Karen Kellock

Shut your mouth you smiling idiot. Your whole
generation belongs in an asylum for the hideous.
Someone writes a book, it contains a new jargon
then we all gotta conform to it. Well forget it.

Apologize for reflecting your generation? You didn't know any better before removing the fetter.

"You don't have to tell him twice" they used to say but now 100x is not enough: we're goin' down I say.

Hard to think of one of em tyrannizing over elders in a rest home. These people are crazy, the young.

It's perfectly natural--how we adapt to our tribe. But for hyper-sensitives it's too much/they go wild.

Stop this liberalism. Give em all up, man--people aren't that important. It's God above not man, see that.

You are not America, it's the innovators and discoverers not a bunch of spoiled brats and drug addicts.

Any idiot can congregate, low minds feel smart conforming in kind but they are bores/unkind.

Getting rid of evil helpers is more relief than success itself. You gotta see spirits to be the magic elf.

Since it's tied up in virtue signaling they can't see how liberalism's wrong: just “help” the throng.

No attention to detail, mind on other things, can't see the reason for it, stop bugging me, silence.

The Social Generation: Not about what you know or achieved, all about how you fit/what you believe.

The world is full of young males causing all this trouble. It's all the same club whether ISIS or liberals.

Communistic: no attention to detail and you can't nail em down--they can't see a reason for it.

That's it, we've had it. Now we're gonna stand up and they don't know what they've woken up.

There's no way a man of reason could adapt to this. The elders endure the false show of bliss.

If it's impossible to work with other people just do it yourself then wait for the nexus, link, backer, equal.

The bible says our worst enemies are in our own household! They mock, deride, contradict, make us old.

Think what woulda happened in the fifties if someone acted like Kaperdink, disrespecting our thing?

6 year olds are taught Trump equals hate.

They're incompetent but then there's Donald Trump: not a globalist but what we the people want.

Liberal equals contradiction. That's because their self-image (loving) opposes who they are: a fiction.

Hard saying sorry for a demon in you but that's what it all comes down to so forget it--can you?

Once the dominoes start to fall there's no stopping them. It can work either way but we want freedom.

It's so sad men having to adapt to feminist logic. It is simply tragic when in the right brain is magic.

Ben Afflect the liberal pest had ancestors who were slaveowners

I'm not impressed, sorry!

They're so blatantly wrong in everything they think and say and bring in people who hate the gays.

NFL stands for No Fans Left.

Once you see the necessity of solitude now you gotta get strength to draw lines against the cool.

They are told their true instincts are racist.

Never envy the smiling trendies because most are in the cities and they'll be changed dangerously.

It makes you sick to think of all the mistakes that were made in the last five decades due to sin/fakes.

Men are nationalists, best for self-interest. But women don't mind dealing with bureaucrats officious.

If someone's against Trump they're foolish children who need your help.

She was unwholesome, making big mistakes.

They feel superior being social when you're just a hideous lonely nerd but it's what God preferred.

Why would you listen to Ellen? Are you kidding me--hating our president, misleading teens.

Just shut up the jocularity and cackling thorns sounds. Yak yak, total chaos, feel proud/be loud.

While censuring they go along with new things and it gets crazier as they become less a king or queen.

A major re-alignment is happening poli-psychologically: fighting tyrants with out apology.

Just because all are hypnotized doesn't make it not true. It's happening and it's cruel.

Are your guests agents of calamity and woe? Do they cause trouble, is your time/money theirs to blow?

Self- indulgent children who see those with opposing views as villains.

Cruz types are globalist operatives so blame Trump for the planned violence Hillary and Soros funded.

If “they” don't know about it, it's "not happening". So instead of studying they're napping (it's baffling).

When does "positive" become refusal to accept valuable new information for a vital turn of direction?

Forced to see it all "positively" they can't think critically, see through man nor overcome difficulty.

Marriage gives you a life. Being single sux yet feminists seek their freedom but find only strife.

What are they really like under that image if they don't love Jesus? Lost, mean or treasonous.

When you intrude they call you "rude" but they can interrupt, undercut and collude: the lawless brood.

We're sick of NFL millionaire monsters. This will spark a patriot revolution even bigger than before.

The laughter of fools is like thorns crackling in a fire. The bible's wonderful as it exposes the liar.

Due to social hypnotism people are deadheads. Stop the debate--they just get irate--and go inside instead.

It used to be the churches were for charity now government is as the churches become a rarity.

The evil is not in bread or circuses but the willingness to sell their rights as free men for food/games. Cicero

From the most wonderful to the most horrible, overnight. It's like someone turned off a bright light.

You are the children of heroes but only heroes get to keep their freedoms, not you weirdos.

Ideologies fog danger situations. That's why rising expectations are easily dashed (no foundations).

This is gonna change how everything happens going forward. A major light turned on the untoward.

Why are they angry? They're taught newspeak: they are their behavior, so criticize it = lost favor.

I used to be a feminist, even taught women's studies. I'm the opposite now after decades of curses.

Puritanism: a response to chaos. Cries for order emerge when surrounded by the lush and louse.

They get power through class warfare, division, racial strife--these are not true liberals but a pack of criminals.

If you disagree with one thing, it's war! This polarization I deplore. Keep to real friends, then soar.

You can't say anything, no kidding. More each day evil powers are forbidding. Solution: chilling.

So much stress from living in Satan's world. He's out to get us and ruin our plans so hold on to Jesus, man.

They destroy traditional values so we don't feel normal--it's all overwritten to debunk role models.

Look forward to your new life in heaven--where they won't be. That's valuable information for free.

I'm telling ya with all those people coming over you'll never achieve success.

Serious folk in true reality aren't smiling like Cheshire cats saying cheesecake and other fakes.

Overton window: what's acceptable.

Millennials believe in abortion even late-term, open borders even to criminals and the sick/infirm.

Let the trendy commies go to the cities they'll all be gone in these tragedies.

Communists cause the violence then blame the other side for it. For Stalinists and Alinskyites it's classic.

The culture is getting coarse and every day it's worse. Focus on purity and simplicity as your major purpose.

Of course they disbelieve it--it's followed by jokes. Media is mixed-up so people fall back to their yokes.

Pharmacia numbs your children and robs them of their identity. It happened to me (I lost my destiny).

The more lost and unhappy the bigger the smile. Everyone must bare their teeth that's the style.

Thereis nothing more unsettling and unwholesome than a whorish or mannish woman, amen?

They can be so beautiful and powerful then like a wilted flower be gone forever cuz it's all about sin sir.

She never wanted the divorce and he's devastated--so why did it happen? Feminist advice never gladdens.

Millennials draw no lines--everything goes. Even pedophilia is going mainstream with cuckolds.

You think you're great cuza all these people coming over. What a joke--don't you know less is more?

Resolving liberal contradiction makes ya mad. Just improve apologetics and use as practice.

Two weeks anti-depressants left me without borders and evil flowed in/I was too weak to stop it.

Snoop: A nobody thug helping to sell the gangster culture to blacks to put em in prison: CIA fact.

Once you get involved with that level it all spirals down to hell. Then it spreads in concentric circles like a spell.

It's not that I'm so great but have done years of time in the same old grind until now: my time.

Movies reflect and create culture: a feedback. They guide us into destruction or provide resolution.

Palermo now a mid-east slum, mafia declares war on migrant bums.

You can't work with any one of them. Many are owners, publishers--having those values, forget em.

The good folk, the Christians--bitter clingers to our traditions--are in the small country towns fishin'.

When you finally find one you can work with (ENERGY), treat him like gold cuz the rest is lunacy.

Globalists wanna make us all the same even by killing us with disease and flooding us with sleaze.

The rudderless masses always follow actor classes and comedian clowns brainwashing dumbasses.

They're brainwashing us through cartoons. And most are dumb enough to accept this--buffoons.

Why would you miss Obama? Are you kidding me--destroying our sovereignty and the country.

Break in the clouds, chink in the armor: time to take em all down especially the demons of humor.

Insofar as Millennials believe in open borders they're the most insane and suicidal generation ever.

All dressed up acting like apes. That's the style of the trendy flakes but the wise will happily escape.

Why do you think too much work makes Johnny a dull boy? It's the left brain, it's boring, it annoys.

Hippies sitting around a table unwinding reality with relentless relativism, subjectivism and superstition.

The weaponized irrational attacks against our president Sarah Sanders handles with acumen.

Once women suck off government it can manipulate half the pop but you can't see that can you broad.

The globalist system's like a swiss watch and Trump would be sand in the gears like a giant botch.

She took 200 pics of people with masks. How telling cuz that's what they are: fakes, false, tsk!

One in five professors self-identify as Marxists, after 100+ million people were killed by this.

You're socialized: Not me--I never was, couldn't stand it, terrified of the atmosphere (like a bandit).

I know you like them but it's still wrong, so just remember that: the demons in evil throngs.

Feminists conflate rape to ALL men while loving Islam--can you see the alpha male contradiction?

It all seems self-evident to the shallow mind who can't think deeply. Communism never works, truly.

Because they draw lines of clear restraint like a house gated, Christians are hated but it's not ill-fated.

Statues are reverence for our ancestors and their achievements but the left can't stand that.

There's only two things out there: Tyranny and conquest or liberty and freedom.

Glib talk but underneath rot. But the liberals love Obama, don't they? Symbols without substance.

Pedophilia reflects abortion culture.

Having an opinion, just talking, knowledge or discernment is now "racist". This is scary and fascist.

Free societies do not have "state ideologies" but government punishes thought without apologies.

Any attempt to impose standards gets you labeled a churchist finger-wagging old prune moralist.

Worlds collapse when evil takes over. From county to state we need a makeover, with full exposure.

A point is reached where all decency is attacked (fact). Gross demoralization produces sad sacks.

How sweet it is as the democrats implode and along with them the fat cat RINOS, both parties done now.

Family: two dads, one mom and one dating another person. No wonder suicide's up: this is the reason.

From the beginning I hated it. Telling me to chum up, smile, accept it. I couldn't, I escaped: starlit.

Go ahead, mark your bodies up, forget the future or thinking things through just join the club.

Eminem made a fool of himself at SNL--see what happens when you come against the marvel?

Don't go to the games, don't watch em, boycott their advertisers, dis-friend all who stand by them.

Millennials will be one-third of the pop soon--hope I'm dead and gone before ruled by buffoons.

It's earth shattering news but, they can't hear it. They're in a state of pliant acceptance, they don't fear it.

It's so simple yet they don't get it. You explain it ten times: blank look, forget it, what good is it?

They're proud of the very things of which they should be ashamed. They wear it like a badge of great fame.

Don't seek fame, it's lame. Mind your rep with God (not man) or you'll go back from whence you came.

Onlycrap makes the news so avoid the blues/psychic bruise by stopping TV: more carefully choose.

Solve the paradigmatic confusion. Looking in all the wrong places the result is chaos and obtusion.

It's no one's fault, it's how they've been taught. This is about that very thing, lies we've bought.

one in the pic is showing their teeth--a sign of aggression--and that's called socializing.

The bondage of darkness is so strong they lose the will to obey--to do things God's way. It's denial, okay?

Regulations kill incentive then all goes dead: we're no more inventive. Solution: Pray to stay creative.

Their god is bigger than your God and they're gonna kill you to prove it. inbred and mentally ill/insane/low IQ.

Ignore/see thru the smiling trendies. The worst is always veiled by syrupy smilies and soapy sillies.

If momma's not happy, no one's happy. Everyone knows that but that's not the way it should be.

Forced to think "positively" they're zombies when it hits the fan. See the whole picture--think you can?

GOP are so globalist-bought they'd rather blow up the republicans for Hillary so abortion won't stop.

What did Ellen do now, another sick freak. Looks good like always when the devil speaks.

It was "emperor worship" until Christianity called it bad. Think of that: why they want us dead.

They always pick on the least dangerous to bribe the strongest/most dangerous, think of that.

Democrats in Montana take more seriously defending Muslims than even our own constitution.

Globalism made poor countries or those they've made poor fodder for conquest so they hate our president.

Swedish feminists applauding gang rapists are the biggest example/proof liberalism is a mental illness.

I am responsible for the climate change so I gotta pay the rich elites for my carbon usage.

Simultaneously, democrats destroyed our cities--all liberal strongholds, broke and filthy.

Demanding respect, questioning, arguing, complaining, ridiculing, loving dangerous creeps.

Why are people getting mean? It's due to family breakdown making fiends.

Stop saying women can protect us--that's a bunch of bull! Get real, the world is laughing at us now.

Scandals yet they still love the powers that be. The worse things get the more they're seen as daddy.

Whether mad or happy depends on what news you watch--if bought they never report the botch.

The worse things get the more power they get. It used to be you were fired but now all's in reverse: no debt.

The mind wants justice and without it feels horrified. Then it just blanks it ALL out while truth is denied.

Control of sensual desires is being a Christian soldier.

They've created a culture war to control us. They've lied so much about our president/created a fuss.

Since they can't suddenly become smart and gentle they stay dumb and vicious but ask God for help.

Women love the idea of socialism, government expansion, open borders to everyone = we're ruined.

The hippie culture including Manson was French Revolution 1, now we see French Revolution 2.

The longer the break the more it all comes together when you get back

It used to be if it happened on your watch you resigned or went to jail. Now you get a bonus, high-scale.

They say "they can do it" when they can't (Dunning-Kruger Effect)--best to assume they're ALL full of it.

The whining witch thing, the letting herself go love me anyways thing, the peremptory thing.

All those off-putting tattoos now letting her girl become a boy. Permanent mistakes and no joy.

Humans are only happy when inventing, freely expressing and daring--all crushed by the overbearing.

It's because they're so social that they're mentally ill--it's an echo chamber that gets more filled.

Good and evil has a wide gulf between them but schools teach it's all the same, like every man's your friend.

The brain is like a radio transmitter receiver and with all this stuff going on it's hard to resist deceivers.

They come for the money not the values that created the money.

Insanity is a mal-adaptation to a sick system marked by flip-flops and sting-shots: happy then vehement.

These people are lax--they don't care about a thing! I have to forget them so my tender heart sings.

When a weak woman's in power, watch out. They haven't had centuries of leading that tempers it.

Why show us her messy house--why wasn't she ashamed? Her mother would've but she's morally lamed.

Evil is defended by the stupid, the naive and deniers. They'll believe any brutality is good--fools and liars.

Insanity is a sudden archetype exploding onto the scene. It's a lower strata in the brain revealing the fiend.

Why can't people see evil? Because they're dense to the core, terrorized against seeing truth and more.

They think if it's not on the news, it doesn't exist. You gotta dig deep to get the truth or it's missed.

They dress and doll em up to take over minds. Look at all the destroyers--beautiful/smart Satanic fiends.

They love her cuz she says what they don't dare say. How does that make sense--are people swayed?

Farm country is God's country. Donald Trump

It's been proven over and again: If my attitude is right the work completes in itself in a second.

Men who are good guys (over-solicitous partners): This wins the game but loses as they gotta try harder.

We've lost our greatness, we're under bondage: Total slavery and cruel reversals like an old adage.

It's liberalism that is a mental illness and feminism is the worst part of this while men are wimps.

Every democrat in congress voted against tax cuts for the American farmer--can they get any meaner?

A lonely cabin on 1000 acres--but NO privacy cuz without a fence they still came in from all areas.

They're for women--but love Hillary who's still married to a serial, convicted rapist/sadist.

Fill your cup with the current crap then turn it off. Don't deny it--no way to lie about it--but you still need to relax, like golf.

Aging is just latent disease--obstruction. Fast it out and you de-age through toxin-elimination.

Liberal wives destroying nationalist husbands all over the land (so sad) feeling a "right" to be mad.

They think they control reality with thoughts. You can't (it's nuts)--you only rise up by ridding ruts.

Dumb on history you're doomed to repeat it and I won't be part of that. Unplug from evil: drop the brats.

Sometimes low self-esteem is a good thing, compelling constant improvement in dance or sing.

He's a f oul-mouthed lecherous fool--does that give him power? He thinks so as many sheeple cower.

In ancient Rome, female influence in politics brought decline then foreign invaders took everything.

Your job is to open the portals of mens' minds and create the environment for that to unwind.

These phony feminists open borders to the biggest misogynists the world's ever witnessed.

Third World hardcore are always killing each other and since our men cower they just take us over.

Desperate to avoid disapproval they collapse everything in mind like the difference between good and evil.

I pray that the demon of feminism is removed from your system including phony feminist men.

To tell the truth you may bring bad news. If it tell's em what's ahead (like abuse) they dare not refuse.

Authoritarian Cleptocracy: Put them under tyranny while stealing them blind and being very unkind.

Charlie Manson was all for world government and killing/making us poor and promoted race wars

God, make men bold. For it's wimps who got us into this: to the enemy we've been sold.

Like a duck let it fall off your back. Some are angry--no tact. Everyone feels tension, that's a fact.

A mature female looks back at feminist past with embarrassment and anguish, astonished.

"Capitulate to the Muslims or they'll attack" is the leftist's plan teamed with our enemies: fact.

Smiles to veil what's really going on underneath! Emotional maturity is very rare, most are thieves.

When you meet Trump haters say "but he's making America greater" and now you'll see the traitors

To even argue with them is so defeating, energy depleting-- for they're never conceding believe me.

GOP insiders would rather have Hillary than Trump because at least she's globalist like them: scum.

Don't seek fame, it's lame. Mind your rep with God (not man) or you'll go back from whence you came.

Liberals are all about appeasement: If Muslims attack it's due to something we did to them.

Contradictions resolved, a nugget comes out.

What's this bull that immigration brings prosperity for all? Don't you know 90% are on the dole?

If you don't agree, you're out. They also want you friendless/jobless: a social gout (without clout).

Of course, dummy--we gotta have borders. Otherwise other countries will take us over.

Trump's against foreign bureaucrats running our lives. He hates this globalist takeover and he will fight.

Used their power to sell us out! Sold off pieces, no loyalty whatsoever, corruption the deepest.

The deep are seen as creeps. With the shallow they feel like strangers in a strange land--black sheep.

What if it were a child chained like that? I know it's a dog but they both have feelings/are sentient.

San Diego is filled with contagious disease suddenly--a trojan horse and planned tragedy.

Women caused the problem cuz they love big government and open borders (makes me shudder).

We treacherously departed from the living God--our Father in Heaven replaced with the flawed.

Many are depressed. Is it any wonder? Stop bad leaders before they ruin and kill us at our foe's request.

I just cannot take the phonies anymore, I've had it up to here of image whores, no more, no more.

Diseugenics: the degeneration of bloodlines. Compare to fifty's females who were slim, trim and nice.

Destroy statues then rob us of good role models. Instead we get them, idiots who burn it all down.

They make contact then inject their mental map. Why you need spiritual armor: you can’t be zapped.

After the SRI's I lost my borders, boundaries and needed assertion training to regain what I had.

Seeking nirvana had an dark underbelly and it's the mental illness of liberalism culminating today.

Pollution wipes out benefits of exercise.

What, men will stand by and watch girls raped rather than be called "racist"? I can't believe this.

Demanding her needs be met, rolling them out, putting herself first, it's all such a turnoff miss.

We see feminist Christians, an oxymoron. That tired false logic creeps in from what they're watchin'

Having bought into feminist views she regresses into a cesspool causing mental illness too.

Just "love and serve" friends? Nothing about repentance of sin and elimination of false doctrines?

Smiling trendies (part of the world) know nothing of Jesus, good news or repentance (the pearl).

Where immorality rules all romance is gone out of life. This isn't charming it's just sensual, rife.

We live in an age of rampant absurdity where ridiculous things are seen as true reality.

Just as He sent his soldiers to punish sins He'll now unleash His powerful angels to do your biddin'

Attention to detail's not taught, it's a lost art. They don't see a reason for it and we are sunk.Top of Form

They're so used to social culture seen as "normal" they think nothing of imposing people on ya.

Liberals and refugees congregate in cities which are gonna be gone with Nemesis and after-mess.

Many Mormons are liberal and don't realize it, thinking they're "good" for it.

Poetry is my solution for heartbreak when I've had all I can take. If happy, it would only be a fake.

The liberal-Islam connection is clear so stay clear of scammers unless you want open borders.

Liars: It's all about getting buyers! Watch the leaders you hire and take note when decency expires.

If you're good at something just do that. Success is easy with out regulations making our dreams go splat.

It's not good for men to talk like sailors. So why do you wanna copy them, you feminist derailers?

Everyone wants to be famous and it's embarrassing. They don't do a thing but take pics with out meriting.

House was nice enough but didn't have a fence, I was invaded constantly and life was unhappy, dense.

Why should they make it but not you? Why should creeps make a mint but you stay poor and blue?

Reminded me of a sorority, a clubby atmosphere prevailed. It was too social and if sick you "failed".

What's this bull that immigration brings prosperity for all? Don't you know 90% are on the dole?

If you don't agree, you're out. They also want you friendless/jobless: a social gout (without clout).

He was handpicked to be the murderer of the truth and our national security: smooth.

If I couldn't act right (say what they wanted me to say/not say what they didn't) it was bye bye baby.

Of course, dummy--we gotta have borders. Otherwise other countries will take us over.

The vampires who are sucking this country dry hate Trump even more as he takes us so high.

A time will come when killing you will be a good thing. They know not what they do--murder or a fling.

Don't travel unless you want to see sickening evil, like how they treat cats and dogs for example.

Liberals: the ones who say "let em all in" are the ones who can afford to live away from them.

I pray, then God inputs emotions which goad me to move this or that way then there's a big change: ok.

Revitalization movements in history changed society and governments after a long period of decline.

Merkel screwed up because of self-loathing war guilt which makes her a crazy quilt.

I'm not putting down women but feminism in them, a demon that makes them unhappy and unloving.

Wrong thinking can take over an entire generation, and has--many times with many millions killings.

White privilege is a way of telling us to shut up--this racism must stop.

Let's talk about your crazy kin. God said get away from them because He's your only friend.

It's hell dealing with millennials with no attention to detail, who can't focus cuz due to hocus pocus.

The longer the break the more it all comes together when you get back.\

They were never in the military yet wanna have all these wars--not for our freedom but to settle old scores.

Trump's against foreign bureaucrats running our lives. He hates this globalist takeover and he will fight.

Despite globalism we must hold people accountable at the local level and then we get the devil.

Strong Cities Initiative of the U.N. Plan: Create chaos compelling foreign mercenaries to come in.

He's impervious but all tyrants are that way. They gotta show they could care less--how they make hay.

That we're going down is no dispute. It hurts seeing the greatest getting the boot but get ready to uproot.

It's been about sixty years: collectivism, communitarianism then communism. Drip-drip now comes Statism.

Liberals have always been anti-military so now we're weak sycophants having lost our peace and dignity.

They get so big and full of themselves: unproductive, petty, empty--the opposite to the magic elves.

The most horrible things they see as mundane. That's the shocker with ramifications: the culturally insane.

Thoughfamous he's an obvious know-nothing. But you're enamored cuz he's famous, how sickening.

Hillary does not love women if she's still married to a sexual predator and convicted rapist, vermin.

Separate means holy. Get that straight or feel like a hideous anomaly.

It's not that they're young--it's the values instilled. It's all far left and in a few years we're screwed.

They read whatever agrees with them then think "everything is fine" when it isn't, they could die.

They're shameless in their debauchery--even proud. How foolish as they justify these things so loud!

The picturestrip is same in color but shifts in subject, creating discrepancy and then insight.

Revitalization movements occurred all through history and were led by a charismatic leader always.

They were brainwashed against their will so they're wounded not merely horrible, but violent still.

If you were a true feminist you'd be acting feminine, not like a man--is this hard to understand?

’ Due to behavior of the people the land's become desolate. The princes rebel and they are inveterate.

Look forward to the astounding light this will shine on the swamp, beneath the ceremonies and pomp.

Women have never been so abused nor poor. Result of feminism: close that door-- not the way to soar.

Christianity is our original foundation. Our founders saw Islam as a political system of oppression, not a religion.

The Cuban mafia leaders will never give up their riches and that's communism: vicious.

Feminists are tyrants and hate freedom. That's why they so love Obama, Hillary, abortion and Islam.

That's how you lose it, stupid. To stay free be watchmen, not insipid.

Friends, they're bringing them in at midnight. Giving them everything though diseased/what a blight.

Trump was elected on a ticket and intends to implement it so thank God/look up with confidence.

Discrepancy forces viewer out of his frame of reference and that brings insight and not by chance.

A socialist is: a pile of horse manure that thinks it's smart. That's 60% of college kids--no heart.

They think we are inferior like animals, and also that we should be killed cuz we don't know Allah.

I had to move cuza the friends you kept bringing over. I won't be hurt for your lack of discernment.

Trump's against globalism and unfair trade deals that sell us out, let alone bankster bail-outs.

Facebook is a self-affirming illusion cuz your visitors say "you're right"--echo chamber delusion.

So China's good, Cuba's good but America is bad? No it's a globalism scheme and fad.

If they call you a hater cuz you speak the truth, don't speak to them unless they repent, amen.

Why admire those who give up their gifts and talents when young thru a nasty pursuit of hedonism?

Sick of seeing this alliance between Wahhabists and the left. Are they crazy or just daft?

Foreign globalists say Trump is "Hitler" (the worst thing on earth) cuz he'll shut down the jerks.

They'll block all views that challenge their own! Remember that to stay on top (on your throne).

Everything's about to change. The shocks may derange so hold on to what's real and don't be caged.

Guns are the great equalizer for elderly and women. Need protection, thus gun grabbers are vermin.

Always remember to be like children with hearts so tender: You must shut out the psychic offender.

A contagion of enlightenment has increased geometrically over the whole world. Thank you God!

As our freedoms lessen we learn the lesson of true genius through time: God has risen so keep on pressin'.

They call Trump racist cuz that's what communists do. I can't stand it and refuse to watch it too.

New Agers don't see how God's word and guns go together: restraint makes birds of a feather.

Islam invaded until the soft cuckolded males finally stood up. All through history this occurred--look it up.

New talk show with a trendy at the helm. Success with out morals makes her so much less (low realm).

The ultra-rich are funding collectivism because they're exempt from it being offshore--treason.

They throw gays off buildings/stone women and still the left loves them, vermin.

The globalists want total tyranny over us so align with Islam as their operating system.

She's above housework, too good for it--so those tasks passed down are now just negligence.

Overthrow decency, success, beauty, honor: desecrate and blaspheme it all.

Females see government as daddy/husband both, loving Hillary/doesn't matter what she does.

Stop foolish flattery of supposed superiors. Gushing and fawning aren't the attributes of true leaders!

Many RINOS aren’t about keeping US safe but ensuring the cheap labor pool of their donors, okay?

The globalists use communism as a management system and it's happening here, amen.

Dumber people are more violent. That's why we gotta use your wits to hold em down or we've had it.

Muslim gangs surround a woman and rape her until she's dead or disabled and feminists say all-ok.

Way out of poverty: Finish high school, keep a job for one year, don't have children until marriage.

Trump is the only one against the policy of mass migration used to level our great nation.

If women aren't lil' ladies respectful of men, it's like letter a pit viper outa her cage and its mayhem.

To liberals "ends justify means" but no one sees the blood carnage in between--it's cold, and it's mean.

Your worst enemies will encourage you to do wrong--those "friends" from the liberal throng.

Some women think they're supposed to be angry--all the time. Is this feminism, friends of mine?

If actions stem from ego they'll be futile. Why make embarrassing mistakes by doing things for approval?

America had great industry--all their excellent thing, like their ministry--and thus they had victory.

Justice is necessary for the relief of the saints! We can't let things go on like this and God will bless.

It was the treachery of women leading to the downfall of the west where they are treated the best.

Says the left: if you don't like that behavior you hate that person. "Newspeak" leaves me bereft.

Darkness blinds the eyes. That's why sinners are always zombies whether mean girls or violent guys.

Says the left: if you don't like that behavior you hate that person. "Newspeak" leaves me bereft.

Roman feminism brought decline then foreign invasion spelled the end of them, they died.

Darkness blinds the eyes. That's why sinners are always zombies whether mean girls or violent guys.

After bringing jobs back/controlling illegal immigration he'll be most popular president ever imagined.

Our country's been swallowed into global fascism. How far we've sunk--where is nationalism?

Entitlement society has created the war: The more you claim victimhood the better off you are.

They hate men who've fallen off the pedestal. Watch out cuz this can get horrible, she's not adorable.

Divorce or having affairs is chic to this clique. It's too high a cost when trust is lost/it can't be fixed.

Everyone suffers with divorce. The men horribly, kids, pets! All due to this globalist plan, a curse.

Since they don't know anything but slogans, of course they see conspiracy theories as no value, none.

The divide is so great if you have liberals in family you just gotta separate. Enmeshed = mean fate.

Stats show the youth are not interested in God or Jesus. We're a post-Christian society and I fear it.

They can't think deeply. If you challenge them they walk away, censure, ban, see you as creepy.

Globalists' endgame is no family/church so they have total control--government worship by y'all.

When you finally find one reliable after going thru the dregs you feel you've won the lottery, it's sick

To be the man/woman of the hour, before idiots don't cower. Stand up to evil then blessings in a shower.

See old photographs--no crazy smilies. This is a modern mental illness, a cover up for insanity.

Planned Parenthood's goal is to kill babies. Killing people isn't the goal of a gun, it's to avert tragedy.

Donald Trump is the most wonderful breath of fresh air we've had in 8 years for sure/maybe more.

Women have become dirty. Flipping the bird, using the F-word, fat and loose, who'd wanna seduce?

They're such shallow thinkers it's totally group-determined. Groupthink is a stink and women are finks.

Cacophony: Harsh, discordant, racket, noise, clamor, discord, dissonance, discordance, uproar.

We've been taught all cultures are equal—what bull! Humaneness is a sliding scale.

You climbed the moral mountain, you're the highest. They're still down there and you can't chance it.

Globalism: a bunch of special interests screwing over the nation state and that's why Trump is irate.

Many liberal women furious at their conservative (nationalist) husbands--in divorce they try to ruin him.

Tho' they do it all wrong still they may hang on but you must fire, avoid, block, take a rest, sing a song.

Donald Trump is an echo of true reality from a distant past, a ring of common sense, oh yes.

The fascist destroyers won't stop with statues, they'll smash everything western into the future.

Have no part of the laughing devil's crowd--the extraordinary popular delusions of herds so loud.

Rome: Loss of respect for tradition, degradation of young and decline of art/entertainment/rhetoric.

They act like we're bad for not smiling. Life is very serious, we get it, we're all about just preparing.

It's about inciting class envy and increasing status: smiling, laughing and acting like the greatest.

It's all about a smiling happy show. Teeth, smiles, hugs but don't give a hoot about what you know.

They're all dumbed down: they think they're smart with judgments unsound. Love God, be big in town.

The feminists for Hillary were fat and stodgy in their refusal to debate--they just ban, censure, hate.

I am sorry the tattoo will blur with age and look even dirtier. But you still must face it's not prettier.

Compare em to fifty's women--like night and day. Don't you want a little lady not this weird decay?

Who are you to mark up the body God gave you. It's ugly, the bible says it's what the heathen do.

Big, fat, thick as brick, sarcastic, caustic but she's so slow, not quick, dishes are stacked up.

Trump's gonna get rid of ISIS, quick! He knows USA has the overwhelming power to lick.

Obama is a red diaper baby: son of a radical American communist and pornographer, okay?

God hates fake laughter like cackling thorns on the fire! Shut up, go away, shun levity, see thru liars.

It's not you it's anyone who wrecks my concentration--it doesn't matter who it is, it's interruption.

Insofar as a Christian child went to a public school there's that much more to unlearn (be uncool).

Put on a happy show with smily faces everywhere: clowns. Selfies of you acting silly/dancing around.

First they're your friend then compete with you in front of others--sign to drop em (false brothers).

Moderates who wanna change Islam are either killed or exiled. More religious, more riled.

Won't stop at destroying church icons, it'll be old castles too cuz those are bad and must be gone.

Inner emptiness from lack of people? See it's just social hypnotism then stand high as a steeple.

Due to surface status they are snobs. It's hard to take when already at odds or when there are no jobs.

RELAX then a moment comes when you can't help but begin--then take it through to the end.

Dear God it looks so ugly--a beautiful woman in an evening dress singing, covered in tattoos, beaming.

Wise rulers of the past finally said "kill em, kill em all" and God sometimes said that too you know.

Our lives were wrecked through global but re-establishing the nation state is right, proper and normal.

Millennials: Your whole generation is sick. Insofar as you reflect those opinions you're ugly/hexed.

We elected him, that was our greatest achievement. Now enjoy your freedom/reap the benefits.

I'm not bragging I just know what I'm talking about. The globalists want the bad in/good out.

Dumb love war. Smart learn from history, don't go there--inbred imbeciles are nihilistic, a scare.

Dark stars: Youth emulating drug addled sexual degenerates are switching to better exemplars.

Sorry that even tho' you wakeup to tattoos now you're permanently covered in black and blue.

Smashing false concepts brings a serene ocean. Unless bully gets his way he’s upset: that’s liberalism.

Must get rid of all Quisling traitors like Boehner--contributing to the destruction of a nation disfavored.

Schools sexualize our kids! It starts as early as four as they're taught to do nasty things, not just fibs.

The more he sabotages the more they love him. Humans are a paradox: sycophants in an oven.

Communism is always fascism/riches at the top, no middle class then poverty nonstop.

Sarah Sanders is taking down the press every day like a BOSS.

Devils may win again--we may be that pathetic. What they've allowed is tragic and we should reject it.

Only reason can break the grip of the murderous anti-Christ spirit. Stefan Molyneux

Dictatorial female tyrants controlling people through gossip and social control--yes, they do that.

A decline of religion brings decline in virtue and I can sure see this, can't you?

A crazy liberal woman with WAY too much power. Women are the reason for the mess we're in, wow.

Men have been purposely wimped so we'd have no defense. Without men to protect us, we're dead!

If you feel you are descendants from evil you see no civilization to defend.

Can you imagine beautiful Europe flooded and destroyed by antiChristian vandals? It's happening now.

Much "acting out" is just copying the world. Forgive yourself for mimicry then your dreams unfurl.

All of the historical treasures of Europe will be destroyed not just taken over, cuz they aren't Islam.

Go right brain cornucopia and then return to work and with holy spirit ease it completes it all for ya.

If you're just kind and attentive to animals you'll be amazed at the affection they will show you.

We are not to mark up our bodies like the heathen do. You'll do anything to join the club won't you.

I want him mean to my enemies, not me. That's a real man but feminists fear it makes em less free.

There are no lone wolves, in the global Jihad there are only soldiers. Pamela Geller

Socialist Merkel did it. Not Trump, racists, bigots nor xenophobes but a false dogma--so dump it.

They don't come for values but the money values produced, then the giant welfare state ensues.

One man can be a majority and suddenly clarify the whole world, as the old view is seen as failure.

When good men do nothing, evil takes over. It's automatic, so either be firm with guests or get closure.

Merkel opened the borders to Muslim males of military age-- progressives are not sage.

Though against an immoral movement doesn't mean you hate women just those spouting vermin.

It's all about looks: selfies. Simultaneously our culture is getting even more shallow and selfish.

Taught to be politically correct, we have no immune system against cultural invasion and destruction.

We're getting so afraid to speak the bloody truth lest when we call it uncouth they’ll punch out a tooth.

Body piercings and tattoos mark a failing society filled with occult, blasphemy, false ideologies.

Trump's the only nationalist in a field of globalists. Everything he says is about that, the gist.

Why so much perversion and sex harassment? Cuza women acting like that, an embarrassment.

The only thing good is our own inner journey to God and leaving the rest to our great president Trump.

Dumb love war/destruction, smart love refinement/devotion: the west's grossification was it's end.

They feel like they're part of the ruling class when they're not--that's how they're ensnared into rot.

Beautiful treasure of Europe, subsumed and totally unappreciated, destroyed without letup.

If Hillary'd gotten in we'd be flooded with immigrants in our streets, parks, counsels and houses.

We learn self-discipline or there are disasters--but when the state fixes it we degrade much faster.

Feminists seem like dazed zombies but we're into science, God, universe--amazed as we can be.

It's all for votes and democrats don't care what it does to regular folks--like Merkel, adjust or else.

The diversity agenda is a destructive obsession with race.

Beautiful women ruined by black and blue tattoos become addicted, for then they want more too.

Unless it's Americana and their history they recapture, the identity of white Americans will be nowhere.

We've been called extremists, fascists, every name under the sun--but America's waking up/we got guns.

Wealth and power gets lazy: pessimism, frivolity, hedonism, materialism, decline of religion.

They actually think they're good. That's their identity despite narcissism and a heart dead as wood.

It's nothing but the French Revolution and Jacobin: Sacrifice the rich for the good of everyone.

Befriend my foe, you're out the door.

Take more breaks, get away from it. Regroup, toke, look at view, adjust attitude = complete it, whew.

Falling Rome decayed, becoming selfish and lazy but like the west, pathologically self-critical.

What is genius and mastership: Same simple (innate/learned) skills done when you feel like it.

WeIf being positive brings on selective dis-attention, warning: you'll lose the election or a new affection.

Can you be refined, sit quietly in poise while speaking with a fine mind? No, you gotta act like swine.

Why are bullies a problem? Why are people getting mean? It's due to family breakdown making fiends.

Take more breaks, get away from it. Regroup, toke, look at view, adjust attitude = complete it, whew.

Of course climate change exists but it's not man-made or to pay them carbon taxes.

It's right brain or left. Too much focus--get receptive then reverse back into the locus/the best.

Tattooed freaks have polyps of ink inside--colored tumors, bonafide.

If they're like this now (crude, rude) what'll it be like when there's no food? I'm just sayin': You must seclude.

Liberals aren't into laws: they are lawless. Ethics, morals and standards are gone but also no more solace.

Liberals are into surface only: image. They love Obama cuz he was sharp/cool during his rampage.

They flaunt themselves with smiles and style--legends in their own mind but still filled with guile.

Now that we have you straightened out let's talk about your kin. Are they your worst enemy, friends?

They still love him after he does all this? They don't care about his dis as they fall into the abyss?

Rich liberals think money solves all things. Wait and see when shelves are bare and no electricity.

Dear Father: Open the eyes of the people to see this evil then return to freedom, high as a steeple.

To "love" them you must approve of everything they do. A lost opportunity--but I dig, why feud?

"Heckler's veto": whoever yells the loudest wins by being annoying like a mosquito--not peace but ego.

The rare times they're nice we think "there is hope". But then we see it's all a ruse hiding the end of the rope.

The hippy's turning inside-out of the mental or artistic worlds brought madness/mental illness later.

A quarter of a billion people want to see the western world suffer. Two separate worlds, need a buffer.

Fall of Rome: rising lawlessness, lack of discipline and growing bureaucracies.

Open border people-replacement plan of Obama: that’s the poison pill in America.

Many will come in My name, they are wolves in sheep's clothing.

The left is why we're sinking fast. I used to be a liberal, I know the spiel but that idiocy is passed.

God, make men bold. For it's wimps who got us into this: to the enemy we've been sold.

To prove man's more important than God to em, notice their horrendous reactions to man's rejection.

They haven't done a thing but fake. Just for being born they deserve riches and fame. Trendies: lame.

As things get more urgent the news gets more bland. It maintains mass denial, man.

The imperious laugh about things which are serious. This is so desensitizing and cruel one gets delirious.

They claim leftist ideas as their own. No, it's a hypnotic mantra inculcated over decades, full-blown.

Trump’s no sexist, having appointed more high-powered women around him than any previous administration.

They actually feel right being the thought police. It's getting so we can't say anything--please, let it cease.

Tyranny trickles down to all levels: top to bottom, nothing left out as they rout out rebels via goon devils.

Mass shootings are always from mood-altering drugs like Xanax—every very single incident: facts!

There's a point where silence rules. You can't say a thing without offence so save yourself from fools.

Freedom is like snow cones in hell. Without it man gets scared, no one cares, he's stuck in a shell.

Women cajoled to abort or divorce are called "good", "worthy" or "trendy" but end sadly or in poverty.

When is "positive" a refusal to face reality? Life really sux at times for it's not all ONE thing but duality.

If we conform to groupthink we stay rinky-dink. Return to self for excellence and staying in the pink.

In modernity, social standards makes you a moralist witch-hunter.

In the old days people matured at 12. They didn't act like mentally ill morons who seem to devolve.

Bein Big Pharma sponsors most of TV. That's why every commercial is about drugs, see? Reject, be free.

When the herd calls it "beautiful", is it so? What of the rules of aesthetics--should that all go?

Being different gets you dis-owned. This social fascism is why we get cloned (why many get stoned).

It's a sorry state of affairs when we can't see evil cuz we're putting on airs. Better to be called squares.

What will save us? Men as real men and women as real women behind them--the way of power, amen.

Rome: Control the masses by keeping them stupid and self-indulgent but none avoids punishment.

Political correctness means you don't communicate about a thing: With this kind of censorship it’s hard to be king.

They dress and doll em up to take over minds. Look at all the destroyers--beautiful/smart Satanic fiends.

Since it's natural to sin the cure is restraint but that's not taught only hate.

Smiles to veil what's really going on underneath! Emotional maturity is very rare, most are thieves.

We see feminist Christians, an oxymoron. That tired false logic creeps in from what they're watchin'

One toe in reality and the rest madness/subjectivism and now monogamy was repression, restraint prison.

The more I relax/fast during the day the easier my work the next morning.

Tolerant Generations are the most intolerant of all: divorce, bullies and violence--everywhere a brawl.

Reports leave us with less or no hope. The problems seem way beyond our scope: a deadly national soap.

They cover it all up: they don't like you using the name. Why is this? Because they are so ashamed.

Soon we couldn't judge a thing: type of floor, color of the door, assault on reality--loving what we abhor.

I'm not wasting time I'm regrouping for the morning.

Feminism ruined marriage. Women are taught to degrade their husbands, not nurturing: reality switches of witches.

Genius knows truth is opposite to what “they” think. That's another way of sayin': herd reality stinks.

It's the feminists putting down Sarah Sanders: they don't support women but shame em as losers.

The longer you wait the easier/faster it will complete.

Just like in America, falling Rome's intellectuals said "your traditions and ancestors were bad".

Have no bad associations with out honor. They support monsters and this makes them evil: about this, ponder.

They don't despise yet allow sins too. They shut their eyes since the axe hasn't fallen but it's going to.

Just the fact they see you as bad is an insult so don't reply/it'll stop.

Just as it gets too painful to watch God'll kick it up a notch and it's in our favor as they continue to botch.

Liberalism used to mean free thought and debate. Not anymore--you hold to the party line, a bore.

When they take offense you feel dense but it's not you it's nonsense on attack as you get tense.

Liberals say you gotta break eggs to make an omelet--that's the ends justify the means argument.

Full bellies/excitement of games distracts men from those needs which games can never meet.

False religion is used by authority acting like the devil. That’s communitarianism: all is leveled.

Lower IQ, communication skills, semantical lexicon and dialect (vocabulary). Isolated, no talk.

Things go so far beyond the pale you can’t even get mad. Don’t argue or be sad just release the cads.

With wealth and opportunity in the last thirty years, women's happiness has declined. Wonder why?

The obvious is unseen until someone says it simply. My job: though it shocks it’s really friendly, known quickly.

A whole generation who can't think. Plus their parents and grandparents, no wonder we stink.

Europe’s dead. Refinement, the Renaissance, man's highest potential, science, God, history, charm.

These are the days that try men's souls. Non-reaction and equanimity in the face of hate are our goals.

Sarah Sanders is only 35 yet she confronts their lies so they despise and cut her down to size.

Even with obvious dangers they don't save civilization, thinking: at this point, why bother?

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