PERSONALIt's not  him or her making us insane, but unforgiveness of past systems without refrain.  What is a sick system?  What are the signs?  You'll know it's  old sores are the chain which  binds.


If you cry a lot  it means you've lost  your center.  You've "introjected" another person by swallowing their  reality whole.  You must stop everything  and go within.  Just look out the window and think (be your own friend).  Find emotional satisfaction in nature, times of day, who you are becoming in solitude and who God is.  As you in-gather your forces the voracious need to eat, drink or mate dissolves.  All your problems you'll  find this solves.  We're  way too concerned with society, groups and what people think. As you make your mundane  world absurd you'll see how they  stink!  Your true genius is refined and superior:  what you see all around  is  rinky-dink.

The CONTAGION OF MADNESS is about what happens when  distorted implants  past introjects and systems rule your mind.  You must mature beyond society and people, finding your genius God designed.  Instead of taking this blessed  adventure people want  to be wined and dined.  My needs for affection  were so great  I wanted to eat everything in sight (becoming voracious and then getting  tight).  Most women eat 'cuz they don't feel loved so  use food and drink to turn on the  light.     I overcame these  earthly needs through twenty years alone in nature  but you can transcend  through marriage alone if you see it as a kind of throne.  It's God--the third cures the weird--that makes it better than being alone.    The Royal Couple is the magic star shown--good for everyone to see, your best seed sown.  But how few people see  solitude as good for the soul--they just endure or fight with  the foe.