A Manual for the Superior Man

(A New Science Matrix based on Einstein Physics)


All Success Attraction

All Disease Obstruction

All Recovery Elimination






It's all just energy

There is no time or space

All gravity is attraction


A science theory based on Einstein.

A moral manual.

Guide for the Superior Man.

What Gesus Knew and Einstein Proved


This book is dedicated to the innocent will of God: 







1. Introduction

Warriors Fight Deception

2. Humane Systems

Nature's Systems and Cycles

3. Multi-Adaptations

Unique seed Symbol: Peculiarities



4. Cycles of Addiction

Exhaustion from Misjudgement.

Free of Cycles, Joy and Singing.

5.  Social Reinforcements

Microscopic social dance

Social Hebephrenia

6. Mal-Adaptations to Fear

Unpeeling Culture


7. Dense Energy Environments


"Just for two minutes"


8. Psychic Opening and Clarity


9. Epilogue:  Right-brain living

Participation Mystique

10. A path of the heart is superior

Women and Saints in History

11.  All genius is creator-intelligence

Magic Moment

12. Making Gold is Energy Transformation

Adjust Your View:  Look Ahead


Chapter One:  Introduction

1.  enter Einstein

It's all about energy--is it blocked or clear?  Are you always waiting, begging, hurting--or a seer?

2. new model based on energy

 Disease is obstruction--on your destiny (your ability to see).  You must de-obstruct (then just be).

3. see the gold!

It's so much fun removing the ton.  Release bad habits and relationships then run!  He's put you under the gun, so shun

4. elimination is the key

Are you holding on to things you think you need?  This has made you weak-kneed.   Be a star (be freed)

5.  for all animals, natural to unfold

You're supposed to rise up into your bloom.  But you haven't the room 'cuz you're  in a fume.  Your destiny, exhume! [exhume: save from neglect or obscurity]

6. energy is expressed or blocked

You either do your thing or lose the golden ring.  Express, or be less.  Open your chest, transcend this old mess!

7. early trauma blocks unfolding

Early rejection's why you got hooked, but now his neglect makes your spooked.  Without this  crutch you'll  be booked.

8. hostile environments effect neurons

He's not outright mean  just  in another scene.  He's not a fiend, but on you--not so keen.  Release, have sheen.

9. hyper-vigilance and genetic recoding

Adapting to people you can't be high as a steeple.  Do your genius or  get feeble--the abuser's den is trash and stubble.

10. hostile environments vacillate: emotions

You're up, you're down.  You smile, you frown.  You're stuck in ruts  when you could've been renowned.

11. two separate nervous systems

You've gotta stay in the  groove--out of their matrix you'll improve.  Getting your life back's a major choice move.

12. the best saints were the worst sinners

Born clear and unique you lost your fight then  got tight--out of the bright.  Now you're clear, simply stay in the light.

13. jubilance: the only mark of health

You've either  bad faith in useless people or  fullness--each moment magical joy.  It's a starry garden or constant annoy.

14. whole like children

Like an unplanned day of play--that's productive puttering  or enjoying the ray.  Just watch what you say and let God design your day.

15. having overcome it all

I said "sixty years of tears and old  fears should be put in the rears.  I've had it with peers only God gives  me cheers"

16. the goal: the True Self

We've gotta see it this way.  People are like clay: with the herd they do sway!  Stop people-worship (they'll all  go old and grey)

17. cosmic man is above the world

No matter what happens be above it: pray.    Stay free and strong or  be prey.  To them just say "nay"

18. the child is invincible

19. animal magnetism: if clear

20. all success is attraction

21. from clutter to clarity: perfect order

22. call for a Holistic Theory of Man

23. where pattern, great significance

24. false instincts bring ruin

25. dumb mistakes

26.  obstructions create fear/disorder

27. creative self-destruction

28. all vices are devices

29. evasion of growth

30. social hebephrenia is neurosis

31. psychology as we know it

32. dreaming my dreams

33. completion, and reward

34. its a perfectly ordered universe

35. the universe is built like a spiral

36. must purify to seed symbol at birth

37. strong leaders: power from dignity

38. it works wherever you are

Chapter Two:  Humane Systems

A. Sick Systems:  We Mal-Adapt to Dense People

1. clear-sighted audacity is genius

2. the beauty has been caged

3. true power was destroyed

4. clear is whole:  male and female

5. queenly caricatures, dense vs. clear

6.  kingly caricatures, dense vs. clear

7.  false religion

8.  fear vs. love

9.  ambivalence to authority

10. weak kings are sly sadists

11. most cruelty is just laziness

12. dense man, clear man

13. instead of letting the animals go

14. pied piper

15. peaceful and spiritualized

16. a warrior is never humiliated

17. superior man stays clear

18. the relationship cannot dictate

19. superior man needs no flatterers

20.  rough cornerstone

B. Nature and the Superior Man

21. strength is: clear energy

22. nature's systems and cycles

23. neurosis is: clutter

24. the flowering is Renaissance

25. if your motives are good

26. go back to lead others to clarity

27. animals psychisize the environment

28. superior man is gentle

29. the key is good combining

30. good combining into success

31. teachers maintain good combining

32. due respect vs. dense disruption

33. healthy attractions

34. healthy relationships

35. love is: being a teacher

36. marriage is:  polishing stones

37. right-brain environments

38. magic homes

39. it's a perfectly ordered universe

40. it's all just energy

41. multi-adapt in  graceful spontaneity

42. poetry is the highest

43. the best therapies: pets and music

44. boundaries dissolve, charmed lives

45. ancients knew: geomantry

46. positive-negative poles

47. clear rises, turgid falls

48. finding good company

49. smiling/full vs. somber/unpeopled

50. tied to earth and ancestors

51. collective intuition

52. true religion

53. healthy systems

54. fly above like a bird

55. waiting while in service

Chapter Three: Multi-Adaptations

A. Unique Seed Symbol

1. unfold to genius: getting younger

2. childhood re-discovery

3. our true genius is

4. unique seed symbol

5. expand to true genius

6. the unique seed:  peculiarities

7. petty standards to compete

8. archetypes are the keys

9. must purify to seed symbol at birth

10. like the eagle who is unique

11. earthly roots

12. true genius and culture

13. health-disease continuum

14. philosopher's stone

15. the stone is like Gibraltar

16. enlightened beings have no lenses

17. the power of universal archetypes

18. cosmic beings are always the same: peaceful and silent

19. creative beings are of the world

20. jubilant inner journey

21. enlightened unfolding

22. seeking Eastern methods

23. nature just does it

24. the True Self is revealed

25.  real beauty is

B. How to Maintain the Unique

26. vitality is a unique spirit

27. clarity unites unconscious

28. the exhilaration of real energy

29. clarity is a mysterious adventure

30. strength over unruly forces

31. clarity breeds excellence

32. man's soul purpose: glorify God

33. nature has no intentions

34. strength is: modesty/action

35. never hunt with low self-esteem

36. strong and beautiful to look up to

37. be like a sheepherder

38. anyone can be a success

39. cosmic man

40. watching the mouse hole

41. cornerstone the Christ stone

42. the creative man seems dreamy

43. am I, or are the others crazy?

44. make only spiritual decisions

45. only intuition carries you further

46. inner light revealed

47. melancholy and studying

48. being open from any direction

49. the image wears out in parts


Chapter Four: Cycles of Addiction

A. Exhaustion from Misjudgment

1. limitations of our origins

2. energy creates or destroys

3. cobweb-illusions

4. tunnel-vision

5. sick cycles: serpent coils tighter

6. lost soul: aimless thoughts

7. the lower energies

8. a sore heart and egotistical drives

9. sensual devils

10.  the egotism of the sensual drives

11. with drugs we lose precision

12. surrendering the taste trip

13. the shits

14. starch turns to paste

15. store food and soy: "civilization"

16. never abuse yourself for a suntan

17. inner courtyard:  higher pleasures

B. Strong Kings Must Stay Whole

18.  powerfully patterned forces

19. exhaustion from misjudgment

20. strong kings must stay whole

21. poor reflection to the world

22. the primitive: mental man

23. vacillating with the winds

24. addictive perception

25. dense warriors

26. compensations for low self-esteem

27. blocked energy makes us miserable

28. projecting an angry God outwards

29. artificial lights

C. All of Life Joy and Singing?

31. all of life joy and singing

32. purify, simplify, clarify

33. holistic logic

34. distorted price-payoff systems

35. neurotic and healthy cycles

36. blindly hooked

37. true pleasure is non-compulsive

38. pleasure-seeking but no pleasure

39. these fires are the trap

40. from the dulls to high fidelity

41. to be a little devil, get him out

Chapter Five: Social Reinforcements

A. Microscopic Social Dance: The Herd

1. microscopic social dance

2.Taoist Story

3. the flight pattern of the herd

4.the social world: herd conformity

5. the standard one in society

6.the herd sees through projections

7. the herd wants you down

8. misfits are unique

9. learning better language skills

10. the herd is a roadmap

11. conscience is lost in the left-brain

12. mass hysteria

13. the things we did hypnotized

14. every herd has its own roadmaps

15. forcing the fit for fame

16. showing off: creativity for display

17. the crowd thinks in reverse

18. a stranger in a strange land

19. the unique is cursed

20. evil spirits and the eye

B. Social Hebephrenia: Image and Conformity

21. adulterous generations

22. social hebephrenia

23. hens going for recognition

24. looking "up to" others

25. gossip-called-"concern'

26. the heart is blocked in the social

27. the herd

28. image-magic: benign saints

29. overcrowding: safety-first

30. the Pharisees were hypocrites

31. compelled to compete

32. competition and conformity

33. need for social approval

34. dense displays: tension splits

35. Mrs. Social Charm

36. the whole issue: whose superior

37. image-magic vs. true power

38. when kings conform to herds

39. chaos made mundane

40. Hollywood

41. herd definitions of beauty

42. outer meanings

43. decadence is:

44. dense social morality

45. manners yet no conscience

46. social mistakes stay red-hot

47. filling the only slot there is

48. social deviancies

49. made wild from forcing the fit

50. formula: everybody's crazy

C. Clarity

51. see every pattern in the village

52. only he who hateth the world

53. human cruelty

54. the folly of human interaction

55. honors among men

56. the group cannot dictate

57. no general social morality

58. reversal; high above the multitudes

59. just be real

60. self-respect vs. good attractions

61. friendship and harmony

62. breaking archetypes: magic release

Chapter Six: Mal-Adaptations to Fear

A. Unpeeling Culture: Details and Labels

1. unpeeling culture

2. narrow threshold levels

3. compromising on comfort

4. how to think, feel and act

5. automatic blinders

6. heavy with details, facts and plans

7. black and white details and facts

8. the mental man will pull you down

9. images of poverty

10. hypnotic indecision in the clutter of labels

11. a sinner is simply someone

12. anxiety prevents learning

13. compromising on fear

14. details are the clutter

15. Puritan response to chaos

16. Puritan rule books are handbooks

17. Horatio Alger Syndrome

18. lust for result

19. worthless accomplishments

20. stealing is a roadmap

21. it all started on the farm

22. incursion of sterility

23. the frontier mentality: safety first

24. inflamed memories

25. this is a fearful scene

26. micro-seconds in the memory

27. past relics entombed in the body

28. memory is the symbol of neurosis

29. Humpty Dumpy

30. aging is magnified or broken

31. age is respected in clear societies

32. all matter is memory

33. cut the past, multi-adapt

34. inflamed memories: let them come

35. country hillside

36. remorse and humiliation

37. face the obstacles, look ahead

38. systems theory

39. withdrawal of color into self

40. cobweb-illusions

41. sorting out social signals

42. break your pride

B. Giant-in-Memory: Templates and Inversions

43. attachments are roadmap-instructions

44. cocky self-assurance

45. the biggest obstacles to genius

46. I am evil (I'm a madman)

47. plunge of self-esteem

48. a shabby cornerstone alone

49. frantic enumerations of proof

50. this is what fear looks like

51. giant-in-memory

52. creative self-destruction

53. getting tense to achieve

54. deer slaying

55. taming things: break their will

56. self-esteem (the flame) is radiant light

57. wood is the symbol of oppression

58. slipping back into old systems

C. Clarity

59. bigger obstacles, more genius

60. being held back

61. memory depends on what's going on

62. laughter the only healthy reaction

63. clear-sighted audacity changes  the past

64. instructions: there is no past

65. enlightened man has no history

67. God love can feed the masses

68. free of the past, in our own stream

69. only pleasant memories of the past

70. free of the past, we are free

71. nostalgia

72. shadow: from tornado to dust

73. mental diet

Chapter Seven: Dense Energy Environments

A. Isolation-Called-Concern: All Disease is Forcing the Fit

1. most famous people were failures

2. all dis-ease is forcing the fit

3. the wicked stepmother syndrome

4. see the world through family lenses

5. family patterns are hypnotic

6. social restraints get tight

7. controlled perceptions

8. red-hot pressure points

9. predictable anarchy

10. a paranoid is simply someone

11. the rights of the child

12. if a superior judged you

13. my father can finally see me

14. come-here-go-away relationships

15. saint-cruel mother image

16. recreating past systems

17. the bad father template

18. mother-son ties

19. angel-devil templates

20. jigsaw puzzle families

21. template reversals

22. dense warriors

23. vacillating pages

24. juvenile delinquent

25. distorted implants: big father

26. little old man inside

27. can't run away

B. Sick Systems: Constantly Being Brought Back Down

29. Zvengali: isolation called concern

30. when the lake fills up

31. flip-flops,  sting-shots

32. abrupt compliance

33. signs of dependency

34. water seeks its own level

35. settling for less

36. weak kings

37. the paradox of lost success

38. bad father template

39. previously successful strategies

40. audacity is punished

41. n as-yet unrecognized genius

42. paranoid ice

43. the banner of goodness and right

44. the nervous perfectionist

45. the slyist sadist

46. boys, ballgames, boasting, beer and butt-kicking

47. institutional charisma

48. hysterical outburst

49. "just for two minutes"

50. compulsion to confess

51. the Black Widow Spider Syndrome

52. neurotic devotion is bad father

53. Machiavelli

54. spying without good reason

55. the spouse of the alcoholic

56. the wife of the alcoholic

57. ambivalence is greed

58. hostile environments affect neurons

59. all disease is a mal-adaptation

60. cycles of amnesia

61. masochistic childhood

62. the sick family is drunk with power

63. crystallized conflicts

64. cycles bring degeneration

C. Trying to Correct the Problem

65. meeting  the fearful environment

66. must be safe to unfold

67. stuck in past systems

68. simplest of machines

69. whenever you feel guilty

70. to criticize an institution

71. the family is the best or the worst

72. if the network stays heartless

73. therapeutic playwriting

74. see how comical they look

75. friendship between two men

76. father-son: talent not trouble

78. then, close the door

D. Leadership

79. never be judged by a badge or an image

80. domes are off- center

81. the charisma of impure beings

82. mixed signals

Chapter Eight: Psychic Opening and Clarity

A. Alone

1. alone

2. solitude

3. alone again

4. jubilant energy flow

5. friendship in adversity

6. one is loneliest in a crowd

7. alone, de-hypnotize from zvengali

8. freshly endowed with new powers

9. once you're there, you won't care

10. the best saints were sinners

11. limitations of our origins

12. the shock of recognition

13. fallen heroes

14. heroes learn by default

15. off-balance is the shame

16. self-mortification is bad

17. new visions open up

18. sunny clarity of childhood

19. psychic opening

B. Psychic Opening

Chapter Nine: Right-Brain Living

A. Work

1. purify the vessel, hold on tight

2. healthy hysteria

3. creative discoverers

4. the Truckese Islanders: right-brain

5. right-brain living

6. don't get tense to achieve

7. the most important job

8. released from constraints

9. genius is austere simplicity

10. creativity is part of nature

11. rays of creative light

12. peak periods of the day

13. Egypt knew he must work and wait

14. the creative act, another cycle

15. when finished, stand back

16. completion:  the link presents itself

B. Participation Mystique

17. self-esteem is radiant light

18. real learning and Jung

19. import cities

20. participation mystique

21. beauty is not pretentious

22. the jubilant feedback loop

23. to worship God, admire nature

24. beauty is the test of discovery

25. life is a serious celebration

26. fashion for the multi-adaptor

27. Lord of Silence

28. silent vessel

Chapter Ten: A Path of the heart is Superior

A. Women in History

1. historical female genius

2. the woman is the lamp

3. the Queen Bee Syndrome

4. now we can create culture too

5. a lady is simply someone

6. street knowledge

7. this woman is a true genius

8. petty tyrants

9. crafty opposition

10. heartless masochists

11. the mistress syndrome

12. drugged is dense

13. the gypsy stage

14. chameleons

15. defensive amour brings infamy

16.  dense mothers

17. women were the mystic teachers

B. Saints i1n History

18. must know true leadership

19. the art of opening up again

20. the cat is the model of self-love

21. no military teaches gentleness

22. sick systems and cycles

23. androgony: free of constraints

24. Lord of the Manor

25. a gentleman is not ungentle

26. know the signs of disrespect

27. only the weak are cruel to animals

28. it is superior to see color

29. are institutions humane societies?

30. the heart is the highest intellect

31. symbol arises, chest opens to world

32. emotional hunger

33. pure energy is a fine crystal

34. instinctive wisdom of psychic laws

35. the beautiful feedback loop

36. a peaceful conscience/reputation

37. the test: wishing makes it so

Chapter Eleven: All Genius is Creator Intelligence

A. The Moment: Light and Work

1. impeccable warriors

2. creative light

3. the light for success

4. creative light is Pure Will

5. a holy sage is beauty

6. the vessel

7. copying

8. a holy sage is simply someone

9. the eternal now moment

10. moment cannot be reproduced

11. magic synchronicity

12. miracles while in service

13. the magic moment

14. the moment is revealed

15. lush variation

16. a warrior's stance: calm energy

17. creativity is a two-step process

18. seeing the ghost, filling it in

19. the Great Work: devotion

20. every move must be perfect

21. every piece equally important

22. making decisions is easy

23. don't make a mistake

B. Moment, Time and Universe

24. God's no magician--he's  scientist

25. take the opportunity

26. the Tao moves on

27. time is only a dimension

28. positive and negative poles

29. functional coherency

30. beyond space/time: cosmic "hook up"

31. giving up what is close for afar

32. mother  goose

33. true instincts bring sublime success

34. when the rain falls, success sprouts

35. beauty is always centered, not up and down

Chapter Twelve: Making Gold is Energy Transformation

A. Adjust Your View: Look Ahead

1. adjust your view and look ahead

2. energy transformation

3. final purity

4. the transformation of energy

5. light and buoyant like mercury

6. transforming hate to love

7. release brings reversal

8. elegant cornerstone

9. there is nothing to fear

10. transmute to create energy

11. jumping off building

12. clear, phantoms become mere shadows

13. celebration of a rebirth

14. warriors stick to decisions

15. saviors were madmen

16. killing dragons is releasing energy

17. the vessel must be of  good materia

18. deepest shadow

19. prime materia: any pressure-point

20. frustration creates  wall of fire

21. seed symbol makes order from chaos

22. complete the mourning cycle

23. rotation and attraction

B. Making Gold


having made the decision25.

26. circulation of light

27. dense phantoms

28. nigredo: no one's as bad as me

29. serpent awakes, symbol awaits

30. blowing your lid

31. from matter to spirit: mercury

32. as the meanest memories alight

33. the scape lights up

34. psychic pregnancy

35. mystic center:  innate wisdom

36. seed symbol at bottom

37. serpent gives up, shimmers up spine

38. eats the past

39. sun alights through  decades of dung

40. is it crazy or cosmic?

41. mining at bottom

42. opposites melt in nervous system

43. what madmen we were: "click"

44. from ignoble shadow to noblest gold

45. emotional reaction: spiritual link

46. the hero's task

47. sail on for the world ahead

48. period of experimentation


1. Anyone can be superior

signs of expanding consciousness

2. We could not do what we wanted

from Clutter to Clarity

3. nothing to do, no one to see

dys-synchrony vs. magic synchronicity

4. good vs. bad leaders

meeting the dense environment: clarity vs. clutter

5. A saint is simply someone

left-brain density vs. right-brain clarity




I wrote this book for a heartsick, broken, dirty and disorderly generation.  Happiness comes from Godly order, routine, and clarity.  Godlessness is disorder, chaos and clutter.