You leftists don't know a thing. You've been so severely dumbed down you can't see the evil king.


Once something horrible happens they'll all snap back to conservative liberty principals--fact.


It's only due to liberty that you sick creeps get to do the things you do. In tyranny you will die too.


When you leftists finally get what you want, you'll be the greatest victims for your fascism & arrogance.


Men suffer with divorce and many commit suicide. From ferocious feminists HIDE, in none confide.


Marriage is a divine institution between a man and a woman and that's a father and a mother, amen.


Hillary, Barack & Liz are sick creeps [evil kings & communists] but seared consciences can't see this.


LIBERALS have become mob bullies. It's not enough to disagree, they must PUNISH adversaries.


Church shooting was anti-Christian, not about race. Liberals hate conservative blacks in any case.


Becoming a Puritan in ORDER is an adaptation to the violence & chaos coming across the border.


To be happy, ignore this pope. The kinda PC things he's saying shows he's a Marxist globalist dope.


Blacks and Latinos are basic conservatives but those who SPEAK OUT are bashed by libs, no doubt.


Suddenly their liberal rants seemed pure STATIC. Then it was easy to ignore these dumb leftist fanatics.


The ORDER of the early Puritans was a response to 18th century chaos and thus begun America as BOSS.


The saints have the "gift of tears". We cry about everything--good, bad--cuz we're ALIVE: cheers!


The reward for repentance is RIGHT-BRAIN LIVING. The universe comes alive after forgiving.


NO-GUN England has 3 x the violent crime using bats and knives. Only guns protect kids & wives.


Liberals won't face facts. They just "know what they know" and make stuff up--give em the axe.


We've ALL been taught conservatives are Hitler and the left is "good". It's the opposite--understood?


Hillary is a phony but the left can't see that cuz they've never been taught to THINK or see the finks.


We've reached a point where PATRIOTISM is actually frowned upon--freedom is truly under the gun.


MOBS turn good kids into bad ones--warped by the crowd mentality, but America is INDIVIDUALITY.


See PAIN as God goading you into a new direction, not a sign you're dying or need doctor's inspection.


They hate Christians who trigger consciences long dead. Why not repent, since Jesus was bled?


God says to speak the truth BOLDLY. No matter if 10,000 disagree--ONE MAN IS A MAJORITY.


They care about some insignificant punk but NOT thousands of Christians killed: BUNK!


We could still turn this thing around. It would take mass REPENTANCE and a long fast for some.


TOTALITARIANISM comes out of collapse. We may go broke but we MUST keep liberties intact.


Please God protect me from these awful people. it's like a cesspool and it's SO DARK, filled with evil.


They love the tyrants and will go along with anything trendy. These are agreed-upon sins, plenty.


Sexual assault is another hysteria on campus where the accused male though innocent is damaged.


Unfortunates who have lived under tyranny look at uninformed & complacent Americans as crazy.


Please God, this is tearing me up. America was a decent country but now it stinks: FILL MY CUP!


IT STINKS & if they can't see it, don't TALK. If they're that dense I'd BLOCK--not a part of your flock.


They're ruthless people without a heart. Most are young, consciences seared with a hot iron, in part.


I'm choked up with tears as I see America sink in her swill. It's a planned takedown--plan to kill.


They scare me half to death they're so evil.  Black hearts, doing evil when they get restless kinda people.


There is no END to how low they go. it is unfathomable, you know? Fence up, pray for God's glow.


Is Trump gonna take us so far, getting us all excited only to hand it to Jeb at the last moment--a mere token?


There have been times in history when everyone became a sinner. it was like the filthier the better.


They're trying to kill us with food, water and air. Also teaching our kids to SIN and no one even cares.


Communism always begins with erasing HISTORY: Tearing down landmarks of our wonderful STORY.


Progressives let felons back into our house. It's also wrong to protect ourselves, they espouse.


I can't read the feed anymore--it makes me sick. Things are degrading too fast, without a fix.


TRUMP taps into the ANGER we've felt daily for seven years. We're coming out now with cheers!


Illegals get out of a drunk driving for ten bucks. Not US citizens--we go to jail and are out of luck.


It's so degrading turning on the news. The libs are taking it as far as they can and it gives me blues.


I'm done reading feeds cuz it's a cascade effect as it all turns to weeds & we all fall & none succeeds.


They give criminal illegals sanctuary with NO thought of our safety, like we're inferior--yes, not maybe.


Old hippies see no evil. EXCEPT they hate Christians & those who disagree with crazy people.


Deported five times & comes back to kill again then they let the "poor victim" go to repeat the sin.


They can't get away with it--God's gonna get em back! But there IS no God? Soon they'll see it as FACT.


He is pure evil against everything traditional, lawful & American. He's the antithesis of good, amen.


When leaders have been bought off, what can we do? Just REPENT so God heals our land <whew>


Since fascists are violent, be careful when speaking against "gays" [harsh haze, very bad days].


He's a HERO to the herd without morals, just another old hippy with very inferior and evil goals.


Liberals can't see evil so they make LOUSY decisions about people including criminal illegals.


The promotion of SIN is the elite's plan to debase the WEST so they can take down the BEST.


They want democrats & THAT'S why you can't talk about who's crossing--some rapists, murderers & brats.


They want us so nervous we watch every word. That's how they weaken us: sayin' we slurred.


They're gonna take away everything & change us all around. There's no end to what they'll cast down.


It's not enough imposing this dirty thing on us. Now they want our children--have you had enough?


Watch out for old hippies, they've wrecked the countryside and the cities and it started in the sixties.


Media has fallen into the evil ditch. Millions of kids follow with demonic practices/being a witch.


We simply must get off of the newsfeed because it's like we're a pin cushion as our heart bleeds.


This mean woman forces kids to eat bland, putrid, tasteless food. They hate it, wince then dump it too.


The FEDS want the moral authority to invade the state while financing race war as we take the bate.


Sodomism sees homosexuality as superiority and all traditional marriage as inferior and the enemies.


The culture is now in the toilet. Even little children can feel it, some can--those who are still free enough.


Sleazy hippies from the sixties. Now they're old but equally cold as they commit crimes so nifty.


America is a treacherous spouse who departed from a righteous husband who's now done, amen.


The barbarians have entered the land, setting up idols to their sexual gods--as we face God's rod.


We worship a new thing--the flag of modern Babylon. Prepare for death, starvation & vagabonds.


Even though it's massive & everywhere you must GROW to discount liberal bias or GIANT CRISIS.


Christians are the new Jews. The Nazis were pro-homo, into the occult and they felt superior, too.


So judgmental of me [and for good reason] but not Hillary--a major criminal in our American history?


MOST of the media is on the left. They OMIT the news and skew everything to their liberal views.


There's a proper way of doing things, a protocol--to block the spinning in those with evil strivings.


Donald you've made such a big impression on me. Even if you don't win it was fast therapy for free.


Donald, even if you don't win it's the evoked archetype that kicks us up a notch past the hype.


Donald reacts off the cuff--he knows just what to do. It's the art of the deal and he can't be moved.


Carly Fiorina is a true lady [RARE], she really cares PLUS she has sagacious corporate flair.


Beware of feminists when they get into power. They wanna KILL what you value & they're sour.


Carly TRULY stands up for women, not just says she does then take money from misogynist vermin.


Borders, language, culture and family values. All that is lost unless a capitalist raises revenues.


She's too good for America but sees outrageous immigration policies & failure to protect the nation.


These crazy Marxian feminists are relentless and thru wrong decisions will make your life fruitless.


Speaking out against Planned Parenthood--that was what flipped my switch for Carly Fiorina.


The complexities of running a business vs. HIT AND MISS, doing progressive things on his list.


Immigration without assimilation is INVASION and we're up a creek if it continues: damnation.


In SIN [or accepting evil ideas] one's conscience is SEARED. Atrocities are committed in these eras.


Hopeless, desperate losers who wanna be somebody get radicalized online and it's ISIS-FRIENDLY.


Progressives destroy--look at Detroit. Feminists do this to the family or men they want to exploit.


He won't be happy until we're totally wrecked. And the youth still say he's a divine elect--yuk.


He's only just begun. Every day's there's something new to lump but we look forward to Trump.


Please God protect us from collaborators and traitors. We feel it happening with ALL dictators.


We desperately need a capitalist to bring it all around. Leftists have so turned glory into a clown.


Had we stayed moral we would have seen what was happening long ago. But sin is denial, you know.


There's always a leader but are they bottom feeders? Will they sell you out or keep you free as peers?


My father said "things will get so bad they'll wake-up & cycle back" but he didn't know Barrack.


I'm in such a quandary over Donald. If he can't win my love affair must end rooting others in the fold


I just KNOW he's the king. I just CAN'T let him go, to stabilize the party below--God, show.


We MUST be good to allies. That's the way it works--not put them down then puff up clowns & jerks.


Gang mentality and secret meetings. Nothing above board--joy is fleeting. Can't trust, even eating.


Evil clowns and perverted cartoons--less is more but these are buffoons. It's the liberal way, the loons.


We don't wanna hear about anyone but Donald. So hold your breath/don't waste time--we're sold.


Here it comes: hoarding and hiding as groups are dividing but always pray so the Lord is providing.


Enormous hysteria over a flip remark, a mistake--when it's his anti-immigration stance they can't take.


The country's boiling over with immigration-rage and Donald speaks to that--we're tired of chat.


Mental midgets laying an egg over a flip remark and they want to KILL HIM, yet Donald be chillin'.


First they let immigrants in who become our policemen. That is how a country is killed, amen.


It doesn't matter that he got out of Nam. We all have different challenges and histories, man.


We need a CAPITALIST, someone who knows how to DEAL. Not these people as enemies steal.


You'll hear all kinds of stories about Trump and none of it is true. They're SO jealous of him, too.


Cultural Marxism is destruction of UNIQUE history and making it all a bland cartoon of ideology.


If you say "ALL lives matter" you're attacked for being "racists"--only black matters to the fascists.


Living this way [in constant fear & preparedness for disaster] you're at your MOST intense, yes sir.


We gave up all HOPE after 7 years with a dope putting us on DANGEROUS and slippery slopes.


They wanna make Donald look bad! What pathetic jokes they are putting down the King--we're glad!


Liberals live in a make believe world. It's all a facade of mutual harmony but it's godless, girls.


THE ONLY ONE. You're a fool to vote for ANY one else--we'll be restored, we'll finally have fun.


FOX NEWS stacked the commentators against Trump! That settles it--we're done with these skunks.


We've been so mad every day but thought we could do nothing but now thru TRUMP there is HOPE.


I sense he's sincere, a breath of fresh air after 7 years of despair. PEOPLE KNOW, it's an air.


TRUMP: "We're gonna make this country great again--we're gonna work so hard, I love Mexican legals".


They wanna make Donald look bad--like a bloated capitalist idiot! Be ready for attacks from nitwits.


We've got to believe in somebody again.  We all saw our doom sealed, no one cared even friends.


Donald says our leaders are incredibly stupid--what a breath of fresh air. Logic  returned, I do declare!


Look at the government's bad deals--Trump is the only one with this ART. Logic returned w/HEART.


We need a good capitalist--someone who knows about money. Not a cultural Marxist who is loony.


Trump didn't attack McCain ENOUGH cuz he wants to take our guns--needs to be MORE tough.


Mr. McCain may be a war hero but he wants VICTIM DISARMAMENT. That's us, the unfortunate.


McCain wants open borders and to take our guns. He throws us crumbs but Donald is the ONE.


Our Puritan beginnings made us a nation of order and discipline--people getting ahead w/VISION.


We don't wanna hear about anyone but Donald--ok? So stop with the other candidates--they're passe.


He's a war hero, captured and all the rest. But he STILL wants our guns & to allow in the un-best.


Donald we love your conceit. You can be as arrogant as you please having the strength of a fleet.


After ALL we've been thru with you-know-who we see a LIGHT filled with FIGHT showing God is true.


Christian families are very happy. The left wants to ruin that with immorality, making things crappy.


We can still come back & overcome the influence of Barrack:  We can go to a castle from a shack.


The WHITE MAN is under attack. A lot more than any of you know--by RACE you'll be tracked.


He makes us so happy, relieving frustration after such PC crap. We love Donald, even his spats.


Why aren't feminists against Islam and the way it treats women? Hah--they even LOVE it, amen.


Under Sharia women are stoned even if innocent victims. But feminists don't complain--just listen.


The liberal conformists will go along with anything.  They're in perfect unison changing with the wind.


Donald is the only one who can straighten this out. All the others are wimps--they just have no clout.


So all whites are to blame but when radical muslims do something you don't even mention it, lame.


It's not only government demoting the white man but also the wife--he's worried about his very life.


Pray EVERY DAY to be protected from your government. It's really come to this, maybe permanent.


It HURTS being ostracized but that's how liberals play: mind what you SAY or it's a very bad day.


By them appeasing our deadly enemies it's the HEIGHT of ignorant weakness and they can see it.


Donald is a light in the maize. Of huge global corporate fraud that he's so hep to--I'm dazed, so amazed.


Donald is the only one speaking to our troubles. The others are astounded as his popularity doubles.


Get away from cities, 250 miles from crowds. That's where the trouble is and they're so loud.


They WILL make you think like them & stop at nothing to do it. This is tyranny by trendies/the affluent.


There's nothing sexier than a freedom-loving woman but that's home-loving, what they're forbidding.


I don't care what you do in your bedroom--I DON'T want you teaching the kids to do what DOOMS.


Iran doesn't do deals with infidels so they'll do a deal for their own interest but ignore ALL the details.


Please Donald, do not disappoint. For we're sick of deception & have come to a turning point.


All men would be totally depraved were it not for God. it's like the default setting--being flawed.


Take away BASIC rights & replace with FAUX rights--transgender bathrooms. USA last rites.


"The nations will ask: Why hath the Lord done this to their land? Was He that angry?" Yes, absolutely.


I love legal immigration--I think it's wonderful. People must do the WORK to come here--or it's a jungle.


People who condone illegal immigration are ENEMIES cuz we're being killed in 300 sanctuary cities.


Liberals wanna let em ALL in--do they ever think of what it's doing to small towns, my friends?


Progressives want NO borders, they think it's good. But we're losing OUR ways and livelihoods.


This was SUCH a bad deal it just makes me sick. We had far more power before--what finks.


Trump may be part of a greater plan.  Unless he's changed as a man, he gave a LOT to hillary clinton.


Cloward and Piven:  They're gonna let in the masses, all on the dole--then pull the plug for ALL.


It was SUCH a bad deal--we gave it ALL AWAY. What a laughing stock we are in the world today.


It was such a bad deal for us, not for them.  We gave everything away--all our leverage too, gone.


They were primed [dumbed down] in the schools. The youth know NOTHING & just wanna be cool.


Legal immigrants want border security too--it's just common sense. They're not dense, they want defense.


The nations see the results of profligate sins, tho' we don't. In every case respect is lost--dethroned.


When it's all about personal rights and categories, out goes God's wants but also any victories.


There's an end to the gravy train when people ungratefully turn their back on Thee with disdain.


Please Father heal our wonderful country & our land. Bring us back to freedom, how we began.


We're in a whirlwind--the fastest things have ever changed. It's scary, overwhelming, deranged.


OUR FOES: Those who want to kill us got 150 billion bucks and the nuclear bomb. Thanks a lot Obam


The controlled left LOVES radical Islam. Can you believe that? They even help them get a bomb.


Is this just a conspiracy to get Donald in so he can then FLIP FLOP so we are screwed AGAIN?


Donald are you just a RINGER to get us excited only to hand it over to that RINO guy JEB later?


It was a more decent time--conservative, and fine. These traditionals knew where to draw the line.


You say you'll put up the border, kill ISIS, bring jobs back & defund China but is this more poli-trivia?


I wanna love this guy so much--I just wanna HAVE HOPE! But do I dare to trust a casino dope?


Donald how come you support HIllary? Don't we deserve an explanation before our affection?


The youth are purposely kept in the dark. They don't see ISIS as sharks and they love Barack.


We've got to see what AMERICANA MEANS to you and me: freedom from this awful TYRANNY.


Americans are so dense being politically correct we now face THE END of our country, w/out defense!


In our crazy world loss is gain, slavery is freedom, killing is blessing and stealing is helping.


They've created a Tower of Babel: total confusion, contradiction & chaos intended to break our will.


How to drive people crazy so they're of none effect: Contradict and create chaos in the Elect.


They PURPOSELY contradict themselves constantly because that's Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.


Youth tend to be more idealistic but this is ridiculous as they FORCE us into deadly  impotence.


It's like science fiction but that'd make more sense. We're falling to destruction, immense.


They want us ALL poor save an elite top. They get the red carpet/grandeur and we get slop.


The contradictions make us feel panicky cuz it means tyranny--helpless cuz he won't fight ISIS.


The professors all look the same: jeans, black shirt and hateful of America's values [mentally lame].


To take down Mt. Rushmore--can we stand anymore? They intend to delete our history to it's core.


The BLATANT contradictions & coldness make us feel panicky & helpless cuz they will not stop--God bless.


Will Donald save Christians? Will he be resolute and LABEL those who want to kill us [VERMIN]?


WHAT WE NEED is someone who cannot be bought. That's how the whole system works, a LOT.


GO TRUMP after this hump of the worst president ever who thinks he's a hunk but in truth, junk.


GREEN POLICE TYRANNY [banning things] is pure piracy and a way to get our currency.


We all have the same problem tho' they seek to divide: TYRANNY as our freedoms have died.


It was so HORRIBLE but at least I learned about the youth & what they're taught in the schools.


Now this is pure class. He tells the truth and so the powers hate him--tho' they're the dumbass.


There's an arrogance and conceit that comes over people when they're confirmed by evil.


Most psychology should be called "Social Science". Cuz it all comes down to that w/little defiance.


If anyone here loves this pres please leave this group. Cuz no one could be that dumb, or stoop.


Please people spread the word that HIllary's gotten weird and if she gets in MUCH to be feared.


This woman is a sick feminist & very vindictive.  FALSE ACCUSATIONS reign in colleges.  Witches!


Some FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT are gentleness and self-control--only thru Jesus--do you know?


GOOD FOR HUCK. The results of the "deal" will be worse than the holocaust--you're in denial.


Superior man defends the WEAK. Babies, elderly, pets--pro-choicers have no heart, without regrets.


ISLAM is anti-dog--not allowed. And 100,000 Muslims arrive each month--too bad for the dog.


This is so ruthless to the elderly who more than anyone must be able to defend themselves!


When I give up FOX [too much half-truths/liberalism] I get 12 hours FOUND TIME daily, amen.


Women after abortions: heartsick over it, or hard as nails--angry, embittered, mean--evil queens.


Democrats are evil because of what they believe in--it's a 12-plank program like abortion, people!


Women after abortions: heartsick over it, or hard as nails--angry, embittered, mean--evil queens.


Gay Gestapo: Just like the militant homo network that took over Nazi Germany long ago.


Going from "responsibility" to "rights" everything changed. Simultaneously women got deranged.


Cowards, traitors, perverts, murderers, the immoral, magicians, idol-worshippers and liars.


I'm a Calvinist--how this country began. I believe God predestined things for me--He had a plan.


The devil really DID make you do it! Blocked by demons and deniers, you couldn't intuit.


God not love everyone--did you think He did? He chooses a very limited realm & the rest are forbid.


Once saved thru Jesus, you cannot lose that salvation! It's unlimited atonement: a high station.


God will draw us IRRESISTIBLY to the end. it's irresistible grace--we've no need to worry, friends.


The greatest promise is PERSEVERANCE--God will take you all the way, every day--it'll all be ok.


I've given you TULIP: simple enough for a child or peasant to understand. It gave me happy wisdom.


Many liberals are well-dressed & articulate but it's still the ideology of total destruction: imminent.


He's a HERO to herds without morals. Can you believe this? There's only one way to settle quarrels.


They could SWAT raid me tonight for speaking against the perversion of 5 year olds. Lord, we've been sold!


The ramifications of redefining marriage are evil and infinite. Look at the consequences, darnit.


After years of feeling secure we've reached a point where no one's safe. We all feel it [like expecting a raid.]


Total confusion seen as "new" reality: Maintain sanity by seeing the blasphemy/how they act callously.


If NBC is 10% true and CNN is 20% true and FOX is 50% true--why waste time with any? <whew>


1. Turn you life from casual [drop ins] to formal [no friends]. 2. Now be open to holy spirit [be kingpins].


Donald is the real deal, kids. Get your head out of images--so they don't make you helpless, forbid.


WHAT WE NEED is someone who cannot be bought. That's how the whole system works, a LOT.


Wait until you get excited THEN creatively act. It's called "holy spirit ease" and the timing's exact.


They don't say they're equal, "gays are superior". There's a whole list of ways, just like Hitler.


Constrain all activities down to the quintessential: the best ONLY. Let it light your fire, then the money.


You can feel the pressure everywhere. It's brutal, arguing is futile, free thinkers punished--need prayer.


It used to be God but now Satan's in control of men's minds. Divide from them, stick to the refined.


As people get older they just wanna think--when intruders come unannounced it's such a stink!


Soaps are portraying moralists as psychotic, paranoid NUTS. Meanwhile, they normalize the klutz.


We see ourselves thru the eyes of others and thus begins mental illness--introjections/projections.


All our attractions/repulsions change as we evolve/devolve. When UP: Kings, when DOWN: Clowns.


That's what liberals do: invite a bunch of people to your house. They impose things on you [louse].


Ideologies are the problem, rather than adapting point-by-point constrained by the constitution.


Liberals run the media/universities so you think there are more than there are [a minority, sub-par].


America is now invaded by an army of foreigners but also minds warped by seeing thru blinders.


The nightmare America has become under this monster must be told, to the devil we're sold.


Most of the world's in tyranny--the default setting of mankind--where you lose your power & mind.


These devils make meticulous, ruthless, sadistic & indomitable plans out of jealousy of man.


Hillary says she exercises & is into health--are you kidding me? Just LOOK at her--it's info for free.


MEDIA isn't saying their swamping us with immigration but ask small towns across the nation.


Obama's army are immigrant youth. The "dreamers" arrive & go right on his dole, that's the truth.


Jon Stewart is a government jester. He's bought and paid for to lay eggs in you then let it all fester.


They make outlandishly foolish decisions but its all cuz good is bad and bad is good [no visions].


Even legal immigrants want Trump--they don't wanna throw cash in this dark hole of government.


Immigrants are no good if they're without our values. We must DEFINE the bad vs. good virtues.


More whites are killed by police but it's MINORITY deaths that cause outrage in this liberal age.


Government has turned on the people and the unborn. It hates good and exalts evil, like porn.


You didn't KNOW Nazis could be women discussing abortion like it's nothing--they are vermin.


Don't waste time with FOX. The constant mixture with liberals [the good with the bad] really sux.


I can't read the feed anymore it's too depressing and I just MUST focus on doing my own thing.


The LIBERTY movement is generating nuclear energy--we're all HIGH. The left is destroyed, bye bye.


Let Trump-hate be your barometer of patriots wanting borders vs liberals who buy votes/cut corners.


Feel better since I dropped FOX. It's too social with it's jocularity, liberalism and mixed talks.


The new world encourages quick hookups cuz they know immorality destroys--just look it up.


Liberal logic  is ILLOGIC and it's tragic the poor decisions made from la-la land as if by evil magic.


God looks for those who love justice, innocence, creativity & truth--to stand against the uncouth.


We've got to see the problem is liberalism--it's a 12-plan program all evil as can be, amen?


SHE LIED, period. But they say it's a war on women--all due to lost morals & culture degradation.


Evil in office may seem smart but not as smart as TRUMP so take heart, pray to God & look UP.


As much a I love him I have no time for Trump. It's now ME and my work which is to DEBUNK.


When democrats rule what happens: crowds, crime and clutter--DECAY and never making it better.


The 12 points of liberalism are evil--but social hypnotism applauds these very things in people.


First they called it Global Warming but when it got cold they switched to "climate change"--bingo.


Obama only talks of climate change not fighting ISIS. He wants to ruin coal mines & create crisis.


Liberalism is about control--our founders were ESCAPING this to establish RIGHTS, ya know.


Cultural diversity doesn't always go smoothly. More often than not it causes great difficulty, truly.


 "Sustainable" is the sickest word. Whenever you hear it, turn away--it's the destruction of our world.


Because tyranny always follows debauchery, watch out--too many choices make a lush & louse.


After an hour listening to Fox I realized I hadn't heard a word--half-truths and lines that are blurred.


A brainwashed generation actually worships Che, a mass murderer. Can they take this any further?


Is he dense or a puppet for a higher plan: a plan more diabolical than's been seen since time began?


The elites wanna conquer the planet to control it's fruits and that means you & me with NO DISPUTE.


He erased the southern border & pays to bring illegals in. And he cares about security? No, it's spin.


Their job: to pacify, create racial division and divide while screwing us over as our life's destiny dies.


The "affordable care act" triples prices, cuts quality care & rations it with death panels & cheap devices.


THEIR GOAL: Destabilize your central nervous system's revulsion of evil, they know you'll accept it ALL.


The white man is being pushed in the mud, all the while they're sayin' we want blood/are duds.


The more corrupt the state the more it legislates: Thousands more rules daily put us in dire straights.


Everything they say is inverted reality: Good is bad, bad is good, slavery is freedom--understood?


What happened to all America's brilliant innovation? It's been relegated by man's sex transformation.


Mankind's Cycles: Things get so BAD that suddenly they turn around on ALL ISSUES, revolution.


You didn't know about militarization of police? It's the opposite to their true job of "keeping the peace".


There's nothing more sexy than desire for liberty:  It's re-emerging as the way to stay high and pretty.


Homosexuals die at 42. That's the median age not accounting for AIDs, too--is the deathstyle good for you?


Cops shoot dogs [even in cages] let alone people in rages.  Pray for divine reversal as it all assuages.


The left is vacuous, empty. Tho' it all seems so light, glowing and friendly when it's tyranny they get petty.


56 million babies aborted and they could care less [don't even seem to know] as evil is totally supported.


Liberal thinking is the default setting from any school or university & thus most are debased & petty.


The FEDS are the ones who set this up, and they're not the saviors tho' they'll play that role while they snub.


Globalism is the opposite to local politics. It's distant, cold, obdurate while the local is kind & gentle tho' hicks.


Don't get sidetracked--stay on the point: It's GLOBALISM that accounts for all which disappoints.


We are losing our refinement from [centuries of genius in the Renaissance] & now we feel guilty for it?


It's a BARBARIC invasion just like Rome. We have different histories--like the Renaissance of old.


What are we going to do? Illegal invaders are breaking into homes and chopping our heads off too.


Fifty years of LIBERAL MINDSET as taught in the schools & the result is what you see--catastrophe!


Hillary's all against the WORD "anchor babies" but it's ALL-OK to abort them, more liberal hypocrisy.


They call themselves "progressives" as if advanced--when it's back to the stone age, debauched.


We're sick of the nation ripped apart, liberalized & turned into a communist banana republic.  


There's industrial rape of women and girls going on yet feminists say NOTHING against Islam.


Progressives, Islamists, Nazis, communists:  Understand what freedom is vs. nihilist destructionists.  


Since the sixties it's been the liberal mindset and HE RODE THAT WAVE--so cool, all the rave.


Greatness of Islam? Carly must define her words here. Christianity is mercy not the bloodthirsty.


Women without solid foundation in the Lord are swept up w/foolish fallacies they should abhor.


60% of America is older white--MTV says they're the problem so blacks are told to go beat em.


Race-baiting only works with dumbed down people but it works and it means violence and evil.


They're pushing race wars to a dumbed down public: Our "white privilege" gives us that guilt.


We live in a giant brainwashing cult: high-priests of ignorance, dangerous as they self-exult.


Newspeak, doublethink, reduction of language. That's how it's done--telling us what to say garbage.


Now is the time for all good men to come forward and PRAY for our country and this tragedy.


MTV's brewing race wars, targeting whites--even old people and mothers with children they fight.


It takes great skill to be simple. Most are filled w/superfluity--on and on they go like crazy people.


Those naked women in central park are sick creeps. They just wanna push the envelope, peeps. 


The youth are captivated by socialism/communism.  They have no idea of the deaths/misery from them.


He's done more harm to the country than any foreign army, as his divisive policies hurt us badly.


Out of control crime-wave in America tied to progressive policies for which we need an enema.


To do your best work, take the day off. The clearer you get the easier the completion: blastoff!


Weak, spineless, stupid boring losers--that's our reps in DC. It's all special interests, you see.


It's easy to discern: Whenever they call you "racist" you know who they are--just say no, and turn.


San Francisco is filled with piles of defecation, from liberal policies which are destroying a nation.


Take the day off & listen to Trump. First he'll deport the gangs and get us outa this slump.


The TV killer claimed RACISM made him pull the trigger. Divisive policies are the stinker.


Liberals and false compassion: tolerant of ISIS not Republicans, of deviancy not Christianity.


Liberalism  is uber-tolerance, false compassion--feeling superior cuz they're "good", tho' failin'.


TAUGHT: "White males ruined minorities & America, parents & church are evil, " Not true, people.


"The flag is an evil sign of oppression" said the psychotic vermin who took over the schools, amen.


We can still come back. 18th Century England was just as bad, spawning the Puritans in fact.


Multiculturalism says all cultures are equal. FALSE: some are bad and many are dangerous, pal.


Arabian nights was about excitement and adventure but no more cuz tyranny has NO allure.


I can't say any more, Facebook will shut me down. All you need is below & other pages all around.


THE contradiction: the feminists aren't against Islam as THE abuser of women, yet hate Christians.


So now we're going under judgment. Thanks to you trendies all morality is lost as we face ISIS ARMIES.


Keep on saying IT'S A NEW DAY after releasing toxic obstructions there all your life: HURRAY

Hippy attitudes of anti-Americanism, socialism & communism: STUCK in the muck, bad luck.


The new agers are intellectual runts. They've been given everything as gophers & false fronts.


A FREE SPIRIT [hippy] is more easily infected & invaded than a rigid spirit so it's best to fear it.


Liberals are socialist, eugenicist control freaks--military camouflage in a bunch of creeps.


A thinker can't be controlled or he loses it. But that's what they want--don't take the bait, refuse it.


Lemmings don't produce--they're a joke--but the thinkers & fighters can't be unequally yoked.


Can TYRANNY be rolled back? If it CAN it all starts here since from 1776 we've had that KNACK.


REALIZE that thru self-development--the animating contest for liberty--we naturally overcome the enemy.


The prayers of ONE righteous man availeth much--so PLEASE keep praying God'll turn cold hearts.


Like all Hitlerians he takes a bit of truth and weaves in LIES. He flatters, he smiles--while all liberty dies.


The lines are drawn, you're DONE. No more debating these dense fools, God has already WON.


They ruin the whole country just for an experiment. It's all ideology so they won't debate, arrogant.


Cultural relativism says "it's all the same"--baloney. There's a hierarchy of humanity & the top is liberty.


Evil deals in secret meetings--nothing's above board. They lock you in but rescue's from the Lord.


The left's utopia is really hell. They paint themselves with loving colors but behind it's a bad smell.


The law isn't something to beat ourselves up over but rather gives DISCERNMENT of others.


Why are women ruthless--cuz they've been held down for centuries?  NO it's bcuz gone is all chivalry.


They'll stop at nothing to legitimize their ways. Make us all agree or even try it ourselves to be gay.


Founders said if we let morality go we may NEVER get it back again. That's the way it works with SIN.


WHY must he/she see us pee? WHY are they doing this--destroying all of our precious privacy?


Take guns, target patriots. That's Obama, democrats and Hillary if she gets in--lawless and treasonous.


BRING BACK what made America great: families, God, strength and Trump changing our fate.


Their goal is to destroy marriage, uphold deviancy by penalty of law & outlaw Christianity.


The FACT that he won't help Christians while always helping Muslims makes us think he is one.


Political correctness shuts down debate and is marked by progressive wishful thinking not truth.


Political correctness is a barrier to truth & a doorway to tyranny, by silencing dissent from leftist orthodoxy.


Political Correctness dictates that language and practices that offend liberals must be eliminated.


He's still a mindless pig: thief, scoundrel, scallywag & lowlife unconcerned about our hellish strife.


Germany [under Merkel] desires to play "Miss Congeniality" and wants Europe to pick up the tab.


Germany's evicting elderly people to accommodate migrants. Can you believe Merkel madness?


FEMINISM STINKS--it's all about killing your own babies and sleeping with the neighbor ladies.


LIBERALISM MEANS "anything goes". No morals, lines or restraint--any barbarity ok, you know.


Lascivious wicked witches are in control. It's all from political correctness and their loss of soul.


What America needs is a MORAL revolution & that brings prosperity for In sin we lose to enemies.


If those guys on stage don't talk about the police state--kills us, takes our stuff--what good are they?


The biggest lie of multiculturalism is: all cultures are alike. How stupid--some are lethal, e.g. 3rd Reich.


Must get rid of all Quisling traitors like Boehner--contributing to the destruction of a nation disfavored.


Your kids are taught to be global citizens in a collectivist, sexually reckless, "sustainable" world.


REFUSE to belabor the mud fights with candidates. Just know you're right about the alternatives.


The best plans of mice and men often go awry. When hope springs eternal, to tyranny bye bye.


New Agers don't see how God's word & guns go together: RESTRAINT makes birds of a feather.


Most TV news is regurgitation from ONE news feed. It gets so boring and you don't need it.


All thru history Christians were called "haters" and that justified persecution by traitors & dictators.


We want you to go NOW, not wait 17 months. We want you out, with a quick rescue by Trump.


Stop apologizing to this CULT. If you do they'll hate you but if you don't they'll fade as a RESULT.


Once the people were free of regulation, whole cities boomed economically--that's NOT an anomaly.


If it's so great to be Muslim why see it as a slur? It's THESE contradictions being illuminated, yes sir.


Cowardly Quislings: TRAITORS who hate America! We all have these in our family, for sure.


Like the early church, the FIRE of persecution fuels sudden growth of the kingdom of God.


Friends & freedom fighters, ambassadors of Christ: if these people kill  us I'll see you in heaven, Karen.


How is the war on Christians being waged? By calling them "haters of mankind" said the sage.


Save yourself a lot of time--forget FOX NEWS. I suddenly added ten hours to my day, no blues.


They're taking us over and it's an evil script to get us in a grid and it's the end of liberty, no fib.


Biology lesson: It's all about male and female, duh. Stay whole, they're just trying to mix us up.


I don't wanna get into the details of the Titanic. I'm thru with this--if I don't it'll be my miss, gigantic.


Save yourself a lot of time--get "found time" by giving up lamestream news. They edit & omit--I refuse.


Pope is against executing murderers but not a word on killing babies. That should come first, crazy.


Pope sold out to globalism. He thinks we're so dumb we'd buy climate change/invasions of barbarism.


The pope is leading us to more central planning and less personal liberty for a start--and it's w/out heart.


What of the pope's fake environmentalism? It's another way to get power thru a tyranny take over.


So desperate for rescue we loved Trump [tho' he misspoke] but then asked R we unequally yoked?


Most murders are from knives--will they ban those too? It's totally stupid these points of view.


We now have worm status--NO SAY, NO WAY. It's a GLOBAL POLICY to destroy our sovereignty.


Slobbering love affair with popes--even communist ones--and terrified to be heard criticizing the dope.


Yay Putin--because  ISIS is the number one problem on the planet, not  the climate.


"Redistribute your wealth, open your borders, your nation stinks just like all you white man finks."


The entire nation is in "mass" hysteria--crazy over a bouncer and his cronies who are phonies.


It all started when you put a left-wing fanatic in the white house. Thanks a lot zombies, lush & louse.


Look at what liberalism has brought to this country. The ugliest, most unsavory debauchery.


There's so much debauchery we can take. Then they FLIP to the other side ISLAM, a mistake.


PURITANISM [austere order] is a response to moral chaos. Seek purity and God will repay us.


You won't like war. Gone are conveniences, nothing works, enemies get perks & you're never a star.


Not a word about ISIS just a bunch of other things. These are master planners & underlings.


Putin's trying to reconfigure world alliances due to our absence on the world stage under Obama.


Government has the capacity to CREATE, STEER AND STOP STORMS and they'll take your guns.


Using tragedy to push his gun agenda again, despite it being a gun-free zone that attracts em.


We're given a bunch of FAUX RIGHTS as our BASIC RIGHTS are taken away. This is tyranny, ok?


Liberalism hates conservative Christian views. All thru history we're "haters" for restraint & thus there are few.


An Authoritarian Kleptocracy: They're CROOKS and no one cares. Proof it's true: Clinton affairs.


WE'RE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE. He's bringing in millions of democrat voters for socialist tyranny.


Take our guns, target patriots. That's Obama, Democrats and Hillary if she gets in--idiots.


Not ISIS but global warming is his thing. That liberals believe in climate change is astonishing.


Obama will diversify ALL neighborhoods no matter what we want. Adapt or axed: we're just runts.


Lord please restore the dignity of all those degraded by the works of evil. In US that's ALL people


Brainwashing the weakminded is a powerful force by the democrats [the socialist Islamist farce].


The crazy leftist professor said "looting is justified" and it's a 'victimless crime"--what SLIME.


THE LEFT marginalizes us [deflation] though these criminals hijacked our beautiful nation.


CHAOS presents BOTH danger and opportunity and that's why he loves creating it--not pretty.


It's not Anti-Christian to own a gun! It's just a TOOL, man--to protect our God-given rights, amen.


"With too many words you give opportunity for misjudgment. Be TERSE: LESS is preferred"--kk

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