Leftist democrats care more about illegal aliens than American citizens.

Women confuse virtue signaling with politics. It's created a mess and made them and us sick.

Trump tells the truth, he's real and raw while Obama glibly lied while handing us a bunch of bull.

Protesting trivia while ignoring the devastation everywhere, that's the women's march I do declare.

If you're not a phony virtue signaler women will reject you every time--they hate realness sublime.

So what if women reject you, know who you're dealing with. They're liberals steeped in slogans/myths.

Feminists hate real women too so it's not just you. You don't conform to their BS learned in schools.

Real women don't object to these words because they know it first: a liberal feminist is a curse.

I feel so much better since I blocked you babes from Borrego. You're all virtue signalers and the foe.

You think you're so smart cuz you chirp the party line but don't know a thing ex-friends of mine.

They're so self-righteous in their idiocy: the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Show you're smart: just don't talk.

Haughty broads and their selfies & silly slogans not knowing a thing about what they're talkin

Who's bringing these people in: the churches and women. They want big gov/open borders, hmmm.

Don't see how men can stand women the way they chime in with mental illness/social hypnotism.

You think you're all for women but mere globalist pawns. These are anti-female issues you want.

They want your approval, man. That's why they say this and that wanting a smile/pat on the back.

I can always read a female by her political views. If she's like Joy Behar or Whoopi, Pee-Uuu.

And they get so angry defending their virtue signaling, so self-righteously indignant, loud, boring.

You're afraid to stand up to the witch but this is holding you back with your home stuck in the ditch.

Not your approval, she wants female peers--the female community is a block to genius and seers.

No wonder men went to men, who would want this? Homosexuality & feminism were simultaneous.

When male-female relationships turn adversarial all hell breaks loose and explodes in your face.

For the system to work, be a sweet little lady and he'll become a manly provider with nothing shady.

Women have lost all attractiveness acting like this. It's magnetism vs. acting like a shrew or a bitch.

You demand respect cuz you can't command it--that'll never work cuz you're lazy and indulgent.

They wanna pamper themselves but don't deserve it. Get off your fat ass and study, learn, order it.

You're the man's natural adversary if a feminist. You can't sacrifice, give, take second place/best.

Don't give me your fakery/false image. Do you work all day, stay orderly, take care of kids/dogs/cats?

Men should wait to find a sweet little lady. Not give in to this feminist hex for sex then a hellish reality.

I feel so much better having transcended the female class which in this era is the classless asses.

Real women aren't offended cuz they know it's true. They had men friends but women they'd eschew.

Women thinking they're tough when they're not. They don't know a thing about survival/can't tie a knot.

Men are nationalists, women are the problem. I'd gladly give up my vote to cut them out, the fallen.

"Open borders", "no human is illegal"--some of the signs of the women's march of the dumb/un-regal.

These anti-Trump baby killers don't realize they're serving Satan but we still detest them.

Our problem is the churches and women who wanna let em all in: Pawns of globalists and deep in sin.

The more we let in the smaller pieces of the pie for us but these crazy women can't see this.

There is always a pre-success crisis before pay dirt. Like husband landing in the hospital, or worse.

Women are a bunch of friggin' virtue signalers thinking that's politics and making the country sick.


Arrogance of narcissistic criminals brings them down. Boldness brings success, then the mess.

Fake victim hoaxes mean instant fame and tremendous sympathy for the instigator who is lying.

He who controls the past controls the future. George Orwell

In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends. M.L. King

Said in truth to the fat, obnoxious and uncouth