The movie HARRIET CRAIG in 1949 began the "feminist" view of housework as negative, constraining, unnecessary and neurotic.  It used to be at least women made a stab at it and most were neat, but now housekeeping has lost its seat.  For members of the household this is--psychologically, mentally and emotionally--a major defeat.  The woman of the house is no more the elite: Harriet Craig lost her husband from her "neuroticism" like as if keeping perfect order is effete!  Creating neat house for a man is the way to his enlightenment, love and provision. Women prefer "going out" as their liberation but all that's happened is female erosion (even perversion).  It's your decision--love your home never to roam (happy jubilation).


After years of solitude the eccentric becomes increasingly different from the social drumbeat.  If weak this gap triggers gang-ups but if strong it's  precursory to success--for those very persecuted differences will change the world soon.  After years of such treatment (detailed below) the eccentric must now find peace--for he is coming closer to the truth while the others are farther from it.  After marriage the female artist goes insane--why can't she just go back (mentally, creatively) from whence she came?  She seeks doctors instead ending on anti-depressants (dead in bed).    If she instead just went within, she'd remember the angels and elements from before: when she would soar  not be so sore! In THIS cornucopic state she knew the whole score (even if alone in her view she didn't have to beg and implore).


It helps to see what you always felt (but ignored) inside:  That after living in isolation just everyday conversation seems a hodgepodge of nonsense and meaningless hilarity (the trite). People really do think  social involvement is "Godly" and reclusion evil or sick, for in this era people-worship has replaced God-worship: the socials are thick. Yet the time-wasting procrastinator sees social adaptation as "right, good and proper"--you're just his  mopper, hooker  yet  time-robber.  The worse thing a man can ever do to a woman is  start something then make her beg to complete it (this man should be unseated).



It is hell being a female artist working with men who feel like "her slave" or make empty promises to shut her up like a knave.  Just  stop hoping, expecting or begging and realize you're dealing with  passive-aggressive procrastinators.  Resume your life of yoga, fasting and walking (these are the rejuvenators).  If you deal with  a  promise-keeper you'll be a weeper not a reaper.  The only way for a creative female to adapt is to become a nag, but the truly spiritual ana  would  rather go stag.   Even if it's just to another (inner) reality of reading novels, petting animals or learning intangibles, you can overcome the frustration leading to aggression.    For him to complete promised projects would be to "give in"--and to him that is  sin.


Some men fight passive-aggressively: sensing the female hates incompletion they'll  draw things out  and breaks deadlines in resentment that he's  "working" for her.   Don't depend on this immature man,  for to an ana-cerebrotonic such promise-breaking is crueler than fists-- especially if you see  he keeps  promises to  friends.  When he completes  a project in one day for men but draws  you out much further it's just  another way to smother.  When working with misogynists the creative artist feels she can't breathe! He could care less about home--just  to the world and  his image he cleaves. 



The reason MANY women are fat  is bcuz they aren't being loved.  Well if they nag, whine and complain--who wouldn't sense desolate rain?  And there's no refrain just as the bible says:  a "dripping faucet" makes it plain.  And due to the "feminist influence" of friends, family and other fakes they nag and needle their husbands who just want peace, to go to  the future  united (a wonderful release).   Due to feminism women feel  superior and try to lead only to become weak-kneed.   So we all have different gifts: to demand to speak 'cuz you're a man makes rifts.  Just magnify and be  amazed at each other, the feminist way  smothers and your phony friends are a bother.  Build up your man, keep perfect clean order so he can think (not drink or stink) and and then provide.  But listen to your fem friends and all that  potential will slide. The fake feminist tears her house down with all her endless bitching (and on the side, pagan witching).  All her husband wants is love and sex at night--so simple to turn on his light so that in pursuit of her provision he has  powerful might.  But women  no longer petite sweet ladies, no wonder the gay explosion and marriage erosion--marking  the end of our happy civilization  as God's Chosen.  



To the heathen, marriage can turn out to be a tremendous disappointment.  Although she starts looking like a pixie, her appearance fades when she gets cranky or witchy.  Both can get fat suddenly due to the social life of marriage and arranged meals.  People can also lose power due to  who they befriend, even on who steals.  In  everything there is soy and it starts to destroy (the mate starts to annoy).  You must stop regarding weaknesses and instead  focus on the perfection of God.  Then your marriage will heal,  if you cut out the clod--for  what destroys marriage is everything mod.   Just be a lady, love your man and keep silent (dignified not odd):  Stop fussing and keep your marriage with the clod.  Unless he uses violence or the rod, this commitment is made under God.


Since the outer psychologist is himself adapting to the social world which is sick, he has no sense of what it is like to go inward.  He has a degree but in adapting to the social, becomes split.  Dichotomized, he loses his psychologythen lives through his image as psychologist or professional while staying spiritually dim-lit.  Living through the image, he must control the patientmake him adapt to the social worldto buttress and enforce his own failing and  weak social reality.  Cerebrotoniaa wonderful race-saving thingis squashed under the big bug of social hebephrenia calling itself professional.  The same thing happens to the lonely anorexic.  As the others consensually validate themselves as superior they gang-up on the solitary anorexic, an easy target.  They must scapegoat her to confirm their false reality, for the social or slovenly is not superior, it is a waste of time.


When picking a mate don't choose some idiot who's into social hebephrenia--being a fake, trying to get some underling's approval, bragging, making up conversation as if he's needy for people!  He will turn on you because he doesn't know who he is and is socially hypnotized to feel superior to you but  inferior to the herd. How embarrassing if you have a mate like this, but if so,  simply educate him to hold his head up high and just tell the truth.   SILENCE is our science, being universal not parochial.  A true genius not a fool or someone's mule.    "Social hebephrenia" is bumbling loquacity, while true genius is Clearsighted Audacity.  This is a complete theory with a diamond formula, simplifying how you view life.   Talk and write from the formula, always jumping off to various fields but returning to the formula.  Don't just write what comes off the top of your head 'cuz you're not God, who thinks the opposite to man.  Once you find a formula, stick to it no matter what you feel on any particular day.  Life slips around too much and so does your perception--for all is state dependent memory:   How we feel determines how we think, see and feel.  Because of that I'd watch my diet very carefully, for I know my inner state determines how I see and react. 


If recurrent fear brings hysterical outbursts or bizarre, violent behavior on the part of the weaker spouse,  she  feels guilt and shame when they re-unite.  This fear is felt as love for this forgiving protector and benefactor and greater reason to return, refusing to admit the pattern will repeat itself.  But if she's  matured due to the experience--to be a lady commanding true power not a demanding feminist--it doesn't have to.  Repent then stop feeling guilty for any guilt-ridden person has a passive-aggressive pattern of outbursts maintaining guilt rather than working it through.  The answer here is SYSTEMS THEORY, in which we see the triggers for this outburst inherent in the system itself.  There's something weak or raging in the other and with awareness the dialectic will work itself out.

This is the interactional paradox of marital guilt: it remains until repentance changes the system.  This is obvious to a Christian but totally escapes the secular "psychologists" .  The sin maintains both the groove and the bad memories maintaining it.  Most people are haunted houses (veiled through constant useless activity and entertainment)  so when couples unite, watch out as the bugs are worked out.   Loving the "person" rather than God creates  unreal expectations then disappointment.  Either you only know his social facade and become horrified when alone with him, or you feel comfortable together but are shocked to hear his petty social chit-chat (so diminishing).  Marriage is very difficult.  But once you see God brought you together just focus on God's character not the other's weaknesses, and God  will work it out beautifully.  Fifty percent end in divorce.  Since marriage is God's way of bringing you to your True Destiny, this means people don't reach their destiny.  It is all preplanned by God: time and place and link to the Ace.  Once the time of preparation is over you're flying into  outer space. 


Look at his fruits, not appearances.  Look to God not mate's weaknesses.  Keep walls up against immorality and your life will be fine (draw that line!)

 So you're not going to look at his weaknesses but look to the mighty strength of God who brought you together.  For if you notice weaknesses Satan (whose intention is to trash marriages) will only magnify them.   Also, the bible says "by their FRUITS you shall know them".  Don't listen to what other people say about your mate, but look only to his fruits.

I remembered what my mother told me:  All I had to do was keep house for a man--creating magic home life together--and he'd make enough money for both of us.  I did that and our entire destiny came out.  Suddenly we had a beautiful homestead with creativity all day long. Then our Christian destinies exploded as we unfolded into different "windows" inside.  That's  because the bad was out.  Since this cleansing was interactional the first  two years of marriage was a wild adjustment period but that's what it's all about, so just remember that once you're hitched, divorce is out


A third thing you must remember is to have high walls--high boundaries--around your family, like a loving island or fortress in a sea of sharks.  If you're going to live in a place like Las Vegas or San Francisco surrounded by sex sin, you must be ultra-careful.  For Satan is trying to trash marriages and he gets in through your "tolerance" of this crap.  You must have a new map:  it is the Kingdom of God, excluding the clod.  The secular world is all wrong--you must EXCLUDE not INCLUDE.  Be exclusive--not based on money criterion but MORAL manners.  If you don't you'll see your happy marriage fade, not what God made.  Take a look at the Gay Parade:  confusion, destruction, illusion.  It is petty meanness and non-commitment not Creative Illumination and beautiful colors (God's pigment)!  If you want your marriage to last, you must see moral purity as the true blast as you both keep getting better.  You must treat your mate like an Irish Setter not a stray, no matter what they say he's your God-chosen mate so you proffer him up no matter what, ok? 


This is what he needs the female for: to enrich a wasteland and to love him [not tear him down] so he's strong, centered and ready for Destiny.  This is called "individuation":  the process of becoming the complete human being God designed before our birth.  When old we can't live by youth's program (cities, cars, bars) but rather turn inward to the True Self which was silenced by our social slots or slovenly sins.  This revealed cosmic being is our personal center speaking through dreams, visions and images. A human would not grow old if there was no meaning for the species, so speak bold!  Being old has great significance but if you carry youth into old age you'll have soul-damage because spirituality must take precedence when family is lost and energy wanes.  Go inside, see all the gains and you'll enjoy it most when it rains!   It's the spiritual outlook cure so make 'em call you ma'm and sir!  And never envy youth (the false lure) for despite their glorified "famous" image there's much trouble there (impure).  You're much better off here, in the radian cosmic elder tour.


The road of toads:  Its trendy to hate your husband and arrogantly dominate over him.  Many women  abuse men--as they are advised to do so by the  TV, the whole feminist culture, other women and even their own mothers.  That's not the way to become a superior female.    For alpha female rarity (the Queen) is not gross worldliness by homey wholesomeness.  Serving others is always the highest, and now the rarest.  Oh the asses they make of themselves being so outwardly, even self-congratulatingly selfish! For alpha females bring structure to the pack.  When they go, survivors are a sad sack until an Alpha Female reigns again--is that you, my friend?  Or will you leave the pack on the mend or lead them to the wrong bend?  When packs mourn the loss of alpha females their reality turns black--is that not you, Mack?  The world tells us men don't care, but with adultery or divorce they go into depression and even suicide having lost the female flair after she avenged herself by taking the dare.  [AND SHE GETS UGLY TOO--EVERY HAIR.  LIKE THE LILLY THAT WITHERS, NO MORE FINE FAIR.  ONLY MORALITY BEAUTIFIES, THE ADULTERESS IS A SCARE].



"Karen, I agree with these new words wholeheartedly.  The immature man talks rather than acts.  His big plans always split from what actually happens".  Richard H., Bandon OR

"Hey Karen I agree  we can't work with someone with poor work habits or procrastinations. Promise-breaking is not the Christian character.  Artists must be able to trust who they work with.  Would a building of the Tag Mahal have worked with modern day procrastinators?  That's  absurd.  We must wait for the right team  not seek it out or suppose our family's on the same beam.  I've tired of  begging people  to do what they SAID they'd  do.  A man's word means nothing especially if  to a female.  Feminism has not helped women  it's  only put them  at odds with men more.  The female artist won't flower until  totally self-contained." Elizabeth H., Bandon OR


"I agree with you KK. That's why the biggest Christian men's group is called PROMISE KEEPERS.  Men treat their men friends better, always keeping promises but break promises to their own family which coming last.  Female artists working with men must go through a foreman, not work with men directly because they'll be endlessly drawn out, lest they  feel like "her slave".  Fifty-fifty feels like twenty-eighty to them.  The female artist must either work  with women or get a foremanTeri C from Nebraska