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"Sick society is the fierce foe of sanity. The average person is a touchy little neurotic who flares up with hateful revenge against anyone exposing his actual evil. The worst thing that can ever happen to a human being is to remain stuck with himself so he surrounds himself with others like him". Vernon Howard



When surrounded by inferiority  withdraw your focus on it while creating  your own ascended reality amidst chaos and debauchery.  You know the junk man and whoremonger are there you just steer around the savages.  America is suffering a barbaric invasion from within.


You have trouble with people because you don't see through them.  Seeing is freeing.

Think back to when someone took your money, happiness or confidence.  It is a healthy practice to bring these experiences to mind.

When you see life from truth's lofty level you will never again tremble before any man or woman.

Believing that a shark is a dolphin is both foolish and unnecessary.  When a wise man sees a shark he knows it is a shark.

Insight into charlatanism is a definite first step toward a life that is authentically higher and genuinely spiritual.

Diligence toward the discovery of deception is part of the upward path

Never hesitate to see through people.  Go as far as you can as fast as you can.  Your entrance into a new world depends on it.

Some students of human nature are reluctant about exposing falseness and weakness in others.  They think they should not see so much badness but the opposite is right.

You should and must know all about hurtful human behavior for only exposure of the wrong can invite the right.

You are passing through an astonishingly beautiful experience that will change your life forever.

We are forced to resort to troubled thought only because we have not yet ascended to a loftier level of higher thought.

All the needed answers are within yourself.  You can stay home and let them come to you, which will surely happen now.

Truth is like a captain of a ship on a voyage to a new world.  All along the way the ship approaches hundreds of strange islands inhabited  by fierce savages.  Knowing all about them the competent Captain gives a slight turn to the wheel, and the ship passes safely beyond the savages. In a similar way, Truth knows everything about the savages and nothing is hidden from it.  It sees and understands every hidden human desire and motive. Truth is totally safe from the fierce warriors on the islands because it has nothing to do with them--it lives in another place.  All you need do is start your voyage of life-conquest, starting exactly where you are.  Your very wish for discovery is the request that brings the Captain to your ship (Vernon Howard: Fifty Ways to See Through People)






 or Solitude in Nature