FRUIT-FATARIAN-FASTARIANISM is not lowcarb which deletes fruit nor highcarb which deletes fat:  it is FRUIT AND FAT:  Moderate carb, high fat and low to medium sugar.  We use avocados, olives and nutbutters and STARCH [cooked vegan] only on occasion.  We fast between meals [IF].


FAT with LEAVES noon



The answer to our miseries is the reversal of diets.  Its not a controversy between fruit or fat (between Ehret or Atkins) but rather becoming a very wise person because of your knowledge of both. 


Joyous living: this two-speed life of reversals was the basis of human life from the beginning:  feast or famine, work or relax, focus or be receptive, fruit or fat. 


You will know when to go fruitarian, when to go lowcarb and when to fast.  When I regressed as a longterm LOWFAT fruitarian and then switched to low-carb  to revive my protein and fat-deprived system that was the perfect thing to do.  I was extremely energetic and happy with just one daily fauna meal one day. 

{After 30 bananas and dates a day all I wanted to do was fast, and I was so HAPPY after all that!]

But then just as suddenly  the body said I want fruit and the only thing that worked best was the wonderful balance of berries, grapes, citrus or melons.  This lowfat vegan diet included rice.


Don't stay in confusion or a foolish consistency to one diet.  Both lowcarb high-fat and high-carb lowfat will delete weight--but the combo of high-fat and high-carb will add it.


Not for me, but for you it may be fish or fowl with lemonade: you'll be amazed at how little you need for no-hunger fasting to the next day.  When you hit a glitch go high-carb lowfat with fruits, vegetables and [rarely] rice if desired. 


The next day you may crave some guacamole or nut butter:  fine, this is your high-fat lowcarb day with NO starch or fructose.  You'll find reversal living is swinging:  happy variety and freedom without weight gain.


Now enjoy your Daily Fastarian life which is simple and easy:  order your certified organic fish or fowl through the internet, put in freezer.  Have green leafy vegetables and a ton of rice storage [PREPARE]. Now just do your thing, armed with the info below.  Now you're in the know, all aglow.



        Avoid Mindless Constraints to Diet Dogma 


But not on the same day!

Sit and listen: Gut issues are rampant so everyone's perfect diet is endlessly mutable within the general daily fastarian matrix.   Fruitarians boast fruit is such a beautifier but yet the elevated insulin  brings teeth problems, dissipation and bad skin   when protein deprivation overrides the benefits.

But the highfat lowcarb paleo diet gets old too when you'd prefer to be more light, quick and svelt. Maybe it's too hard to get organic fruit so then go MacDougal [grains] with very low fat [no oils, nut butters, avocado, dairy].   Eat most of what your hostess serves yet maintain the reality and appearance you crave.  


Refuse dogged consistency and let your mind switch:  you be the driver. Fruitarianism works great in the short term but dissipation and even premature aging can be seen in longterm fruitarians.  The brain is 60% fat:  you need fat but at times you need the intestinal scrape from grains.


The most important answer for superior performance is to fast.  The superior man is a fat-frugivorous fastarian.  If you eat your main meal at noon  then like the Buddhist monk focus freely on your fast in contemplation, study, a nap, exercise, leisure.


 You must know you are fasting to pat yourself on the back.  You ate, now youre fasting.  Its no big thing to eat at noon and then not eat again until the next morning but its a full twenty-hour fast.  Youre a faster and gaining all the benefits thereof.  Dont let anyone criticize because its not thirty days.  The daily faster makes it a life routine and has no need for long and painful fasting regimens. 



1. Lowfat HighCarb raw vegan [fruits] veggies

2. Lowfat HighCarb cooked vegan [grains] veggies

3. Highfat LowCarb:  meat, dairy, plant fats, no grains or fruit.

4. High-Fat Raw Vegan [cacao, oils, nutbutters]

**5. High-Fat Fruitarian [avocado, nutbutters, olive and coconut oil]**


Eating the right food for man once a day makes you King and Queen for that day.  Be smart: reverse in between these three poles as a major VIP who knows what he/she is doing!



Stay on Top by Knowing Both Sciences

Here are the three different sciences of metabolism:  one propounded by Ehret (detox matrix) and one by Atkins (fat burning-rebuilding matrix) and the other by MacDougal [the starch solution, lowfat for weight loss].  By way of illustration I will describe the Grapecure for cancer first.



Fastarianism:  Detox Matrix

MUCUS.  Everything but fasts and vegetables creates mucus:  they are acid-creating.  Fasts and vegetables, in contrast, are all mucus-eliminating [acid-binding].  Mucus is what encrusts the whole pipes and tubes human system and this is "debris" which leads to all disease.                                                                       

Ehrets detox matrix goes like this:  the human body is an elastic pipes-and-tubes system of 62,000 miles of fine capillary with an inner tissue system that resembles a sponge.  Anything but fasts and green vegetables creates mucus which nature adapts to by storing in the tissue system. 


The average person is carrying around twenty pounds or more of morbid matter--debris stored from head to toe.  It is mucus, feces, pus, poison deposits, morbid watery flesh and decomposing tissue.  This awful mess putrefies into disease.  The specific 4000 disease-names refer only to the specific point of encumbrance.  Modern man is a walking cesspool said Ehret as the entire pipe system is encrusted. 


Worse, 70% of autopsies show decades-old feces and worms.  This mess becomes cancer as well as all other diseases.  So heal by cleaning out the impacted debris (The Debris Theory of Disease).  Heres one type of fast-fasting which is especially perfect for cancer-cleaning:




The Grapecure and fastarianism in general is in three stages:  1.  complete dissolving of the encumbrance.  2.  complete elimination of poison.  3.  complete rebuilding of new tissue. 


This thorough regeneration is what marks the grape.  Cancer cannot be cured through fasting since it checks the growth but is again strengthened when food is re-ingested.  The grape eliminates cancer curing entirely.  It is the Queen of the Fasts with the highest dissolving action and the most complete nutrient.


Man can enjoy a long vacation on the grape as the amino acids become proteins plus all needed nutrients.  All abnormal growths and tumors are dissolved by this powerful chemical reaction.  The cure is mentioned in the Bible as a divinely simple gift to suffering humanity. 


Often used as a last resort the grapecure shows complete recoveries despite hours to live.  The patient must have faith, a strong desire to live and the network must encourage the healing process. 


Stage One:  Dissolving encumbrance.  This is grape-only (juice grapes or raisons) every two hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m..  This stage takes 7-10 days and it is here that painful symptoms may occur.  The patient should take joy in these points of pain since it indicates that cleansing is occurring.


Until the encumbrance is dissolved the real relief does not begin and the grape does not stop until all is eliminated.  The now-stirred-up poisons must come out lest they auto-intoxicate the blood again so one to two enemas must be given daily if no bowel movements occur. 


Stage Two:  Elimination of Poison.  Grapes will be combined with other fasts but not at same meal:  grapes (8 a.m.) fast (10a.m.) etc.  Having eliminated the biggest chunks, deep cellular cleansing now begins.  Old pus, poisons, prescriptions and foods from puberty release from cells into the blood.  Cell-cleansing is the most intense part of the cure. 


Stage three:  Rebuilding of New Tissue.  A complete regeneration of all organs will now occur.  The salt balance is restored with tomato, red bell pepper, cucumber, lemon and olive.  This red salad at noon is preceded with juicy fast in the morning and prunes or raisons at night. 


Daily elimination should now work perfectly.  The worst is over as each day shows more beauty and health.  The ratty cellulite-coarseness and wrinkles of the skin (from debris storage) becomes baby-fine moist smoothness as debris is broken up and dispersed.  Perfection is achieved! 


The most common mistake of the medical profession:  The patient cannot eat (injurious fasting) followed by eating solid foods (for nourishment).  This process is followed by an eruption of the cancer which was arrested through fasting but then gathers stronger hold with eating.  The only answer is the grape regimen. 


Regarding fruittarianism in general, prepare for an emotional detox.  Bad memories are stored in tissue and also fecal matter.  As this debris comes out from the cell walls into the bloodstream, these negative memories are re-experienced. 


Enemas and fastings may be needed to quicken this painful process but once complete, a whole new world of amazing miracles and joys opens up.  This unraveling process from the inside out has to occur:  you ate the stuff so endure this  karmic nemesis.



Slimming-Rebuilding Matrix

Not a Happy Day?  Switch to Fat

A  high percentage of people in the West have so over-indulged in sweets and starch that they have developed hyperinsulinism.  When we eat carb the body  secretes insulin to store the glucose until a time it is needed--we store fat. 


In over-starched and -sugared cultures the insulin receptors are overworked and so more and more insulin is secreted each time.  Soon everything we eat is stored as fat.  Obesity is everywhere and 70% of Americans have hyperinsulinism.  The cure:  limit carbs drastically for once the condition has occurred it only gets worse and no diet will work without severe carb-restriction. 


We are speaking of refined carbs particularly, while fructose is actually cleansing without elevating insulin if eaten frugally. (Note: After his initial weight loss Atkins said he ate 80 carbs a day of fast and stayed thin. Paleos say between 100-200 should be fine)


The degenerative diseases associated with hyperinsulinism are coronary heart disease, arteriolosclerosis, diabetes and hypertension.  For someone who overindulged in sweets and starch early in life the insulin receptors are so worn out that just one touch of glucose sends insulin pouring forth dropping  blood sugar levels low (fatigue) while storing fat and water.  Sludgy, stodgy and sullen we become tired, irritable and hungry!



constriction, sadness...


Insulin constricts: all the airways and vessels squeeze in as insulin acts as a vasoconstrictor.  As it holds water this means hypertension as everything closes down.  I felt as though I was suffocating as all the airways closed in. 


 Look at the difference  between the two states:  Insulin suppresses the immune system, increases inflammation and pain, decreases oxygen flow, decreases endurance, causes platelet aggregation (growth of artery cells thus constricting blood vessels) and proliferates rogue cells (this is cancer). 


 The result is breathlessness, headache, cramps, swelling and rashes.  It is not FAT which brings on heart attacks but carb!  In the absence of carbs,  fat is totally harmless!


Glucagons on the other hand brings a vasodilation (opens up), enhancing immunity, decreasing pain and inflammation, increases oxygen flow, increases endurance, prevents platelet aggregation, dilates airways and decreases cell-proliferation (cancer).  Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arteriosclerosis is sugar/starch-based--having nothing to do with dietary fat.



Appetite Suppression

  No Swine Just Shine

Under glucagons stimulation the body burns fat rather than stores it.  When the body lives off of fat it is the glorious state called ketosis.  Ketones are the energy the brain and heart prefer to live on. 


Contrary to cultural phobias surrounding dietary fat it is not the problem.  The pervasive fat-phobia is simply a knee-jerk reaction to the word fat with no attention to the metabolic processes that follow the ingestion of fat (without carbs) versus eating carbs.


Glucagons--from lowcarb and high fat is the hormone of fat burning and fatty tissue breakdown, reversing the storage processes put in motion  by insulin.  The puffiness of water retention is present with insulin yet instantly releases with glucagons. 


We need fat to fight fat.  The ketogenic diet releases fat mobilizers--secretions released into the bloodstream to dispense and burn fat.  A study by Benoit showed that if eating pure fat and no carbs these lipid mobilizers were released and the subjects lost their fat stores twice as fast as when they fasted. 


When he put patients on a fat-fast with small bits of fat incrementally through the day the weight-loss outdid the total fast by 88% of loss of body fat. 

Ketotic Energy

The other diet-happy thing about fat is that it is a complete appetite-suppressant.  When we are in Ketosis--the condition of burning rather than storing fat--we lose all appetite while having more energy.


 We are fat-burning machines living happily on our own fat, ecstatic for life with no cravings for sweets or any other comfort food.  After three days all cravings leave and we are totally satisfied. I am amazed how just a piece of cheese for breakfast deletes hunger for the day so I can forget food and just enjoy the ray.



Class is Fat: Eating Like a Cat

The prevalent panic over dietary fat is a cultural hypnotic cage, just like the high-fiber scam.  It makes no sense scientifically once one knows the metabolic processes that follow the eating of fat vs. carb.  We should be a lot more afraid of being fat but not at all afraid of dietary fat when eating without carbs.

Someone may start on this high-fat/low carb diet and be enormously happy with it, only to be talked out of it by friends and associates: few think independently. 


The fat-phobia is the biggest example of social hypnotism, for if one eliminates all fat from the diet he has to eat something so the only thing left is starchy-sugary-fibery.  It is very common with vegetarians to substitute over-starch for the deletion of meat and that's why many vegetarians are still fat.  


The consequences of eliminating fat and then gorging on starch and sweet are devastating:  never have we had such an obese nation of adults and children.


There's another way to reverse from the fast diet:  into the "starch solution" of rice, beans and the like.  This is called the MacDougal Diet for those wishing to remain vegan.  Go for it if you like starch, want to remain low-fat [80-10-10] and vegan.


After ten years of high-fat I really loved it as I lost weight and felt great that I was living like most of the world with two bowls of rice with greens a day.  You  can store a ton [literally] of rice and be assured of survival for years.  [The NWO plans to restrict animal foods.]



1/3 FAT, 1/3 FRUIT, 1/3 GREENS



Here you're reversing into high-fat raw foods like raw cacao [chocolate], nuts, nut-butters, superfoods, coconut and other superior oils, avocado, olives.  You're still vegan but these foods are satisfying while remaining vegan. 


Since here there are no animal foods like dairy this diet is regarded as "cleaner" but many ex-vegans swear the only way to revive the system and banish hunger completely is with animal foods:  The Ghandi Diet of fast, nuts and raw milk products. 


High-fat rawfoodists look very good with great musculature while 80-10-10ers [lowfat fastarians] tend to get very thin, even anorexic looking [ectomorphic-ectomorphic].  Longterm fruitarians start to have problems of failure to thrive, dissolved or sensitive teeth and cavities, depression and lassitude to name a few:  all signs of deficiency.


Many who try to resolve deficiency with high-fat vegan diets including cacao may get chubby whereas those who include dairy stay slim and energetic: carved and handsome blueprints of the species and the reason is glucagons!


Man has used raw milk for centuries across the world, giving a cow or goat pasture and protection in return for provision.  It is humane and many yogis have found their deficiencies were instantly corrected just by drinking raw milk. 


Since there are only three macronutrients:  fat, protein and carbohydrate--this concludes this section on "what to eat when you stop fasting" so as not to fall promiscuously into deleterious culture food [SAD: the standard American diet].


SIBO:  Now you can't even have fruit, nightshades, many vegetables, no raw, no dairy nor grains.  Now you're forced to stay on one meal of meat or fish to avoid gut pain [dreary rains].  This path was painful but now it's fun to abstain.


I'm actually glad I got SIBO since it forced me to learn about the miraculous meat-only diet.  No more that fibrous obstruction in my gut.  It's amazing living on one small meal and eliminating the whole eating rut.  Just receive the organic meat in the mail and put in freezer.

The eating life was too much for me.  It was such a waste of precious energy.  You've no idea how much and it ruins your destiny.  Choose the path of saints for the sake of posterity.  If you have autoimmune problems you must eliminate eggs, nuts, seeds, dairy and nightshades [this further refinement of paleo can put you in remission--see?]




FAUNA-FASTARIAN "I hope I have laid out your alternatives so choose by instinct--at least you're armed with the info."