The Art of Energy Transformation

Neurosis is being split. Born whole, we mal-adapted to rejection which became an introjection seeking a fix. This work re-integrates this split and the result is your rare spirit: the way things were at the beginning before sinning.




All success attraction

All disease obstruction

All recovery elimination

















Here is the progression of the theory: first we mal-adapt to sick systems, then get wrapped up in cycles of our own addiction to palliate the hurt and constant dull drag.  This makes us susceptible to dense environments which eventually bottoms out.    That brings apperture syndrome:  a psychic opening into clarity and a transformed life of the happy right brain where everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle:  this is our destiny.  Now we have access to the mind of God, creator-intelligence as we become hyper-creative all day not irritably meddling over people problems.   What a joy when blocked energy becomes clear.



1  Introduction

2  Humane Systems

3  MultiAdaptations

4  Cycles of Addiction

5  Social Reinforcements

6  Mal-Adaptations to Fear

7  Dense Energy Environments

8  Psychic Opening and Clarity

9  Epilogue:  Right-Brain Living

10  A Path of the Heart is Superior

 11  All Genius is Creator-Intelligence

 12  Making Gold is Energy Transformation




A New Bio-Psychology Matrix based on Einstein Physics and a Manual for the Superior Man




The Champion Guides Series are Culture-Changing Classics Dealing with the Struggles of Genius in Overcoming Obstruction.  Your Time Will Come if You Faint Not.




It's all just energy.

All gravity attraction.

There is no time or space.



 Perfection in this view is the absence of obstruction, the biggest being people and habits.  This all becomes blocked energy which makes you impotent in achieving your goals:


Einstein said "God is not a magician--He's a scientist".

All one needs is the simple key:  purify, and sprout naturally.  The superior man transcends all systems and cycles holding him down. 



The Key is Wholeness After the Split:



In my goal to integrate emotions

by resolving contradictions

and unifying opposites


I seek to debunk an institution

to reveal an illusion


By engaging you the seeker

in my recorded perceptions


Of the simple obvious and

beautiful complexity of nature--

systems and cycles


To which blindness is our sickness

and clarity is our health:


Pure Gold





Fear every voice which calls you to partake of the world.  You are in  the world but not of it. Keep this distinction clear.    Psalm 27



 People will drive you crazy if you let them.  Don't mal-adapt to the stunted, the emotionally blunted, the hypnotized, the lazy or misinformed.   Be alone for awhile while you climb higher:  that larger perception will solve all your problems, which lie outside your present frame of reference:




There is no problem that cannot be solved by rising to a higher level of awareness.  As our vision widens we feel unity with ourselves and others: In peace we gain tremendous power, and this is Gold.


To make gold we melt opposites in the nervous system. It is your emotional reaction to the following concepts which is the spiritual link to awarenessenergy, light, wisdom and joy.


Through explosions of awareness the new theory becomes part of the tissues and a new world is created hypnotically.



The test of discovery is: Does It Work?



Creative discoverers have always had this childlike fascination about the perfect perplexity of nature and I as a psychologist feel this about human systems:  they fit together perfectly and predictably.  The system held down through blocked neurotic energy is a maelstrom of inner haunted houses, archetypes and gripes.  Money and popularity make no difference here:  being out of grace you've entered the devil's sphere.   More than anything else we must stay clear:  watch your aimless, sultry or turgid past-times and also the beer.



Science was born out of the awe  men felt for their universe and their place in it.  Einstein's finding that it's all just energy opens up whole new horizons: the spirit world.  In an Einsteinian Universe, if clear  we attract all as our talents and true genius are released.  But if  dense and closed  we drop off and fall down--an overnight success becomes a shameful failure.  What obstructs (better stay clear):  people, habit and food.  It sounds simple but clarity is a rare achievement of the Superior Man.  This Superior Man is evolving and he's as clear as the sky.






Open this  book anywhere to resolve your state of perplexity.  Ponder a segment (the archetypes and implications of each) or read in sequence as the spirit moves you.  Synchronistically, chance favors a willing mind.







Take it from someone who went through this a million times before getting clear:  that means free of the influence of introjects--that is being a seer.



The herd is working to break your mind, tame your goals and shoot you down.  You know it  as indicated by flip-flops, nonverbal slights and rebuffs, whisperings, harsh words and evident gossip. 



Work (inspiration) stops and you fall back into your past:  Your mind is now tracked into old fear, guilt and low self-esteem templates created by old systems keeping you down. 


Stop, yoke to God and relax.  Allow time to ponder the situation by opening up to nature and divine reality.  In one sweeping revelation you see:  There are always an infinite number of problems but only one solution:  repentance. 


Though we may slip we intend to do right and God reads the heart.  Having released the old  burdens of dead habit, self-esteem alights and you snap back to center: happy, healthy and holy.  You are now God-centered and receive His power as the Created and Creator properly unite.





Purpose: To Reveal the Block to your Breakthrough



1 Daily Fastarian

2 Just Skip Dinner

3 How to Make Gold

4 Ageless Cornucopia

5 Arts of Paleo-Fasting

6 Churchman.Alcoholics

7 Fruits of Fasting Stars

8 The Psyche of Sensuality

9 The Contagion of Madness

10 Champion Guides (Original)





I dedicate this book series to

children and animals: the innocent will of  God,

and to all Gods Elect to overcome obstacles and

make amazing new dents. To go fast forward, fast (fly),

separate and repent!



Psychology through Art Mode


Sun-moon-stars! Few are clear enough to enjoy the pleasures of the higher senses, since man is fogged by distraction.  But there is a way: In the pulls of gravity in an Einsteinian Universe, like attracts like in the Law of Affinity, and fasting acts as a magnet for mass  attractions to the True Self.









See the Gold of an orderly universe where synchronicity reigns.  The following concepts will strike awe at the lawful patterns of nature, while instantly snapping you  out of the old life of petty problems.  Obstruction is a rut,  jam and a drag--so as  the old tapes of isolation and failure are debunked, a new beautiful reality is created.  It is the shock of recognition of cultural patterns keeping you dense which bring psychic opening into clarity.  You must be stronger than society, by seeing through it.  You must lose your depraved respect for humanity and replace it with utter respect for your Creator.  Your problem is fear of man (status-tension leading to frustration-aggression), feeling less than.



Magic Synchronicity


To ancient Orientals and modern physicists, details are important only by how they fit the whole.  Their major concern is the coincidental "fit" in each moment: magic synchronicity.



Karen Kellock Ph.D.