President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. Clint Eastwood


Constantly stirring the pot/lighting fires. Saul Alinsky stuff: create the problem then take over.


No tears: He USES tragedies to EXPLOIT them, period--while letting the third world in, a myriad.


Racism, gun control. Racism, gun control. It's all a construction to cause more trouble/kill our souls.


He acts like we're at each other's throats. We haven't done a thing but its gun control he promotes.


This man has promoted wickedness: race riots, bathroom perversions and gross crookedness.


FANNING THE FLAMES higher and higher by putting a bee in their bonnet and it's ALL by Obama.


Liberals are wicked and crazy. They wanna let violent criminals go free but kill an innocent baby.


The Canadian is sick but because he looks slick [like Obama] the dumb voters are thick as bricks.


For Obama if there are blacks in prison, its racism. He doesn't consider other factors, ma'am.


Resistance builds muscle & THAT'S why the creeps were in your life. You're a better person, no jive.


As white people, it's OUR FAULT that a black power political group slaughtered cops, that's the scoop.


Multiculturalism is a DISEASE destroying ALL cultures with a TOP ELITE defining what TRUE culture is.


A nation comes together & helps cities recover, but when a leader incite riots, a great danger.


1000 people die a month from TB & our GOV does nothing cuz destroying the country is it's thing.


Did the snake trigger the shootings? Yes of course and EVERYONE KNOWS that's why we're losing.


The pea brains who can't think for themselves get it from their music, agitators & other traitors.


CIVIL WAR has begun but the police will ban together so as not to be killed one by one & it won't be fun.


Black Lives Matter has joined with ISIS, a catastrophe--but you KNOW who created this crisis.


THEY IGNORE ISIS because it's very existence disproves the multicultural narrative "all the same".


We're so sick of the Clintons. The chicaneries and outright robbery by them and all their minions.


Millions of aliens are flooding in & they'll all vote democrat without voter ID laws--understand that?


You need photo ID to buy a gun, but not to vote? Even those aliens flooding in to slit our throats?


Reminds me of an old friend: Sends birthday cards religiously but won't EVER really talk to me.


Your depression began when told "anything goes". Joy comes from restraint [from one who knows].


Imminent CHANGE: a false flag by democrats losing power/gravy train, OR Nibiru--one and the same?


Obama's more "presidential" than Trump--no matter that he ruined America/put us in a sad slump.


AS SOON AS the false flag/Nibiru occurs, he'll come for the guns: gangs invade and nowhere to run.


Trump's never offended me one bit. What DOES offend me is the fake niceties of the hypocrites.


Trump doesn't offend one bit it's just the democrat moochers who seek to make him look ILLIGIT.


BEFORE IT STRIKES, evil lurks. it's very subtle behind smiles, jokes and smirks [but still jerks].


JIHAD wins in dumb [TOLERANT] countries in a cultural suicide causing their own demise.


UNVETTED REFUGEES are flowing into small towns across the United States--we're scared & irate.



The Khans are the latest grieving victims the Dems use to attack as media obsesses one-tracked.


Now is the time for all good men to come center from periphery [where STUCK for seeming eternity].


The shady criminal democrats are FLOODING us to turn America blue and we WILL be SO BLUE! back to index