Women got us into this mess loving
big government , globalism and open borders.
Sure, we should love and serve. But these new age
heresies that tickle your ears are fakes my dear.

The longer you wait the easier/faster it will complete.

A quarter of a billion cruel people want to see the western world suffer. Two separate worlds, need a buffer.

We must become isolationist or face the terrible shock of invading Islamacists.

The mere fact you can tolerate liberal crap means you're a loser and cuck.

Immigration is the litmus test for politicians, separating mice from men.

Why admire those who give up their gifts and talents when young thru a nasty pursuit of hedonism?

A nationalized police force is the globalists plan but they make it look like it solves racism, man.

The bigotry they fight is the bigotry they promote. Duke Pesta

Vitriol: Start contrast in cultures’ sense of politeness, social graces and communication in general.

The fascist destroyers won't stop with statues, they'll smash everything western into the future.

Economic collapse from a centralized, interventionist economy and you want this here, a monstrosity?

For their short-term gain they're allowing this invasion of belligerents aiming to supplant us/kill us.

It's a victory for the elite but we're getting the word out. Democratic leader: Colbert the actor has clout?

Puritanism sprang up against debauched 18th c. England--it's happening here, stay around.

His dad whipped him daily all through his teens. It's locked in the system and that's why he's mean.

Let freedom of mind be your goal. Disengage from all previous matrices making you old.

If you're just kind and attentive to animals you'll be amazed at the affection they will show you.

Something stinks and you don't know what--somethings unfolding here and it's the same old rut.

Antifa are beta male soy boy cucks using the system's protection to go out and be thugs.

I will never be in that rejecting matrix again. I'm out of it and don't care if you're my friend.

Paris image: aesthetic haven, supermodels, tranquil beauty but the mean waiters shatter it instantly.

You could look inside the person to find the reason but I look at the system where hearts are freezin'.

A short fuse reflects bad memories locked inside. Gotta get it all out then just ride the tide.

How liberals float our boat: massive regulations and overspending on anything for the vote.

Sanctuary cities are smugglers and criminal aliens best friend.

Girl leaves decent orderly home for college and loses mind, binges or self-starves from the chaos.

See yourself in the context of the system (rejected), then see yourself as free (elected)!

The dishonest press puts a false spin on everything, supported by the globalists for lying.

Paris Syndrome is culture shock, add London or California Syndrome and the moral is: STAY HOME.

World War III is immigration, immigration, immigration.

Everyone wants to know Daddy believe me, he's the king and the leftists perverted, crazy, shady.

It's surrealistic the passage of time when such a decent and outstanding clan is replaced by slime.

Our dealing with globalist unelected bureaucrats is a form of ritual humiliation. Nigel Firage

What is maturity? It is unpeeling the cultural neurosis making us all crazy.

Many can compartmentalize, so to see the Eiffel Tower they don't see the trash on the streets.

Justice is one of God's attributes. You wanna see them get their's otherwise life has no meaning/fruits.

Settle all doubts then connect the dots. Then let it all go for you have more work to do for God.

College was pure chaos and indecency and loud yelling and chicanery and I hated it believe me.

The family can be great or a human zoo. Fairies and Greek tragedies create mental illness too.

I told my husband I'm just gonna stay home and never leave again. You take the cars, have fun.

It's surrealistic the passage of time when such a decent and outstanding clan is replaced by slime.

I don't let it go to my head cuz I know God giveth, God taketh away so I humbly enjoy my day.

You gotta know who you are. And that they depend on you staying high/pure as their only exemplar.

I'm thru feeling rejected by you so I release you now and that's like a big Christmas present too.

You should release with love but sometimes you first gotta release with hate, but do it anyway.

Liberals say between everything there is moral equivalence (except us) and it's getting ridiculous.

The American dream is alive for those unversed in the ideology of victimhood. Thomas Sowell

I study music not knowing what I'm studying. It's about a feeling, it's in me, an eternal knowing.

A technocratic mono-state: same ideology with updated technology.

They gotta see it to believe it--flashy mosque or cathedral makes it legit to the spiritually unfit.

If I couldn't act right (say what they wanted me to say/not say what they didn't) it was bye bye baby.

The person you knew at sixteen is not the same. It's another person so stop carrying that flame.

As a hypersensititive I always knew I should not travel unless I wanted mental illness from the evil.

Any society that puts equality ahead of freedom will end up with neither. Dr. Milton Friedman

Get organic bran flakes and your own raisins cuz they cover those in canola oil for some reason.

The Lord has vindicated me. After going through all that treachery He blessed and set me free.

All our lives, mesmerized by the most beautiful city in the world and here it's a mean trash bin too.

After detox you're more sick than ever unless stay in your bubble to endure chemicals or whatever.

Do it. If you postpone it you'll forget it and someone will come and they'll see it.

I have only one life and will transmute this to good.

We feel tortured by em tho' they did nothing but it's still a feeling so I'd reject and get moving

Define projection: Though they did nothing we still feel tortured by them. But it's reality friends.

We are invaded by millions but unaware since these are sleepers to later kill us, so prepare.

Despite eating once a day, raisin bran/extra raisins and maple syrup with raw milk causes weight gain.

So much for famous feminists who are composites of the worst ideas and attitudes of this curse.

Success is not from the east nor west but from God who puts one down and the other up--His best.

A general basis of decency veils discrepancy so we don't have to witness it and that's Americana.

Ok, I get this: avoid crisis of meeting other reality. Stay in a bubble and enjoy each day happily.

When the idea they have of the country meets the reality of what they discover, it provokes a crisis.

I cried all the time, couldn't tolerate it. Luckily I moved to a safe place so could try to forget it.

Once you see the light there is no reason to wait.

From rags to riches and beauty from ashes--that's the natural progression when free of asses.

Flooded with strangers you will lose your identity, culture, traditions, values and sense of reality.

Affluence has nothing to do with maturity, good character, vision, or especially wisdom.

There's only one definition of a safe driver: when the riders can relax--note this fact.

Statues are reverence for our ancestors and their achievements but the left can't stand that.

They will always know you got most and that’s a slow roast and now you've a right to boast.

Sorry I can't be interrupted. I can't let you determine my day and this lesson I learned the hard way.

i don't do phones. I hate them with a passion and they give me headaches that last all day, ashen.

It's no small thing inviting people to your home. The mere contact, you're kicked off your throne.

Complete apathy is a measure of your fame later, as everything reverts to the opposite with haters.

French gays loved Le Pen--woulda been their savior from what's to come.

The fact we're getting all the pedophiles and bringing back God, He still may change His mind.

There's no way power can be faked. He's a real man--or he isn't-- and it shows in his face.

Sure things happen here but not so much on the surface unless it's NYC or California of course.

Vegans may smoke cigarettes or fight for other people's children's' right to choose their own gender.

Anothersilent empire is dirty jokes--a dark spirit, trains children, bad demonic hold, being yoked.

China mocked the "little potato" Justin Trudeau but gave full honors to Trump, the highest to bestow.

Facebook is a self-affirming illusion cuz your visitors say "you're right"--echo chamber delusion.

Culture shock brings depression, especially since no reality testing about what is best/efficient.

Since traveling is sensual, nothing prepares your for the assault of scents, sights, sounds on arrival.

If a politician is open to it of course foreign governments will come in and buy off national resources.

Sarah Sanders is only 35 yet she confronts their lies--so they despise and cut her down to size.

Culture shock may trigger previously undetected (latent) mental disorders and quirks: shock, curse.

A good man: does everything he says he'll do and everything he predicts comes true.

You will come out of this terrible time into the light of day, happy again, and it's all about sin.

It's not a sin that'll send one to hell nor a crime that'll send him to prison but don't be sloppy son.

It's no small thing inviting people to your home. The mere contact, you're kicked off your throne.

Female anorexia begins with culture shock in college. It's mental illness after a safe/orderly house.

Don't ever give up, where there's will there's a way, your faith is just being tested on this rainy day.

We can keep our farms--no estate tax for farmers! For America, Donald Trump is the savior.

We're all under stress. Only the dense don't feel this global mess. Pray for escape and God will bless.

Never forget this election is for the children, or the alternative is hell on earth, longterm.

In panic over growing nationalism worldwide the globalists rigged the election against patriot Le Pen.

The TransPacific Trade deal would’ve brought grinding poverty for all. No more Americans walking tall.

Sharia-- amputation for theft, stoning for adultery, death to homosexuals--must be banned in America.

Now let me get this straight: you left your dogs, cats and happy comfy home to travel to--Paris?

The globalists are using psych warfare to overthrow reality so you'll give in/let them win eventually.

Concern over "Russian meddling" but not non-citizens voting: Typical of leftists, so contradictory.

Don’t tell me we're on the same level. That's communism and it's only the new age devil.

It's been a nightmare knowing you, living in a junk pile too.

Famous feminists have no heart. Or else they couldn't be spouting this crap/be democrats for a start.

Theresa Mae appeasin' the fray

Suddenly, genetically determined "quirks" roll out with stress. In happy peace, they didn't exist.

In God's timing is there ever delay? No, even if a year or decade, trust Him ok.

Reason for fires in THEIR words for y'all: California wants compact development to reduce sprawl.

Is it in riches, fame, food, traveling, socializing? NO it's in Jesus Christ cuz He's real and He made us.

Don't get too sure of yourself cuz trouble may come. There are always humblers, stay sweet son.

One time you did not react and you've won the pot of gold. Smash neuropathways and be bold.

If your total load is down you can handle what comes around.

California wants stack-housing to reduce sprawl and they also won't allow rural living for y'all.

Black victim thing is a scam covering the tsunami of black-on-white crime so don't give me that.

Though they dominate everything the problem says Trudeau is "white supremacy", oh come on.

Inclusion means: everyone matters but you.

All new crew is good for you--no confusion from the past/ now you know just what you want, too.

Sarah Sanders is taking down the press every day like a BOSS.

Yak, yak, yak: a total waste of time on the phone like as if there is nothing but chat, to hell with that.

Don't be a sensual devil. Carnal is a black cloud and sinners are disheveled. Superior man stands high above other men.

Mankind's plunge into wickedness.

Where is great compassion of liberals in Frisco? There isn't any--liberalism is just a front ya know.

Whenever liberals fail miserably they always say they didn't do enough and madly spend for stuff.

All you wanted was to love em which they made impossible turning it into fear: family and peers.

You don't deport em you lure em to self-deport. That's the only way, make it about money/great import

Imagine being flooded with strangers in your house. Make it personal, bring it down, it's a louse.

Traitors like Paul Ryan want a place at the table after selling us completely out till we're crippled.

Total load: Food, environment, drugs, chemicals, emotional, stress--a constantly sliding variable, yes?

Nationalism vs. globalism is between the Heavenly Father and the workings of darkness is high places.

You go to California to get poor and you leave to get rich.

Women think if they have to take it, I gotta take it and anything else they're not having it.

Anorexia is an emotional illness to fill the unfillable. It occurs in dry mental droughts and fables.

You work hard all your life and then you retire. Now you can finally think, create and be inspired.

Just when it seems impossible, the problems endless, God sends you a genius and instant success.

Women caused the problem cuz they love big government and open borders (makes me shudder).

Camille Paglia (famous feminist) is all for abortions, a heartless sadist not an "intellectual" sis.

A disgusting spirit coming into your house.

The defining characteristic of anorexia is a wish to die. Jill Holm-Denoma.

It is genetic and the SYMPTOMS roll out with STRESS as it does with all genetic illnesses.

It's the spirit inside doing the flashing (exhibiting). It's natural for it to do these things.

It's the feminists putting down Sarah Sanders: they don't support women but shame em as losers.

Dark stars: Youth emulating drug addled sexual degenerates are switching to better exemplars.

It's individualism vs. collectivism and the latter is hell. I felt it in kindergarten, a communist smell.

Discrepancy forces viewer out of his frame of reference and that brings insight and not by chance.

The weaponized irrational attacks against our president Sarah Sanders handles with acumen.

Broken record is never worked through. Incompleted mourning, distracting, avoiding the truth.

The globalists are using Islam as a battering ram to make the Christian west truckle and that's all.

Since the sixties we emphasized multiculturalism and lost our own roots--and became the caboose.

Just wait for the link. God has it planned but waiting for that moment it may stink/you need a shrink.

We were a decent country but now we gotta tolerate such horrible things like beheadings.

God gave us our ancestors and our genetic link to them and they are like best friends.

Liberal artists pride themselves as "citizens of the world" but the highest is patriotism for your own.

Turning our world upside down by making us accept philosophical garbage and pure rubbish.

They want world gov as it's eugenics--playing God, but moving into open they're seen as clods.

The globalists want feminism cuz it breaks up families. Women in agreement just create tragedies.

Western countries built on a Christian understanding of the world protected boys and girls.

Hidden they had power but once totalitarians are revealed they begin to fall from their tower.

Hospital flash: surrounded by young flesh pedophiles can't resist since hospital gowns = easy access.

France failed cuz they’re into fashion, trendiness, going along with the herd/being part of establishment.

How can I trust if you travel to countries where these evils are taking place and you can tolerate.

Weak women in power are the most sadistic of all. Feeling deprived for centuries = most despicable.

If you listen to fake news I'm gonna know it.

Whites just wanna be left alone--they're not attacking anybody but are themselves slaughtered daily.

California burn plan will spread nationwide. They want us in city ghettos and NOT on the land.

The biggest issue is immigration and that's what wins elections but the dems wanna bring em in.

After aimless years he came alive, focused (on his best) then came to the front from the rears to his crest.

Champion, aspirer, discoverer, visionary, home and God lover, true patriot or pathetic piece of crap?

Did he penetrate her? As if it makes it better if he didn't. Finding "degrees" of pedophilia to ignore it.

The barometer of barbarians is how they treat dogs and that's most of the world: want Americana!

To so-called "pastors": Stop calling filthy sins of Satan a "sickness" then begin to heal as Christians.

The contagion of madness is such that we've made each other sick. Work on mixed signals, think.

Show them WHY your way is best.

Once that Christian work ethic based on true character is gone, life becomes hellish in the nation.

Way to success and happiness: Don't think about the past or peoples.

She's a diva but she's got diva neurosis. She has no lines, too edgy and does immature interviews sis.

You don't wanna be my friend? It's okay, I'll be all right because I'm never alone: on God I'll depend.

Due to the Dunning-Kruger effect of dummies thinking they're smart, if you correct them they object.

In a chaotic era like ours people slip into weird archetypes and templates yet they can't see it.

The whoremonger does many things right but don't get sidetracked and stay in the light.

What's happened to people? A dumbing down by design, from a false cosmology crossing the line.

Poland WON'T LET EM IN and love their identity cuz they've already been overrun by Islam or commies.

You have developed something or a way of thinking that no one else has. It's called style, panache.

The thing on the computer is not wasting time cuz you can get way out in left field: tangentialized.

They start doing a family number on ya cuz they have no idea, a nation without fathers/mothers.

Why do we put butter on top of vegetables? So we'll eat our veggies though we may not want to.

See the signs, nip it in the bud: that's a true leader like Trump.

Take failure as sign you're close, a cluster of em = you're right on the cusp and next to be blessed.

Don't need to be asked twice, see what needs to be done, carries through and no pilfering hon'

It's horror dealing with zombies with your nice life and things.

One reaction to suicide is anger, bringing up crap from the past when he was young and dapper.

Left is trying to sexualize children so they're conditioned to it. Like justifying pedophiles, think about it.

About Sparky: If he thinks you don't love him anymore (because you discipline) he starts barking.

From now on it's the most serious, focused, clear, reliable workers with attention to detail, or bust.

To make them self-deport simply turn off the spigot. Deport those in prison then vet all and mean it.

The merry love dairy cuz without it they're always hungry.

Of all input the best is thought. Use all media to trigger it though they will call you nuts.

No projections/resentments from the past, all new crew/more streamlined too, now success finds you.

If you sense exclusion or triangulation (two against one) see it as important and let it be central, hon'

Don't let things go by, you'll only stuff or smoke it down. Face it, discuss it, keep the day flowin'

Americans are sinners too but somewhere still inside is the Christian work ethic that built this country.

When things change the man may regress into porn--the most common problem of the hour.

The more a man calls himself a "feminist" the sooner you can start the clock on rape charges. Milo

Wanna move em to the cities--that's why they're burning out Californians (even horses) on purpose.

ISIS is dead and stock market's at an all-time high and you liberal idiots still say he's a bad guy?

After it's over you'll see why you went through it. It's all part of the bigger picture and God always knew it.

They gotta see it to believe it--flashy mosque or cathedral makes it legit to the spiritually unfit.

Wait for Jesus to turn it all around. He knows what's happening and will vindicate His own.

Now look ahead: far better than what you've had, a life of dread.

Life has shocks and betrayals when it all goes upside down. In an instant we go humble from renowned.

Silly sickening Barrack: trying to stay relevant with the claque by saying he loves rock and is black.

It's getting ready to overtake you (what you've been crying for): success--real progress, largesse.

It's not yours anymore, it belongs to the world. You were just the vessel for this magnificent work/wonder.

You plant a seed, you WAIT, you reap the harvest. It's not immediate--the waiting part is a must.

Not just porn but flirts with clerks--so many marriage-debasing and adulterous actions by jerks

For a couple hours I was terrified of his black and evil powers but I'll never forget/God will shower.

There's a spirit of strife. She's cold to me but she's your friend so what is going on, I don't like.

Women are coached to put up with this crap--pornography with men. That is bull my friends.

If you've checked it, just send it. Now party until the benefits.

Lady said “I hate his guts so much it makes me wretch”.

You did it. You went against the grain, you went with your instincts, you fought for privacy to do it.

He's lower than a dirty rat, he's a slug.

Giving away free stuff for votes is very expensive. That's what happened in California, extensive.

Camille Paglia famous feminist is "100% for ALL abortions" and like the others is a heartless sadist.

Touching a child is as bad as penetration when it comes to tragic lifelong effects on the victim.

DIP: duration, intensity, proximity. Reaction is a sliding variable not etched in stone you fool.

Give me power to go on Father cuz I sure don't feel like it. What a shock life is on a daily basis.

Home is where all my things are, a perfect set up, my pups, my family and God is the loving Host.

Men are emotionally brittle so heed my guides: Man views porn, woman rejects, he suicides.

We're gonna kick the ass of ISIS. That's what Trump said and we feel relief as if it's an oasis.

He's the slime ball, not you--but never go back to him though, just like you always do.

SHOCK, what to do: Reach out to friends and those who don't reply, END. Music/goin' on ahead.

Liberal collectivism is an unmitigated nightmare but we're free, individuals, unique and rare.

Shocking stats: 70% of Christian men view porn regularly and the rest just sometimes, Lord help me!

A thinker resolves contradictions while the others stay crazy with bad affections.

All agree Antifa is violent but do they see left's link to Islam is the entry to tyranny and the end?

The globalists want Trump gone for he is a nationalist. And you are their pawns, silly conformists.

Any pastor who says he's gotta view smut to get it up is a liar, phony and adulterer/leave, STOP.

No matter how deep you get God always has an escape plan ready. Just get clear then stay steady.

Like an abused dog we collapse in the corner, waiting to die as they know we will, without mourners.

Only them cuz Poland knows what it's like to be under their thumb: global Islam or communism.

Alcohol Psychosis: a broken record. The same argument for 30 years and can't forget it, ever.

We need federal troops NOW to the sick, disgusting, degenerate cesspool of San Francisco.

Man adapts to his environment like all animals. If it's sick and mixed up, it'd be a miracle to be on top.

Butter: The more you eat the better. You'll have no appetite all day and the skin tone just glimmers.

It's kind of a lark hearing them talk. Just sit silently and watch, listen, learn but when asked, opt out.

Men talk about politics, women virtue signal (that's intellectual) while shunning dissidents.

Spoiled rotten drug addicts in the NFL--just check their high crime rate if you have any doubts.

Eat all you want then not one morsel! Now we go into assimilation and elimination/it all goes thru.

Denial --a safety mechanism for survival?

Goal: Flood nation states, get em fighting with each other, have no excellence with them over us.

Ultimately all you can do is forgive then start again to live.

Don't blame yourself, you took the filthy culture on. What happens when anyone swims in mud?

We love our small dogs. They’re everything to us, ever-attendant as our nurturing instinct’s triggered by God.

When I wanna work doesn't conform to time or place so that means no social for the ace.

What we're talking about here is the effect of brain hormones and I have to adapt to those?

I've developed an art of writing and speaking called telling the truth.

All I want is privacy, routine, beautiful surroundings to do my work now. A mansion on acreage with a wall.

As things fail like in California, people fall more into sin I tell ya--then divorces rise in America.

The world's gone crazy filled with pedophiles it's like a new style and it's Satanic elitism of devils.

Why so much perversion and sex harassment? Cuza women acting like that, an embarrassment.

The trade deals are the greatest treachery against our people since our beginnings--evil.

The picturestrip is same in color but shifts in subject, creating discrepancy and then insight.

Success is greater than all your suffering. For every tear you're stronger, no need for bluffing.

Venezuela wanted "equality" so ended up with absolutely nothing: Socialism ain't loving.

It's ok but not every day: sensitives must rotate meals to be trim and stay that way, it's about allergy.

Globalism is communism which has never worked, leading to corruption and poverty (no perks).

Donald Trump loves dogs. He doesn't hate em like the Muslims cuz he's of the true God.

Globalists create anarchy with control as the answer. They also keep secret their cures for cancer.

Trump was elected on a ticket and intends to implement it so thank God and you can now be confident.

Poland, Austria, Czeck Republic won't let em in to maintain freedom and will be our new beacons.

To forgive, go back into denial and live.

Antifa (the left) is promoting modesty culture (Islam) because they both want the west bought down.

American foreign policy was always based on human rights but no more--and it's sad, it's a blight.

Don't let anything--not one thing--track your mind. Now let it all come up from deep inside.

Since a filthy sin is common we're supposed to accept it? Believe it or not, many pastors ignore it.

Chinese owns California and that's why the fires. They have it planned but it's just business of liars.

These men are so low they don't mind the dark/dank and are just predators every day and hour.

You should never allow off-color jokes in your home. Disgusting, dark, unhappy, demons.

Myth of integration: Muslims in Europe are getting more radicalized with time, not less.

The produce is great (essential) for delicious salsas/sauces but if it's just that there's no advances.

Everyone wants to know Daddy believe me, he's the king and the leftists perverted, crazy, shady.

Old fears determine perception. God help us all, we're living in a dream, a delusion. Get clear, son.

Disgusting lechers are dying vultures.

They say will do something, then won't. Make promises/call you dear--no fear!--then choke/revolt/float.

Eat one morsel after breakfast and we go back into digestion and it all blocks up into constipation.

"We're cracking down on hate and will make you take your children to the mosque cuz that's diversity"

They bring five million Jihadis in to attack--and when they do attack, I have to lose more liberty?

Jihadis are bad for kids, women and dogs--they kill em. Now they invaded Italy but the mob'll get em.

The point is: we gotta eat. So what should it be? Lettuce, cauliflower, apples or things with substance?

Three systems: digestion, assimilation, elimination. It's one or the other, so don't eat again brother.

The false churches justifying gay marriage and abortion: compromisers with the world, I hate em.

It's a silent empire and women are told to put up with it and man, that is the worst possible advice.

Ben Afflect the liberal pest had ancestors who were slaveowners.

Everything has gotta be upright, above board, clearly seen, understood, decent and straight.

Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with me and fight those who fight against me! Psalms 35

Take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for my help! Psalms 35: 2

They're bringing down the west by flooding us with the dregs saying it's for the best.

Weak women in power are the most sadistic of all. Feeling deprived for centuries = most despicable.

You don't have to give into demands. Stand your ground against the spirit of the the communists.

Why take it out on local police? Feds want that to bring in the UN due to the violence increase.

A womanizer's rehab: learning not to do it in front of her.

Draw out the spear and close up the way of those who pursue and persecute me. Say: it is I.

Man starts off as a potential genius and visionary only to end up a pedophile whoremonger.

If 70% of Christian men are into pornography, no wonder I don't wanna go to church--demons lurk.

Camille Paglia is "100% there" with abortion and now she goes into the ANALS of history. HAH!

It's a form of insanity: the effects of pornography. Not just yelling but mistakes, faux pas, profanity.

Stop shame that stops your work. You gotta come out, it was just demons causing those quirks.

Black Lives Matter has joined with ISIS, a catastrophe--but you know who created this crisis.

They think I lied because I could take it last night when other times I was sick: it's a variable that slides.

You say I'm getting old and I guess that's true. But then I'll go to heaven--how about you?

Famous feminists have no heart. Or else they couldn't be spouting this crap/be democrats for a start.

You’re minimizing sin cuz it's prevalent is so telling but I'll forget it.

Things happen, who can explain em, just trust Him.

Pedophiliais pandemic so that makes it more right than it was--if the herd's into something, so what.

If you listen to fake news I'm gonna know it.

Breakfast only plan for the saints or it's choking/acid at night, no gains.

Pornography means he's comparing them to you! And some women don't care, don't become blue?

We had it so good, we were different in a rare experiment that worked until conquered by swine.

Where is great compassion of liberals in Frisco? There isn't any--liberalism is just a front ya know.

What they teach kids now: Islam is for women's rights/white people are evil.

Humiliating failure today can bring your win as it pushes you to the end.

We're in the clutches of a big ol' mean snake. It's trying to swallow a bull and it's a big mistake.

All other women can't believe you took a stand. Now they'll all follow suit and make this demand.

He betrayed and lied to me but I don't feel bad cuz I got God my Dad.

Famous feminists are sadists, think of that.

Man is duplicitous cuz he has two sides. We all do (a matter of control) but crookedness is despised.

I became prejudiced against all men suddenly, it was awful--see vindictive females, often unlawful.

For a fertile mind stop eating.

Don't let em tell you how to do it. Do it your way though it makes no sense, just the way you intuit.

It used to be a filthy sinner was shamed straight. Nowadays he's just "sick" so we should congratulate.

Stop counseling me if you're just following the herd which justifies sins by calling it preferred.

Islam is the operating system for the new world order and you can see it happening, oh Lord.

We're told all people equal but they're NOT. Born that way but through culture become rot.

Our children are prepped to go to college and get into debt. Then they're socialists, all wet.

The Creative Act is a literal structure in nature, with a beginning and an end. Like a diamond.

Whites just wanna be left alone--they're not attacking anybody but are themselves slaughtered daily.

You will know when you're done, but Einstein said "you cannot ever know until that point it's done."

If those hormones mean yelling at your wife you don't put up with it--look beyond surface/feminists.

Just look at the blah blah after terroristic events of Theresa Mae, a virtue signaling liberal dame.

Eat all you want for breakfast (be a hedonist) but then not one morsel (be a soldier and dead earnest).

Greatest weight loss tool ever: Eat a huge breakfast every day and be satisfied and happy forever.

We love cows and goats because we need them for our sustenance so don't listen to vegan nuts.

Oh, the poor guy--he's a pedophile! That's a sickness so let's coddle him and make him feel in style.

I became a queen through all that. No one has higher boundaries than this comfy house cat.

Why does a pedophile look scruffy grunge? Cuz he couldn't care less, he's a predator not a sponge.

Take a day just for music, no left brain linearity. Now you'll feel an absolute torrent of creativity.

He wants the love of Muslims--their approval and respect--for population Jihad, a promise kept.

The rest of the world is really creepy. Even the Europeans are liberals, letting em all in/a tragedy.

Utter humiliating failure was the kick in the butt you needed to get over the finish line undefeated.

You gotta catch crap when it happens. Nail it, something's wrong, use instinct hon'

Despite eating once a day, raisin bran/extra raisins and maple syrup with raw milk causes weight gain.

So much for famous feminists who are composites of the worst ideas and attitudes of this curse.

I was less than from adapting to him but when he recovered I just forgave him.

If you're alone God has singled you out for a job and doesn't want other influences messing it up.

Beans and rice with salsa on it, there you have it/or cheese with it.

Maslow said the superior man has only a few friends his whole life, so get a life.

After detox you're more sick than ever unless stay in your bubble to endure chemicals or whatever.

It's not me doing it, I feel moved.

Liberals think nothing of cutting corners constantly and they're corrupt--these aren't the old days.

If they're gonna act that way don't let them in your house and it's your kids who are the worst.

No wonder marriages fall apart/start bickering with these subtle messages going on--that's porn.

Pornography has been minimized all this time but that's mainly liberals who debased us (slime).

Just by being yourself you unify all opposites. Refuse all categories and live your separate life.

Assembly of the wicked enclosed me, wild dogs surround me, a gang of evil men crowd around me.

Is this the man who made not God his idol of devotion?

We had it so good, our men were decent. But we were debased into immorality four decades recent.

With allergy (not rotating your meals) you start to retain water and build a false body of blubber.

What used to be a "sin" is now a "sickness". What a cop out man, repent of your desires and filthiness.

Liberals are emotional wasteland--kill your spirit, misunderstand, make presumptuous demands.

California, Chicago, Frisco and other liberal strongholds are poor, corrupt, tyrannical hell holes.

Maxine Watters is totally corrupt putting down Trump but the dumbed liberals eat it all up.

Pornography is a silent toxic empire and if you're yoked to someone who's into it you've had it.

Pornography a powerful yet unmentioned empire, a major focus, and it's hard to imagine this.

She did me wrong but wasn't smart enough to see it so my correction brought a really big jolt.

Transition makes you need Him--it moves us into prayer. Thus it's followed with success, so prepare.

This silent empire in men's lives must be shattered for good cuz it's about brain chemicals/selfhood.

You think you know so much you spoiled arrogant creep? You're gonna fall cuz it isn't Me you seek.

What made me change so fast? You said the buzzwords and that changed everything/it's a blast.

What is a spongegrunge, it's a sinner with a double life, a manipulator and lecher too in style.

Virtue signaling marks the liberal. They are so maudlin about it too, half the world is starving you fool.

Insofar as you come to God you come to the True Self. For those talents were designed before birth.

We built a home together and it began by escaping California.

Men who checkout women in public have no respect for their wives. The suffering is deep like knives.

Let em bark, they'll learn you can't adapt to them and find something else to do or chew.

If you think all those selfies are interesting you've got another thing comin'. Do something not just shovin'

No Christian fashion shows just restraint and modesty, that's all--not making it hip/trendy for y'all.

Pedophiliais pandemic so that makes it more right than it was--if the herd's into something, so what.

Look at what the dirty democrats have done to us. For years we've put up with this, decades of dung.

He's comparing her to you, he needs to see smut to get it up but are you kidding, forget that!

They're complacent cuz they haven't been challenged, but once they are they'll fight, reengaged.

Repentance: the stairway to heaven, the only way to right-brain living where it all fits without leaven.

I believe no man could fail to drop the bomb and look his countrymen in the face. Truman

Let Poland be our new beacon. Invaded 20x by Islam, Nazis, communists = they don't let ONE in.

Repartee: Adroitness and cleverness in reply

Tolerance of pornography comes from the liberal viewpoint which is: anything goes/it's appalling.

Deceitful relationships bring gut aches constantly then other people hop on adding fuel to your misery.

Don't try to understand it, keep your nose out of it. Don't sink so low cuz it's just sin, garbage: satanic.

What to Mexican dogs eat? Tacos, tamales, etc. What do Asian dogs eat? Rice or noodles I'll betcha.

They've slid into hell, no longer the labor sass with true concern for common man or middle class.

It goes underground: she's happier but soon subconscious wisdom sets in and she's snippier.

If you can't afford a house with a fence, rent a cabin in the wilderness. Solitude, escape the mess.

When it comes to love no one's smart. The unbearable sorrows make us erratic, lethal and hard.

They know you, are familiar with your habits. The bad ones make em hate you, the good make it up.

Female culture is a severe block to feminine genius. Stay with the godly men, they will love us.

Global Islam is total tyranny yet so-called feminists run towards it, incredibly.

Yes it's a sickness and it comes from Satan who's into this.

Just cuz something's common now we're supposed to excuse it? That's got nothing to do with it.

Islam is a ravenous out of control cult.

They're teaching men not to be assertive and women to be basket-cases--it's all declassified.

Smut to get it up--are you kidding, forget that.

The whore media and Obama clan is all about massive propaganda and denial about radical Islam.

The barometer of barbarians is how they treat dogs and that's most of the world: want Americana!

Most of the world is really creepy but we were different.

Now the SJW starts up about how terrible America is.

Solar plexus is felt in gut--it tells you there's discordance in your environment, you're in a rut.

Poland wants it's own culture, traditions and identity--it takes spine to be free.

You can't make them smart, so suddenly you may be alone--but God will always provide that one.

The more they virtue-signal, more they do the opposite as a male feminist becomes a rapist/sadist.

They hate him because he's making America great again? Those aren't your friends!

They wanna make us slaves and mount our head on the wall and tell us we're obsolete/will fall.

They're actually heartless masochists who become sadistic. It's all virtue signaling/very narcissistic.

Victimized, she became mentally ill in that system. Stockholm Syndrome: she took donations for him.

It’s all erased: that's the miracle of Jesus.

Friends and enemies are putting their country above ours, so we must defend the stripes and stars.

In communism you're given the bare minimum--you get only what they decide to give, amen?

Venezuelan violence is endemic to socialism--and Bernie/Hillary want to bring it here, like a prison.

These are the enemy soldiers: the zombie force. Don't laugh at this, it is no farce.

People of principal do what they say they will do and never lie. Compare that to today and cry.

When the most important laws aren't followed they must add a million trivial ones/nothing's allowed.

Two sides: With fear or trauma he regresses to previously successful strategies like tantrums.

He's the dross, you're the most.

Facetime, all that invasive stuff, it's none of your business what I look like, it's privacy vs. fluff.

Where does selflessness end and communism begin? When does altruism become robbery and sin?

The aneurism made him weak so he got into pornography for a week.

They marry children. They stone women. They kill dogs and you love em--or don't know about em?

You need photo ID to buy a gun, but not to vote? Even those aliens flooding in to slit our throats?

It's normal to wanna be around people like you. Similitude! Multiculturalism isn't just about food.

You know how bad it is, but still God loves so now just enjoy thy day and stay sweet as doves.

You can commit evil and go on for a long time--but sooner or later God's gonna cut you down, swine.

They were much worse in the 80's insisting you go out--like it was a sin to be happy as a lark.

Shut up with your attitude thing, making a fool of yourself spouting off like you know everything.

Picturestrips are called "mind-shattering thought art". The test of a discovery is: does it WORK?

He is my husband, the only thing I know for sure. All other stuff coulda been delusion for years.

Why do the best talents ripen late? Since they bring the most people to God they are the most great.

I just spoke the truth as I saw it at that moment. Can't even remember what it was, I just trust it.

Forget dressing for dinner, skip it to be a winner. Just eat a big breakfast then fast to be thinner.

Liberals virtue signal all day because they have no virtue.

Sanctuary cities are smugglers and criminal aliens best friend.

Think I'll refuse to work another day, it's so profitable and enriching, ok?

There are always problems and fears but I know Jesus lives and loves me so I will persevere.

The ugly, old, washed out Barrack staying relevant with this silly dumbed youth base: "I love rock".

Obamacare is legislation by laxative. Greg Gutfeld

Christian forgiveness means to forget all the crap he did. It's what we came here to learn I guess.

They're now really dirty cuz moral relativism brought all hell out into the open creating Bedlam.

Shocked and hurt lady said: "I hate all his crap around, I hate him. I want him gone and his sin".

Cashmere. Makes me sick or it's suddenly ok: total load has changed.

What makes the world go 'round is men willing to stand up against scum. Alex Jones

Their pictures are of laughing hyenas, like they're have a party but it's all baloney to impress ya.

They travel to Paris to impress their friends but then step over turds/trash over every bend.

The shady criminal democrats are flooding us to turn America blue and we will be so blue!

Watch out for anyone demanding you trust em when they haven't proven--a sign of bad or somethin'.

Capitalism would not be possible without the Protestant work ethic.

You have already done more than enough. To just casually take the crown you need to rest.

What destroys marriages: sin. What repairs/makes good ones: repentance, starting all over again.

Course they're sinning they can't think beyond their inferior and insane public school beginnings.

We put salsas/sauces on it so we'll eat it. We gotta eat so this makes it pleasing (strength not effete).

They call it "slut shaming" as if it's a good thing deserving of respect and dignity (also ok: obesity).

Is it in riches, fame, food, traveling, socializing? NO it's in Jesus Christ cuz He's real and He made us.

They want consolidation so make order out of chaos by getting more control of the nation.

Find porn on his computer he's a dam adulterer cuz Jesus says it's all in the eyes/but not to fear.

The globalists are on power-mad trips with the info they've stolen from humanity--think of this.

Being faithful is not about "him" but me. It's God I'm being faithful to, a covenant not free.

We must be more vocal. Our problem is complacency cuz we want our own privacy but it's not-ok.

Socially engineered media narratives (cut and dry, carefully designed) for 5-second attention spans.

Army of darkness: a braindead zombie force bred by television and it is dangerous and crazy.

Their goal is to blow America up and make it in their image. They're superior (won't assimilate) and feel privileged.

Instead of traveling spend your money on moving to a safe place or if you stay, on gates and fencing.

Does the wife ever think he's exhibiting for the nurses? No, it's always just an accident not sex curses.

Empty the brain. You got too much static in there. Free it, look to eternity, let it go, be rare.

Maybe you're afraid to go deep. Forgive yourself for everything as Jesus erases it all/NOW see.

Leftists: rehearsed and childish answers, prickly but shallow conversations.

Sarah Sanders can handle the fake news handlers cuz she's got kids so she knows about finaglers.

Globalists seek to blend us together, destroying markers like flags while distracting with the weather.

Greatest suffering = greatest poetry. Relaxation = greatest creativity.

Just be in the groove: be a supple paint brush in God's hand, I behoove.

You can't give a free lunch and not put a wall around it. This is a sinking ship, think about it.

My breakfast as a 95 pound teen: Dozen eggs, pound bacon, 8 donuts smothered in butter, lotsa cheese.

MCS is a fine science cuz they're flooding us with toxic chemicals then our reactions get worse.

Millions of aliens are flooding in and they'll all vote democrat without voter ID laws--understand that?

Khan is working for criminals running government and Hillary and he makes money off of refugees.

When liberal fools attack conservatives there's always a severe backlash as they fall on their ass.

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