High-Fat  Means Never Famished or Fatigued


I'm amazed at how long I can fast after a [non-sweet] FRUIT AND FAT meal.  If I eat fat  at noon I'm not hungry until tomorrow noon.  This was an amazing discovery since there is so little fiber bulk.  I knew I had found my answer to slimness and the hated huskiness coming from the FRUTARIAN-GLUTTARIAN diet [10-30 bananas and date smoothies].  Modern science shows that man is like a CAT--small but potent meals of FAT and protein.  Fat  deprivation suppresses the immune system and brings other  deficiency symptoms  seen in people on raw, vegan or especially fruitarian diets.  I learned this after twenty years of fruitarianism and the extreme craving  for fat and protein which resulted in a failure to thrive (FTT)  along with breathing, teeth and skin problems.    With SIBO fruit led to bloat and vegetables I already knew to be problematic.  By going "fatarian" my whole life changed as I opened up to the amazing world of daily fastarianism.




The gut-dense fatty food gave me a real feeling of lasting satisfaction that made day-fasting a breeze.   Fasting as a fruitarian made it very dull indeed--I was so malnourished I was fasting all the time anyway though eating constantly of the low-density, high-water and insulin-elevating sweet fruits.  I was bloated, water-logged yet hungry thinking I was  spiritual when actually I was  spacy in a brain fog.  Now I feel  bright and paleoscientists have found that the gut-dense fatty foods   release energy to the encephalization of the brain i.e. a bigger brain.  The paleo foods like nut-butters or animal fat require much less for satiety and this releases digestive energy to the brain which enlarges thusly.  Mans brain size decreased suddenly--de-encephalized--10000 years ago at the inception of agriculture which brought bigger starchier meals of grains  and produce foods.  With agriculture people grew fat and dumb! 


The big paleo brain is linked to a small gut fed  with small but potent foods which sustain him for long periods.  Less food (i.e. bulk) increases brain size.  Man has always been a hunter-gatherer eating fat and then fasting until the next kill: eating potent meals then not eating.    Down  with continuous fruit-eating and up  with  higher paleo-fasting bliss!  There are some raw vegan athlete guides who insist their clients  eat thousands of calories of fruit and vegetables and only ten percent fat.  These poor athletes complain of constant hunger, craving, weakness, and being waterlogged from all the fruitless fruit and salad eating.  It is ridiculous to fear fat for it  would suffice and create energy for long periods without craving. 



Lemonade All Day


One feels so good on the higher paleo or lacto-fruit diet combined with daily fasting.    I arise early around 2 am with some orange juice then at 6am some almond butter with coconut oil.  Then at 9am the main fauna meal with salsa.  Theres no need for a juicerjust a blender and lemon-squeezer for light lemonaid.  No sweet fruit to avoid insulin-spike--to that puffy constricted feeling I say take a hike.   Non-sweet, high-fat foods like olives and nut butters are easy to store so get out of that old habit of continuous shopping and reduce your foods to sixno more variety which only excites addiction and food-preoccupation.  You want a new station and a millionaire occupation so go very light while being satisfied with no cravings.  Free of digestive issues now personal power can strengthen your fight. God promises to increase as you decrease:  jettison weight, float up like a kite while attractive powers make life out of sight.




The trail mix method is perfect for travelers or hermits.   After I fat-fasted and stabilized  I decided to lose my dependence completely on stores and fresh produce.  I was just going to live on fish, eggs, meat, nut butters, tomatoes, berries, lemons and olives and was never hungry as my mind took off to new dimensions.   I was amazed that  "gut issues" [that meant acid reflux, bloat and constipation] were gone by avoiding dried fruit, most vegetables and even fresh fruit.  For lacto-fruitarians cheese is high in protein and fat  and could be stored for six weeks in sealed packages.   I found these foods totally delicious and a wonderful balance to each othersweet, sour, fatty fiber:  lemonaid, salsas, nut butters and cheese.  Lots of lettuce, salsa, taco salads.    Though this diet is restricted, can you imagine more divine potency?  Most importantly: released from any cravings or food obsession I was finally satisfied and became continuously creative. 


At last the inner journey and true independence could  begin as the endless time-waste of daily meal planning and shopping was over.    The meal plan made me feel very strong and happy for a long time as I found the greatest  staples for the wilderness recluse and hermitage.    Juicy fruit has a short life so if one decides to fast it spoils.  Solitude forbids running to the store to get juicy fruit and very few of us live on fruit farms.  What is the answer?  Establishing your new pantry and buying in bulk.  You will see how counter-intuitive the whole thing is:  If you have gut issues like SIBO, things like Chia seed will lead to bloat.  These details need be worked out as you establish your new life of food storage.




It gave me a real feeling of peace and security to  live like this:  perfectly set-up for months with a free-mind to daily fast and enjoy life without intrusion.   From these divine years I can truly say there is no place like home! I have no desire to go to restaurants and eat around strangers or wonder about the cleanliness of the kitchen or cooks (are they kooks?).  Thats part of the paleo lesson: filling your home with staples of perfect foods lasting for months so youre truly free and never have to leave if you dont want to.  I love my home, and losing ones home is one of the worst results  of war.   Home is ALL.  Home is our realityits where we dont have to adapt to other people.   More than anything else you must guard your home and let nothing in which is not good, perfect, divine and totally respectful of your authority.  In this regard, be a caveman.



Man is Not Folivorous [Leaf-Eating]


For spiritual recluses: The lacto-fruitarian it is FRUIT-NUTS-DAIRY and this includes olive and coconut oil:  the perfect  diet for reclusion and home life of the spiritual man.  Nuts, figs and raisins were the biblical desert and if you think about it they are basic. The triad of dried fruit,   fat  and fasting  is a perfect set-up for  long periodseven years--in nature independent of civilization.   Not being dependent on stores and  being able to live solitude--even in Alaska or Siberiawhile not being hurt by bad weather destroying the yield of fruit tress   gives a tremendous sense of satisfaction, freedom and security.   Having three months of food stored knowing its the best makes you self-sufficient and in control of your own destiny. Man is a fat-frugivore, not a folivorous plant or leaf-eater so huge raw vegetable salads though tasty are not basic.  Leave these things to the other animals with big guts to deal with all the bacterial putrefaction digestion these foods entail.    Just stick to the gut-dense foods and then fast to your delight without worry.  Not until one has totally detached civilization and embarked on his inner journey in nature  can he appreciate the non-dependence on civilized stores.  I didnt even require transportation anymore as my food was mailed to my door.  




For normal stomachs, when you need a cleanser what works better than raisins and  figs?  They eliminate (bind mucus) four times  as fast as a juicy fruit like grapes and are also filled with iron and magnesium.     Then when you need a crunch  or bit of protein and fat take a nut or two.  They are so potent just a couple will suffice for long periods while keeping the gut flatI like that. My favorite are the nuts highest in fat like macadamia (spread throughout the day theyre a great fat-fast)  but cashews are also delicious with raisins.    The cheese is very high  in fat and protein and easily stored for four weeks.  The cheese is a real  fauna-fat punch that revivifies, for man needs fat and fauna-fat is the best.   What a lifeand what a  way to restart the fast.  In higher paleo-fasting each meal just starts the new fast so if you start a fast only to eatso what?  Just start it again.  This is the highest guilt-free fail-free blend.




I had to heal insulin resistance and gut issues from  twenty years of sweet-fruitarianism.  After getting messed up on false diet dogma just a little sugar released a flood of insulin and all the maladies it creates (dry skin, craving, water retention, fatigue, constriction, irritability).   But with fat and only frugal selected fruit I have no hunger or craving for I am balanced in the way man was designed from the beginning.   As you proceed you will find your mind ascending to higher creative levels and  actually forget all about food.  The Atkins dieter is into eating many meals and it gets crude.  To me that misses the point because   with fat you can forget eating and just create every momentyou transcend the physical altogether as new life ensues.




With high-fat and low-carb:  glucagons signals the kidney to release salt and fluid, to the fat cells to burn stored fat for energy, to the liver to stop making cholesterol and triglycerides, and to the arteries to relax (dilate) and drop blood pressure.  High insulin overwhelms glucagons so that we fatten and bloat up with water.  In a miraculous way the fat-fast heals, regains balance and streamlines the body.  The usual low-fat high-carb diet makes one chunky:  as a fruitarian I was amazed to have a high cholesterol count though I never ate fat or protein.  Fructose raised insulin which cues the liver to produce cholesterol. What a paradox!


Hyperinsulinism is genetic.  All my aunts and uncles were extremely obese and the thrifty gene--that which makes us pack on fat with very little bits of carbohydrate--was very evident.  What that means is that all the nagging ailments from insulin: head-aches, irritability, hunger and craving, mood swings, depression and constriction can occur with just one apple.  I was so relieved to learn the perfect cure:  fat for appetite-suppression, even moods and high energy.  How very efficient:  one fat meal allowing all other waking moments spent in fasting and creative action.  My one year of fat-fasting amazed me in the way I suddenly felt and lookedfrom my mothers warning that  Id "end up like ancestors" I was no longer spooked.



 Compromised Immunity from "Salad Syndrome"


When fat/protein-needs were finally met  the body-cravings instantly switched to include  orange juice in the mornings and I  had no adverse reactions from that point on.  What this shows is that body heals through instinct, not by following  rules.  The rules may apply at one time but are made inoperative at another.  As immunity is boosted through fat and protein its also suppressed through starch and sugar.   As our food history has varied  so has our immunity  which is endlessly mutable.   And thus the rules change for each phase of our life.  Because of the present food fallacy of fat-phobia we have a generation of people with no or little immunity: the present epidemic of  environmental illness (E.I.).   I live in the desert which is filled with E.Is escaping city chemicals.  These are mostly post-hippies living on salads, pasta and other starches which only make them more sensitive.  Every time the golf courses use pesticides they escape to another part of the desert, whereas due to my high-protein diet I am becoming more impervious to sprays. 


For twenty years fruitarianism seemed so self-evident looking at food in a superficial light rather than the sophisticated  understanding of how metabolism works.  Its not that "we are what we eat"--but rather the metabolic processes that follow what we eatwhether insulin or glucagons is elevated determines our immunity and everything else.  Also whether we can digest the stuff or whether it all ferments and causes havoc.    It takes great mental strength to go against the pro-fiber, fat-phobic masses who think produce and grains are best and fatty proteins are the worst--but you must.  Just stick firmly to this regime and youll see miraculous things happen to your body:  extreme diminishment of size coupled with perfectly-formed muscles with minimal exercise.   The higher the fat-to-carbohydrate (ketotic) ratio  the more ketosis: i.e. the more fat is burned  and the less hunger.  Lack of hunger combined with constant energy  is a sign of ketosis.  The brain and heart  love to live off  ketones, not glucose.  During my day-fasting regime I felt best at   zero carb but when  completely healed I could eat more and feel great all through the daily 19-hour fast. 




New paleoscience  casts a whole new light on  fruitarianism, rawfoodism and all  vegan diets.  The comparative ape studies which justified fruitarianism because man is like an ape are now in dispute for there are no fruitarian or vegan primates found in nature and captive primates on meatless diets had B-12 deficiency (beyondveg.com).  Fruitarian tribes have never been found:  The truth is hunter tribes are healthier than farmers (storers of starch in silos) and fat-frugivores or -fasters are healthier than the fruitarian fantasy.  What is the answer for someone who fears possible deficiency but is against eating meat?   Eat cheese, omelets and sometimes a piece of fish.  What a delicious dish as you proceed to perfect thinness (and anything else you wish).


I was seeking purity through fruitarianism.  Having transcended this isolating ideology I opened up to the whole world through the  original real diet for man which makes the body very happy.   As world trends go more towards the raw/fruitarian  fear of mucus, protein, cholesterol, fat and cooking--all dissolves in the face of this new evidence.  For the sake of your own health I hope you will transcend these idiotic ideologies based on philosophy rather than the fat needs of man.   If like most Americans you are stuck on produce and grains, a switch to fat and fasting will change your entire metabolism,    bloodstream,  appearance and  personality.   You will be and feel entirely different in a new revolution springing from complete hormonal change.    I can bet that all of your problems including the emotional have their basis in the high-carb diet including fruitarianism.




The benefits of fasting magnify after fat: suppressing all craving while releasing incredible energy for the day or work or play.  This means no more highs and lows from hypoglycemia and carb-addiction, just a lovely even keel.  Ive known fruitarians who eat all day ["graze"] as much as they try not to.  Theyre eating for satisfaction but after eating crates of such low-density foods any satisfaction is fleeting.       For those two years I found tiny potent HQ meals  so much more efficient than all that water logging effect from rotting, fermenting produce.  Original man ate like a cat--fatty protein was 95% of his diet.    He was just doing what came naturally in contrast to modern man who allows  food fads to override his natural inclinations to eat luxurious deliciously satisfying fat.  You must now refuse to doggedly determine daily foods through diet dogma which disregards the facts of evolution.  To assist you heres the scoop on animal fat and protein: fauna.  To not give you the whole picture is to let you remain  a blind beggaryou must open up to the whole reality from the  beginning of time.



Brain-Size Decrease with Grains


The paleo diet is  around 55% protein, 30% fat and only 15% carb. The daily fast would be used in combination with paleo meals of fauna, selected vegetables or fruit.  Skeletal data shows that   homo sapiens have eaten meat for 2.5 million years but  grains only 10,000.  The human brain size decreased 11% in 35000 years and eight per-cent of this was in the last 10,000 years when farming began.   The introduction of grains prevented the brain from reaching complete genetic potential.  In this time animal food dropped from 50% of the diet to 10% as grain came to substitute.  This is the ratio of the modern diet and an explanation for the dumbed-down (though computer-literate) public. 


The transition from hunting to farming had devastating health consequences across the world.   As the fossils show, the hunters had perfect health.  They were tall, lean, well-developed, strong with dense bones and sound teeth without decay.  Less animal foods also means a consequent shortfall of preformed long-chain fatty acids:  DHA, DTA, and AA are required for brain development and are  much more plentiful in animal than plant foods.  High animal:  brain expansion, gut decrease.  Agricultural:  small brain, big gut.  The bulk of brain decrease and gut-increase has occurred in these agricultural years.  The early increase in brain development  is positively correlated with the level of animal food, a key component in Dietary Quality (DQ) that can never be filled by eating things like grains in its absence.   Folivorous (leaves) diets correlate with small brains whereas fruit and animal foods with large brains.  And thus man is and does best as  a fat-frugivore. 



Hunter: Big Brain, Small Gut


Large brains may be the evolutionary result of selection favoring meat and high protein diet.  Humans are distinct in the proportion of metabolic needs for the brain.  Gut size is always associated with dietary quality so it must shrink to support encephalization (increased brain)--suggesting high quality diet is associated with the large brain.   Only small bits of gut-dense fatty protein are required to satisfy hunger, burn fat and  give the brain and heart the ketones needed for energy.  This remarkable efficiency from small bits releases energy to the brain which then  expands.   The higher quality diet is more easily digested, liberating more energy and nutrients allowing encephalization. 



 Cooking is Part of It


There is a limited energy budget and the brain and the gut compete for it.  So much energy is required for brain growth that there is the potential brain size and an actual one.  The large brain is always compensated for by decreased gut size: this doesnt come from huge vegetarian meals but tiny fat meals.  The first increase of the brain was from the increase in animal foods.  The second increase was from cooking since it reduced required digestive energy.  Cooking neutralizes toxins and increases digestibility, freeing energy for the brain.  All those raw vegetables are too expensive in energy terms.  Raw is not law!  Cooking is a high-tech way of externalizing the digestive process (reducing toxins, increasing digestibility) making digestion a metabolically less expensive activity for modern humans then for primates.


Here is  Arello and Wheelers  finding as it was written in Current Anthropology in 1995:  The higher quality  diet brings increased energy which shoots to the brain as it enlarges it.   Because it is reduced bulk it creates a smaller gut due to more rapid assimilation and this also releases more energy to the head.   You increase dietary quality by increasing  fatty (and also cooked) foods which enlarges the brain and decreases the gut.  The modern (sweet/pasty) diet is more like half carb and fat and only 10% protein while the big brain diet is 55% protein and 30% fat and only 15% carbohydrate.  Since fasting also encephalizes, fat-fasting is a brainy solution--a longhead marks the monarch.   This is so efficient for the champion life as  opposed to continuous fruit-eating creating  unstable blood sugar, fatigue, mood swings (often anger),  acute sensitivity and the other characteristics of the  fruitarian seeking purity.




The fat-fasting method can be described in two ways:  (1)  eating once daily followed by all-day fasting  or (2)  continuous fasting only punctuated with small bits of protein and fata piece of cheese, an egg, a nut (cheddar and macademia being the fattiest).  I myself prefer the first method of eating in a 6-hour window of the day and blissfully flying off to a wonderful no-hunger fast for it is so much more spiritual to forget food altogether for 18+ hours a day.  The daily minifast shows miracles abounding. If I eat too much of the potent protein foods I really suffer:  there is truly no need to bulk up for the day ahead.  Daily Fasting is so easily accomplished after a fatty meal and was nearly impossible existing only on fruit.  Automatically your body begins to change:  the gut used once a day shrivels to  walnut-size.  The sinuses open up as the brain awakes and expands.  The lungs breath better than ever as glucagons dilates all airways.  Suddenly youre a totally new human being and on every level the change is dramatic.  Fat does not constrict and clogon the contrary it dilates and releases.




Human physiology shows we need  more fat in our diets not less,   and  plant-based diets are lacking in sufficient fat and other cofactors such as B-12.  Energy is stored much more efficiently as fat than as glycogen from carbs.  Animals who get enough fat from veggies are less-active herbivores who need less efficient energy, but man is an omnivore who like the carnivore is far more active and needs a more efficient way of storing energy.  The body wants to live off of ketones!  Humans need fat for the skin to stay moist throughout life (vs. dryness and wrinkles), to stay warm (since we dont have fur) and for increased brain function due to higher intelligence.  The synaptic connections in the brain are mostly fat and cannot function well in low fat diets.  The studies of David Horrobin shows the improvement of emotional balance and brain function with high-fat diets.  I myself can certainly attest to this:  I was so up and down and at times so angry trying to live without fat.  The slightest irritation would send me over a cliff.  Coupled with this were constant cravings for meatit was the fat I craved not the flesh.  So important is fat to the human that  the gut even tries to absorb preferentially what it needs through heme iron receptor sites (beyondveg.com).




The high-fat matrix forces us to see the world and diet in a whole new light.  Things like eating a dozen raw egg yolks and then when cholesterol is checked it is normal!  It is carbohydrate that evokes the liver and cells to create cholesterol, not fat--and glucagon which burns off all cholesterol.  And as for things like asthma where physicians have always said to avoid  fat, it is actually the case that fat dilates airways  so that one can breathe.  Fat releases constriction of the arteries, so while the fat-phobic masses see high-fat as death-threatening the more sophisticated understand this deeper metabolic science and scorn the superficial you are what you eat argument.   Energy is far more efficiently stored as fat  and almost all cells can use fatty acids interchangeably with glucose for energy.  The ability of cells to store carbs (in glycogen) is slight but 200 times more energy can be stored in fat than in carb which is used up in 48 hours   (after which all turns to fat-storage).   This  immediate storage potential in fat  means less or no fat-storage!




The aborigines in Australia are a very interesting group in that they develop a high incidence of hyperinsulinemia and type II diabetes when exposed to an urbanized western diet.  Like many Americans they are genetically predisposed to  disorders like heart disease and diabetes and they develop them quickly when eating wrong, making  them great candidates for the study of  diet and hyperinsulinism. The urbanized aborigine subjects were consuming a Western diet: grains and beans, alcohol, dairy, sugar and cheap fatty meat. This diet was high in refined carb (40-50%) and fat (45%-50%) and relatively low in protein (l0%).


Then they ate their original native diet of 70-75% protein, 25%-40% fat  and carb only  5%.  Insulin levels dropped by almost half and their health vastly improved, though they were getting much less exercise than in the city.  This is exactly what anthropologists  learned from mummy and skeletal data:   the carb-restricted high-protein/fat diet brings optimal health, strong bones and teeth while the low-fat high carb diet shows the opposite along with all the degenerative diseases of civilization:  cancer, heart disease, diabetes high blood-pressure and obesity.



Controlled through Diet


Lets understand the effect of the good eiconsanoids coming from fat vs. the bad eiconsanoids from sugar and starch.  As Sears says in The Zone:  you  can view eicosanoids as the biological glue that holds  the human body together--the most powerful agents known to man yet totally controlled by the diet.  The good eiconsanoids are the very definition of optimal health.  When theyre balanced the skin glows and the system hums in perfect health.  When the wrong ones are evoked the result is aging dry skin, arthritic aches and pains, blood clots, arterial constriction, asthma and heart disease.


Good Eicosanoids:  From fat, glucagons is elevated and the result is:  dilated airways, increased oxygen, vasodilation, immune enhancement, decreased inflammation, decreased pain, increased endurance, the prevention of platelet aggregation and decreased cell proliferation.  Bad Eicosanoids:  From starch and sugar insulin is elevated and the result is:  constricted airways, decreased oxygen flow, vasoconstriction, immune suppression, increased inflammation, increased pain, decreased endurance, platelet aggregation and increased cell proliferation.


What an incredible revelation to the fat-phobic masses:  the fat actually dilates (opens) the veins and airways so that the asthmatic can breathe!  It decreases the platelet aggregation that constricts arteries and the cell proliferation which is cancer.  What an amazing way to recover:  a wonderful fat-fasting vacation where things like rashes, asthmas and other nagging ailments completely disappear.  Try the fat-fast for four days:  just eat high-fat and protein foods keeping carbs beneath 30.  If there is no weight loss keep them under 15.  If still fat go zero-carb for awhile and keep to the fast:


Carbs: [green indicates ok for SIBO]  Asparagus (6) 3, Broccoli (cup) 8, Cabbage (cup) 8, Cauliflower (cup) 5, Celery (3 pc) 4, Cucumber (6 slices) 2, Green beans (cup) 6, Lettuce ((1/2 head) 6, Mushrooms (cup) 4, Onions (1/2 cup) 6, Pepper 6, Radishes (4) 1, Spinach (cup) 8, Tomato (1) 4, Zucchini (cup) 5, Avocado 9, Lemon 6, Olive (10) 1, Peach 10, Plum 9, Raspberries (cup) 9, Strawberries (cup) 7, Apple 18, Pear 18.


Everything from sagging wrinkled skin to paranoid mood swings  will disappear after adding fat  while delimiting the fibrous or fruit diet.   After years of vegan vulnerability you must drastically boost immunity or die.  The daily  meal and then daily fasting will create such a  sudden transformation and rejuvenation youll want to shout and tell the world.   I could not believe it as I  finally had the look, the feel, the experience I was seeking (to no avail) through fallacious, failed fruitarianism.




ONE  MEAL is sufficient for many people and they can immediately enjoy the benefits of the mini-fast of 18 hours daily.  This meal  can be as large or small as you pleasebut I guarantee it will make the fast happy, satisfied and free.  The daily evacuation of the one meal (esp. if including eggplant and nuts)  is an amazing benefit of the higher [fastarian] paleo diet.  If youre coming out of a deranged food history youll feel very good while fasting contentedly. As you're finally free of hunger and the low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence that comes from being chunky with the false body, your dreams and talents will blossom.

Karen Kellock: Paleo-Fasting

zuchini-mushroom cheese omelet

one meal a day [few grapes later]

and I don't care WHAT they say!

It works perfectly when nothing else did!