Life stages of a person: starts unrefined then ends a true genius with a Creative Act of the rare kind.


Now the END occurs: completing old cycles and beginning new ones. Glide thru the transition, it's fun.


CLEAR THE DEX so God can give U what U want. You're blocked with distractions, that's my rant.


NO TV--It's priming us for bad things in a diabolical plan, you see? Focus on your own home & family.


Genius knows truth is OPPOSITE to what they think. That's another way of sayin': herd reality stinks.


Secret to best work: WAIT. The superior man never acts unless cued--that's what makes him great.


People who judge you by your past don't belong in your present. SO TRUE--reject, or be soooo blue.


You follow gurus and mentors until you mature. Then you sift and decide for yourself: BOSS CHAIR.


I didn't like my consciousness on rice. How I view a diet: do I think cosmic, does my skin feel nice?


What are you getting out of this? Meaning, acceptance--or just filling time while destiny is missed?


Must just show up. You've studied, cried, overcome those who lied--now just SHINE as you reply.


HOLD BACK [strength] until your time has come. Then it's POWER UNLEASHED [never called dumb].


"Lord, turn it around!" REPENT and return from the brink like Nineveh--then feel bliss like nirvana.


Pneumaticity is "leaving a space" which can now fill in. The best way to work is to just start chillin'.


Fights are a case of wrong identity--you are misperceived & miscast as the enemy. Just be friendly, ok?


Much insanity is from being on a phony DIET. It's more about that than whether or not you fry it.


You'd be a fool not to be scared, we just found out no one cared. Now just fast on air to stay prepared.


FAT makes fasting a snap. You need little food if you eat like a mouse/cat: Fat-fasting is where it's at.


We frantically search the internet to avoid True Reality. But it wouldn't be if you'd just be open/let it be.


My favs are becoming boring to me. I'm sick of INPUT: I want to create and from ALL outer chaos be free.


The world's slipping into total and complete depravity. That's the true human condition without morality.


If "they" don't know about it, it's "not happening". So instead of studying they're napping [it's baffling].


SEARCH THE NET: what you're looking for isn't there. It's True Reality, but leave a space for prayer.


Friends and family may be on the other side. They refuse to face the truth so from you they hide.


Since the brain's made of fat it opens up new worlds in total synchronicity, and it's even funny.


Give 'em a break: use few words. They can't take it in [as they are the herd] so cut it down by 2/3.


They don't despise yet ALLOW sins too. They shut their eyes since the axe hasn't fallen but it's going to.


Movies reflect & create culture: a feedback. They guide us into destruction or provide resolution.


Need to divorce the past?  You'll be in a new cast. For you were miscast as FOOL for seeing so vast.


A cheese omelet then to heck with it. You can fast two days and never think about food--none of it.


That's not what I want: rice. That's for storage but now ONLY fresh, fatty and delicious will suffice.


The Greek Salad is for staying fit, creative, happy and satisfied all the time in every single way.


Get off the net. It's not helping, you're just procrastinating from true reality where your soul is, I'll bet.


Tyranny trickles down to all levels: TOP to bottom, nothing left out as they rout out rebels via goon devils.


The carb-allergic can't benefit from rice or spud and until fat-adapted those results will also be duds.


If food causes problems why not just eat once a day? Things will be swinging--I love life this way.


Without fat you try to get calories from fruit. Some gain weight on sugar/don't look cute to boot.


Having an opinion, just talking, knowledge or discernment is now "racist". This is scary and fascist.


They destroy traditional values so we don't feel normal--it's all overwritten to DEBUNK role models.


When the herd calls it "beautiful", is it so? What of the rules of aesthetics--should that all go?


Freedom is like snow cones in hell. Without it man gets scared, no one cares, he's stuck in a shell.


Being different gets you dis-owned. This social fascism is why we get cloned [why many get stoned].


Male power cleanses country of COWARDICE. Aren't we done being wimped, betrayed and powerless?


What will save us? Men as real men & women as real women behind them--the way of power, amen.


Worlds collapse when evil takes over. From county to state we need a makeover, with full exposure.


"Heckler's veto": whoever yells the loudest wins by being annoying like a mosquito--not peace but ego.


When it comes to breasts is bigger really better? To some it's a fetter--inelegant even in a sweater.


There's a point where silence rules. You can't say a thing without offence so save yourself from fools.


Only crap makes the news so AVOID the blues/psychic bruise by stopping TV: more carefully choose.


You can't say anything, no kidding. More each day evil powers are forbidding. SOLUTION: chilling.


While censuring they go along with new things and it gets crazier as they become less a king or queen.


When they take offense you feel dense but it's NOT YOU it's nonsense on attack as you get tense.


Due to surface status they are snobs. It's hard to take when already at odds or when there are no jobs.


You hurt and cry then everything turns around. Wait for this reversal and you're heaven-bound.


Divorce all snobs--you must. For they feel superior but 4U it's self-esteem or bust [only friends you trust].


By snobs your identity is framed and it's a lowdown thing being thusly chained. Reject, esteem reclaimed.

Forced to see it all "positively" they can't think critically, see through man nor overcome difficulty.


Pure food, clear mind: unlock ties that bind. It happens naturally as you clean the cells--what a magic find.


Forced to think "positively" they're zombies when it hits the fan. See the whole picture--think you can?


When does "positive" become refusal to accept valuable new information for a vital turn of direction?


Tolerant Generations are the most intolerant of all: divorce, bullies & violence--everywhere a brawl.


When is "positive" a refusal to face reality? Life really sux at times for it's not all one thing but DUALITY.


Look forward to your new life in heaven--where they won't be. That's valuable information for free.


It's a sorry state of affairs when we can't see evil cuz we're putting on airs. Better to be called squares.


If being positive brings on selective dis-attention, warning: you'll lose the election or a new affection.


Desperate to avoid disapproval they collapse everything in mind like the difference between good & evil.


We're getting so afraid to speak the bloody truth lest when we call it uncouth they'll punch out a tooth.


They actually feel right being the thought police. It's getting so we can't say anything--please, let it cease.


Because they draw lines of clear restraint like a house gated, Christians are hated but it's not ill-fated.


Due to the era I grew up in I became a sinner but didn't realize it since the world called it a winner.

With the needed insight, don't do a thing on it. Sit on it, let it percolate--don't fret on it, NOW do it.


What to do when you see who he is: Don't get in a tiz for you knew it all along but stayed mind-fizzed.


It wasn't you being bad--you soaked it up like a sponge. That's how brainwashing makes us grunge.


He's the man giving me the life I love. That's reason enough to treat him well and be sweet as a dove.


For many life is in the pits. Don't let it continue--whatever you do, REPENT and shake the devil to bits.


Back down, don't push back. Now pray as God pours ashes on his head and his world turns black.


Women: don't push back but back down. For female power is silence THEN you wear the crown.


So you made a mistake.  Just pray and watch God turn ALL-BAD to ALL-GOOD for those who have faith.


Compulsive behaviors are mental illnesses, even speaking loudly in public for attention is sickness.


Compulsive behaviors are from stress. Tho a form of PTSD they should still be addressed [no finesse].


Ever notice how the compulsive also gossip? It's put-downs compensating shame in the closet.


All behavior is compensatory, psychologists say. Look deeper than symptoms--were they betrayed?


You've done nothing wrong but there's a war on your mind. That's why you often feel down, or unrefined.


Every woman is wise and foolish, clever and absurd, good and bad. It's a package deal: good vs. cad.


If there's nothing coming through the spout, don't write.  The worst thing is to force things--it won't be right.


There were times in history where people became crude.  Picking their nose, pissing in the street, lewd.


Bad food makes one acerbic: bitter, mean, nervy, phobic. He needs to change diet, not get a cathartic.


I have a mental PICTURE of the concept in time, a phrase comes through and then I finish it with a rhyme.


The two greatest emotions are jealousy & feelings of treachery. The cure is diet and solitude: stability.


They're proud of the very things of which they should be ashamed.  They wear it like a badge of great fame.


Political correctness means you don't communicate about a thing: With this kind of censorship it's hard to be king.


Movie idols provide archetypes for the herd to follow. They are brilliant & wise or dark & shallow.


When you intrude they call you "rude" but they can interrupt, undercut and collude: the lawless brood.


Once you get involved with that level it all spirals down to hell. Then it spreads in concentric circles like a spell.


Most everything is PTSD.  Otherwise we'd just be normal, you see?  It's a matter of obstruction:   DEBRIS.


Problems like anorexia and bulimia are post-trauma stress disorders: FEAR is a robot out-of-order.


What is the trauma? Involvement with wrong people forming templates of self-despair even for the able.


The rare times they're nice we think "there is hope".  But then we see it's all a ruse hiding the end of the rope.


Whoever has The Body wins the food debate hands down--but he who talks about diet with a big gut = CLOWN.


Polled Americans don't care about our nose dive to the bottom. Dumbed down, they even call it "awesome".


Big Pharma sponsors most of TV. That's why every commercial is about drugs, see? Reject, be free.


Mass shootings are always from mood-altering drugs like Xanax—every very single incident: FACTS!


Borrego Springs is a beautiful desert island in a sea of sharks.  Better to choose to live in other state parks.


They STILL love him after he does all this? They don't care about his dis as they fall into the abyss?


The more he sabotages the more they love him. Humans are a paradox: sycophants in an oven.


You can't bring them up--they'll only bring you down. That's the reality of human systems vs. your crown.


Life's a paradox! Like missing wrong people you should block: they seem like doves but are hawks.


If you don't agree, you're out. They also want you friendless/jobless: a social gout [without clout].


The lower the slime the greater the exposure.  That's the way it works now as evil is  loved and chauffeured.


Pharmacia numbs your children and robs them of their identity. It happened to me [I lost my destiny].


With evil concepts they've all gotten cozier. In just a decade most all are angrier and sinning is easier.


Jesus is in on this thing with me but with Him it's a PERSONALIZED diet: take the rudiments then twist it.


Most all problems come from people involvement.  Left to your own these irritations would be absent.


Be there for them as the veil falls from their eyes. When they see the light you'll hear the gullible's cries.


When evil rules there is no justice and people mourn: Eat our substance and ignore what's been sworn.


Just as it gets too painful to watch God'll kick it up a notch & it's in our favor as they continue to botch.


We're becoming a predatory hell pit by any yardstick. It's happening so fast it could make us brainsick.


Go to bed tonight and wake up in heaven.  Many people die in their sleep and what a way to freshen!


I write what I feel, couched in what I think. It's my way to deal with emotions while we approach the brink.


Those w/most to say are shunned, ignored & minimized to their dismay. Wait, you'll have your day.


Popularity is no proof of the truth--but you gotta speak it anyway so the youth line up at your booth.


It's disgusting: this descent into lawlessness with no account or busting. In barbarism there is no trusting.


There's nothing on the outer anymore.  Except for the view, it's the inner realm I'll glorify in and explore.


As with liberals ideology trumps logic, the results can be tragic. As denial becomes chronic it's like a tonic.


When a country comes under judgment the result is horrific debasement and most are not ready, but absent.


Getting the body you want is an achievement.  So do it:  not just for the weekend but forever, amen.


It's an achievement getting the body you want. High metabolisms eat the croissant and still stay gaunt.


That's the way it works: high on themselves but then they implode--when suddenly they've become old.


Just because he's cool doesn't mean he knows how to rule. The public are fools trained by schools.


The real man is strong and stable.  Give up on all messers, procrastinators and losers if you're able.


Dad didn't say it was easy but that it could be done. Now get off your butt, hon--and get disciplined, son.


They said it COULD BE DONE, not that it was easy. People are sleazy and their wimpiness makes us crazy.


They've declared war on good people—Christians, gun owners, libertarians, pro-lifers and returning vets.


NOW you can do this thing: be a lean, mean machine. Dissolve all superfluity, thin out, get sheen.


All should mourn the loss of freedom. For it's no small thing as we're stuck in bedlam and beaten.


She never wanted the divorce and he's devastated--so why did it happen?  Feminist advice never gladdens.


I'm high as a kite on this parsley and cilantro juice. After all my self-abuse this puts me front, though a recluse.


It's all just ENERGY: dense vs. clear. The bio-drives [food/sex] become the most compulsive [no cheer].


For every sin there's a seed of compensation [punishment]. God won't have to--it's inherent in the moment.


They cover it all up: they don't like you using the name. Why is this? Because they are SO ashamed.


There's been a turnaround! The revolution has begun. The hypocrites lost and the people's desires won.


There's been a turnaround:  a comeback from the brink.  God's returning us to the pink as government shrinks.


Take out the trash. Those people brought demons too and thus you feel bashed--now get back your dash!


In times of transition the archetypes explode. Take advantage of this opportunity to reach your goal.


Sin takes you down a rabbit hole of wrong decisions [no success] so the answer is to stay sinless.


The imperious laugh about things which are serious. This is so desensitizing and cruel one gets delirious.


Reports leave us with less or no hope. The problems seem way beyond our scope: a deadly national soap.


Slow and easy wins the race. No sudden movements just daily diligence and it shows on the face.


To discern people, look at their track record. That's ALL you gotta do--not your heart [break that chord].


In the midst of evil we're seeing the power of the people. It always happens this way: rise, eagle!


The lawlessness of Mexico is being allowed to implode into the U.S.  They're pouring in and catered to [fuss].


The new voting block [immigrant children] are fed far better than our children in the schools.  Fools.


TOLERANCE marked Rome before the fall.  We're jelly fish in it's grips as our wonderful country eats crow.


Mixing the trivial with the important is another psychotic marker.  And yet that describes TV news, a mocker.


Devils may win again--we may be that pathetic. What they've allowed is tragic & we should reject it.


Family: two dads, one mom and one dating another person. No wonder suicide's up: this is the reason.


From the most wonderful to the most horrible, overnight. It's like someone turned off a bright light.


They get power thru class warfare, division, racial strife--these are not true liberals but a pack of criminals.


Insanity is a sudden archetype exploding onto the scene.  It's a lower strata in the brain revealing the fiend.


Insanity is a mal-adaptation to a sick system marked by flip-flops and sting-shots: happy then vehement.


These people are lax--they don't care about a thing! I have to forget them so my tender heart sings.


Evil is unlimited without standards. That's why we're in a nose-dive to the bottom, going backwards.


Take freedom for granted--that's how you lose it, stupid. To stay free be WATCHMEN, not insipid.


Liberals say you gotta break eggs to make an omelet--that's the ends justify the means argument.


Evil is defended by the stupid, the naive and deniers. They'll believe any brutality is good--fools and liars.


Why can't people see evil?  Because they're dense to the core, terrorized against seeing truth and more.


They're barbaric but you don't believe it. You'd rather have approval--admit it. Denial: repent of it.


They think if it's not on the news, it doesn't exist. You gotta dig deep to get the truth or it's missed.


We've lost our greatness, we're under bondage: Total slavery and cruel reversals like an old adage.


Men who are good guys [over-solicitous partners]: This wins the game but loses as they gotta try harder.


Authoritarian Cleptocracy: Put them under tyranny while stealing them blind and being VERY unkind.


They get so big and full of themselves: unproductive, petty, empty--the opposite to the magic elves.


If actions stem from ego they'll be futile. Why make embarrassing mistakes by doing things for approval?


That we're going down is no dispute. It hurts seeing the greatest getting the boot but get ready to uproot.


Liberals have always been anti-military so now we're weak sycophants having lost our peace and dignity.


Humans are only happy when inventing, freely expressing and daring--all crushed by the overbearing.


America had great industry--all their excellent thing, like their ministry--and thus they had VICTORY.


To liberals "ends justify means" but no one sees the blood carnage in between--it's cold, and it's mean.


They were never in the military yet wanna have all these wars--not for our freedom but to settle old scores.


The worse things get the more power they get.  It used to be you were fired but now all's in reverse: no debt.


Everyone's the center of a universe and Facebook perpetuates this idea. Be creative: a genius galleria.


It used to be if it happened on your watch you resigned or went to jail. Now you get a bonus, high-scale.


They actually think they're good. That's their identity despite narcissism and a heart dead as wood.


The mind wants justice and without it feels horrified. Then it just blanks it ALL out while truth is denied.


Dumb on history you're doomed to repeat it and I won't be part of that. Unplug from evil: drop the brats.


We can no longer say what we want. We have to tailor everything to what THEY think, like a sad haunt.


It's been about sixty years:  collectivism, communitarianism then communism.  Drip-drip now comes Statism.


A time will come when killing you will be a good thing. They know not what they do--murder or a fling.


He's impervious but all tyrants are that way. They gotta show they could care less--how they make hay.


We started out right then got on the wrong track. How easy this happens in science or living in a shack.


They only care what benefits THEM. All other considerations are condemned--they're not friends.


Whether mad or happy depends on what news you watch--if bought they never report the botch.


Why show us her messy house--why wasn't she ashamed? Her mother would've but she's morally lamed.


Solve the paradigmatic confusion. Looking in all the wrong places the result is chaos and obtusion.


SCANDALS yet they still love the powers that be. The worse things get the more they're seen as daddy.


Despite the scandals they're seen as awesome. It's a land without justice as we race to the bottom.


If wrong you'll always be proving yourself. We grow up by getting clear: putting it on the shelf.


"Raw" was a false diversion like high-carb cooked, creating divisions and some were even crooked.


To make progress restore old paths. They had wisdom and clarity, not like now when genius is a rarity.


To progress fast restore old paths. For they had power and class, unlike those acting like an ass.


They have drones the size of a fly--go behind doors, kill you or spy. To our freedoms say bye-bye.


There's a charisma to the fakery but image-magic's not bravery. Seen thru clear eyes it's buffoonery.


They come with many men. This is the day your life changes suddenly so enjoy each day until then.


Feminism is anti-family: As women take the upper hand and bash men, the nice ladies are anomalies.


How bad it is when a culture replaces one group for another. It's all for power pitting brother against brother.


If you're helping don't let em pile on other things too. You must draw that line, if you've a mind to.


If authorities have a low I.Q. don't debase yourself to better look up to them, but choose breakthrough.


As his ratings plummet there's a mass readjustment to a new beat: revitalization movement vs. the elite.


When things get bad the herd is like a flock of birds flying in perfect unison and changing as a unit.


As the Third World cleans out there is tens of millions more a month--are you ready to be debunked?


God make me bigger than anything I fear. Though surrounded by the spear, put me in good cheer.


It's earth shattering news but, they can't hear it. They're in a state of pliant acceptance, they don't fear it.


The militia's been called to scout the Texan border and stem the tide against gangs or disorder--WHEN?


Liberals aren't into laws: they are lawless. Ethics, morals and standards are GONE but also no more solace.


Liberal equals contradiction. That's because their self-image [loving] opposes who they are: a fiction.


Women cajoled to abort or divorce are called "good", "worthy" or "trendy" but end sadly or in poverty.


Of course they disbelieve it--it's followed by jokes. Media is mixed-up so people fall back to their yokes.


The "animating contest" is repeatedly challenging the evil, building more character after each level.


They either get better or worse. Lukewarm doesn't exist--just milquetoast people where love is a farce.


They aren't even there so find people to validate their illusion--deadheads causing more confusion.


Ancestral ties bring great solace even in a dungeon, for courage and strength is their function.


The opposite to black boot tyranny is the beauty of nature--that's your therapy and God's your teacher.


We've fallen so far from the men/women of old. They overcame, they optimized, they found the gold.


The washed-out wimps--look at those in congress. They lay down to be weak, they allow the mess.


See how fast you lose your currency with him. As ego's triggered he gets adversarial: foe not friend.


Weaklings: there's only a few who can even diet. They have no resolve: they start the fast then they fry it.


Return to the old paths--the only way out. It makes me sick what we're losing, all due to drought.


If you're not scared you don't know what's going on. TV news is falsehood--not where you belong.


Ok so you don't wanna hear it.  though it's horrible news [the truth] just listen then pray to God's rescuing spirit.


Are your guests agents of calamity and woe? Do they cause trouble, is your time/money theirs to blow?


"He made a straight path for His anger [give it free course]": on all our persecuting enemies arse'.


How to love when the other becomes adversarial too fast: Well this love story is no blast, being miscast.


In the past you'd fight it out, then you'd pout but now you're silent since you know what it's all about.


Watch out buddy, things can change fast and suddenly you have no control--when you've lost your role.


You knew it before, just couldn't close that door. Queens know how fast things change, then it's war.


"The things he said to me used to make me truckle back in. But now I've got vision: his flip flops are sin."


The truth is seldom sweet, it is inevitably bitter. But unfortunately we must face that truth to get any better.


Is he/she the reason you can't lose weight? Stress packs it on so unhook from evil and you WILL deflate.


It hurts so much being physically objectified.  It feels like being depersonalized, a nothing, soul-fried.


Wisdom speaks when it has something to say. Fools speak cuz they gotta say something to feel ok.


Will tyranny be better with a female in a pink pant suit? NO it will worsen as a she-brute makes us go mute.


The borders are overrun by disease and gangs. They're wide open but no one cares about such things.


A big fat gut with finger in nose insults you then insists you forget it all while he talks other folderol.


She's devastated not because he called her fat but because he could be so cruel. Understand that, fool!


To be objectified hurts: it's scary to be NOT A PERSON but just a number in the face of their flirts.


Start a race war: It is possible to do this just by baiting, threatening, rewarding, trending and fear.


Suddenly you could lose all interest in me. That's what I mean about the lack of stability and fidelity.


For the sake of our PETS, fix our borders. America was decent as we love our pets as sons/daughters.


They became adversarial, not US. They picked a bone & had a grudge but we overcame by reading Drudge.


When the pages are forced to do bad things they rebel on constitutional grounds and win over kings.


They're gonna do it whether we like it or not. We've lost all power--our influence has turned to rot.


Depression triples chances of dementia. Change your view: NO MATTER WHAT God rules minutiae.


For perfect health & healing, eat grapes. They'll delete disease even cancer--they dissolve & scrape.


Homeostasis:  Being down brings pep-talks, being up brings insults.  Thusly the system maintains itself.


Instead of doing the work, the lazy turn to gimmicks--none of which work whether diet pills or clinics.


The verbal abuser drops bombs then insists you forget it. If you rattle his cage about it you'll regret it.


"Lord remove my gut roll & make me a bean pole". That's all you gotta ask now just follow your soul.


God stop this slippery slope--give us reason to hope! With these things happening how can we cope?


They're gonna do what they want whether we like it or not. Those in power control thought & we cry a lot.


Your problem is trying to make them "see". They can't, all they see is "me" and that's wisdom for free.


We have OPEN borders and Fox won't report it. Terrorists/gangs are getting thru but we must stand it.


You can be certain you're right and be a 100% wrong. The true scientist knows this but not the throng.


With stress people fall into their bag. That's everything from envying to being a drag or loving to brag.


Suddenly we're surrounded by strangers--a tsunami of God's wrath as our land is filled with dangers.


The more complaints aired, the greater protection for human rights in that country. So SPEAK, urgently.


A drowning man calls out for God while before then he was a fraud. We're deeply flawed, then awed.


though the sky is falling all you have is  what's in front of you.  Just live this day and God will protect you.


It has become a crime to think and say what you want. Suddenly you're marginalized as they taunt.


Zombies reject those who think differently. They're in a rigid groove so it behooves you to go gently.


Genius sees everything in opposites. Whatever the herd thinks, they know the reverse is the positive.


What's the worst misery of all? Ruled by foreign troops. That's the scoop and it applies to all groups.


We're waiting for next shoe to drop: Each one gets worse as society flops--that's implosion we got.


Evil brings itself down: by creating crises the truth is exposed then OUR narrative shines for victory won.


Now is the time to hold on to personal reality. Despite all, this is your only serenity and serendipity.


Political correctness is cultural suicide. It's a LIE we can perpetually backslide and throw lines aside.


Collective intuition is infectious: In times of great evil that spark of divinity comes through like an eagle.


IN TIMES OF EVIL collective intuition is infectious. This is contagious enlightenment, in excess.


God's wrath comes thru disasters OR relocation of large groups: suddenly surrounded by strangers.


When big gov control things you get real hurt. Without accountability they treat you like dirt.


Raise people's dignity and all this tyranny dissolves. It can't stand the light of day, so reveal it ALL.


Fake niceties mark the social world, also stupid cruelties which unfurl. Go solo, detach from swirl.


We sense we're in a clamping cage where a diabolical plan [HUGE] is closing despite our rage.


Opposing illegal immigration is "racist". This is the reality we must swallow whole, from the fascists.


They're just gonna let it happen? Yes, all this devastation is the elite's plan but for us our hopes are stolen.


The "animating contest" is you becoming YOU by demanding your liberty. Win it now or die a wanna-be.


First we're a rare experiment then it's [authoritarian cleptocracy, crony capitalism]: GANGSTER government.


It's not about resistance but of SURVIVAL. You must stand up for right or slip down more into evil.


The mental problems from adapting to an angry feminist female--that is the weakening, the final nail.


The youth corps are exploding geometrically. Many don't speak English so we're in deep trouble, really.


Sin or disease? Since sin gains tragic hold--a possession--it's also a disease so repent, please.


Tyranny's strategy:  get everyone on the dole then pull the plug as all collapses--a sinking ship of asses.


If asked what the best overall diet is, I'd say "rice and salsa".  Like a sponge absorbing toxins it's awesome.


Enlighten the people and tyranny disappears. Teach them about dignity and destiny and hear their cheers!


Americans prefer crap to real news--a bad sign as the country's bruised while they snooze after booze.


We've had a setback--it's hard to stomach. Wake up America, with God we can have a comeback!


Liberalism is an induced character disturbance. They lie, cut corners [cheat] and call it "abundance".


The post-war generations got slack, lax and inexact. They got sloppy, fat and mopey--that's a fact.


Making you think like them is their ONE crusade--because the wrong haven't the tools to dissuade.


From the sixties women became sloppy, dirty & un-pretty. This was the feminist influence--a pity.


They act like globalism is superior. But it's totalitarianism, torture, tyranny--not a pretty picture.


She seeks to make me think like her. That's her goal backed with gossip from other dream-catchers.


As bad as it gets, focus on eternity. This life isn't your home but a shabby porch to a mansion, see?


To be politically correct, we lost our country--the only one this stupid as the world sees us as nutty.


Just as he fails Obamanoids dig in more. That's how demagoguery works, like a pimp to the whore.


It's how they've been taught.  From sinister forces these were the lies they bought--it takes a high mind to NOT.


Why do I write like that? It's my destiny. Why do I talk like that? Because it's urgent, for brevity.


You can't tell them anything, the leftist cult. The more delusional they get the more you're at fault.


Poets get on "lists". It's due to their powerful less-is-more impact from novel twists. Even after death they persist.


You must block the trash: low minds--the brash with whom you clash. It's spiritual being bashed!


Pray God turns talents into cash. You must think like that--increase stash while blocking trash.


Terrorists coming across and they don't care--they'd rather be politically correct: a cultural scare.


Suddenly the army appears on your street. That's how it works, and it's the military--it won't be sweet.


Not LETTING them in, he's SHIPPING them in. A steady stream of future democrats to our chagrin.


Aging is saging: As the body recedes the spirit grows--this is conscious aging, being in the know.


The left minimizes ALL dangers: relaxed all vigilance against gangs, terrorists, felons, strangers.    


Avoid futile debate with ideologues [nuts] for their thinking is third rate. Be nice but show them the gate.


The left's sympathy for immigrants seems peculiar vs. apathy for small town America and it's future.


The left wants open borders--that's "sympathy" as the Southwest goes into chaos and disorder.


The left is why we're sinking fast. I used to be a liberal, I know the spiel but that idiocy is passed.


They claim leftist ideas as their own. No, it's a hypnotic mantra inculcated over decades, full-blown.


Now's the time to break those ties.  Before now it was peace at any price but now all loyalty has died.


Ideologies fog danger situations. That's why rising expectations are easily dashed [no foundations].


If you're on the right diet day or night you're high as a kite but when you sleep it's deliciously deep.


Never minimize effects of futile debate. They won't change so don't take the bait, keep to high fate.


A population bomb's as devastating to America as a suitcase nuke. That's gonna sink the ship dude.


Instead of resenting controllers, take control. For resentment puts you beneath them, makes you old.


A nation has the RIGHT to secure it's borders: to know who's coming & who they are--we've fallen so far.


Leaving California because of all you liberals. No wonder you're banned in other states esp. by locals.


Any gov healthcare [without competition and profit-motive] will be sub-standard [the worst is cancer].


Leftists should think about Hitler--do they wanna repeat all that? It's national socialism, ding bats.


Conservatives and liberals are polarizing more than ever but the former can debate and be VERY clever.


How a country goes bankrupt: gradually at first, then suddenly. But success too: subtly then utterly.


Illegals unschooled in constitutional guarantees & individual liberties: workers for HUGE leftist cities.


How globalist totalitarianism works: put people in head positions from fascist countries ruled by clerks.


How the criminals fell the mighties: foreign-borns in high positions from anti-democratic fascist societies.


A tiny group of armed elites living behind gates vs. the rest of us crowded into city ghettos in dire straights.


The worse things get the more you know you've a job to do. So be happy despite all & change your view.


Now's the time to become very selective. Let most pass by as now the BEST is your only elective.


Their lies are preposterous!  Only a fool would believe this especially after all those capers so monstrous.


Politicians grovel to movie stars who grovel right back: a mean ploy to make us feel separate, sad sacks.


BEFORE IT'S FALL Rome had entertainment for the masses. Thus absorbed they missed the CURSES.


Hey fake trendies: Your reflected glory blinds you to your abnormalities--you are dangerous enemies.


The border fight is bringing all to light. Out of bad comes good? Out of sight--I'm encouraged tonite.


After all that stress we have to convalesce. Repeat trauma: it's been years of the same lousy mess.


Yes IMPEACH. I beseech: It's our constitutional right and duty to cut evil ties then ban the leech.


To the left, sex with children is just another boundary to be swept away. Academia: the child is prey.


Via computer I transcend circumstances and parochial nuisances--ignore bad & get into preferences.


Example of food myths: What made my skin most soft was wheat [what they ALL told me not to eat].


75% say bypassing congress is NOT how gov should work. Feeling powerless, they're going berserk.


OUTRAGEOUS: It's obscene our president didn't help the proud marine imprisoned by foreign fiends.


We've only just known our enemies were paid. Now let that ol' American ingenuity come to our aid.


The worse things get the closer U R to destiny bursting open. You were born for this, so be hopeful.


With God it's a startling comeback. But that's a moral revolution which to sinners seems a drawback.


It's not about "the children" but our lost sovereignty as a nation and the democrats winning elections.


Border Laws: To protect the U.S. worker against unfair competition and to protect his life and health.


The population bomb will ruin our home, safe as a womb. Everything they touch is destroyed like a tomb.


America meant these things: self-determination, equal rights and wealth creation without strings.


TUBBY gained 100 pounds then learned how to stay thin right: ONE MEAL and no more downs.


AMERICANA is: Adapt, overcome, improvise. Why we won the high prize: we saw through evil's lies.


It's hard to believe one could act that way just cuz they were drunk, but it's true--alcohol's a skunk.


Forsake concern for "likes". The less "likes" the more you KNOW you're telling the truth to dense types.


They're taking the houses based on fake taxes and giving them to illegals. It's globalists--kingpins of evil.


Don't blame dems, the reps are bought too. It's all the same club--global, tyrannical & angels are few.


Great cruelty has taken over society. Callous, lewd too--so much impropriety is a reaction to anxiety.


There will be PLENTY of opportunities for you--just repent, focus on your wants and wait for the cue.


WE BELIEVED in property & family rights, right to defense and LOCAL CONTROL. No more, we're poor.


We're falling off a cliff, not of our own making but those who call themselves our reps. SOLUTION: GET HEP.


Unless it's about the criminal takeover and police state, turn off the news--it's all fake, dead weight.


Stop the shame for when the devil was in ya'. Anything can happen when controlled by his minions.


God empowers you for battle--to have class. This gives control over all from the low to the brass.


Superior Diet is the Cheapest: Grapes first then rice. One meal a day or a snack later should suffice.


Enontiodromia: the put-down sister becomes the queen and takes em all in, forgiving the fiends.


Things became right when I learned to back down. Just pray and watch everything perfect all around.


It's a crisis [but manufactured] as they act as saviors and things spiral down--but with God, we've won.


Trendies are hypnotized by entertainment decadent society. There's no waking them, blind from anxiety.


The worse things get the more you know your destiny has come. For you were born for this time, hon'.


Enontiodromia: When the bottom becomes the top, and the top the bottom--life reversals seen from Adam.


We never knew how lucky we were--freedom put us under a spell but now it's a scary time from hell.


Life is a PIE: the more you spend on THIS the less you spend on THAT--so figure that out then fly.


IT'S TOO MUCH to keep up with so redirect your energy, go within and detach frenemies.


I focused inward to my own family and friends. That collapsed the outer, from a clunker to a Benz.


The scandals are flying furious and faster.  To keep up with it all takes time away from your own disasters.


I'd rather focus on this than that! Just this decision alone turns my reality to happy white from sad black.


The END: things are closing in. WHAT TO DO: Focus inward, eliminate to expand, repent of sin.


For the first time now I'm thinking more of heaven.  We're a breath away from so much joy, no leaven.


Life's a pie so don't do that today, you've got better things, ok? What's your goal? On that piece stay.


They said they will use border crises to bring tyranny in. A great time of misfortune and doom, again.


They don't worry cuz their friends aren't worried. That's the contagion of madness--carefree, unhurried.


As the state becomes God everything else collapses. Family, culture and what we know as geniuses.


In times of stress, a connection will be made. Let that percolate--the answer to all problems as an aid.


Admit we're into tyranny and we have a chance to beat it. They're ready to drop the hammer, believe it.


I have learned from fools and sages that SIN decides if you're a success on stages or locked in cages.


It's all by design: every part's been planned and decline is imminent because we were nice & refined.


Choose your life level: Ignore what's going on, it doesn't apply. You're in your own groove, so fly.


They act so wise, these fools. Overcome respect, their tools. See reality and judge rightly--God's rules.


Recall: Life is a Pie. If you want success, spend less time with anti-success forces. Focus: the mostess.


The drills are an acclamation.  They're getting us used to their presence and terror without cessation.


So much coming all at once.  Yet it still misses the zombies--though we stand against, they're still a dunce.


Founders didn't want kings: they feared executive over-reach so checks & balances they beseeched.


Men, do you like modern women? The good ones are rare since they're encouraged to have venom.


I hereby declare to switch reality from outer to inner, including my family and friends--a real cleanse.


They're easing it in--acclamation to tyranny as sin. Army on streets--is that what we have, friends?


Recognize evil to avoid it. That's why I talk about it, not denying it. It's gonna get bad fast, bet on it.


It's the booze, baby.  Cuz if you're allergic you'll be doing absurd and crazy things and I don't mean maybe.


They're dead wrong but don't hate them for it--they just haven't been told. That's your function: gold.


They're heartless because the heart is blunted in this world. Educate their heart: find their pearl.


It's not to empower the female but break the male. That's how you conquer: make the head the tail.


The wrong diet makes one uncontrollably angry or irritable. Who needs this? Stick to the plan, man.


The devil made you do it because you went where angels fear to tread then you made your own bed.


They're able to get away with it due to white guilt. Thanks to pansy libs we're being destroyed to the hilt.


It's not their fault, it's how they're taught. They're under a social hypnotic trance in lies they bought.


Globalism is totalitarianism--that's why it's so frightening. It's tyranny vs. creativity--the enlightening.


They WANT Wash DC's arrogance to topple them--so the mega-globalist empire can replace them.


Oh the feeling of going beyond a persistent problem--to transcend & overcome after hitting bottom!


Nothing feels so good as a turnaround back from the brink. The past was just learning from the stink.


God step in and save America now. These aren't children but grown men crossing our borders--disallow!


They control and dominate. Organized crime is our fate as the gov isn't loving but filled with hate.


Those who hate God love death. Why the secular world is cold and cruel: the godless are psychopaths.


Soros and the super-left [hoarders] are behind global destabilization and all recently imploded borders.


Trillions in no-bid contracts destabilizing the world: Governments should be feared by every boy and girl.


I had to back WAY down and take a back seat [to be sweet]. Then I got it all--enough for a fleet.


The ENDGAME is to agitate minorities then discard them. Top dogs become bottom to their chagrin.


Some women are trite, shallow, carnal and willful [un-cheerful] and when they talk you get an earful.


The STARCH is a sponge to absorb and throw out toxins. Since I saw this my world is really rockin'.


Music's the fastest therapy as it opens windows in your mind--YOUR scene. TV is the opposite: all fiends.


TV and internet--so much static warping your mind. You may not know it but JUST MUSIC is such a find.


Non-genius is marked by superfluity and non-essentiality. A real BORE can't streamline to the core.


Don't recall embarrassing incidents, put it all in ONE bag: the devil. God forgives it all, you're level.


Your work was suffering, your suffering was work. After all that refinement you retire into the perks.


Find what works then do it daily. The answer isn't perfection--just look distinguished, not plainly.


Life is a pie, man. Do you want so much of THAT in your plan? Release emptiness, open new span.


The atmosphere is strict censorship. The threshold limits are closing in & it's breaking up friendships.


Since life's a pie just decide what's important and to the rest say goodbye then fly as you apply.


Genius avoids trends--the herd matrix. He just does his own thing and becomes rich and famous.


The unrecognized genius has not learned to be alone: In truckling to trends he remains unknown.


The would-be genius follows trends. In trying to please his friends he misses the unique gems.


To be a world success, don't need approval. To bring out your core, social neediness needs removal.


Those aren't friends--you have nothing in common. You just see being alone as rotten [hitting bottom].


Caution: Do you go along with group attitudes? That's your ruin as your genius sinks to platitudes.


Peace at any price: You think they'll let up--but soon their insults are back up, your dreams blown up.


It may hurt being alone but if you persevere the pain disappears and SOON your genius star is shone.


In social generations, solitude is seen as hideous.  How stupid--no wonder non-creativity is insidious.


When you conquer fears [of aloneness] they'll call you a seer. Having cut the BS you're in full gear.


Truth has nothing to do with conformity. It's the opposite, which is why we're forced into uniformity.


They have nothing to say, going along with the "mazeway". They'll agree to anything, come what may.


It's interesting how people self-destruct. In denying their own instincts they conform [out of luck!]


If current trends are seen as truth your behavior becomes uncouth and then you're old [long in the tooth].


I've always strived for meaning. To me it meant instant healing--it always stopped the heart from bleeding.


If you're great they bash you, If inventive they sass you but If you conform they'll still trash you.


I'm not a hater.  I describe the psych--of the lesser to the greater--and how the latter's from the Creator.


Tired? Persevere. Alone? God is near. Sad? Have good cheer. Mad? Open to new happy frontiers!


The things they agree to are simply disgusting. The social pressure makes them aging babies [rusting}.


Doing things HIS WAY he got a bad rep. That's the way of the hep but it'd be far worse staying in step.


When things go dark, go inside.  Ignore outer chaos, take it in stride.  Tell it to God--ONLY in Him confide.


Face your fears, have good cheer, be austere. Avoid the beer, stay close to what is dear--the end is near.


Get alone & out comes your new direction, bringing such elation you'll jump for joy [no bad recollections].


Start your day well-informed, be a student of life so they be warned, avoid the rabble or be harmed.


From my youth I saw it as a herd.  I sensed their conformity to wrong and that truth wasn't preferred.


You must question everything you're taught. So many lives degrade as they cannot--trapped and caught.


The effects of bad associations: surreal. The effects of solitude: genteel. Society: unpeel. Evil: no deal.


They mimic each other, they chirp. They eat too much, they burp. And when you get ahead, they usurp.


Are they your family or empty blood ties? If you hang on to disguise you'll never win the high prize.


It may hurt being alone but if you persevere the pain disappears and SOON your genius star is shone.


The family can be the best institution or it can be the WORST [i.e. not caring: you don't come first].


The sick family is drunk with power.  As it implodes the scapegoat rises up--man or woman of the hour.


They can't keep you down forever!  For all those years of suffering now you'll accomplish your endeavors.


Was it your sister who told those lies? Was that your brother who ignored your cries? Open your eyes!


The sick family hates the best and brightest of the bunch.  Some may have to see that before their launch.


To the sick family, good is called "bad" and bad is called "good": The "bad" is an angel and the "angel" a hood.


It's HOMEOSTASIS: the system maintains it's level whether good or bad. Stay separate, no more sad.


In the sick family one becomes the angel and the other the devil.  Then they switch positions [never level].


The sick family is the basis for addictions and psychosis--as water seeks it's own level, it's a symbiosis.


When the victim recovers but goes back to the system, he becomes sick again--that is my wisdom.


If the victim gets well and doesn't get sick, another member implodes [just as sure as the clock ticks].


Selfies are sickening:  click, click.  "Look at me"--a narcissistic generation is sick whether guys or chicks.


There is nothing wrong with reversal dieting: one day lowcarb high-fat, the next starch if you like that.


This life is just a shabby porch to a magnificent mansion--so look ahead and endure all treason.


ITS CHEAP: Breakfast: fruit like grapes, later: bowl of rice. Pure fruit and grains/spuds will suffice.


Human paradox: the "nicest" are [in truth] the meanest: facades creates conflict and then weakness.


The same weakness is in those who held her down. Imagine that--after they told those lies all over town!


It's easy to be complex but hard to be simple. Simplicity is a mark of maturity after the messes/pimples.


It's hard to be simple but easy to be complex. When I try to read all that I'm left perplexed--bad effects.


Two hearts beat as one: this SHOULD be marriage but the feminists say this we should disparage.


In societies that imploded while their dollar folded, the people are starving while the rulers are bloated.


Early sins can later do us in.  It's a time bomb on the body waiting to happen--but with God begin again.


Look who's running the show:  old hippies, commies and druggies from the sixties--parents to the trendies.


It hurts being shunned, hon'.  It's a common reason for suicide so hold your head up high--you've won!


When adapting to them I felt like a Harley-Davidson bogging way down when it's meant to go full speed on.


Shunning is shit.  It's such a common thing with evil children or neurotic adults I had to do a quip.


As a psychologist I study humans in relation to their systems and the moral is: keep your distance.


When the scapegoat rises up, she flourishes.  Then, those who held her down sink and swim with the fishes.


Can they get any more phony? Must they fawn/gush for approval from their cronies? Hah: baloney.


It is superior to live on the best and spend $25 a week. It is inferior to spend a fortune--how bleak!


The mark of a genius is how many people DON'T come back at first--for if not best he's the worst.


Prudence sees the trouble that's coming and hides itself. The sinner says "it's all ok"--not a magic elf.


For them to get their's, first you gotta separate the wheat from the tares--the good from the bears.


Once you let these creeps go your destiny blows wide open--your new show for those in the know!


Separate from losers & destiny blasts open. These are the blind, the walking dead and the unchosen.


Psychosomatic illness from porous ego boundaries--you let the scoundrels in, thus bad association is sin.


Trust no man--that's what the bible says.  Just love the Lord not fragile humans though they be fans.


Separate to get the higher rate. That's your lesson in life and fate: first you must deflate [ELIMINATE].


The genius has few friends that he can trust. To the world it's a hideous thing that we can't thus adjust.


Watch who you put your faith in, friend.  That's the most important thing I leave you with--now TRANSCEND.


Why are you so sad, why so tired?  Cuz you let the walking dead in--those stuck in the mire & soon to expire.


Never mess with fools--the shallow who act tough and cool but when it comes to you it's a gag rule.


They're not your friends who control, censure or block your words. These are ideologues, turds.


It's the Wounded Gathering Thorns Syndrome. As life goes on templates create their own kingdom.


The polarization is increasing exponentially. This is scary & as old friends exit suddenly it's eerie.


I got hurt--that's why I talk like this. I learned my lesson well after they used me only to dismiss.


What is true grit? It's more about separation than physical strength--can you draw lines, can you split?


When you think of them do you get a stomach ache? That's your solar plexus warning to STAY AWAY.


Leave behind false ties--the world of dust. An email if you must then leave yourself open to true trust.


Due to demons our tangents were absurd.  We lost our way, lines became blurred--forget, now gird.


Divide from the mutts--mind your gut!  For it tells all and if you don't listen you'll end in a rut with no out.


These are mean helpers. They'll do anything to get you hooked to drugs, downers or uppers.


Enemies have plotted against and hunted you like prey--it's hard to accept when it's your own family.


I was brought up on animal fat and until I got back to that my work fell flat and I looked like crap.


Buying the liberal trip means no boundaries/limits about a thing and you end up losing EVERYTHING.


Slogans aren't wisdom.  Most people have no idea what is going on nor do they care--it's fearsome.


Immorality makes you poor then all you think about is wanting more--and that's why sin is a bore.


No original thought there--just repetition of silly slogans conjuring their growing fears [not seers].


When you hear empty slogans taken for wisdom, think "I've heard this many times--dummies just fishin'".


Question labels, like: if you're for borders, you're racist. If for marriage, you're a sexist--NO BASIS.


They really believe what they're mimicking. They're on the dumbest crusades and aim on finishing.


When you think: "I've heard this all before" you must not respect and realize you're with a bore--now soar.


Basis for DIVORCE: feminist slogans. These are the biggest killers started by angry old harridans.


IMAGE-MAGIC [contradiction]: see themselves as "good" when their beliefs are cruel [hearts of wood].


They act like they said it when it's all slogans from the ugly, bruised and fed-up--now just shut up.


Following slogans--not God's wisdom--will ruin life quick. Question ALL you've been taught by the sick!


No one's happy following silly sayings. It's a conspiracy by sad females to destroy your blessings.


These silly sayings destroy not just the male but the female too--since she's left alone, poor and blue.


They're brainless yet "hot": could care less about liberty--the most important thing for which we fought.


Whenever I feel shame I think of the CROSS. No matter what I did, because of what HE did, I'm boss.


The silly & shameless avoid all debate. Just look at the protests of strange harridans vs. straight.


Don't you want to be happy?  Then don't be influenced by silly sayings for they're all anti-liberty [crappy].


Humanity is degrading. As past glories are fading there's no decency to keep it right even for trading.


God doesn't want you belittled so stop those crazy thoughts: your social knots create blind spots.


Think of the cross whenever you feel shame.  Let it settle ALL doubts that now you're not to blame.


In the fifties people had class. The only way you can see the brass is thru an old movie, not the mass


The mind is a battlefield, so keep the bad OUT as you remember the cross settles all doubts.


Don't worry, for the fake are flimsy. But that's also why in their friendship there's so much treachery.


Can they get any more shallow?  No, and when it comes to moral courage they're just plain yellow.


The enemy has plotted against and hunted you like prey. That's hard to accept when it's your own family.


Women are manipulated to get abortions or divorce--by old harridans who will get theirs in due course.


"The tables are turning": Keep saying that, come outa your sleep, start learning and then earning.


Guard your mind by SUBSTITUTING THOUGHTS. When you think of them replace with the CROSS.


The general public is out of it's mind.  Look what they put up with not breaking from evil and the unrefined.


What liberates women is not feminism but the great equalizer, guns.  Think:  that's the only way, hon.


The weak might attract the swat.  Pray that by being strong and aware we'll be safe around the clock.


Pop stars teach Satan is cool. They worship the illuminati too--these things so cruel they see as jewels.


You should feel pride you're not like them, justifying such debauchery and sin--and they're your friends?


They're paranoid, training to see us as the foe. It's no gameshow as things escalate, you know.


People get old, age and die but the traumas they caused still remain in our brain and that's PAIN.


Get some class, hick! Draw lines and be sturdy--strong as a brick and split from the thick, quick.


They get so mixed-up in the schools they feel they have to try it--then when addicted it's hard to leave it.


You must judge, you must draw lines. In fact, that's the best way of being kind: with truth and not wine!


We've tolerated lawlessness for way too long. Cast it all out and be thorough--have a new song.


It is possible that marriage takes us the rest of the way--struggling for years but this saves the day.


It's not about rhyming, it's so much deeper.  It's understanding contradiction and seeing the reaper.


Get some class hicks. We're losing stature as we see everything the same--a mix: adults acting six.


Life's a pie--the more you spend here, the more not-there. This stops the waste which brings despair.


There comes a minute when you GIVE UP for good. Life changes suddenly after killing that big bug.


They say you can't judge unless a perfect ace. NOT TRUE: laws don't change and we have grace.


Like I told you, life is a pie. When deciding what to focus on in the moment: see the pie, say bye-bye.


Don't give yourself over to them. Use restraint and pull back to your own sphere--don't be a suckup.


Old systems call you guilty 4 past sins 4 which you're forgiven. They want you down: shame-driven.


I was disgusted at the selfish narcissism then realized it was just liberalism [so use rejection/escapism].


There's an evil side of riches cuz though we BUY our soul still itches for something more delicious.


If you gotta repeat everything twice is it bad hearing or ignoring what you say as an underling?


If you gotta repeat everything twice but you see he responds to his friends is it disrespect or a vice?


Austerity has GREAT rewards but riches are a mischief, having too many choices to get twisted.


You achieve success by releasing obstruction--becoming more austere not an image-magician.


I invited them to profit from the SOLITUDE but they bled me wrecking the whole notion of privacy.


You can lose your shirt in this new climate.  Don't buy for yourself but prepare for disaster, I mean it.


Simplicity makes happy by when choices xpand you can lose your mind categorically.  


When you get money again, don't mess up--keep the same routines developed when a grub. 


Inconvenient women were burned as witches all thru history.  Don't be weird just be a mystery. 


AUSTERITY HAS GREAT REWARDS but living rich can lead you down a ditch or make a witch. 


Common Core is teaching kids pedophile techniques at age five.  Don't vote for Jeb, no jive.


Have nothing to do with the world as it degrades more each day. Use Medium Chill, just get along--ok?


I carb-up in the morning and then that's it. I don't see why you have to eat fruit all day to be legit.


All you gotta do is brush your teeth, look sharp then show up!  You've done all the preparations, look up.


I helped you and you rose up against me anyway.  In defiance you wanted to betray and check my dossier.


People don't see the impact of words.  We smear ourselves by talking too much and conjuring up worlds.


When due respect becomes dense disruption, we must make way for  others less open to corruption.


Creepy, creepy evil clown. Wears a smile while we all fall down--MacDonalds though poison is big in town.


You checked my diet & made me feel foolish for tryin' it but now I'm mute on [what I eat or] if I'm fryin it.


I was mad until I saw it was liberalism making them think that way. All I can say is arm yourself, ok?


If you don't want to be a slave then come out of your cave of laying down to tyranny & you'll be the rave.


They are DARKNESS calling itself LIGHT. They feel superior though they are dense, not bright.


If something's wrong it's gotta go--be DEBUNKED. Not keep PARTS of it after it's flunked.


Be strong and THOROUGH when eradicating evil. Not just partial or being talked back into it.


We don't deserve it just for being born--we gotta do the work like grow up/stop being a jerk.


Feeling unappreciated, Stockholm Syndrome made her yearn for their approval more--what a chore!


Some things are poison. That is the darkness of sin vs. Jesus risen. It is bleakness & sorrow, no vision.


Called "tough love" it's just being mean. When cold harridans rule the scene we feel demeaned.


They should send "surplus tanks" back to Iraq--eliminate ISIS threat which WILL come here, in fact.


I've always strived for meaning. To me it meant instant healing--it always stopped the heart from bleeding.


It's sick how the church leaders are justifying debauchery. On Christian morality it is pure butchery.


Stop being naive & see the WHOLE plan. it goes way beyond petty notions of gov--SEE the con man.


It's not about choosing sides but thinking OUTA THE BOX.  See what's really going on [awareness rocks].


The worse things get the more we realize our destiny.  If it weren't so tragic it'd actually be funny.


To the progressive "ends justify means" but no one sees the blood carnage in between: cold & mean.


History's rewritten to make us look bad, but it's US exceptionalism that quickened & made us glad!


They aren't permitted to practice their profession. Like all else they're over-regulated into destruction.


As blind VICTIMS we've been taken over by foreign banking cartels following a total eugenics system.


It's not so much the police but the globalists behind it, but they want this division in America to trash it.


The left is vacuous, empty. though it all seems so light, glowing and friendly when it's tyranny they get petty.


56 million babies aborted and they could care less [don't even seem to know] as evil is totally supported.


How to Win: Divide a people, create false flags making them irate, come in as the savior/decider of fate.


People have so lost their way they're even afraid of guns. The very things ensuring liberty--the true fun.


Is it possible we could come back from the brink?  Yes, these turnarounds all happen quickly, I think.


It is possible that marriage takes us the rest of the way--struggling for years but this has saved the day.


Your demand for liberty is the "animating contest" bringing out your best. It's only this fight God blessed.


They're trying to divide us, so this is the message:  STAY UNIFIED and WIN!  See the enemy, don't sin.


Some things are poison. That is the darkness of sin vs. Jesus risen. It is bleakness & sorrow, no vision.


Women winning elections because they're NOT-MEN.  That's the stupidest thing I ever heard, amen.


Even if we don't win, desire for liberty is the animating contest for genius/repentance from sin.


1-4 BILLION is all it would take to FIX THE GRID to ensure we're safe and fed. Fed waste brings dread.


With guns crime goes down by fifty percent. And when its concealed carry it's even more absent.


Homosexuals die at 42. That's the median age not accounting for AIDs, too--is the deathstyle good for you?


Call them out for their pettiness and indifference. They have no heart--say that, for instance.


It's not what you get but what you DON'T SPEND then spend RIGHT & that takes study day & night.


The feeling of going beyond a problem--one that's been there forever! This is such a break in the weather...


Lost liberty means they can strap you down. That's reason enough to work for rights and vote sound.


I ate a cantaloupe and my whole mouth went numb like novacaine. What GMO does is a "dying" shame.


They don't wanna be recorded cuz they did something wrong. Who does this include? The whole throng.


We need to insulate the grid.  It could happen today or tonight--going from dark to light, wealth to a blight.


America wants the border to be secured.  Until then, their distrust of government won't ever be cured.


When nothing to do, when bored, when the world betrays--then the happy inner illuminates, today.


Must CLEAR THE DECKS for the inner to illuminate. It's like removing a hex so don't worry loss of mate.


Just cuz we can live on a food doesn't mean it's optimal. The whole world eats starch but fats can be awful.


Just because whole continents live on starch may make it optimal. The satiating food is for you, the special.


We do need all that fiber! Lowcarb is a myth lowering your caliber. Higher  fiber = be a disease-fighter.


You people have no imagination to be writing this crap about me. It's just slogans blocking truth for free.


What a joke: we've been told to mix fats & fiber for fifty years and look at our obese nation as the result!

Wikipedia says brazil nuts are a fruit. My fav is [grapecure] raisins and nuts: another way to stay cute.


It's not white or black, male or female. It's the government creating these divisions BEHIND it to control it.


Don't petty-fog with stupid trivia! Be a bottom line person [LESS IS MORE] w/high standards & criteria.


They do smear campaigns on those with brains. A stake in keeping dummies lame, they make fake claims.


Whatever "they" think, genius thinks the opposite.  This is DISCOVERY as he shoots up like a rocket.


The milquetoast always sides with the majority, and this false power shoots down all else as heresy.


The "loving" vegans get very nasty at egg or dairy eaters. It's a sad day when you're censured as leaders.


They came at you with hate.  It's nothing you did, you just thought independently and they got irate.


One gets clouded by the ardent voice of majority opinion which gets angry at those outside it's dominion.


When they rise up against you, you know you're on track since the mass is false and only a few have tact.


Don't "petty fog" everything with trivia. Insignificant details just blunt your force whether phone or media.


Don't conform to what they think as it changes in a blink and the truth's unchanging whether in word or ink.


They're always trying to get my attention and ask me questions only to befuddle me and fog my direction.


If one is immature, money ruins them for sure.  They spend it on themselves but it doesn't build allure.


The bully culture is everywhere now. Men in groups, women who snoop--find true friends [no sacred cows].


The social world is forced gaiety & jocularity. Wouldn't your rather be REAL thru talents & being a rarity?


With God no one's stuck. No matter what, in a second HE changes it all though it seems like luck.


Today I'm on vacation from distraction and it's gonna be a divine conversation with music [ELATION].


WAIT for creativity to gestate. Think hard before opening the gate or it ruins your fate so WAIT--it won't be late.


If it's a family it acts like it, if not it doesn't [it's rot]. Let it go and open up to God's family [all you've got].


American's aren't mean--SIN makes us mean so anywhere there's tolerance there's also meanness, see?


Lower habits degrade then great beauty fades. Repentance brings ORDER then it all returns in spades.


LEAVE BEHIND false ties--those your values despise. Then a vista opens up: so glorious after those lies.


To limit influence, whistleblowers are shunned by family. It's damaging if you don't agree or an anomaly.


In your darkest moments, escape thru music. Look to heaven: under His wings be impervious to the tragic.


More than sin bringing family rejection, it's thinking different politically that destroys these connections.


Give them a funeral for they are dead to you & God. You're alive--ready to thrive--so just enjoy your ipod.


Fasting, I'm not afraid of anything. Fasting, I'm joyous as my heart sings. Fasting, I'm like a queen.


The fast answers all problems. Be ready for the cameras: the breakfast-only plan for saints so glamorous.


If weak, in marriage her defects illuminate [changing her fate]. You must be strong to get along [so wait].


A rising tide raises all ships. These are friends you'll bring up with your success--have a great trip [no slips]!


Though worshipped as booby princess she's really boss hog. When it comes to friends I'd rather have a dog.


If it offends don't tell em what you eat--none of their business anyway & many say one thing then cheat.


Don't bother arguing with the left. For when it comes to goals and theories ALL is justified, even theft.


I learn so much more from AJ than Fox News, because "balancing" with the left makes me bored & blue.


Don't petty-fog with trivia, you're above all that. Give me a break [JUST SAY IT] so I go bright, not flat.


Just when you overcome envy at another's success, God cleans up your mess and brings out your best.


The weak identify with the "safe" and acceptable: reflected glory on a pedestal is still not credible.


I was broken, filled with addiction.  It took years to build back up: to be strong with real convictions.


Forgive those who hated you when broken.  It's the natural process of sin but now you're well-spoken.


When broken I was chokin'--filled with tears & fears--but when God opened I felt focused and chosen.


Stick to smart groups, no smut. Cleave to those who enthuse, inspire and confirm you--the others out-shut.


SATIETY is efficiency.  Being SATED I'm happy, content and focused on other things making my heart sing.


My mother said:  "Stay around people who confirm you--by whom you're spiritually fed--then look ahead."


The MISCOMBO of SRIs [serentonum-reuptake inhibitors] and alcohol is disastrous--society's mess.


To take pensions, bank accounts & properties they need a police state all about hate--that's our fate.


How is that cops can break in your house, doors, windows and kill pets?  It's our loss of freedoms, I'll bet.


"Vengeance is mine."  When you let people off the hook, they're now on God's--He'll punish the crooks.


I had to learn to back down [to submit & cast my care with a smile not a frown] to be a big fish in town.


Sin turns us inside-out. It's a degenerative state [drought] combined with mental illness & self-doubt.


If you don't back down it's a pissing contest which escalates. This is making gold, transforming energy & fates.


You're SO WRONG but I will not get into a argument over it. That's all I gotta say so just deal with it.


It was hard learning to submit to my husband. But once I did things went smoothly with much abundance!


In some places if she won't back down she's killed. Backing down is NOT a loss and it saves a fuss.


I eat how ancestors ate: OATS in the morning and salad & RICE at noon. They were thin, not balloons.


The weak woman says naughty things to get the attention of a debauched world. This is no good, girls.


It's two separate realities--male and female: a conflict which unifies by loving God above without fail.


Americans were characterized by grit, independence & fortitude. What happened? Weakness, lassitude.


She's gonna be flashing that smile, doing things she shouldn't do and calling it her "assistants" or "crew".


In trying to be trendy she becomes too friendly with immorality and the results are deadly [no entry].


Make your lines SIMPLE & EASY to know over land & sea. The simpler the better--that's truth, you see.


The elites REFUSE to take GMO vaccines/foods. Yet they make us take them and eat them, dudes.


In a police state the cops wear armor cuz they're hated.  What came first--did they cause it, were we baited?


Work while the sun shines, plant a seed. Then relax and wait for God to meet EVERY ONE of your needs.


It shouldn't be this way, we should be free from worry. This is true security--the constitution is our surety.


Most are afraid of the cops.  I mean REALLY afraid: unable to sleep from dread & apprehensive of stops.


What a wimp he is!  He won't do anything but the OPPOSITE to what we want, this guy we won't miss.


We've become blind--but it's our heritage to be awake!  This doesn't have to happen, we CAN put on the brakes.


The world sees no difference between dark & light or good & bad! Transcend the world and be glad.


The world doesn't SEE good vs. evil or dark vs. light! What a nightmare this is--seclude and stay bright.


The whole Northwest must secede. The constitution demands this when we see such bad deeds.


BLOCK the gross, evil or macarbre things from coming to mind. Be a gentle child--stay sweet and kind.


It's all the influences you surround yourself with that determine the real YOU, so be careful or be blue.


To know that you're there, you need an ECHO. You're blessed finding your soul-mate [true beau].


Marriage is true freedom for the female.  Don't listen to harridans advising divorce--they oughta be sent to jail.


Do they condone things that are SO BAD, just to go along? To these fair-weather friends, say "so long".


Fast--and when hunger starts you know you're burning fat. What a wonderful feeling, I'm loving that.


Forgive yourself for all you did under the spell of society--the bad influence was dirty, nasty and mighty.


Because of who I AM, I stick to my husband whether I like him or not, even if at times it may feel like rot.


She's gonna be flashing smiles, men coming from many miles all to be called "those with style", oh my...


As long as I'm sober, I trust my creative instinct: Whether understood or not, I just KNOW what I ought.


Be like a snake as it all goes through. 24 hours and you'll have the new you--you can do it, if true.


How boring if you're not eating what you NEED cuz you're constraining to a theory--how DREARY.


We're mentally damaged by a state-induced historical amnesia & stupidity of what it means to be free.


Forgive yourself for doing things you thought you were supposed to--things you're now opposed to.


Decide to END your reactions to people. Now YOU create, they react--not they flub up & you're cracked.


It's a pitiful thing to fall into the hands of progressives cuz they won't be considering you, no sir.


Become more protective than ever. Other cultures are entering in, they don't think like us about Rover.


What a herd of wimps--every new movie changes the flock's direction & it's glued in with new connections.


At first they envied her but when it turned to hate she took it on and fell right down, pitifully dumbed down.


EXISTENTIAL ENVY is the basis of all human troubles.  Life's a struggle as they cause one to stumble.


She loved them so when they hated her for her looks she fell right down--the smart lady became a clown.


You work, you plant a seed. Now you relax and enjoy the moment while you WAIT--that's my creed.


Life began when I gave up diets: I saw they were ALL legit by science but hijacked life like pirates.


After their envy caused rejection her success-in-reaction brought an even GREATER disaffection.


They were so bad themselves but that didn't matter---they hated her & would never forgive her, ever.


though it's not on your diet it's maybe something you need. Do NOT be a robot with your food, be freed.


Severely limit TV to "not before 4 pm" or the like.  See the danger and spend most of the day on hikes.


Europeans ate pastries for breakfast and stayed beautiful and thin.  Explain that--do you think you can?


Despite all, I'm grateful things worked out the way they did: I'm still a kid, off the grid and of foes I'm rid.


The only SURE CURE for orthorexia is not living on ANY diet from that point on--it's a wonderful life, hon'.


They didn't have an inquiring mind like I did. They just bought the current PARTY LINE from the crib.


You bought the whole party line so the dirtier society became the dirtier you were, PLUS mentally lame.


Dieting is just a way of dumbing yourself down.  Decide to eat once a day, whatever comes around.


So they're lookin'--because you planted a seed then relaxed to wait, mentally rejuvenated & freed.


Be like a snake: free the mind. Eat then DON'T EAT for fat-burning consciousness & being refined.


Who are the foes? Those envying who you are [a star] and though you're nice they call you bizarre.


She was testy until beaten to adapt & that's when she matured, in fact--not to love this crap but God, her Dad.


I go through things--who doesn't?  Though it may seem strange, just being creative brings judgment.


They learn to say NOTHING [platitudes] to avoid judgment. Ok--live that way while I become abundant.


They are completely empty. A dark cavern with a smiley on it--question their beliefs and they get testy.


A smiley cloaking emptiness--watch out. If involved you get hurt but don't pout: you chose the drought.


If you wanna know who they are [behind the image] just look at who they follow. Now, are they hollow?


You know you're mature [TRUE SELF] when you stop following people & just stand high as a steeple.


Come out of depression, it was a person infecting you. It's a contagious madness eclipsed by the untrue.


Mr. and Mrs. Smiley [covering-emptiness] is everywhere. No heart, black art--godless & insincere.


Since we're punished for loving God, few know the power therein. That's why most are weak or rely on spin.


The devil really did make you do it .  You were so empty he took you over as in morality you weren't fluent.


You can't "be nice" into heaven, or work your way. Just love Jesus each moment, every single day.


To deal with omnipresent fear they fall into their bag: thinking they can all make light if the group is tight.


WE ALL KNOW genius can't fit but now it's expected to or not seen as legit and it's a mess--cool it.


There's three bases for depression: sin, food or anti-depressants [what you take to self-medicate].


The empty soak it up like a sponge: Into WEIRD they unquestionably take a plunge, even into grunge.


They vote on emotion not reason. though unreachable [and it means treason] it's only for a season.


Eat then don't eat. Enjoy the whole fasting day, don't cheat--then tomorrow beauty & strength of a fleet.


As long as I'm fasting, I'm queen. From breakfast to breakfast it's so spiritually sublime and freeing.


Stop collaborating with evil because it causes upheaval and it's just as bad as acting like the devil.


Here you're a Christian meant to rule and lead and end up instead scorned, mocked and weak-kneed?


It is the best trip you could ever believe: all day long working magic miracles that God did conceive.


Male-female is the most powerful mix. It's a perfect fit but the feminists hate it calling it cruel and illigit.


HOW TO BE CREATIVE.  Clear the decks, open the mind, sever ALL TIES to the  cruel and unkind.


GRACE applies righteousness to sinful man. GRACE is the truth that sets us free: FREE TO JUST BE.


FOR JOY:  Because self-gentleness is KEY, it's all a big party to me and the best part--it's all for free.


Turn it ALL off. You know it's all horrible so now just go inside and avoid those who scoff: BLAST OFF.


Become instinctive--you don't have to talk. Get out of social hebephrenia and prepare for great shocks.


Regarding ISIS, the doves have become major hawks!  Good--the denial and complacency really sux.


though I discovered it as a teen, it took decades to realize the power of daily fasting--joy everlasting.


As the body adapts to one meal a day, fat begins to melt away [it takes two weeks of this good habit, ok]


Habitual Daily Fasting:  When the body KNOWS it'll be fed, it burns fat [rather than storing it all instead].


They talk against sex slavery but never against homosexuality. They choose the safe path--cowardly.


"They don't accept nor do they love me, so I let them go--to not remain a wanna be" said the recoveree.


Desire to be a model [an exemplar of the best human specimens] at the highest peak--are you able?


Answer to ALL problems: fast & pray daily. You do that by eating one meal only: NOW life is gravy.


Be an actor. ACT like the human at his highest peak, not an ass: Act nobly but maintain a little sass.


Take rejection as a sign you're a gold mine, built on years of overcoming they can't understand [no fan].


The True Self is a unique seed symbol: the treasure hard to obtain--when they stop pulling your chain.


Sign of genius: all dunces are in confederacy against him. R U squeezed out? It's a complement, amen.


Wait as long as you can for your ONE meal, lest you must eat again and victory won't be a steal.


Finding the True Self takes years of suffering to burn the dross. Via culture, we become LEAST not most.


Life is two-pronged: relaxation & creative action. Don't deny the former or you'll have inexaction.


Best days are >60 when you got it together & with diet/solitude can be flawless [no skin like leather].


REPENT & God releases talents. Of deviation from this rule there is NO allowance: R U a star or dunce?


Trust for a turnaround now that we KNOW we're about to come to blows with friends who are really foes.


NO MATTER WHAT we can still have prosperity. God is above all so love HIM then proceed merrily.


If motives R good U can be as conceited as you please. The point is repentance: don't be a sleaze.


The left thinks if you don't smile like the other fakes, you're mean--cuz smileys cover all bad things.


They minimize their feminine side, to their detriment. For some reason "feminists" wanna be like men.


A cruel people whom you don't know shall rule over you, if you don't wake up and impeach you know who.


God knows no cowards who hide in the pew while crucial issues are eschewed--like borders any can go thru.


The feminists would of done well in Nazi Germany: it was eugenics-based with abortions--MANY.


Music opens us up [WIDE] as TV closes us down [NARROW] and that's why it's music or be fallow.


Try carb-cycling: sometimes lowcarb high fat, others high carb lowfat. Now I'm on the latter, no butter.


Say goodbye to those who won't see.  Give up--YOU MUST--just to conserve your vital creative energy.


He who doesn't eat wins hands down. Eating lowers the head from the crown to an inferior like a clown.


Fast and they want you to eat--to push you off your pedestal of BEAUTY with the strength of a fleet.


The temptress is as bad as the whore. Modern women should be told: Don't tempt men, close that door.


People are either hot or cold--they either know or they don't.  Regarding the latter, drop them and be bold.


In the feminist matrix, "sexualized" means they're "superior". NOT TRUE--it just makes them weird.


I don't know what it was--bitterness or brokenness--but what a mess. Waiting on God gave me finesse.


Why try to copy men when we're already superior the way we are? Expand your femininity--be a star.


Women have never been so poor or abused. Feminism just SEXUALIZED females: used, and confused.


Goodness in the present rectifies the past.  Try it:  invite past foes back in your mind and have a blast.


Liberalism is made of slogans, not substance. They can't know what I mean since there is no justice.


To all vegans: how does eating eggs hurt the chicken? If with dumb dogma you're bitten, don't listen.


We could probably survive Obama, but NOT the foolish electorate that voted for the likes of him, to our END.


There comes a time when you gotta give up on fools.  Stop trying to convince those who just wanna be cool.


9/10 of people have no idea what's going on, and ten percent may know but still go along with the throng.


It's good to be nice, but NOT if it means accepting every dirty habit, tendency, choice or vice.


Does this mean I'm a saint?  Of course not--but we should ALL draw lines of acceptance vs. complaint.


They can't SEE.  Their acceptance of the unacceptable is drilled in daily so now it's as deep as the sea.


Though you don't commit a sin, IF YOU CONDONE that same thing you're as guilty as sin, my friend.


The New Tolerance gives no allowance for moral prejudice and that's WHY they do it--to make us powerless.


You don't get to heaven by being nice. That's often just a smiley veiling emptiness--or perhaps a vice.


It's bad to be captive to another's projection. This is mind rape you must escape though it means rejection.


Find a good buffet and pig out ONCE a day. As you see the fat melt away you'll be saying HURRAY.


Much neurosis is just copying someone you knew--one who disclaimed for the same then left you blue.


Under stress they regress BY MIMICKING a relative and it's a mess since it's the sickest or one depressed.


Never consider suicide.  I get down too but things ALWAYS turn around--soon--after in God I confide.


Fast with a backup plan: If you MUST eat GRAPES or a tab of almond butter but the fruit is better.


The function of poetry is to be so simple they can't dispute it and that's why I love it: don't reason, just intuit.


Protect yourself from hurt by not trusting those you shouldn't. Look at track records not listen to pundits.


Dogs/cats love music cuz it's mathematical. That shows what's best for us too--be right-brain fanatical.


Compared to the chaos of TV noise, music opens mental windows inciting famous creativity and poise.


I finally turned the TV off for good. It's not just the crappy programs but me not THINKING like I should.


Thank you God, You made me SEE the detriment of TV and then you gave me something better: ME.


I was broken by society and had to build back up. God put me on the potter's wheel with growth nonstop.


Your write the draft 1000 times then the final one:  higher poetic images.  That's the most refined riches.


Be what they want you to be. You disappointed before when they needed you more so now STAY UP--see?


The mark of genius is how many people don't come back.  Most all want gross entertainment--fact.


These are "hidden analogies" evoking "brutal reversals" in perception and that describes DISCOVERY.


You bitching women are begging for pets to be slaughtered. You don't like thinking so but ya oughta.


Poetry can't be forced. It's only something that comes THRU the poet, then refined--that's the most.


You've been planting seeds: copy. So you know it's gonna happen, exploding open--YES not maybe.


One sign of American exceptionalism is how we love dogs while others have the hearts of logs.


Guard your marriage because being single sux.  A happy home is protection from robbers and nuts.


Before marriage I was a target of nuts and neighbors but after, all problems dissolved like vapors.


You need someone in your corner.  Marriage is the way for the supreme flowering of the female [ARMOR].


Females are victimized & vulnerable.  That's why they need marriage:  PROTECTION from the rabble.


The feminists are wrong.  Women need protection, not social mingling or blending in with the throng.


When you see their true colors, don't forget it. Don't let it drop unconscious as usual only to repeat it.


Once you see traitors recall BACK to all the things you submerged.  Make a list of how they scourged.


Men need marriage too, though they go to lengths to deny it.  They suffer with divorce, so better to accept it.


Marriage is coming within walls, for it's scary out there.  Both sexes need it or life's too much to bare.


No matter what's happening, creativity will keep you high. It's God comin' thru--to the world bye bye.


The youthist food gurus are getting desperate for hits. They use sex titles for their "science" [I'd split].


Marriage is coming within walls. There is no greater high when this battle is won as OUR destiny calls.


Grapes can be your permanent diet. If experiencing ACID BURN with all you eat, it'd be good to try it.


The combo STARCH and FAT nearly killed me. Everything squeezed in--I prayed God was near me.


As the system squeezes/suffocates from starch with fat, you'll be so glad as the fruit takes care of that.


Our pets want MUSIC, not all this crap. To them it's just CHAOS and noise they'd like you to scrap.


The old lady ended up on FRUIT and SOUP. After everything else went acid, she changed--or droop.


Feminists advising divorce are just mad they're lonely and alone--they don't want you on the throne.


Be kind to animals--turn the TV off. Your pets just want music not this other stuff--it makes life rough.


Late Life Phase:  Tiny fat meals, warm long-cooked soups as aromas exude.  Mainly fruit is your food.


In the Old Lady Diet, self-gentleness is key. That's the same as saying: I'm finally free to be ME.


In the Old Lady Diet we enjoy music and move all around.  Through music we're big in a small town.


The last time I ate fat with starch I nearly died from dizziness. Separate the two & it's CLEAR business.


For you to get the benefits first you gotta admit that you're an Old Lady.  Are you pushing 50? That's nifty.


In the Old Lady Diet our only exercise is maintaining house and a garden.  Against all intruders, harden.


You don't take any crap on the Old Lady Diet.  You just tell the truth until they can no more deny it.


FAST AFTER NOON--clear the system for DEEP sleep to ensue. Ignore advice--take raisins, a few.


KNOW how to eat. When hungry eat FRUIT as you start your SOUP then fast all day, that's the scoop.


At your mature age when they disparage, you don't have to say a thing: After a while they'll ALL perish.


Fruit and soup--for older gals that's the way to do it. Clean the body and colon so we're cute as a tulip.


Men call wives "old ladies" too.  So whether you're an old lady or just called it this diet is breakthrough.


You want my picture so you can pick me apart. Be above narcissistic culture or it's like the black arts.


Vegetable Soup:  broccoli, tomato, onion, garlic, mushroom.  Add herbs, cook all day, eat = YUM, fun.


The paradox of the Old Lady Diet is you end up looking like a young girl as you open up to the world.


Women can be dirty to each other.  This competition between females is getting worse not better.


To get ahead you must reject false idols. These are people you thought were great but now no-nos.


Men tend to bond and help each other.  Not females--no birds of a feather, just taking jabs: SEVER.


Don't take anything unless it melts right in.  It's too much digestive energy and I'm on a budget, amen.


Another thing you can do is make stew--anything long-cooked and with much gravy is delicious too.


The Queen Bee cuts everyone down to size. Especially the other females she seems to despise.


You gotta do your own thing--not look at what others are doing but just sprout in your own stream.


They decide to target a group then local thugs go out and get em--that's how BIG GOV is treason.


You just must do your OWN THING, for that is the highest most superior thing you could do--row or sing.


Divorcees think it's normal: their broken relationships. It's NOT--it's rot--but they are told to endure this.


You can't herd cats--that's like coordinating individualists.  They're the True Self, not mental midgets.


The angry wife makes everyone despise him. Men are hurt by broken families yet we aren't told of them.


I gotta write what I feel. That's all that comes up, a great deal--the current circumstance or the meal.


We get dignity and power through chastity no matter what era we live in. Like fasting it creates WISDOM.


Tyranny is: Gangs and thugs roaming around reigning mayhem and terror on those innocent of error.


Most important for your young genius is: learn how to handle people while standing high as a steeple.


They run around imposing power to keep up the gravy train, not to catch criminals--that's what I disdain.


God gave me another chance, He brought me back from the dead.  He told me how to live and be fed.


You sense their inferiority but they're the majority. Yet all people mourn when barbarity's in authority.


We can get our country back--WE CAN.  "Secession fever" is taking over--it's the worse since it began.


Rather than posting how much they hurt you, just delete em--that's the simplest way to defeat em.


All they talk about is the joys and benefits of yoga. Why not just do it IN SILENCE if it's so good for ya.


To innovate you gotta think out of the box.  That means not lookin at what THEY do--that only blocks.


Way back then when men were men they respected women--unlike today with forced "equality", amen.


The "loving" temptress hurts many [wives] women. Don't get too close or you'll be treated like vermin.


"Love" is unconditional tolerance of what THEY want. They do selfish things while appearing nonchalant.


I know how they think, I was taught the same way. I bought the same trip but then saw the moral decay.


To do your best work, simply outline the whole then fill it in when you feel like it. So easy and nifty, isn't it?


Just keep YOUR work up. Stop confusing with all the latest, freshest or newest stuff that's really all fluff.


All you gotta do is keep doing what you do best. It's like breathing or a bird singing IF you're unstressed.


Always surveying the whole, just keep locking it into place then proceed to the next--like removing a hex.


They disagree with you--and they're mean about it. Can't just  discuss it logically, they scoff at it.


Many are immoral cuz they soak it up like a sponge. It is mindless and callous and makes me cringe.


Strange how the "loving" are tyrannical. This warped revolution to destroy truth is planned and methodical.


Keep locking the whole into place, that's all you gotta do. The rest just takes care of itself, for it's the truth.


There's truth on both sides so I like to Reversal Diet. When I get sick of one I do the other--I even fry it.


To get "the look" you gotta activate youthifier: human growth hormone:  Fast and work til tired to the bone.


To be Truth you go against the grain.  I know the resistances to genius, the urge to conform--but no gain.


You're way ahead of your time and that's why they mock and degrade YOU, the pathbreaker sublime.


People object to Reversal Diet. They want you to go one or the other, not have fun with life [truly live it].


If you're a genius people call you "fickle". You're multi-talented so you want it ALL--not just a trickle.


God said that ALL IS VANITY [emptiness, falsity and futility]. This godly viewpoint has great utility.


She is SO pat, so phony, so obviously insecure and just out for the money BUT she calls you honey.


The true artist loses all the weight by his OWN INSTINCTS not what the others say--elastic and thin, ok?


Foolish consistency is always the problem.  Don't fear experimentation lest the True Self be forgotten.


SOUPS: If we save our digestive energy for mental instead, we win over those who are densely fed.


The other alternative on the Old Lady Diet is fat-fasting. Small fatty meals, full satiety, joy everlasting.


Fat-fasting is a variation of the Old Lady Diet because it relieves the system of pressure  beyond measure.


Starch and fat, but not together.  Reverse on alternate days then it's an adventurous new life altogether.


Though the theory remained intact, after my "stroke" I could not adapt--when they'd say things, I couldn't track.


Never fear strength in numbers for God's man is a MAJORITY and through Him you have seniority.


By getting away from facebook tension, I lost weight.  It was too much anxiety and a burden, changing fate.


Why I hate PHONES: it gives them a chance to abuse you with their garrulousness [their social-ness].


Why do I need to constantly compare myself to others?  That was facebook tension--underneath, it smothers.


The whole reason we got sick was adapting to THEM. With them on top our realities went black, amen?


They enjoyed excluding me--I was shunned. But now I've overcome ALL and that means a huge fund.


With death all these problems are resolved. After upset, hurt & mental damage you're God's pal.


The truth is opposite to all we've been told:   resolving these contradictions is MAKING GOLD.


I'm writing to friends as soon life ends: EACH MINUTE we must study dangerous herd trends!


In disaster the small town happily comes together while before they never thought about the weather.


Warning people is not hateful fear-mongering but me being friendly as a helpful watchman: AMEN.


When faced with the strange clod I get into God and THAT'S how I deal with the mob called "mod".


We're no longer free: We've lost our liberty as we go under tyranny--pure treachery and acerbity.


Their time has expired, you're not looking to hire--for they're liars stuck in the mire and could start a fire.


The truth's said simply. Simplicity shows guts & self-assurance vs. wimpy wordiness & complexity.


The clouds poured water, there was rumbling & roaring thunder and Your arrows went forward.


The herd will justify anything--and that's the collective descent into the fiery pits and having raging fits.


When depressed I don't elect music. I must mitigate against this tendency & instead put on my therapy.


I suffer, I write. I suffer, I write. And it's been this way for forty years, day and night [high as a kite].


Creativity is what comes THRU you not something you HAVE so just get CLEAR & open the valve.


The un-family becomes obdurate: obdurately against you & especially your views & it gets worse, too.


Creative work comes in spurts. You work, you relax. TV confuses things--too high a tax with dense facts.


The body responds first [panic] then the frontal cortex reads what it "means": the brain is a fishy scene.


You NEVER know when the creative cue will hit: never adapt to TV time schedules or you'll not be legit.


The words came from tragedy and emotional tumult but then was rewarded with big bux in the wallet.


The un-family are blockheads: more like a fable & when it comes to meeting your needs, less able.


The "loving" are merchants of misery as they socially scheme and bash your dreams: they are mean!


The self-sabotaged cleave to the un-family for results which NEVER happen, amen. Find real friends.


Things are best six hours into the daily fast: in energy, clarity and appearance you'll be having a blast.


We see moral insanity looking back. We all had a little as we absorbed culture and the fickle or the simple.


Un-family members feel guilt and shame but when AWARE and separated these feelings are tamed.


Liberals think if they don't like something it shouldn't exist, but you can't change reality-it's just a fix.


I wanna know what's going on in the world, not just tell myself stories--how else achieve victory?


Calorie budget: rather than three small meals why not eat ALL YOU WANT in ONE then victory's a steal.


The un-family makes you want DEATH but when released you become stealth as God injects new breath.


Turn it off [what tracks the mind] and the environment comes alive: your destiny illuminates, no jive.


Trendy man's too lazy to shave but the real man does it daily: he's the true rave [it's handsome vs. cave].


The best thing about eldering is the lucid recall of past pearls: we must MINE these memories so our dreams unfurl.


Our wrongness evokes their spitefulness & all other negative human characteristics: creeps and finks.


If they annoy you, re-focus on your OWN reality: Block them out, don't get caught up and fill thy cup.


NO TV: Enter the delicious nothingness where the True Self's trying to get through despite our fickleness.


The SOLUTION is to shut up and wait: if your mouth causes problems be mute and don't take the bait.


Being a man isn't strutting around acting tough, but doing the right thing even when things get rough.


It's about who's superior to who. Encrypted in the brain, like having the flu & pure obstruction to you.


I scribble words from my heart-pain and if it hits a vein and you know it, that's the function of the poet.


Face the void which fear keeps hidden thru addiction: It's your predilection & answer to all problems.


History shows: When a people get this immoral, total anarchy then tyranny follows. Repent, then FLOW.


It's fun to fast if already eaten, so eat then enjoy thy day as everything's forgotten [sweet as a kitten].


Seeing the SYSTEM releases resentments: See how you brought it on, a raving witch from a fawn.


If policies of selfishness, irresponsibility and immediate gratification rule a nation, all will be rationed.


They want you on the begging end [NOT your friends] and once you trust them they'll DO IT AGAIN.


Don't get caught up: in weird useless tangents, sucked into drama and other human derangements.


MINING: Separate out the false from the true, common from the rare [just a few] and it's about YOU.


Only God decides when we retire--when we STOP: On the date of the last curtain no one's ever certain.


What is freedom: staying free of anything tracking our mind or blocking our destiny--THAT is liberty.


Our wrongfulness evokes their hatefulness: With repentance there is instead LOVING FULLNESS.


Women set-off competitive strivings. This can be so viscous and conniving your soul may need reviving.


Caught-up in sin we're a trash bin. It's a SYSTEM where all parts sync so KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.


Stop enabling! Just hold your head up high and be king: state the truth whether you write or sing.


You're the best in whom all now invest. You've worked all your life to get to here: an elder coming to his crest--with zest!


Why were women of the fifty's so skinny? Because they ate a piece of cheese whenever hungry.


People fail if susceptible to what's going on around them. Wear a hardhat: let NOTHING in, amen.


Stop being a sponge to cultural crap. If moral you must stand separate and go by your OWN map.


With disrespect, negligence follows. Once trust is lost the whole thing rots and life's filled with sorrows.


The insecure reflect groups & later are astounded--don't block these realizations [stay grounded].


When on top you'll be protected from the herd but until then you won't be preferred and may be slurred.


It's not about LOOKS: pin-up pages. It's what you stand for [lest you stand for nothing] bringing high wages.


We timidly conform to norms then are STUNG by evil bees, a swarm. Solution: privacy on a farm.


Between you & them there's no comparison. You can just float when fighting treason/lack of reason.


Think back to sixties minus hippies. People knew how to think & were thin & elegant, not so creepy.


Don't track your mind like that! Forgive, forget the rat or your work gets pat as the creative goes flat.


Think according to God's documents not to what's trendy. This gives direction & great prosperity [plenty].


In the sixties they drank like the Rat Pack on TV. Things CATCH ON so from social hypnotism, flee!


The relationship must work through past INTROJECTS to become whole and happy or things turn crappy.


Genius sees between the lines: the "opposite is true" mentality, seeing WAY beyond the obvious [banality].


Anti-depressants started a train wreck of bizarre behavior lasting forty years and an ocean of tears.


The principals of lust don't change: it'll bring you down, derange and the years of waste you can't gage.


Self-confidence you can't fake--of these phonies I've had all I can take! Look beyond self, for God's sake.


Give up old templates. At first one feels empty but then there is great relief: you've caught the energy thief.


The oldsters R soon dead & youth were never led. Stop hankering for the past and go to where you're fed.


I'll soon be in heaven with NO memory of these angry people I've known who kicked me off my throne.


To be TRENDY people make asses of themselves. Keep your eyes on STANDARDS not evil elves.


OLDER is the apex of life. You've come to your crest as the higher has less strife. As for creativity, it's rife!


If they see you want something, they block it. Know this, act accordingly and shoot up like a rocket.


To live in cosmic space [GENIUS] you must clear the mind and let anything that tracks it behind.


You wanna keep going back to something you never had. Realize it never was, or it was just a fad.


One sin is condoning evil. You must repent for that too to become an eagle after being a weasel.


EGO marks societies going down: selfishness, sin, lust--addictions of all kinds as men are decrowned.


Liberals leave please. Make room for others willing & able to learn the un-sleaze with God to appease.


Genius sees what's MISSING & what doesn't belong. But in CHAOS you can't say it, just to get along.


Leave behind the world of DUST. That's all you thought was important but isn't, or things not a MUST.


OVERCOME huge resistances and they vaporize and go away forever. Win, be continuously clever.


It's all about moral VIEWPOINT: Do you see evil vs. good or is it ALL the same even with the hoods?


I know He's using me--God, that is. To get here I couldn't be so fattish & refused to be trendy or faddish.


To finally mature, make peace with old templates: unfinished business from the past that makes one an ass.


What is privacy? Freedom. What is freedom? Privacy. Privacy's an INALIENABLE right or it's BLIGHT.


We introject people & when they reject it's like part of ourselves withering: Life's too short for this dithering.


It's good to give up past illusions/psychic fusions: When others are "part" of you you're warped in confusion.


The shameless chicanery: they don't hide nor fake it. Evil calling itself good--can you believe it? Rise above it!


Leave behind bad ties--those your values despise. Then a grand vista happily opens after all those lies!


Bible psychology overcomes ALL through repentance: History's cycles ALL show a good or bad sentence.


Compared to music, TV's a waste of time. No matter how interesting it's lower than your destiny: a gold mine.


Some women are shallow, swept into trends. But the deep are seen as creeps as they tend to offend.


It's not that people are mean--SINNERS are. Repentance produces that right personality of a star.


Turn it OFF & avoid those who SCOFF. Now creatively resuscitated, you'll get best ideas in leisure like golf.


Sin WARPS creative energy. Give up sin = release of talents & gusto to act: BREAKTHROUGH.


The most important thing about food is SATIETY POWER, not "nutrients" but it's the same, me thinks.


SAY IT SIMPLY so there's no doubt what you mean. They've got A.D.D. & are hypnotized by fiends.


They'll block all views that challenge their own! Remember that to stay on top [on your throne].


If they're not your friends they're your ENEMY so don't forget that. Yes, it's actually come to that.


STAY HIGH. Don't relapse back to the mundane world of mental chaos where the herd is boss.


Do your work when you feel like it. It should bring ecstasy as it hits the mark & you gotta love it.


I love carb-cyciing: one meal a day of either low-carb high-fat or high-carb low fat, no kidding.


The FACT they're so angry shows how little they know. See it as a revolution as truth shows!


Carb-Cycle: High carb lowfat one day, high fat low carb the next, but it's all that fiber I detest.


You'll find such PEACE if you just know you're right and stop quibbling with those quislings.


The Wife of the Alcoholic Syndrome was the worst--living with the enemy Satan of course.


I marvel God chose me as a VESSEL for this great & marvelous work & wonder free of blunders.


To benefit them you must KNOW you're right and they're wrong--must reject the liberal throng.


God is a peaceful glen. He'll work things out so let out a shout and get back your clout, amen.


The devil can be defeated by God but NOT if you won't even admit that evil exists--isn't that odd.


If people disown you, you must dis-own back to keep your reality intact. For joy, that's a fact.


Just because I party all day to compensate doesn't mean it's not happening or that I'm not irate.


It's a black-and-white difference between music and news so give your pets a break, PLEASE!


ALL IT TAKES is knowing they're wrong and you're right--no need to get down in a mud fight.


Christian Restraint. We don't do things if God hates them--what sinners refuse to condemn .


Love it when he gets mad cuz he puts into words what I've felt for years about these liberal cads.


Use your gifts & fortune follows--after separation from all that held you down/kept you hollow.


What you should be looking forward to MOST is the use of your GIFTS after which life SHIFTS.


Freedom from Freelee: you don't have to eat all that fruit just mouse-meals of fat then fast, no gas.


If you fail to draw lines you're no friend of mine. It's ALL about restraint and that makes us "fine".


They think it's cute to SIN. They got it from blanch in the Golden Girls pushing debauchery, amen.


In the midst of this terrible war He'll put YOU on the red carpet. Bank on this to just enjoy the moment.


REJECTION opens new doors, makes you focus on God alone and puts you on the throne.


People use rejection as a rudder to control you/make you think like them but I never will, amen.


You don't have to travel or leave your family pets. Just do a mental transport w/music, yes?


It's sickening what we've put up with--adapted to--in our system, thinking it was right, w/out a fight.


The most important class will be EDUCATION OF THE HEART. These kids have no feelings/are tarts.


"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion".


"Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."


If someone's not my friend he's my enemy so I know who/what to pray about to get God's victory.


Most of what scares us in all in our mind--it's a battle w/Satan but the here-and-now's a real find.


Upon the wicked He rains coals OR snares but ALWAYS for the upright the Lord protects & cares.


The Lord looks down to see who's naughty, haughty or nice but by Satan the wicked's easy to entice.


Heaven: a mere trickle. Hell: a tidal wave. Remember that when told to trust everyone, it saves.


SYNCHRONICITY is a life of continuous miracles like magic. LOOK for them when life is tragic.


A life on high with God shows continuous miracles and revelations. It's what we need as a nation.


Watch what you say. The most innocent remarks bring offense so WAIT for your chance [may be today].


Have pride thru diet. It's not just not-frying-it but also the self-discipline it takes and they can't deny it!


Don't accept what you hear on TV, it makes you a dummy. You gotta STUDY to know & it's not funny.


Resistance to genius is enormous and deadening so your greatest potential comes from overcoming.


To deal w/remorse look forward & stay on course. Don't dwell--that's hell--but keep moving w/God, your Source.


After going thru that you deserve a rest and that's why the BEST is retiring into pure creativity and zest.


Be unique = run into their beak. They wanna clip what you speak so be STRONG or be up a creek.


You wanna INTEGRATE the past, then no waste. It makes you DEEP after slow growth without haste.


Give up illusions and [though it feels scary at first] it opens up a breathtaking vista like escaping a prison.


Be a model: No matter what your age, you are able. Do it for your pet projects like the elderly or animals.


Fast: spend the day with God. Then the True Self emerges and it's futuristic and mod--they'll be awed.


The unique SELF symbol contains all our potentials & is released thru repentance: a divine sentence!


Nightshades can make us puffy, pained & peevish with everything from joint aches to acting freakish.


Born free, we had no idea what tyranny looked like & were unprepared when freedom took a hike.


Genius knows the value of leisure, w/out it he's a wanna-be not a treasure. RELAX. create beyond measure.


Be happy till they come & take you away. Live daily & enjoy every minute: love God who saves the day.


Rejection puts you at your BEST place. No longer tainted by motives inferior you can now ACE.


Prepare for Total Turnaround. That's when top becomes bottom & bottom the top: RUN and don't stop!


At some point you just rely on God. There is nothing left so NOW you become your best, though odd.


They're angry, just finding out what we always knew! That means we'll have protection for our novel views.


Never support evil. They're on the other side--NOT equal. Be civil but this connection is LETHAL.


To get HERE you had to overcome THAT! Think of what you've been thru and feel proud in your top hat.


Rejection is OFTEN a sign you're doing something right--because the darkness can't stand the light.


If they hate you is it cuz you told the truth?  All they want is to be lulled into complacency, to be soothed.


It's just a herd. Conformists are not the True Self, it's all words. Superficial and silly is preferred.


Genius is SPIRIT so keep it LIGHT thru music as mind circulates through inner rooms. JOY, not fumes.


DONE TO US: we're dumb and fat, too zombied to put up a fuss. But old vets will, feeling they must.


Sick systems control personality. It can make us crazy: a distorted implant and a SURREAL non-reality.


I can't take it anymore, I'm gonna have to return to childhood before I go home to be with the Lord.


It's THE END. Evil has triumphed over good, they all have hearts of wood and NO one understood.


What else can we do but store food, relocate and then CHILL? We MUST stay calm UNTIL...


When everyone's a monster and they lie/cheat and steal, all I think of is Jesus' great appeal.


The people are such idiots the way they let freedom go--more interested in sex & food, ya know.


It hurt when no one would listen. They felt PRIDE as part of the system but now God'll get em.


The people have all gone crazy, there is no doubt. They allow this domino effect taking us out?


I'm done, I've been hurt too much.  We're all going to the gallows, that's my hunch [so fast for lunch].


I have to blame someone & YOU were supposed to be watchmen but you allowed this evil end.


When people come without calling it's like you're their slave. Stop letting them in, they misbehave.


The reason Christians are persecuted--well that shows how earth-shattering it is [Satan hates it].


We must get the word out--that everything's in reverse: The world talks sweet but its a CURSE.


Look at these sick creeps wearing the rainbow. New Age hypocrites & global warming, you know.


It's a shame I have to delete people just cuz of their rainbow pic. God made it, but this is sick.


With trouble, neighbors are more important than family far away. That's God's word, what He say.


When you write have consideration for the reader. Don't spill your brains but EDIT it down, be a leader.


Learn to SIMPLIFY--it ALWAYS brings relief. Too many details/clutter is the ENERGY THIEF.


It's so hard to believe that less is more but it's so true if you think about it--pleasures galore!


Find out what works then do it once a day. You'll find things are REALLY SWINGING that way.


Much of what you think as "fat" is the body's sequestering TOXINS in fat--keeping it like that.


You could go lowcarb high-fat or high carb lowfat. I prefer the latter cuz I'm getting skinnier not fatter.


The warrior's history is often bad, psychopathic, sad. But it ALL dissolves with success [so be glad].


Successful people use their past to propel them forward & the worse it is the more they're bettered.


See ALL persecution as resistance building muscles. You're GREAT today due to these tussles.


Junk food is so toxic the body BUILDS FAT to sequester it--so the vital organs won't die or quit.


If fit the older man looks BETTER than the young--the opposite to all you've been told [bunk].


Insofar as you come to God you come to your TRUE UNIQUE SELF--that's not group conformity, elf.


The artist, genius or saint can't live in TIME. He just lives in timeless space but commits no crime.


DIVIDE from the crass & gross herd. They love their own, the others they despise [you're not preferred].


Be their leader. To the enormous superabundant creativity of nature, be their feeder. All thru you, no fear.


Great saints start out as an ASS. That's the madman-savior archetype of the worst turning BEST [that's class].


Knowledge brings sorrow but prepared for a deadly tomorrow. Recall: God even cares for the sparrow.


It hurts as growth comes in spurts by confronting our hot point issues: the curse making us worse.


Things are becoming DARK so we must stay under God's wing and remain separate: it'll be a LARK.


The most beautiful women in the world are MEN. That's because beauty is an ACT: so act, AMEN!


We live in times of great cruelty. We must prepare for this, not hide in projects painting a false reality.


You can't trust anybody because they're into the same evil TV and the weird things they hear and see.


It's the social world vs. God, ok? Even churches are getting chatty instead of silent prayer on Sunday.


"Lord I'm bored". That's a block since His creative cues are always there, galore. Relax, then SOAR.


EAT, now live in cosmic space: FAST. Life ABOVE food's a blast, in a new cast doing divine tasks.


It's not just DOING but also condoning. Stand up against the terrible whether it be stoning or droning.


Love yourself for how different you are from them. They conform to God-gainsayers while you are a gem.


It's the story of Joseph's brothers. He TOOK THEM BACK after they tried to kill him--that's a fact.


Now here's a woman you should emulate. Not crazy liberal feminists who can't love/preach hate.


What is less, is more. What seems least is actually most. though you live in a shack you can boast.


I prayed for a windfall and got it. No matter the crash, God filled my pocket and made me a rocket.


Stop worrying something awful's gonna happen. That's from the old life when your hedge was down.


If you don't see God in nature you are without excuse. That's when you worship people--I refuse.


Many men are fat and scruffy now. Dirty tattoos too--where has handsome gone, do you know?


I do NOT preach hate but I do draw lines. Happiness comes from restraint, making one kind.


Sin keeps you longer & costs more than you thought. You're ensnared, fall down a vortex & it hurts a LOT.


This brilliant woman has class. There's not a QUESTION she can't answer and she sees so vast.


It's the story of Joseph's brothers. He TOOK THEM BACK after they tried to kill him--that's a fact.


We're going to our new home soon. A whole new vision and destabilization of beautiful HOMELIFE, too.


He's gonna come out of this just like he ALWAYS DOES. He's the king [don't you think] & they're the scuzz.


Even though they're rich they're still sick and many evil people are still good-looking--THINK!


The women go along with gangsters and even enjoy danger but later realize it was better before.


No matter how bad it gets, God is ABOVE it so we should focus on Him whether in peace or the blitz.


LEARN what's happening THEN TRUST God: Ignore what's all around: just wear the winner's gown.


BDD: Taking photos without asking them first is a total invasion of privacy: a modern form of treachery.


You've overcome: Whether rum or slum you've come far above the dumb. Caution: it's everyone in sum.


The haters don't care: they don't wanna hear it, they don't wanna know. It's all a trendy show--and the foe.


You've overcome: Whether rum or slum you've come far above the dumb. Caution: it's everyone in sum.


I don't wanna eat all day so I get more calories thru FAT which collapses the food chaos just like that.


They're absent mentally, you're not. You've got high goals, they're rot. They accept it lying down, you fought.


Finally that day comes. What you've been waiting for all your life: SUCCESS at any moment, the ONE.


The tolerant tell women to put up with their weight. You mean they should JUST ACCEPT mean fate?


Distract, delay, deny: THEN LATER they say what's happening--a repeated tactic that's shocking.


Life is tough, then we die. It's always been that way but it'll go MUCH WORSE if we kill, steal or lie.


Try some hip-huggers & you'll see the superfluity bunched up in the middle [hard to be slim as a fiddle].


We're told to love ourselves no matter what. This mindset you must out-shut if you wanna be a genius, not a nut.


"Off" periods are for re-creation and leisure, the greatest success-teasers--you MUST have a breather.


Who wants to be in a world where your dog is seen as food? The new world will be gross and crude, dude.


We were decent people but this [crap bringing us down] must be rejected lest we become feeble weasels.


Enjoy thy life anyway. Everyday life, free of strife: just CREATE from the heart no matter what they say.


It's all in YOU--not TV/shopping for the new. Stop searching & look inward as ALL needed insights ensue.


On the razor's edge: it can go either way: We go into bondage or fight back as freedom saves the day.


I'm a poet first and it has to do with cadence. But literalists don't like my abbreviates of course.


Less body, more spirit: As the body LESSENS the spirit grows--it's a way of being in the know & have glow.


This event's a stroke of luck that makes you forget them: those who've minimized or ignored you, though kin.


We're RIGHT & they don't wanna see it. They shut you down, censure every sound: make money & they bleed it.


If you're photophobic, lose weight. Success out the gate, your aesthetic recognitions AREN'T mean fate.


Ugly weight centers in the mid region. To prove it try on some hip huggers & see the bulges which are legion.


Even with "good" food it's wrong to eat all day. Eat in a 4-6 hour window then FAST: LOVE life this way.


In the middle of the night I'm higher than a kite. That's when the muckraker comes out ready to fight.


Your relationship with God provides cushioning to blunt the world's evil impact--what a relieving fact.


Prayer: our only answer. The energy-waster is arguing with idiots--STOP, forgive wet mops & think ONLY of God.


Though they died long ago they're still my family of Christian patriots & that's all I know--a family aglow.


Feminists think it's cool to be dominant. The weak always compensate for "feeling like a doormat."


She's a curse but her brother is worse. That's because human systems show WHOLENESS first.


These people are a dark cavern, a bottomless pit. You must always nip it in the bud if it's not legit.


ALL LIBERALS: please leave [un-friend] so I can make room for others more willing & able to learn.


Repentance: the stairway to heaven, the only way to right-brain living where it all fits without leaven.


You know how bad it is, but still God loves so now just ENJOY THY DAY and stay sweet as doves.


There are always problems and FEARS but I know Jesus lives and loves me so I will persevere.


Since the biggest obstruction is PEOPLE, eliminating them will bring ecstasy as out goes all evil.


POETS all feel pain, many die of drink or fear--unless they know Jesus, then they just persevere.


She said "FU-- IT" and you know what? With garbage mouths God puts holes in their bucket.


If one's conscience isn't seared, he just "knows" things. But the cold are dense/have flings.


Repent & shoot up like a rocket. Sin was obstruction [even gossip] but now God fills your pocket.


I'm so sick of old hippies who say they're "loving" but go for wicked things like homos & baby-killing.


God turned things around for JOB after he prayed for his friends. It works great, like a cleanse.


Here they put it where a man goes poop and we're supposed to encourage it for the whole group?


The wicked don't own the rainbow--it was designed by GOD. Recall that when around the evil or odd.


They're brainwashing us through cartoons. And most are dumb enough to accept this--buffoons.


We treacherously departed from the living God--our Father in Heaven replaced with the flawed.


Where immorality rules all romance is gone out of life. This isn't charming it's just sensual, rife.


RX: Transform your mind: Stop all you're doing and mentally transport to another place and time.


There is nothing more unsettling and unwholesome than a whorish or mannish woman, amen?


People who judge you by your past don't belong in your present. SO TRUE--reject, or be soooo blue.


With Jesus the past is ERASED---but not with so-called friends who will bring it up in your face.


Thru Jesus sins are literally erased & that's called the "absurdity" of the gospel--seems impossible.


There is now a scary undercurrent we can ALL feel. Unless we're drunk or dense [without zeal].


The most horrible things they see as mundane. That's the shocker with ramifications: the culturally insane.


When confronted with logic they "bridge away to a safer place". That's called EVASION [lost face].


POETRY is my solution for heartbreak when I've had all I can take. If happy, it would only be a fake.


LIARS: It's all about getting buyers! Watch the leaders you hire and take note when decency expires.


Turn em ALL OFF and get back into MUSIC. The repercussions of not doing so can be TRAGIC.


For dogs and cats things won't be getting better since the globalists see humaneness as a fetter.


Photo-phobia is BDD: body dysmorphic disorder. This produces social isolation, the more as we get older.


Many are depressed. Is it any wonder? Stop bad leaders before they ruin and kill us at our foe's request.


A point is reached where all decency is attacked [FACT]. Gross demoralization produces sad sacks.


Good & evil has a wide gulf between them but schools teach it's all the same, like every man's your friend.


ALL needed insights from looking out the window: By allowing your mind tracked you just stay in limbo.


You get to the point where you either survive or scatter. Man up: focus ONLY on that which matters.


The culture is getting coarse & every day it's worse. Focus on purity & simplicity as your major purpose.


NOT TRUE--just crap we learned in schools. BUT if lies are repeated enough it becomes our worldview.


On treacherous friends: never speak to them again. Champions insist on absolute fidelity, AMEN!


God sees TRUTH but WAITS [while we gain patience building strength] before storming the gates.


After cutting off all outer that tracks, keep the mind usable by God--let music/nature evoke facts.


Don't delay God's gift with useless pursuits! Don't FILL time, maximize it--by finding your spiritual roots.


Don't call it addiction but a neuropathway--a compulsive robotic groove. But cut it loose anyway, I behoove.


Turn it off and focus! Let nothing track the mind, it's hocus-pocus. Do your OWN thing--that's the locus.


God has a plan: Your blueprint destiny, a whole life span. If it's hidden from view, just repent to find it, man!


You don't have to say one word. Once you know something your vibration ALONE changes your world.


Finally, after years of scattered forces it all came together in a rod of power: the man or woman of the hour.


Just think of God and you're always home. He's in every corner making it clean & shiny as chrome.


Keep your mind supple. When dense, get out of the bubble. Don't get hung up or it's trouble, double!


Cut it loose and you SNAP to your goals. Since it was obstruction now your whole destiny unfolds.


When caught up in ego all creativity stops. This is when the brilliant voice becomes a wet mop.


MUST LEARN the Art of Walking Away Gently. No big thing just cut it loose while shooting up mentally.


Forgive yourself for wasted years: the decades of dung when you knew nothing but sin & your fears.


Without a moral compass, their dirt is all over the place. Without restraint they get worse & lose the race.


If you're good at something just do THAT. Success is easy w/out regulations making our dreams go splat.


Their only rule is that there are no rules--except for disagreement with them, that's SOOO un-cool.


I felt crazy, sought counsel. Then God said: "forget all that, just fast" and SOON I felt good & special!


If one is photophobic he's on the wrong diet. Now just face facts and choose BEAUTY for you can't lie about it!


ELECT to take the best. Knowing WHAT THAT IS is half the battle then JUST DO IT: move to your crest.


Repent and sin vaporizes into thin air. REDEMPTION is INSTANTANEOUS--for God is most clever!


We don't THINK thoughts we choose those going by. It's totally your CHOICE to be sad or stay high.


Be like a door: Let nothing in your thoughts, body or home that obstructs-then SOON less becomes more.


Keep it a secret about your diet. It's no one's business anyway, that way you don't have to lie about it.


Use words penuriously: no superfluity or non-essentiality. This frees up time--NO needless complexity.


Obsessing over movie stars is like looking at the dirt. Noticing the stars ABOVE Is fascination--now stay alert.


I'd do anything to get away from the crowd. I took the dive in '85 and ever since been alone with God.


Sometimes I gotta shut it all out. Start all over, bare bones: just music and thought, rid of the rot.


The difference is they bought the lie & you didn't: Being more aware you stay free from things forbidden.


though famous he's an obvious know-nothing. But you're enamored cuz he's famous, how sickening.


If you were a true feminist you'd be acting feminine, not like a man--is this hard to understand?


ONE time you did NOT react & you've won the pot of gold. Smash neuropathways & be BOLD.


Eliminate TV and a whole OTHER universe illuminates: Turn the lesser off & infinity compensates.


CUT IT LOOSE [people, habit, food] to re-focus on eternity. Wipe the slate clean to optimize ability.


To rid remorse for past sins, mentally put them ALL into a bag. Now throw it out: because of Jesus you've a right to brag.


For their weird ideas they put down anything decent--to make it all look bad for their own advancement.


Just what do they have to offer? Are they trendy but stupid, do they gossip or are they a scoffer?


They get so mad they swear [how they go wrong w/out a prayer]. Must stay PURE to take the boss chair.


Your own talk show will just occur. You don't have to do a thing but grow then have your own chauffeur.


We LOVE our small dogs. They're everything to us, ever-attendant as our nurturing instinct's triggered by God.


Bullies ostracize:  they size you up & cut you down to size.  If shunned your soul dies but in solitude it revives.


You don't have to keep eating. Enjoy thy FOOD TIME of 4-6 hours then FAST ALL DAY: you'll be saying "hurray".


Puritanism: a response to chaos. Cries for ORDER emerge when surrounded by the lush and louse.


They act as if ENDS justifies MEANS--creating more havoc, chaos & sadness then we've ever seen.


Agree with globalism, the lowest common denominator? Eating horses, cats, dogs--to decency it's a mind-raper.


You gotta get away so life can carry on. Otherwise you're stuck as a conformist prisoner in the throng.


After aimless years he came alive, FOCUSED [on his best] then came to the front from the rears.


PURITY = perfection & protection. It's not a random stew but what we DO that determines God's predilection.


Women have never been so abused nor poor. Result of feminism: close that door-- not the way to soar.


You could look INSIDE the person to find the reason but I look at the system where hearts are freezin'.


They get so mad they swear. That's where they go wrong, without a prayer. You must stay PURE to take the boss chair.


Sin draws fire but repentance is total protection. It's simple:  look not outward but inside for affection.


Smashing false concepts brings a serene ocean. Unless BULLY gets his way he's upset: it's about emotion.


Hate turns to love but also love turns to hate. Don't pile it on for things BREAK when at when at hell's gate.


You've already DONE your time. Remember that to expect GOOD not bad: just stay in line & be kind.


Just because I party all day to compensate doesn't mean it's not happening or that I'm not irate.


Your kids are taught to be global citizens in a collectivist, sexually reckless, "sustainable" world.


Must get rid of all Quisling traitors like Boehner--contributing to the destruction of a nation disfavored.


The biggest lie of multiculturalism is: all cultures are alike. How stupid--some are lethal, e.g. 3rd Reich.


If those guys on stage don't talk about the police state--kills us, takes our stuff--what good are they?


SAY IT SIMPLY so there's no doubt what you mean. They've got A.D.D. & are hypnotized by fiends.


The most important thing about food is SATIETY POWER, not "nutrients" but it's the same, me thinks.


New Agers don't see how God's word & guns go together: RESTRAINT makes birds of a feather.


They'll block all views that challenge their own! Remember that to stay on top [on your throne].


Sin WARPS creative energy. Give up sin = release of talents & gusto to act: BREAKTHROUGH.


There's no lukewarm. If someone's not your friend they're your ENEMY as we're losing civility.


If they call you a hater cuz you speak the truth, don't speak to them unless they repent, amen.


As things get more URGENT the news gets more bland. It maintains mass denial, man.


Getting rid of people is like a boulder taken out of your eye. They eclipsed you, so say bye-bye!


After being a worm in their eyes I'm super-ambitious. All behavior is compensatory w/results auspicious.


You reach a point where YOU CAN'T TRACK. Suddenly no books or movies--just your OWN MAP.


I don't write, I WAIT. The phrase has gotta come THRU to be great so it's now innate to anticipate.


We all have something we do BEST. To reach your crest it helps to cut obstruction, sins confessed.


Keep a supple mind. Genius is multi-talented so FOCUS ON YOUR BEST then broaden: a rare find.


Staying hidden is addictive. It's such a relief floating like a leaf in MY groove, away from the vindictive.


As our freedoms lessen we learn the lesson of true genius thru time: God has risen so keep on pressin'.


Forget all deadlines & let it all unfold. At last your project terminates naturally: you have now made gold.


Sin keeps you longer & costs more than you thought. Repent & FORGET all you've been taught.


The youth seem ALL FOR these things, but not really. They've been hypnotized with slogans, silly.


Things go so far beyond the pale you can't even get mad.  Don't argue or be sad just RELEASE the cads.


Blocked awareness bloats the face. You gotta FACE facts then work things THROUGH to be the ace.


Even on Sundays I gotta write cuz on God's day I'm filled with fight, fueled by being RIGHT [in his light].


Don't tattle or we'll go to battle.  Be silent, avoid the prattle and you KNOW to seclude & never truckle.


Dear Father:  Open the eyes of the people to SEE this evil then return to freedom, high as a steeple.


Why are bullies a problem? Why are people getting mean? It's due to family breakdown making fiends.


The obvious is unseen until someone says it simply. My job: Though it shocks it's really friendly, known quickly.


Daily vs. Festival Foods. All cultures have a two-speed life and a third for healing-how shrewd.


Dis-fatten and body loses the foundation of disease!  Suddenly, everything's flat as disease melts like that.


I'm a moralist because I see the bad RESULTS coming from sin. They are terrible, weird, even fatal, amen?


Sin keeps you longer than you thought. It also costs heavily as you FALL BACK into the lies you bought.


What the Type A can't understand: it's "productive puttering": point by point WITHOUT A PLAN.


You want out. You've been frightened at the notion but you CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE so close old doors.


Half the battle is knowing who ur dealing with. Denial hurts & blocks escape so the heart still bleedeth.


Why should you take it? Those beneath you, it so shattered self-esteem you can't see clear to shake it.


Every time you CUT IT LOOSE [person, habit, food] you snap to the FRONT of the line from the caboose.


Always remember to be like children with hearts so tender: You must SHUT OUT the psychic offender.


If they're like this now [CRUDE, RUDE] what'll it be like when there's no food? I'm just sayin': You must SECLUDE.


Everything's about to change. The SHOCKS may derange so hold on to what's real & don't be caged.


Guns are the great equalizer for elderly & women. Need PROTECTION, thus gun grabbers are vermin.


What is the sign of disease? ACIDITY: white pastiness and bloat. That's because "acid causes mucus" Arnold Ehret wrote.


Why backpeddle? To be thin as a fittle stay on the straight and narrow gaining the power of a pharoah.


I grew up in citrus-avocado country. Do you think I'm giving up my avo? No way--it's magic, it makes life sunny.


New talk show with a trendy at the helm. Success w/out MORALS makes her so much less [low realm].


They love her cuz she says what they don't DARE say. How does that make sense--are people swayed?


Clearing the mind & desk is all the vacation you need. No need to go anywhere--just relax & spirit is freed.


False religion is used by authority acting like the devil. That's communitarianism: all is leveled.


Internet rejection is a hard thing to take. It happens all the time as one questions: "who's the flake"?


Schools sexualize our kids! It starts as early as four as they're taught to do nasty things, not just fibs.


Low-carb is the rage cuz people wanna eat animal but I still had an AB-BULGE from such edibles.


The more weak they were the more they mis-labled us as sinners and this often happens with sisters.


Just cuz you're against an immoral movement doesn't mean you hate women though they spout vermin.


Saints SIMPLIFY the specter presented to the soul. They don't pile it in: innocent vision is their goal.


He's a foul-mouthed lecherous fool--does that give him power? He thinks so as many sheeple cower.


Regulations kill incentive then all goes dead: we're no more inventive. Solution: Pray to stay creative.


Simple one-liners: No bells, whistles or photos: suitable for minors, quieting whiners, triggers designers.


If you're the product, fine. But isn't making a god of yourself as your business a little unrefined?


Bulimia: an emotional disease where the only fix is food creating neuropathways [compulsions] to be rude.


Have no bad associations w/out honor. They support monsters & this makes them evil: about this, ponder.


They're all dumbed down: they think they're smart w/ judgments unsound. Love God, be big in town.


When things get murky, clear the decks. Return to clarity or the consuming chaos is a hex. Exercise: flex.


Due to social hypnotism people are deadheads. Stop the debate--they just get irate--& go inside instead.


DISTORTED IMPLANTS: They laid trips about ourselves & then we became sinners not magic elves.


To be the man/woman of the hour, before idiots don't cower. Stand up to evil then blessings in a shower.


Like a duck let it fall off your back. Some are angry--no tact. Everyone feels tension, that's a fact.


though it seems we're entering hell, recall the tale of TWO cities: also jubilee, so come out of your shell.


Way more important than studying is PRODUCTIVE PUTTERING. This is where you get the gems: playing and muttering.


Fill your cup with the current crap then turn it off. Don't deny it--no way to lie about it--but you still need to relax, like golf.


Make your food life two-speed: daily and festival. Daily: raw fruit. Festival: fats which you can eat to your fill.


Don't react to chaos by ceasing good grooming. Now hold thy head up high and don't be fuming.


I fell into my bag again! I got into the details of how I was betrayed back then, so I threw out the bag, amen.


Put remorse & resentment in a throw-out bag, or suffer each one as your mood and then your skin sags.


God'll help you out, God'll take you through. That's my sermon: the PERSEVERENCE of God's few.


Repent, then slide into success. The problem was obstruction but now you've cleared out that mess.


We're all genius at something. Your success-goal is to find it then just do THAT while sin-abstaining.


Bad memories, grudges, resentments: put em all in your bag to go out--don't fall into your bag or pout.


A true leader takes views to settle doubts & remove blocks. THEORY building rocks: Karen Kellock


How to handle remorse [sins] or resentments [people]. Put em ALL into a bag, toss it out, let out a shout.


Due to a boob job she felt sick everywhere. In this era it's not rare so it costs too much to be in the glare.


The child's greatest need is LOVE and if thru sin/addiction that is missing, watch out: BAD ROUTE.


If you disagree with one thing, it's war! This polarization I deplore. Keep to REAL friends, then soar.


As important as music is NO music. Let part of life be silence: for new dimensions & supreme elevation!


Why are they angry? They're taught NEWSPEAK: they ARE their behavior, so criticize it = lost favor.


Do friends side w/you against attacks? Betrayals take many forms & frenemies don't "have your back".


The bondage of darkness is so strong they lose the will to obey--to do things God's way. It's denial, ok?


Signs of aging ARE the disease. Melt that down thru fruit, fat and fasting--no face lifts needed nor necessity to please.


While online be a scholar not a jokester. This isn't a party, smarty--so edify, teach, enlighten like a master.


If you wanna be a star, overcome obstacles making you below par. Once mature you can see so far!


Wrong food destroys self-esteem cuz things aren't what they seem then you can't distinguish fiends.


It's not "disease" it's feces. People are as filled as they can get. Dissolve this block thru fruit you twit.


Fruit is a return to normalcy as bloat and sags flatten out. It lightens the mood and calms you down: no pout.


Mature facebook behavior is the Art of Not Being Rejected. Respond NOT to others but TRUTH: the reason you were elected.


The deep are seen as creeps. With the shallow they feel like strangers in a strange land--black sheep.


Inner emptiness shows lack of selfhood. Build that up & be FILLED [what all genius understood].


Don't suffer details of the WAR you came thru. Like other war survivors, that's ALL you can do.


They think they control reality w/thoughts. You can't [it's nuts]--you only RISE UP by ridding RUTS.


If we conform to groupthink we stay rinky-dink. Return to SELF for excellence and staying in the pink.


Don't seek fame, it's lame. Mind your rep with God [not man] or you'll go back from whence you came.


SHAME keeps you hooked. So repent of all bad then if they can't forgive block them out, forsooked.


You must actively block them from coming to mind. Not HOPE to forget but DO IT though it be a grind.


They make contact then inject their mental map. Why you need spiritual armor: you can't be zapped.


Any woman can be pretty, any man handsome: if well-groomed and on the right diet [no way to lie about it].


It's not good for men to talk like sailors. So why do you wanna copy them, you feminist derailers?


Everyone wants to be famous & it's embarrassing. They don't do a thing but take pics w/out meriting.


They're shameless in their debauchery--even PROUD. How foolish as they justify these things so loud!


Battle for the mind: evil forebodings or sweet dreams? YOU decide--cuz reality is NOT what it seems.


Due to behavior of the people the land's become desolate. The princes rebel & they are inveterate.


To rid remorse, recall it's eaten up in the swirl of ALL DATA from world's beginning to end, of course.


Unmet LOVE needs create a Bottomless Pit Syndrome of eating, drinking and other useless "filling".