Karen Kellock

Liberal democrats are syrupy fake nice but
wait a minute you’ll see their vice.

I'm doing it, found my groove. If you're reading it, you will improve.

I see it as a mal-adaptation. Yes it's generated from within as genetic potential but rolls out with friction.

Return to the old paths--the only way out. It makes me sick what we're losing, all due to drought.

How to love when the other becomes adversarial too fast: This love story is no blast, being miscast.

In the past you'd fight it out, then you'd pout but now you're silent since you know what it's all about.

Watch out buddy, things can change fast and suddenly you have no control--when you've lost your role.

You knew it before, just couldn't close that door. Queens know how fast things change, then it's war.

The truth is seldom sweet, it is inevitably bitter. But unfortunately we must face that truth to get any better.

It hurts so much being physically objectified. It feels like being depersonalized, a nothing, soul-fried.

Won't stop at destroying church icons, it'll be old castles too cuz those are bad and must be gone.

Suddenly you could lose all interest in me. That's what I mean about the lack of stability and fidelity.

God stop this slippery slope--give us reason to hope! With these things happening how can we cope?

When it comes to breasts is bigger really better? To many it's a fetter--inelegant even in a sweater.

To progress fast, restore old paths. For they had power and class, unlike those acting like an ass.

God make me bigger than anything I fear. Though surrounded by the spear, put me in good cheer.

To be objectified hurts: it's scary to be not a person but just a number in the face of their flirts.

To make progress restore old paths. They had wisdom and clarity, not like now when genius is a rarity.

Maybe only age gives you discernment and if that's true, what a retirement.

Let em go, people aren't important. It's God, He's first and foremost--men move, die or go dormant.

Two choices: Relapse into their system (be neurotic) or be yourself and never see them again.

Due to sin/world, man's eyes lose their shine, skin takes on a grime and they all say "he's no friend of mine".

Ancestral ties bring great solace even in a dungeon, for courage and strength is their function.

Forgiveness releases able-bodied mentally fit workers to do your bidding, excited to be contributing.

Your worst enemies will encourage you to do wrong--those "friends" from the liberal throng.

When you pray it tells God you want interaction: giving you discernment then energy for action.

Bible portrays ugly societies filled with monsters/freaks and God said Kill em all even crops, please

The genetic potential to devolve like that into total madness was incremental, in steps.

If you're helping don't let em pile on other things too. You must draw that line, if you’ve a mind to.

Tattooed freaks have polyps of ink inside--colored tumors, bonafide.

To even argue with them is so defeating, energy depleting-- for they're never conceding believe me.

I didn't have the tools/wisdom to deal with it so just devolved without any control over any of it.

From clutter to clarity, chaos to orderly: Happens momentarily--a click in the brain then we’re happy.

Women with goals should choose husbands who are God-loving, hard-working, honest and loyal.

You worked and waited, now it happens overnight. In the twinkling of an eye, success out of sight.

Jealousy maintains groups. Like crabs in a bucket, homeostatic devices to keep em down: pooh!

I'm done, not just a bum living in a cabin anymore, it's a mansion.

God gave me another chance, He brought me back from the dead. He told me how to live and be fed.

Our wrongness evokes their spitefulness and all other negative human characteristics: creeps and finks.

Compared to the chaos of TV noise, music opens mental windows inciting famous creativity and poise.

I finally turned the TV off for good. It's not just the crappy programs but me not thinking like I should.

If you feel you are descendants from evil you see no civilization to defend.

It's the price you pay to be a star. People can raise you up but will also pull you down, so beware.

So you're nothin' but a dumb globalist pawn, acting like a silly crazed orangutan not a human.

Here for now, tomorrow forever gone. Out brief candle. Shakespeare.

To innovate you gotta think out of the box. That means not lookin at what they do--that only blocks.

What, men will stand by and watch girls raped rather than be called "racist"? I can't believe this.

God said that all is vanity (emptiness, falsity and futility). This godly viewpoint has great utility.

The more people the more chemicals. I gotta say I just wanna get away to solitude and be a marvel.

Just be sweet, be yourself, stay simple. No need to play these phony roles with personality crippled.

Acting out emotions to resolve inner issues.

It's highly embarrassing and disconcerting to meet a powerful performer who's in reality immature.

Great performance by the lady but her interviews belie total insanity.

Stress = genetic symptoms roll out.

Marriage is coming within walls, for it's scary out there. Both sexes need it or life's too much to bare.

The values of the west were science, reason, values of free market and medicine, capitalism.

They don't come for values but the money values produced, then the giant welfare state ensues.

Rather than posting how much they hurt you, just delete em--that's the simplest way to defeat em.

Thank you God, you made me see the detriment of TV and then you gave me something better: me

Divorcees think it's normal: their broken relationships. It's not--it's rot--but they are told to endure this..

It's not that you created a higher reality, it's that you repented and God gave it to you mightily.

She is so pat, so phony, so obviously insecure and just out for the money but she calls you honey.

If insecurity compels constant improvement then maybe that's God's plan but eventually let it go, man.

I just want someone who's neat and nice--is there anyone left like that or is it way too much to ask?

In all your hobbies and projects, be neat and orderly. That's important to true genius/a mess isn't funny.

Wisdom speaks when it has something to say. Fools speak cuz they gotta say something to feel okay.

She's devastated not because he called her fat but because he could be so cruel. Understand that, fool!

The verbal abuser drops bombs then insists you forget it. If you rattle his cage about it you'll regret it.

With stress people fall into their bag. That's everything from envying to being a drag or loving to brag.

All we can do is pray. But that's the most powerful remedy and just one needs to do it, okay?

At noon, I'm off. For life is two-speeds: Action, and reception. Active-relax, perception is freed.

It's hard to get her out of her home even if she's moving up higher because it's what she's known.

What made Jesus' speech powerful was word pictures and that's also true of Einstein/all discoverers.

Depression triples chances of dementia. Change your view: no matter what God rules minutiae.

To make a dent in society we must be famous--that's obvious--but can we handle it? Must do it.

After much suffering I asked God for help and He brought me back with a Creative Act--done, in fact.

Keep locking the whole into place, that's all you gotta do. The rest just takes care of itself, for it's the truth.

It's called decompensation after the shock of reality disintegration.

Goodness in the present rectifies the past. Try it: invite past foes back in your mind and have a blast.

When you meet Trump haters say "but he's making America greater" and now you'll see the traitors.

Once you repent, realize the devil's the adversary--and that good's always opposed in an evil world, so be wary.

All liberals are heartless especially the youth--callous, negligent, uncouth/open borders too.

The only way to stay sane at this point is to ignore the left's silly statements: just relax (smoke a joint).

Many liberal women furious at their conservative (nationalist) husbands--in divorce they try to ruin him.

You wait, wait, wait and suddenly it all happens: As your destiny blasts open so do your options.

No matter what you did, it's not over. Just get closure then spring to grand life with a chauffeur.

Things are gonna ramp up like you can't believe in the next several weeks--hang on to your seats!

You've said bad things but God has cancelled them: You get the glory while evil is condemned, amen.

Human paradox: the "nicest" are (in truth) the meanest: facades creates conflict and then weakness.

We learn self-discipline or there are disasters--but when the state fixes it we degrade much faster.

The truth's said simply. Simplicity shows guts and self-assurance vs. wimpy wordiness and complexity.

See how fast you lose your currency with him. As ego's triggered he gets adversarial: foe not friend.

Men need marriage too, though they go to lengths to deny it. They suffer with divorce, so better to accept it.

You don't need a gift to preach or sing. What gives you power is affliction--then a giant upswing.

Men are nationalists, God love em. Women vote big government and open borders--fools, all of em.

They want you on the begging end (not your friends) and once you trust them they'll do it again

When on top you'll be protected from the herd but until then you won't be preferred and may be slurred.

Her constant criticisms drove me to perfection (in frustration) so I am grateful cuz now I'm on vacation.

Can’t go back so may as well go forward. Old regrets (though we repented) turns us to salt: wrinkled.

Only God decides when we retire--when we stop: On the date of the last curtain no one's ever certain.

Feminist miffed due to disrespect ends up marrying wifebeater--same contradiction as the border.

Women treat their men with contempt while worshipping the most sexist group possible: enigmatic.

The fact women want open borders means we never shoulda made em voters.

Seeing the system releases resentments: See how you brought it on, a raving witch from a fawn.

Family of origin issues = mate selection of alcoholic wifebeater.

They're judging the moral content of our character by collective concepts like race and gender.

Shield your children from toxic Academia.

If the west is destroyed, women's rights are too--but feminists don't question that as a rule.

It was "emperor worship" until Christianity called it bad. Think of that: why they want us dead.

God said "what I need from you is thought: open your mind by cutting out all lies you bought.”

Don't look at the misery you endured to get here. It was all just resistance and will now disappear.

Only her death erased the memories: of being put down, gossiped about with rep destroyed (calumny).

Just when they said you'd never be healed, God brought a turnaround and you're the best in your field.

Even with obvious dangers they don't save civilization because at this point, why bother?

Simultaneously, democrats destroyed our cities--all liberal strongholds, broke and filthy.

They enjoyed excluding me--I was shunned. But now I've overcome all and that means a huge fund.

Just like in America, falling Rome's intellectuals said "your traditions and ancestors were bad".

Rome: Loss of respect for tradition, degradation of young and decline of art/entertainment/rhetoric.

They come for the money not the values that created the money.

They always pick on the least dangerous to bribe the strongest/most dangerous, think of that.

Liberals all for gay rights but then bring in people who hang em high.

It was the treachery of women leading to the downfall of the west where they are treated the best.

Women are attacking white men, siding with enemies and inviting them in/no loyalty to husbands.

Fall of Rome: rising lawlessness, lack of discipline and growing bureaucracies.

So you say all cultures are all alike--you'll find out real fast how wrong you are thru the crime hike.

Was she my mad mother or older sister? Whatever, she was my worst enemy but I overcame the bother.

It took years/decades to get to this point. Hard work paid off with wreck-aids which God did anoint.

Like falling Rome, a shift in who's popular: athletes, singers, actors who please the senses, eyes, ears.

Mining: Separate out the false from the true, common from the rare (just a few) and it's about you.

Late-blooming adolescence is just as much an existential crisis.

Falling Rome decayed, becoming selfish and lazy but like the west, pathologically self-critical.

When God shows up He fixes things you’ve been struggling with for years. Instantly, gone are your tears.

God loves seeing you fight the good fight, rejoicing and praising even when pricked by the knife.

You left me alone but your memory makes me better, not a clone. Thanks for putting me on the throne.

Roman feminism brought decline then foreign invasion spelled the end of them, they died.

Women love welfare, open borders and the more immigrants the better.

I wanna do great things (not get dragged into neighborhood politics) cuz that's what's cosmic.

Wealth and power gets lazy: pessimism, frivolity, hedonism, materialism, decline of religion.

A new season, a new day: power and prosperity, all pains to allay. It's called "blessed"--enjoy God's buffet.

It should be irrelevant what you look like. Let your work stand on its own and seclude from the hype.

We've fallen so far from the men/women of old. They overcame, they optimized, they found the gold

Beautiful women ruined by black and blue tattoos become addicted, for then they want more too.

Liberal female will take the kids/not let him see them, take everything he has or throw in trash bin.

They say "they can do it" when they can't (Dunning-Kruger Effect)--best to assume they're ALL full of it.

Having bought into feminist views she regresses into a cesspool causing mental illness too.

Just cuz something is legal doesn't make it right. Look at the crap Trudeau legalizes in middle of night.

The truth is opposite to all we've been told: resolving these contradictions is making gold.

Sorry that even tho' you wakeup to tattoos now you're permanently covered in black and blue.

The opposite to black boot tyranny is the beauty of nature--that's your therapy and God's your teacher.

If obedient you'll eat the good of the land. He'll give you favor: more blessings than you can stand.

Troubles were a stepping stone, overcoming made you tired to the bone but now your star is shone.

Go ahead, mark your bodies up, forget the future or thinking things through just join the club.

I scribble words from my heart-pain and if it hits a vein and you know it, that's the function of the poet.

We see moral insanity looking back. We all had a little as we absorbed culture and the fickle or the simple.

The un-family are blockheads: more like a fable and when it comes to meeting your needs, less able.

The self-sabotaged cleave to the un-family for results which never happen, amen. Find real friends.

Marriage is coming within walls. There is no greater high when this battle is won as our destiny calls.

The un-family becomes obdurate: obdurately against you and especially your views and it gets worse, too.

The body responds first (panic) then the frontal cortex reads what it "means": the brain is a fishy scene.

It's not about looks: pin-up pages. It's what you stand for (lest you stand for nothing) bringing high wages.

Though the sky is falling all you have is what's in front of you. Just live this day and God will protect you.

Don't get caught up: in weird useless tangents, sucked into drama and other human derangements.

Be what they want you to be. You disappointed before when they needed you more so now stay up--ok?

Roman feminism brought decline then foreign invasion spelled the end of them, they died.

The "loving" temptress hurts many (wives) women. Don't get too close or you'll be treated like vermin.

We should be thanking God for Donald Trump or Hillary woulda let em ALL in--millions!

Even if they did know what you were talking about they don't care--so best to wait for someone rare.

The more I relax/fast during the day the easier my work the next morning. I'm not wasting time I'm regrouping, will be soaring.

They read whatever agrees with them then think "everything is fine" when it isn't, they could die.

The west has betrayed all the values that made it great and now we're allowing this mean fate.

Diversity + proximity = war.

The mark of genius is how many people don't come back. Most all want gross entertainment--fact.

A decline of religion brings decline in virtue and I can sure see this, can't you?

What's this bull that immigration brings prosperity for all? Don't you know 90% are on the dole?

If they annoy you, re-focus on your own reality: Block them out, don't get caught up and fill thy cup.

For you to get the benefits first you gotta admit that you're an Old Lady. Are you pushing 50? That's nifty.

What enemy meant for bad God turns around now. Their assignment is cancelled: you're in the dough.

The enemy seeks to traumatize and trouble you, but that's God's cue to move in, right on queue.

God made us all unique. When we hide that (fear of disapproval) we cut off parts of self: a freak.

Why do I need to constantly compare myself to others? That was facebook tension--underneath, it smothers.

Face the void which fear keeps hidden through addiction: It's your predilection and answer to all problems.

The whole reason we got sick was adapting to them. With them on top our realities went black, amen?

You've too much to give to not come out of this. Destined to be great you must suffer before bliss.

We all have two sides. It's a package deal--nice but a tiger inside. Prepare for their flip flops then decide.

What if it were a child chained like that? I know it's a dog but they both have feelings/are sentient.

They read whatever agrees with them then think "everything is fine" when it isn't, they could die.

Our wrongness evokes their spitefulness and all other negative human characteristics: creeps and finks.

Though the theory remained intact, after my stroke I could not adapt--when they'd say things, I couldn't track.

We must choose our battles: is it really worth it? Don't waste energy needlessly: they can't force it.

In the Old Lady Diet our only exercise is maintaining house and a garden. Against all intruders, harden.

You don't take any crap on the Old Lady Diet. You just tell the truth until they can no more deny it.

With death all these problems are resolved. After upset, hurt and mental damage you're God's pal.

Being a man isn't strutting around acting tough, but doing the right thing even when things get rough.

In ancient Rome, female influence in politics brought decline then foreign invaders took everything.

They only care what benefits them. All other considerations are condemned--they're not friends.

If wrong you'll always be proving yourself. We grow up by getting clear: putting it on the shelf.

I gotta write what I feel. That's all that comes up, a great deal--the current circumstance or a new meal.

The enemy takes advantage of weaknesses, so you must stay sober and alert like all great geniuses.

Way out of poverty: Finish high school, keep a job for one year, don't have children until marriage.

Tho' they do it all wrong still they may hang on but you must fire, avoid, block, take a rest, sing a song.

The solution is to shut up and wait: if your mouth causes problems be mute and don't take the bait.

Trendy man's too lazy to shave but the real man does it daily: he's the true rave (it's handsome vs. cave).

Maybe today is the day when future breaks from dreary past and you're a world success, at last!

The old are afraid of danger. They've lived, they know of the stranger and the money-changer.

Solitude is enabled by each other. For being alone seems the highest thing to us birds of a feather.

The best thing about eldering is the lucid recall of past pearls: we must mine these memories so our dreams unfurl.

Pure gold was tried in the fire. Being falsely accused has made it hard to aspire, but that was prior!

You've been in the ditch but God's turning it around. Look at your enemies: they've all backed down.

God's getting ready to move on your behalf--so much that even silly friends or family will join your staff!

No TV: Enter the delicious nothingness where the True Self's trying to get through despite our fickleness.

Now it's a divine reversal as all obstacles are removed. Your time has come, after years unmoved.

Raging thunderstorm becomes mere breeze, wait and see: With life phases it recedes to the back forty.

God-filled, you're a nuclear weapon! The past is wiped out and you make your mark though a brat or felon.

All that was stolen returns to you a hundredfold. Everything you lost will be coming back gold.

Women vote for larger government and open borders so when looking for a reason look at the hers.

Realize the devil's the adversary--and that good's always opposed in an evil world, so be wary.

West is massively importing low IQ populations.

The clear can't understand--like the wise--why liberal females love a medieval doctrine of women's rights.

Even a few kisses is too much, it's adultery for lunch.

When you finally find one you can work with (ENERGY), treat him like gold cuz the rest is lunacy.

With wealth and opportunity in the last thirty years, women's happiness has declined. Wonder why?

When you finally find one reliable after going thru the dregs you feel you've won the lottery, it's sick

Women encouraged to lie about him, do him in, make him pay/suffer, take away his children (vindiction).

Liberal female will take the kids/not let him see them, take everything he has or throw in trash bin.


Islam killed 100 million Hindus, no wonder Indians love Trump. Enjoy a walk, play ball with dogs, watch Bonanza, make some salsa, take a nap then watch the sunset. Elites aren't being pushed out of neighborhoods by immigrants so they have "blissful ignorance.". People who have moved to the least diverse areas are the ones most in favor of diversity, no fear. Attention: Anytime you have a large group of unmarried men in society you have trouble planned for Europe.

"Trump is Hitler and will commit genocide". Barrack Obama at the peak of his insanity and pride. You can't reason people out of a position if they haven't been reasoned into it. By rote they learned it. You're not a true artist if you're virtue signaling on trendy topics--that's cheap, easy and garbage. A true artist must be mature intellectually or he'll be wanting approval and conforming to the rabble. You make your conclusions first then try to shoehorn your findings to fit--not good work/not legit.

You are the children of heroes but only heroes get to keep their freedoms, not you weirdos. Of course climate change exists but it's not man-made or to pay them carbon taxes. Hillary does not love women if she's still married to a sexual predator and convicted rapist, vermin. Women have become dirty. Flipping the bird, using the F-word, fat and loose, who'd wanna seduce? The divide is so great if you have liberals in family you just gotta separate. Enmeshed = mean fate.

Better mature a little before putting out crap like that. The clear will see it and rat/you'll go splat. Go ahead and virtue signal all you want. Put your dull stuff out there to be loved, but you won't. The neurotic liberal is too wimpy to ever tell the truth to a crowd of the dumbed down or blue. I wouldn't post, publish or perform until you get outa your echo chamber of deviants from the norm. Your worst enemies will encourage you to do wrong--those "friends" from the liberal throng.

We elected him, that was our greatest achievement. Now enjoy your freedom/reap the benefits. If Hillary'd gotten in we'd be flooded with immigrants in our streets, parks, counsels and houses. It's all for votes and democrats don't care what it does to regular folks--like Merkel, adjust or else. Muslim gangs surround a woman and rape her until she's dead or disabled and feminists say all-ok. Wise rulers of the past finally said "kill em, kill em all" and God sometimes said that too you know.

God hates unequal weights. You've been favoring things/those God disdains, bringing ill-fame. You don't harm innocence without massive, biblical, catastrophic wrath as a consequence. You know it and I know it but we dare not say it. Kruger-Dunning effect: saying they can do it when they can't. Saying they can when they can't--get away from me I've had enough of that. Biggest lesson in hiring: everyone says they can do it (but few can)--you must be skeptical/intuit man.

Tho' he has delivered on his promises and will do far more, they refuse to give him any credit so far. They all say they can do it but none can so I'm getting real good at firing and then starting again. Reason brings individualism and brainwash brings collectivism. Why: as individuals we can reason. They are computer-wise but common sense, reason and logic-dumb. After Jolie falsely accused him Brad is seeking escape (never wants to see her again) for 100 million. Anything--he'll pay anything--to get away from the false accuser like we see in all divorce courts.

Political drama can make us sick and sad or relieved and glad. It's too much, I'm gonna take a nap. Good is seen as bad and bad good and even the police will protect (and then release) the hood. They already had a big head and now our coddling makes em ridiculously nervy (want us dead). All these decades they looked up to us, now they're here and are loving replacing us, full of sass. The white man is hated in every corner. This will not end well, it's the effect of Dunning-Kruger.

They think they're smarter than they are, even told they're intellectuals, a new breed/gold star. They're using satanic hand signs (horns) and have no idea what it is or wouldn't care (like porn). The stronger we get with Donald Trump the more evil erupts--democrats just can't give it up. It's too much, either we're all gonna be dead or like Nineveh we'll return from the brink, glad. Having fleed from foreigners to do job I found the Americans were lazy, sleepy, inattentive slobs.

God is so good—He gives reprieve till the very end. No matter how sick or failed we can still win. Dark night of the soul: Daily tears, God's curse: used to educate us and prepare for battle of course.

The things he said to me used to make me truckle back in. But now I've got vision: his flip flops are sin. There are many sins but that's one of them. God turns things around so fast it leaves you speechless. He takes you so high your joy is ceaseless. In the fallen hero syndrome, boundaries dissolve and evil worlds flow in to the end of you/your home. I don't know what it was--bitterness or brokenness--but what a mess--but waiting on God gave me finesse.

When a weak woman's in power, watch out. They haven't had centuries of leading that tempers it. Women love the idea of socialism, government expansion, open borders to everyone = we're ruined. Eminem made a fool of himself at SNL--see what happens when you come against the marvel? Once women suck off government it can manipulate half the pop but you can't see that can you broad.

Many Christians used to be gluttons, sex addicts or alcoholics. It’s all sin, doesn’t matter what it is. Be yourself, incredible as usual. Style, magnetism, nerve, wit, grace and boldly/bluntly unstoppable. Now is the time to hold on to personal reality. Despite all, this is your only serenity and serendipity. You write the draft a thousand times then the final one: higher poetic images. That's the most refined riches.

I am sorry the tattoo will blur with age and look even dirtier. But you still must face it's not prettier. Females see government as daddy/husband both, loving Hillary/doesn't matter what she does. It's liberalism that is a mental illness and feminism is the worst part of this while men are wimps.

Purity = perfection and protection. It's not a random stew but what we do that determines God's predilection. You could look inside the person to find the reason but I look at the system where hearts are freezin'. After aimless years he came alive, focused (on his best) then came to the front from the rears to his crest. Sorry I can't be interrupted. I can't let you determine my day and this lesson I learned the hard way. One time you did not react and you’ve won the pot of gold. Smash neuropathways and be bold.

How to make gold and finish your work: RELAX then a moment comes when you can't help but begin--then take it through to the end.