Author's Note: Reverse engineering is where you duplicate a device by taking it apart and studying the different components making it work.  The following essay can be called "reverse social engineering".   Archeologists do this when they explore the artifacts of long-dead societies and puzzle out what life must have been like back then. In this case we try to  understand the reasons and motives of what governments are doing. Many things are taking place that don't  make sense, so many pieces of a complicated puzzle are examined for a composite picture that does make sense. You'd better sit down before you watch this, then read on:


THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT: An overworked subject conjuring up  nut-cases preaching doom and gloom on street corners to whoever will listen.  The End of the World "as we know it" is easily understood in the light of  the planned Martial Law from the inevitable catastrophes from the strong gravitational effects of the tenth planet NIBIRU (a.k.a. Elenin, Eris or Xena).

 Problems of extra planet:

New Planet Nibiru (Xena) Brings the Earth to Catastrophe

Independent Country Life is the Only Answer to the Hell Coming

A. Who discovered it? Astronomers photograph specific regions of the sky then compare it with  earlier photographs of the region. The points of light that remain the same are ignored and the ones that have moved are studied in more detail and thus stellar objects are discovered and cataloged. Some objects further from the sun are discovered with an infrared telescope. The first orbital infrared telescope was launched in 1983 to confirm what ground-based telescopes had discovered. The existence of an unknown planet  was confirmed and leaked to the Washington Post Dec. 30, 1983.  22 years later, on July 29, 2005 NASA claimed discovery of  a tenth planet in our solar system and called it XENA. The  planet NIBIRU was probably discovered 46 years before in the Kennedy administration. NASA refused all information on this tenth planet which passes through the solar system every 3600 years. This time it's coming up from the  southern hemisphere and wont be observed in the US until the worst of the damage is done.

B. When will it get close to us? Evidently that's still a  national security secret but Dec 2012 is a favorite date on the internet. However, the worst effects will show long before its nearest approach to our planet. Our weather is controlled by the suns activity and unusual weather is a daily occurrence:  bitter winters in Great Britain, tornados & hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes & volcanic activity elsewhere.  The deceitful government says it's  all from the man-made pollution causing global warming--as if tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic activity relate to surface temperature--but these are actually from the gravitic effects of this rogue planet.

C. How will it affect the sun? Nibiru/Xena won't be visible for a  year or two but it's still a government secret.  The gravitational effects will  cause sunspots on the side of the sun facing Nibiru which we don't see yet--but when it enters the side of the solar system we're occupying, the effects on the weather and seismic events will be CATASTROPHIC. Dramatic changes have been recorded for years on other planets.  

D. How will it effect the earth? The Atlantic ocean gulf stream has slowed down by  30%--a result of too much fresh water from the melting  polar ice caps and Greenland. The salinity  of the ocean  drives the gulf stream and as salinity decreases, so too does rate of flow. Scientists say the gulf stream will eventually stop altogether, a disaster of epic proportions, for it keeps the east coast of the US and UK temperate. Moscow has bitter winters every year, while historically Great Britain has no snow (they are the same distance from the north pole) but is now much colder as  the gulf stream slows down. There's a high chance the North Pole will be completely melted in five years--yes from global warming but the cause is the approach of Nibiru, not greenhouse gasses caused by mankind.

E. What is the end result to mankind:  Without the Atlantic gulf stream, the Atlantic coast of the U. S. and Great Britain will be like  Moscow--all brought on by Nibiru as it both approaches the sun and then leaves the solar system. How many years have we had global warming? When Nibiru is on the same side of the sun as the earth, the worst effects will occur. The sunspot activity on our side of the sun will worsen weather drastically and satellite communications will degrade. Weather will worsen until Nibiru recedes, while volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis will displace millions of people.

If the gulf stream stops completely it could take centuries for the polar ice packs (and Greenland) to regain the deposits of  of ice and snow, thus increasing the salinity of the oceans and restarting the Atlantic gulf stream and other ocean currents affected. Tidal affects increase without the moderation of ocean currents, making it hard to live on  the shoreline.  If this best case scenario were expected to happen, the government wouldn't have been so secretive. It would have been difficult but possible to overcome, like when we all pulled together  to weather World War II as we performed miracles in science, technology, and manufacturing.  Now we have not been given this opportunity to cooperate, excel, and survive as a nation.

The 1984 Big Brother mentality has become a daily reality as we become effectively neutralized in the decision making process. The wolves and snakes behind the scenes are firmly in control  as life as we know it comes to an end. The worst case scenario is the one  the government  believes and is preparing for, with all the relevant astronomical data as Nibiru approaches--with times and dates relevant to the sun, earth, and the other planets. They have loads of scientific brainpower and the best computers and measuring devices to predict all of the effects it will have on the earth. They have the orbiting telescopes and other satellite instruments with which to measure and compute what is going to happen to us all. The best way that We The People have of predicting the coming events is to observe the government preparations which are  hidden in plain sight.

Our government is preparing for a shift of the worlds polar axis and its inevitable devastation to the whole world. This is not science fiction for it has happened in the distant past. The earth is roughly egg-shaped and has a slight wobble to it. If you were to point a fixed camera to the north star exactly at the north pole, in a 24 hour period you would see that it described a figure 8 path, not fixed at one point. The magma inside the earth moves about somewhat and can be detected by recording the movement of the magnetic north pole (MNP). The recorded path of the MNP shows that it has been moving from northern Canada in the direction of Siberia,  accelerating in the last 25 years. This acceleration is likely a precursor to the polar axis shift. Before the last one, there was 360 (not 365) days in a year (which is where the 360 day year of the Jewish calander comes from)  because the  circumference of the world at the equator was smaller and this could change again, creating a new equator and degrading most of the geosynchronous satellites to  just junk in the sky ceasing to function. The exception are those equipped with enough fuel and rocket motors to move to the new geosynchronous location. Government scientists are preparing to keep at least some  satellite assets in operation.


Due to centrifugal force  the equator's seawater bulge contains cubic miles of water and when the earths axis shifts this bulge will slosh--creating tsunamis  devastating coastal regions around the world. This all will take place between a few days to a week and settle down within a month. There is a U.S. Navy map indicating the projected shoreline after the big event: If the new polar axis moves in the direction of Siberia, the equator will move northward toward the U.S. and the equatorial seawater bulge will put our coasts under water. The sea level will increase and decrease at other locations as the new bulge of seawater at the equator will fix world water levels to a new point of equilibrium to stabilize the earth in its rotation around the new axis.

The seas crashing into new equilibrium will devastate all coasts and all structures below the present 100 sea level will be destroyed, and anything between 100 and 400 will be damaged.  The  resulting tsunamis could exceed 300 in height. Because its coldest at the poles and warmest at the equator, weather will permanently change. This is guesswork, for hard data is only available to the government and theyre not talking.

It's impossible to accurately predict these events because this has never happened in modern times and historical records are not available or believable. When Rome burned the great library of Alexandria in Egypt, the Romans removed scientific documents important to Rome  where the last emperor became the first Pope of the Catholic empire at the start of the middle ages. Rome is not that far above sea level so  everything between 100 and 400 above sea level put the  library in danger. In July of 2007  the Vatican  announced  they were closing the library and relocating it--knowing what is coming and taking appropriate action.

All  major world powers know of  the coming events resulting from  climatic disruption as Nibiru passes through our solar system. Russia is hollowing out whole mountains to create shelters and the US has  completed  a dozen major shelters. Walmart and other corporations have built  shelters for its management teams (with families). The CIA has relocated from Langley AFB, Md. to Denver Colorado in 2007. The EPA has relocated its huge scientific library away from Washington DC to higher ground. They all intend to  rebuild and resume business with the remaining  survivors. Why else did the government need 700+ billion dollars with no  accountability? Stimulating the economy was the excuse, but secret preparations for catastrophe is the real need for tons of money.

Watch the DVD movie The Day after Tomorrow and "Final Impact" for good science mixed with science fiction. Now the total rejection of bad news in the manic desire to retain normalcy is simultaneous with last-minute governmental preparations, the biggest being the Interstate Highway 35 from Mexico to Canada. Why? Because all of the U.S. coastal areas  will be destroyed up to  100 miles inland. They'll all be flooded and the deep-water ports  demolished along with most all  commerce. I-35 is carefully laid out well above the damage zone  or new sea level.

This highway will have ten lanes  with two rail lines, pipelines, and fiber optic cables--providing access to  millions of acres of U.S. Western farmland. The deep-water ports in Mexico will allow us to quickly resume trade until new ones are constructed in the new inland seaway the Mississippi river valley will form, 50 to 100 miles wide in some places covering Wisconsin down to the new mouth of the Mississippi at the junction of Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Most of the South and Texas coasts will be underwater along with Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and  NYC. As we depend on shipping to support the world's population, starvation will set in. 

Here's proof the government believes it's going to happen: US Navy officers have been retiring to the Ozark mountains for many years. The Navy will be a major influence as other countries take advantage of the catastrophic disruption. Navy  retirees have been moving to safe havens like the Ozark's for the high ground, fresh water, good farmland for self-sufficiency--and most importantly, far distance  from major cities.  For you can expect the gangs to collude with raging youth and for both to absorb into Obama's new military-police force, against posse comitatus.  The cities will be the first to fill up the waiting camps.  Obama told us he was building an even bigger para-military and we blandly accepted it: we're going to be lorded over by foreign thugs who hate us, goons and perverts like the TSA who could never make it in a real military or police force.


The  government deadline for  their construction projects was December  2010 but has now moved up.  The year 2012 was probably a ruse by Al Gore types to prevent premature panic. Other official timeline dates range from 2016 to 2050 as the latest expected timeline for the polar shift.    If we the people were made aware in the 70's and 80's the government would've had to compete with the public for funds--and thus our economy was maneuvered into a financial crisis to push through the so-called stimulus package and other programs without any accountability or need to pay it  back.  Greedy children, these leaders from generation X.


With world economic collapse, the slate will be wiped clean and we all start over again, but the globalistic elite are preparing to dominate the future.  Both President Bushes were Bilderbergers, so too the Clintons and Obama. The agenda is elitist-eugenicist: The population will be pared down to keep them in line, starting with scientifically-contrived "natural disasters". The well-prepared FEMA and Homeland Security will fight civil unrest through liberal gun-control laws.  When the dirty secret is out, enormous rage against the government's unforgivable SIN OF SECRECY will be blocked.  The major suppliers of freeze-dried edible products have a waiting list of two years as the government has bought it all up, and the feds have cherry-picked  millions of acres  (over 50% of our land) by creating the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)--of course these 155 million acres  are above sea level. To repeat, preparations have gone on for decades.

The traitor Benedict Arnold did far less harm to the first Americans than the last few  presidents, including Clinton. Why?  It'd be impossible to save everyone  so they just prepared to save themselves--and when it's all over the rest will be chipped for permanent identification. The genius of the American people has always come from free independent individuals, not government, no matter how many scientists they can hire--but secrecy has choked this off, despicably minimizing our chances for developing  effective survival techniques.  We're doomed unless we awaken our brethren and call for national repentance and alert action.  With God, it's never too late--but let's return to the imminent scenario:

As millions die off and government saves itself their motto will be: "let nature take its course then resume tighter control later. The problem is too big for government: Can you imagine evacuating everyone within fifty to a hundred miles from all coastal areas where the population lives less than 100 feet above sea level? That includes most  Southern States and the coming Mississippi seaway from New Orleans to Canada. The highest elevation in Florida is less than 100. The Great Lakes will be just one big inland sea that will join up with the Hudson Bay, and Wisconsin  and Denmark will disappear.  One-third of the earth's populace will be gone, all islands in the Caribbean and Cuba will be scoured of life, along with much of France. 

In this free country our leaders represent only themselves at our expense. The new great depression is just a well orchestrated side-show. The banks, the fed and Obamas heroic salvation through a socialist utopia is mere distraction from  the main event and the longer they stretch things out the  more time they have to prepare for what will change the whole world. They are the adults. We are the childish sheep who must be led by the  good shepherds of our land. Thats what we elected these liberal children and wolves in sheep's clothing to do, didnt we?

To recap: Nibiru/Xena/Eris will come ever closer until it leaves  a mess and  gravitational effects will  increase sun spot activity with worsening weather.   Seismic and volcanic activity is  increasing close to the north pole and will get worse if, and when, the shift of the true-north pole (the center of the earths rotation) occurs. The  government's anxious activity to prepare with our stimulus dollars proves their belief that it will happen sooner, not later.


At the equator satellite instruments show the sea level as much as 490 above the level measured at Cornwall, England. Centrifugal force  at the  equator keeps the seawater bulge in place but it will redistribute itself when the earth's axis shifts and this SLOSH will create tsunamis sweeping around the world, devastating all coastal regions including both U.S. coasts.  Whether you want to believe this or not, it will still happen, so prepare!  

The liberal idea that truth is relative  wont matter when NYC goes underwater. Even if the worst case doesnt occur the world is still in for a hard time soon.  Government preparations are "hidden in plain sight".  Wouldnt it be nice if we could trust the government and start our own preparations? Dont feel anger towards the retired military compelled to secrecy--they've been threatened with lost  pensions otherwise. Most of this information can be verified on the internet and I suggest that you do so and then decide how to prepare.

The government decisions and  unethical attitude

A. Keep the secret or announce 30+ years in advance to minimize the fear and uproar? Which President was the first to learn about the existence of Nibiru and decided to keep it a secret? It was Kennedy who  put a man on the moon and stressed  orbital assets. Supposedly he learned about Nibiru from the Vatican and confirmed it scientifically. Then Carter  consolidated several agencies culminating in FEMA. Whichever one was the first to validate the coming world disaster set out to play god to those voting him into office.


That President clearly exceeded his authority as no office nor agency has a right to withhold this information.  Each succeeding President has inherited this morally and ethically despicable attitude perpetuating the horrible deception, all the while ensuring their own  survival and those they consider worthy of life. Is this their altruism to make sure our American way of life can continue afterwards? Obama is clearly working towards the failed system of socialism, the opposite to what we've enjoyed for over 200 years--and socialism implies Total  Tyranny.     Recently he's announced "the weather is getting worse worldwide" and so he intends for the U.S. to financially help third-world countries that can't help themselves.  An elitist grab that'll never reach the poor and  one more indication he knows about Nibiru and it's effect on the earth.


B. How to survive this?  To say the least (1) Move to an elevation above 1000 and not within the striking range of 300 tsunamis. (2) Dont be too close to any cities. When communications and transportation breaks down, the cities will become lethal chaos. (3) Store two years worth of basic food supplies and make sure it's in a safe place (that means you cant tell anybody what youre doing). Buy a ton of rice or other storable starches like oats or barley, and plant fruit and vines.  Avoid all GM (genetically-modified) foods or you'll be dead anyway. (4) Start collecting small trade goods. When everyone is scrounging for food, water, and other basics, money will be worthless but a box of shotgun shells will be highly sought after. (5) cruise the internet for other survival ideas and ways to prepare. There is still time to get ready and those keeping a cool head and methodically preparing will increase their chances for survival. (6) Weed your friendship garden.  In this evil age filth creeps in easily.  You must utterly trust your chosen associates and neighbors.


C. Who should be allowed to survive and who decides this?  Anyone scheduled for a place in  government shelters knows it and is an  active accomplice to this crime against humanity. Such feel  they are a part of some noble cause perpetuating American ideals. They have no idea they'll soon be property in the coming  brave new world. There are LISTS of those with vital skills and knowledge  that will be useful after the main event.

D. Whos in charge; We the People, or the government? The continuing cloud of secrecy of this new planet and the resulting catastrophe is proof that we work for government, it doesn't work for us (as constitutionally intended). They clearly believe we're inept.   We will never know what new inventions and processes would have been discovered as a result of the genius of private enterprise trying to come up with new survival techniques.  Instead, now government employees ("thug-ocracy") exceed civilians, with an equal investment in the accelerated crush and usurpation of America.

You'd expect with the advancement of  technology there'd be a string of new discoveries, processes and techniques, but this rarely happens except in small magazine articles but never national news.  Anything  new and beneficial is quickly bought or  squelched by government or their sidekick corporations. The fundamentals of antigravity were discovered and demonstrated.   Cheap mass production of  thin, solar cells is a fact but their output has been bought out by foreign companies. The governmental arrogance that they're the only ones  capable of  insuring our survival is sheer evil, a massive fraud proving their  unfitness to lead our country.  Americans have always shown genius inventiveness with necessity, but now genius is held down and cannot get up.

E. The ethical results of a bad decision. The underground centers are only needed for a month then people will be moved and encouraged towards self-sufficiency. They will then be used for regional headquarters and armed strong-points to direct and control  recovery and the rebuilding of our economy as government takes complete dictatorial  control.  Martial Law will precede the polar axis shift and the resulting catastrophe by promising "normalcy"--another lie ["normalcy bias"] which we want to believe, despite our freedoms sliding into memory.  What will be the survivors' attitude toward the immense hardships caused by their government? Will they still have allegiance?  No, but no way to fight it either as all arms are  forbidden under necessary Martial Law.

Government will take control at gunpoint. Despite massive deaths the underground government moles will be outnumbered, but they  will be  heavily armed. The surviving police will obey despite feeling betrayed (with the rest of us) and Homeland Security will be king. They won't care about their poor ethical position as long as they can retain power. Those in power will know they'd never be re-elected but elections will be precluded by the socialist system in control under one party--primarily, by Martial Law. The media will be totally controlled, devoid of any dissenting conservative voice.  Don't be deceived: Fox is just a little right of the others, they're all a false front purchased by your stimulus dollars.  Don't waste time with TV, seek only independent radio stations while they're still online.  Anti-government resentment and hostility  will be worse than the post-Civil War South soon, so get the truth which will never be mainstream.  Eliminate deniers, pick your team.

Government with a Goal

A. Gather the facts but stay secret at all costs. At first there was a debate over whether to announce Nibiru but the secret societies won. The less preparation of the populace, the more upheaval and the easier to remove the obstruction of  honorable people, laws, and institutions blocking the New World Order. It's the classic method of forced social change: gather all info then block all opposition which knows nothing until it's too late. Outsiders with the information must be sworn to secrecy saving the "American Way of Life".  They all think: for a smoother transition, don't disturb the common man.

B. Find ways of funding this monumental effort.  Project Apollo to put man on the moon cost 25 Billion dollars, which could have been a decision determined by foreknowledge of Nibiru/Xena through astronomers or the Vatican. Every secret spy plane or stealth aircraft was secretly funded with billions. The big scare of the Y2K crash of  the worlds computers ended with a whimper but was still secretly funded by unaccounted billions. How much of this was siphoned off for government preparations for Xena? The recent stimulus package is also without accountability and even if they'd a chance to read it  how much  is truly going where it says? The funding  for Homeland Security's preparations is all due to the gullibility of Americans who actually trust their "representatives" who after elections pay back foreign donors with American land.

C. Gather materials and manpower to organize and accomplish this effort: Homeland Security was created for this task and  promoted by Democrats in response to 9/11, but this $40 Billion a year agency (including the U. S. Coast Guard, Border Patrol, and twenty other agencies) is clearly  suited to organize  the successful transition into the New World Order after the  catastrophe. It will add manpower  to ramp up for the main event by assuming  authority over all  law enforcement personnel, park rangers and anyone else who packs a gun and drives government property. Everywhere you see cops driving new vehicles--to ensure they have a reliable fleet of vehicles when manufacturing stops.

D. Create major distractions to hide milking funds from the economy. Y2K was one of them and many are becoming "truthers" saying 9/11 was another. Forced social change necessitates destabilization of a country but that can't happen with a stable economy--so hit them in the wallet: Take away their money, security, homes and  jobs, and that acute  destabilization is occurring right now. Just see the poverty when in cities, away from the fancy distractions.  Nothing is accidental or coincidental: for the elite know the greater the uproar, the easier it is  to slide your tax money into pet projects.

E. Covertly create the framework, preparation, and training for conversion to a police state when disaster strikes. With civil unrest or terrorist attack,  Martial Law will be declared as American troops put down civilians by force through NATO and Obama's new paramilitary police. These will be filled with goons, gangs and foreign mercs: There are numerous reports of foreign soldiers training in America in secret places. I assume the necessary treaties, agreements, and arrangements have already been made to justify suppression of any opposition. instantly with Obama's signature on the Executive Order this new engine will be turned on.  A free America is the main obstacle to a One World Government and these socialist fanatics will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

F. Keep our military busy elsewhere to prevent interference. Our boys would never fire on US, so they must be detained, like in Iraq and Afghanistan--and why  still in Germany sixty-four years later or so  many bases in Japan? There have been many  base closings since the seventies to keep overseas bases indefinitely, for there's inadequate stateside bases to hold them all.   A large military presence of true legal American soldiers would make it awkward or impossible when Homeland Security starts to take over with their goons.  The TSA perverts are now spreading outward beyond the airports, so if you're still in the city you'll be accosted soon.

G. Prepare for Martial Law when the secret gets out or the economy collapses. The  preparation is completed along with hundreds of detention centers and lists of other existing facilities to be converted. The main problem is what to do with the excess population? Picture this:  when word gets out about the  flooding, hurricanes and typhoons people will move to high ground--so when the main event  happens the excess will fill the detention camps. The main reason for  more manpower is dealing with millions of corpses lining our coastlines. I would like to think this is the only reason  the detention camps have large gas incinerators, thousands of body-bags and plastic coffins.  Jesse Ventura's documentary on the fully-manned but empty camps (10 in each state) was censured on TV and the internet.

H. Make gun control a priority to minimize resistance. This is the biggest focus of the liberal dumb-rats haven't been too successful at. Presently the  cry for gun control is that the narco-terroism in Mexico  is supplied with American guns, but the truth is they're  far cheaper elsewhere and we aren't allowed the automatic weapons  they use. The only purpose of gun control is to disarm Americans blocking  opposition to the coming Martial law, for an armed populace would resist the inevitable abuses of power.  If we lose our second amendment rights you can turn off the lights: for civil unrest will create carnage and invasion of property by marauding gangs.  Already some sheriff's departments are decimating their staffs and refusing to answer to armed robberies.

Washington Crossing the Delaware  c1851

When its over with, whats the world going to look like?

A. Can you survive before, during, and after the main event without government help? To survive the catastrophe and coming disasters entailing  200 mph winds, flooding, vandalism, earthquakes, volcanoes and  government interference with where you go or what you do, you must PREPARE NOW. All coasts will be permanently flooded while the dry desert areas become fertile with increased rain. That's why the BLM gobbled up most  western state lands, acquisitions starting in 1987 after Nibiru/Xena was discovered.  Connect into communities of 8-12 people so someone is always on guard and delegate duties.  We must again become like Jamestown--repentant Puritan--so select your allies well.  For things to work perfectly we must stay pure.

Sierra Nevada in California

Simply put for solos: get yourself an RV  and head for the high desert. Find a nice spot to rent and stake down your RV real good. Fill sandbags while waiting for the main event. Scan the internet on  survival and food storage and start now. Store things  for trading (since money will be worthless) like guns, ammunition, alcohol, hand-tools, hardware, medicines, cheap portable AM/FM radios with  batteries and services like para-medical, ham radio operation, farming, animal husbandry (for protein--plants are not enough). It'll be bad weather  until Nibiru/Xena passes  beyond the gravitational influence of the sun (a few years).

Chemin dans les Bles a Pourville

B. What happens to We the People when government has absolute power? Governmental attitudes towards free and independent citizenship will remain hostile while One World Government is forced on America. It's irrelevant that we'd never vote-in a socialist dictatorial government: They'll have absolute power cowering in underground shelters  and later assume we'll  still blindly believe  their deceptions and lies.  Whether a peaceful transition or outright war to the last man we can't know. Remember, we'll  outnumber them and know their exact locations--we Americans have always fought for  freedom and that won't  change: We The People Must Prevail. 

View to the Amalfi Coast

C. Opportunity for the wolves and snakes. Prevalent and long-term Secret Societies have always been  hostile to our freedoms with the goal of power and control.  When Nibiru/Xena/Eris was discovered they saw an opportunity to  jump straight to the end-game: total control in the midst of horrendous chaos from multiple disasters. With their guys in control under Martial Law,  success is certain.  Many high ranking military officers were 'suicided"--honorable and incorruptible men are inconvenient to the New World Order--and others have retired  early for "medical" reasons. Secret societies are highly efficient at removing obstacles and  JFK was no exception, shortly after his anti-secrecy speech.

D. What role will our Constitution  have? The Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence are three separate documents: The Constitution lists what  government can do while the Bill of Rights lists what it can't do--it protects us from government.  But it's been whittled down for many years:  a trend continuing until Martial Law removes them permanently. The excuse will be that the Bill of Rights  written  over 200  years ago is "inappropriate" for our present trying times--as if morals, ethics, and standards have an expiration date.   It's been decades since "Civics" has been taught in the schools, long replaced by silly social classes or "consensus" circles confirming the demoralized New World Order--few care about any "constitution".

E. Is there any good news in all of this? In Gods Word in the book of Revelation the tribulation is described in specific detail referring to the star Wormwood and all the havoc it will cause on  earth. (Biblical scholars will disagree with me on this because Wormwood is believed to be an astroid or comet). The similarities between this prophesy and the catastrophe Nibiru/Xena/Eris/Planet X will cause  is absolutely scary.  However, I am comforted by the idea that even this is  part of Gods Plan and that He is in control of all of it.


[Make them publicly address the following issues before consideration for office]

Agenda 21 mandates of the U.N.

Agenda 21's mission to end all private property rights globally esp. in U.S.

The North American Union

The illegality of the Biosphere Reserves

The illegality of the Federal Reserve Corporation

The illegality of Martial Law under the Constitution of the United States

The illegality of signing statements and merging legislative and judicial powers into the hands of presidents

The losing of American sovereignty due to the U.N., regional governance, NAFTA, CAFTA, AND FTAA

The treasonous intentions of the Declaration of Interdependence, signed by Congress

& The whole truth about 911

Nothing less than the above.  If you want to be an American politician in today's world of lies and deceptions, than proof positive of your integrity, global knowledge and intention to dissolve all the smoke screens is mandatory!  No more BS-ing, the smokes is clearing which makes our natural enemies very fearful--and thus their continuous drilling for Martial Law. 



The movie "2012" was what they knew, intended to desensitize you to the truth.  Hollywood has often been used for mind-control.  If you think it's just a movie that's how you'll dis-avow it

A cosmic joke on the government would be if the true north spin axis of the world would change in the direction of the United States instead of Siberia.   Our coasts would not go underwater and the government would come out of their holes looking like fools.  Since this has never happened in modern times, I doubt scientists can predict which direction the polar shift will go.   Most likely there is a 50/50 chance either way.   Its all in Gods hands, but Im  dedicated to getting your head out of the sand.


 Polar Axis Shift an Alternate Prediction:


The cosmic joke mentioned above is more likely than you think and that 50/50 chance might be closer to 60/40.   I understand that this essay has scared many people and its necessary to stress that there are good logical reasons to believe that the coming situation will not come about as the government evidently believes and is preparing for:

 The terrible calamity of a polar axis shift has been scientifically proven to have happened three times in the past. That is: we know of three other points on the globe where the True North Pole used to be.  How this came to be is not relevant for this discussion, it's just a fact.  The approximate locations are close to the junction of Alaska, the Yukon Territory and British Columbia in Canada [1] The exact locations that I had accessed before are no longer available on the internet. The next oldest location is close to Iceland [2].  The third oldest location is at the northwest edge of the Hudson Bay in Canada [3].  I think that everyone knows where the present North Pole is [4]--use a globe as a reference.  Distances are not exact but are close  enough to form a plausible hypothesis of where the next Polar Axis location is  going to be (the new North Pole).  This will allow a prediction of where the worst of the damage is going to take place in the world.

The last three North Pole locations are all close to two thousand miles from the present North Pole.  The first move that we know of from [1] to [2] was about 3200 statute miles.  The second move from [2] to [3] was 2600 miles.  This move was 155 degrees clockwise from the first move.  The third move from [3] to [4], our present North Pole was bit less than 2000 statute miles.  This move was 135 degrees clockwise from the line of the second move. Four points of reference and three moves is not enough of a sample rate to claim a high degree of accuracy as to where the next move is going.  However, we have an average of a 2600 mile change, 145 degrees clockwise from the last move to the present North Pole.  This would put the next location close to Nova Scotia, Canada.  The state of Maine would be within 100 miles or so of the new North Pole.  That's probably the worst case scenario and it's also outside of the diameter of the other known historical locations:  [1] through [4].  I would hope for a change of not more than 2000 miles which would put the new pole location 700 miles west of the tip of Greenland (latitude 60 degrees north and longitude 60 degrees west--Hebron Canada).  That would still put Wash D.C. in weather that Fairbanks Alaska now enjoys.   The magnetic North Pole has been wandering about northern Canada in a southeast direction for 250 years (800 + miles) until about 1850, then turned around and has been heading back northwest since then (another 800 miles).  It's presently in international waters heading in the direction of Siberia at an accelerated pace.  I do not take this as an indication of the direction the next North Polar Axis is going to.  It is relevant that the movement of the North Magnetic Pole has accelerated, demonstrating accelerated movement under the earths crust. 

Of course our government has the scientific brainpower and instruments to come up with a much more accurate prediction of where the new North Pole is going to be located when the spin axis of our world changes to a different location.  In fact, they have already done so several years ago.  How do I know that?   By observing what the government has done with this information.  When they decided to acquire thousands of square miles of western lands to be under the federal control of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), nobody put up much of a fuss because most of it was desert and sparsely inhabited.  If this  were a general policy that could be applied to all of the states, why didn't they acquire any property in the eastern part of our country?  Specifically the state of Maine has a present population of 1.3+ million people with a land area of over 30,000 square miles.  That's only 43 people per square mile--a great target for a BLM acquisition.  The feds have not been interested in acquiring any part of the northeast USA because they know that it will most likely become a frozen wasteland in a few years.  Their actions speak louder than their denial of the facts. Reality  will be introduced to the general population in small increments.  The latest dribble of truth just came from NASA which has admitted that "global warming" is generated from the sun (and not from man-made pollution).  Al Gore has also known this for many years, but the "global warming" fantasy has been very good to him.  His net worth when he left office under Clinton was about 2 million but is now 100 million.  Some lies are more profitable than others.

What will be the consequences of the North Pole moving to somewhere around the southern tip of Greenland?  Keep in mind that when the North Pole moves toward the U.S., so will the South Pole move in the direction of the west coast of Australia.  The equatorial bulge of water will move south away from Greenland, and north away from Australia.  The lands that these water bulges will move toward will be devastated the worse, and their coastlines  will remain underwater.  The lands that the equatorial water bulge will move away from will still experience some coastal damage but will gain land mass along these coasts.  Some islands will disappear and others will get larger.  So why is there a map circulating in the US Navy showing America's coastlines under water and the Mississippi Valley a huge waterway all the way up to Minnesota?  Evidently the feds are hedging their bets and preparing for both eventualities.  If the polar  axis shifts toward Siberia their map will become reality.  If the polar axis shifts the other way toward Greenland, their BLM lands will become very fertile. Either way they come out ahead in a win-win situation.  Also, either way the east coast of America is going to be a mess which leads right back to the fact that BLM is not interested in any lands east of the Mississippi River.

***Aug 2011 Update by Graham+++

I have more info now and  things are clearer. Our planet Earth is being tilted away from its normal axial tilt of 7 degrees with respect to the sun.   This has already happened to the planet Saturn, observed and documented by many observatory's.   Other evidence:  observations from Alaska last winter showing no more long nights as was their normal.   This summer it was 5 hours of daylight instead.   Daylight during the South Pole's winter period can only mean the earth is turning to where the south pole is exposed to the sun.  

It seems that Nibiru and Elenin are two separate planetary bodies.   Elenin is orbiting Nibiru and both are headed our way.  A catastrophe waiting to happen: the orbit of elenin around Nibiru is presently crossing through our solar system and will have it's closest approach next month, in mid September, 2011.   It is passing between our sun and the earth.   The massive earthquakes of the last year or two were caused by planetary alignments with our sun and Elenin.   Saturn is a gas giant with a huge magnetosphere surrounding it   The magnetosphere of Elenin is pushing against all of our solar system's planets .   The earth is very small and very dense compared to Saturn with a magnetosphere that is locked into the sun's magnetosphere.   Saturn is much farther away from the sun and has obviously been greatly affected because it's reported to have changed it's  normal axial tilt by 90 degrees.   Elenin is interrupting the magnetic sync our earth has with the sun.   Therefore our world's axial tilt is changing to where the south pole is presenting more and more of its surface to the sun.   The consequences of this is that the South Pole will melt and turn 90% of the world's ice into water.   As the earth continues to orbit the sun, the same thing will happen at the North Pole, Greenland, Siberia, Alaska, etc.   So,  what happens when all of this water is added to the oceans?    The world's ocean levels will rise about 200 feet.


 If the true North Pole went in the direction of Siberia, North America's coastlines would be under water.   If the true North Pole went in the direction of North America, the USA would have no flooding but Southeast Asia would be a mess.   Now, with the north and south poles melting the whole world's coastlines are going to be at least 150+ feet under water.   The Navy map I mentioned in the End of the World [above] is very accurate but still classified as "SECRET".  

Recently the FAA declared about 40 new "no-fly  zones".   The government doesn't want any witnesses to the fact that it is manning and stocking its many underground facilities.   It was also publicly announced that FEMA/Homeland Security has instituted a crash program of purchasing One Billion Dollar$ worth of survival foods and supplies--the major suppliers of which were ordered to divert all manufacturing output to the government.   Further evidence of this will be major earthquakes this September.   Elenin will be passing between our planet and the sun.   The weather will change drastically again next year as Nibiru passes close to our sun and the polar ice-packs continue to melt.   21 December is a  doomsday point of reference.   Hold on, you're in for a rough ride and will be convinced whether you like it or not!



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The New Tolerance has dumbed us all down.  While you've been absorbed in Hollywood and games, they've all been working behind the scenes.  TRUST NO  TV [except for old movies, to see what people are supposed to be, act, and look like] for it's liberal hypnotism as usual. Your trillions of stimulus $$ bought off all TV news even Fox who accordingly has  become centrist.  You may write me at The  paintings are by Paul Grimm and other desert painters and our good friend  Saim Caglayan

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"Dear Gullible Graham. I looked over the "end of the world" and I can summarize it with one word:  NONSENSE.   You have absolutely no comprehension of science or of the workings of the universe.   But Im not surprisedanyone who does could never write such baloney.  If I had a nickel for every wacky end-of-the-world prophecy that has come down the pike during my lifetimelet alone during all of recorded historyId be a very wealthy man.  As you can see by the fact that were still here, none has ever come to fruition.  This one is just a rehash of all the garbage that has been perpetuated over the years.  Theres so much bad science in this article that a full semesters physics class would be required to explain all thats wrong with it. Now if you or anyone else truly believes this gibberish, let me offer a challenge.  Write me a check for $10, for the day after the purported end.   Then well see the depth of  your  belief or, if as I suspect, you're only trying to feel powerful by scaring gullible people. A well-known astronomer for my town's newspaper, unmentioned".

 Brother Graham's response: 

Mr. Senior Astronomer: there is no "purported end" and  I have nothing  to prove or justify.   If you're an astronomer you should easily understand the following information:     Everyone knows there's something wrong with our planet.   The changing weather patterns are severe with hurricanes, tornadoes  and floods as well as increasing seismic activity.  Al Gore claims "global warming" is responsible (caused by man) with  a 75% chance the north pole will melt within five years.   As our Vice President for eight years with insider secret knowledge, he should know.   I believe these things WILL happen but no way are they due to man-made global warming BECAUSE: 1. The measure of brightness of the planet Neptune is increasing at the same rate as the earth's mean temperature and  increase in the sun's brightness.   No new info on the  sun's brightness or sunspots has been available since 2000--I wonder why?   2. The new black and then red spot on Jupiter corresponds to a 10 degrees rise in temperature.  3. The polar icecaps on Mars are melting along with huge dust-storms.   4. Neptune's moon TRITON has raised in temperature (largest recorded) to  22 degrees Fahrenheit.   5. Pluto is  losing  it's magnetosphere and two kilometers  from it's southern hemisphere.   6. Uranus developed a dark spot in 2006.    Even the planets furthest  away from the sun show dramatic weather changes--so it logically follows an influence  outside the solar system is responsible.   Telescopes discovered a tenth planet  approaching our solar system (the first Infra-Red orbital telescope (IRAS) obtained pictures in 1983).   There was one press report but all info stopped after that.  It was called  "Nibiru" (as documented by the ancient Sumerians) but in July of 2005  NASA  discovered  and called it Xena, later "officially named "ERIS".    So now it's official, Mr. Astronomer,  the planet Nibiru/Xena/Eris is on it's way  to our solar system and the gravitational effects are felt by all planets.   Recent observations shows it's size is close to Pluto which is 67% the size of our moon.   In order for the tenth planet to cause these  planetary changes, it must be enormously dense  to have that great an effect.     Guestimates of it's orbital period around the sun is 250  to 3600 years, and the effect is "Global Warming".    This site explains the 30% slowdown of the Atlantic gulf stream which is the reason for the chronic bad weather in Great Britain.    As Nibiru comes  closest  the subsequent melting of the cold polar regions will create havoc to all nations and to ignore this possibility is the epitome of stupidity.   The U. S. government may be criminal in its secrecy but  not stupid--they've been preparing for decades.   Many governments are still preparing their fortified underground shelters (small towns) to prepare for the worst: a polar axis shift tilting the equator to a new plane, which will then redistribute the equatorial water bulge, which will then cause massive coastal flooding.   The least of our problems will be    violent weather, earthquakes and volcanoes.   Our government knows this and keeps it a secret anyway--knowing  the devastation will be ripe grounds for  forced social change into  One World Government and worldwide socialism of which the major obstacle is American freedom and individuality.    The bad apples see Nibiru as a  premier opportunity to fast-forward straight to the end-game of total domination.   Can you think of any other reasonable explanation for secrecy on the coming inevitable climatic changes?   Who can believe that the government is doing this "for our own good"?   In this supposedly free country, "We The People" are the ones who are supposed to make those decisions, not "Big Brother" government.      Is all of this "baloney" as you claim?   What part of it is "gibberish"?   Does this planet exist?   Are other planets being affected along with our planet earth?   Has the Atlantic gulf stream really slowed down?   Is there evidence that the government has been preparing for this for decades?   How about the half-million coffins found in Georgia, or the fact there are 80 such FEMA detention camps? How can anyone explain all of this (so it will just go away and not bother us anymore)?      Would you liberal "astronomers" try to save humanity  by telling them to "PREPARE"?  No, you'd rather deny everything like it's "business as usual" (so they can feel good and you'll avoid disapproval)--but the only problem is, it ISN'T and millions will suffer and die due to your blind denial.