Karen Kellock


This desktop Manual fits perfect historically.
It is hyper-synchronicity for this generation, truly.

It's archetypal: pre-success crises.

The great thinkers become philosophers or die in the gutter as rejected and scorned failures.

Nothing feels so good as enantiodromia: system inversions where those on bottom now rule ya.

How can a thinker or poet adapt to that? Nothing makes any sense so they just get drugged up.

Think of their insult. Don't drink or eat it down, face it. Now overcome the crazy nuts and MAKE it.

They take advice from their own ilk--an echo chamber of liberal ideas we've all had to gulp.

Lives filled with correspondence, but is that all there is? No inner journey or sense of coincidence?

The correct thought, the approved mindthink: this explains it all I guess, not that people are finks.

Instead of addressing concerns of the people, leftists smear and morally grandstand supporting evil.

These values of liberty are superior, but cruel people say "it's all the same", period.

Western values: democracy, human rights, freedom of expression/worship, secular government.

How could you let these women take over like this? Nothing so much proves feminism is false.

I earned my independence from years of seeing what happens when you lose it.

With Christianity gone there's a value vacuum and in rushes socialism.

What a great pleasure to live in this era where I can find out things 20 hours a day then tell ya.

Any kind of depth or circuitous novel reasoning brings their panic--a schooled reaction to genius.

Don't call it "new age" call it liberalism cuz conservatives restore the old paths for success/optimism.

You don't understand: it's the contagion of madness keeping you down so now break the connection.

Americans are breaking free of worshipping elitism: royalty, red carpet and Hollywood, the Clintons.

Western values are universal values, adopted here but not there. They are superior.

They deny reality, attack the honorable, slander the competent and scorn the knowledgeable.

And having to deal with THAT--are you kidding me? In your HOME?

Dems turning against the Clintons marks a new stage as Hollywood collapses: backlash, rage.

America needs to be aligned with a Christian nation reforming itself: Russia.

As Obama/Clinton/Podesta go down people will see how it's evil Soros' GLOBALIST machinations.

Sold us out! Sold our booty to enemies, cashing in: that was Obama and Clinton and you loved em?

Putin sees Barrack and Hillary clearly and loves Trump. This man is our ally not our enemy hon'

It's too late for them and life is short. You gotta get on with it, then you can make your mark.

You win and rule cuz you know how to do things best. Resisted all the way, finally you're the head.

Remember how sick you were around em? Liberal climate does that so best to release em

It's busting through this screen--the resistance to genius in social cultures--giving you sheen.

You're the ACE taking great delight in spotting and putting creepy conformists in their place.

Let the reward be appreciation for what you've already been given.

They use to seek out the elderly for keys of wisdom. Not anymore, they have all the answers.

Ok, so you don't wanna work. I can understand that, bye.

As horrible as it was God was with me and He didn't give me more than I could take, but it sure took.

It's your fault and they're good. What else to think when they're all the same, but it's social hypnotism.

Now we need protection from others. Fortunately we love our neighbors and they love us.

Do your work/pray = way ahead of the game.

The devil's crowd is attracted to the spin but God's men are individuals and repent of sin.

The effects of groups on consciousness: How fascinating as we learn that more is actually less.

We tend to get attached but it turns sick. Put your focus back on God and everything is fixed.

Ignore looks, status, time spent. Superficials are the devil's devices unworthy of God's attention.

America began as Puritanism and that's what freedom's dependent upon. You sin you lose it hon'

It's always been this way, hon': God's men stuck on the periphery until their time has come.

Now you know how to spot em. You know their buzzwords that instantly peg em as scum.

It's not stuff/temporary events! They're over/gone then you're depressed? It's ETERNITY you nuts.

You've had it up to here! Now's the time for delicious life change way ahead by light years.

Everyone looks down on the superior men but success is reward for overcoming the challenge.

Payback is your success. God promised it after you planted the seed to transcend this mess.

Think of their insult. Now use that to galvanize energy for improvement and total success, do it.

Frenemies are usurpers and foes and it's even in your family, you know. It's this era/wish it weren't so.

The only thing is: if an individual lover of truth you'll be alone but will learn to love going SOLO.

So take a million selfies you narcissist--abusing modern science for your boring self-indulgence.

The greatest saints were the worst sinners cuz they learned most from their mistakes and Savior.

Payback is something you gotta see--you never did one dam thing for me and now we're family?

If you feel it SPEAK IT cuz you're speaking to us all--we went through it all too: lift us.

Just one little thing: if you take the ball and run with it, eternity, blessings, no more stressing.

Stop making up your own religion.

She didn't get it, wrong emphasis.

Desire to be a model (an exemplar of the best human specimens) at the highest peak--are you able?

Tubby gained 100 pounds then learned how to stay thin right: one meal and no more downs.

Those getting huffy at correction will make big mistakes requiring exaction.

Don't you want that: to show the creepy haters who said it couldn't be done and see them go splat?

This isn't the fifties, gone is all decency. But under my roof? No way missy.

The devil's crowd will always hold you down and you're outa grace cuz it's not where you belong.

God's timing: It's a day, hour and minute. Before that split second you're an unknown, even hated.

GO SOLO. So long, so low: I thought you had it all but wrong, just another bore in the throng.

Don't pain for those who left you: use it for your success and going ahead--don't you want that?

Your remorse over eras when you were controlled by the devil: It's erased along with all evil.

You have a rare knack no one else has. Human genius has infinite variety cuz God just loves us.

God's done so much, forget those who blocked/creeped you out--they're only human/focus on God.

Now let's go back to your household: the real queen is never seen but subtly sets the scene.

Prejudice. Use the insult to galvanize energy for total success and never see them again.

They're just people, get over it. Love God He is preeminent.

They've caused you aggravation so now stop your premature aging as God restores youth again.

"I have sex with everyone but I'm a good person" he said--even bragged about it like Blanche did.

Slut- and fat-shaming are necessary to save sick race but they've banned this cuz it's ALL-OK.

Push those creepy snobs outa your head cuz they don't pay rent there and never saw you as rare.

Where truth is gone it's all an outward show. Being nice, saying the right things, being aglow.

They chirp, mingle, coo, smile, laugh at pointless jokes. That's the social arena, an unequal yoke.

Don't try to make them see for they will never see. Just see them then realign to stay free.

Can't yell at the incompetent, all you can do is see them then re-align to maintain your freedom.

Stop. Ponder. Don't compulse, focus.

Don't argue, don't relate. You're higher, you know their game and their fate.

Suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye, you'll meet the link to all the connections you'll need.

Don't compulse, you'll meet him in an elevator or other coincidence so: relax after great diligence.

Who cares-- put em all in a bag to go out. Look at all their pics, put em in a folder, delete, shout.

Stop explaining yourself, it's a sign of weakness. It's them who explain themselves to you, or else.

Compromised Christians seek to be nice/not step on toes--weaklings unfit for the kingdom, foes.

Save yourself incredible time/energy. Anyone hating Trump doesn't deserve your thoughts honey.

If not for Trump we'd be flooded with people seeking to conquer us, but you hate him? Ridiculous.

You can control him you just can't let him know.

Breakups: They didn't want you--that's reason enough to never think of em again, now stop it.

For success, control your mind. No tangents or resentments and work things out before night.

I'm an isolate, don't like being seen but it's about the copy not me.

Hold back strength, don't work, listen to music/party as you wait for perks as leisure inspires works.

Don't ever think of em, they're in the trash/recycle bin.

Forget em, they didn't want you. Think on that, let it make you great through and through.

Who cares what they think? They're insane or wouldn't have been attracted to you then, a fink.

Just cuz they say they can do the job doesn't mean they can so trust your guts not what is said.

Don't try to explain why trust is lost, just get away. These are now your enemies and they're not ok.

She got huffy with correction then proceeded to make the same mistake again. Predictable, huh

Huffy over correction, made mistake AGAIN.

Stop giving importance to people yet never thinking of God. This is false religion: people-worshippin'

It's scary they say they can do the job doesn't mean they can so trust your guts not what is said.

It doesn't matter what they think only what God thinks.

Attachments (even through hate) are clouding your image which is destiny, fate, predesigned genius.

Cult of fame and red carpet lame. It's sickening to see your own kin display silly narcissist games.

The lowminded take 1000 pictures of themselves and it's death by a thousand cuts as wisdom falls.

Get some class. Take ONE picture of yourself, picking the best.

The social game: take pictures of yourself smiling like you're having the party of your life, beguiling.

Assemble a duffle of quintessential: MOST essential of all, to be ready to move when hearing the call.

Wipe that smirk off your face. Life is serious and you gotta ace. Focus, think of us, state your case.

No use being angry at em just see em as little children needing pablum so start today, tell em.

The reason you should be serious/focused is trouble may come. No jocularity or running around.

When they start up, don't go down that rabbit hole with them. Don't object or debate cuz you know em.

Don't bemoan being alone cuz that's how you got so good and knowin'

Viewing self against the ground of "them" you fall short but without em it perfectly hits the mark.

You got the sickening facts, now tell the world how they've been axed, kill heroes/be an iconoclast.

They are scary to clear minds: so dense, so heartless, so out of touch thinking they know much.

The result of being framed by them is shame or guilt but framed by God is infinity and power.

It's been proven over and again: If my attitude is right the work completes in itself in a second.

It is catastrophic to be framed by people. Frame yourself or let God, simple.

You're absolutely inspired, what do you have to feel guilty about? That's from them, a black cloud.

Never let em frame you, frame yourself cuz true friends are few.

It is so dark, so frustrating--but likely part of the process: pre-success crisis.

You prayed, asked God to dissolve the block and got with brethren so now relax as it all fills in.

Since they don't read the bible they think it's about social, hospitable, nice, with many friends.

Just cuz things aren't happening this minute, they panic. Learn patience: let it fall into a fabric.

You've had nothing but trouble so it's what you still expect-- but things will be easy now as God's Elect.

Only the smart can see the value. They're rare now so don't get down cuz everything's so shallow.

Suddenly they see how empty they are. The ontologically fatal insight: it was all an illusion, bizarre.

You must realize your potential while here on earth so don't waste a minute with framers/be alert.

Turgid political correctness makes us feel blocked, depressed, hopeless but God'll reverse this mess.

Framers of your identity--either from past systems or ideology--will block your genius destiny.

The devil's crowd is too weak to stand for truth. They just slide in with the majority/are bores too.

They're all wrong, as a group. You're right on, as an individual lover of goodness and truth.

New technology means everyone is famous. They have their own red carpets, aren't they marvelous.

They're so dumb they think "progressive" means they're intellectuals, modern, chic, with-it.

Renaissance is the flowering of uniqueness. Superior men to the center as we're rid of "progressives".

They'll "progress" us into globalist tyranny, a dark cloud for you and me, and these are friends? I see

Which is worse: Hollywood or it's emulators? What about kin/friends acting like asinine imitators?

If they hate Trump or use buzzwords like "global warming" or like concepts we now see em as turds.

HaHa a big fat cow preening on the red carpet. Isn't she marvelous this know-nothing and a mess.

Not only do non-geniuses get spotlight, now know-nothing females are spouting off about life.

Ask yourself why you're impressed with them--their outward spin or thinking they're so in?

Tho' they've done nothing, they deserve fame and fortune. That's the progressives but they're done.

Rule 1: Don't argue with em. Rule 2: Don't even think of em.

Don't start me on lesbians in the area--the most brazen and pugnacious group in America.

Stop saying women can protect us--that's a bunch of bull! Get real, the world is laughing at us now.

Men have been purposely wimped so we'd have no defense. Without men to protect us, we're dead!

They've gotta hammer it in they're right cuz inside they know they're wrong saying bigots be gone.

It's sickening: unnatural parings or anything else preposterous/erring, a depthless evil thing.

God gave us a wonderful barometer of good vs evil: it was Donald Trump or Hillary the devil.

Eat God’s food when you do eat. NOT: It's too bad about him, he should love me though I'm fat and if not he's a misogynist sexist rat.

If someone loves Hillary, laugh it off. Back off, forget em: peanut galleries who mock and scoff.

If they hate Trump, take joy! Now you know who to leave out or who will surely disappoint.

I know you from your likes and will use that as a barometer to rid myself of you drippy hangers: yikes.

By your attraction to the fake you've ruled out association with a most golden opportunity to take.

Just the fact you like that/think you're on the red carpet yet a TV addict but forget you, I fixed it.

Why should you adapt to your kid's perversions just cuz he learned em in school? This is so uncool!

The thing I hate most about liberals is their complacency about these people out to get us.

Men, stop apologizing. It's pathetic you've been pushed this far but just repent and be uncompromising.

To get concealed carry, know how to shoot a pistol at short range and this coulda been changed.

You had your chance backstabber it's called the big payback so go ahead with smiling and chatter.

Just one person with concealed carry coulda saved twenty.

Sold me out, put me in chains. You had it all arranged, you handed me over, I felt so betrayed.

How could anyone hate Trump after all he's done for us, especially saving us from Europe's mess?

Parents afraid of putting their foot down, fear of insults all around? Now's the time to be strong!

Took my money, got my honey, didn't want me to see what you're doing to me, payback not funny.

Debauched and dirty 18th century England: the reaction against all that were the Puritans.

There's no possible way for your joy with that going on in your home and I think you know that hon'

We all know a good female role model. Just emulate her not the modern day rabble (they are awful).

Christian persecution happens in many ways. From being disinvited to genocide or loss of pay.

Coastal liberals see themselves as intellectuals. Can you believe that? We'll soon see you fools.

Get rid of all of famous white man statues and replace them with statues of convicted crack addicts.

Monsters on red carpet: jewels in a pig's snout.

She slept with every man in town even husbands. We're not supposed to slut-shame just be fans.

It's a progressive disease like anything else, but our constitution gives us freedom to do this.

You can't be around that sort of thing even if it is your own kin. No boyfriends, locked doors, sin.

The evil side of humanity plugging into high tech systems.

You trying to force me to accept this nasty thing and now imposing it on kindergarten children?

Trudeau's policies towards Iran reflect his love of authoritarians.

50's showed normal conflicts in the home like procrastination but now it's sexual bedlam.

True intelligence or just virtue signaling to be loved by the majority? "Progressive" is a human tragedy.

The "gay community" gets filthier, edgier, more in your face-ier and it's a Hollywood gay mafia.

Don't go that way unless you wanna die at 42.

They clearly thought no one was going to know/they could get away with it.

Through the contagion of madness cultures go down together but God's men hold to faith sir.

Sickening isn't it, they could think like that? But that's the human tribe vs. God's men, His beloveds.

Since whole cultures go down together we must study social hypnotism the most--and it's here.

So let me get this: You're impressed with their outward success so can ignore the mess I guess?

Women make fools of selves/show no power saying things like "my colleague, a nobel prize winner"...

Having very little to say they say it constantly.

Stand up/defend middle America not the leftist coasts, standing for wrong until they're toast.

We're sick of coastal liberals making decisions for us, the real.

Both Charlie Manson and the Clintons rooted in hippyism.

It's ok to be white .

No more debauched elites but rather Americana, what we produce, the common man and woman.

I've done all I can, wrote a 1200 page book about how crazy they are. Now I'll retire/you do your part.

We don't want Islam forced on us, or every corner more mosques, we want our country as it is.

The culture-stealers have gone so far as to say we should feel proud for obesity or being slutty.

Things that would have meant a looney bin are now front and center as superior while we be enablin'

Canadians have had enough of Trudeau's leftwing ideology and he'll be gone to forestall a tragedy.

The liberal tactic of branding people with smear labels for social control has totally failed.

It's shocking how women voted for Hillary cuz she was female. Can you imagine how shallow?

Men you're gotta stop listening to crazy women or like Merkel a whole continent will fall to vermin.

Big fanfare, a rare event, then nothing. That's the way of the heathen who don't know eternity.

Men: you've gotta stop apologizing. Although so endearing it is all from social engineering.

Liberal tyranny extended also to putting down our national foods: breakfast oats is not for fools.

Copying a man's world of money wheeling/dealing, women are easily bought off--loyalty's not thought of.

They hated everything about America: the old hippies and their progeny--a tribe we wanna go away.

"Likes" are no barometer of your value so get offa that thing

They take you down cuz you are right and they are wrong.

The liberal hypocrisy made me sick. He dared turn the spot light on me when he's ok turning trix?

Of course the Manual is conservative--to balance out the leftist crap we've been a prisoner of.

That's all there is out there: interconnecting realities fused together in a big hypnotic scare.

Are you the woman who publicly puts down her own father and her Savior?

Scumbags like him are the reason for our 2nd amendment.

Don't wanna let you in cuz they'd have to change everything since you're opposed to sinning.

It's hyper-synchronicity--it fits in history. You know what's happening, it's beyond evil thinking.

Speak for the heartbreak of your generation--like unconscious collective archetypes of man.

The desktop Manual fits perfectly historically. It is hyper-synchronicity for this generation, truly

Sodomism means Homosexual supremacy.

What was so fascistic about it was how you enjoyed excluding me and I will never forget that.

They're as dumb as rocks but humans spout slogans by rote: no true smarts but it blocks ya know

There's no way I'd ever grace their dumb liberal shows and argue with those who know.

Men: I know you want peace at any price, tranquility and sex so you tolerate feminist dogma, a hex

Puritans were disgusted with debauchery and that was the chaste mindset which began America.

Christianity was essential for the rapid growth through capitalism.

The desktop Manual fits perfectly historically.
It is hyper-synchronicity for this generation, truly.