Karen Kellock

The True Lady is Gentle Worldliness not Worldly Grossness. The Fruit of the Spirit is Self-Control. A wife of noble character is her husband's crown but a disgraceful wife is decay in his bones. Prov 12: 4. Do not associate with those who are given to change or allegiance. Prov. 24: 21. It's ok to be glamorous and have a ball. Sparkle it up in good clean fun before it's all over for y'all. But man, with all his honor and pomp, does not remain: he is like the beasts that perish. Psalm 49:12 The value of privacy is not realized until it is lost

Oprah pushed monster Obama, as part of a secret deep state government cabal in America.

My work is done, now where is all the fun? I felt lost but music opened me up instantly, joy again.

All you gotta do is keep doing what you do best. It's like breathing or a bird singing IF you're unstressed.

Looking back it was like a big black cloud: Not being myself, not able to obtain, crying in the rain.

We didn’t fit, we couldn’t be “social” for it was trivial, petty, competitive, mean, sexual and global.

Actually God made us all unique, also the nations. He didn't want a bunch of blobs/freaks on rations.

Whites will always find a way to insulate from the brute strangeness or religious weirdness.

Oprah's main agenda was to disconnect us from ALL religion and join the Gaia church of globalism.

He will go to the generation of his fathers, who will never more see the light. Psalms 49: 19

The inveterate sinner becomes a nameless faceless creature to you--someone you used to know.

Why don't most churches ever talk about SIN? Having no power they ignore it/throw in trash bin.

Sensual sins manifest in disorder: in looks, thoughts, environment, not being in the moment.

What hurts your stomach girl is unconscious recognitions.

The radical left is communist, period. Very short-sighted but they too are the victims of this bad spirit.

Marginal people go off like a rocket when incited by these maggots. Diversity kills quality.

They wanna take away the great equalizer enabling old ladies or kids to fight against gangsters.

Migrants change the character of our country and we don't want our country's character changed.

change the character of our country and we don't want our country's character changed.

Instead of the war (oppression) between Bourgeois and Proletariat it's now race and gender.

Don't trust him if he's nice. Learn to see past images he portrays which are often a device.

What I saw all around was an emboldened lowlife criminal class dominating small California towns.

Women are stupid, shallow and cruel because they listen to Joy Behar, Whoopi and The View.

Couple decades back they woulda bashed the male trash going into women's bathroom like that.

With knowledge comes great sorrow cuz we see the difference between God and the darkness below.

Even Haitians hate Haiti--do you think Trump is right maybe?

That's why they cry, rant and rave. They bought the lies from school starting with the first grade.

Oprah opens old wounds of whites killing blacks in 1950 but never about her friend the devil Harvey.

It's so easy for "angel" Oprah to recall the past when a black was killed by a white person in America.

A measure of a humane culture is how they treat dogs so that leaves out Islam, please help us God!

Oprah is the chosen black face of African sterilization and abortion while getting rid of men.

Wickedness is man's default setting. You gotta be strong to restrain.

Diversity is just as totalitarian as Stalin, a completely new concept of designed societies failin'

When you eat it's the most calorically dense cuz when will you ever eat again or have the chance?

I'm into individuals (genius) which is true diversity, not identity politics and the inevitable adversity.

Your teachers don't have a clue.

Now's the time to become very selective. Let most pass so just the best is your elective.

What is the most telling thing about this debauched generation? Women tolerating porn.

Just work in the morning then spend all day getting ready for the next morning, you'll be soaring.

Oprah and Meryl saying men are bad but then defend a child rapist and you're still on board? Sad.

Unhappy people control other's lives but happy people just wanna be left alone until they die.

Do you worship people--status or stars? Watch as the worms eat them and they disappear.

Chips-on-their-shoulder mental patients.

You don't realize how far you've fallen into decay and shame due to the influence of those dames.

There were times in history of collective insanity/the contagion of madness and now we see this.

I hear you/see you mimicking those debauched broads and losing all class cuz you think it's mod.

The only thing that is charming and intelligent is the True Self not you conforming to them/that ass.

When insanity becomes mundane reality you just fall into the popular groove thinking nothing of it too.

I wouldn't go down that path lest you be cast in that light as a shrew. It's sickening, blue, dirty too.

What hurts so much is the ontologically fatal insight that your reality is wrong, ridiculous, shot, NOT!

Pizza makes life so much easier, forget the greenhouse just store in freezer.

As he hung himself/his guts fell out on the floor we witnessed the ignominious end of a traitor, to pray for.

Even his nation's worst enemies hated him for treacherously selling out his own country.

It's the democrats who are globalist holding us hostage saying we must keep the border open: pigs!

This generation is so off-base it's a turkey shoot, a cakewalk to correct fallacy with your talk.

Due to rampant pornography and pedophilia the barbarians line up on the periphery I'll betcha.

The new human is without gender/family, just an animal in a collective with government as zookeeper.

If people hate it when their neighborhood changes how can we expect the whole nation to love it?

Society is degenerating, mental illness is exploding and people don't know God, their Champion.

He that justifies the wicked, that's the kinda thing I'm sick of.

Diversity wisdom: You can maintain the same country by swapping out a different population.

It's a biological fact that racial differences go way beyond mere skin color and it's infinite sir.

You must not massacre us cuz it's not your custom. But we will massacre you cuz it's ours, and fun.

man, with all his honor and pomp, does not remain: he is like the beasts that perish. Psalm 49:12

Displacement of populations is no different from armed invasion.

It's the only ideology our ancestors would see as rational--not twisted, insane and laughable.

Remember: The house is covered in thistles and thorns cuz you're husband's into porn.

You frame people by "framing" them: seeing them in a certain light, as an underling or a mere thing.

We're not taking in their best who could do us some good. It's they're lazy usually, dead wood.

Non- whites have group solidarity and we do not--must change this now or be cast out as rot.

Dogs dig but can be trained and people too can change and gain, in the main (not always, just sayin').

Oprah brought women to Weinstein to be abused and about this filthy female you're so enthused?

Due to Christian restraint we take a lot of sh*t until that moment comes when you're HAD IT.

The farmer waits expectantly for precious harvest from the land, keeping vigil until it rains. James 1: 7

Where is your line? Make it be pornography, adultery of the mind.

If he wants to look at dirty pictures get another.

Why would impotent old men get into porn? Cuz they're weak and evil is how they were born.

It's what I do. It's not even a lost art, it's an invented one and what fun!

Not a word about Islamacists killing females--she backs these oppressors but attacks American males.

Arrogance and ignorance are bedfellows.

Picturestrips are not like a jigsaw puzzle where it snaps into place and you got that piece, please.

Acceptance of racial equality opened the door to one absurdity after another, like fat is better.

You have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter. James 1:5

People are just evil but it's covered over so it doesn't seem real. Track record, that's how you tell.

Why should whites be the only ones happy to be displaced by others? Cultural diversity only smothers.

To solve race problems we can't just chant slogans which are coo coo and wrong.

When I'm off at noon it's gotta music can't track a movie or anything else like that: right brain only.

The Methodists have gone totally liberal. Was born/baptized in the church but this is a shame after all.

RaceDenialism rules liberalism as it's part of oneism: "we are all one" from a silly sixties song.

70% of divorces the females start, so now we see grandmothers slaving at Walmart.

Voting is more dangerous than guns--what if a million teens voted in a thug?

"Oh, he's sick" --give me a break! What we're talking about is a filthy hick and to infinity it stinks.

If it's so wonderful why spend 10 billion a year to manage it? Cuz it's torture and we don't want it.

The problem with silly women is they love big government: globalism, open borders and Oprah

The globalists picked and groomed Oprah as a Judas goat, a smiling black face to slit your throat.

Our thinking even science has been twisted and tortured to be compatible with cultural Marxism.

It's an interplay as to how IQ is expressed through that political system or mental illness.

And they get so angry defending their virtue signaling, so self-righteously indignant, loud, boring.

Peace and prosperity then sudden destruction.

Race realism: When the lower IQs don't do as well they blame the higher in a screaming college yell.

The left is violent and rowdy, the right is poised and happy but eventually we will fight back, buddy.

Women : It's not that all men are bad but that you chose the wrong man.

The very idea of sending the child-bearing sex into combat is breathtaking and stupefying. Jarad Taylor

Forced diversity means fewer friends, less trust, less volunteerism but more television.

Oprah is a globalist operative, a front who reads off a script and you're a fan thinking she's legit?

More diversity = less trust.

Show me a multi-racial society and I'll show you conflict. Jarad Taylor

Take away the wicked before the king, and his throne will be established in righteousness Prov 24: 25.

Subconsciously whites think: why bring kids into a world where they're a hated minority?

Is your beautiful house and yard filled with decrepitude and thorns cuz he's lazy and into porn?

Obama a smooth-talker, a hustler and a nation-killer. But you loved him and still do, what a joker!

We got you in to get all these people out, Trump.

Liberals are into soy lattes--these are men addicted to estrogen, making them nuts or like women.

To broadcast his virtue signaling of tolerance while at the expense of competence was the worst.

He acts so nice then tosses you a zinger, one that takes forever to get over.

An unstable mate is like the death by a thousand cuts, you're in a rut with a sick feeling in your gut.

"Race is an illusion" except when granting preference to non-whites son.

Sinner has no remorse over who he murdered, just himself "not treated right by God, targeted".

Everything starts in California which I escaped. Hopeless, homeless, trashed, dreams dashed.

Thanks to those like Jarad Taylor there's been an explosion of white racial consciousness/determinism.

Never speak to them again: those who justify wicked men.

They cut from Oprah who "helps women" to Meryl Streep who defends a child rapist and pedophilia.

Merk el with her unmitigated gall says measures to stop these killings "defy our European values".

We never throw the first punch but when you do it, calling us names, we will retort or even insult.

He says "it's no big thing"--just that's enough you know about him.

Oprah is the "good club" and her phony world religion is only there to help by decreasing the pop.

He doesn't want you to "air our dirty laundry"--of course he says that honey.

What hurts so much is him comparing them (that) to you. He can't see this/thinks it's trivial too.

Humans are tribal with a natural preference for people like themselves. Why force diversity hell?

We love watching Di Nero do himself in. We love it when you "intellectuals" act like 13-year olds.

Donald Trump is bringing us together, the heart of 1776. We will fight back if you continue your tricks.

Mausoleum of scum: Oprah the globalist tool-bag actually says she stands for victimized women.

People like Barrack and Hillary were just pandering you--must understand, it's all talk of a shrew.

We complain of poverty, disease and crime but bring in the poor, diseased and criminals--how divine.

Never argue with idiots. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Mark Twain

It wasn't God that brought this temptation but the individual's OWN evil desires and passions

Groups in stress become stronger/bonded in self-protection but their progeny loses this direction.

LEFT: Academia, media, entertainment industry, public school system, government bureaucracies.

We never said we were superior, just different.

The more different we are the less we agree. People prefer to hang with their own or it's catastrophe.

Americans were very hard-working people. Not stay home around a juicer they had to eat and run.

He ruined our great country and we let it happen. More interested in fashion/jokin we were nappin'.

A measure of a humane culture is how they treat dogs so that leaves out Islam, please help us God!

The liberal race-denying open-borders advocates have control of all systems: must accept it.

Staged terror is part of our vernacular cuz we made it popular as truth-lovers.

When women have the ontologically fatal insight that all you see is delusion and bull, it's hell.

Nothing wrong with loving your own, wanting to be around just them, so ignore liberals--they're done.

Raised on hipster cynicism and degeneracy they chose instead traditionalism, honor, decency.

It's OK to want to stop this mess for the sake of your own family and it's extension, our country.

In one desert town a gang of teen thugs took over and the cops wouldn't do a thing to these jokers.

Whites applauding diversity are committing suicide cuz it means replacing Europeans with NON.

Fortune favors the bold.

Californians are satiated, coerced and sedated into accepting a lower and lower third world state.

Particulate dispersion remains in the air. These are chemtrails making us sick/bloated and it's not fair.

Little children at CNN love saying a dirty word on TV and getting away with it but we see thru them.

They do smear campaigns on those with brains. A stake in keeping dummies lame, they make fake claims.

I don't sell myself, if you like me or don't it's not my business I just proceed in creative health.

Since they normalized, legitimized and superiorized homosexuality many men go "fishing".

Religion is judged by it's fruits. Ask any Muslim woman or see Hinduism--check out India too.

The lady said "Am i seeing things, am i hearing things--am i crazy or is he? Forgive me if it's me".

Is it possible we could come back from the brink? Yes, these turnarounds all happen quickly, I think.

Oprah is the only black person in the original eugenics group funding Hitler and #1 enemy of blacks, sir.

You're disloyal and wavering with divided interests so purify your hearts of spiritual adultery. James 4:8

They carbed up in the morning then worked all day. They had delicious fats with it too so don't tell me.

These people don't live like we do. They believe totally differently and most hate dogs too.

Colleges: if you want REAL diversity hire a race realist or how about just an ordinary conservative?

The idea of NO differences between races led to women in the military--the next step in this tragedy.

Through diet you can compete at any age. Escape the fat cage in a miracle and be all the rage.

Seeing an old loser friend may be an anchor to the past you don't wanna re-experience, man.

Adapting to liberal thinking was the pit of hell but it brought out hidden talents/I came outa my shell.

He went right back to it like a dog returning to it's vomit.

Antifa is scum, they're paid. One was paid 20,000 a year to go around and create hell in spades.

The dam is breaking cuz they're finally realizing we tell the truth and they do not. We're clear, they're rot.

Disturb any women's party by saying you love Trump and detest Oprah as crud and globalist front.

You fear going out there tho' that is your role. Give this to God, He'll see you through/console.

Oprah is the heart of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, getting rid of husbands/having abortions.

They never wanna judge anyone so call it a "pathology of the ghetto" or "all men do it you know."

There is a suicidal double standard for whites to accept the replacement of their own people.

Women are a bunch of virtue signalers thinking that's politics and making the country sick.

How to Win: Divide a people, create false flags making them irate, come in as the savior/decider of fate.

Every diet will work for some people. But not all and that's the point: for some the results are evil.

My women's party went dead silent when I admired president elect and dispelled Oprah worship.

White men supplanted and then forced to remain invisible in their own country until they die.

These things may seem subtle to you but they are tenacious.

I read between the lines, i see tell tale signs. Women are more intuitive than men at all times.

They object to your correction then make the same darn mistake again.

Learn to see past images. Man has two sides and we all have a tiger inside, don't take it in stride.

The hand of the diligent rules and the lazy sluggard is a fool.

If we can no longer debate and present our sides then it's tyranny and violence besides.

Displacement of populations is no different from armed invasion.

It's the Wounded Gathering Thorns Syndrome. As life goes on templates create their own kingdom.

Egalitarian orthodoxy is dying but like all wounded animals is putting up a tremendous fighting.

The elites wanna conquer the planet to control it's fruits and that means you and me with no dispute.

Appalling, creepy, weird and totally unfunny.

You're afraid to stand up to the witch but this is holding you back with your home stuck in the ditch.

Oprah is the Judas goat to lead Africa into sterilization and it's all part of the eugenics program.

That's what gave it charm--the unique differences, now crushed and overrun by inferiors: fact.

Gay clubs are fast tracks into homo lifestyle and cruising with adults the vile in this trendy sin in style.

Racism is a natural God-given defense mechanism to mitigate against toxic invasion. amen.

Mass migration is masquerading as humanitarian cause but it's true nature is occupation of territory.

Oprah manages "Me Too" movement where Trump is bigot not Hollywood for which she's front.

Whites need PRIDE in shared traditions, heritage, family, history, victories and achievements.

Every vet knows how the animal looks reflects his health. Do you look good (true wealth)?

We're told to be fruitful. That's no accident for the harvest is obvious: it's so suitable and plentiful.

Bad men exist, bad women exist. That doesn't mean all men are bad except to the feminist.

Speak! Because the more you speak the less cowards are cowardly cuz they sense others agree.

A man who is held in honor and understands not is like the beasts that perish. Psalms 49: 20

The filthy liberal pigs must self-justify any way they can so they get together as mutual fans.

Truth: racial diversity is a terrible weakness.

He who controls the past controls the future. George Orwell

Men should wait to find a sweet little lady. Not give in to this feminist hex for sex then a hellish reality.

They call Trump "crude" cuz he doesn't have a shiny veneer as we're oh so eloquently screwed.

I feel I'm surrounded by evil. What I write about is what I feel.

My, the insanity of late stage liberalism.

The fact that "all men do it"--is that supposed to make me feel better? Not on your life, ever.

Oprah Winfrey will never be president cuz she stuck her tongue in Weinstein's ear. Alex Jones

The democrats take money from men and give it to their ok women.

Bible tries to get man to face his sins and repent for them, because Jesus' sacrifice ERASED them.

Regimen: Work from 3 - 8 am. Rest of the day get high (receptive) for next morning preparation.

The whole world is a stage, each of us players upon it. (Shakespeare)

We don't have to deport--just pull the plug and they'll all just leave, but we don't do this of course.

To see Hollywood scum hang on her every word you'd think Oprah was God and to be preferred.

Instead of recognizing the catastrophe we're in we've turned it around to "diversity is strength" baloney.

A female dominated campus culture always talks about healing not learning.

Pornography is of the devil cuz he always gets you thru the sensual level.

The most impacted/crowded states from illegals is Ca, Tex, Fl, NY, NJ and Illinois and it's terrible guys.

Even so we're not a racist country but it's extremely magnified by white liberals and politicians.

Will you love diversity as cool when your child is the only white one in school?

We live in two different worlds psychologically and that makes it impossible to share a world physically.

Pizza is just so much easier, then don't have to eat for 24 hours.

Finally you stop tracking em cuz you see how irrelevant and besides people aren't the same again.

Thereis a subtle awakening among all white people--decent Christians are scorned as evil.

Don't betray yourselves and ancestors by the suicidal fundamentalism of the left, a curse.

Frauds: their final facade's about to collapse—that is the way of God.

Millinnials don't care about nothing--anti-conviction. Boldly meet em with something--create friction.

When it's my money I'm to share it with you. When it's yours I'd do well to get a dollar or two.

Oprah's a race controller in the Rockefeller cult to depopulate blacks all over especially in Africa.

Don't turn against him just cuz everyone hates him. It happens to genius, saints, all great men.

Why are you so sad, why so tired? Cuz you let in the walking dead in--those stuck in the mire and soon to expire.

Nerds feel unpopular like no one cares. So they join the liberal commoners who are boring (not rare).

Europe: Kindness to strangers is cruelty to their own children but so far they haven't learned.

He's had the devil in him since the day he was born but just learned to hide it better, forget him.

I knew, we all knew, we let it go--but now the jig is up, times up, whew.

The destruction would not have been what it was were it not for a recurrent pattern of this scuzz.

What makes this so tragic is the people engineering our displacement is our own flesh and blood.

Marxian global utopianism will go the way of all such experiments in history, yet a tragedy.

They're not your friends who control, censure or block your words. These are ideologues and a curse.

When you think: "I've heard this all before" you must not respect and realize you're with a bore--now soar.

The polarization is increasing exponentially. This is scary and as old friends exit suddenly it's eerie.

Daily Fasting gave me a whole new reality: the problems dissolved and I mused: "this is true vitality".

I can always read a female by her political views. If she's like Joy Behar or Whoopi, Pee-Uuu.

Everyone gets something free if they vote for Oprah Winfrey.

While they accomplished one thing after another, you waited patiently to produce something great.

Social justice is orthodox, authoritarian and boring. The right is the new counterculture, soaring.

Don't give me your fakery/false image. Do you work all day, stay orderly, take care of kids/dogs/cats?

They're so self-righteous in their idiocy: the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Show you're smart: just don't talk.

Diversity kills trust. Wars result from diverse people living in the same territory, there's always a fuss.

Who wants to live in a trash-filled shit hole defined as a third world country without plumbing?

I knew the left was bad but to merge with a group who does those things--like Marquis de Sade?

No wonder men went to men, who would want this? Homosexuality & feminism were simultaneous.

Change your diet then let your body morph. It's so exciting when of food addiction you've had enough.

What if it's a child tied up out in the elements without escape? How would YOU like it, creep?

A word fitly spoken and in due season is like apples of gold in settings of silver. Prov 25: 11

The idea of NO differences between races led to women in the military--the next step in this tragedy.

He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm. Proverbs 13: 8.

Whites are waking up everyday to this ghastly anti-white nightmare and the terrible price we pay.

Fasting: loose flesh gets tight and you're high as a kite when hungry at night..

Chain migration is how the democrats increase new votes exponentially and even geometrically.

Oprah attacks ALL men but not Harvey Weinstein who she pimped for and openly sucked ear of.

Fasting, I've never been so pensive. This is what I've always wanted: it's spiritually and mentally intensive.

You're gonna be hearing

Barry said "all nations are equal" meaning no American exceptionalism or guiding light—fool. Shame on you man.

We worship a new thing--the flag of modern Babylon. Prepare for death, starvation and vagabonds.

Eminem sobbing and crying: "It should have been Hillary...wha wha wha wha wha".

The value of freedom is not known 'til it's lost. Boots on our neck is too high a cost (make that embossed).

They took over our country and now we're a despised minority?

I hate even talking about this but it was brought into my midst and boy am I pist at this sudden twist.

Christians differ on things like baptism etc. But they all agree He died for you/me--that was America.

What's it gonna take for whites to defend their own interests? Have we been so neutered, masochists?

Keep elling yourself you're fasting--pat yourself on the back. You stopped eating, that's a fact.

Don't petty-fog with stupid trivia! Be a bottom line person (less is more) with high standards and criteria.

Did you know how many blacks are glad, relieved and happy to hear about race IQ differentials?

Do it/buy it NOW. You gotta act as though it's gonna fold tonight and be prepared for a terrible blight.

Saying some crazy hippy spouting lies is your guardian angel? This is crazy and unbelievable!

It's happened to boys/girls: turned from Jesus to ignorance, paganism and darkness of that world.

America's the best place for women but she grandstands so you won't see what a witch she is, man!

If you're a preacher God has anointed you already but what happens when the crowd gets angry?

The churches want us all brown when God made us all different--this is falsehood again.

God has chosen the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe so He sets them apart, see?

Coyotes: ten grand a head to smuggle em in.

The more they take over our country the more terrified you are to say what you think so you drink.

Giving up an allergic food is life-transforming. That's how badly it affects behavior, looks and performing.

Gospel is a person. You receive Him you're saved, you reject Him you're lost--no creed, it's Christ.

The liberty movement is generating nuclear energy--we're all high. The left is destroyed, bye bye.

The youth don't know, so they pump em full of garbage trying to destroy their mind/keep em below.

Why are our American men homeless? Because they can't trade lodging for sex. Stefan Molyneux

Our children are raised up right then slowly turn away as they're sucked into lies and deception.

Women are shallow and stupid cuz they love The View, Joy Behar and are hypnotized by each other

Yes! We DIVIDE because we hate sin and everything else that HE hates, as he instructs us each day.

Trump wants to be "flexible" while waiting for an "agreement" but doesn’t that mean letting em all in?

Any mention of "race" and it's like a hot stove--they want everyone the same, kept below.

Luxembourg motto: "We want to remain what we are"--what a quaint idea to love your own forever.

Men used to break their neck to open a door for a lady, now that's all gone due to feminism: shady.

This poisonous ideology has defanged and neutered us into spineless cuckolds. Jarad Taylor

Lincoln fought to free blacks but afterwards wanted them deported--an undisputed historical fact.

To the woman on facebook wearing the thong: get a life, write a book, sing a song.

I t's the censorship that gives us total skepticism about anything coming down from above.

Always saying he's a man of God but running to sin the first chance he got/the lies you bought.

When God's done with me I'm done with this place. Charles Lawson

With upsurge of decency/respectability think of the 74,000 White Africans killed quite recently.

Glib talk but inside rot, perversion and destruction--a buffoon and fraud and you knew it not?

Take our guns, make us into sitting ducks. Criminals can always get guns so gun control sux.

What to do while you wait: You worked, you completed, you cried, now prepare for visitation.

If everyone has guns as in Switzerland crime goes way down cuz everyone's wonderin'.

Watch old movies: keep your mind in '47 not '87 so you can think clearly and (unlike them) reflect heaven.

He'd like to shove it onto you as a paranoid psychotic cuz you see the light.

When they see their country slipping thru their fingers, on a deep level they think: no more youngsters.

They're making fun of me: pray. Their talking against me: pray. God comes and saves the day: pray.

Everything has it's meaning and identity in Him, He created the universe and everything therein.

Not a word about ISIS just a bunch of other things. These are master planners and their underlings.

Whites aren't attacking anybody but are always blamed. Violence comes from the left, untamed.

Nothing is less attractive than aging progressives still pretending they're hip, edgy or sexy.

Food rule: When I eat it's the most calorically dense cuz I never know when I'm gonna eat again.

Racism saved the tribe since the beginning of time, it's how it is and can't be changed by liberal slime.

Women love to assert their authority thru gossiping/networking and how I hate it.

At war with relatives and maniacs: All over the world they're turning from the truth of God to a LIE

True art doesn't need your soft porn to push it along, it's cheap and weak not smart and strong.

It really gets exciting when it all starts to fit together then with a head full of steam destiny takes over.

If you are not rehorrified at the ridiculous you'll be resavaged in adapting to that environment worse.

Corny comedians playing to the biases and vanities of their audience, political prisoners of conformity

"Male and female created He them" and that division is clear all thru scripture but not in Babylon.

Weaklings: there's only a few who can even diet. They have no resolve: they start the fast then they fry it.

Sequentialization is the talent or intelligence of seeing what's missing or what doesn't belong.

In this new age of diverse progressives it's not important that you be truthful just that you be nice.

Everything fits, it all fits. All is synchronicity on earth and that makes the picturestrip legit.

False healers think they can educate you out of problems, never mentioning sin and the fallen.

The Bible makes every society happier and better so the devilish elites want it banned forever.

As small towns fall hostage to ne're-do-wells there are no repercussions except going to hell.

The churches are pushing melting pot integration thinking it will end racism and it's falsehood ma'am

Oprah's of the Great Society from the 60's where black illegitimacy went from 5% to this 80% spree.

If Trump commits this treachery we will never forgive him and will hate his guts while losing freedoms.

Seems you serve a small God not big One, and you accept other religions as equal = mockery and sin.

Man, you were just my springboard to a higher life--my reward after going through so much strife!

See how it all fits--color and composition--and with words how it catapults you to understanding

And the same be said for some of you but now you're washed and changed as filthy sin's gone too.

White guilt creates dark thoughts crippled by the lies we bought.

DACA is the dividing line with this president. He has betrayed his base and now we're really bent!

A "nice" Christian man turning to Hinduism? Happens rarely but when it does, total destruction..

Relax, you’re really good in fact the best so just wait and fast.

Diets become idols in those who embrace them. It's evil law vs. Christ in God's kingdom.

Oprah's part of world government to curb world population so who do you think is behind this notion?

Don’t be the poster child for the arrogance of the left and the tombstone for liberalism: daft.

Hah--a man who worshipped his own mind, and his brain! He'll be mowed down like the grass I say.

I believe three in one, one in three and the One in the middle died for me.

Many words--volubleness or loquacity--marks the false doctrine. Truth may be said in few words.

Hell is at the end of a Christ-rejecting life.

Liberal twists: If I say it doesn't exist that means it exists, especially spoken of supposed racists.

God takes pity on those who fear him so be God-fearing and live.

My race is my nation. Important maxim.

Creativity is what comes through you not something you have so just get clear and open the valve.

Oprah speaks of "the courage of women" as if men aren't the same species always hurting the darlings.

Your generation's nuts so stop reflecting the ASS and think for your own self so later no remorse.

If a man walked into a lady's bathroom he woulda been crushed by real men angry/furious too.

Fruits and vegetables are the only real ant-acids since everything else causes it.

Oprah sells magical thinkin' to disempowered women sitting home watching television desperate for livin'.

America's REAL MEN never tolerated this crap back then. How we long for those days back again!

California a democrat sanctuary state reflected in debauchery, disrespect, homelessness and trash.

Albany mayor said "need immigrants for vibrant economy"--what bull, they're all on the dole.

California is a shithole too Donald.

They virtue signal of the necessity to take down our history and statues: way to fame for fools.

They're whatcha call "essentially true".

College professors going to hell talking like that--like Savior means nothing or occult is a good thing.

Cacao in smoothie, great for morning errands. Wouldn't take it in the aft unless you want insomnia friends.

Beauty may not be lasting but even in old age you can be flashing: eat right and there's little contrasting.

If there's any fat on the frame, you're eating toxins because it sequesters into ugly bulges, in the main.

No more orthorexia: I will now eat what I want, when I want and stay slender and gaunt.

Bad memories (early trauma) are literally locked in sh*t. I hate to say it but look it up, it's legit.

Education is not the answer, only salvation is the answer and that comes from a Person.

All through human history homosexuality explodes right before destruction and it brings it on

A false preacher says nothing about the cross--nothing! Also not sin or it's remedy, how wanting.

The hidden sinner is always working it in his reprobate mind: Steal, embezzle, kill but seem kind.

My pain is greater than I can bare said the sinner.

Hidden sinner is always working it in his reprobate mind: Steal, embezzle, kill but seem kind.

Churches wanting us all brown are workers for the New World Order as God made us unique/clever.

Habitual Daily Fasting: When the body knows it'll be fed, it burns fat (rather than storing it all instead).

You only care about trendy things cuz you're part of this world and it's unlimited debaucheries.

About bible issues they're as ignorant as they can be, with only superficial tidbits and mockery.


We The People do not want parallel societies, population exchanges or the replacement of Christian civilization. Mass immigration is underhandedly clever: the left found a way to attain power and hold it forever. There's a major difference between a racist and a race realist. Will you love diversity as cool when your child is the only white one in school? Our survival depends on changing people's minds to think like us and when enough do, success.

He who covers his sins will not prosper. Proverbs 28:13. Liberal culture is ALWAYS the same litany of persecution, oppression and chip on the shoulder. California is a sanctuary state, meaning: it harbors criminals. Anarcho-Tyranny: Refuse to control criminals (anarchy) so come down on the innocent (tyranny). Do anything you want, you're never get our guns because that leaves us defenseless against thugs. Armed citizens aren't the cause--gangbangers, lunatics and terrorists don't abide our gun laws.

See ya tomorrow for the Karen Kellock Class: OPENBORDERS