Eat Dark, Fast Days.

Enjoy a fatty meal before dawn then fly off to a no-hunger fast until dusk--then enjoy a spoon of nut-butter or some olives.  Don't have big dinners if you want results!  Better:  just skip dinner altogether.


 The Ramadan Fast is eating before dawn and after duskfasting during daylight hours. We Scotch love our big breakfasts as the most important meal of the day.  For then it doesn't matter if you eat againIll say it matters if you do

Being such an early-riser my fasting life is usually from breakfast-to-breakfast.  I love Ramadan Fasting of eating before dawn and at night nothing or just raisins or olives--the MOST alkalinizing foods.

Most Muslims eat far more for the nightly feast but I recommend JUST SKIP DINNER for the sake of human growth hormone which perfects the engine at night if fasting. 

I love dividing the day into bipolar opposites day and night.  The fast is for days to look your best, trigger your inspiration, illuminate your work and power in public.

Eat only in dark--become a secret society as the king is never seen eating but maintains highest energy all day. 

Start with SMOOTHIE [for major antioxidants] and then fruit and fat and if still hungry some starch like rice, spud or sprouted bread.  Experts have found that the old food combining rules separating fat from starch are fallacious:  they can be digested together!  Anyway it won't matter cuz the daily fast will wash it all out.

Fasting is mentioned in the Bible  as often as prayer yet few Christians use it consistently as a rewarded routine. 

Not so in days of old when fasting was taken so seriously as a means of overcoming enemies, receiving Gods guidance, clearing out physical ailments, eliminating demons, healing the sick and doing divine work under the anointing: His tangible spirit  making burdensome work a breeze. 

Fasting works and is  rewarded every time so it should be done consistently and with great deliberation.  It should be our trump card, our ace-in-the-hole when all else fails. 

It should be looked forward to with great expectancy and glee as a wonderful gift  to enjoy and use as a fail-free device to receive the power.  For the DAILY fasterian all problems dissolve.

Fasting should be taught to our children more than anything else as the  way to control appetites and  improve character--as it has been passed on to one billion Muslims across the world. 

Fasting is one of all religion's major pillars--not just another incidental bit of ignored law.  Fasting WORKS and I would say it's even more important than  WHAT food you eat. 

To get to infinite power we must fast and without it we simply wont experience the most bountiful blessings and promises.  Learning of Ramadan was the beginning of my  consistent fasting life every day after breakfast.  

Only by stepping out of my usual matrix and investigating another way could I see the sacred fast for all the beauty and bounty it brings.  As you fast think only of the Highest--let this wisdom be poured into you. 

Afflict (deny) self to get to the mighty power.  Fast today and miracles will flow your way.  Loving your fatty breakfast and night snack [raisins and olives only] but leaving daylight for miracles-only and higher consciousness is a slick trick and neat way to live.




Ramadan is no eating during daylight hours--we eat the sun.  During the day we fast and at night we eat--night and day are as different as black and white.  Arabian (desert) nights, how you shine in blue and purple so different from bright days of yellow and gold! 

I have always enjoyed fasting this way long before I knew anything about Ramadan for I live in a hot desert like Arabia where day and night are like two different worlds.  

There are two different sets of wildlife:  those who arise at day and those coming out at night.  Everything is in these same two sets: dark and light. 

When not given denser food during days the fasting body automatically re-adapts to grasping all nutrition from higher sources--the sun and air is our light lunch. 

How easyyou start the fast FULL, then enjoy the day with maximum energy as digestive energy is transmuted into creative action without lull.

Devoid of food the days are more fun and miraculous than the nights  for we rise to far higher pleasures. 

Since food is usually the biggest distraction its deletion from our thought life brings an explosion of new openings and  vistas of thought during daylight hours and then at night the festivities begin, a salute to the achievement of the day.

The days are totally creative as the glorious light shines on our work and brings it to completion. The  desert is such a special place to prove this out.




I have always enjoyed a predawn meal (suhoor) followed by a fasting day feeling so exuberant living off this highest invisible nutrition then taking a siesta or just meditating in the afternoon fasting state.

Then when dusk falls it is an entirely different night adventure and the post-dusk meal (iftar) which for me is raisins, olives, cacao, juice or salsa [NO AVO AT DINNER].  This type of Ramadan day always ends in cozy deep sleep and waking up so refreshed.  [HGH is likely evoked at night since one is nearly in a fasting state with these light foods.]

Learning about Ramadan taught me how to appreciate the higher fastarian consciousness in this daily process. 

It cast a much more seriousedifying--light on the fast, for beyond better health youll also be rid of various appetites bringing your downfall. 

Self-control over the instincts and other troublesome traits builds great character.  Your talents can really take you places but only your fast-built character will keep you there.

Ramadan fasting is difficult if eating an insulin-elevating breakfast.  Starch, sugar or fruit will catalyze your appetite to start the day in hunger.  This is shooting yourself in the foot before you even run the race! 

Elevate glucagons through fat and youll start the fast in ketosis in top speed and exhilaration. Youll get a head start if you eat to ketosis then fast to championship--if you have SIBO sugar and starch (and even fruit) is your enemy. 

As far as sugar is concerned you may never retrieve normalcy [I restrict berries to a small bowl].  Fat is the best for gut-issues, a ready rocket but with sugar and starch I'm a dead log and the fast is a miserable chore.

Ive gotten so into the fasting part of the day that the evening snack is not important. 

Just watch what happens as the food obsession is replaced by higher creative thoughts:  JUST KNOWING you wont be eating during the day, a torrent of creative action is released. 

Youll see that despite your age youre a dynamo, like creativity and problem-solving never ceased! 

You will love how you feel, how things look, how music sounds, how vital you are. 

The compulsion to eat in order to deal with deep gutsy issues will now be dissolved as you face them instead to be replaced by a new joy of living. 

You will see why a book on psychology should contain so much on fastingthe overcomers device of victory and healthy-mindedness.



 Each Moment a Seed


Fasting is the fastest way to build  great character and its taught to very Muslim child as a major pillar of life. 

I have a saying about success:  whatever the burdensome work postpone it until tomorrow and just fast today.  When you wake up the irksome activity will be a snap! 

We should fast for our success  which occurs via revelation, separation and reconnection:  Since all disease is obstruction our recovery occurs by elimination.  Once having cleared the way  it comes in  by attraction alone.

Whenever Im feeling timid, uncertain, confused or creatively dry I hang my burdens needs and hopes on the fast to fix it. 

If there is fear, the fast removes it.  If there is doubt the fast solves it.  If there is dejection the hole inside is filled by creation itself while on the fast. 

With each day youll be more sure of life itself.  As we age do our powers wane?  Not ever on the fast as we have all the power of our maker at  our disposal: we become sane.

The fail-safe fast is free so let it be your front.  Just be silent as all the Power swoops down to fill the gaps--it ends energy saps and spiritual lapse.


                 NIGHT   VS.   DAY


I love day fasting: getting up while its still dark, feeling so good  because of the previous days fast, preparing the predawn meal  and thanking God for both this and the new day. 

This predawn meal is blessed and we should gratefully eat it in silence and feel renewed as we prepare for the creative day that lies ahead.  What a wonderful way to start the blessed day--so different from the night.

In a fasting state this day brings numerous blessings and lessons so we should ready ourselves in great anticipation.

What I love about the Ramadan fast is how it leaves you in a continuous state of readiness for anything during the day.  No one should ever see you eating: 

With the rest of the world energetically down in the gut during business hours and you in the head fasting with angels--who will win?  You will. 

With the day free of this absorbing compulsive activity miracles are now attracted in.  

Its amazing what happens when you leave a space.  Depending on how voluminous an energy-user your eating life was, this now-empty space will instantly transform your life: the more doors closed the more doors opened. 


Fast, wait on God and be ready for miracles.  Theres a champion aura to a faster so during business hours you win.

Do it every single day of your life:  stay fit, trim and alert--be ageless and achieve your goals.  

Youre achieving via the most ancient method given to man by God, so congratulations--youre now way ahead of your fellow man in a very competitive world.  

Its a paradox: the way you get to total power is to humble yourself for the ego wants to eat.  To deny that grasping tiger is to humbly get to the Power  instead.




God divided the day from the night--and this light will be your lunch.   To the highest one day is like a thousand years and that measures your great reward.

Great anticipation fills your soul: another day is a millennium  of fasting miracles!  This becomes more evident each and every time you do it, so the early meal of delicious satisfying fat sets the stage. 

Pray before the meal and  be thankful for the victory which lies ahead.  Increasingly I appreciate day  vs. night from the duality of my own desert experience. 

When one is depressed during the day instant relief is gained by saying ah but soon night will fall and all will change.

Depressed at night?  Just say Ah  but soon its another day and all will be different.  That is how I view fasting vs. eating as the  reversals bring continuous appreciations of new moments.

Fasting eliminates impurities while cleansing the entire digestive track.  There are "waves" that ensure daily evacuation but these waves don't occur if eating.

One cannot imagine how perfectly digestion/assimilation/elimination works after a period of fasting:  just one or  two meals skipped. 

When people hear the word fast they panic as it congers up a long period. But Ramadan fasting is just seven lunches missed a week, while  worlds of healing are accomplished in just one day.

What great and mighty benefits: not only healing but  exhilarating energy and inspiration:  You should view this as your greatest accomplishment separating you from the world of taste-trippers at the mercy of food lusts!

Youll so  fall in love with mini-fasting youll begin to do it consistently just because of how you feel the next day.  Its like the housewife who cleans house simply because of how she feels afterwards, not because she should.

For the beginner, waiting to eat until night makes that final rewardiftar--a real celebration of victory, a well-deserved festivity of laughter and happiness. 

[Not for me--I'd never eat at night, only pre-dawn morning].

For a day in fasting is a great investment in the storage house of blessings for health, wealth and favor with man.

When your children successfully fast one day  be sure to reward them with great admiration at night:  get it etched in their brain and they will always return to it with trouble, ill-health or the need for answers.




As a Daily Fastarian one loses all fear of time passing by so fast (i.e. getting older) for with each day and  hour he is  getting better with more divine beauty

The bible says to fast and pray daily and this is the way to do it--each and every special unique day.  Its an upside-down kingdom in which one starts the fast with a feast.

Ignore the legalist who says thats no way to fast--you must suffer.  Oh you may suffer as hunger seeps in a little later but the more you afflict self the more you get to your own personal power and the less hunger you'll feel each day. 

Self-affliction through fasting or the dissolving of ego is the main way to crush your feeble identity to get to the Power of it all.

This generation is Dionysian, into pleasure-seeking.  Many Christians agree with the necessity of prayer but balk at fasting though it is mentioned so many times in the Bible. 

The result of fasting is humility which always precedes success.  Pride (self-indulgence) precedes defeat while humility through fasting precedes triumph.  

The Bible says There are some sins that only go out through prayer and fasting.    Perhaps only when used as a last resort will you truly learn its great power.




The decision to fast daily brought tremendous  order into my life.  The mere setting up of the new matrix--involving food, a major part of life--kicked my whole day into new productive routine. 

\With all daily food thoughts gone a tidal wave of creative energy was released.  A fast?  No sweat--for I can eat tonight.   Had I told myself I can eat in thirty days I might not be so happy. 

If someone wants to fast that way let them do it.   But daily fasting as a permanent plan can accomplish just as much while maximizing the daylight hours into productive activity and glorifying the night as a wonderful reward. 

This is  optimal satisfaction and joy for the whole 24 hour cycle.    Arabian nights and a day of miracles occurs as mans major addiction and obstructionfood--is dissolved.  This creates an empty space and a vacuum of attraction called pneumaticity in which the new life is sucked in. 

The two-speed matrix reviving life is feast vs. fast.  Even if you eat the best food on earth you still need both.  The feast celebrates the bounty brought on from the fast.

The fast brings on the prosperity needed to cash-out the feast.  It makes each and every day so special.  As you fast with me you can know we are on the same spiritual wavelength--a world community of day-fasters. 

Think of the global telepathy that goes on between believing fasters!  Fasting, like one good book can change things suddenly.



Stop  Procrastination


The brain  cant handle two disparate thoughts simultaneously:  negative and positive.  Food can be so negative as a severe procrastination to fail--a way to block anxiety while going nowhere or getting worse.

But the fast is a way to create the future as co-creators with God:  having afflicted Self we instantly step into full-on power.  The Self erased, the infinite power  swoops down to take us off to our great destiny--our Highest Calling. 

Fasting gets the vessel into perfect shape to be ready for the camera, to show God to the masses:  your face carved on a coin, you become the eternal self, the blueprint of destiny's child: the peculiar delight and brilliant shining witness, not a blurred indistinct  representative of the mass. 

 Become unique through the fast.  Through Ramadan youll look superb and show the world fasting is where its at.  Let us share this day, every shimmering moment a divine witness: Ill be thinking of you in all our found time in this day--the "only day".