Signs of Deficiency:  bloat, irritability, cravings, memory loss, muscle tissue loss, B12 deficiencies.  It is the lack of vital nutrients found only in animal products that are causing these problems.


Ever heard of a peaches n cream complexion?  This is lacto-fruitarianism.   The subject of this chapter is the effects of B-12 and other deficiencies of the vegan diet.  Lacto-fruitarianism is a good compromise ensuring freedom from deficiency while allowing you to stay on a predominantly fruit-fastarian diet if you choose.


Besides fruit, lacto would be something like a organic cream-superfood smoothie or  doughless pizza:  it's easy to fast after that and you'll look young and vital even in your nineties.  Humans are omnivorous--they are fat-frugivores: animal food-eaters who also eat fruit. 


They are seekers of dense nutrition as well as juicy fruit:  Man needs animal protein and longterm fruitarian/vegans often go insane since we need fat on the  brain.   Long term vegans report falling out hair, teeth problems, memory and muscle loss, depression, fatigue and weight-gain.  


But there are those among you who just cannot eat meat--you cant get beyond the animal-on-the-plate.  Lacto was the bridge for me.   If one   lived on a small farm with a goat,  giving her pasture and protection in exchange for  provision would be a normal way to live.  


Cute at 90. If you wish to remain fruitarian a little raw cheese is the way to do it safely:  if from a humane dairy there is no loss of life and the cow or goat has free pasture and milk left over for the calf.  60% of the world lives on dairy and the longest lived cultures eat cheese.  


Hindus and yogis in India found they could not sustain on just fruits and vegetables but deficiencies  were instantly cleared up just by adding raw milk.  The Ghandi diet is milk, nuts and fruit.  Be ageless:  even in old age, skin like silk.


 For me a long-term fruitarian who had the habit of eating crates of grapes and dates, the tendency towards hyper-insulinism was so great that  just one piece of fruit brought on zigzags of headaches, nervousness, moodiness, bloat, cravings and constricted breathing. 


Bridge to bliss.  In an amazing discovery I found instantaneous recovery by switching [i.e. reversal dieting] to animal fat.  Cheese was a de-bloater with an instant slimming function.  Through fat-fasting I was stabilized and my diet was non-sweet fruit, dairy and nuts with daily fasting after lunch.  Life took off with creative hunch.


Having overcome the dead duo of  B-12 deficiency and insulin resistance the body  revived, the mind restored and my work came out.  The FTT problem--the failure to thrivewas gone.  Stop wasting time with inferior foods and dogmatic forums, so disconfirming and rude.




Peace is: no cravings. Lacto-fruitarianism refers to fruitarianism with dairy.  Dairy is not paleo, its  agricultural.  But milk and cheese precede the farming age by at least 20,000 years (Billings) and far exceed beans and grains which are dangerous to the immune systemthey make no sense as the body only responds to the logic of fauna and fruit.


Historical mainstay: Cheese is much older than agriculture as the nomadic goat-herders throughout the world used it as a way of storing milk for the winter.   The ancient Greek Olympiads were put on exclusive cheese diets and it was the main staff of Mongol warriors.




The lesson:   Dogma kills.  Reason kills.   The bigger lesson:   we cannot listen to anyone--theyre all hypnotized by whatever the current dogma is.  I cannot stress this point enough.  People are hypnotized by each other, by current forces and the desire to be trendy. 


See through utopian cults, gurus and leaders.  For only a very few are independent thinkers with the strength to go against falsehood.  The rest cannot see this larger picture--they doggedly maintain the party line like swine, staying enmeshed in a previous matrix made obsolete by a new one: that's the human mind.


Never forget the characteristic of any pre-revolutionary era [whether in art, science or politics] is confusion, masked by phobic superstitions and myth!  What one person sees as mucus-production (bad), another sees as adequate protein (good)--and watch out for the "shoulds".


 Man loves nuts, but invariably someone says dont eat too manythey are fatty.    Yet for some  the more nuts  the better  the elimination  because the colon needs fat and fiber.       Whatever you think, the opposite could be the truth or some fact you never thought of.   Ignore dogma, it's a liar.


Don't waste your years buying thoughts different from your own instincts.  I love fat.  I regard my fat-stash  as my rejuvenator  for the month, my staff, my mainstay.  As an  ectomorph I was never given avenues to deal with the problem of full-phobia and having to be thin to breathe.  To fat-fasting, I cleave.


Wrong diet brings rough edges. Mouse-meals of fat is the cure for anorexia and all diseases.  I was never told how to eat to stay stable--I had to discover a way, and this is yours today.  Stick to the cheese tray and throw all your beans and rice awayand  give cheese to your dogs who need FAT or  their health will also pay.




Delicate digestion: Rastafarian fruitarians are those who eat fish: Jesus fasted forty days but he also ate fish.  This is an important food model as many fruitarians never fast (they can be gluttons of fruit or avocados) and many  refuse protein foods to maintain the false fruitarian ideology that all we need is 1.5% protein "just like mothers milk. 


 The initial fruitarian love affair is a fun fantasy.  At first there is great beauty but on the long-term only depletion.  Then: lacto-intolerance.  You must start slowly to get these foods back.  The illusion of the fruitarian is great spirituality with the keys to the universe: what a curse.  That's how the devil works, as there's some truth to everything but slowly things turn worse.


As the body fails the ego buttresses up the "superior diet" to compensate.  People turn away as the ego grows but slides into isolation.  Then trouble starts as he refuses to see doctors.  This page is on the harmful effects of protein deficiency vis-a-vis this circuitous mental reaction


However you get it, eat protein and  fat.  Add fish, cheese or eggs to the diet then fast 18 hours and all health will restore.  Youll say of this lifestyle: I want more, and will never again close this door.  With cravings and food issues fixed, your creative mind can soar.




Fruitarians sufferprotein deficiency manifested in a suppressed immune system.  In the 60s and 70s vegetarianism became popular while fat-phobia bashed meat and dairy which changed mankind's ketotic [fat to carb] ratio:  much less protein, high in carb and inferior (plant-based and evolutionarily discordant) substitutions like beans and rice [when just a piece cheese would suffice].


 At that time environmental illness (EI) become pandemic--a severely compromised immune system  from mass protein malnourishment.   Paradoxically, lowered immunity brought food intolerances to that very  protein and fat  as evinced in bloated legs, gut and the other signs of protein malnourishment. 


The bloat gets their goat and so they reject protein even more.  Start slowly on fat and protein in whatever source tolerated--to boost immunity or die.  One has reached a point--or soon will--where carbs wont work to bring normalcy, showing symptoms of failure to thrive.   Lets look at other symptoms of protein malnourishment:


It's not cruel to have a cow or goat and giver her pasture and protection in return for provision.  They love being milked, it's what they do--for you--and have since recorded history began, too.




The honeymoon is over.  Look at some of the deficiency symptoms:  severe muscle cramps, especially leg cramps from calcium deficiency.  Then there is the dental:  severe tooth erosion from acid fruit (enamel hypoplasia), and  acid reflux--ever wonder why you have it when youre supposedly eating right?


Then there are the sugar problems:  fatigue highs/blues, excess urination and constant thirst.  The fruitarian develops acute hyper-sensitivity--he can smell everything and everyone and so continues  to isolate.   On all false dogmas, that's our fate.


The black cloud is the constant hunger and cravings, the social isolation and fatigue.  He has a big meal with plenty of avocados and hes hungry and tired a couple hours later leading to eating throughout  the day:   for the creative mind it's a kind of siege.  You need to be free of food thoughts [fastarian bliss] to be in the highest creative league.


I can have a spoonful of almond butter with coconut oil and a slice of cheese  and forget about food for the day while the fruitarian keeps eating and it irritates his non-fruit peers.  The eating culture is like a vulture, the opposite to being seers.  Get some class on this eating thing:  then power is near.


To the fruitarian glutton I would ask:  is it not more pure to eat a few nuts  or  some cheese  to last ten hours, not needing anything else and directing your energies to creativity?  You will see that fasting--not eating--is the true festivity: opening to the wider world and able to see the beauty.




 Let this be your discovery: "Vegetarianism" as defined includes lacto and ovo  [dairy and eggs].   Man needs fat and protein.  It's a paradox that the "spiritual" fruitarian sometimes gets angry and mean when away from the public scene, as sugar rushes bring highs and lows like never you're seen.


The fruitarian does well for awhile just adding fruit-fat or nuts but soon finds total rejuvenation only by  going Rastafarian (adding fish), lacto (dairy), or ovo (eggs)--finally, out of this rut.  But will the vegans ever admit this?  Never, they are dogmatists [nuts].


 Protein malnourishment so suppresses the immune system that soon no protein food can be eaten at first without severe edema.  The same thing occurs with salt:  lose salt-adaptation and a little bloats.  Get used to both, stay slim and trim.


One should not take it this far--for before hes aware of it hes mistaking brain fog for hyper-spirituality.  I became fruitarian to overcome the sick systems around me at the very time I needed protein to deal with the oppression. 


But hypnotized by dogma, I doggedly kept on in my pursuit of fruitarian purity and became fruity and frailty while losing all sanity.   I became more isolated and emotional:  no more gaiety.




Billings lists symptoms of failure to thrive  on raw or vegan diets:  insomnia or disturbed sleep, a run-down feeling, chronically tired, very little energy, sleepy during the day, lack of normal motivation for regular daily tasks, no joy of living, hunger all the time.  Hardly rugged individualism, oh friend of mine.


The failed fruitarians are also obsessed with eating and all-day eating, lost sex drive, frequent respiratory problems from lowered immunity and reactive nervous systems subject to upset--all the while touting fruit philosophy.  This lasted for twenty fretful fruitarian years, a miserable tapestry.


It's the frog in boiling water syndrome:  the  initial improvement is followed by long-term decline without knowing it in  the  initially-better-but-followed-by-slow-decline-syndrome.  One thinks how can things end up so bad when they started out so good?  More isolation:  no one understood.


 At first one goes into detox and feels so much better:  everyone improves so they cant believe it can ever go sour.  Then after reserves are exhausted they decline into deficiencies which are  subtly and slowly debilitating.  The fruitarian thinks he flies above but is sadly drowning, without love.


The fruitarian's lulling effect of imperceptibly masks health decline.  But  from a psychological standpoint this syndromes most interesting aspect is the mental adjustment to the lowered state of health without being able to  perceive it as such since they do not want to believe it is happening. 


 Forced gaiety. They see these symptoms as the need for more detox.  Though friends and family see otherwise theyre in denial until the problems reach an undeniable point, as in hospitalization.   It is emotional certainty that shuts down rational assessment of symptoms. 


The crowd is loud. Because of initial improvement they are so thoroughly convinced of the entire detox theory  that they are now psychologically invested in the rightness of it.  This theory is so self-consistent logically that the willingness to make sober judgments of current symptoms is perpetually displaced into the future. 


The present problems are just a temporary setback--its either detox or detox that needs to occur.  Or the better you get the more energy to expel toxins and the more powerful the healing crises.  They are more concerned about eating right than the actual results.  It's the logic that captivates  these cults.


Those who really do get good results are more certain than the others and thus become the repositories of traditional wisdom for the superior diet of which they can blame others for not following the details of, thus reinforcing the tendency not to see failures as proof the diet is wrong.


None can tolerate threats to their beliefs and this "shared ideal binds the successes and failures together in common cause.  The less successful imbibe the certainty of the more successful to maintain the faith.  We're now entering hell's gate.


The fruitarian paradigm shuts down openness to new interpretations or explanations.  In order to prove the system works, people redouble their efforts at detox through an even stricter diet or solve their deficiencies through even smaller details within the matrix of the same diet.  In other words, lie about it.




Discovery: Humans are omnivores, specifically fat-frugivores as indicated by the fossil record and the comparative gut anatomy and physiology of metabolism.   Humans--like dogs and cats--are not natural vegetarians at all.  Just accept it, then walk tall.


Man is not a folivorea leaf or plant-eater, for that requires a big gut for bacterial putrefaction.     Plant foods are poor sources of EFAs and other long-chain fatty acids suggesting man's adaptation is to foods including preformed long-chain fatty acids only found in animal flesh.  This is not just a guess.


Also the slow conversion of beta-carotene to Vitamin A suggests they ate preformed vitamin A in meat.  Evolutionary plant foods were poor zinc and iron sources, two essential minerals  only in animal foods.  Grains provide them but as products of agriculture contain anti-nutrients that inhibit mineral absorption.


The actual diets of all the great apes include meat or insects, and paleo (pre-Edenic) man ate mostly animal foods.   Humans are classic examples of omnivores in all relevant anatomical traits.  The  best arguments for a meat-free diet remain merely ecological, ethical and philosophical. 


Intellectual vacuity. The vegan community condemn all omnivore diets as bad or like  the SAD  (standard American diet) which is so poorly filled with modern processed foods.  One  cannot compare the natural paleo-omnivore diet with the modern diet filled with machine processed invented non-foods.




We should love animals and one reason is because we need them for sustenance.  Does this imply cruelty?  Nojust the opposite.  It should mean we should revolutionize the dairy and meat industry to insure humane methods. 


This new information should be a humane movement, not a degeneration into barbarism like many vegans fear it will.  Actually, veganism has hurt pets who are often forced to eat low fat diets, which could not be more cruel.  Give your dogs cheese and even raw milk:  The vegan dogs end up fat,  dry, without sheen or personality. 


Ocean going through the veins: Watch them come alive on cheese snacks--when dead logs become shiny, bouncy and youthful dogs.   By realizing that animal foods are our only salvation we can focus on humane methods and love the animal kingdom with gratitude.   More ex-vegans are getting this attitude.


Give the goat or cow pasture and protection from predators in return for your very life sustenance.  Thats the old-fashioned way, the only way for today.  In the meantime, just enjoy your raw dairy and cheese, as much as you pleaseand regain your youth as you finally have the keys.




Be ready for gainsayers as they rebel against your two main concepts of  (1)  fat and  (2)  fat-fasting.  Theyll be against fat because theyre the herd who cant think deeply.  Theyll be against fasting because theyre the herd who cant give up their carnal comforts. 


Its a Dionysian generation so  remember your humility is the protection from deception!  The fruit and veggie crowd is filled with pride, and pride will not receive instruction and is susceptible to deception--eat all fruit to be gods.  Be glad when for false dogmas you've lost all affection.


Not only pride but the continuous insulin-elevation brings anger, envy and greed which goes with gluttony--eating fruit all day and never being satisfied.  Remember the characteristics of deception:  something that seems so true--but isnt.  Remove yourself from all debates:  no more "tis--tisn't".


Be ready for hostility when you speak the truth, for the harmless get angry because  (1)  theyve given up animal foods when their inner instincts really desire it and  (2)  constantly elevated insulin creates emotional instability and moodiness.  Paired with this is the paradoxical fruitarian snootiness.


Insulin aggravates hypertension by increasing the responsiveness of the arteries to the effects of adrenaline (jungle mentality of shooting at shadows) just as it effects the neurotransmitters causing sleep disorders and next-day moods.   Is it any wonder they become rude?




Im asking you to take this new science knowledge and modify it for your needs: this is wisdom.  The main points are the necessity of the high-protein fat diet and the fact that its not fat that makes you fat but carbs.  Weight-gain is the biggest complaint: not looking sleek but chubby and "quaint",


The fat-fast works so efficiently to eliminate fat from your body and food from your thought-life--which is then filled with new life of witty inventions and creative action!  To be happy and productive, remove yourself from the angry vegan factions.


Get this, become a whole new person and then ignore all your  critics.  As the highest on the phylogenetic ladder you were designed to eat fat, fruit and to fast.  Think about this now: add a little raw milk or cheese with your fruit and be happy and fit at last.



And Elimination


This is a major switch and your body will adapt beautifully.  When just one-week adaptation is over you will quite happily be living on one  fatty meal a day.  You'll be so happy to be rid of the WORK of buying, eating and digesting fruit you'll love life this way.


 Those without hyperinsulinism or SIBO may go right to the FFF diet with figs, raisins (grapecure), non-sweet fruits like tomatoes and zuchini, nuts and cheese.  Those with these problems may have to constrain to animal foods [NO FRUIT]: staying thin as you please.


Nature's cycles: Fast in the evening (just skip dinner) for if fasting, human growth hormone elevates at night which perfects the engine (youthifies).   Your monthly food bill will be low, you will never be hungry and you will be super-healthy with low cholesterol.  Finally you're clever with breathing  better than ever.  


Never grovel to arrogance or suck up to false dogma.   Nightshades, nuts and cheese: the colon needs fat.  In contrast to the huge defecations of the plant-based diet it will be dainty as in "ladies and gentlemen"--even if you fry it.


For the first three days on the fat-fast you'll sing, dance and soar.  Your body is getting the fat and protein it needs unencumbered with carb which even makes things sore.  I couldn't believe I'd avoided this beautiful bounty galore.


No-hunger fat-fasting also feels so good.  After one week you are fat-adapted as your hormones and enzymes experience a changing of the guard.   In the interim ignore any fatigue, mild depression, brain fog and a loss of fascination:  this transition won't be hard.


This is also due to glucagons burning up of stored glycogen.  After a week things begin to change.  You see a much younger person in the mirror with taut smooth skin and a much narrower face and head indicating youth.  The effects of all that fruit sugar was so uncouth.


Now at last you'll feel even--you may not feel like yourself when you were hyper which you labeled energetic.  This is a mild, smooth, even calm and poised regal temperament of aristocratic reserve.  Now you are part of the world yet with real verve.


Wait out this first week, expect a couple foggy days and then prepare for the end result:  feeling good all the time, devoid of highs and lows just mild calm and even energy.  Youll be amazed at your lack of hunger and you wont think of eating again after the one meal.   As for success, now it's a steal.


 We need to be physically not just spiritually right.  You can't think clearly or act right when on the wrong diet.   These are new age counterfeits and foolish philosophies.  Congratulations:  you've seen the light with a new rich life met through moist skin, clear mind and endless possibilities.  


You've crossed the bridge to sanity AND you've joined two worlds while becoming part of THIS world again.  Now stick to non-sweet fruits like zuchini, tomato, lemon, peppers, olives and the like.  After your sugar-inundation you may have provided a hotbed for SIBO.  Eat sugar [fructose] = relapse.


*If you have SIBO or IBS you're likely lactose-intolerant and also nightshade-intolerant.  In that case BOTH bring on gut issues of bloat and pain BUT you can eat cheese [no lactase] and will do best on only fish or meat, all you please.  Like me, you'll end up a pure faunavore--gut pain no more!



P.S.  Stop listening to stupid TV experts: they know nothing but the latest dogma for which they seek approval.