Eat Once Daily -
Change with Gods Speed



Many have so zapped their metabolisms through eating disorders and false diet fads that now one meal fills the bill but two starts to kill.

Mini-fasting is eating in a food window of 6 hours then fasting 18 hours.  No one needs to eat more than once daily and it accomplishes so much that if done daily the health benefits are cumulative and soon you have superior health or super-health.

Superior health is the claim and promise of pure fruitarianism but I have experienced this as fallacious.   CARB-ALLERGY brought the switch to a little nut butter, avocado, cheese then don't eat.

The thought of a long fast is so intimidating that few ever do it or they do it once then never stop talking about it.  Fasting should be just a regular routine not a feather in your cap.  Do it daily:  let that be your map.

With the mini-fast you can fast and receive all the many benefits but still work and play.  Fruitarianism is frugality [eating till you're full] not force-feeding of massive amounts.  Join no groups.

The fast is fun.The fast works fast.  The fast is union with God, the giver of all things and the universal energy source:  PP - O = V!  The mini fast is always rewarded as much as the long one. 

I switched from lowcarb fat to high carb plus cooked vegan and lost my cosmic high. I had wit, satisfaction, energy and satisfaction for the day when lowcarb high-fat and I had to get that back.

It took so many years of suffering to return to the only way that worked in my teens when eating instinctively.  I ate salads, salsa, avocados.  Not paleo, not fruitarian, not high-carb cooked vegan.  Starch made me look bready and feel flaky.

The lesson:  Do NOT listen to other people!  Do NOT listen to dogma of any kind.  Listen to your own mind--then you'll be kind, not a faker who puts others in a bind.

It took me half a life to return to diet sanity.  Only empty people join groups taking them on dangerous detours.  These tangents are experimental, wasteful, painful but usually necessary.  After decades of dogma I ended up on:  superfood smoothie, tomavo, salad, daily fast.  I refuse to listen to anyone, ever again.




If I have gut pain from fasting Im accomplishing something, knowing that area is cleaning and that self-affliction makes me open to total power. 

Dissolve the ego by refusing to give into its wants, needs and cravings.  The pain is only temporary, instantly gone when that area cleans out. 

Have courage, fortitude and true nobility: just skip dinner.   Go for it: youll see the great results tomorrow

There have been numerous cases of people seeing depression, fear and schizophrenia lifted completely and  quickly in just one  day. 

Thats the reason to fast today: for how youll feel tomorrow.  The 18-hour  mini-fast creates astounding changes. 

The difference in how one looks, feels, acts or conducts his talents is so vastly different while fasting that it becomes his good addiction. 

Its the incredible results that addict:  Daily fasting is the old-fashioned and right way of losing weight. 




Just fast today after your six hour food window and the problem is on its way out.  That means zero food, not a morsel.

Not eating anything will really change you to the extent that youve been a compulsive nibbler all day long.

Your personality and your body but particularly your soul is about to change radically. 

You will lose weight but youll also lose many other non-essential or troublesome facets of your psyche.

Youll be able to find things lost and do things still undone. 

Baby-boomers--do you feel youre getting old?  Fasting is the way to level the playing field.  There will be no more envy or feeble-fretful attempts to compete with youth. 

Whereas before you were over the hill now through fasting you can compete with anyone  no matter how rich, beautiful, popular or powerful.

While Ramadan fasting is from dawn to dusk the mini-fast is from breakfast-to-breakfast, lunch-to-lunch or dinner-to-dinner.  Its twenty-four hours at a time. 

 Ive always loved the breakfast-only plan, of getting the entire food time over before dawn.  I arise at midnight and eat by 6 am then fast into all-day creative action.

I am fasting from dawn to the next day:  My days are filled with miraculous creative activity because all this energy/time waste is behind me. 

First you enjoy your morning with a shot of juice or a superfood smoothie with banana.  The morning smoothie creates a most creative and productive time. 

Then when first hungry have your frugi-fatarian blender meal [using avocado as the only fat].  Now eat a nice salad and use red bell, lettuce, cucumber, cilantro and have lemon and olive oil dressing.  If vegetarian shave some romano on it.

Then you enjoy your day and get into its pithy aspects.  This is a romantic version of life, every minute vibrant and meaningful as synchronicity comes together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Then you lavish  the day immensely in a very even-keel without any hunger whatsoever,  then sleep like a log when there would be most hunger (when the height of cleansing is occurring).

This is a situation where great pain is greater gain.  As each mini-fast day passes you will find it much easier and will see a younger face in the mirror. 

This makes it easy becoming a lifetime faster with all the benefits and rewards that accrue.




As he gets older the faster doesnt have the same maladies he sees in his peers.  

The wise man does today what is good for tomorrow while the fool does whatever he wants today and to hell with tomorrow. 

Just for today dont eat and youll be amazed at how much easier digestion and elimination feels each new day. 

The effect of the highly-potent brunch will be so exhilarating and nourishing.  I want to fast each day for I have discovered that eating though pleasurable pales compared to fasting, the true feast. 

Fruitarians who eat fruit all day yet never feel satisfied find it hard to fast as theyre always in craving mode.  I found a way out of this and it means bliss--the best of both worlds!

Now on the proper diet--the one making most metabolic sense--youll thank God for the privilege of fasting and the knowledge you have as the reason for doing it.

Its an upside-down kingdom: what is viewed as pain is actually gain.  It is a privilege to fast for its the method designed by God to get to His power. 

This is the anointing: the tangible presence of God which lifts all burdens and destroys all yokes. 

It sets the prisoners free  in an amazing miracle putting you in another world, a true ascension to a much higher, more cornacopic reality.

Youll see a truce to all quarrels and find--or replace with a better substitute--all thats been lost.  What a wonder to watch your mature beauty arise and blossom.




All the childish things we did to find favor and approval! How inefficient compared to the easy fast which works so fast with great healings, favor with man and achievements each day:  there simply is no other way.

You must anticipate the fast and be grateful as you watch your magic vistas open up.

Isnt it wonderful having this trump card (when all else fails)  every single day for life?

There is no more need to fear, rant or rave for we have found the key-lock for a perfect life.

See the environment  radiate with new possibilities and opportunities as the world becomes your arena.

But through food addiction and preoccupation it becomes your hell or prison to be avoided--they are diametrically opposed these two worlds, and you can switch your whole destiny today. 

Food and digestion [which is usually fermentation] is the basis of most of our problems.

EAT FRUIT FIRST, then other foods--avoid fermentation!

Most psychological therapy is on the wrong page for the fast is what changes the mind and mood.

The irritation of food, fat or fullness finds fallacious reasons for fear or frenzy as the frontal cortex justifies all foolish food-related acts.

It makes you a phony:  as it weakens, the ego must buttress up the psych through image--bragging and bull--and this is the story of mankind.

These masks dissolve in fasting as theres no more need to build up to a false position for the new power within is as a tidal wave! 

No need to brag--the power is now just to be. Theres no more reason to indulge in foolish flattery of supposed superiors for now the faster is on top.

When you see the real power in public, the real elevation of your work and thought life, fasting will become your insurance plan for life--the reality you return to with the slightest trouble or pain.

In this generation, that may be very often as the computer world is filled with petty and persistent problems to  repair--but with fasting you wont be pulling out your hair. 

Eating just once a day will be a dream come true as it makes mountains back into molehills. 

We all have enemies inside and out and fasting overcomes all of them. 

Just try it:  fast at those irksome or troublesome characters and see how fast the inversion of systems occur!

 This is when the top becomes the bottom and the bottom the top.  So I say:  sail on captain for the world ahead, for you now have reason to believe all the stories youve read!

Everything you want will now happen through you, a masterpiece using Gods timeless method. 

Youll go from no  it cant be done--Im over the hill.  To yes it can be done--Im just beginning still.



Suddenly those sinuses open up.  The whole brain explodes in a psychic opening or aperture syndrome.

This is a gift of God to the unwise:  the past is gone as the Tao moves on and all templates, addictions and bad memories dissolve.

It was only dead habit and useless food that kept you hooked and down, so fast and move on!

The bible says there are some sins that will only go out through fasting and there is no other way.

You will change, transform, transfigure and the past will dissolve as a dream.

You will soon see how food and habit made you delusional as it weakened and then kept you hooked to people, habits, excess and a compendious body fill with non-essential superfluity. 

Just fast and then say:  blubber be gone  and it will--what fun!

                     TIGHT   THIGHS 

Ladies take a look at your thighs.  You see the pits that resemble the face of the moon?  Thats fat deposits pressing on cells filled with useless water. 

Both come starches combined with fats, I have found.  Yes I stayed skinny on lowcarb--but it was skinny-fat that looked like that.  You need antioxidants [moderate carbs not high or low].

I have met many Atkins dieters who had fat thighs from eating three protein meals a day.  The  system must be free of food to do the miraculous things I describe.

Try the 18-hour fasting plan and watch fat daily diminish, for you can have tight thighs again.  Just nourish the body rightly then sculpt it with leg exercise like biking or fast-walking. 

Watch the blubber rock n roll, take note and watch it tighten each day.  Fast, walk fast, be proud.  Youll never be jealous of other (younger) women again.



Beauty, Brilliance and Bounty


Fasting, I can be anything I want.  To the faster the skys the limit and there is no competition.  There are no blues for adequate fat means fasting without hunger and weakness. 

Fasting evens the field: you can now compete with the younger, brighter, richer and more popular for you have God on your side and your energy in the head as opposed to the adversary who  conforms to low minded false diet dogma and is thus eating the wrong food, too much and too often. 

How can you transcend?  Just eat right,  then dont eat.

What youre supposed to look like is:  you, minus food.  Youre the unique blueprint which will hit the mark only when free of food. 

When eating the you is endlessly mutable, changing constantly with promiscuous eating--as does the reaction of other people to you. 

Every choice we make brings results and fasting always brings good ones.  Just one day-fast or one meal skipped can be worth a million:  from dawn to dusk (Ramadan) or the best mini 18-fast which accomplishes more.

After my meal there is no thoughts of eating again as the hunger habit daily diminishes. You may have trouble starting the mini-fast with fruit which  excites craving too much.  Have avo too.

I want to be in solid ketosis and that means dietary fat.  Now there is no excuse to eat again and you can just enjoy continuous revelations of your fasting day.




Suspend all judgment about anything until youve fat-fasted. 

Think only of God during the entire day:  this is thinking big--the biggest.

Allow your imagination of future glory and endless possibilities to run wild.  Expand your boundaries.  It feels so good to be released from mental restrictions and hunger-cravings.

If eating the mind is always going on tangents and other procrastinations to fail. 

If fasting after just fruit the distracting cravings go to insane levels and thus fruitarians eat all day.  Avocado allows fasting--thus it is slimming.

Eating is an instant pleasure which becomes a ceiling on your thoughts: its a fleshy up, then a down.

Just think of fame and fantasy: a continuous movie script of the best you can conceive.

Let your mind swing from your shack to infinity, let it go to the fat moment where past and future unite in the middle of eternity.

Open your mind to transcend all the petty details of your  mundane life.

You wont fear time passing any longer because the more time passes the more youve accomplished being on the fast.

The more days on this routine the more blessings fall on the physical, mental and emotional. 

And the financial all comes clear to eventual perfection:  nothing happens overnight but with each day all areas of your life improve and its all cumulative.

Your success is like a flower blossoming and much of it may be unnoticed until one day you wake up and its a whole field:  brick upon brick the building is finally complete. 

And not by a cheat for through the fast it is destiny you meet.

If youre on the one-meal-a-day plan then youre a continual faster and that means being continuously rewarded. 

Then right after you eat youre right back into your fast for another day.  Your  virtually always fasting:  You eat and then you dont eat for a long time of inspiration.     




That "light lunch"  will pull you down.  Eat first then forget about food for a day, get it out of the way.


As each day passes your digestion,  assimilation and elimination is that much better.  Now you can fulfill your destiny to the letter.

You feel better and each  days a  greater accomplishment.  Bloated?  Say bye-bye to bloat for its mere appearance-in-transition.

Each day less total load (on the immune system) means less bloat.  Most of your problems came from food intolerances!

As you sit on and upon the bloated butt and thighs for the last time  dont dismay but relate universally to all womankind of bloated thighs--you must experience it to understand what they feel to keep them on an even keel. 

Just say to yourself:  Fast and daily reduce total load--soon I'm on a fantastic new road.   

If hungry without time to fix a meal I used to resort to nut butters [spoon theory] to assuage appetite and enable fasting for many more hours.   Guacamole works too.

After twenty years of fruitarianism I felt malnourished and wanted protein and fat so added a little cheese like romano on salads.  DELICIOUS, no guilt.

No death: I chose [non-lactose organic cruelty-free dairy]: cheese.   This makes me a vegetarian [def.], not a vegan as all deficiencies are solved.

When I came upon the correct macronutrient ratio for me [moderate carbohydrate and fat with little to moderate sugar] I really began to "see"--and every vibrant moment was for free!

My whole system quieted down and there was no hunger at all going into the day's fast.  Its like hitting on the lotto--your whole life changes as the psyche  re-arranges around the original template.

It's becoming a child again, not being bothered with constant reactions to bad food or intolerances or wrong macronutrient ratios.  Ectomorphic slimness comes from high fat and less food!




If one is reared on meat but then goes vegan  that means the body adapted to sufficient protein and fat only to lose it as an adult. You must restore that macronutrient ratio in the most high-tech way.  That's superfoods, plant  foods and fasting.

Thats when a sharp and handsome up-and-coming-kid becomes a sagging, haggard, mid-aged loser!  What happened?  He started eating the so-called balanced diet  thus losing all  balance.    Just one change and his whole life changed!

What a shame losing so many years to delusion and time waste due to wrong diet.

These cult-like made-up conceptions of what constitutes spiritual are very hypnotizing. 

What makes man truly spiritual is having the correct macronutrient ratio to be truly himself--as superb as he can be. 


What makes man spiritual is a properly fed brain which is then receptive to higher thoughts--not eating food all day then chanting while the brain rots.

Becoming a balanced eater is when someone who was tough with a good immune system suddenly became susceptible and sensitive to every chemical around. 

Thats when all his friends and family say what happened to Joe?  He was so great as a kidkind, gentle and cute.  I became a kid again by reverting to my childhood diet of  fruit, tomatoes and avocados.  I never got into cooked starches, only rarely.

But with various false dogmas I went from slick and svelte to sickly and scrawny and often angry.   The world became chaotic to me.  Now on the right diet [MY DIET] all seems orderly. 

In these times bad is called good and good bad.  All I can do is describe my diet history which has culminated in fruitarianism fatarian fastarianism.  Any changes are just reversal dieting.

To adapt to our lowered vibration we may have taken on groupthink and this meant decades of lost destiny.  Diet is everything:  the relation of mind to mood is well-documented.

I too was stuck in that brainwashing and  turned against the world which came back at me even harder being in a weakened state where I could not defend myself. 

Having lost connection to my world I lost my mind.  Let this go and youll feel indescribably better when finally getting what youre supposed to via selected fruits: this is higher paleo--the fruit-based diet with fats.

The body is then so well-nourished the intermittent fast becomes a blissfully inspired time. 




Look around--theyre all fat.  Its because theyre on the modern healthy diet filled with so many various things.

Through all those starchy items combined with fat they may be getting 200 carbs daily throwing the  fat into over-storage--they get fat. 

Life becomes a blissful movie when on the proper diet for you.  Starches and fat = cellulite.  Stick to salsa and fat, you'll be satisfied and won't have a need for spuds or rice except as prep items.

You will have no more need to prove yourself now.  It will show without any words: FASTARIANS ARE SMOOTH

Fast--for it's all in the gut, fermenting--a rotting garbage pit of several undigested meals. Now compare that to the blissful fruitarian look and feel.

Perhaps now you can see how a lifetime dieter would evolve this way.  Failed fruitarianism in early life led to lowcarb dieting which led back to relaxed fruitarianism letting NO ONE describe how it should be done!




The Egyptian farmers were fat.  They stayed in one place, in big families and broad communitiesthe butcher, the baker and the candlestick-maker. 

People get sick in this environment of mass production of non-paleo foods like grains.    In exact contrast is the hunter who is a slim gypsy and an artistic traveler with universal not parochial ties.

He eats a meal of game and tomorrows a meal of berries.  The persecution by static society for gypsy nomads is a fact, as the difference in diet is so drastic it becomes a radical split in everything from personality to culture bringing  mass persecution.

If one just wants fauna the new age society may rebel in disgust.  They think multi-varieties  work best and hunting and gathering   is unnatural. 

Can you imagine the hunter taking so much trouble with all those inessential side-dishes?  Can you see the Paleolithic champion eating rice,  beans and bread with his kill?  How much do you want beauty?



Fasting, youll fit God like a glove.  Eating you may be missing entirely.  The more fine and accurate your job the more important it is to be fasting to get the gold seal of protection. 

If youre one of those champions who are designed to be and look best fasting, everything else will make you inferior to that state.  

Remember, the body is endlessly mutable!  As soon  as you make the right choice God backs you up so never take counsel from eaters who dont understand or New Age folk hypnotized  by the plant food route. 

This lifestyle is only for the very special champions who need an edge in the face of  copious competition compelling them to eat right to win.

One 60-hour fast is such an adventure any miracle can happen.  Get ready, for once youve fasted just once youll be addicted for life. 

"Spend all day in paradise.  Start by not eating for a 36-hour fast.  It will amaze you the benefits of just one day a week.  Get thin--its those few fast days that do it.   Did you binge recently?  A fast will clean it all out and more before the fat cycle began.  Go ahead and eat fruit and when you crave more eat fat or tortilla, then fast.  I'm so glad to be done with vegetable FIBER sitting for hours and miserable days.  I'm so glad to have found an appreciation for what works!  Dis-fattening is a coping device so out of pure survival you will do it!  The lonely ana under group pressure feels the fatal need to jettison all excess flesh  to deal with the emergencies-at-hand.  Fasting has always been such a survival measure, the trump card, the last resort--the one that works.  You can be so proud that you chose fasting because very few do.  Dis-fattening the body is one way to find your true self.  The  body is filled with the past: so slim down, become a completely different person and start a brand new life as you use enemies as stepping stones to  your good." Karen Kellock Ph.D.