Foreign occupation is being eased in thru police departments. It's UN [global-controlled], amen.


These are staged, rehearsed "rent-a-protests" w/the goal of blaming the victim: Trumpists.


A MAJOR re-alignment is happening poli-psychologically: fighting tyrants w/out apology.


SOROS-FUNDED RENT-A-RIOTS: We don't buy it! Trump's not a racist & you're the bigot.


Things run along ok until they don't. Then it's hell on earth, so PLAN your life or stay a dunce.


Though it's the whites being attacked by blacks we're told it's us killing them and that's a FACT.


They're attacking old white people or those in wheelchairs: they've been primed to do terror.


Foreign globalists say Trump is "Hitler" [the worst thing on earth] cuz he'll shut down the jerks.


HE WANTS TO HELP US [make us rich and fight the evil foe] so why are y'all against him so?


It's a classist race war of leftist intimidation brewed in elite universities of "higher education".


Paid to be "anti-racist, anti-fascist anarchists"--they think it's a GOOD thing to be a nihilist.


TO DESTABILIZE THINGS is always the goal of terrorists. Then in fear we can't resist.


We deserve to be hit in the head and robbed cuz we're white crackers & the victims are thugs.


A race war by evil opportunists, oh yah: Hardcore social engineers have taken over.


Our prosperity turned us into spoiled brats--now flow in hardcore evil opportunists in combat.


Tribalism: one group hating another, all about group identity vs. INNOVATION AND LIBERTY.


TERROR HAS TAKEN OVER--and it's all part of their plan as they turn us into cavemen.


Their goal is domination and extinction of competing ideas so stand up against them, please.


We're on the slippery slope to socialism: Pursuant to empty goodies we lose all our freedoms.


There is NO SUCH THING as a moderate liberal--it's a RADICAL philosophy, that's all.


CLIMATE CHANGE is nothing but a man-made lie. It's just globalism arresting those who defy.


Our country's been swallowed into global fascism. How far we've sunk--where is nationalism?


UTAH: Mormon liberty-lovers of country & God. These are neighbors & friends called "odd".


We've been taught all cultures are equal--WHAT BULL! Humaneness is a sliding scale.


These I truly despise: pseudo-intellectual lazy hateful scum telling us how to live our lives.


The CULT OF FILTH dangerous evil people: They want to rape your wife and end your life.


The GLOBALISTS use communism as a management system and it's happening here, amen.


CHRISTIAN GUILT loves being run over by criminals. But that's not Christian it's disabled.


So China's good, Cuba's good but America is bad? No it's a globalism scheme & fad.


The GLOBALISTS want total tyranny over us so align with ISLAM as their operating system.


They'll stop at nothing to dump [that evil developer and JOBS CREATOR] Donald Trump.


Merkel screwed up because of self-loathing WAR GUILT which makes her a crazy quilt.


The Cuban mafia leaders will never give up their riches and that's communism: VICIOUS.


Communism is ALWAYS fascism/riches at the TOP, NO middle class then poverty nonstop.


Moderates who wanna change Islam are either killed or exiled. More religious, more riled.


Merkel opened the borders to Muslim males of military age-- progressives are not sage.


Liberal SOFTNESS has become insanity. They are endangering the human race, truly.


Socialist Merkel did it. Not Trump, racists, bigots nor xenophobes but a false dogma--so dump it.


The liberal's rose-colored glasses won't change the hearts/minds of those wanting to kill us.


He appeals to silly kids who know nothing. Their parents aren't any better and have flings.


Our subversive Frankenstein is in Cuba to pump up the dictator act or make it less of a fact.


ISLAM INVADED until the soft males STOOD UP. All thru history this occurred--look it up!


Where does compassionate liberalism end and COLLABORATION begin? No good, it is sin.


What insanity: When I say "DANGER AHEAD" they call me a "bigot"-- avoid these dumb critics.


This is a sad day in presidential history: that he could care less about something so gory.


Those who know will always know and those who don't will never--like one Anderson Cooper.


You can't alarm people who are psychologically beaten to death or had liberal parents instead.


He travels to countries of leftist sympathizers. Where he'll be applauded not tolerated.


The TOXIC POISON of liberalism has destroyed our personalities, homes, gov and religion.


He travels to countries of leftist sympathizers: where he'll be applauded not tolerated.


The final extinction of slavery delays until Islam has ceased to be a great power with boys.


I've heard this rubbish my whole life from people like you--minimizing such great dangers, too.


Naked Marxism, naked sympathies: This is SO in our face & we the people are displeased.


The Castro brothers are stonehearted racists but liberals love em--yet another contradiction.


WHY do they hate Trump more than ISIS and other crisis? The lifeless hate our highness.


I wasn't always conservative, I used to be naive and brainwashed too but I eventually outgrew.


After saying NOTHING, EVER: They're spewing hatred for Trump but silent on ISIS forever.


A conservative is simply someone who has finally seen the STUPIDITY of socialism.


Cubans are prisoners of the two biggest mafioso in the world: the Castro brothers are COLD.


They have more HATRED FOR TRUMP than Isis, Castro, Iran or any other murderous foes.


Trump: may get our traditions back in a hurry. Hillary: most despotic regime in our history.


Trump-hating liberals are lizards in fact and cuza you we may NEVER get our freedoms back.


Politicians get used to the PERKS and settle in--yes sir--until everything they do is the WORST.


When they bash Trump just keep saying "he didn't say that" cuz he DIDN'T and you know it.


Liberals hate America, freedom and free market so much they don't CARE & link with Islam.


We've been taught to hate ourselves--taught to cower--as the 3rd world invades our tower.


We are so empty, pathetic and brokeback they can EASILY take us over: a cruel fact.


Those with common sense are called terrorists/extremists: This insanity you MUST resist.


The college kids are spoiled rotten--mentally ill chumps--but SOME are waking up to Trump.


There are coups against globalism all the time but you won't hear it on the news tonight.


We want revenge against all those mockers who submitted our great nation to humiliation.


Remember, the FAKE WILL FAIL. Tho' appearing powerful now, wait awhile & their ship sets sail.


SICK of seeing this alliance between Wahhabists & the left. Are they crazy or just daft?


Liberals love anyone who hates America no matter WHAT they believe/can conceive.


They throw gays off buildings/stone women and STILL THE LEFT LOVES them, vermin.


Tyrants and murderers will always fail eventually, though they SEEM invincible, truly.


I'm proud of being ANTI-LIBERAL [by choosing FREEDOM and life] so all you leftists: skedaddle.


Many would-be actors end up as news ANCHORS and they dumbly mimic false narratives.


TED CRUZ [Ruthless ambition without principals, dishonest and desperate] IS SMOOTH.


Just because all are hypnotized doesn't make it not true. It's happening and it's cruel.


FUSING HOLLYWOOD with the political class is when ROYALTY takes over: how clever.


For all my hatred of the enemy I have SO MUCH love for everyone else & that's victory.


Engineered basket-case mental illness offended by my own culture, symbols and people.


We've given up on God and taken Christ out. So now in comes the Wahhabists: OUCH.


We've given up on God and Christ so OF COURSE the mean Wahhabists come in next.


The Wahhabists are total enslavement of women--and that's what liberals want to bring in.


The left degenerated to pure evil & has aligned w/radical Islam cuz they hate bitter clingin'.


Feminists align with ISLAM then they tell Western white men THEY have an abuse problem.


Wahhabists merging with hip hop gangster culture? How dark & weird: bad character.


Communism is yet another flavor of MAFIA ruling over us, it's a NIGHTMARE not a plus.


It's fashionable to hate Trump. How sad--he only wants to prosper & help us outa this slump.


These people are savages--animals wanting to kill us--and we do NOTHING, not a fuss.


Disgusting wimps and krazy kollege kids are so weak and dumb they won't fight the scum.


As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked no more. Proverbs 10: 25


Obama so loved the poor he created millions more--so glad when he'll walk out the door.


He is vinegar to the eyes, gall to drink, a cloud without rain and his work is rinky-dink.


ONLY AN insane prince would do this do his nation. He's not crazy it's just leftist orthodoxy.


They WANT to make us snap that's why they cram illogical crap until we totally give up, trapped.


The truth is politically incorrect and lies make us wrecks so boldly speak out--what the heck!


How much can we take of these naked girls on FOX? Avoid this boring & tedious paradox.


No immigrant or food inspection so they find cats used in Chinese buffets across the nation.




ROME kept partying until they were too weak to defend themselves and THEN: THEY FELL.


In rejecting the values making them great they degenerated into selfish narcissism & hate.


The attack on western culture and values is how great civilizations ALL paid their dues.


Obama and supporters are drunk on ideology towards progressive utopia but NOT America.


Global warming is a bigger danger to our nation than the sadistic fusion of Islamo-fascism?


The PRINCE OF HATRED is trashing America on another apology tour but we must endure.


Obama and supporters are drunk on ideology towards progressive utopia but NOT America.


Trashing our honor, traditions and image: This vandal gets away with it as the nation is finished.


Hillary: the third term of the Barry O man-child administration and for sure END of the nation.


A billion to bring Trump down & the kids are believin' it. He's a nice man but they aren't seein' it.


Disgusting wimps and krazy kollege kids are so weak and dumb they won't fight the scum.


Marches behind social justice while protecting it's own privileges: that's the liberal college.


                 WHAT IDIOTS SAY

"If we're really sweet to people who wanna kill us and take our land away it'll ALL BE OK".


When there's a tsunami flood of immigrants you're gonna wish you hadn't been so ignorant.


Liberals are the only people who think we can live with those who want to rape and kill us.


Flocks of obsessed human rights defenders feel the urge to reprimand us & of course they curse.


Marches behind social justice while protecting it's own privileges: that's the liberal colleges.


TSUNAMI: immigrants start breaking into houses then police are told to stand down by louses.

Top of Form


You can appreciate all cultures if they remain DISTINCT but a big global mob really stinks.

Bottom of Form


They're cutting off heads and seared consciences don't even care but Donald Trump has heart/flair.


GLOBALISM is NOT about different flavors but the LOWEST COMMON denominator.


ULTRA WIZARD LEFTIST TROLLING. By now they're master manipulators & very controlling.


Ultra level trolling by the left is usually incendiary and ridiculous but Trump is always victorious.


The left wants to maintain it's PRIVILEGES while they make US PAY and aren't we sick of this?


The AFFLUENT LEFT won't give up their homes to immigrants but make us do it--thanks.


The liberal votes to make society pay but it's NEVER HIM that sacrifices/goes without--NO WAY.


NEWSPAPERS take direct orders from owners and THAT'S what you're getting: gophers.


It's not NEWS it's management groups trying to control public opinion so we all must avoid em.


The NEWS is always used as propaganda and it's the end of TV EXCEPT lovely old movies.


Fired news anchors always spill the beans about CONTROLLED INFO you get--it's obscene.


A socialist is: a pile of horse manure that thinks it's smart. That's 60% of college kids--no heart.


There's only TWO THINGS out there: Tyranny and conquest OR liberty and freedom.


Army of darkness: a braindead zombie force bred by television and it is dangerous & crazy.


These are the ENEMY SOLDIERS: the ZOMBIE FORCE. Don't laugh at this, it is no farce.


We're not to "stereotype" but cultural psychology is a hard science and some are VIOLENT.


Students of HISTORY know the Assyrians were the cruelest of all--are Syrians related at all?


All cultures are NOT alike and the West is the best. We don't crap in streets, that's the test.


The WHITE WEST was tendered by the Renaissance--making man more humane of course.


Cruel to animals & crap in the streets--that's most of the world & they're coming here? Please!


Are we LED by people who don't have a clue, or are they trashing us on purpose/making us blue?


Get this: Liberals HATE low taxes/regulations, prosperity, and well-protected freedoms.


The RENAISSANCE brought man's refinement evoking his true genius--NOT violence.


LIBERALS LOVE ISLAM yet there is no rights & freedoms, showing us who THEY are, amen.


Many slaves were WHITE and the biggest slave owners were BLACK: check this fact.


HUMAN RIGHTS are totally lacking in these countries yet liberals LOVE these evil commies.


Liberals love Islam which throws gays off buildings & stones women--are they heartless vermin?


Them trying to hold on to gravy train [open borders profit] brought a backlash vs the ILLIGIT.


Stifling OPPORTUNITY is how liberals broke the back of the middle class thru super pacs.


We've LOST the American work ethic that made us great--a SAD CHANGE into third rate.


CORRUPTION and nonsensical ideology: That's the left in control over us w/out apology.


The TRADE DEALS are the greatest treachery against our people since our beginnings--evil.


Trump is the only one against the policy of MASS MIGRATION used to level our great nation.


The MEDIA is trying to divide this country WHILE BLAMING Trump and supporters for it, ok?


I'm not bragging I just know what I'm talking about. The globalists want the bad in/good out.


We're moving to a safer state. Low regulations/taxes & right to self-defense make it great.


Trump is about Preserving and Expanding the American Dream while Ridding us of Fiends.


Trump subjects U.S. TRADE deals to a cost-benefit analysis vis-a-vis cold national interest.


Obama is a red diaper baby: son of a radical American communist & pornographer, ok?


FACTS not ideology determine reality. So REFUSE to succumb to false narratives [silly].


Liberals are all about appeasement: If Muslims attack it's due to something WE did to them.


"Capitulate to the Muslims or they'll attack" is the leftist's plan teamed with our enemies: FACT.


Trump may not be a great statesman but will surround himself with the BEST for his plans.


They're creating a MIND CONTROL PERCEPTION that Trump's going down--a TRICK, profound.


A BILLION to bring Trump down--that's why we're told this crap but our boy's still BIG in town.


If MEXICO doesn't stop dumping criminals on us Trumps gonna come after them--BIG FUSS.


Don't listen to ANYTHING Fox has to say. They've got an agenda so it's ALL bull, but hey!


The liberals like Obama are trying to destroy this country. That's the bottom line, honey.


Obama's a lot more than mere incompetence. It's a giant global plan and he's the front man.


We're told to look for COVERT racism wherever we go. This is just a mind-rape, you know.


If they're effective & tell the truth they're BANNED. That tells you who's in control & their plans.


Trump's the only nationalist in a field of globalists. Everything he says is about that, the gist.


A BIG FRAUD is taking place and they think you're so dumb you'll accept it/not save face.


Christians now know they don't need a pres. who's LIKE them just one who doesn't HATE them.


The IDEOLOGY of trade surrendering and currency cheating is LIBERAL AND MEAN.


There's a CONSEQUENCE to liberal governance in your city and it is horrible [not pretty].


ALL TV EVEN FOX dump on Trump 24 hours a day so the public is turned OFF, going away.


Once a culture goes under centralized control it ALWAYS collapses but liberals want our ashes.


Whenever you hear words like "sustainable" or Yale, think liberal. The brightest are fools.


Cultural psychology is a hard science: states and regions ARE different, not by chance.


There are fools in Washington but also TRAITORS. Power brings out the evil inner nature.


SOCIALISTS are either traitors are fools. For you're not gonna get a thing esp. good schools.


I can't believe what jerks liberals are. They are so hateful and insulting--so below par.


Anyone who's a socialist is my natural enemy. Cuz that's communal mediocrity not me and Thee.


Lindsay Lohan now a student of Islam. Desperate for attention that seems the way, no kiddin'.


Since God establishes borders of nations, Satan is trying to ERASE these foundations.


Liberals want to kill innocent babies in the womb but keep murderers alive--that's true, no jive.


What passes for IQ is social hypnotism. The herd thinks it's TRUTH only because it's IN.


Liberals want babies killed not hardened criminals and I've had enough of these fools.


Christians can mal-adapt to liberals by getting sicker than them, who control like scum.


The bathroom thing is a fork in the road--the litmus test of sanity and who's a prince or a toad.


Liberals wanna kill babies and let criminals go free. This is the type of those hating liberty.


Christians get MUCH sicker adapting to liberals than the controllers themselves--OUCH!


Based on a FALSE PREMISE: liberals proliferate rules, regulations and perverse relations.


Liberals wanna kill babies & let criminals go free and these haters of liberty STINK to me.


There IS a cultural psychology to regions and states. Utah is great but ____ and ____ I hate.


My mind snapped when Obama got in. Now with the prospect of Trump, I am well again!


Cultural Marxism is involved with sexual perversion. Think of the sixties hippies [& education].


Arrest development in the population and you can induce mass mental illness in them.


When Christians adapt to liberals they get much sicker then the latter takes control--the kicker.


The minute I entered school I felt out of place and panic-stricken as my soul was sickened.


There's a global depopulation plan and it's not just abortions--also chemtrails & vaccinations.


Liberals are arrogant creeps. That's the truth peeps so now clear em out: CLEAN SWEEP.

Globalism is: we get communism but they're offshore and exempt. They're neat, we're unkempt.


Stripped of TRUE rights we're given FAUX rights: to go to the wrong bathroom w/out a fight.


God uses the ungodly to accomplish his plans when the godly can't fill the bill nor understand.


Only SIX PERCENT trust in the mainstream media--it is ONLY evil and devious tedium.


They play it up! It's show business for ugly people. Lame-stream news are liars & evil.


As the PUBLIC buys into the BULL there's more delusion, mental illness & numbskulls.


They USE the crises they've created to get more control. That's the globalists in a nutshell.


They wanna be on a hill with helicopters while we're down here in shacks paying a high tax.


It's not a "conspiracy theory" but in front of us, happening--while liberals stay blind, napping.


You have so much to be proud of in yourself. You're not a liberal and love God & the True Self.


TRUMPISTS are the smartest and most highly educated people but libs call them dumb and evil.


SO WHAT if he's repetitive--some things demand underscoring and his IMPLORING is never boring.


JACOBINS: "Out of chaos, order". First you gotta create the CHAOS & that's on the borders.


Nazis were radical homosexual socialists and now they're the bathroom rights antagonists.


Love of little babies the liberals call "fetal idolatry" cuz they're so cold-blooded about their atrocity.


Giant golden parachute while she's firing people--that's Carly Fiorina, another globalist evil.


I used to think if we put women in power everything would be better but I grew beyond this fetter.


Some religions equate being very social with godliness. Thus the introvert is evil, I guess.


Many confuse being "social" with being Christian. Learn to say "NO" and get something done.


It's GANGS disguised as "peace groups". That's the leftist vermin to whom you must not stoop.


Have you seen the racism of a black guy punching an innocent white man in the head, dead?


Obama released the tattooed gang bangers just in time for the election--and no objection.


Krazy Kollege Kids have gotten away with blocking speech for so long: entitled & headstrong.


La RAZA is causing the riots egged on by leftist vermin as George Soros supports & intensifies it.


The protestors are Maoist youth brigades funded by major corporations wanting globalism.


Beck calls Trumpians "morons and uneducated hicks". It's really the opposite, but that's politics.


There's a psychology to regions and states. Where I live now: LIBERTY, California: TYRANNY


It's way better getting out of liberalville California. Tho' it's going pro-Trump, it's about the liberal aura.


They've all gone along with the crap and perversions he has propounded as president.


They're teaching "fake rebellion". Stirring things up so they really feel like truly abused victims.


VICTORY arrives from {1} confidence and {2} historical understanding of how the enemy operates.


There's an attack on the species by a guild of psychopaths that must be defeated--BELIEVE IT.


I have the inside on PETA and it's NOT what you think of it. Actually it is OPPOSITE, not legit.


They intend to take over entirely, but all they do is sow the seeds of their own destruction, mightily.


There's a chance we won't go into destruction but Trump will save us instead, no need to dread.

Top of Form

Top of Form


History shows: evil is weak, but wins by convincing people they have no power/are up a creek.

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form


I was exhausted--beaten down, couldn't get thru to anyone but now it's turned around: REVOLUTION.


We want property rights and our FREEDOMS for EVERYONE not this fake crap like victimization.


Let's toast to the collapsing phony leftist media! Finally arrogance shuts those up loving Obama.


Keep the momentum going [we're not snatched from the jaws of hell yet] but awareness is showing.


Liberals--fake pseudo-intellectuals--aren't laughing now! Soon we're rid of those who love Mao.


He senses destiny and loves America and prosperity. It's VICTORY & we're celebrating today.


This is a victory FOR THE PEOPLE! A Revitalization Movement and Donald Trump is only the symbol.


The TRAITORS wanna tax us for the air we breathe. So of course it's TRUMP in whom we believe.


We've been held back [censured] by liberals for forty years! This is EXPLOSIVE after many tears.


ARROGANT LIBERALS SAID "We are sovereigns--you don't get to vote" as leftist insanity spoke.


"WE ARE ROYALTY" the arrogant creeps said. Jewels in pig snouts describe the leftist scumbags.


We must ATTACK THE TYRANNY of political correctness blocking our speech--that is KEY.


Trump has the CAPABILITY to mold us to a NEW NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY & it's our heyday.


The AGE OF COWARDICE is coming to an end and the AGE OF MEN will now return, amen!


COAL is the cheapest and cleanest but since the shutdowns we now pay twice as much, no jest!


"End poverty in all its forms everywhere" is a blatant commitment to wealth-distributing Marxism.


As sex becomes mundane, doctors ask voyeuristic questions and there is no more shame.


FI: Feminist Influence, or FI: Feminine Influence. One is BAD and the other is GOOD, understood?


We're becoming polygamy-friendly & appeasing Islam by guillotine execution of political enemies.


Trump's is a message of COMMON SENSE cuz we're being led by stupid evil people & pretense.


The NAZIS were national socialists. It has NEVER worked but dumbass liberals still insist.


Many were held down by liberals in their family. It took em decades of dung to see the true enemy.


100 million killed pursuant to socialism. Yet liberals STILL want it, ignoring any and all criticism.


BUILD HIM UP. The feminists put men & marriage as the adversary--the END of you and me.


Trump could save the west! He could save us from disasters like London's Muslim mayor.


SECURITY, borders, one-man-one-vote. That's the free nation that the liberals seek to demote.


TRUMP is the antidote to Obama [god of gas]: He's heaven's escape from the criminal class.


Subterfuge is over as the mask ripped off to reveal a phony in the whitehouse & criminal takeover.

Despite globalism we must hold people accountable at the local level and THEN we get the devil.


He was handpicked to be the murderer of the TRUTH and our national security: SMOOTH.


Of course, dummy--we gotta have borders. Otherwise other countries will take us over.

Only BETA males act dominant--true ALPHAS are seething with energy & more confident.


The Bible, US constitution and Bill of Rights: our common cultural heritage is worthy of the fight.


Liberals are beta male wanna-be elitists who are against our guns so they may defeat us.


OUR COAL could burn for 1000 years and it's completely clean in the scrubbers, Obummer!


They wanna make us dependent and dumb us down. It's all SPIN cuz they see us as clowns.


SUCCESS THRU CONQUEST always degenerates and implodes--we're seeing it, you know?


Megalomaniacs go ALL THE WAY when cornered and that's why they've taking it this far.


Under Trump the WORLD will be rid FOR GOOD of globalist deals destroying nationhood.


Trump'll get us outa the woods where the globalists took everything we owned just cuz they could.


California was terrible and I never knew why I was so miserable until I saw it was the liberals.


The ultra-rich are funding collectivism because they're EXEMPT from it being offshore--TREASON.


The more criminals get away with something the more necklace they get [and it's their neck].


They're so into the PERKS they feel infallible and invincible and that BLINDS THE JERKS.


Delusions of megalomania: With more power they feel invincible & it's death from schizophrenia.


ARROGANCE won't back off--feeling invincible--and so inevitably LOSES [inversion principle].


The MEDIA promotes pure death, anti-free market and anti-family: Get offa that thing, really.


Globalism: a bunch of special interests screwing over the nation state & that's why Trump is irate.


The REP party died long ago but is rising again thru Trump--It's the phoenix, destiny, outa the slump.


They want world gov as it's eugenics--playing God, but moving into open they're seen as clods.


All media is just priming your mind with predictive programming so you'll accept evil in the future.


As they dig their grave they continue to act as though they're all the rave--that's the sinner, ok?


If you want prosperity elect someone who doesn't hate America or have it out for the West.


The Priebus-Ryan plan to steal what the PEOPLE WANT has been exposed [they can't pull it off].


Hidden they had power but once totalitarians are revealed they begin to fall from their tower.


Our children are prepped to go to college and get into debt. Then they're socialists, all wet.


The gender debate is to confuse and sexualize children--perversion even worse then Bill Clinton.


Perversion-training of kids is a way totalitarians BULLY US--a reality rape, can't you see this?


Paul Ryan is the BOY TOY of the house. It's a bunch of guys in fancy offices delusional in their suits.


In every SLAVE CULTURE the women have authority over the men--it's an INVERTED SYSTEM.


The men are arrested development babies and the the wife plays their mom, not a true lady.


Soak the resources, pit us against each other, create huge complexes to track & carry out their plans.


Traitors like Paul Ryan want a place at the table after selling us completely out till we're crippled.


We've been CONQUERED by foreign multinational interests but who are also stinking perverts.


We're in the clutches of a big ol' mean snake. It's trying to swallow a bull and it's a big mistake.


They wanna make us slaves and mount our head on the wall and TELL US we're obsolete/will fall.


Paul Ryan is a sell-out in the right suit: arrogant, frat boy, just a kid, nobody, punk, piece of crap.


They bring five million Jihadis in to attack--and when they do attack, I have to lose more liberty?


To pseudo-intellectual leftists: YOU'RE IN A CULT--the mere fact it's allied with Islam, you know it.


Goal: Flood nation states, get em fighting with each other, have no excellence w/them over us.


The GLOBALISTS are on power-mad trips with the info they've stolen from humanity--think of this.


The globalists are using psych warfare to overthrow reality so you'll give in/let them win eventually.


The oldest trick in combat is to BLUFF you're the victor hoping the adversary concedes a loss.


Turning our world upside down by making us accept philosophical garbage and pure rubbish.


They're bringing down the WEST by flooding us with the DREGS saying it's for the BEST.


Paul Ryan is a globalist subversive like many others we trusted. Pay attention then get disgusted!


The RINOS have divided the country, destroyed its borders and empowered its enemies.


FLIP-FLOP: When suddenly you hate em. The ones you trusted in government, family or friends.


LEGACY OF PERVERSION. Obama's last antic will become his memory: bathroom buffoonery.


Friends & enemies are putting their country above ours, so we must defend the stripes & stars.


Globalism is communism which has never worked, leading to corruption and poverty [no perks].


In communism you're given the bare minimum--you get only what THEY decide to give, amen?


Competition breeds out bad: capitalism is self-correcting, communism is turgid/entrenching.


Capitalism rewards the bright and energetic, communism rewards the dull, lazy and pathetic.


Euphemism of the Obama administration: Criminals are called "justice involved individuals".


Bathroom "incidents" will be the beginning of the end of the public school system as we know it.


The psychotic leftist academics are the dumbest yet most destructive of all: they are a total menace.


The self-hating pathological white GUILT has stripped our resources against being milked.


I never thought I'd live in a time where my own president would bring down his own country.


It's the Islamization of America combined with the criminalization of patriots long since forsaken.


The devil gets down & dirty in the short time he has left. Count on it: a HUGE FALSE FLAG I'll bet.


Too lazy to study they don't know what it means & don't understand what they're giving up.


Colleges create the insane, crazed, diabolic demand that no one EVER give anyone ANY OFFENSE.


Self-contradictory and hypocritical, they are inveterate facile LIARS. GET AWAY, go higher.


Lowlife narcissist: Sensitivity to rebuff from those above, hatred and disdain for those beneath.


Spoiled rotten brats: oligarchs. Diabolical narcissists hate helping people and love to ruin/cripple.


Myth of integration: Muslims in Europe are getting MORE radicalized with time, NOT LESS.


You can't give a free lunch and not put a wall around it. This is a sinking ship, think about it.


They want consolidation so make order out of CHAOS by getting more control of the nation.


The bathroom fallacy: ideologically extreme, scientifically baseless and hateful of democracy.


TAKE JOY. For this is the breaking point we need to swing back to reality: the parental backlash!


Political correctness gets you to turn off you instincts, life force and common sense: cultural suicide.


A non-feminist [PRO LIFE] female is RARE and that's why the emotionally deprived stare.


We're on this trip together--a rocky road--so just remember you're the prince and they're the toad.


A nation of sheep ruled by wolves--we've already submitted to liberals so now just be Muslims ourselves.

Send us their WORSE people but refusing the same--calling us "racists" like we're to blame.


It's getting so discouraging I want to stop posting but because of Jesus I just keep hoping.


Liberals use "justice" to get their way but conservatives first want "FREEDOM" each and every day.


Vladimir: We HATE him and her. Can you join with Trump to be our visionary & hope to be freer?


The WHITE MAN didn't start slavery, he ENDED it. He didn't usurp discovery, he INVENTED IT.


MAO was a mass murderer but the KIDS love him wearing T-shirts of him, Che Guevara and Hitler.


CLINTON LEGACY: Wall street payback, offshoring & foreign wars--and you want MORE?


Even PEDOPHILIA goes mainstream after gay marriage lowered the bar, releasing evil galore.


The candidate of RECKLESS FOREIGN INTERVENTION is the most dangerous: Hillary Clinton.


The Clinton's massive wealth came from auctioning U.S. policies thru State Dept. & their Foundation.


God says to separate from evil. We are NOT "ONE" but thru BORDERS stay a sweet people.


DON'T TELL ME we're on the same level. That's communism and it's ONLY the new age devil.


Hillary wants to disarm vulnerable Americans in high-crime neighborhoods, understood?


"Heartless Hillary" is an apt name as the disarmed/vulnerable Americans are killed or maimed.


Guns defeat violent crime a million times a year [look it up] so it's heartless Hillary we must stop.


GUNS are the Great Equalizer for women, children & the elderly yet you want heartless Hillary?


Hillary wants the WORST criminals released--she wants these animals on the streets!


Hillary wants to take our guns just as hardened criminals are released on the streets: Is God pleased?


ANTI-GUN executive orders is the behavior of a DICTATOR yet you dumb liberals highly rate her?


The more LOCAL the more you as an INDIVIDUAL are the FOCAL not the nightmare of GLOBAL.


Since Americans were decent, law-abiding but freedom-loving people we stayed separate from evil.


Evil spirits infect REGIONS--like osmosis as it creeps into the hearts & souls of innocent Americans.


Americans have been wimped until their WILL TO SELF-DEFENSE is lost and their dreams tossed!


There was an urgent time when Hitler threatened to conquer our world: a time like THIS, for sure.


You mean to tell me you don't want SEPARATION from people who cut off hands & heads & the feds?


Thru your CENSORSHIP you degraded intelligence--then friends & family became a dunce.


Hillary wants to take away our ONLY MEANS OF SURVIVAL: in horribleness there is no rival.


Good bye Barrack. Don't let the door hit you in the ass and on any more democrats we'll pass.


There is NOT ONE but TWO paths: one narrow to God and one WIDE conforming to the mob.


Anti-intellectual elitism dismisses science/history, replaced by self-righteous ignorance/gullibility.


Does just being a WOMAN make her good? Heck no--more often than not it's a heart of WOOD.


Donald Trump LOVES DOGS. He doesn't hate em like the Muslims cuz he's of the TRUE GOD.


SISTER: You put me down then worship a career criminal like Hillary Clinton and even her Mister?


DISTORTED, TWISTED WORLDVIEWS: that's the common trendy in the West, spoiled rotten too.


VENEZUELA wanted "equality" so ended up with absolutely NOTHING: Socialism ain't loving.


Economic collapse from a centralized, interventionist economy & you want this here, a monstrosity?


Watch how ENLIGHTENMENT is a chain reaction. All they need is someone reaching out to them.


NOWHERE IN HISTORY has there been a leader where everything is a lie causing so much misery.


THEY GET OFF on lying to their audience as we confuse his spiffy looks/glibness for "goodness".


Why is Lynch GIVEN to being such a FRONTWOMAN for these despicable murders by vermin?


Christians don't kill gays, they pray for them. Muslims kill em even though they're one of em.


The answer to all this perversion is the STATES SHOULD DECIDE, since with globalists morality died.


They took over but now that the hoax is gone--it's GAME OVER! We've won, the freedom-lovers.


Venezuelan violence is endemic to socialism--and Bernie/Hillary want to bring it here, like a prison.


PEOPLE ARE SICK of the social warrior garbage: "Do what I say or you're a racist" [HEARTLESS].


ISLAM is political movement masquerading as religion and until we see that we cannot defeat them.


The social warrior children will never get a job in the real world--there's a karma [see God's word].


Liberals HAD IT OUT for conservative Christians and it got dirty. But now it's reversing, surely.


TO THINK how we had to adapt to their filthiness. Tho' we're all sinners, at least we rejected this.


Christians were TORMENTED in their secular families: Made to feel like small and stupid anomalies.


OUR TIME HAS COME: No longer called dumb by liberals [until we BECAME it from being numb].


Nothing feels so good as inversion of systems as the bottom becomes the top & they're all flops!


ENONTIODROMIA: A life phase when everything REVERSES as we rise up & God fills our purses!


The TRUTH can no longer be suppressed! IT'S OUT and we're gonna win [no more depressed]!


It's a WAR between those who want the new world order vs. the constitution and the founders!


Christians who mal-adapted to liberal logic by lives tragic will now have a REBOUND: fantastic!


You will NOW SEE God's vengeance on those who held you down while YOU become renowned!


It was simply tragic how God-lovers adapted to liberal logic for 40 years but now life is magic!


MANY had liberals in their families--SERIAL BULLIES! They ruined our lives but now it's all goodies.


Now the Superior Man comes from the periphery to the center, cuz he repented after being a sinner.


Disgusting, criminal, ruthless, heartless Hillary witch--and your sister's voting for this bitch?


WE'VE ALREADY WON just by getting Trump in. Just by bringing out the truth, God's in agreement.


This creeping Sharia is the biggest threat to western freedom but they can't see that, amen?


The most advanced countries are declining--going out of business. It's a holocaust but God will bless.


Their fertility rate is a key element of CONQUEST. No matter how much it hurt.


This conquest is SUBTLE: But the moment you recognize it, it's like cancer--you extinguish it.


The bathroom issue is simply the Tyranny of the Minority meant to destroy culture & ALL decency.


DEMONS come from lack of moral hardline-ness. All you preachers out there should know this.


They got a useless education & now it's weaponized so they can't see how they've been paralyzed.


The social justice warriors are leading us into ROAD WARRIOR & that's a mob and roving terror.


GUNS ARE THE EQUALIZER for kids and old ladies. If she wants to destroy that, she's the ENEMY.


My relative age 102 said cycles get SO BAD then swing back to normalcy all thru the centuries.


These violent liberals are like maggots on a dead cow: perverted, obscene, filthy and very mean.


GLOBALISM: The left is their takeover arm, but they use compliant people on the right as well.


It's "IN" to hate Trump but you gotta think for yourself, stupid. Vote right & the bands of evil loosens.


San Diegans for Trump! San Diego was the most liberal but look at this: a complete reversal!


How to conquer a civilization: CONFUSE 'em. Trump is de-confusing and thus we love 'im.


It's an inveterate clique of evil doers and sellouts--who dress & talk nice as culture dies no doubt.


First they come for the poets and cartoonists as they have MOST POWER in the body politic.


Guns are the great equalizer for old ladies & children yet you wanna give them to Hillary Clinton?


Conquer by confusing us, saying there's no boys or girls--good grief that's why we're losin' it.


The GOOD LEADER reminds the people of the DIFFERENCE between freedom and slavery.


The NUMBER ONE SHAMER of decent Americans is in the whitehouse and he's a fake, man.


He's a SLAVE to dictators and is a DICTATOR to his own people and believe me it's total evil.


Mr. President, we're bring a CENSURE MOTION today for your despicable behavior in Japan.


I believe NO MAN could fail to drop the bomb and look his countrymen in the face. Truman


It's NOT that he's DOING IT--he's BEEN doing it--but that he KEEPS doing it & you accept it.


It's not an indifferent but a SUPINE congress. They're flat on their back allowing this awful mess.


To MAKE CLEAR the words of the tribe: That's our job as artists on cultural treachery we describe.


A nation can survive fools and the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within. Cicero


He appeals to baseness lying deep in the hearts of all men while he rots the soul of a nation.


He lied about history and created a false moral equivalency between us and them [ugly and gory].


The gov. should not pick winners & losers but lift obstacles to innovation like SWAT abusers.


The America I love accounted for 90% of the world's greatest inventions, so shut up man.


Not the deeds but the IDEAS of America are what shake the globalists to their core, hah.


America was EXCEPTIONAL by every benchmark or historical eye, not mean/mediocre as he belies.


United we stand, divided we GO EXTINCT. That is the stake--the fork in the road--and it stinks.


GREENISM IS A SCAM: It's crony capitalism, shutting down competition & giving bids to buddies, man.


The self-inflicted curse is called "political correctness" but I tell you truthfully, it is mental illness.


CYCLES: It's when things get WORSE that revival COMES. There is great suffering, then the fun.


The Creator made TWO sexes, each beautifully crafted to fit with & meet the needs of the other.


Venezuela-style Politics of Poverty: That's the modern democrats and Hillary Clinton, really!


You can always count on Americans to do the right thing--after trying everything else. -Winston Churchhill


A real man is ready to manage people, knowing they're ALL gonna criticize him: the inferiors ravin'.


KIDS are social justice warriors & clearly inferior as they mimic evil of which they are followers.


God sees the truth but WAITS. The PATRIOTS see the amoral traitor but also know his end fate.


These arrogant kids scare me. There is no respect, no dignity--they are so obscene, really.


They were taught NO boundaries, no limits: the unfathomably evil direction of mental midgets.


These arrogant upstarts call you "old" when they fail to find a flaw. There is no respect, avoid the fog.


It's an HISTORICAL turning point: A hero is risen to dismantle the evil tyranny God did not anoint.


He'll dismantle the EVIL FEDERAL DICTATES and send it all back to US: the people and the states.


It all comes together in a PERSONALITY toppling the old regime, settling doubts about fiends.


The rebels don't know how to think, they're crazy and fanatic: lewd dumbasses & they stink.


They LIE by minimizing the data: trivializing what is most important or deflecting to trivia.