Fruitarian Tooth Decay, Constriction, Bloat, Anger

As a fruitarian for twenty years I had various maladies but the most hideous was   my teeth crumbling and falling out. Later I saw how my deficiency symptoms matched exactly that of other 20-year fruitarians.   The fruitarian fantasy takes over the mind and soul as it beckons one to another world--a separate reality from the mass.  It seems so ethereal, so spiritual, so youthful and joyous.  I must say that for two decades  no one could talk me out of itI even argued with the  dentist as he was restoring my teeth!  So possessed was I with this  idea that I became a completely different person under a different name.   Many fruitarians are outsiders or post-hippies  citing so-called science (e.g. that apes or original man was fruitarian) as karmic law.  And this  neo-hippie UTOPIAnism or quasi fascistic purism   gainsays anyone speaking out against the accepted party line.




 It took  much ill health to finally smash the matrix in my head and accept that animal fat was the only  way to recover balance.  Fat-famished in the brain [composed of 60% fat]  I seemed insane. And then to eat sugar as substitute, I was lucky I didnt end in an institute.  By eating a daily fat breakfast then fasting to the next day, the bloated skinny-fat pockets from continuous insulin elevation disappeared while the dry skin and nasal-labial folds from lack of fat smoothed out to taut moistness.  The all-day eating of fruit sugar from constant cravings and hunger disappeared to be replaced by complete appetite suppression after only one fatty meal.  My emotions healed:   Change the metabolism and youve changed the person as a new one's revealed.




The cravings for breads, sugars and fruity snacks is pandemic in America.  As bread  cleans out eating more bread stops the sick feelings of the cleansing process so he feels better and keeps eating it thinking it is good.   These are the foods Americans binge on--not fauna--but later on the feelings are sleepy, stupid, distended, constricted, bloated.  But one  feels so good eating fat (an energizer) that soon his tastes all change, no more bakery and bread-deranged.  Youll prefer this true human happiness above all else, for as the sweets or starch sock the system into storage ones body becomes filled with ugly protuberances: bags and sags.  The body loses logic while in storage mode--the opposite to the slim, streamlined and svelte designed by God to finish the job.  You need to conduct the creative act through your veins:  this is your spirit catalyzed through dietary fat.  Be a magnetic pole.  Do your job in perfect coordination as dietary fat acts as a electrical conduit.  Fat means spirit--let it flow!




The subject of this chapter is the effects of too much sugar. People think fat is the culprit of all disease.  Not so--it is sugar which  excites the liver to make its own cholesterol:  Fruit-eaters may be filled with it though they eat no foods containing it.  In 70% of our childhoods we had totally unnatural lives as we indiscriminately ate so much sugar and starch and the result is a nation of fat people.  People looked so much better mid-century  when families sat down to three balanced meat meals with butter, lard, cheese, cream and many courses of meat with no eating in between.  Most people stayed trim and fit much longer than the gargantuan unnatural bodies we see today starting in childhood.




This constant elevation of insulin creates  lowered blood sugar  (were always hungry); a shift into storage mode (we lay on fat); conversion of sugar and protein to fat (everything we eat makes us fat); a removal of fat from the blood which is then put  into fat cells (landing on the hips, thighs, guts, upper arms and legs); an increase in  cholesterol,  water and salt-retention by the  kidneys (we become puffy and peevish); growth of arterial cells (the beginnings of closed arteries so blood pressure is raised) and the use of glucose for energy (rather than using our own fat for energy-ketosis-which is what we want for slimness and perfect health).


We may have started life on a balanced diet but in most cases it became unbalanced by our teen years when taste usually swerves to carbs.  Now sugar and starch formed the bulk of what was  eaten:  beans, breads and baked goods, cakes and candies, pasta, rice, fried potatoes, popcorn, pop-tarts and other man-made inventions.  Illogical food cravings typify this state in which hunger is never satiated while the gut expands into bulk fullness.  One finishes a big dinner only to be hungry later.  Cravings, hunger, fatigue and bad moods indicate carb metabolism is abnormal.  Only  a diet low in carbs and high in fat and protein brings recovery and  satisfaction in which is great joy. 




70% of Americans have IR [insulin resistance], this hyper-insulin condition.  So what happens when they attempt to self-fix through fruitarianism?  Wow! What a "spiritual life":  they recognize it from the primordial depths of consciousness to the beginning of the Garden of Eden.  And so they dig into the sweet fruit happily thinking they'll become supermen and gods on earth only to find that their abdomens are distended (many develop Candida), they have mean morose moods and the cravings never cease.  Many young fruitarians polish off a box of dates (no sweat these sweets) only to meet a new craving for the very starchy-gluey-fleshy morsels of the SAD culture-food they disdain.  The common result:  recurrent closet binges.  If 70%  have this deranged metabolism, for 70%  the only cure is lowcarb dieting which automatically means fat and protein.  Many fruitarianism experience diabetes-like symptoms:  excess urination, frequent thirst, mood swings, intermittent blurred vision, pains in extremities (hands and feet) and frequent fatigue (which they call detox) from consuming grossly excessive carbs given the common level of insulin resistance.




Too-much sugar in the diet can often lead to the outgrowth of candida, a yeast.  Systemic yeast infection--when candida is all through the body, organs and tissues--develops from suppressed immunity from protein and fat deficiency.  The result is lethargy, fatigue, depression, headaches, constipation, mental sluggishness and slurred speech, gas in the lower abdomen, bloating, ab-pain, brain fog, distention and tremendous breathing problems.  Most A.I.D.s, cancer and Environmental Illness patients have it and I  certainly did.   Atkins says one-third of his patients had it and once they do  secondary allergies  arise to other common foods like grains (corn, wheat, rye, oats), soy, milk, cheese, eggs, brewers and bakers yeast,  the nightshades (potato, tomato, eggplant), coffee, citrus, dairy, shellfish, beef, chicken, onions, peppers, spices, mushrooms.  In these early days when I was still protein-deficient   I found I was allergic to eggs indicated by painfully bloated legs.  The worst the withdrawal  the better you will now feel.  These were the foods you loved and gave you a slight lift then let you way down and out, all due to candida from starch and sugar.




There is so much evidence ( that humans have always eaten and are  perfectly adapted to eating meat.  For a hypersensitive with food allergies meat may be the only thing they can eat.  Like the heme iron receptor sites on the intestines for example which absorb iron from meat and thus are clear evidence of adaptation to meat-eating.  Also our B-12 needs  are only found in animal foods.    For any mammal animal foods are easier than plant foods to digest for structural (cell wall) reasons.  Many plant foods inhibit digestion due to evolutionary dependence on animal foods for nutrients like iron zinc and animal protein.  This carnivore-connection--the human as hunter--explains the high incidence of diabetes-like symptoms and  failure rates among fruitarians.  Most people are not genetically adapted to a diet in which 75% of calories come from sugar:  Fruitarians have frequent mood swings and fatigue from the abnormal elevation of insulin.  Here is where genetic evolution is slowly influencing nutritional knowledge:   sugar (constant fruit) and seeds (beans and grains) are non-evolutionary foods creating health risks both biochemically and   genetically but especially by suppressing the immune system.




Because I was so deficient in protein and fat I'd dream about prime rib and greasy fried chicken.  I thought about salty animal foods constantly while continuing to deny them to myself.  I was ravenous and crazy.  Without the internet I would have fruitlessly continued in my failure to thrive for the  fruitarian cannot ascertain whats gone wrong and gets only pat answers from the leaders and magazines.  Its a calories paradox of eating like a horse but feeling hungry all the time.  Naturally they  become tempted by illegal foods and there is often periodic binging.  The sufficiency of fruit-only is a myth of the party-line:  truths that simply arent so.  Only after escaping dogma and restoring health can he put practical results before dogma.  Billings makes other  good points:


Via the internet we can come to grips with reality as we bypass party line leaders and compare notes.  Ah-ha:  we see increasing evidence that private reality is at odds with the public face of veganism as long-term raw failures are becoming widely acknowledged.  We begin to see how dogma superceded compassion for when the  fruit diet fails people are blamed.  We can also see how idealism encourages junk science to get converts to uncritically accept or creatively interpret facts with little diligence.  This is the psychology of denial coming from exclusive reliance on case studies with no evidence but hearsay.  People only study what they think to look for so failure to thrive and deficiencies are not seen and since those discussing it risk moral ostracism, former vegans are not heard or believed.  Studies of paleopathology show marked longevity and health of paleo hunters vs. Neolithic farmers based on fossil bone analysis.  Since natural fruit diets are refuted by this evidence the fruit-gurus attack the idea of micro-evolution of diet itself.




The late role of grains and legumes (evolutionary discordance) show health risks but arent studied because few medical researchers see the relevance of late role in evolution.  Society for 25 years has seen high-fiber and high-carb as good, and high-protein as dangerous.  Yet evolutionary research strongly indicates that high protein and low carb is the correct macronutrient ratio [20 carb--50 fat--30 protein] with greatest effects on the heart.  Initially they thought high-protein brought calcium excretion and osteoporosis yet paleolithic fossil bones show excellent skeletal status.  The hunters were tall, slender with perfect teeth and long bones. New paleo-scientists see the importance of fat since hunter-gatherers ate at least 50% animal food and especially the fat of the animal.  Metabolic evidence shows man is like cats:  completely dependent on nutrients in animal fats that are not easily synthesized from plant foods.  Let me ask you a simple question:  if you gave a dog or cat a choice between meat and a cauliflower which would he take?  Well modern science shows man has much the same physiological needs.   Humans have been eating meat since their beginning with no evidence of a strict fruitarian society as hunter-gathering societies ate meat and no tribes or monkeys were totally vegan, let alone fruitarian.




Morphology and physiology intertwined:  morphological markers like body size and shape are regulated by hormones (physiology).  Morphological evolution is driven by physiological evolution (Billings).   Size and shape are regulated by hormones like insulin and glucagons.  Look around to the bulbous size and shape today:  welcome to the 21st century.  The human is meant to be beautiful and thin by the correct diet and the elevation of glucagons from high fat and low carb alternating with the constant detox  (cleansing effects) of the fruit and daily fasting.  Moreover humans are not built to collect fruit--only four-footed apes are.  Continuous fruit-eating is not feasible for hunter-gatherers.  An increase in brain and a decrease in gut size is possible only via an increase in DQ [dietary quality] from fat.




The whole fruitarian argument is outdated through recent science:  (1)  the fruitarian picture of a Garden of Eden and  (2)  the comparative anatomy argument (i.e. apes as fruitarians) which is now shown false through modern studies of apes who as frugi-faunivores eat meat in the form of insects.  The apes studies themselves says Billings are irrelevant given the direct evolutionary data on the early human diet now available.  The natural hygiene model is purely subjective.   These raw-food vegetarian diets can get real results in the short term but lead to tragic deficiencies in the long-term since they restrict the evolutionary diet.  The restriction of real needs in pursuit of purity often leads to physical collapse and a vicious cycle of circular mental logic:  imbalance combines with fanaticism to trap the dense believer indefinitely.




RECAP: One does well on all-fruit for months or a year but then there is a decline:  a lack of energy, fatigue and hunger all the time.  In some we see  B-12 deficiency, lost sex drive, hyperactivity and respiratory problems.   These pure diets show initial improvement followed by long-term decline.  It feels so good at first they cant believe it will go sour.  Detox does feel good but over long-term it extracts sufficient nutrition and causes deficiency-disease syndromes which are subtle and slowly debilitating.   Billings calls this the lulling effect of imperceptibility in a decline in health:   Because the victim doesnt want to believe it is happening he is lulled into false security and his deficiency symptoms make him think he needs more detox.  The fruitarian is extremely anti-authority so wont believe his family and friends while being completely hypnotized by the detox matrix which he sees with complete certitude to be the whole point to disease vs. health.  (Its only half the pointfat-rebuilding and nourishment is the other.)  Because initial results make him feel all problems are signs of detox, emotional certainty shuts down reason.


"Now the spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons speaking lies in hypocrisy having their own conscience seared with a hot iron.  Forbidding to marry and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.  For every creature of God is good and nothing is to be refused if it is received with Thanksgiving for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer." Timothy 1:  4

Karen Kellock Ph.D., Fatarian