The highest crime rates occur in gun-free zones. Government takes guns to push us off our thrones.


Government is FORCE. Though local thugs come to get you it's still HIM behind the venue.


Culture degrades men: low energy levels, lethargy, fat around the gut--all due to estrogen/low testosterone.


The FIRST rule of freedom is the right to self-defense. Even liberals find it sexy [just common sense].


Only slaves are disarmed--no free man would ever turn in his guns. It's about our FREEDOMS, hon.


The bloodlines of the illuminati show deep sin, fascination with evil and MOST of all the pedophiles.


The globalists run the major media and all networks are state-run. Cuz it lies thru omission, must shun.


We'll fundamentally transform it to the country it was. Our long nightmare of lawless bleakness will be over, alas.


Lord protect country from plans of a wicked elite. We're going down: sick, discouraged & effete.


George Soros gave 33 million to Ferguson to stir up riots. They'll take our guns & all freedoms: pirates.


Collaborators of this criminal system may  think they're safe, but listen: they'll kill you too--get WISDOM.


It's NOT a religion but a political system based on CONQUEST. Sex perversions & a hornet's nest.


If you don't believe Mohammed was corrupt, read the Koran. It's all about the sex perversions of Man.


Illegal immigrants shape elections. Think of that--he's bringing em in to vote democrat by millions.


Brace yourself for sudden shocks as people become more horrible every day. I Hate to say it, but hey...


The worse things get it's actually good for you cuz you reject early due to their obvious ideology.


Things are getting so bad it's like we've fallen off a cliff. It's full rush to death now, not just a drift.


And to think we could get stuck with Hillary, what tyranny--they'd come and get those wanting to be free.


How long will political agenda trump truth & reality? Worst scenario: maybe forever we'll be unfree.


Competition drives excellence, tyranny brings malfeasance and then crony capitalist allegiance.


The problem is not about RACE but police brutality per se. This is all part of growing tyranny.


In La-La land, telling the truth is "hateful". We're supposed to see everything as good, but it's hurtful.


One of the main sins has taken center stage as all the rage and I'm amazed how a Christian is hazed.


50 years of failed policies bringing poverty to the inner cities and now you want Hillary's fallacies?


This cancerous growth of redefining an institution which cannot BE redefined means they die/fall behind.


One sin leads to all of the others and that's why we get picayune about it--sin brings down cultures.


Sunshine destroys political vampires so keep talking about these crooks to STOP their evil empire.


Word of mouth drives issues in America so please tell ALL it's happening from the TOP: a world agenda.


In a land where everyone lies, the smarter ones go crazy [being most sensitive to contradiction, not hazy].


You get to a point where FOX is just noise! Good tidbits but the rest of the time CHAOS--we lose poise.


It can't be the truth if it hurts someone's feelings and the truth is what the group SAYS it is--REALLY?


No one's safe in a police state. They can come for you or to the wrong address, no grievance addressed.


When success is based not on what you've done or got but escaping cops, we're in trouble--lots.


Escape the scourge any way you can. A violent mob of millions and we won't see ORDER ever again.


Democrats are sick and evil [but then so are republicans] but it's not about people but PRINCIPALS.


Feminists wanna ban the word "bossy" well with Islam you'll see what the word REALLY means, sissy.


I can't believe the alliance between Islam and feminists. What idiots--with Sharia there are no benefits.


It's not just LAW officers but CODE enforcers--they all have swat teams too. Prepare, get in twos.


The anti-American liberals are aborting or going gay so maybe we COULD prevail in time, so PRAY.


There's an unholy alliance between the hard left & Islam: attempting to erase America thru scams.


How quickly our nation is deteriorating morally and that means JUDGMENT for a no-hope country.


Male & female is the MOST BASIC variable on earth. Blurred lines disgrace but it's all erased with rebirth.


Oppression Envy: In a culture where victim's are celebrated one lies by assuming an oppressed identity.


It is our constitutional God-given right to feel secure. But now even those in denial feel unconscious fear.


What if Patton said about WWII: he didn't have a strategy, it's due to the weather or cold apathy?


That liberals are liars is proven by how may love Barry and Hillary not CARING that they lie.


Perverts are teaching infants how to think. Parents you weren't watchmen of these horrible schools/finks.


Far left tyranny:  If's cool-aid time: groupthink.  If you're not IN you're mocked as a bigot and a fink.


If candidates aren't speaking against the police state, what good are they? These killings are not OK.


The human spirit has ALWAYS risen against tyranny!  Keep that in mind when hearing words like "bigotry".


Spending, entitlements, regulations and debt. Overwhelm the system, capitalism dies and we're dead.


Liberals are in control:  that's why we have night-raids & kidnappings--it's Chicago-style politicking.


After so much pain & anguish, is Trump a breath of fresh air and answer to prayer? Trust--do we dare?


Secret societies/meetings are NOT-OK. These trade deals are destroying our freedoms--it's tyranny.


They're not trade deals but TAKEOVERS as the sell outs get BIG positions in the new global government.


Pres. is bringing in immigrants who hate American culture. Can you believe it about this vulture?


We're coming into a world that's very dark. Where it used to be opulent & free now its crazy & stark.


We're losing our rights--do you even care? Are you trapped in sin & denial as things fail everywhere?


The global bankers meet in secret to destroy our lives. They wanna control it all: husbands and wives.


God's punishment comes in two forms: natural disasters or suddenly being surrounded by strangers.


He's decimated the generals & wimped the army. The borders are wide open--soon we'll see our enemy.


Jerry Seinfeld has rejected speaking in the universities due to their Politically Correct TYRANNY.


Fox News is only 50% truth and that's not enough! Get all you need just by being a headline sleuth.


Politically correct talk restricts thought and proves we're going into total tyranny as America rots.


He's just a front man for a predator group to bring down this country, groomed with lots of money.


They do terrible things ALWAYS for the "greater good". That's always what they say: progressive hoods.


The globalist tyrants have harassed but now we'll kick their ass as the spirit of 1776 has so much class.


We CAN fix the country in a velvet revolution of ideas. It's the power of moral high ground and JESUS.


The SPIRIT OF LIBERTY can SPREAD. This tidal wave is divinely led as all tyrants DROP DEAD.


Christians outspoken on social issues get the blues and shutdown revenues: End of Discussion.


Obamanoids will do anything for their god. It's a sign of how far we've fallen by all things called "mod".


These have been the saddest seven years of my life but I sure learned about government crimes, rife.


I've always loved high boundaries/PRIVACY but now see these as Godly inalienable rights, you see.


Global warming? Give me a break! We all know that's fake cuz green tyrants/elitists are on the take.


The minute they say they're concerned about global climate change I withdraw feeling estranged.


CLIMATE CHANGE is just a way to usurp power and have total control. A world tax--that's their goal.


It's not the same country, dummy. it's a criminal takeover by offshore banksters--do you care, honey?


The majority doesn't matter anymore, it's back-room deals not what happens on the floor [political whores].


The New Tolerance has created a nation of perverts, thieves and liars. Reject low doctrines--go higher.


He's sold us out overseas, gave nuclear reactors to China and was trained from the beginning, see?


We've all been trained to see the RIGHT as evil and the LEFT as good--how we have misunderstood!


He's con-gamed us as prey. He hates us and our family--shutting down power plants and jobs, ok?


He sold us out to our enemies, Jesus. This is the biggest form of betrayal and it is treasonous.


Women love their doctors because the pushers suggest, justify & encourage these pill poppers.


The key to turning things around is VISION. We could return to liberty were it not for our history's revision.


The dense in power minimize the dangers of the hour. It's spreading like cancer and soon it'll hit ours.


Voting for him once I can forgive. But voting for him twice you're a nut and your brain is a sieve.


The left wears smiley faces--but look at their eyes. They're pure disguise & what about ALL those lies?


The left wants to normalize evil--can you imagine that? Doesn't that show who they are: ingrates & brats?


They cover up for evils of their handlers. They are gainsayers for gamblers--they have NO standards.


ALL NEWS [even Fox] is watered down. If it's NOT about the police state buildup it's a lie [unsound].


They're blocking all outs & going for homeschoolers next: You WILL join the grid, conform & never self-express.


No discipline in school = maniacs later = go to jail. That's what they want: we're set up to get fat & fail.


Fight not with guns but by killing lies. Free the minds of men so they realize it's TYRANNY to despise.


The value of freedom is not known 'til it's lost. Boots on our neck is too high a cost [make that embossed].


God gives nations a chance to repent and turn back. Though our world went black, prepare for payback.


Good is superior to evil, so there CAN be a reversal. Bundy did it in Nevada so let that be our rehearsal.


If you study deeply, you're scared. Deny DENIERS who won't study & "have no fear": they're unprepared.


They say Americans won't put up with this. But they WILL because they're dumbed down, not pissed.


Freedom is a gift from God, an inalienable right. But you've given it all away, just to avoid a fight.


And what of our freedoms? You mean we're just gonna go into tyranny, oppression & lose all our money?


Revitalization Movements are when the herd marches to a new beat--AWARENESS of cheats.


In Satan's world there is no justice: That's where the evil are honored and the good are mistrusted.


He ruined our great country and we let it happen. More interested in fashion/passion we were nappin'.


It's the dirtiest election we've ever seen and the most important. We're at the brink of joy or torment.


The same leftists who deny the holocaust deny the monstrosities of ISIS. They see no evil nor crisis.


Dirtiest election we've ever seen--so desperate they can't keep it clean but at least they freed the marine.


The crime wave is exploding across the United States [open borders have suddenly changed our fates].


Letting felons go [rapists/murderers who will kill again]: You could NEVER imagine that way back when.


Good luck, you collaborators: The tables have TURNED & we're on top, no more censured & stopped.


Mandate to new electees: (1) Stop Barack and (2) give us our freedoms back. That's it--now attack.


If they're not talking about the POLICE STATE I don't wanna hear because it's THAT which I fear...


It's all designed to wreck the country and fold us into global government. Americans see this, amen.


From messiah to pariah that's Obama hitting bottom in autumn: if dissent is common we'll all blossom.


Gutted border patrol & fence, ordered 60 MIL green cards, triggered invasion last summer: O-BUMMER.


The flood of immigration is all about Cloward and Piven: weight the whole ship down till it all sinks, amen.


The crowd is leaving the LEFT. They're sick of the arrogance, hostility to good & how we were oppressed.


Obama did the greatest thing: uniting the right. What a perfect answer to prayer--a real upswing.


It'd be easy to hate his guts. We just have to realize he's a [WEAK, NARCISSISTIC] puppet or such.


The world situation is terrible but I marvel how it exactly reflects a culture that has lost its marbles.


Tyranny starts with things banned. Then comes the fines & prison times then death by the black hand.


Liberal FEMS consider Christian men as sadistic cruel dominators but none makes a better friend, amen.


To think it's only 600 people causing all this trouble as they trap us in a bubble and our worries double.


Must face it--we're owned. Now pray each day so God will beat the foe and keep you on the throne.


Here Mexico sends it's less by emptying it's jails & the liberal pawns call us "racist" as our dream fails.


All these years you took the blame, victimized by leftist logic making YOU look bad--putting you in ill-fame.


RAPISTS & MURDERERS [illegals] he lets go free--but complaining about this makes a racist of me?


Cloward & Piven: Everyone on the dole then pull the plug, that's how he gets even. Third world, a given.


For liberty-lovers having a liberal over you is a kind of hell. It's a dark, lawless, unseemly, evil spell.


Tyrannies have huge bureaucracies, departments and unelected czars. It's a GIANT leviathan's jaws.


It's triggered a dark level in Islam--something that was always there tho' hidden, but now they're not kiddin'.


We were a force for good in the world. But not to hear leftists say it--to them we're all evil boys & girls.


It's only FIGHTING FOR LIBERTY which gives you magnetism and power: presto, opening like a flower.


There are warriors, collaborators and spies. In evil times it's a shifting alliance--everyone's in disguise.


Where's our FORCE? Fighting for freedom's the ANIMATING CONTEST which we're losing, of course.


Fighting for liberty is the ANIMATING CONTEST bringing out our best. Start lecturing--that's the test.


They're gearing up and hunkering down--ready to take our liberties all around. Stand up, wear a crown.


They destroy all that we create. Or they make destructive, horrible things while wanting to dictate.


The liberal acts like he's the aristocrat & you're the barbarian. But inside he's the lawless one, condoning sin.


You must meet violence with violence, that is the problem.  What's wrong is appeasement, amen.


We may as well face it: we've lost our country. Our history, traditions & heritage as freedom-babies.


It is our constitutional right to be free from worry. Cops have no accountability--that's scary.


The dems have morphed. No longer the party of JFK, it's now totally criminal and is becoming worse.


A dark cloud is coming over the land. We're losing all our freedoms and traditions--that is their plan.


As we lose RIGHTS we go into slavery. It's scary as a nation comes under judgment despite bravery.


Police tyranny is an esprit de corps affecting the group. They joke about the raids--ram in, give scoop.


We all know someone who's been beaten by cops. Everyone's scared whether in homes or shops.


Crony capitalism is a kleptocracy by definition:   It's all about friends, paybacks and blatant nepotism.


It's like the country's in a trance. They refuse to see [don't wanna be free?] so don't take a stance.


Liberal policies go against God and that's why we hurt, why we go into reverse, why we're treated like dirt.


BIBI WON along with the world, conservative patriots, liberty-lovers, Christians and true Americans, amen.


Obama thinks we don't have the moral right to intervene--that's "tolerance" of the mean or obscene.


Nations forgetting God are soon forgotten.  America:  return to the old paths and forsake the rotten!


The greatest generation is dying out.  PLEASE: Restore these old paths for America throughout.


Obama doesn't see American exceptionalism, and it's sad.  It's due to tolerance saying good is bad.


In Europe they're banning "blackbird" cuz it's "racist". We're overcome by word and deed-fascists.


If you don't go along w/perversion taught to 5 year olds, you "hate gays". God help us it's the latter days.


Feminists say all sex is "rape". This isn't about sex but a TAKEOVER plan making men look like apes.


Say one word against MacDonald's and they'll escort you out w/cops.  They want you dead, or flops.


You MUST stand up against this crap. "Racist", "sexist", "hater" are all buzz words--hypocritical traps.


I think it would be wise to go back to Italy. They patrol the streets there and know about Islamo-tyranny.


The greatest generation is dying out.  They fought for freedom but now all their sacrifices were for naught.


If a feminist really wants to help women, WHY would she join forces with Islam or those with the bomb?


Liberals unite w/Muslims becuz the "enemy of my enemy is my friend". Who is their enemy? Christians, man.


Lord protect country from plans of a wicked elite. We're going down: sick, discouraged & effete.


Only a radical communist would try to destroy America. These types also LIE while acting like angelica.


They use the crisis they helped to create to bring in the tyranny. It's not just theory--it means money.


BIG GOV is a dangerous master: Decisions made at the top [YOUR DATA] then local thugs do the job.


Police brutality is NOT about race! They're mean to everybody--whites are killed just as often, or tazed.


We're like the traitors who didn't go along with Hitler: they'll blow stuff up and say we did it--chiller.


It is our constitutional right to reform this government as we see fit. We're sick of evil, we want true grit.


The entire government has become a joke, but it's hardly funny as we go into total tyranny under it's yoke.


They say he didn't know but that's not so cuz it's TRICKLE-DOWN TYRANNY from this hateful so-and-so.


The royalty are free from the normal rules of the commoners. They say it isn't so but that's all bonkers.


How is politics really handled? If you saw how it's daily mangled your citizenship would be cancelled.


Don't liberals want freedom? Or are they dumb, willingly giving up the happy kingdom for crumbs?


Don't be overcome with fear. There's so much happening BUT God above responds to prayer, dear.


The government machine is above the law. It's always been that way but wasn't supposed to--HAH.


We're letting it all go and once that door closes we're in slavery--from one in the know.


The point with police: when they do bad deeds, they don't get in trouble--setting a bad example, double.


It's all gangs in government. Mafia style, lowdown politics and meanwhile we don't get our moment.


It's the dirtiest election we've ever seen. They're mean [even obscene] and we MUST defeat fiends.


I felt the whole world was mad but then saw it was liberals all around.  That's all I knew:  evil profound.


Cloward and Piven: Make it impossible to make a livin' so you go on the dole and they sucker you in.


They aren't permitted to practice their profession. Like all else they're over-regulated into destruction.


Please Lord:  Stem the tide, stop the surge.  They're flowing as a tidal wave and some have the killing urge.


The elites want us immoral because that makes us controllable. Repent and leave cities, if you're able.


Wide open borders and no one cares.  As the days roll on people go dense again and the alert are rare.


If they can kidnap you legally how can you be happy? NEED RIGHTS to relax or we get angry, snippy.


They go to conventions to learn of new weapons and it's a giant market for arrogant thugs and local villains.


The progressives want their way no matter what the constitution says.  We're losing our freedoms, by the pres.


Ferguson has brought it all to light:  what a few knew but couldn't convince--how the militarized cops fight.


Militarized cops: NOT "surplus gear" but rather no-bid defense contracts--sad facts why we can't relax.


The borders are open--we've already lost our country. It's the END marked by invasion, biblically.


It's the RAND plan to militarize police as a NEW MARKET for defense contractors [the red carpet].


This is how the liberal thinks. It's how he WANTS to believe not true reality--that's why liberal policies stink.


The trendies just see government as a big teat in the sky: Worshipping authorities, they feel high.


The Feds militarized the cops to bring this backlash--so they can play savior not a treasonous jackass.


They're race-baiting to necessitate the "nation stabilization force" which is most dangerous, tho' a farce.


This will bring the NDAA to light too--whew!  This could be a beautiful thing if people learn to choose truth.


Leftist stinkers and deathstylers think nothing of cutting corners and lying--they are righteous falsifiers.


Homosexual lobby makes us so scared we can't say a thing. Now it's guys in women's bathrms, peeing.


Been studying the militarization of the police for twenty years. ALARMED but glad we share our fears.


Gov persecution of dissidents is THE sign of tyranny--the IRS and other depts. take their money.


Demand for LIBERTY is sexy and big gov is messy, bossy and nosy--we just want our own thing, see?


Women are running the government & the military too--a dangerous idea being war-gamed by shrews.


Liberal collectivists demonize those wanting to be free. They say what they're told, without a degree.


Problem-reaction-solution. Globalists create crises to bring in world gov to solve it, like mass execution.


King Abdullah of Jordan can you come and be our president? We hate ours. From a US resident.


We've got to get it together--we're losing our identity. That's who we ARE but it's going away rapidly.


Cops are killing dogs in their encounters. The public is rising up because this really matters.


It's not true liberalism but authoritarianism, a front for world tyranny.  They don't realize this currently.


Liberalism is the Tyranny of the Group. It's just like Nazi Germany and boy do they snoop.


It's not the cops but the banksters behind the scene. They stay off-shore, don't pay taxes and are fiends.


You can't be a liberal & a Christian too. It's because of the things liberals believe in [makes me so blue].


Do they follow ONLY the constitution, do they see sin and destruction for what it is, do they wanna get ISIS?


Just because we won today doesn't mean it's going away. The NWO will revive it cuz it's HIGH PAY.


Nowhere to escape the runaway tyrant state. Leave an innocent message & you're red-flagged [bad fate].


They're getting us acclimated gradually: To scary, unseemly things and along with that, weird insanity.


Hillary calls retraining camps the "FUN HOUSE".  What can you expect from a duplicitous louse?


Globalism's NOT about great ethnic foods but the lowest common denominator then the exterminator.


How easily things merge/converge when we're not looking! Asleep, we let our country go, no joking.


All colleges [except Christian] are left of center, meaning immorality across the board--do not enter.


The far left & Jihadists are in cahoots cuz they both wanna destroy Christianity & our liberty roots.


The viscous liberal academics will get us all killed. An empty culture is a vacuum as fascism ful-fills.


Obama's air strikes are a joke--never has anything this catastrophic been taken so likely, mere pokes.


Frog in the water: they're getting us acclimated gradually. We complain, they pull back, then tragedy.


Please wake-up before it's too late. Tell everyone you know: what they call good & true is our mean fate.


They violate the law then make us think it's normal--that's the outcome of Americans getting carnal.


WEAK CHIEF: Won't fight those battles over evil beliefs and even feels intimidated by the thief.


Government is FORCE: it's a fearful servant & a dreadful master. It must be controlled or DISASTER.


The left is schooled to see the right as bigoted, mean and money-driven. Actually we just want freedom.


Despite what they say, with military on the streets things get broken and people killed. I'm baffled.


Elites cut up nations as they want. It's all been planned--don't you understand? We're just grunts.


Become your best-looking thru the ANIMATING CONTEST of liberty- fightin' & tyranny-debunkin'.


Do SLOGANS trump facts and logic? Yes ideology changes personalities and the results are tragic.


Ignore the trappings of power--they don't indicate character despite the man or woman of the hour.


It's not a religion but a dark ideology and retarded society. Out of the dark ages: violent piety.


Freedom is awareness of alternatives & the ability to choose. We're losing all that and it gives us the blues.


The most dangerous menace to civilization is a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men.


Megyn Kelly has a checkered record now. Putting down Rudy when he was just telling the truthy.


They ruin local businesses by sending their SWAT team [GANGS]. This isn't liberty it's just their scams.


Democrats: At first they were "left to center" but now it's communism: tyranny and lying to you and me.


The most evil  tyrants are all called "loving".  You must see through such tyranny and all their bluffing.


People of his ilk think America should be cut down to size--so they destroy us with tyranny, control and lies.


Everything's secret with the left. The most draconian measures are signed at midnight--pure theft.


These zombies are heartless as they do their part in the global plan of the degradation of Man.


Drugs block higher-order conscience & then religion becomes legalistic and dull since God can't infill.


Moral collapse is NOT imminent--it's HERE. Just look around--we're a weak people ready for conquer.


Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness--or death, tyranny and the pursuit of Jihad? Who does this--he's bad.


Liberals don't object to gays thrown off roofs or women being stoned? They're on the phone, all is condoned.


Most countries are in dark tyranny. America was a rare experiment--that we're losing it is a sad sentiment.


The double-mindedness of the left: They hate the word "anchor babies" but see abortion as best?


Just read headlines & get your life back from FOX cuz mixture/omission make it FALSE.


The new stats show 80% of youth want socialism. Are they mad? It's MASS MURDER, amen. 


We're now a lawless & poor republic.  These are always run by brute force, you know it?


Your stupid children went insane over the smiling tyrant. They were uneducated, defiant.


Banana republics are horrible--you only get what they GIVE you and they're cold and deplorable.


As a conservative you'll see thru everyone you ever knew. They were ALL taken in but not you.


Even dems are tired of Obama.  What has it been for six years but trauma from liberal drama?


He was primed by his pornographer-communist father. He was brought up Muslim--an America-hater.


He hangs out with billionaires discussing income inequality. That's the liberal game also w/Hillary.


Nations refusing to defend the weak & innocent will be judged by their greatest Defender, amen.


Progressives & Islamists have same goals: Destroy the West and remake it under their controls.


In order to REMAKE it's America they must BREAK. That's why we're poor--ruled by snakes.


Why would gays & feminists go along w/Islam? Because destroying America comes FIRST to them.


While we're losing our country you guys are obsessed with Hollywood: liberals with hearts of wood.


80% of America is begging the Chief to do something. Their frustration and fear is quickly growing.


The Leviathan government: huge, complex, redundant & CORRUPT. But God can defeat them, not luck.


GET FIT. We can defeat this total tyranny taking over our country if we just SEE the importance of being free.


God thru a David CAN defeat this evil giant usurping our whole lives. It's by TELLING everyone, no jive.


Once they start to take our rights, out goes our lights. Little by little 'til 1000 pinpricks builds a fight.


A new high-tech communist world will be such a terrible change as NOTHING seems the same.


TRUE liberals would stand up for civil rights of Christians--but now it's progressives, mental midgets.


Our friends don't trust us and our enemies don't fear us as our president has thrown us under the bus.


For every baby slaughtered there's another border crosser and God's wrath can't get any grosser, no sir.


EVERYTHING a tyrant says is ALWAYS in reverse.  Like "freedom is slavery": slogans so terse.


Hasn't he done enough to us--he needs to take our internet TOO?  But then that's what all dictators do.


The whole reason "he" got in was due to the schools being a trash bin and evil liberalism seen in our kin.


In wicked generations the voters are SO DUMB they actually vote for those who look good, tho' hoods.


When the judges are bought off and they all lean left, what can we do--as innocents are jailed too?


You simply must ignore what's going on, after learning it. God still has a huge destiny for you, live it.


He's beaten the American public into a pulp. These aren't true leaders--they're just a mean cult.


They groomed him for years, he was perfect as he brought many cheers [but now we're sad in our beers].


He loves mean tyrants and dictators. Why? This EXTREME end of distrust defines all such traitors.


Universities are liberal, financed by the middle east. They all hate Christians and this never ceased.


Multiculturalism is NOT a good thing. People like being with their own kind--that's GOOD, that's fine.


It's a sad day when we look forward to death. It wasn't supposed to be this way, destroyed by the left.


Now they're putting vaccines in the food! We're to have NO escape as our insides are seared & stewed.


We need our guns because they'll invade your home & strap you down--the opposite to RENOWNED.


Hillary: Take a concrete step to ease the pressure, wait out the storm. For Clintons, that's the norm.


Why would a woman have an advantage over a male candidate--just cuz she's not a MAN? Silly, a scam.


The true equalizer for WOMEN, the elderly and children is GUNS--which Obama wants to ban, hons


Social stigma causes shame & guilt. It's a mental mazeway blocking books or buildings built.


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