1. Manual for
Superior Men

Karen Kellock Ph.D

Manual for Superior Men by Karen Kellock Ph.D. offers fascinating insights into human society and psychology as influenced by liberalism since the sixties. Manual for Superior Men will delight with rare insights and resolve the confusion plaguing our society. Releasing the plague of mixed signals and contradictions (creating failure and mental illness) results in unique genius and freedom into success. Based on a Ph.D. and forty years of postdoctoral research in psychiatry and political psychology, this is Human Systems Theory: how people hold each other down by a false theory imposed in schools and media. Delivered in rapid quips, the false worldview is rapidly debunked until the new theory becomes the new reality. An extremely unique read, prepare for mind shattering concepts bringing magic, even comical relief. Manual for Superior Men can be opened to any page to inspire for years in the study of the human hypocrisy blocking growth, as all paradoxes are resolved and problems dissolved. All life’s enigmas are now explained as the reader’s journey is quickened and unique genius released.

KAREN KELLOCK PH.D. Rare insight into human nature and the effect of groups on consciousness. The answer to misery of spiritual people (hypersensitives) is Jesus who said “Don’t call me good—only God is good”. Since all men are sinners, the fascination of social psychology is really a study of hypocrisy and this book will delight you as you gain vision and problems dissolve. A very simple theory and formula even a child can understand but endless inspiration as we look deeper into God’s plan.


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20,000 Quips for Daily Selfix
Resolving Liberal Contradiction




We haven't lost our homeland--we're still here--but we may as well have, living in dread and fear. Mass immigration is underhandedly clever: the left found a way to attain power and hold it forever. The major narrative: whites are always the oppressors and nonwhites are always victims for sure. Any mention of "race" and it's like a hot stove--they want everyone the same, kept below. The Lord has fixed all the borders of the earth (divisions of land, sea and nations). Psalm 74: 17.

America is a battlefield and the battle is thru demographic change and population replacement. Even white people want the white race erased. I am grateful to my race waking up so fast to the tragedy before us: being reduced to a hated minority in our own country which ancestors built and gave to us. I’m grateful to women waking up to how they’ve been misled and to choose decency and family instead. I am grateful to the youth for seeing the ridiculousness of college notions, how it’s destroyed our great nation.

There's a major difference between a racist and a race realist. Will you love diversity as cool when your child is the only white one in school? Liberal culture is always the same litany of persecution, oppression and chip on the shoulder. California is a sanctuary state, meaning: it harbors criminals. Our survival depends on changing people's minds to think like us and when enough do, success.

Globalists want to sabotage the west so they bring in armies of it's enemies who think tyranny is best. They come in boats: low IQ pops. To the white men they say: "shut up, pay the bills and die off". They move on you, take your privacy/solitude, demand you take others in (you've got room): REFUSE. Masochism is also the communist spirit. Not only take mine but give away gifts from ancestors. The America they envision is a curse. It was fantastic but they've made everything so much worse. Law and a godless moral code cannot protect us from evil, It's easier to ban guns from the people. Diversity is not our strength as lost uniqueness means blobs. Race realism is true and we hate mobs.

3.Le Femme

and the Communist Spirit

It’s all contrived, things were better before.

Feminism has ruined women as it has men. Both sexes are miserable and it all stems from liberalism. It’s all part of the plan to topple the west, by destroying families and all the things we hold best.

Main liberal shove-down: We're all Equal: ONE.

Main cosmology shove-down since kindergarten: we're all ONE (equal) and thus this violence hon'. We can't have a mass belief in egalitarianism when science clearly shows clear differentials. It's egalitarian orthodoxy that science rejects--that we're all the same, a myth so lame. So tell them--If you won't lead em, who will? Now get in gear, it's not just about you. In times of chaos only he who states things simply wins. Women with keen intellect who break thru the pugnacious feminist haze become best, I'm amazed. What is needed to return to sanity is the return of patriarchy and rise of conservative society. We need men to protect us baby.


It’s all the HERD, man! That is the acculturation process, the bell-shaped curve: and that means FEW think independently. Rare insight into human nature and the effect of groups on consciousness. The answer to misery of spiritual people (hypersensitives) is Jesus who said “Don’t call me good—only God is good”. The answer to our miseries is to see through people and hipocrasy and this book gives you the perfect keys especially in political psychology.


It’s all groupthink but not for the King

The study of contagious madness is human systems theory: the tyranny of the group over the individual and the crazymaking power of groupthink. The socialist, atheist, immoral, communitarian, “loving” atmosphere since the sixties put deep thinkers over the edge. As a psychologist I was fascinated and effected, and these quips are my resolution to contradiction.


Rare insight into human nature and the effect of groups resolved through diet and euphoric fasting consciousness. Written by an ex-vegan who healed by adding dairy, giving satiety for the daily fast. The reactions of diet-Nazis to vegan-escapees is very telling in itself. The answer to misery of spiritual people (rare hypersensitives) is daily fasting and staying on top of things—that means human management and solitude. Since all men are sinners, the fascination of social psychology is really a study of hypocrisy to which many addictions are unconscious adaptive devices. You’ll be delighted you as you gain vision and problems dissolve: A very simple theory and formula even a child can understand but endless inspiration as we find God’s deeper plan through fantastic, fun, fantasiacal fasting every day. You’ll love life this way.


Arts of Paleo Fasting is the Magic Door for the Superior Man. Written by an ex-vegan who lost her mental and physical health but regained it instantly as an "Obligate Carnivore". Higher Paleo-Fasting is once-a-day eating using animal fat then life is fascinating. The brain's made of fat so lowfat diets means dumbness, mental illness and very poor appearance. Genius attains world success when he eliminates the obstructions of people, habit and food (wrong diet theories). It's all about going light as Paleo fasting (satiety from meat) is simplification, purification and clarification--true independence and most importantly for an ageist society: "Glamorous Aging". FEAST OR FAST?

Struggles of Genius in Overcoming Obstruction

After eating huge salads it felt like nails in the gut. Read Fiber Menace to understand the vegan rut. We don’t have enzymes to break down all that plant fiber: Truck-in-the-gut, depression: “I’m a loser”. I was a sweet kid as a meat eater then I went vegan to be “loving” but was angry all the time, a fighter. Even omnivores aren’t healthy. Look around, they’re puffed up like couches, not handsome or pretty. I felt so sorry for the animals I couldn’t make the switch. But dying from deficiencies I did it, quick. We don’t eat very often but when we do eat, it’s meat. Veggies = anti-nutrients. Grains/fibers: bowl of nails. What’s left? Provision from our friends, animals. Keep that raw dairy coming—it’s the only thing that’s working. Not gonna put plants in my gut, burping. I dreamt of pot roast and was hungry all the time. Despite that I still denied myself due to animal loving. Ex-vegan mothers recall with sadness their kids being hungry and beans didn’t solve this. I had sadly low self-esteem as a vegan, deprived of what I needed to be ME—that’s why I reckon.

Fruit and Fat-Fasting Miracles

Beyond other New Age Shove-Downs all we heard from the crazy lowfat seventies was the necessity of fiber which produced truck-in-the-gut maladies. Sugar raises insulin, veggies ‘anti-nutrients to not be eaten, fiber is like nails/rotten. What’s left? Meat and dairy melts right in. Vegan restaurants are another scam, too much sugar and fractured oils so you end up sickly no slim. From my deathbed I punched in “ex vegan” and my new life began. When I resumed the childhood diet (even frying it) the whole world opened up to a glorious future/I’m living it. Vegans are always inventing fake meat—strange how they do this after saying they hated it. Respiratory, breathing problems: ended on a nebulizer. Social problems, ended in isolation as a hungry loner. Vegan blogs all discuss brain-fog. Wonder why—could it be the brain needs fat as it’s made of cholesterol? Vegan bloat and gas: If you don’t believe me go to a vegetarian convention and pass out fast.

Saga-City is Elder Mysticism

Glory and success awaits the Daily Fastarian free of people, habit and food burdens. Eat once daily of fats or fruits then fast for the day—you’ll love life this way. As you fast on all obstructions keeping you down you’ll become renowned. Karen Kellock has developed a new theory of psychology and diet which changes one’s status of “misfit” ready to quit to something very profound and legit. Split—you’ve been in the pit (they sought to commit) but suddenly free of misery you’ll FINALLY have that hit! This art and science discovery is part of Manual for Superior Men, the last word on true leadership. Championship in all fields comes from released obstructions--people, habit and food--and all recovery comes from elimination. Watch as less becomes more, as your new fastarian consciousness leads you out of the mess to a balmy shore and all your life changes to the core.